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Behind the Scenes Minis: Atlanta History Center and James Baldwin

2020-06-19 | 🔗

Holly and Tracy discuss the nuances of what becomes historically significant in our troubled times, and then the continued relevance of James Baldwin's work.

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hello and welcome too casual Friday, I'm Holly for I am Tracy wealth. Then the Tracy, I always feel spoiled. Lemme get start people from history centre of that will stand Sheffield Michael, were both super to talk to you. It wasn't saying, because Sheffield INA really was so frank with me about. You know the the hardest part of this whole thing which for the history centre or our financial, you know This whole thing happened when places like the histories her and other museums like right in the window, where their normally booking a wedding. Every weekend, or a special event every weekend, and none of those things can happen barrier and you know that he mentioned also that they're having the lake move around their fundraising gala, and hopefully it will still happen in that's. None of those things that
I haven't given a whole lot of thought. There are so many things that we have all been juggling in our brains. When we were just dealing with current a virus and now. with all of the the protests and upheaval and fights for quality that are going on as a consequence of George Floyd's murder and Brian, his murder that it's hard to keep in mind all of the facets of these things, and so it just made me think about. My role in what I can do to make sure like that. I am prioritizing Minos donations to museums that I would normally be donating to anyway, but lake. This is not a year where I can go. Oh, I forgot that envelope and didn't get it done or whenever yeah, especially when it is places like, I really love the history set because their mission is so much about be, for everyone to connect to the community in history and an art
our city in what it has been through and what it goes through in what all of this means to each of us, both as a group and individually so If you similarly have a museum, or a history centre or some other facility in your town, that you really love, and you have the means. Obviously am. I know this has been a It's really hard time for a lot of people, but if you can, you know think about those places too, when you're, when you're allocating your funds that you would normally give to charity in any given year. But I making sure that all of the animals are taken care of history centre cause. I really was he mentioned it before a rebuttal of you, but I was like the goats admission. and I'm glad I had a very, very carefully develop system to make sure all of those animals were cared for, while humans did not come in contact with one another.
Which is pretty cool and then Michael's insights about just how? What we see as mundane will become very, very important pieces of this story in the future. Once again, it gives you that moment too, act on our own lives in and what we value, what we think of his valuable and what we don't think of his valuable because, as he mentioned, artifacts from teenage eighteen and that pandemic are hard to come by because people thought of them as disposable. They weren't thinking about them as historically significant. So it's it's An important thing, I think, that they are making people think about the fact lake no Laden, those weird handsome ties are bottles. Those are historically significant because it was a defining element of this time of our lives. It makes me look at everything I touch in a new way now her earlier is
diet, coke bottle historically significant. Is this sneaker historically significant it ain't? We alluded to this little bit I'm and we have who into it a little and other episodes, but it lay. It feels kind of weird to sober. talking about the pandemic when, like the new cycle has moved on, and people's attention has moved on to the social justice and wrote and racism and protests, and all of that- and I am starting to see- maybe not to the same extent, as has been the case with the pandemic, but starting to see efforts to do things like collect the protest signs yeah and collect the flyers that people are distributing, unlike that collecting objects that are related to the protests have been going on.
because it's clear that this also is a historical moment happening at the same time as the pandemic, that still I'm going, even though it really feel like a lot of people have mentally moved on from it. Yeah I mean you know there are plenty of places where numbers are going back up since everyone continued to stay safe you I'm glad you rather because it's one of the things I want to, I mean I'm confident the history centre is doing something similar with that they pose little of short blog about it in and their thoughts and kind of the official statement about what's going on, but it in detail whether or not there doing how their handling collecting artifacts, but I'm are they are because there they
