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Behind the Scenes Minis: Esperanto and Bodiam

2021-04-02 | 🔗

Tracy and Holly discuss their relationships with language learning, and then discuss the ways that historical sites and museums have offered information for the public that would normally only be seen on-site.

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we're at Wallace Landscape, dot com. Welcome to stuff. You, minister, history, glass, a production of I heart radio. having bride am Tracy and I'm We find this. We gonna show we talked about Esperanto and one of the things that I mentioned and the EP is there, but I didn't go into great detail on is bad. read over while I was working on this episode, I kept finding people being like Esperanto really neat, but English has really become the shared second language of- and I was like me not really, though holati people dont, speak English and part of the reason that salmon half wanted to create a language from scratch. Was he didn't? He didn't want is better. the language to be like associated with a major colonial power that kind of went against the
thing he was trying to accomplish. I mean I I I recognise that Guenaud. Thankfully, when you travel to other places- and I say this- thankfully- for my own lazy cell lake- often in foreign countries- they are fluent in english- really. That's not because English is necessarily universal they're trying to accommodate things leg, tourist trade and again, its associated with you know a whole lot of problems: it's. A it made me laugh is given the episode that you know this is the saving. France was doing here. years ago, going no french language courses. Universe landlady. They just use that again like well. Is that because you have a bunch of car with ease or because you honestly think everybody could just pick up french right, which is I mean you know I love French. I don't think that's any seagrave but, like I was reading a funny thing.
on Twitter. I don't remember who posted it where they were like? I've studied French, am I still when I meet a french speakers, know what the heck you're saying Gas, which is one of the tricks with any language. French, can be very tricky that way, but it just made me laugh especially hard having just come off of reading that over the the weekend within the last couple days to everyone speaks for it. I feel that I am, I kept thinking about how being the son of a language teacher and being immersed in a society where the people around him were speaking so many different languages. I really set. and have up to become really most multilingual and how how different that is from my own upbringing, because I grew up speaking English and all my neighbors spoke English and mice.
all system did not teach any other language until middle school. I think middle school. I got a tiny bit in third and fourth grade because I was in the gifted programme and I got a teeny tiny bit of spanish, which was only four gifted students. This makes no sense, if not a great to raise people with any kind of familiarity with languages and then what
I did wish to taking French. I went through a series. Every year I had a different french teacher, and only one of those french teachers would, I say, was actually good at teaching french and so after having, I think three years of high school french six hours of college French, like my French, is still terrible. It was terrible when I finish that I took a break from studying French, because I had I had taken the six hours that I needed to take to graduate, and then I had this idea that I was going to go to graduate school and I learned that I was gonna need to take more french for graduate school and I attempted to take six through her hours, the French, in a semester that I also really overloaded myself with courses and immediately with absolutely in over my head and was like. I can't I can't do all this so anyway. That's
That's why, like the one other language, I've really tried to study, I am silver really bad at all. Marginal level of fluency in French, when I was little, but it ran away at women p s. I dont know where that lives. Now, hopefully, someone inherited it You also tell me that, since you had learned even learn from your grandmother right that you have all kind of like a country- French, yeah yeah, Did it now until I had like a really good friends teacher who was like your vote cabins. Pretty good in your pronunciation is not bad, but the things you say sound, really lake you are
and I was at work for the survivors me of how mice my spouse has studied a lot of japanese he's. People lived in Japan for a while when he was then I can't remember it was college graduate school, I think graduate school, and so he has been a person that I have gotten help with on Japan. He's pronunciation sometimes- and I remember getting a note from somebody that said we had pronounced something that sounded like from the country, and then he was like oh yeah, actually, where I was, we had to take train cigarette answer like a major city and I like ok, sure yeah I mean I, I do think there is a little bit. I hope it's changing, but certainly when we were in school, I feel like in most schools. In the? U S, there was a bit of failing in terms really trying to give kids the opportunity to learn a lot of languages when their young
I know your friends now that have elementary aids, children. There is a lot more language learning than I, Sir ever had at that age, so I'm hopeful but yeah it'll take every time I in any language, there's or any like tiny bit of language really learn any new languages there, this huge initial hurdle to get over of just lake. Ok wet my mouse doesn't do those right. I got it wait, wait and its tricky. lobbying. Is I suddenly remembering a disk should that I had with a friend of mine whose parents were german and why learning English for the first time- and he was mistaken- you have no idea how hard English is complete. The other lay at is slaying. Train wreck complete peace. What does that mean? This was years and years ago, like twenty twenty five years ago, that we had this conversation, but he was like email think about
