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Audre Lorde Pt. 2

2013-11-06 | 🔗

In addition to being a poet, Audre was a teacher, speaker, wife and mother, and become an influential presence in the feminist movement. She also wrote candidly about her battle with cancer in her groundbreaking work, "The Cancer Journals."

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Marcus Welcome to stuff. You must, in history class from how supports how can I would welcome an trees on how we are going to continue? Second part about two part episode about onwards today and community. Building and solidarity were major beam of Audrey Lords, poetry and her life, and because of the role that she played in the feminist movement and the community of women that sea I worked within reach, be remiss if we didn't at least mention a few of her life on friends, worked within, we really be remiss if we didn't at least mention a few of her life on friends. These included Adrienne Rich in her lifelong
for most of our countries life her partner, incoherent, was a woman named Francis Clayton and she spent her last year's with a woman named Gloria Joseph Audrey was also a teacher and a speaker the number of colleges and universities during her career, and she became an influential presence in the feminist movement. She edited literary journals, helping to give a voice merging black poets and when Publishers didn't want to publish the work of people of color only women and doubly especially lesbians and color. She and other women started their own presses. She was also apply see paneless for the National endowment of the arts, literature programme, Also, an activist Audrey helped found a number of social organisations, including the Anti Apartheid Organization, sisters and supported sisters in South Africa, and the women's well, listen have Thank Roy with Smith, she cofounded kitchen take
women of Color press, which was the first publisher run by women of color in the United States, not one for her that she was also the first black person to be named. The New York state poet. So in this episode Wilson her personal political and poetic lives, Her world is away from the mother when she Twenty seven Audrey met the man that she would later Mary Edward Ass. we rollin. Graduated from law school at Columbia. Earlier than that at the age of seventeen, he had run away from home to join the Navy, although he had to have his father's mission to do so because of his age. They generally an artery were having an affair with the same woman before they met one. Several women, the artery, was involved with at the time and wanted to have children. And long before they were in a physical relationship with each other. Audrey had also thought about having children with Ed had their own. Pretty serious internal struggles about their relationship,
and they had to do a lot of soul searching before committing to it. Artery was I can identify a lesbian was white, and while he didn't really identify as gay, he had mostly been involved with men for a number of years. Their whole existence the couple had all kinds of social and political implications for them and basically any anyone they whatever encounter. mother in many of our greek friends, were also opposed to the idea and they loved each other. But they were real in love, cool Audrey, as lesbian mother. In an interracial marriage, there is usually some part of me guaranteed to offend everybody's comfortable prejudices of who I should be. they got married on March thirty. First, nineteen sixty two with the idea. They would work together to have children and raise a family according to their own rules and principles, and this was not an overwhelming. popular decision, among either of their personal
No one from Ed's family attended the wet the wedding and The role of arteries. Lesbian friends made the same decision. The pair head teacher and Elizabeth and Jonathan. Audrey's ideas about birth and child raising were also quite progressive for the time she wanted. to go to childbirth classes with her, I M to be in the room when she gave birth and she wanted the baby to stay with her rather than be in a hospital nursery. She also wanted to breast feed which- not have nearly the level of social insistence or accepted that it does today did not have nearly the level of social into since or accepted that it does today as they got older. She made him it homemade whole green bread for the children and limited how much sugar they get here. Place today, but in the early sixties were not so much here the things that at the time were really progressive, are today pretty much a given when it comes to a lot of the things that she thought about. Giving birth and raising children do
in nineteen. Sixty three Adrian had attended the March on Washington for jobs that freedom which Martin Luther King Jr delivered his. I have a dream speech, although they had left by the time he started and they listen to it in the car on the way home. I do though, that she found the march an immensely moving experience at Christmas time of nineteen sixty three their apartment burning fire after I left a cigarette and attended Then, in June of nineteen sixty five Audrey was rearrested at a red light, while Baby Jonathan was in the car with her His injuries were minor, but because of her injuries Audrey was unable to pick up her children or right for months. Their relationship. Apart from all of the social issues that were inherent in it, which put their own pressures onto the two of them, gradually became strained Both of them were having relationships with people which, on its own, was fine with both of them and what sort of part of the deal but Audrey
Open about her relationships with women and disclosed them to end, and often they were with people that she was friends with and, on the other hand, tended to carry out his affairs in secret, which Audrey found upsetting in there. this agreement with each other. Audrey could sometimes become violent and others stress likely had to do with any privileges. A white man Audrey was Naturally aware of their presence is an interracial couple during the civil rights movement she their relationship was a risky one to be in and that they faced criticism and judgment from both black. wait. Communities on the other hand in relieving consider his sexual orientation and his marriage as a potential obstacle to his work in law. eggs career as a lawyer didn't really take off. They ran into initial trouble. Had stopped working while she was pregnant with their first child and though she got a night shift job and started trying to help with her fathers old, real estate business as well. Her mother
