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Arsinoë II, Ptolemaic Queen

2021-03-22 | 🔗

The Ptolemies were a Greek dynasty that ruled Egypt during the Hellenistic period. And in a lot of ways Arsinoë II really set the standard for the generations of Ptolemaic queens that followed her.

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making the bravery of the solid down the bank rage memory agitated? The breakfast argument is not merely a problem when we listen to this matter. Back has publicly watch the Christmas glove like losing really be too limited. The gold better club is, I brought into disrepute club on a black affect our radio part gas network on Iheart radioactive. Wherever you gotta get prison, Eighteen t know every customer, both new and existing, get the same great deal on the best devices welcome to stuff you, Minister, three glass, a production of I heart radio, hello and welcome to the bad cast, I'm Tracy wealthy and I'm Hollingford. I remember our recent episodes, William Theodora, we talked about how I have them. Sounding research moments,
thanks to their being so many people in the macedonian dynasty you haven't they. May I do regret of Korea. Today's episode is worse for a bat perspective. We are talking about Ptolemaic Queen are sent away the seconds the Ptolemy leaves were agreed, I must tell you that ruled Egypt during the hellenistic period and most of that dynasties men were named Ptolemy for the most part the women were named are sent away. bearing easy or Cleopatra, sometimes people say, bear Nietzsche Bernice, but I understand why they would land there, but
I got it. Sometimes the women were also called Tolumnius, which was feminine form of Ptolemy. So that's, basically, you got four or five names to work from for the most part, and then the dynasties family tree is also pretty convoluted. Arson, always husbands included her half brother Ptolemy Canoes and her full brother Ptolemy. The second, of course, are gonna, be talking more about that. Of course, these repetitive names and the challenges that they create are not why I chose are sent away for this episode. The hellenistic period stretched from the death of Alexander the great to the establishment of the roman empire, and it's it's not really a period we have talked about that, often on the show and in a lot of ways are sent away. The second really set the standard for the generations of Ptolemy
queen that followed her also just as a heads up, as was the case with zillion Theodora there's. A lot of killing in this episode, including the murders of children, are sinhalese. Father was Ptolemy. The first showed her meaning savior. He had been a companion and adviser to Alexander the third of Macedon later becoming one of Alexander bodyguards and eventually one of his generals, Alexander as of course also known as Alexander, the great that empire was huge stretch from Greece and Egypt in the West to the Indus River, and the Himalayan mountains in the east. Alexanders empire did not survive his death. In three twenty three b c e, though, when Alexander died, his wife Rock sand was pregnant, but she had not given birth yet, and he also had a disabled half brother, who was still living
But beyond that Alexander had no direct successor, he did not name any once a follow him either. He just said that the empire should go to the strongest or the fittest, depending on the translation that you're reading some of I would say indoors: generals and advisers wanted to wait for Rock SAM to give birth to see if she would have a son and she did. But soon they were dividing up the empire among themselves becoming satraps or governors of various territories, although seventy satraps, where at least ostensibly holding territory on behalf of Alexander surviving
Kim his half brother was murdered in three hundred and seventeen BCE and his son with Roxanne was murdered in three hundred and nine by three hundred and six, the sciatic he or successors were consolidating territory and presenting themselves as kings instead of generals or provincial governors. I just want to say I have heard at least four different pronunciations successors from from different people. He should know what they are talking about. I've heard Diana key Diana I dad coy, which is more like how it was pronounced in Greek. It's really all over the place for taiwanese part. After Alexander's death, he became the setting up of Egypt, and then he expanded its territory from their through marriages and through military conquest, including wars against some of the
other by attic. I am really. This whole period was incredibly chaotic. It was full of all kinds of disagreements and in fighting in a series of wars, but stretched from three twenty two to two eighty one b c e, some of those will come up again later. Ultimately, Ptolemy became king of Egypt in Macedonia and founded the ptolemaic dynasty, which controlled Egypt for nearly three hundred years his public works projects included the library at Alexandria and the lighthouse of Alexandria, which has described as one of the seven wonders of the ancient world. Ptolemy also stole alexanders body, as it was being taken back to Macedonia to be buried. He took it to the egyptian city Memphis and then eventually to Alexandria, where he had it in tombs. This tomb became a focal point for the cult of Alexander, which Ptolemy made into with state cult mentality used the colts. The worship
