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Bayard Rustin and the Civil Rights Movement (Part 2)

2016-06-22 | 🔗

Because of his previous ties to the Communist Party, his race, and his sexual orientation, the McCarthy era was extremely dangerous for Rustin. This was one of many reasons why his activism focused on other countries in the 1950s.

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Adore rose and executive produce it and I think, you're really going to enjoy the way that she gets into these conversations. That feel, like two friends talking and they are an absolute delight, so subscribed to the women on the Iheart Radio, app on Apple podcast or wherever you get your PA. Ass. Welcome to you must in history from our support and welcome to the task with how we are going to return to the story of fired rest. The man who spent twenty eight months during and after World WAR Ii was one of the many conscientious objectors and federal prison there is a release. He was part of the journey, a reconciliation, and that was a project to test a Supreme court ruling but found the segregation of interstate buses and unconstitutional. He also spent four months after
were in India, studying gandhian non violence and speaking on non violence. The world changed during these years has happened after World war, one black service members returned home and we're dismayed to find that, in spite of having served their country in a time of war, they were still facing discrimination at home. This galvanised the civil rights movement. Nuclear weapons had changed. The tone of the peace movement and communism was increasingly seen as a very serious threat. All strange, had a huge, profound effect on buyer addressed in life and work, which is what we're gonna be talking. in today's episode, and if you have not heard per wine parts of this. What are going to make a lot more sense, with with that context, I tried to make it. So that would also stand alone. But, like there's only so much we can. We explain without making this episode twice as long and, as was the case in part, one.
There is a lot more talk by necessity of fired rest in sex life. That might be typical of our show, because previous ties to the Communist Party, his race and his sexual orientation, the Mccarthy, I was extremely dangerous for by our addressed in this was one of them reasons why he started to look beyond the United States in terms of his activism in the nineteen fifties in nineteen fifty two, he toured north and West Africa spending his time in Ghana than known as the gold coast in Nigeria. during his time in Africa, he met with activists who are resisting the british colonial government. There. He book did his time in Africa with stops in London, where he met with pacifists and civil rights activist about how to encourage nonviolence independence movements among Britain's african colonies. He had originally planted
similar work in France Colonies, bread. He had been previously part of protests, the french embassy in Washington DC and consequently, the french government wooden frighten him of a visa. To do this, work works. What's he got back to the? U S he set out on his speaking to her, and he started trying to work out funding to go back to Africa and make a more who made an effort to encouraging nonviolent independence movements, but as had happened, while he was trying to integrate a federal prison while serving time there is a conscientious objector. His efforts were derailed following a sexual encounter in January of nineteen fifty three he and too Their men were caught in the back seat of a car in Pasadena, California. All three were arrested on charges of. Vagrancy and ultimately sentenced to sixty days in prison.
This was really the last straw and fired restaurants, working relationship with pacifist age, musty and his organization. The fellowship of reconciliation musty, had been. surely sorely disappointed by buyer addressed in sexual misconduct charge, while imprison afterwards virus had assured him. His sexual orientation would not be an obstacle to his ongoing work that made this hall answer in Pasadena from every muscle when a view, a huge betrayal, on top of the fact that, once again, violet sex life had derailed his work. Fired resign from the fellowship of reconciliation as a result, this was a hugely pivotal event in restaurants, life. He had been in prison, multiple times, four, but this was the first time that it was because of something unrelated to civil disobedience or being a conscientious objector,
since the sexual misconduct investigation had happened while he was in federal prison knowledge of what had happened head mostly confined the conscientious objector community, but now he was convicted. Sex offender and homosexual behaviour carried an enormous stigma. The fellowship conciliation, also publicized his resignation among its members. So it became common knowledge in the pacifist community and from there The other social movements that fired Rustin had been part of prevailing wisdom at the time was that this being They fired from the fellowship of reconciling wasn't because Rustin was gay. It was because he was flagrant and promiscuous about it. Aids must be maintained that somebody caught in a heterosexual encounter in a public place and then sent to jail over it would have faced the same consequences.