had inherited it. After his death andreasen using amphetamines again and effort to keep up with all of these responsibilities and also where children she didn't right much during her children's youngest years, but then a man take. class on black writers asked to interview her for a paper agreed, and the paper portray is someone who had given up on writing to become a wife and mother after reading it she really rededicate herself to writing. She set up a desk bedroom and insisted that it would take over the household for three hours a day that she would have time to just focus on her writing at first he was trying to get back into the world of poetry. She didn't have a lot of success getting published, but then the black arts evolved from the civil rights and black power movements. A number of new black publication started to take shape and in nineteen, sixty seven independent publisher poets press contact
Audrey with interest and publishing a book of her work. Her first published poetry collection was called the first, cities and it came out in April of nineteen. Sixty eight therefore in January ardor received a call from Galen Williams, who would go on to launch the literary organization, poets and writers, and in this case, ok when was telling her that she had been recommended to receive a national endowment for the arts grants to be in residence at a historically black college, called Tuvalu College in Mississippi. She was really reluctant to go it first, You know she was a mother and her children need her she'd been sick for several months. Following a particularly bad case of the flu, the sound Stealth itself was still really from the civil rights movement and desegregation, the Deep south, at that It was an enormously dangerous place for black people as a whole. to glue itself was also the scene of pudding violent racial hostility. There were always there were frequent reports have shown
being fired by white people along the edge of town into the black areas of town, but she decided to go. And later she said that the experience of teaching their changed her life so for six weeks to glue taught a poetry workshop, and it was her first work as a teacher in her workshops. They a lot about identity in the nuances of race and making a personal connection to writing in learning it really. I'm a collaborative environment in which are really more about her own work, while teaching in writing they all, including Audrey, wrote a huge amount of work and Audrey worked with Galen Williams during this time to pay so literary magazine for the students August, ITALY was part of what convinced her to use. Poetry and language as a force for social change in the world following eating their. She wanted to use her own writings, open people's hearts and minds and to raise awareness of racism. Sexism, Homer
we and other forms of discrimination and she to teach other people to read and think and right as well She went on to have teaching jobs at city College in New York. Herbert eight One college John Jay College of Criminal justice an hunter colleagues as well as lots of other visiting teaching roles she taught the Hunter College, as well as lots of other visiting teaching roles. She taught red workshops as well. And while she was out to glue Audrey, also Man Frances Clayton to another Audrey had had many other relationships well married to ed the depth of her, friendship with Francis was quite different. She couldn't do she can maintain her marriage and this relationship she loved add, but she was really increasingly in well with Frances She returned home in New York our relationship with our became even more stream than it had already been, but they had to turn together, and our children's well being was a huge priority, so
We wanted to go to couples therapy, but for a long time it was resistant to the idea. spring of nineteen seventy Adrian and had a trial separation and that fall, she asked him to move out. They finalize their separate. their separation agreement and nineteen. Seventy one and started divorce proceedings and nineteen semi to their divorce became. In nineteen. Seventy five- and it was not really amicable by this point, although dream Edward living together, any more her relationship with Francis was for a while long distance Audrey was in New York and Francis was in Rhode Island where she worked at Brown. University in the distance We became increasingly painful for both of them Finally, moving together with France is moving to New York, since Audrey had to stay there due to the divorce in making seventy two while she had really been hiding her relationship with women in seventy three Audrey publicly came out during a poetry, reading Frances became
Audrey's partner and co mother to our children, and this relationship lasted for most of the rest of Audrey's life, although Audrey continued to be involved with other women, though more discreet. Than in her life with Ed, where she was very forthright about it The two women bought a house together in one of new or New York's, more conservative neighbourhoods, and they were really frequent targets of racism and homophobia. There, the kids all had a hard time. They were leaving this privilege world of private school, to attend a public school and they didn't really fit in with either the white children or the black children in their new environment. and as a mother Audrey try to instil in both of the kids, a sense of social justice, and understanding of her values she wanted Jonathan in particular to grow up as an advocate for equal rights. But sometimes this was a struggle. As we know, kids, don't always do with the parents for them, and Audrey really worried about the law. Male role model in Jonathan Life in their home.