call. The presence of Alexander's remains in Alexandria all about together to reinforce the idea that he and his Misty, where the legitimate rulers of Egypt, but neither of tat nor the rest of his dynasty ever assimilated with the egyptian population that they were ruling, although Alchemy, initially lived in Memphis, which was one of Egypt's oldest cities. He ultimately move to examined area which Alexander had founded and which was culturally, more aligned with Greece. The Ptolemy is kept up a fairly insular existence in Alexandria, and they retain their greek identities, threw out the dynasty This included generally marrying other Macedonia and Greeks, although its possible, but not conclusively, documented that there may have been high ranking Egyptians among the kings, wives or concubines toward the end of the dynasty. This dynasty ended with Cleopatra the seventh. He was tip
leap, just known as Cleopatra. She was the daughter of Ptolemy, the twelfth and also married to her brother Ptolemy, the thirteenth. If she was the only ptolemaic ruler to learn the egyptian language order, really, Take any effort at all to learn about the people, see was rolling. Especially in the first generations after Alexander's death, hellenistic rulers were typically polygamous kings had multiple wives simultaneous Lee Queens, however, did not have multiple husbands. Ptolemy was no exception. He had four wives bias. Art a comma Eureka, see there Nietzsche barony. Tea was our sent away the seconds mother and she had to other children with Ptolemy are sinewy sister fellow terror. and her brother Ptolemy. The second there were also
a vast siblings through their fathers. Other wives. These multiple marriages caused all kinds of chaos within the ptolemaic dynasty and than elsewhere in the Helena Stick World and other episodes about royals. We ve talked about men who rose to power, or at least tried to rise to power by marrying a kings widow. But if a king had multiple wives, that meant there were multiple possible pass to the throne through his surviving widows. This is especially true if none of those women were recognised as the kings primary or lead wife, which was the case in most of these marriages during the Helena Superior it instead of having sort of a formal, chief or lead wife, there was this more informal ever shifting set of favorites and alliances, and that same was true for the kings air
ass. If he had multiple sons by multiple women them, which one was supposed to be first in line for the throne, what does the king did have a clearly favoured wife, but his oldest son had been born to one of the other wives or what? If the king thought, the best person to rule was not his oldest son or the son of his favorite wife, but a younger son born to some one, less esteemed Did you see how this gets very complicated in a hurry? many of Alexander successors addressed this problem by choosing a son to be their co ruler. They intended that funds who eventually, the throne, but this was really more about smoothing the transition from one Into to the next then, like formally permanently designating an air and then the process of determining who that co ruler would be
and keeping him in that position that could all be really fraught the kings. Wives were continually focused on elevating the status of their sons. Over those of the other wives and also if a king died unexpectedly without having chosen a co ruler than that left. Everything just ITALY unsettled. In other words, there was a lot of chaos within the ptolemaic dynasty and outside of it thanks to him. Sitting among the dyadic, I conflicts with kingdoms and administrations that had not been part of Alexander's empire and these multiple marriages and potential lines of succession, and that brings us back to our sin away. She was born sometime between three hundred and eighteen and three hundred and eleven BC. e most sources put it somewhere around three. Sixteen, but there's just no documentation of her birth at all this year is really a best guess estimate based on the year of her first marriage. She was probably born in Memphis,
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As I said before, the break our sent away spent most of her childhood and youth and Alexandria. Her brothers than half brothers were educated through tutors and its possible that she and her sister and her half sisters shared in that Cason as well, but we don't really know for sure really. We know almost nothing about our sin away is childhood her upbringing, but we do know that her family's position at court was not all that secure As we said earlier, there was a lot of jockeying among the kings, wives and sons as they try to establish a line of succession among all of those assorted marriages and families. While Our sit away was in Alexandria, her mother by Nietzsche was it at the top of this hierarchy instead Ptolemy the first favoured his first wife, your idiocy and her son, Ptolemy Kronos was as a consequence. The
