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Author Interview: Jason Surrell and The Haunted Mansion

2015-10-19 | 🔗

To celebrate the Halloween season with a little Disney flair, Holly chatted with the author of "The Haunted Mansion: Imagineering a Disney Classic" about the beloved theme park attraction and balancing history and innovation.

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the destination: dot, com and scroll down to the roman foreign strip with stuffy Mr District Lass stuff, you missed in history from hassock works, not allow and look into the pond cast. I'm Holly fry can actually see the welfare and its hollowing time. Two years ago, in October, we did a to partner on the history of Disney's hunted mansion around hollowing and those are two of our most popular episodes of all time, and then I have to make a little true confession, which is the earlier this year for my birthday as a present to myself, I was thinking that I would another Disney related episode, because we do also get request for those in that seemed like a good thing, my birthday was actually back in May, and I obviously forgot around doing that. And then, at the end of this summer, the third edition of Disney's haunted mansion book came out, and so
my brain just kind of when you need to do something about this, so I asked writer Jason surreal to come and chat with us about the book, so it made this perfectly birthday slash early hollowing present. For me, though, he is now the creative director for universal creative, but for fifteen years Jason was part of the Disney Amanda nearing teams. That's right, we're talking to an actual real life imaginary. Today these worked as you're, sure, writer and a show director as well you can see why he is the perfect person to write a book about it is the attraction and why I in particular, would be to break I did to talk with them We will hear about Jason started Disney how his career, developed and eventually landed him and imagined nearing an how he ended up writing a book Rappahannock Mansion, what's really fun for me, and I think for any of the hard core Disney fans in the audience. Is there As he's talking about sort of getting some of this stuff been running and who is mentors were he's. Gonna
be named dropping people that you will find familiar first, if you listen you're too partner and if you're a hard core Disney fan, says very, very cool to kind of here that those people are still Mentoring. Other imagine, ears is also a totally different take from what we talked about a couple years ago. Yeah we're not really rehashing any of the history. We will touch back on some of the things that happened along the way that we talked about in that, but it's from definitely a different point of view. So this is gonna, be re, run material is all new annexing. So let'S Tom Lady, I am feeling female Davy is. I have eaten surrounded me to chat about among. Things his new edition of his book about behind a man can call the Junta mention imagining a classic the arguments are a little bit about your time, so you work with Disney for a long time, though, not in a continuous stretch, because if I am not mistaken, you first work is it
Your crew skipper in the college. I am in the eighties and my right, you have been saying we are using the word eighty that they now Actually I was on the college programme in the summer of nineteen. Eighty nine just get it out there in the first Bush administration guy. That's when I started and to this day something I'm incredibly crowded because, as you might imagine, being a jungle, crews skipper is, is one not only one of the great new theme park jobs, but if, if you wind up spending any time there s a career is a great first job with John lack for first job here, there's this kind of lineage, and it is that it makes it. That would be part of that that history, I was gonna, mention that that is apparently like the magical. Stepping stone since last are also did it. I have a
they did it in the college programme. Recently he is the son of one of my friends and I am waiting for the great things to happen. Next exhibits devoured by its is unbelievable and still is that as a nineteen year old kid I think back on it and will not affect Europe now obviously have. But when I think back on your being nineteen years old, I mean your summer and Walt Disney World. I am in that. the summer that pleasure Island Disney. I'm here, I'm studios and taken with you in all opened. It was just an amazing time to be on the property and to have that job to boot was just unbelievable. The out could I have you we'd off the invitation, the growing up the attack and we'd all seen that iconic imagery from the Sunday night shown and all of a sudden I like that, I was nineteen years old, you know pulling out the gun. I read the hippo and still pull out the empire they about interests. All of this I cannot give it is your pulling out of the temple into the sacred bathing pool of behaviour. Was just a dream come true,
I love that right and later on, you ended up working in imagining which to most people, sounds like an amazing dream situation, as both a senior show writer and a show director. So can you talk about kind of how you ended up there and what sort of things you did? yeah absolutely I actually began. My career in life entertainment writing, interacting, which is the natural stepping stone into, the aid of direction and a lot of the other things that I wound up doing. I also found that it was the great Ambition into imaginary, specifically, is growing up like a lotta Disney fans. If that was always my dear, job, but I prefer for the longest time. I never thought I could do it, because I wasn't an artist, an architect or an engineer and, as I started, doing, created
work on the entertainment side of the house. Writing. In directing I found that the o skills were every bit as transferable and every bit as valid as being an artist, an architect or an engineer, so that was pretty much. What allowed me to to break in sight broken as though as a writer, and that I spent fifteen years their writing producing creative directing I, and it was an absolute dream, come true the entire time I was there now, when it comes to something like behind a mansion book, did you get tat to write that arose at something you had to pitch? Not kind of an interesting story, and I was the summer of two thousand and two. We knew that the pirate for the Caribbean and hunted mansion films were coming in the following year and it was really, those classic situations. The I grew up like a lot of us just craving. The next is me book. You know whether it was the Bob Thomas Autobiography or the art of wealth is need by Christopher Finch Bit, but their words