It also wasn't always easy for her to put forth her in a way that it made sense to the kids she believed in non violence, for example, but she was really outraged when she learned that the children were being bullied at their new skull and and not fighting back, our view, while nonviolence was preferable, defending oneself was also a necessity and he seventy four were Audrey's collection of poetry from a land where other people live was nominated for the National Book Award for poetry, the other nominees included, among others, Adrian Rich and Alice Walker, Adrian Alice and Audrey all New one, another in alliterative crew to I'll be nominated together. It is, and they knew one another's work and they were all feminists before them I was announced they got together and wrote a statement that would be read on behalf of all of them. Should one of them win, Adrian,
just collection diving into the wreck, poems one thousand nine hundred and seventy one to nineteen. Seventy two, along with Allen, Ginsberg the fall of America, poems of these states, one thousand nine hundred and fifty in eighteen. Seventy one hears part statement that Adrienne Rich Red. When accepting the award statement I am going to read, was prepared by three of the women nominated for the National Book Award for poetry, with the agreement it would be read by whichever of us. If any was chosen, we Audrey Lord Irene, Rich and Alice Walker together accept this award in the name of all the women whose voices have gone and still go unheard in a patriarchal world, an enemy those who, like us, have been taller as token women in this culture, often at great cost and in great pain. We eve that we can enrich ourselves more and supporting and giving to each other than by competing against each other and that poetry. If it is poetry, this in a realm beyond ranking in comparison with them.
Finally join together here in refusing the terms of patriarchal competition, clearing that. We will share this prize among us to be as best we can for women. I think that is a great sentiment and we're gonna, let that's it for a second of we pause, this episode of stuff, you missed in history, glasses, brought you buy Norton, three six with lifelong. Let's just say your shopping online with your smartphone. I do it all the time. They sure feels that your personal info is right there in your hand, but that's not always the case, because, as soon as you hit submit, your personal information could start going other places. In fact, when you shop, bank or browse online, your personal info can get out of your control, which can leave you vulnerable to cybercriminals. More threats demand more protection. That's why Norton and Lifelong are now part of
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and she would continue to travel pre extensively for the rest of her life. First, whence a Barbados where her father had been born and one of the things she wanted to do while there was to find evidence of his birth, she was not really successful in that effort, but that was one of them the year that she turned forty. She and her family travelled to the West Coast of Africa are following an intuition that her ancestors had been familiar. So this the trip to barbie those for both in the way about her sitting at her identity in her roots her time in Africa deeply fluency, her writing and her identity after she returned she, recently drew from african spirituality. So this trip Energy made its way into her writing she continued. Travel around the United States and other countries, including the Soviet Union and Nigeria, to read, speak and attend conferences.
