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Behind the Scenes Minis: Baby Savers

2020-11-20 | 🔗

Tracy and Holly talk about the three people who are linked together in the story of the surgical treatment for cyanotic babies, including stories that didn't make it into this week's episodes.

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having riding Tracy Wilson Holly Frey this week. It was not exactly a two parter, but we talked about Helen Tausig and Vivien Thomas, who were both part of the development of the heart surgery, to treat to throttle g of below and other congenital heart conditions vary in town. They both been on my list for ever really spur so so long. I feel like the first people who suggested it to us as a topic we're like way way back when you and I very first joined the show on a visit to see my mom, my mom, and I watched something the Lord made, and I think that was really what made me go who's this Mary, Stuart, Masterson Character there right, like I had
percolating on his idea, Vivian Thomas for so long, and I was like wait a minute, but who is this this other doktor like? I became very curious about her and for a time I thought I was gonna. Do you a trilogy? But honestly, I found Doktor Blaylock a little straightening shout out too. That movie, though, considers oh good. It's a really good me, like I remember, being so blown away by most f in that movie, and I I care remember that before or after hitchhikers Guide, but I just you we're being leg. This person that I didn't realize was a good actor. Is holding his own in scenes with Alan Rick men, and they are both equally compelling, and that is hard to do without enrichment. I say as a big out But I d show me, like Hulu, Moses, he's really good. It's fun watch yeah the really good movie I
not seem, am the documentary that was arm PBS american experience I have money, am I had. had better out of it is available. I think at one place to rent a streaming version of it, and I just did not. I did not find the time to do it. I do have a story about Helen Taussig that I did not include in the episode, because I just couldn't figure out whether this was something that housing actually expressed or if it was the interpretation of the author, he was doing the writing right so very late in her life after she had retired Tausig had the surgery first on one year and then on the other that restored a lot of her hearing and the way this was described and what I was reading was that people had really tried to pressure her to do it during her career, and she didn't want to do it because it was an elective surgery. That part is,
I said, but it was also that she was like I'm doing my job. Fine, if you think I'm talking to loudly or to quietly. That is your problem, not my problem though I don't think I need to have an elective surgery to address your discomfort with my speaking volume like man. I really really wish. I knew because it was not clear in the way that it was written, whether that was something that like had that. That was her own thought that should express somewhere or whether that was the thought of the person. He was writing the paper, but I did want to kind of acknowledge it because I was like that's all I loved her the story that you included about the medical school discussion like. Why would any, We do all this if they're not actually gonna get a degree the ends ass, like I hope they don't. Ok,
You go by what I think I was really weird. I kept finding places that sad that Boston University was not granting medical degrees to women, and I was like bit but be. You was like coal, educational going. to win. It absorbed the lake, but New England, women's medical school thats really confused how about a big rabbit hole to try to figure out like what was behind that, and I really think it was just that her professor thought that Johns Hopkins might be a better school but yeah she wound up than at Johns Hopkins further for the rest of her career. We ve had like a lot of people wanting to work in fields that did not really welcome them. Over the last couple of weeks, it became kind of an accident all these matters. Here it was
coming out of hollowing season. So that's like a scary, but also of veto, frequent story of the people that are really talked about yeah history as much so it's not so surprising that it emerges right thematically from time to time. We have been on a tear yeah, an another story that did not make its way into. The episode was actually about doktor, Blaylock, apparently terribly lack loved Coca COLA and he would drink like six coax a day and if he shared a coke with you like. That was a mark of honor, which he did not understand why he did not just offer people. when they came into the lab and when they were doing experiments involving shock. One of the things that they were trying to study was was cold and they have this refrigerator and he was like that was where the coke
were stored and they were having to clear everything out of it and make it like an experimental space with cold temperatures and Doktor Blaylock Kebby unlike, but but my coax, though like where are my coax gonna go and they the sort of thing He was joking like we're using this for experiments now and finally, he like found a box like a Vivian Thomas found this box that five coax would fit in and then like Doktor Blaylock found the one place that it would fit into this refrigerator, and I was like man I feel like. This is just an illustrative story about this very particular man. yeah. I share your frustration. He seems like Justin insufferable person and I keep finding myself going like what why did no one I mean, but people did realize you mentioned it in Europe
that, like it, was getting to the point where his career was I'm kind of their minds. Yeah. Oh man, there's part of me. This I've started laughing at one point and I asked Casey to remove it because I think my thoughts for the time machine that we often talk about is justice, send my hand flipping the boy back in time to their activities to jerk one.
But a lot of people have pointed out is that Doctor Blaylock could not have done what he did without Vivian Thomas it just him. He needed he needed Vivian Thomas to to do what he did, but, conversely, like Vivian Thomas could not have done what he did without outward. Blaylock like there was just. There was no possible way that, like the white medical establishment, even if he had gone to medical school- and he had developed this practice on his own and he had found the time and the resources to like be able to do research of his own and he had made some had a breakthrough like it's. Just not likely that, though, like the White Medical established, It would have taken notice of it array alike and that's on, but this is not something that that probably would have happened. A lot of people have also commented that, like Johns Hopkins was there was a lotta racism at Johns Hopkins. We talked
the end of the absurd about about Thomas working with Doktor Levi Watkins Junior, I'm, the first implanted automatic cardiac defibrillator yeah. He also became part of the admissions committee ends after he became involved with admissions into Johns Hopkins Medical School admissions of marginalized groups grew by something like four hundred percent, which is the law. a lot. I mean I don't I don't know how, in terms of actual members that pans out but like there was legs, so a lot of work that was needing to be done in the last years that the Vivian Thomas working there, even as he was becoming more recognised for what he had done complex symbiosis, yeah yeah of the whole thing is, it is hard
That's probably why people don't as often kind of acknowledge why Blake Thomas needed Blaylock as well, because you such a jerk but lightened, as you do. You know so clearly pointed out by their just will the wheels in motion and a lot of them racism related that would have held him back otherwise, yeah yeah. I am glad that Vivian Thomas got some recognition, while he was still alive to to learn about it because, like bats also happened where we ve done episodes about people who did something that was a big breakthrough. That was totally just washed over the two in their time and then it's not until long after their death that somebody who felt that was actually deeply important Eugenie if its yet
I don't regret, was I'm a Johns Hopkins website, but this speeches from when that portrait was dedicated. I like that. The speech is online like those of a sound cloud file of it up their second listen to convene Thomas actually talking, which I found to be lovely it. It's so it struck me so hard. The exercise that you included, where he's talking about how he didn't think he, wherever you know, would be seen as making such a big impact. And when you consider like how much work, he was doing the fact that that. Was not ever part of his mental equation like oh I'm doing, potent things that people will see as it is a little bit heartbreaking and also speaks to his own humility guy gets a very moving speech that he seems to have been just deeply deeply humble, but everything to life.
Hope people enjoy these episodes. We really did get a request for Vivian Thomas within, like the last week. Like hers What are you looking for listener mail to read brevity, these episodes? I found that one that was a very recently sent and one anyway, if you like, to send an email or at history package that I heard radio a cup and you can subscribed our show on the eye radioactive and apple pie, gas and wherever else here, ask them, you know we hope everybody has a great weekend whenever is on your plate, but we can stop. You must, in history class the production of I heart, radio for more per capita. I heard. Radio visit by her radio have added my cans or wherever you listen to your favorite, shows. ever wondered why there are two ways to spelled doughnuts or why something
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