as many people? Certainly as there are now so I stopped. I was literally walking down the hall, and I put my head into our vice president's office, and I just how would we go about pitching book The spanish rognes that you gotta know asked Molly thing Marty's, I E Marty's Bari on Yahoo, obviously of being a former writer himself was I need a mentor to a lot of us anyway. I had a relationship and I just email Marty and said I would really love to write a book about the haunted mansion, primarily because I really love to read a book about four hundred mansion sows, the classic situation of writing it because you wanted a habit. You wanted the down yourself and no one else was doing it. So I Marty, you wrote back immediately and said right up a book proposal. This is a great idea and I set great
how do I do that guide had lit neglect of work, so I spent surely approached it like a treatment that we would create an attraction you know just taking the of the audience through its step by step, I broke it up in the chapters and the other thing I should point out about the movie being on the horizon was in my mind, that was the thought that would allow it to happen because at the time I wasn't sure if the company would go for a book the making of an attraction alone, but obviously we know how popular movies, high and merchandise that site purposely piggy back on the upcoming film, so half or three quarters of the book would be about the making of the Action in all of its incarnations around the world and then the remaining half worker would be about the making of the film and then used to bring it out with the thumb,
so anyway, I wound up writing up of all proposal that went into the entire history of the attraction all over the world, and then I always wanted that middle action, the scene by scene where I throughs ITALY, get into the nitty gritty of each seeing you are describing narrative what happened and then going into the make of material and then the last section course would be about the making of a thumb. Some I sent that after Marty, he wrote back had a couple of weeks. I made some revision. And then finally, I got an email thing. This is great. I love it now write a letter of proposal, letters who are publishing folks in New York so again and like great I do I do that guy's ever done that either. Just like I treated the proposal like treatment or something we ve broken attraction. I treated the proposal letter like a pitch so instead of being verbal in person, that, I would do for an attraction or a show. I put that all into a letter to Wendy last comment is needed
since then there were I gotta response almost immediately. They said this is a great idea. We love it. We're gonna, take it to our sales and acquisitions meeting on Wednesday and will let you know some like on my guard. She noticed this. Was whirlwind thing, but then, by the end of the day Wednesday, I got a call from Jody Robinson who, with I've, become my edited around the book and said I have good news and bad news, and now that's always always ends up red flags and she's. Like the Good NEWS, we love this idea and we're gonna do the book. The bad news is in order to bring it out with the film. We need the manuscript by January, and this was October. Now the Good NEWS is now. I know how else than my Christmas vacation. So we will. It was great news that that it was a whirlwind and then, as you can tonight I told him to the intense research and interviews
immediately and then January, turned out to be a little bit of a misnomer, because January was actually when the film was going into principal photography. So I did wind up with a little extra time. Cuz I got to fly out to California, spend a lot of time on the set YO. Do all my interviews with cast and crew that sort of thing and then we did wind up again putting the attraction portion in the thumb portion together in them revising ray hiding and editing. I'm then, I think, by early spring we had locked manuscript the men here we gotta go through the process of selecting all the wonderful artwork and photography which or any Disney Ban inside or outside the company. With a dream come true, you know having free rein in the water does the imaginary art library enough pretty much how the book came together, If so fabulous- and I know at that point of course- you're already very steeped in Disney Culture- and you had a lot of knowledge and clearly had a love for it.
where's any mention doing interviews. But where did your research on the history of it really start like? How much did you already just have in your head versus? How much did you have to go through the archives and look up Well, I had a good deal of history already in my head and then to be honest with you. I think one of the previously written books, which is a wonderful but if you can get your hands on. It is Disneyland the nickel tour by Bruce Gordon and David Mumford absolute me. It's one of the Bible and Disneyland. It's not only filled with amazing art and the target in postcards, but they really have wanted the definitive histories Disney LAMP and, as I started, reading through there mansion section. That was when I started to realize. There's a lot more to this story I am aware of, and I thought I knew a decent amount about it so with unity.
the interviews I went into the Walt Disney archives at the studios and go through all sorts of of alders unearthing, Nemo's therefrom, Dick Irvine and CAN Anderson Memo from Walt Disney. Two members of his staff in that was when the real in depth story starts to emerge and die. I became aware of the fact that the haunted mansion as a concept actually predates the founding of Walt Disney imaginary yards. There's that old, dark house on the hill, the kind of Atoms family mansion in I wanna Harper, Dost. First pencils catches for us that the earliest earlier concept Disneyland. So it's a very old concept in that that really turned me on to all that. I felt that I needed to investigate knows actually pretty good word cause started to feel a little bit like investigative reporting, you're reading these memos you're ready yeah. I read all of Kenny Anderson's early treatment from the late Nineteenth Fifty's.