Austin went from being a sought after voice in the Anti war and civil rights movements and someone who really have the potential to become an international leader in nonviolent resistance. the being someone who could really only work behind the scenes when he was from prison. He was depressed me felt desperately alone, since many of his friends seem to have abandoned him, he came conclusion that he was arrogance that it had been selfish. to follow his libido when he had other important work to do when he got back to New York, he entered therapy to try to get back on its feet and try to figure out how to exist as a gay man without sabotaging his work again out of work and with little left to live on and with a sex offence? Conviction as an obstacle to finding employment, he spent several months trying to figure out what to do with the fall of nine fifty three before he found another opportunity, which was the war resistors league like the fellowship
conciliation, the war resistors league with an Anti war organization, but unlike the fellowship of reconciliation, which most of its members were clergy members of the war Resistors League were secular, rested already actually involved with this organization. He served on its board, which he had actually offered to resign from after his arrest in Pasadena, the board had had declined offer to resign. The resistors League was at that point struggling and the hope was Hiring Rustin as its programme director would help them build connections with other pacifists The decision to bring him on was far from unanimous, an aging Three who was on the war resistors lead Word resign after was made in protest, although he returned, after his retirement from the fellowship of reconciliation and the two
eventually made at least some amends Rustin would work with the organization for more than a decade. This returned to the world of act. of activism was really difficult for rest in he was still really to reconcile how to live his life as a gay man with how to follow his wife's work as an activist felt like a lot of the activists community, with just waiting for him to mess up again. And even though he had always been willing to go to prison for his beliefs and every time he undertook an active civil disobedience. He was prepared to be arrested now that he had a sex offence. Conviction on his record being arrested again came with a much higher steak, He started to worry about his sexual orientation in a way that he hadn't before and general. He became a lot more discreet than he advised other day activists to do the same in the mid nineteenth if these rest and was the American Friends Service Committee study that wrote speak truth to power, which was a document.
urging the United States to take nonviolence, sponsors to international conflicts at his own request, because of his night If these three arrest rust and asked that his name be left off of it at about, time that civil rights movement in the United States took another turn we'll talk about what happened and how it led to rest of being involved in it. After a responsibly, Here's the thing saving money with Geico was almost better than playing pick up basketball, because there's always that who joined your game he never passes the rock he constantly Rex theories and who completely you and then put his hands up and say no foul, no foul with Geico. It's easy. switch and save on car insurance. No the vacant fake, an ankle sprain because you're absolutely exhausted. So which in save with back it's almost better than sports-
actually the life fire, it rested, and nineteen fifty four, the United States Supreme Court issued a thrilling and brown versus the Board of Education, the ruling that public schools segregation was unconstitutional. We whole series on this ruling in the archive, which goes into a lot of detail about the civil rights movement and how it led to this ruling and what happened afterwards that we're not gonna worry hash. Those details here, basically, though, the unconstitutional. Although rest, had been involved and equal rights for black Americans. For much of his life, he hadn't had a lot of. direct involvement in the movement between his advocacy for integrating the? U S military in the late nineteenth forties. And the decision in Brown versus board, but this affair, court decision and the backlash that its bond were immediately compelling to him and I
in fifty five. He started working with an organization called in friendship to provides support directly to black civil rights activists who were being targeted by white supremacist in the south, while w C p took on various legal aspects of combating what was going on in the south in friendship offered direct assistance, including food, clothing and funds to people who were being affected by racism, member first of nineteen. Fifty five Rosa parts was arrested for refusing to give up her seat on a segregated bus in Montana Alabama. This act of civil disobedience, which we have talked about at length on the package before touched off the Montgomery Bus boycott, that is the subject of two epoch. in our archive soon Montgomery Area, civil rights leaders, houses were being bombed, and that includes the House of Martin Luther King Jr in friendship, wanted to send somebody to
help and their most logical place. In spite of his now chequered past was fired rest in specific, They thought it would be best to send somebody who already have lots of experience in nonviolent resistance and in organizing non violent movements for freedom is exactly what rested had spent so much time doing in the forties, including studies and travels with followers of MILAN. Scobie in India, since he was black. It also meant that he was less likely to be seen as an outsider once he got there. Labour leader, a fillip Randolph connected rest into the leaders of the bus, boycott ones Montgomery, rested, route speeches and protest songs, and he also did a lot of practice. work, arranging car pools and other transportation for black passengers who were protest segregation by refusing to ride on segregated buses, and he advised everyone who indicted in connection with the bus boycott to dress in there
they best and go to the court house rather than waiting for their court date to arrive. His original plan had been to formally train the boy The best boycotts leaders on gandhian nonviolent resistance, but when he got what's he got there, it became a lot more practical and effective to become part of the planning itself and to offer insight and strategies as situation. arose. He also started to advise Martin Luther king on Erection of his civil rights work. He strand. Whilst we advocated a form of pacifism informed by both his Quaker Beliefs and Gandhi, is nonviolent risen Hence as wine you poor, but kept being cited. The first time he went over to the king home. There were the guards outside and numerous weapons in the house and borrowed Russen was basically like. Do you are leading a pacifist movement? You could not have all these guns here think that's not how it works.