are so aware of of big events in our are evolving history that they're usually pretty on top of making sure that they collect such things. So I'm curious what they are amassing in their collections and move. that eventually. I imagine so this week we talked about James Baldwin. Indeed we did. I don't often to that end of writing an episode and feel like I'd. I still don't know if I did this person justice, but I feel that way about James Baldwin, I think that's valid, I mean he was a lot of person in prolific greater and it's hard to encapsulate that guy gas, as as I was working on this I did a thing, but I do sometimes which is like look at the library white lists for things, because when I learned to check things out from libraries digitally that incredibly revolutionary to my ability to get books more often and then, especially with the pandemic, where
the physical library locations as of winter. Recording this in Massachusetts are still closed. It was like fire next time, twenty two week waiting list yeah, so I am glad there are so many people that are focused on checking out and then hopefully also reading and engaging with and and experiencing these works and thinking about them? inside sweet from a library summary that was like just remember. Checking it out is just the first step ray yeah. I mean it's in some ways. It's cool. To me and in other ways its heartbreaking to me that the stuff he was writing decades ago is still provocative, ends thought provoking. Now you would hope that we would have moved there in terms of development as a society, but have not, and we need his words again desperately want it's like the conversation with with Robert F K.
You like that exact conversation is displaying out still again and again and again yet, among you know, among particularly black people, but also other it like disabled people and an indigenous people like trying to explain what they are actually facing in their lives and how systemic it and how huge it is, and then the people on the receiving end. He were coming from a more privileged place than are not personally experiencing all those things being like, but my ancestors were from Ireland like that, but this is not the same thing and so tat its reading about that, being, like be a very, very similar conversations conversations that are still happening over and over and over everywhere today will frustrating. It is I will make the convention that we stop. Larks cried drugs, whole purpose
well and I have often when I'm working on iron episodes. I will have a sense of what's gonna feel really emotional to one or both of us and whence- and this was not one where I, for whatever reason predicted the emotional response component yeah. I mean he's its aim is one of those people for me. If, if you are not really familiar with James Bond, running just wanna get kind of get a sense of it. There is of a video of him on the Youtube on the dead cat. It show where her Dick Cabot brings out a guy. You, I confess I don't know who he is, but like a white philosopher, tick kind of argue with James Baldwin, and he just lays out in very clear specific but also accessible terminology.
like what it means to be a black man in America and what he's talking about and that I've seen that video float around periodically, especially over the last few weeks. As I mean few weeks of when the seventh heard his we are here and in response to the to the widespread demonstrations that have been taking place all around the United States, so yeah, that's like if you mean kind of an introduction to what James Baldos, with about aside from what we just talked about this week for thirty minutes yeah that is place to get a glimpse of it. There is also a really amazing video that also float around a bit. That is, aims. Baldwin's debate speech against William of Buckley in length. I dont even put that in the opposite. Why didn't I? I don't know it's interesting I don't remember the circumstances I I saw that For some reason, when I was a kid
because there was one line from it: that I misquoted slightly for years. And then in twenty fifteen there was a person that transcribed the whole thing and it also started circulating and I was able to get it right and it was just it's it's one of Dozens of really you know just poignant straight or word commentaries on what it is to grow up black in Amerika, but this it got me- and I may or may not cried USA. This quote is him talk, but the realisation they. you can love the United States and it doesnt whether you back yeah, I won't even do the quote: maybe I'll do the quote. I will try to do the quote He says it comes as a great shock around the age of five six or seven to discover that the flag to which you have pledged allegiance along with everybody else, has not pledged allegiance to you I like to me. That was one of the things that, when I heard it as a kid, was La S lap phase of lake. What do you mean,
like we all stand here and do this it's for all of us and it was not for all of us the first time. I really remember thinking about that issue. Yeah yeah, so there is just a wealth of material by James Baldwin. If you are interested in learning more and although a wealth of material, bout teams Mahomet to think there are multiple biographies and articles, and the like. I said, in the end, the absurd turning Morrison's tribute to him. Is gorgeous. I mean other other things that were printed from newly jeez than an address is at his funeral are are really beautiful, but that, when a particular struck me a lot. So if you'd like to send us amount about anything, were it podcast that I heard radioed outcome or our social media. I miss in history, and you can subscribe to our show on Apple pie, gas,
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