I then you would do your in, and sometimes the interview subjects would contradict each other and you had to try to note the decades have passed and re one has their own recollection of events. Yes, I would have to compare the memories again. One another and then try to figure out what the actual story was, and that was really one of the most one part about it. You think together, like you didn't like Angela lands very or something What do you think? I know I went with Angela lands where I could have chosen the male detective, but there too the that's fine you now the harm wants what it wants and nobody the judge exactly I'm a matron, unwilling myself at one of the things. The first time I read the first edition of the book, which is kind of hilarious, in that my home, bought it for me why we were on vacation in Disneyworld, and I sat down on the bed and just was kind of gone four hours or he's like me, to get up into a race in the morning. You have to go to sleep, but I was so taken by,
story of the creative differences that really emerged after Walt passed away it just yet eyes me because I think you know consumer of Disney things in a Disney fanny. When you know a lot, you kind of imaginary as this magic. Underlined where everybody gets along and creativity just flows, and it's all good. But in fact now I mean I'm a creative first, my husband has created. We certainly bicker over Jack's. We do together. So I don't know why. I would think that magically other people would not that's a you. Are there any other elements of the research that popped out? are you at work. I did not know that happened. The debate didn't surprise me, because that there was an episode.
isn't he family, album and old? Disney channel tv series, which was wonderful that grew up with, I am one of the officers, the focus there were two episodes. One focused on imaginary one of his time, what they called the Disneyland designers and between those two episode. They can't remember, but they told the story about the great uneasiness, the scary debate you Mark, Davis led the camp. They felt the attacks. She should be a funny. You're yoke is either wallets behind it. Mansion. You know. Kids in particular are already gonna, have a little trepidation going, so we don't want to get the salesman and horrify them and then the other side. You have what posting fame think. Well, it's called the hundred mansion. That brings with it a certain expectations that we have to pay off, and the sky a of it and I won't was alive. He was there to govern, and, as we all can imagine, quickly subtle those debates, but I also want to some extent,
use that tension to try to arrive at the best idea, and I think that is something that happened even though he passed away in the middle of development at a hundred mansion. And then you asked about other revelations. I think the single biggest revelation for me was that Walt Disney was a lie, more aware of the haunted mansion in individual seems individual gags than we ever thought before, and I think that's because for the Caribbean has for so long in build, as quote last attraction personally supervised by Walt Disney, and I actually think that a little bit about misnomer, because there is a lot of love this, in the haunted mansion, which came along two years after pirate, so that actually made me feel a lot closer to the attraction knowing how much a boat with the additive just make made something that I already loved even more the love and then
the other surprised with would be that can Anderson for me turned out to be the unsung heroes of the haunted mansion, because we all four years have heard about marked Avis. Claude coats exit, conceal, Applin gets them, but can I understand, did so much to determine the outcome of the final attraction would be with some of his treatments and sketches and concepts that back to nineteen fifty seven herself, so those were the two biggest things: the fact that there is a lot of Walt Disney Mohammed Mansion and that we all a lot of what we love about mansion too, can Anderson We sometimes that you could see some of those alternate treatments like as a fully realised ride, absolutely. I specifically, you know that the one version with the famous we had the headless horseman galloping through. graveyard through the window, you know up toward the house at the legend sleepy hollow from the entrance back about Mister toad is one of my all time. Favorite
Me things in any medium, so to see even a flop. that realise in a park, but absolutely within it. A dream come true and are also other things, even some of the spooky or stuff. Like you, I'm a power wind guy or some guy, worked on in or nights for five years, but that's definitely my world, so I would actually they love to see a theme park attraction regardless of the company that does it truly sat there safe and horrifying people here, that's kind of my dream, one. They are aware. I would do it or what the circumstances would be, but it create an old dark house- and I feel that is truly Para love it
they will go to the Dayton throughout Park and we will all have attained just in case you did not know his reference to shooting they have both on the general crews, the skippers on the boats that take the gets through the jungle. Greece attraction used to shoot at this animal trotting hippo that emerges from the water as part of the the story line of the the attraction with this prop gun. But there is a decision made at one point that the Kashmir would no longer carry those props an allegedly. I have read online that those prop guns have returned, but the hippo shooting still does not take place. So I haven't read ridden that one recently to verify button this time there, which will be next month. I will check. There are also some great invites they're about the process of getting a book off the ground. Even if Europe
working from within a company like Disney, there are still so many hopes to jump through and so many steps which they answer. The question: why are you and I just spontaneously write a book about our share yeah. I'm also really glad that Jason brought up just how much wall really was involved in the mansion, since it does sometimes get free does, though, he really didn't get very far in that project, but he really was very very involved Sid, you gonna, take a second a pause for a word from one of our sponsors before we go on. I would love to hey park as listeners. Have you ever wanted to share a love story with someone, but you may be wanted to do it in a really unique in interesting way, or you were struggling to get the exact rate words in place. Will you not always have to worry about that? You can put it into a book, and that is where love book comes in love books help customers expire. those sentiments that their working on to make their own unique thing and each book.