But it was just that, though, like what we have to talk about more than that that is the Keystone example that a lot of people start with on violence approach. The became such a fundamental part of kings leadership was largely wind and directed by residents influence king had plenty of theory but not a strong, practical sense of how to translate the idea of non violence to a working social movement resting with king, was ongoing until kings assassination in nineteen sixty eight other from time to time, in sexual orientation and his past conviction led him to make himself scarce through the late nineteenth fifties resting continued to work both within and outside of the United States. He helped king organise the southern christian leadership Conference and nineteen fifty six and ninety
if these seven and in the late nineteenth fifties, he also want once again to Northern Africa this time to protest french nuclear arms testing there. He also had lots of other work within the Anti nuclear movement as well in nineteen seven. He was invited to attend the National Congress of the Communist Party of the United States of America. He had not how many times to communism since the nineteen fortys and he invited as an outside observer. He attended and this was apparently when he caught more serious attention of the FBI. The F B, I mean in surveillance of by our breast and for much of the nineteen sixties, including wiretaps of his phone conversations with Martin Luther King Jr can read a lot of this online at the FBI, thanks to the freedom of information In nineteen sixty restaurants, arrest in Pasadena really came back the hot him he and care
were planning a protest outside the Democratic National Convention, because no democratic candidate had expressed a clear support of the civil Rights Movement Democratic right. The native Adam Clayton Powell Junior was angry about this planned protest and trying to put an end to it. So he blackmailed Martin Luther king with the threat that he would tell the press about Rustin arrest and also play a false report that king unrest and were lovers. Terror, I'd at. What's it a scandal would do to the movement into his own reputation, king cancelled the protests and he convinced rest in to resign from the southern christian leadership conference at the time rested with devastated But in nineteen eighty seven he expressed a belief that his sexual orientation had not been a problem for king until it became a problem for the movement because of these outside sources that are jerks for the next couple of years.
What lessons work was focused on nuclear disarmament and freedom movements in Africa and travel abroad. for a while. After this whole info The civil rights movement largely went on without him, but this was not the end of his work with king and we will talk about it. John Washington after another responsive great Clearly, we have some exciting news. Yeah I am while we excited
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boil down to the roman foreign strip of stuffy, missed in history glass or come over to our social media. We have posts about it. There too. It is probably I to say that a lot of folks in the United States think of the civil rights movement in terms of things like segregation in schools and on buses, discrimination in employment and housing and that sort of thing There is a whole additional layer to that, and that was a focus on economic issues. The nineteen sixty three March on Washington shortened to just the March on Washington, but it was really large on Washington for jobs and Freedom and Finally, the focus was largely on jobs. The idea for Marge started with Labour leader, a fella brand off in nineteen. Sixty two, we talk a little bit about him and our upon cast on the brotherhood of sleeping car porters ran off recruited rest in to help him plant amount.