zoomed successor to the throne, another source of instability and arson, always child head would have been the ongoing warfare among the Diana I in three o one b c e Ptolemy, United with less Senecas, so Lucas, the first night cater and Cassandra against Antigonus, the first and his son Demetrius, the first Antigonus and Demetrius ruled western Asia. The battle between all these forces took place at ellipses and Ptolemy, and his allies were victorious thanks in part to elephants that were contributed by Marie an emperor Condor Gupta. We talked about Yonder group does of I am with salute us and our episode on a joke. Other righteous back in May of twenty twenty. This victory led to a whole string of marriages among the four victorious Diana I and their relatives. This included synergies. Marriage to lie simancas in about three hundred bc e lice images was king of Thrace and he
who took control of what had been antigonus territory after the battle of gypsies, are thoroughly was proud William her teens when this marriage took place unless they make us was in his fifties, are sixties and although it was pretty common, ferments Ameri younger women in this age, difference was a lot more dramatic than usual, and that led to a lot of really derisive, jokes and unflattering depictions of both of them, basically with her being branded as a gold digging schemer and him as a doddering old man. Even though really he was still pretty spry, he was an active military leader when they got married. Our sinewy, moved the capital of licence Micaiah on the Gallipoli peninsula in what is now Turkey. She, unless image, has had three sons over the next six years. Ptolemy born around to ninety nine b c e lice images born around to ninety seven and Philip
born around to ninety four moving away from her fathers court and her mothers subordinate position. There definitely did not free are sent away from the kind of rivalries and in fighting that she had grown up in though my stomach has already had at least three other wives, nice fear a masters and persian woman, whose name is not recorded that last marriage had taken place during a mass wedding that Alexander the great arranged in suicide. three twenty four b c e was of a marriage of about eighty high ranking greek men to Persian, noble women, and it was meant to symbolically unify Greece and Persia and to create a generation of at least hypothetically loyal offspring. From these marriages, most children would be considered both greek and persian Ptolemy. The first had also married his wife art a coma.
Pheromones, although she started out in a more subordinate position, our cinema status during her marriage till I cynical rose thanks to some events that happened to back in Egypt. One was that her brother Ptolemy. The second was named Ptolemy, the firsts CO monarch in two eighty five b c E. there are also records of barony cheese, chariot team winning at the Olympic Games, and if this was arson, Please mother Bearing Ici she would have shared in the glorious well. It is, however, one hundred percent clear, which bear Nietzsche. This was or exactly when it happened there, a whole paper ethically which bearing easy weren't at the Olympic Games? It sounds like a very weird set up for a sitcom, regardless of whether that really was her mother our sent away. Name comes up and accounts of my stomach is his deeds as king and the names of his other wives dolt, my stomach us renamed cities after himself and his family, including our sent away. He also gave her control of costs Andrea in northern
Greece, as well as three other smaller cities that were all along the black Sea into eighty four b, E licences, oldest son, Agatha police son, whom I see I was accused of treason, accounts of what happened contradict each other, pretty dramatically in some, are sent away, manipulated lice amicus into suspecting his son of plotting against him, something that she could have done to try to secure a future for her own sons, but instead accounts are sent away, was infatuated with Agatha Clean and he rejected her, and thus she plotted against him to get revenge is no actual documentation of that. But it kind of ties and the whole idea that there was this, try again take age difference between her and her husband and what, if she may be like this younger closer to her own age, man at court
Other sources do not involve arson away in this at all, though they describe. My stomach is coming to this suspicion on his own, but the kind of filtering his response through our sent away to distance himself from it or and still other accounts Agatha. Italy's really was plodding against his father, trying to guarantee his own position as the future king and then that plot was discovered lots of different options here, regardless of what actually happened, Agatha Achilles was tried and executed. Here's a moment where the convoluted ptolemaic family tree really comes into play, search to brace
Agatha pleases widow was our sinner ways. Half sister lie Sandra Daughter of Ptolemy, the first in Europe to see, and to recap, Ptolemy inured to see Son Ptolemy Tyrannous had been Ptolemy presume successor before he named. Our cinema is full brother Ptolemy, the second, as his co ruler into eighty five. It is possible that this entire accusation against Agatha, please was precipitated by Kronos joining his sister at civic is court after having been displaced from the court of Ptolemy the first. If so, this whole incident may have been connected to the right.