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only for our listeners once again, that is, love book online dot com, Flash Iheart to receive a special twenty percent discount only for our listeners. Next that we are going to talk about why this book is needed to different updates and pretty rapid succession and when Great things that comes up right away in this segment is the source for the inspiration of the exterior of the mansion and, if call from listening to our two partner on the Junta mentioned a couple years ago. I got detail wrong in our original podcast about what that inspiration was because I was using the first edition and now
going to know why that was wrong and needed a thing. So, let's jump right back in this argument. You release third edition of this book. There have been a lot of enhancements developments related to the hunt. A mention in the recent past has necessitated some updates. Can you talk a little bit about the updates that made those two subsequent additions have to happen since the first came out, you're absolutely right, and I think you can trace it to the fact that the Disney theme Park this does set of Disneyland are always in a state of becoming. You know. They're always changing there, always getting plus the outrages and imagining term so almost immediately upon putting the book out, there were things that were instantly outdated, yet I think it was literally within weeks of public
nation, but one of the imagine years in the Glen they allow stumbled upon this catalogue of this book of victorian architecture and ornamentation than din, and in that book one of the imaginary is founded of the mansion in Baltimore that can Anderson used as a reference and its spitting image of the Disney Lamb on advanced. I think it's called the Shipley light at your house. I don't have it in front of you, you know you got, I'm no anyway. Why didn't they tracked down the autonomic? You have got to be kidding me. I just put out a book. They talked about how it with employment, our greenhouse than you, know some of these other location and as it turned out that that wasn't untrue because can was influenced by a lot of the southern plantation houses, but it was clear that this was the house and then
was reminded as soon as I thought about it. My interview with Marty's flowery kind of looked at me slyly instead will you know, can copy that house innocently going. I seen pictures of him greenhouse them further some similarities and am there's some similarities to other mansions. I've seen that I wouldn't say he copy it and then, when I saw this picture of the ship we lie. Decker happened like boom. The eye fell on your things like that. You were things that at that I was regrettably not able to include in the in the first edition and dad. I also because of the quick turn around time felt like there was a period of development in the midst six peace around the timing and immediately after the affair that they ve got a little bit short shrift. So, in the first enhancement, or up David is edition in oh nine. I got to cover the ship. We like her house and then logically, when I was looking through, that same cattle
of victorian architecture. I found another illustration that was the spitting image of What is new world haunted mansion and we go so that within the new edition, because when you see that you're like there's, no way quite outspoken, influenced and then of course, we covered with big enhancements which or were floating the and that there be a black what oh bride in the attic and then that that was the In addition, which we build as the fortieth anniversary addition and then, of course, in the subsequent years, we have the halfback supposed. We have an entirely new. carnation apprehended mansion, mystic manner by and then, of course, the Walt Disney world. When Hamson and the new final scene with be interrupted, the checking that south the hunted mansion has gotten infusion new blood, no pun intended over the years, and that that's been the motivation for these multiple politicians and the fact that people just loved the attraction which is given the book lasting light beyond what what I think any of us
The expected, and one of the major updates that you just mentioned in the book is the new section on mystic manner, and this is a major departure from the haunted house plot line that the Junta mention embodies in other magic kingdoms. Can you talk about about how the culture geographically had inform the change to a more mystic adventure theme yeah, salute. I got a lot of wonderful insight into that from job, Cicero. Who was that no the portfolio leader for that? But the Asia parts at the time our Hong Kong Disneyland in particular, and Robert Coltrane, whose creative director adobe the eye and he's one of the unsung heroes of present data, be the iron and, I think, he's that are modern day answer to quite coats. I've been in meetings with him, where it he's just a genius at Lake You know that this guy can sit down and you'll. Take the ideas and stolen story that you ve been playing around with an attractive, and sometimes it seems within minutes
in a show box, in a way that it makes perfect sense and worked with difficulty. You know with what print you have to work with and both of those. He spoke of how initially the parts that are well go. I hung on Disneyland was ready for expansion. It needed additional attraction and one of the comments for management was I well. What do we do? The hundred mansion them when they got in what they realise that be chinese view of ghosts than the afterlife was very different from our western use of it, and it's even very, very different from the the Japanese you up, at which you they view at more in the realm of peoples and fairytales, which is why it's an amnesty lab in Tokyo. So they knew they couldn't that what they said swinging graveyard. Danbury just wasn't: gonna fly with the chinese audience and that's what's the more tore towards this idea of mystical objects that
and bring the house tore life around idea. You mystical objects that kind of bring the house to life forces, but it's definitely something that's more accessible to the chinese audience and that's what motivated? Definitely and that attraction has a really cool trackless system, verses like the doom buggies that those of us who grew up in the? U S, going to the? U S, parks are used. You can you talk about that just a little bit, yeah, absolutely that you have the track was this. Them is something that I know what the industry a little bit, because if a new way to tell a story- and it seemed like a perfect match- with an ethic manner story with that the title character. Mister. You know he came up with this invention, this contraption, that you could tour his house than his collection with em, The other thing to bear in mind- and this is something Robert and and and company- took full advantage jobs with the rights system was you you wanna use it or what is capable of which is you
