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Behind the Scenes Minis: Bees and Grover Cleveland

2020-05-15 | 🔗

Tracy and Holly talk about the charm of bees, and the strangely intriguing nature of Grover Cleveland's tumor surgery.

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welcome to stuff. You missed in history, glass, a production of Iheart radio I'll be right. I welcome to our Friday behind the scenes. I am Tracy be Wilson and I'm Holly fry so highly. We recorded this week's episodes on April, twenty eight, where what six very weeks, then, to this whole safer it home situation, yeah. Seven, somewhere, and I think this is our seventh time recording with all of us from home yeah. So I am one of the folks who, at the beginning of the pandemic, had their anxiety, improve, which is a phenomenon that happened to some people, because it was sort of, like my mind, went out,
the badness I've been preparing for is here now I can relax, but but this episode was recorded during what have been oh a low point for me in all of this and it was inspired by a brain scoop, video from Emily. Gradually, who does these wonderful videos for the field, museum and did this video, where she was in her backyard, basically being like. Ok, I'm in my back yard, because the museums, closed and stamina do this backyard video and the middle of a video, the video, a hawk flies by a couple times and the second time she goes. I love birds and she just looks
for a minute and I was like I need a minute where I have this stuff. You missed and history class version of looking at a HAWK lake. I need I need something that stood like gonna, be good for the show, but also good for me, because I need a minute and that being was bees, and I had just a delightful time. researching bees and beekeeping has, as I said, Michel there than in sectors. I am really fond of. I got to read lengthy book titles that went on and on, and I got to read the historical writings about bees that were really charming, and it was just an episode that I hope everyone enjoys as much as I enjoyed working on it. And then I guess you did not want the future Emma episode, the state
as part of your research did not up. But can you tell me about it? They go to a planet with human size, bees to get some stuff produced in their hives, but the best part to me is that bender has been programme to do the dance and buzz of Bee. To communicate our great and they subtitle all of his dances and buzzes, and some of them were marvellously unkind. So when we started talking about it in my head running the whole time, and I know what that means there's a whole secondary story about the relationships among the characters, but it's also just sort of beautiful, because that show is run by so many and written by so many people The issue is that every joke is really smart. Is there a score by Scott Joplin, because that's what I think about any time I hear someone say
the sting not on that episode. No, no ok way in the long ago asked when our I dont think you even worked with us yet, but as longtime listeners now, this pod cast used to be part of a website called how stuff works, and I started working outhouse F works, verses of staff writer many many years ago. and one of the articles that I wrote during my time there as a as a writer, was how bees work and I got sued, spends a whole bunch of time. Looking at B mouth parts and reading about waggled dances and
Writing all have seven and article in this episode kind of replicated that experience of, like happily sitting at my desk being like love bees, so many things about bees will their precious they aren't. They are very fond of him. I have I have thought about putting there are various things you can do to encourage native bees to amnesty in your yard, and I have been intending to put those little tubular like bumblebee habitats out there I have not done it and now it's like of. When will that happen? Who knows yeah? I ordered some be bomb in the hopes of lake fostering additional be activity in my garden. There already pretty fond of my roses, but my be bombed did not survive so gotta try again and figure out what I did wrong, that we have some flowering plants that do attract a lot of bees that have now
Started to flower, yet because this is Massachusetts and there are some things and bland, but not the things that tend to really drought the bees so yeah we'll see soon soon there will be more bees in the yard. So our second subject this week was Grover Cleveland and his secret cancer surgery. Which I don't mean to sound jovial about cancer, but it's such an amazing story, yeah and he did successfully not only survive the surgery but live for like another fifteen years eighteen years, my math is a little rough, but he lived for quite a while after there are aspects of his story that we didn't get into cuz. I don't really fit in that episode. One being many, many
comments that have happened throughout the years on his marriage to Francis, because she was so much younger than him and was lake a little girl that he knew growing up and was kind of Lake Surrogate Father to her in many ways when her dad died. So there's some people that are like you that's a little bit weird and eighty What's interesting is that when he was in his first term of office and free in her mother would come and visit him. The rumors were swirling that he was dating the mother and he was like, but he tried to keep their courtship very, very secret cause. He knew it would just be lake, a total mess of reporters and intrusion if they were ever seen a public together so but they got married. There the executive mansion- and I will say they seemed completely devoted to one another like it seem Blake. She had a great deal of agency in their relationship in terms of lake. Running things as a first lady. She didn't really
Suffer any sort of lake Wallflower Syndrome are like. Young and I can't handle this is very comfortable, a narrow. The other thing that's interesting that came up in an interview with that author that I mentioned when he was on an was that he had talked to several oral surgeons about what they did on the United that day in modern oral surgeons are like we don't know how they did this surgery this quickly, because that's lakes, normally too several hours in an actual dedicated operating room with all the bells and whistles of modern medicine, and yet he miraculously came through it. Just fine gas, which is a pretty fascinating thing. There are again for people that want more details and went to seek out that book
The other accounts things get real graphic about the stuff they were removed, so those parts we kept it pretty clean and light for the show, but there it does get. There was one point where I was like: ok, I can launch the surgery. channel- and even this is a little like a levy. Just very heavy fan myself, because this is a ramp up up up up up, but it is very interesting. Grover Cleveland is a fascinating figure in ways that are both winsome and also a little cringe worthy. Now this this one little piece of his life is so fascinating, but well when you, when he mentioned lets me as a topic. I was thinking. I know several worries about like various times that either the president was having some kind of medical procedure and people knew about it, and there was this whole thing where those like the vice breast
that is temporarily in charge the other ones where it was kept kind of secret, but as soon as got into the yacht thing. I was like. I don't know this story at all well and good: in mind here want his vice president to now raise. This was a time when you didn't select your running mates. They were like the person that came in second, and so he didn't fully trust me you it's like. No, no. Nobody knows about this tragedy has to think I m fine. I mean I can't help but think about the whatever of lake. If everything had gone horribly wrong and he had died on the boat like how on earth
that have impact those doctors lie rate, which I'm sure they all considered before they agreed to it right, but yeah about once a big, apparently Doktor Bryant was hoping to eventually right the true story of what had happened, particularly after nineteen o eight when Grover Cleveland died, but he didn't get around to it, which was one of the things that kind of spurred doktor keen on to go ahead and do it and again he did consult Francis first and made sure she was comfortable with it. I think she had said like please just let me read the mainly script before you go to print, so she was. She had a full approval on it at its very, very lucky that that dentists did not name. Everybody has, even though the president had survived it would a problem
killed all their careers right and then I think about how difficult it would be to pull this off today when politicians are on television all by time. Yeah. I was thinking about that as we are talking about, but having some call reporters on the phone in today's world, where there is constant televised. Every thing would have been that way harder to keep that cigarette, they didn't have a press secretary at that point. Cypriot within specific, literally the and his wife colleague papers are going. Stop that view and like the right to us, but this or anything else you could do that a history by cast an eye heart radio dot com. You can follow us on social media, as MR history pretty much everywhere, man, you could subscribe to the show on the eye
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