even something as simple as what is the plural for mouse, its mice ok. Well, what is the plural for house people learning for the First time might very well guess Hajus Big, these rules are consistent or make sense in areas like. Oh, that history like when you grow up speaking, you don't think yeah well, on a lot of things that little kid say when their learning English, that sound hilarious to people is like, because leave intuited that pattern and applied to other words They haven't learns the irregularity for yet, which I think is pretty cool and fascinated young male. Maybe we should start doing Michaud in US foreign to the image of a have been trying to keep up with with a couple of dual lingo courses, and I did have a good time, blinking away at a little bit of Esperanto, but I dont know if it's feasible for me to keep up with it
in fields fall from here? We know that feeling fold rains yeah. So this week we talked about Bodiam Castle. Aha, does the council. I have not been too, but it's on my list. when I was getting very vague. My list is so vague and I'm so ready to start travelling again, so look out Bodiam castle. I I wanted to do this one in part, because it is kind of a fine little bit more light. Hearted thing also because it contextual eyes is a lot of things right, we realise that Edward Dowling Ridge was connected to the hundred your sword, then he was also one of the people who put down the peasants revolt right, which is often talk. Well when you discuss things like hey this person built a cast and it's like yes, but why I love that a lot of cash
historians and medieval historians, have really kind of turned to this? One is something to kind of pick apart and look at the key. an effective like. Why would someone want this to be built? Why? Why exactly and put that in the context of history, Do women give a shout out to the National trusts website on Bodiam Castle. We mentioned at the end of the episode that, right now The interior are not open to visitors because of cove id, but one of the cool things they ve done is they have put some of the material that you would normally see inside the ass online, so yeah yeah, there's a video that you would normally see about the history of the castle of knowing no one can see this right now, so we're just making it available publicly, which is just a really cool nice gesture and away from
well to learn? I imagine this is one of those places that school children sometimes have to go to and report on another now available to them at sea age that that was marvellously cologne. I feel like earlier on in the pandemic. First side did something similar where there was like as a virtual tour of Versailles M, which was really cool, cause you and you, and I we went to rely on our our trip to France back in what was that twenty nineteen its outward together, and it is so really shoulder to shoulder packed in there. Now that it's it's really to see things so having this virtual tour online, even having been there met seeing things I had not noticed before yeah, you don't get a lot of time to leg. Lingering hang me now. Definitely leg moves
the hall of mirrors there a lot of people behaviour and they only to see it too. So it is I am very happy that a lot of of historically and culturally significant sites that have had to close have done similar programmes where the at their making their content available. It's a huge help, unlike us at I'm sure there are a lot of students who are benefiting from that. So it's a big thing I I will. you this, and this may sound strange. Are you wouldn't you because I know you have a fondness for medieval history at a level that is beyond mine? Are you a castle person That sounds weird matters matters, but I've been playing of a game called volume, Whaley and it there's a weird, a weird gender dichotomy and the people that I play of our time with, whereas I have made these little wooden
Homey kind of structures and the men are all building these gigantic stone. Castles were turrets, add modes and just all kinds of gigantic things and I've been like. But I like this little hut, where I have all of my crafting too. what I am incredibly into, though, with all the which marks I loved the which marks, I love the witch bottles. I love the walling shoes up in the wall to try to child yeah. It's I'm wakened all of those things yet that I found that information study him again at its. They talk about an international trust site. I came
that information going of late in the game and I was like well hold on all other thing, going, not a voting castle, which makes perfect sense because, of course, I bet a lot of castles. Have these same things, but they don't always have you know the actual study done of them to identify, and it's one of those things Again- we say which marks in it sounds really like blue and we even can that there's a compass, sometimes an appendage, Graham, just as a reminder in case anybody doesn't remember medieval airy era. Pent diagram sometimes used. Christianity not necessarily having anything to do with you. No devil issues or suffer witchcraft in that sense, but really it part of a prayer so
I also believe that I love the use of symbols as prayers as well like just the value we place on. The visual medium is always gonna, be fascinating to me. So now I want to put which marks all over my house. Thank you so much for spending time with us this week and we hope, as you head into the weekend, that it is, is enjoyable as possible and that if you are whites to do things like work that you have as easy a time as possible, and everyone is super nice to you, and we will see you back here tomorrow for classics and next week with new stuff stop you missed in history class, the production of Iheart radio for more broadcasts from
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