from the linear path of an army mover in you can kind of split gas up so that you can have as many failures or be able in one show space having a different experience which again make the attraction repeatable. It's a variable. Variants, because you know you never know quite sure where your particular vehicles gonna go. I and it's perfect for something like the mystic mannered story, buying where your things get out of control pretty quickly and it just supports the storytelling so like anything in film television and what we do and seen part design. You wanna use the tool to tell the story and not just use it for its own sake and that I think they re capture that perfectly with mystic manner they use the track was this than the way it sent to be used and another big enhancement. That's happened and fairly
eight years, which you also reference. So let us earlier is that amazing interactive queue at the while Disneyworld Honan Mansion, which has new mausoleum than theirs new statuary and really fun ways forgets to engage with the HANS. like the dread family, which I never noticed until I read this new edition of your book- about the murder lose that are on those that now, I'm gonna have to pluck that apart as a whole, as you mentioned in the book, help delicately and carefully those kinds of updates have to be handled. So what is the problem? for ensuring that those new elements are integrated in a way that feels natural and still on theme with the existing attraction will arguing that goes back to something John Henry say on one of those at the thought of Disney family album when he was, he was gesturing to Disney land around him, and he said whenever we introduce something new to this system. We have to make
sure that and I'm paraphrasing a little bit, but that it complements it and adds to it and doesn't detract from it, and I think that holds true, and especially when you're talking about something like one of the crown jewels like honoured mansion pirates of the Caribbean, you have to be really careful about how you integrate new elements and the creative director for the new extend its cue kit, Carson is that I think is one of the most talented guys working in the business today and like the imaginary, the old he's, a true renaissance guy I mean he can sketch, he can paint, he can sculpt you that you have an apprentice to blame, gives them ass, though you have an incredible Linnea cheer. You know with with tee at the helm, and it was he was the one that told me something that I thought was very interesting. He said you have to paraphrasing, but you have a brisk respectful of the heritage. Obviously, but you can't be slavish
but very strongly that it was the obligation of today's imagined years to create new content, new care, first tell news stories. I illuminates and all members of that, nine hundred and ninety nine happy haunt family and that's really where that came from and dump the phantom am just its general gasped. The like really embraced bad. in India, in the they really open my eyes, because it's a really important point- you, you don't wanna, just recycle elements that people already know or peace. Those lavish too at the church is paying a mild and not having new ground, and he felt that was really important in any felt. It was important that the next generation of designers that comes through you know that that they should
he'll emboldened or are you know, obligated almost to do is create new characters, enter an and set the tone for the next generation of bans that are common group and speaking of some of these new character, so we met so we have the dread family, which is not their official name, but you do you call them out as that in the book. I did not know that the names that are associated with the hitchhiking ghosts are not their root, like those artificially recognised. Yeah it's interesting, I am, and this is where the truth may actually be kind of lost to the mists of time. But when I did the research for the first, but that was when I discovered that they they have no official names in the script and feel that that accidents, the road I and I was always under the impression that we-
always heard what that guy, as requested Phineas, were names that were actually generated by tat members over the years, we're not even exactly sure when or who and then, if what wound up happening was they became accepted. Overtime are the same thing with with Master Gracie. No, that was just a reference to Yale Tracy that that acts put in city the family bought. You know you're going into the attraction that it became, in accepting part of the war that when they made the haunted me mansion film there like I well, the master of the House have to be named Gracie that, and that is what people know and expect fighting that's what happened with with everything he has been causing. Now were to the point where it is an important item
other areas within the company or whether they know it or not, help help help legitimate that by actually having those names, show up on an pieces of merchandise and other things like that. Then there so beloved I'd love those guys, others that to this day there might my favorite, in any attraction of. I really love that any Leibovitz photo that they did with them, but I would have switched the casting on financing gas. I think that I agree that we have something like what you have done, but you just kind of which the couple the morale it it seemed. Like a weird I mean it looks fantastic, the gorgeous picture, of course, but I was like I wouldn't know how to play that lead,
I'm not a famous super awarded to target for either Tracy. Can I tell you, I feel so good indicated that he agrees with me up any leaving portrait of David shaking goes up like the emphases aired about how they couldn't just drop the hunted mansion and the Hong Kong Disneyland, and how the local culture really web shaping the new version of the attraction and it's not really surprising. I don't think to anybody that knows much about Disney and how they operate, but it is really fascinating to hear about the. Extreme care that imagining takes when their integrating new elements into beloved attractions. That's gotta, be a fine line to walk, because I know, like the community, gets very, very twitchy the Disney community about when their favorite things change. So before we get to the conclusion of this episode. Let's take another moment for a word from sponsor