three between Ptolemy wives, Baron, Ici and you're idiocy and, by extension, their children after Agatha, pleases, death Le Sandra and characters who we're just gonna call coroners, because there are too many Tommy's, they went to salute as the first night cater for aid and that led to a war between Thrace and the solution empire. Although I Senecas had taken control of territory and western Asia after the battle of excess alot of the political leaders and people, there sided with salubrious the war between licentious and salute us finally ended with the battle of Korea. Pity him in two eighty one b c, This is actually the last battle in the words of the bad guy and lie Senecas. Who, with this point, was almost eighty was killed in battle. Arson away was about thirty five at this point and she had occurred. We need lice images to war, but not to the actual battle. She stayed behind an emphasis
but that cities residents wound up siding with the solutions and opened the gate for the solution. Army arson away is described as escaping the city disguised in rags, while one of her attendance put on her royal garments and acted as a decoy in summer This decoy was killed, but in other she survived since our sin away had been given control of Cassandria and still had supporters there. She fled to that city and went into hiding. This is already so much drama, but then telling me care nose turned on Seleucus. They had been in the process of conquering. What was left of our sin away is late husband's king them. They had crossed the hellespont, which is now known as the Dardanelles so the race when Kara knows stabbed Seleucus to death may actually be what earned him the nickname, Cyrano switch means. Thunderbolts then Ptolemy Tyrannous turned his attention to his.
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everywhere before the break, because I feel that the situation is very tangled are sent away had married life, semi kissed, the king of Thrace, whose son Agatha cleaves was tried for treason and executed. Agatha pleases widow was arson, always half sister Le Sandra and after the execution she and her brother Ptolemy Kronos went to salute as the first thy cater for aid. So Lucas went to war against arson, always husband, licentious, who was killed in battle, but then Ptolemy Kara knows turned against so Lucas and killed M, meanwhile, are sent away, fled to cats, Andrea, which her late husband had given to her earlier on in that marriage. That is where we left off, although Ptolemy canoes and solutions had take, a lot of the territory that lie Simancas had previously held. There were still people who were lost. to our sent away and her late husband, Cyrano
probably wanted to protect himself from those people, as well as from anyone who had been loyal to salute case. He probably We also wanted CAS Andrea itself, but whatever his exact reasons were he lay siege to that city, offering to marry his half sister or sent away and adopt her children as his own he said he would take no other wives and have no other children, her sons would be his heirs. Our sent away and Ptolemy canoes were both in their mid thirties. At this point arson We really had no reason to trust her half brother, her full brother Ptolemy, the second had displaced him. As the presumed heir to the ptolemaic king them. He his allies. The Lucas had gone to war with and ultimately killed her husband. He was also literally besieging the city where she had taken refuge. I'll, tell you a gal, didn't you know, but at the same time here
thing. She really did not have many other options if she and her sons managed to escape costs Andrea. There was no guarantee that they would be able to make it. all the way to Alexandria and to her brothers protection there before being apprehended. If she married someone with enough military and political power, she might be able to defend herself against Kara knows. But although high ranking women in this era, weren't generally forced to marry without their consent, they also were not p well who negotiated these unions their meal relatives did that. It could argue that Karen, I was kind of did an end run around that whole thing right fly to go. She aiding a marriage with his half sister himself, but regardless are sent away agreed to marry Ptolemy care knows she did the one thing that shit really could try to protect herself in this situation, which was that she demanded that the marriage ceremony be conducted in public Karen owes agreed
but then immediately afterward. He murdered her two young sons lice amicus and fill up. Her oldest son Ptolemy escaped it's possible. He just was not there. When his younger brothers were murdered, he was the only one of her sons who had reached adulthood by this point, and there is some suggestion that he his mother were estranged in some way. Arson away was forced to flee once again this time, taking refuge in cemeteries. Accounts are pretty contradictory about what characterises motivations were and killing his nephews, whether that really had been his plan from the beginning, whatever it was, though he did not lined up remaining king of all this territory for long he married are sent away in about two eighty Bc Ii and the file