With themes of love, equality and social progress that were already prevalent in her work. She began to write about the power of the erotic after seeing how differently irredentism, and physical relationships were approached and Africa than in the West in seventy five, as her work was becoming better known? She began working with literary agents Charlotte She D, whose agency, actually represents lords work today, W W Norton published her collection coal in nineteen. Seventy six being published by a major publisher marked a huge turn in her prominence as a poet and night. In seventy seven. At the age of forty three Audrey the doktor after finding a lump in her breast. She had a see which showed that the tumor was benign he started writing in speaking about this experience almost immediately. She delivered a speech about it on a panel at a modern language association meeting less than a month after she had having given the results.
When a year after that, on Labour day, nineteen, seventy eight found another lump and she went. Other biopsy, time the lamp was malignant, and, unlike the previous lamp, which had really taken by surprise, she really living with the idea of cancer for almost a year. This time had already researched her options for treatment and had a list of questions prepared for her doktor when she went in her deceased was to have a mistake to me and that took place on September twenty second and after them, Stick to me. She really changed her diet and lifestyle dramatically and began. Taking supplements show the game, writing about her experience with cancer, as well as the sexist treatment she witnessed in the world of medicine and cancer treatment, and the pressures that placed on women to conform after having a mastectomy, her journey, this period for publishes essays and then is a book called the cancer nor am came out in nineteen. Eighty. He also journals was a really ground
seeking work for a whole lot of reason. One is worded approached breast cancer from lesbian perspective, which was pretty much absent in the discussion about breast cancer. At the time it also disgust cancer, mastectomy and reconstructive thirty surgery within the medical establishment and early frank and probing way. She did not pull punches in the way she wrote about how doctors spoke to her. How nurses spoke to her How people would sort of show up in her room with the presumption that it was time for her to have a procedure? Is now wait there wasn't really. It was like that the panel a lot of assumption made about Latin, like that, you should be doing and there were also times when she would like she would get copies for own medical records, and she would see her to have a procedure is now wait. There wasn't really. It was like that, but there are now a lot of assumption made about lots and lots of feeling, and there were also times when she would.
Her decision not to have reconstructed, reconstructive surgery and also not to wear breast press thesis, is one that a lot of people would still considers the today should have an otter. Dick assumption that if a woman has a mastectomy, she is then going to attempt to appear that she still has to breasts and Audrey Lord was like no. I am not doing that. You cannot make me she instead adopted. That is part of her whole identity. She would sort of dress in an asymmetric way to incorporate the idea, then, like her body, was different now I am not now not common at all. Now, and now, when those sorts of issues are discussed more openly and people, do you make that choice, the more than they may be used to it still viewed with sort of at best like a quizzical action from people ray. I would you choose that, but why would you
want to efficient, but that was not what I'm doing yes. So seventies that was hugely outlier thinking right, despite going through all this later in nineteen. Seventy eight. She was one of the speakers at the first national March on Washington for Lesbian. He writes, in nineteen eighty one she had another cancer scare when the doktor found the blood in her stool by that turned out to be a false alarm in mind. Eighty three, the United States invaded Grenada, which could definitely be its own podcast in operation urgent, fury, the prime minister. had been deposed and later murdered in a calm leader took the home The invasion was in part a piece of the Reagan administrations attempt to rid the world of communism. Audrey who, at this point, had really started to consider the Caribbean, her home roads. giving essay about this called Grenada revisited. An interim report, which appeared as part of her color, of essays sister outsider,
Our position was that american fault foreign policy was rooted in racism and that the invasion of Grenada was a racist acts, meant to subjugate and dominate people of color with She also clarified her own identity as grenadine american Stick, another two Grenada after the invasion to make sure that the nation had survived the american invasion in February of nineteen. Eighty four: she started having pain and trouble with digestion during a cat and to evaluate her gallbladder doctors tumor on her liver, almost certainly metastasized, from her best breast cancer She knew that a malignant tumor was going to mean radiation and chemotherapy which she did not like. The idea of doing and at the time that would still have pretty low odds of survival. So she decided not to have a biopsy. She travel she went to Mexico and think Roy and she wrote about how important it was to her to be somewhere warm and bright in April,