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consider the more of the fact those over the years to finally see him go. Take its rightful place in the attraction was just tat was just a treat, and I hope that spreads, I hope with them elsewhere, but for now at least it is great to see them but those that finally come on. I think it so gorgeously executed. It looks amazing, absolutely, and I think that the customer you know these later generations of imaginary, having at your reverence for the design. Work of of Mark Davis bought coats, acceptance, Theo, yell, Gracie well from Harriet Burns. The list goes on and on, and especially considering that that is an elm. That was generated by the first generation of imaginary you, you can definitely see the absolute and to get it right, Ma Am, listening to our show, no, that I really love the Junta mansion and really love TAT box. So I probably get a photo that someone took on their vacation at
the other day where they look look, I saw how much I love. It delights me that no end and saw them get really amazing pictured because I've never pulled it off. I mean I've gotten the rights right in front of him at one point, and I still can't get a good shot but again. I know any Leibovitz well in camera, there's so much more sophisticated today, not yet again, not just down all but a growing up going to Walt Disney World in the seventies. You still almost have that inclination you're not supposed to be doing that, but the camera away yeah. We won't get into the person I almost yelled out for sitting or their with their smartphone eliminated through the high demands than last time. I was there a sector you're here and you're, not even looking up what are you doing? Angry bird, wait for seven minutes. I am. What are you on the whole dimension holiday overlay, because some people love it and some people do not want the essential. I remember seeing at the first year if it was him which I believe was two thousand one
I was out there again on a business trip and in and made the track down Disneyland braving the hive rush hour, but it was short driven. I had to see it and I we're being incredibly pleasantly surprised that the overlay with their assets. Be that as it was, I thought I was probably gonna- be a couple of black somewhere in the picture jack going on in there, you go I, but I was no way by how immersed of an extensive transportation it was then I think when they saw what they had yogi they just the let loose them. adding elements over the years like Oki Buggy and some of the other elements that they added in subsequent years and. I think you know. Sometimes. I worry that if, if you're only going to get one trip to Disneyland
I understand that your one shot a things behind it managed to come during that time of year. You're not gonna, get the traditional experience, but knowing how that local market operates and how Disneyland has to constantly keep things crash upper the for the locals. You is, it makes perfect sense, but I My personal opinion is that the the traditional version and intervention holiday comfortably coexist you have for the year. Yet, love for the first time I find out. I remember what year was it's probably been nine or ten years ago, so it had been going on for too many years, but when the doom buggy makes that comes out of the attic window, it makes it turn, and you see those beautiful giants- angels with the pumpkinhead. I was moved to tears by that it was so gorgeous wounded. Logical and when you think about it, unless there's something up, but I am not aware of its really your only chance to feel like Your immersed in the world of TIM,
yeah, that's really the magic of the graveyard scene. I had it I had not only the reaction you describe open to get down to the bottom and be a full size, animated jack, spelling, then there was zero. I mean that took my breath away is really good. I got a character that I loved and nineteen three and now he's alive, so to speak out really am. I will say this is such a link, nerdy thing, but I'll I'll. That's the one part of it that I probably prefer to the standard, because that skinny dogma so sad, every time every attack, like literally my husband knows too, like shield me if I've forgotten to turn my head, is it don't look at the serving? I don't look at the starving down like I know, you're but give your friends them grounds. So I Why would they do the parade when they do the hollowing parades? They actually have a beautiful, very wealthy
What happened in that roles? She looks: fabulous, fine, he's, not malnourished rights, we're gonna get the aid. What is your favorite part of the Junta mansion? You know that is such a difficult question to answer and yet without, though, even as I said that an answer came to mind. It's it's two things really. If I had to pick one, it would have to be the ballroom thing, because to this day after your proposed last year, is unmatched in terms of that spectacle. When you glide out onto that balcony, and just take in that entire theme is almost overwhelming and back the turn of the twentieth century stage. Magic is responsible for it still blows my mind, but the combination of that those moving figures now the canary
the scene and that the haunting arrangement of grim grinning goes with the organist. If to this, hey, I never go. This is after decades in decades. Never get tired of that moment. When you come to stay on circle and and the ballroom seen just kind of unfold before you idiot. It takes your breath away really and then a close second is passing into that exit and seeing those amazing three hitchhikers just sitting there Finally, you know even there in the area. I am again it's because of the design of those three characterising the characters that that marked EVA sketch the characters the plane then stop that I never get tired of that either. It's so beautiful you on the ballroom scene. I never feel like I get to look at everything like. I feel like I'm a little bit manic, trying to glance around and see all my favorites and am also guide
it on again, that's fine well, but the magic of that attraction and that there is actually the secret of any great theme park designed as the third. An abundance of detail that make any great theme park. Experience repeatable, you wanna come back because you know their thing of hundreds of things that you couldn't possibly have cap that part and on one visitor to visit your favorite in a period for the Caribbean is the same way a lot of the Disney plastics. Are that way you do you wanna go back because the imaginary have taken such great care in telling that story and crafting that experience. As I am sure you know, there are people in the world that are hard core honey mansion things like they lived for the mansion, I'm I'm would Categories Missile borderline and at arena. But I wonder if it s like a piece of trivia or knowledge that you like to just allow and wow even hard core fans with.