one year, his territory was attacked by the Gauls and he was killed in battle eventually, some time between two eighty and two, seventy six b c e r Cinema returned to Egypt from Samothrace, possibly taking her son Ptolemy with her. It had been at least twenty years at that point, since our cinema had been in Alexandria, her brother Ptolemy. The second was now the king and his court had been through its own allegations of treachery his first wife arson away, the first just to keep a confusing had been exiled under suspicion applauding against him arson. The first was the daughter of our away the seconds husband licentious and although it is not clear which of his wives was our cinema. The first mother she was much younger than are sent away the second and its possible that
Elder arson away may have even help to raise her. This time line is really really fuzzy, but it seems that our cinema, the first suspicion and exile, happened before our cinema. The second returned to Alexandria, although some sources still try to pin the whole thing on arson away. The second, a few years after returning to Egypt and about to seventy three b c e r sent away the second married, her brother taller the second and the details of this marriage are really known. They had no children together, although arson away, the second did adopt, are sent away. The first children as her own Ptolemy did not take any other wives after marrying his sister, although he did have several concubines arson way and Ptolemy were both given the moniker, Philadelphia, joy or sibling, loving arsenal, his earlier myriads to her half brother Ptolemy canoes had unusual in the greek world, but such a marriage was it totally unheard of, and it was legally
permitted in some places, but marrying her full brother Ptolemy. The second would have been far more unusual among the Greeks, It wasn't really unusual in the egyptian society. The colonies were ruling, though at least not for egyptian royalty. We talked about this in our episode on hot stuff, shipped back in twenty nineteen and egyptian king often took a sister or half sister, as his great royal wife, with that pairing at the wing back to an egyptian creation story in that story of the God of Tomb, had no partner and created a pair of sibling deity's, who, in turn created another pair of sibling day at ease as their descendants continuing that line in pairs. It doesn't seem like this brother sister marriage was as taboo in the ancient greek world as it would be in the West today, and there were three
almost no surviving account of the actual greek response to it at that time are sent away and Ptolemy did take some steps to try to normalize it, though, including comparing themselves to the Greek deities Zeus and Hara, who were also married siblings. They also made the comparison to egyptian deities ISIS and Cyrus, who word descendants of that chain of egyptian sibling partners. Although this was really one of the few ways that they tried to frame themselves as egyptian at all, we have new documentation of their thought process or reasoning. For this. marriage it's possible that they just wanted to consolidate some of their political power or that they thought they'd be a little more protected in a world of perpetual dynastic rivalries and in fighting our cinema,
may have thought that marrying her brother was her last chance to secure a political future for her one surviving son. There are several references to various tell him he's in the historical record that may have been him, meaning that son, but it is not one hundred percent clear where he wound up. It was not in the primary ptolemaic line of succession, though colts were a huge part of the religious and political structure of the hellenistic world, with rulers being deified and worship, sometimes during their lifetimes, and it's also have some root. And the egyptian tradition of deifying royalty are sent away and Ptolemy established. The Theo Adele Foy or the cult of the royal couple are sent away. Herself was also deified individually, probably while she was still living are sent away, also established an annual festival that was held in Alexandria, that honoured adults,
This with Ptolemy appearing in the role of Adonis and herself appearing in the role of Aphrodite are anyway became highly influential in Ptolemy government. She appeared on its coins, both alone and with him, and on some of these coins she appears to be in full Veronica regalia, suggesting that she was regarded not just as the kings wife, but also as a Pharaoh herself. This includes wearing Lerius or royal cobra, and our cinema is correct. huge, also included a throne and described her as king of upper and lower Egypt. But it is not clear if that's an honorific from her lifetime or something
bestowed on her later, as a more honorary title are sent away, also became a popular public figure during her reign. She accompanied Ptolemy on a tour of the egyptian border and its defence is making public appearances along the way and one year not clear which she won a clean sweep of the equestrian events at the Olympic Games of her father Ptolemy. The first was the one who started the construction of the library and museum at Alexandria, some sources. Credit are sent away. The second with actually finishing that she also seems to have influenced foreign policy advocating for an alliance with greek cities.