She travel to Germany, and that was a trip that had been in the work since nineteen. Eighty two when make a writer and activists. Dagmar Schulz had asked her to come to speak at the average german community at the free University of Berlin. This trip turn into us Jeanne Community building Journey through several countries. She was in Europe, though her health started to decline, she's seeing a homeopathic and anthropocentric doctor. You agreed with her decision not to have a biopsy and started her on a regiment of alternative treatments and Casey not heard of it. Anthropocentric medicine combines conventional practices with spirituality and holistic treatment. It's kind of a mind body spirit, treatment plan, this episode of stuff, you miss than history classes, brought to you by Norton three sixty with lifelong. What they are shopping online with your smartphone. Its super feels like ear. Personal information is just right. There in your hand, but that's not always the case, because as soon as you hit submit, your personal information could start going other
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continue with their regimen and her dietary changes, which mostly focused on consuming fruits and vegetables continue to write and travel, sometimes with Francis and sometimes alone, to Cuba, Saint Chrome, Australia and New Zealand and the fall nineteen eighty five, she started having abdominal pain and weakness and other cat and here we have another tumor in her liver and the first one is also gotten bigger, we found another anthropocentric doctor in New York that December college named its poetry centre after our dream now, after that she and Francis went to Switzerland says she could be treated at the Lucas Clinic in Asia, Pacific Clinic for cancer treatment they are confirmed that she had liver cancer and it is almost certainly metastasize from her breast Audrey staying through the start of January of next year, and when she got back to the states, she saw her regular oncologists to talk to her about conventional treatment options at that point, at a prognosis of about five years to live. She took it
to the Caribbean, with Gloria Joseph, whom she'd known and been involved with for a long time there. listen ship deepened Audrey began to pull away from Francis their relations, like all relationships, had its ups and downs. Andrea had already been questioning whether it should continue, especially ass. She made pretty significant changes to her diet and health. Regimen Frances did not make as Well formerly and finally split when they saw their staff. My went home Eighteen, eighty eight Audrey this its spanned the end of her life and think cry which had been to feel like home to her, not long we're her death. She took the name Gamba Visa, which means she who makes for meaning known she lived. Think Roy with Gloria. He was a faint cry native till she died on November seventeen. Ninety ninety two I do is cremated. She left instructions for her ashes to be scattered in several places that had meaning to her. Although.
Often road, autobiographical E. She called her book zombie, a new spelling of my name, a buyer, without graffiti theirs We of her written biography of her wish. Tracy mentioned at the top of our first part of this to partner just called warrior. Oh it a biography of Audrey Lord and its by Alexis Devoe, it's very thorough history It's really well source in an includes a great deal of delay. About her life here that the author, I think, must have read every scrap of paper that was available to her that Audrey herself had written correspondence all of her essays to construct a ready, detailed glimpse of her life. That goes into a lot of detail that we haven't really talked about here. Specifically, it also seems pretty silly to have to happen talking about a poet without actually, including any of her poetry. So I tried to find a poem that would be,
both accessible to people. and also included The theme that we ve talked about and in how Audrey lived her life and the things that you He then other things the themes they were common in her work, so the Charlotte Shady literary agent agency, graciously gave us permission to read this poem, which was originally published by debate that we need Norton, which publishes many of the other collection of Audrey's work and as also the publisher of the book warrior poet and this poem is called who said it was simple: There are so many routes to the tree of anger that sometimes the branches shatter before they bear sitting in Next, the women rally before they march discussing the pro Matic girls. They hire to make them free. An almost white Norman passes awaiting brother to serve them. First, and the Ladys neither noticed nor reject the slighter pleasures of their slavery. But