I'm going to be one hundred percent, honest with you. That is hard, if not impossible, especially in the age of the internet, I mean they're such wonderful life and websites dedicated the mansion and, if I'm being honest, you know any time I go to those websites. I learn something new. I n. You know I've have conversations with bands the agenda and I've given presentations, talk your also the thing and that most of them I have to open by Spain. I'm glad you came guys, but I'm probably not going to tell you anything. You don't already know, because that simply the aid that we live in and I think that's a wonderful thing. You ve got yoga because I mention the tight deadline that I have put the book and- and I knew when I first Edition was published- as I alluded to that I didn't tell the whole story:
and I would still be hard pressed to say that my book is the definitive story. It's not. I dont know that you could tell it unless the hundred mansion and God bless the person that does it, but in less than a man, should get the seven hundred page NEO Gable treatment if you're never gonna have a definitive sorry. But I'm part of me love tat. I loved the fact it responds we all get to be continually surprised over the years with new little nuggets that come up for years, something that really crumbs suddenly remembered and tells a story that he didn't tell before so I really that there is no answer to that question. I guess I don't think I can stop people, it might have been easier in the earlier days, but definitely not now. This is a weird question and you may just go nope did you get to see phantom manner, which is the one that installed in France in case any listeners didn't know with the Vincent price. Narration,
Now- and that is one of the the heartbreaking things, especially you know growing up, but as I did with dense and price in the end being in my late teams are early twentieth when the park with India women in them under construction and then open the notion that we actually they actually got in some price to be the goal. How it was mine blowing, but I understand why they have to swap it out, but that that's one of those things where you know. There's that there's a lucky segments of the audience of the phantom they ve got to experience that a similar to that the people began to grow up with the Disney land at the fifty sixth easier people like us to adapt to grow up with what is new world in the seventies and early eighties without caught their they're just certain kind of golden age curious than ago. I think you asking that course Mate made me realize a new that every a seems to get there own others
member of the audience they get to say yet I got experience that I got. The hurt at sea have fox on his first day back which I actually did quite by accident. It happened during the Tankerville half measures, on weekend, which I was already. Therefore, and so when I realise those two were gonna happen at the same time, I was perfectly delighted. It was very, very nice because you know TAT Box was in the attraction for a minute. in the grand scheme of things and yet so People know about him and the lines for how to which usually tend to hover anywhere between twenty to forty five, depending on how busy the park it is so We were hours long, but it was. Exciting pollutant talk to other people in line, I didn't even mind because there are like were so excited, perhaps as it, how can always be, know about this one thing his bare lingering the ride. I think it is the haunted mansion. His has become legend. I think what you just said
right on the head. Your one new element in the hunted mansion takes an attraction. That's forty, five plus years old and instantly gives it a line. That is a couple hours long to me that the secret and that's the best kind of the legacy of a hundred mansion. It's always gonna elegant. It's always going to be an evergreen story is always going to be there. I love it and now. My final question is: is high, mention your favorite attraction or do you have another. There is another trade, allowing for pulling out a star wars line there by the would write a white mist metaphor, but I stand by it will hunt it. If I had to pick wanted mansion with definitely have the edge. It is mostly followed, if not equalled by pirates, for the Caribbean. To me, those are the pirates. A mansion represent that that's the twin engine that his power, the entire Disney theme Park, experience for me to this day,
hasty but don't know you also did a book about pirates of the Caribbean. Yes, I did. I did a book on pirates, I'm still trying to lobby them for a new edition of a bad to do the same thing that we did with mansion, and then I did a book on the Disney mountains, but I'm also trying to talk to them about updating with somebody out and that have been added near them. The mark placed for books specifically nonfiction, title like that, is a lot tighter than it was in the years that we first get them, but I'm still out there trying to trying to make it happen. I'm off and lobby them for I e book I'm still out there trying to trying to make it happen a most and lobby them for. I e book additions all about those titles, though, that that people, especially if they didn't managed to snap pirates over the mountains and have access to this wonderful artwork, you're that we try to talk about weapon.