AIDS, the protected their freedom from encroachment by Macedonia. This influence continued after her death Ptolemy, the second outlived her and he allied with several greek city states against Macedonia in the criminal in war, are cinemas. Memory became sort of recruitment and public relations tool to rally support for Egypt. Involvement in that war are sent away, became the standard for future ptolemaic queens to follow and her marriage to her brother also became its
lit for later marriages in the ptolemaic dynasty. As we said, although the Ptolemy is ruled Egypt, they never really became egyptian. They kept their power to themselves and in the hands of greek people. Most of the dynasties marriages after arson, away and Ptolemy were between siblings, half siblings are cousins, and this actually seems to have influenced culture in Egypt after the end of the ptolemaic dynasty as well, there are sibling marriages that are recorded in roman census records in Egypt after the end, dynasty at least two rotund. Those were built in our sent always honour one in Alexandria and the other in Samothrace. The rotunda and Samothrace was built in her lifetime and it was dedicated by her but the instead,
and detailing who her husband was at the time has not survive. So it's possible that it was built during the reign of lie. Cynical to commemorate the alliance between the Ptolemaic dynasty and Thrace or during the reign of Ptolemy, commemorate Samothrace having sheltered are sent away after she had to flee from her half brother. There are also a lot of coins that bear her image, as well as carving statues statutes. And other depictions that are either of her or believed to be of her the date of arson away. The seconds death is uncertain. One steely lifts it as in the fifteenth year of Ptolemy, the seconds rain, which would have been to seventy Bc Ie, but other sources was in the seventeenth year or two sixty eight, so she would have been in our mid forties. Both her calls and the cult of the royal couple continued to worship her after her death
her brother, also named streets and Alexandria after her and renamed the city of volume and its surrounding district for her as well are sent away also became a pop name, your daughters of priestly egyptian families. But after the did the ptolemaic dynasty arson away. The second mostly vanished from literature in art. Instead, Cleopatra sister, our cinema became the more well known woman. With that name tat you can am accidently get a whole bunch of stuff that you bookmark
turns out to be about Cleopatra's, a twister and not the subject of your podcast, the wrong our sin away. We will end this with a quote from Elizabeth Donnelly Kearney from the introduction to our sin, away of Egypt and acid on a royal life. This is really the only modern, english language biography of her it's from an academic press, but it's pretty accessible and also quite short, because there's like not a lot that we actually know about our sin away, she wrote quote looking at our sin away. Is life is a bit like trying to meet someone at a big party but somehow always missing?