That would draw attention to the economic issues that were running in parallel with these segregation in the south at first Their civil rights organizations were really slow to join. This march, though, and the war Resistors League had also declines to temporarily release wrested from his duties to work on it. But in nineteen sixty three committee our bowl corner of Birmingham, Alabama turned fire hoses and police dogs on teenage protesters. The coup quacks clan the and bombing activists, homes and the hotels where out of town activists were staying in Birmingham with this, the march for find its focus to jobs and freedom, and I got a lot bigger. Martin Luther king became involved, the student nonviolent coordinating Committee, the Congress of racial equality, the southern christian leadership Conference, the National urbanely
the national associations, the advancement of colored people and the brotherhood of sleeping car porters would become the big six organizations who all came together for the March once again, rest in sexual orientation. His past arrest put a dead in his ability to take the helm, even though he was the one one of doing a whole lot of the planning Roy. What of the endeavour, Lacy peas cited the risk involved with pudding Rustin into such a position at such a high profile event. Afraid, having him in such a public facing role would jeopardize the march and its respectability In the end, a fillip Randolph became the director and Rustin was his deputy. The bulk of their planning took just eight weeks of can Can you all negotiations among all of these organizations and the people involved, many of which just did not see eye to eye my twin into those eight weeks before the March on Washington, apart from the speaker
the musicians and all of those logistics where the simpler logistics of handling M expect. A quarter of a million people, I say simpler, that's not really corrects it's just a different logistics Apart from the speakers, the musicians and olive bad there was the simple logistics of handling and expected quarter of a million people. Instructions for protesters were exact, including that each person should plan to bring non perishable food for both lunch dinner in the march itself had a lot of moving parts, including portable toilets shuttle, buzzes first aid stations just on and on the thing she would need for a massive group of people. As the March got bigger and bigger, it also got less radical rest than the original plan had been written, a wide, ranging active demonstration with lots of citizens and direct lobbying, but as it got bigger its focus heads
the broader and less militate in order for it to still work and for all of these people to still want to be involved with it the whole time they were planning The collection of organizers and civil rights organisations expected some kind of resistance from segregationist, and others who wanted the march to fail. The biggest piece of that region. And came just three weeks before the March was to take place when Senator Strong Thurman. South Carolina read from the FBI file on. Then, on the Senate floor, including calling him a sexual deviant and effectively outing him to the entire nation. This time, though, the movement that had more than once put pushed him out because of his sexual orientation and his behaviour had his back a fillip Randolph publicly defended rest and denounced Pheromones invasion of his privacy, which he pointed out pretty pretty clearly was only being made in order to persecute him,
in the end. Of course, the march itself was huge between two hundred thousand and three hundred thousand people As the last of the formal remarks king gave his famous, I have a dream speech and after he concluded a fillip Randolph led the gather crowd in a pledge to continue to fight for civil rights after they got here The leaders of the March then met with President John F Kennedy rested was not one. Those who did, but he and a fillip Randolph or on the cover of life magazine that September sixth floor. Rustin really tried to get social movement organizations to build on the success of the march to expand their focus. Doing other disenfranchised populations, and to try to work towards a solid plan of progress rather than going from one individual dramatic protest to another. The also return to his work with the, sisters, league of the peace movement, travelling and speaking on behalf of civil rights in nineteen sixty five April
Randolph resigned from the war resistors League, and he announced that he and by our dressed in, were launching the a fillip Randolph Institute. The institute's goal was to expand the impact of and strengthen the civil rights movement by building connections between labour, and civil rights organizations the same year rest and published from protests politics, the future of the civil rights movement, which was a call to transition the civil rights movement from a series of protests against equality to a political movement. He saw the need for civil rights activist than anyone else, target of discrimination and inequality to band together to form a political majority, One way is this: this document was more optimistic than his real thoughts on the subject in part because he was writing it for a broad audience. He was hoping to get on board with this plan. however, in the years after the March on Washington rest and found himself