Nearing Disney Classic, and it is in its third edition. Anna got a brand new cover this time around the globe in the dark, because I'm oddly excited by these thing, but it's so fantastic, I just I'm so in love with this book. No thank you. That was the reason that the reason we know this book came about because it didn't exist, then the ion and, as you can imagine, countless others want to read it wanted to see these. Budget than here. These stories gets Samuel, Jason, Sir I'll. Thank you so much for spending time with us. I feel like we can hit the lottery jackpot on this one. Why appreciate that? I appreciate the kind words if my pleasure does any time I can. I help tell the hunter haunted mansion story in and get it out there. And then you know I'm a fan too. That's why I put the book exist, so it's just as
a pleasure for me to talk about it as if it has any other. So during saying, I think, that's my in view of all time, definitely had it on your wish list to interview Antonia to be the show. I remember when you and I were interviewed about about wish lists for the show that was your top yeah Ella. In particular, he someone who is He is a writer incomes at it. From that point of view, he is someone I really admired, and I I love that he has has been a proponent of hey. You don't have to be an artist. to be a visual artists. You can contribute and be part of something like this through different avenues. Generally, and we ve had some really great guess. Along but getting bogged down about my beloved Honnami engine with one of the people who knows it so very, very well, is just a little slice of Heaven. And I promise you I had no idea with, started this interview.
Two is a price fanned. When I asked about that short lived, narration Davidson praise did for the Disneyland, Harris iteration of the attraction fell. we're time. That book is the haunted mansion, imagined, hearing Disney Classic highly recommended to everyone cause. It is delightful. I love it. I also have some listening. I do this particular piece is from our listener. Heather and she sent us a lovely card which I will talk about in a moment and secure pictures, and she also included a letter and says I wanted to start by telling you that I absolutely love your pie, calves. I started listening when I was on maternity leave last September, when my was born and I have been listening ever since she talk a little bit about you know things she likes, I'm always a little uncomfortable reading proceedings. Since I also wanted to thank you for helping me get back in shape, I tell them a runner like Holly and I believe- did you run or have run to correct Tracy. That is correct. I answer for tracing.
after having my son. It took me a long time to get my feet back on the pavement that, with your pon CAS, I feel like I can step outside of MA mood for a little while and get my runnin while learning something new and sometimes even run my son in tow and have the pond cast in the stroller. So he can hear it he's only a year. All I feel, like he's learned so much more than kids, ten times as age strange to say the wizard, the history and that music while running, but it really helps my long runs, go by so much better. I just got with a ten mile run today, while learning about the black hole of Calcutta in Emily murder that pretty Represented was especially appreciate it because I too am a female mathematician. I'm a math, professor at a private university, and I love hearing about my people, You know that we in America Abbreviate mathematics differently than other English speaking countries. I have as for my colleagues, are different conferences. Over the years we say math, whereas most people from other English speaking countries say Maths, plural, since is short for mathematics. It does make sense.
The abbreviation would be plural as well. I always tell my students tat, so they correctly refer to it as Maths, not math, sorry for going on so much, but I just to let you know how much I appreciate what you do. Please keep up the good work, more podcast Mathematicians would be great, and then she gives us some good just which I will read in case. They end up we got it and she also sent us a m. I keep it of her and her little boy as they about one that her husband, photoshopped of her son, as per a nineteen twenty skyscraper construction site, which is pretty witty and these centres us a really really lovely card, which is representation of the golden by role, so fibonacci sequence, people this card would make you happy it's absolutely gorgeous. Thank you so much Heather. I love that we get here from women mathematicians after we talk about women. Mathematicians answers the time that we kind of touch on something that is vital to someone's day
they lay for their livelihood and they're, not like hey, you jerk, you got it all wrong. Makes me happy, like her, I do as you absolutely can, that is history podcast ass to how some dot com you can also connected as facebook dot com, Slash missed in history, on Twitter ATLAS in history, Pinterest outcomes, lash, missed in history and missed in history that Tumblr com Instagram. We are analysed in history if you like to go to our parents, Saint House of Works, and you can take the words how dimension in the search bar you will get ten classic amusement park rides and the Junta mention is one of those. If you to visit us on the web are website is missed in history. Dotcom. We would love to see you visits. Do you will find showed out for all of the absurd since Tracy and I have been on the Pike ass, you will find archive of every episode of all time, going back to the beginning of the show, an acute some other little goodies. Once again, you can visit us at our parents. I'm house have worked icon and of our personal site
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