though perhaps getting a whiff of their perfume and hearing a lot of stories about them in a sense are sent away, as always in the other room. I really liked backward, and I think it summed up some of my challenges researching this episode. Do you have less challenging listener mail? I do so. This was no male posed the question and I dont know that. Will it ever tackled the topic that they suggested, but it was an interesting enough question to me that I wanted to read it and it is from Iva, even as high Holly and Tracy, I'm a few months late or very early sending this idea for a holiday episode, but here it is bear with me every time. I watch that seen in a Christmas story when the Father breaks out a hammer and prior bar to open the giant wooden crew,
continue the infamous leg lamp I think to myself. I have never in my life received a delivery in a wooden crate, not at Christmas, not in a year of pandemic. Lifestyles supply delivery, not ever. Why is this cuz? We believe the answer is corrugated. bored boxes and then I wonder, warrant corrugated cardboard boxes around in the nineteen sixty use when this movie was set to wish. The answer is no, No idea, it seems like a simple low tech technology that you'd expect to have been around for a long time and when I go to the liquor store to get boxes for moving my books you do, and I see ten dollar bottles of wine, and I wonder how much that same bottle cost back in the day whenever it was with the extra cost of shipping it around and wooden crates, presumably built into the car
and then I get into the middle exercise of comparing the environmental impact of wooden crates versus cardboard boxes. Extra fuel and exhaust ship would crates versus the disposable nature of the cardboard boxes, and I get stuck because he can use cardboard boxes over and over until they wear out or get damage. People just don't reuse the much exactly because there were so wonderfully light and cheap that we take them utterly for granted. But if a Christmas story is to be believed, they have only been introduced and, like my boss, a lifetime, so TAT was their him act. So invisible to us are corrugated cardboard boxes, a classic textbook case study that all the material scientists know about, and no one else does like three m. Scotch tape is a classic case study in business circles and these snow, Slash, Whitehead, cholera outbreak is the progenitor of infographic, or is it like the happy birthday song where it so elegantly simple that everyone assumes it sprang forth from the primordial ooze, fully formed and ready to ship
inquiring minds want to do so. That's my holiday episode suggested the history of corrugated cardboard boxes, but you ve got a bit from this, but to have time to answer the question I'm going to stop at their said. Thank you either for this email. I actually have gotten things shipped in boxes like that, one of them it was one of those places where you you open your mail and there's a surprising and strange thing. There that's part of a mystery and, as you solve the mystery and the end, you get something special. That's like the sort of capstone peace to this man serious thing that you have unfolded through Europe through the things you ve got in the mail and it either. The final thing that we got was was in a wooden, create very like that also when I was a child. My
brother, and I desperately wanted to play house play. Houses are very expensive. What my father did was cut adore him to a shipping create that had been used for a refrigerator, and that became our play house. So neither of those things what I call a normal shipping circumstance. What I really think is happening in a Christmas story is that that shipping create, which looks like like a museum shipping, create, like that's part of the joke, that
that is like here is your box of very carefully packed leg lamp. What in the world, because it is a precious artifact tracy? That's why yeah it's that? It's incredibly important and it looks a lot more like you- would see like an antiquity shipped to a collector, then yen, ordinary thing that you would have shipped to your home cardboard. However, very briefly, cardboard was developed in the mid nineteenth century and by the early 20th century cardboard boxes were coming into common use. So by the time this this film takes place, there were plenty of cardboard boxes. I really do think it is that is for comedic effect to hype up. What is the magical wonder that is in this box and it
the leg lamp light- I don't know yet something you wanted to add with that Ali. Now, I'm suddenly thinking about how many, when she mentioned shipping alcohol, how many places were really just making alcohol for local consumption. For a long time. Oh yeah being shipped around that idea of lake sourcing alcohol from different magical places. That's it is a little modern, but not entirely yeah. That would be an interesting and fun study rabbit boldly go down, yeah, one that that made me think about like the way less happy sounding like the the rum trade and how that was connected to both sugar and slavery. But that was also like her. You know eighteenth and nineteenth century shipping thing the long way on a boat.
Re not quite the case of direct consumer package. They fed think it up or not at all. Although so often distilled locally, so that people that landed on those islands are yet it had been at sea would have it out of their healthy regimen eyes adds at are now. I add that suddenly took me down the mental rabbit hall of various places near me that have started delivering from their inner there, there liquor and beer and wine stores during the pandemic, something I have taken advantage of during these times. So thank you again for this.
The white fully written email. Even I hope we have answered your question satisfactorily. I dont know that we will do episode on the history of cardboard, but I did think this was a fun email to learn to read and talk about. If you would like to write to us about this third either podcast rate history ass that I heard radio dot com and then all over social media I missed in history through a finer, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram, you can subscribed our show on the Iheart Radio, app and apple plant gas than anywhere else. But you get your boy, tasks stuff, you missed in history class, the production of Iheart, radio for more per capita I heard radio visit by her radio have added my cans or wherever you listen to your favorite, shows.
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