Receiving end of a fair amount of criticism for the very movement he had been so instrumental in shaping a lot of this boil down to his being seen as more moderate in a movement that was becoming more radical and for calling for building a political coalition in a tree revolution, an influx of young activists saw him as a trader for trying to work. compromises with legislators even He had gone to prison for his opposition to world war. Two people did not think he took a definitive enough stance against the Vietnam WAR in because he was trying to work within the system which involve maintaining productive relationships with a lot of people who were in favour of the war by late nineteen, sick, eve in part because he had not been demonstrative. Its people wanted against the Vietnam WAR rested, had few ties left the peace movement
He was also at odds with the black power movement. There were definitely prominent black power leaders who did not agree with his philosophies at all all to work together to build political power rather than focusing on individual issues, and individual protests were increasingly unheeded in the fall of nineteen. Seventy one, having put himself under enormous pressure to write. movements that he saw is floundering, Byron, and had a massive heart attack with an increasing number of agreeing voices on how to change things in the United States, rest and wound of focusing his efforts on foreign affairs and travel abroad after he recovered from his heart attack working with an organization called Freedom House, and that was a bipartisan organization aim to spread democracy internationally. He also advocated on behalf of
Fiji's from numerous nations and allay seventies and early eighties. The gay rights movement in the United States is moving more into the public sphere and fired rest, and it is well part of this was because. Walter Nagel in April of nineteen. Seventy seven just after he turned sixty five Nagel was when he sat down, and it was love at first sight, it was me, was first long term relationship and rest and most serious and steadfast of his life with mingled encouragement rest in renewed ties with some of his old pacifist connections. He returned and to an old love of scouring auctions to buy and return, restore, antique furniture as well, and he joined the Gay rights movement speaking advocating against ray ism within the gay community. I'll, be in New York, mayor, Ed COD for a gay and lesbian rights bill in spite of having lived his life.
as a gay man, he declined in nineteen. Eighty six invitation to contribute to an anthology of gay men's writing say that it would be dishonest to present himself as being at the forefront of that struggle. It was not, in fact, being That have caused him to be an activist because gay marriage wasn't yet legal and New York's ray. Control. Laws meant that restaurants death could render Nagel homeless without some kind of family connection to rest in they created that and the only way that was available available to them at the time resting legally adopted, Nagel in nineteen eighty to buy rested and continued to be politically active for the rest of his life, including working as an election observer and visiting refugee camps on a trip to Haiti Nineteen, eighty seven, he Megan both got sick. A doctor diagnosed both within intestinal parasite and reality by arresting had appendicitis
on Friday August. Twenty first of that year it was determined that his appendix had raptured and he had parent night is. He died three days, at the age of seventy. Five Twenty ten, the American Friends Service Committee Board, restored restaurants, name to the authors of speak truth to power. He was posthumously awarded the presidential metal metal of freedom by President Barack Obama and twenty thirteen that inspired rest in a lot of people speculate about how his life would have been different if he had been born a little later There are, in the whole, wake of that Pasadena Sex crime charge him. Then some soul searching that was like
yeah, even though I've never really hidden UAE. Who, I am the fact that society causes me to to keep this secret is definitely a factor. I like how I have conducted myself near. anyway, even though that was like almost a thousand words on fired rest in spread out over to episodes. There are so many things that he did, that we did not touch on at all that's always the case any time we do a fascinating person's life, though you just. U care include every single thing. you'd have never stocks like any part of it, and all of these things that he will do if you were doing were, were important, like ok well in this big gap of time between the between the Montgomery Busboy, and the marks on Washington. He was doing all of this anti war protests thing like
this travel abroad and how this encouraging african nations nine, violently rise up against against colonial governments like resist ongoing constantly until I'm in here he was less active in the rest of his life, but he still like was was touring and speaking in being an election observer, all that, even until the very end do you have a little bit of listener mayo for us to wrap up with you. This is from Diana famous as dear Holly and Tracy. I just finished upon cast on the eruption of elder, fell on Himmy piece of history, actually heard a lot about before, but I always enjoy hearing the story. Retold, I'm sorry, colleges and in twenty turn, I went to Iceland for geology class trip among There are things we visited Amy and High up Albertville. What was so