I, who am bound by my mirror as well, Abed see cause in color as well as sex but here wondering which me will survive all these liberation was originally published in nineteen. Seventy, I'm quite fond of artery Lord yeah. Her story is so interesting in it. It is one of the things that I was touches me when I hear stories about people being so their time generally in Canada. Social norms. I'm always fascinated because often it seems like we don't hear that much about it. Well, I mean I am in literature in school, as some of you may know, a lot of times when, when we're talking about poets in other writers, the focus is really on their work and and times at least one, conversation about the factors of a person's life that led them to this work. But that's often
often not really what most of the time is spent time, though While I knew a few little snippets about Audrey Lords life, I really liked getting to know more of it yeah so yeah. Maybe we will talk about more writer. At some point in the future. I had a very similar, though I had a similar screen, studying whether during colleges that I realized pretty early into my major lake. I like the literature but really fascinated by the biographies behind Yes M, oh just a little bit a listener, may a wire or those you have listener mail. This is another listener mail about our Mendez Verses, Westminster episode. That's one is from just dinner No to the last time she wrote to us was back in a couple of days: height of feed It is not enough. We also must pops up She says I have listened to this point. Come since the fact,
fiction days, which is so long ago way back when stuff you missed in history, glass was called back and had Josh Clark. Stuff, you should know, is one of the cocoa which sometimes when I send people a link to an episode from the era that they ve asked or they get completely flabbergasted, but this, but that you, the hosts, work we back. Then so finally prompted me to write em. I can tell you my own story of the lingering prejudiced against speak of foreign language and the United States. I was born in Poland, but there's only six months old, when my parents and I emigrated only six months old, when my parents and I emigrated to United States settling in Philadelphia area. My mandate, big English. We arrived here states with polish, russian, british and german, but not enough not wanting me to learn English with an accent see in my bad only spoke to me in polish. It was my first language, an English from going to store talking to neighbours and, above all, from sesame Street. By the time
It was three. I was fluent well three year old, fluent in both languages. I first heard my mom. speak English. When I was five and boy was, I surprised that she could I went to elementary school emanating seventies and I very much remember how the kids like doing down Polack tax, which I always found strange because I was a straight a student this way I have is about my reading teacher in third grade so around. In seventy said it was. Last night, at the beginning of the year, and I guess, because the school knew that many parents were babysitters, kids were allowed to come around looking over and seeing that my mom and my teacher we're having a what but an animated discussion there wasn't any yelling or anything, but I can tell that my mom was not abused I could I ask her what had happened and she wouldn't tell me she just said your teacher and I didn't agree on something you don't need to worry about it. She actually said this
interesting. It tells what it wasn't polish, but as I do not speak English, I'm not going to make it It was clear that my mom was going to tell me and pretty soon I forgot all about the incident had a good and I got a solid day. It was only school year over that my mom finally told me what had gone down that evening. My mom had introduced herself and my teacher had immediately launch into a speech about my parents needed to stop speaking to me in polish that speaking, a second. Language at such a young age was interfering with my ability to speak English. My mom having none of that after a little back and forth. With. If you a good teacher- and I think that you are despite what you just said, then It's my daughter to the best of your ability, and you will see that, rather than making her english weak speaking polish makes her English stronger. A mom was happy when she met with the teacher at the parent company a theme later and my your apologised to her for what she could set at the open house. I dont know if polish,
your daughter's English stronger, but it certainly doesn't make it with her she's my best student. She said it made my mom's day week. I'm afternoon attitudes about being bilingual changed in the United States, but it happened right around oblivious me when I was little the fact spoke to languages was considered a negative by the time ahead after college. It was a positive and considered for by my peers. Thank goodness for that. Keep up the good work. Are we ve learned something you and every episode? So thank you regards Justino. Thank you. Much too Stena there really funny story. I love this. Like I find Montana, if we let the story and ate the teacher said that and I think a point had made an element as what verses Westminster passes, kind of strange to look back in history and see what a huge prejudice there was against people who didn't speak English when today, like pair full put their influence on waiting lists for second language. Emotions
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