using to me was the elbow still very hot rocks are incurred, really good insulators and in twenty turn, if you'd Doug down just an inch or two, you could boil water. One student melted part of his hiking boot, You think you have trouble with icelandic pronunciations. You should look at new castors trying to say a yellow Yoko, which is evolving. Started, erupting and marked appointed ten and disrupted air travel across Europe for weeks see it and even though the whole story about the name, many icelandic letters look the same as the english alphabet, but they often have different pronunciation, especially for combinations of letter you really have to think of it as a whole. New alphabet, I would add just one thing to europe- of the MID Atlantic Ridge, in addition to the MID Atlantic there is also a hot spot. with Iceland, which increases the amount of organisms to produce rocks without the addition of a hot spot boxes is unlikely that Iceland would break the surface of the ocean hotspot hotspot as an area of organisms
in occur anywhere in tectonic plates. The hawaiian islands, for example, were created by hotspot movement of the tectonic plates over the hot spot, creates the chain of islands We do not yet know what causes hotspots to occur or why they occur, where they do. Thanks for great Pike, ass Diana thank you in writing it. I have in fact seen that video is hilarious good girly, except for the airport, which aids ice. I can't do it. I can't do the elder them Their thing is, I'm pretty sure this is the video that I'm thinking of I've watched several videos of people trying to day I mean to try, say again, because I keep transposing too, syllables. When I try to say it, and I also freely admit, I cannot make the noise that is two elder. end of a word in Icelandic, like I can't do it. I have tried a lot I think, if this video, where the baby,
called someone like the icelandic consulate and were with like how do you say this and that the final pronunciation they had basically had the end of it sounded like yogurt, which is not its also not right. So it was like Twenty seven different, weird bizarre ways: people try to stay a few Hitler Yokul there we go. narrowly, except for the airport, which I I I can't do it. I can't do the elder them. A murmur like emotions, how it really is, and now it is also wrong so yeah. I also have a refrigerator magnet on my refrigerator that we bought that it like it says, hey. If yet, you, though a yellow Yokul is, is it and then it like found without an syllables except the last syllable
on this matter. That is definitely not how it's so anyway, Thank you, everyone who is from Iceland for putting up with the fact that I cannot make that sound that all of these volcanoes and what have we did walk around on L built a little bit while I was there. We not dig down in their our plan was to go all the way to the top, but we were there really early in the spring season and it appeared that some of the path it goes up to the top had been kind of covered over bison sliding volcanic. And we met. We turned up what we thought was the path, but it was really just the place where everyone had turned thinking they could get off that way. They became clear that we have. led astray and we had to catch our fairy back to the mainland. So we didn't, we gotta try again, but we did walk around on there. Did you find it warm interesting
I didn't dig down into their kind. I wish I had so. If you had reached down and touched the ground, though it didn't, I still feel or did it or do you know all that, like the we lose scattered surface of the ground, did not feel warm but I can't remove, or that we said this- that the primary source of heat and hot water in hay me now is is residual cooling from that eruption like it has become the the heating source and when I first heard of that I thought isn't that a whole lot of work to put into something that has eventually going to cool off is negative cool through really wrong anyway. Thank you, Diana if you would like to write to us what history part gas, that house of Works outcome rules on Facebook, if they spoke about com, Slash missed in history, it on Twitter, it miss in history, our tumblr in history that tumbled com, or also I'm Pinterest, pinterest accomplishments in history,
you, oh, we also have an inferior missing three relate to. If you would like to come to our parent companies website, which is how it works out com, but the word civil rights met in the search bar. You will find lots of different articles about various aspects of this rights, movement and then you'd also come to our website. Just in history that com you can find shouts of every Holly and I have worked together in an archive of every episode that has existed ever in the show notes for this episode we will have some links to some of their recordings of fire dressed in singing and we'll have links to his FBI file documents from that they are publicly available, and maybe I'll also linked to the video of a guy from Iceland saying yet your local erectly, which I think this I'm with ninety nine percent of our listeners, have stopped listening. I said at the best of all the times that I say:
We can do all that whole. I'm already has the first hour com or miss the mystery more honest and thousands of others have things up we're carrying rockers. Apart coming of age story about finding a home in rock music and learning to flourish in your own weird way. It's also a series of letters of advice to my younger herself ass. She navigates ashes, adolescence seals or social anxiety body issues, relationships and discovers a transformative power during wrapper comes from double Elvis productions is created, a host of Benito Citizen and executive produced by Jake Brennan of disgrace, land. Listen to dear young locker, on the I hurt radio, app apple pie costs or wherever you get your broadcasts.