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Behind the Scenes Minis: Freedom Summer and Cobb

2021-02-19 | 🔗

Tracy and Holly talk about how young everyone had been during the Mississippi Freedom Summer, voter suppression, and Holly's trick to stop crying when recording. There's also talk of how topics get added to phone lists. and Cobb's violin playing.

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dot, Org, slash, integrative primary care, welcome to stuff missed in history glass, a production of Iheart radio. hello, unhappy Brad, I'm Tracy. Well, then, I'm probably fry one of our episodes. The Threeg was about Mississippi Freedom. Summer are women. In a couple of times, in the episode, the pod cast see not radio and there are serious. The lamb has never been yet and their episode on freedom summer, something we didn't mention but which I watched as part of the research and background and all of this work The freedom summer documentary that came out in twenty fourteen and was aired on PBS american experience. You can currently watch it on the PBS website that has allowed
interviews with people who were involved and archival footage from the time. That is where I heard that that phone call between Johnson and Hoover about Reddish Werner, one of the things that was really striking to me about this particular documentary. Is it reinforced how young everyone was because this took place one thousand nine hundred and sixty four. A lot of the volunteers were in the early 20s a lot of the organisers or maybe into it later, 20s. If you were doing these interviews when they were in their 60s Everybody looked really young, except for PETE's Seeger, who is also because of his work with music during the civil Rights Movement and PETE Senior looked ancient. He was evidently older than a lot of other people interviewed. But it was this. This huge contrast like number one, reminding me of how recent this was
young everyone, wise and then also this contrast of like in the nearest PETE Senior, who looks like a result, may ah PETE every time I come across something about PETE Senior I'd like kind of go. I want to do an episode about PETE Sr one day, yeah yeah. This episode, like many it is hard. I will give us away and say that we have to stop a number of times I so angry, I start to cry. Sometimes switches not fun, but I think understandable. I mentioned listeners sometimes experience the same things tat humans, yeah, whatever things that's frustrating for me, is that they may we touched on at the end about how there is still, a lot of voters, suppression and a lot of discriminatory laws surrounding voting that still exist today and have been sort
creeping forward and a lot of ways with the most recent present election being so focused on like unfounded allegations of fraud that nobody has actual evidence that holds up for, and I fear that that trend is going to escalate like that. But that is a response to do baseless accusations of fraud. There will be further laws to make it harder for people to vote that are probably going to disproportionately affect the people that have historically had the hardest time voting already. I hope not, but yes, that is an ongoing fear as well again so angry tears, since we ve got.
full of emails from people when we have previously reference the unsubstantiated allegations of fraud from people who have been really angry about how we need to sell both sides of the story. So Why take a moment and say that there are two sides of the story there, just art there is the true side, which is that there are baseless allegations of. That have really sewed alot of doubt in a lot of people's minds but like on we stand, she ate. It means unsubstantiated and in some cases, demonstrably false so like that has just made the whole thing deeply frustrating and frightening in terms of like what happens next, in terms of the idea that we are supposed to be a democracy where everybody can vote and whether that is
true or not, I feel that we should say something Pepe here at the end, because I may ride I normally we get better and the reason I can't go. That feels like good stopping place than like that, but like a stopping place, but not necessarily a good one. Right am, I imagine, are male and twitter mentions will be full of well actually emails or people saying that you have to have an idea to write attacks. So why not devote? And by manners to so much information that easily available on the internet. Whites information here, while you you mentioned that there were some times that there were just like angry terrorism. We have to take a minute, and often when there is something sad happen in an episode. You have a trick that you do to try to see some sort of compartmentalize it in your mind, right that helps me
get rid of it. It doesn't work when you're, already angry and not said, which is that normally. If I am weepy over something episode, I pretend I'm be Arthur because be wouldn't Christ would get mad and addressed the problem, but when you're already angry that doesn't fix that more mad stay mad My other trick is to think of odd star wars, characters that make me laugh and yet times that works in a situation like this but really be Arthur, is always the good go to you and it doesn't it doesnt work in this scenario. Yet this week we talked about W Montague Cobb, and I just want to tell the story of how this wound up. Finally, on my appetite,
the do often when I am out and about in the world which of course is not something that really happening now, because I am obviously not laughing at the pandemic just that we all have come to just live in this strange time where we're like, I guess I live in my house, all time, yeah yeah, so in in the before times. If I would be about somewhere, and I would see something that caught my eye for a potential podcast subjects. I would just put it in a note in my phone, because a lot of times if I'm out and about in the world, I'm taking a break. I dont want to devote a
out of mental time and space to work. But I also don't want to lose ideas that I stumbled across ass. He might they can be really interesting said than the downside to that is sometimes years will pass between. When I put something in a note in my phone and when I put the phone notes into any kind of more usable list of ideas, so back in, I think twenty eighteen you and I were in Washington D C for a tour, and I went to the National Museum of african american history and culture, and I wrote down like six or seven things on ah little note in my phone W Montague Cobb was one of them. I have no recollection of what the context was like what specific thing I had seen at the news.
M that made me go all. Does that make a really good topic for the show, but I did not actually put the notes that I took ensue of means a place where I would see it on a regular basis like on my computer, at work, until late twenty twenty so years passed between when I made that list and when I actually made the list into something more recognisable, I did a just a bulk passed through the phone but all the ideas that I had jotted down out in the world into my actual, like short list of ideas and a one of the things that I thought was a list of topic, ideas that I had seen somewhere was actually locations from sky rim. So anyway, that's how. Finally, finally, more than two years of after having having seen some thing that sparked by attention
in Washington DC finally got to this episode. I I never move them off the phone yeah yeah a mile zone, and I just now have a list on my phone and I don't usually put context. So it's like a second layer of fun discovery when I go. What is when is a person's day? What is that word about and then I'll look it up? on line, and I owe this fascinating good job me putting it on a list. I think I will do an episode now. Yeah is pretty much as scanning back through my list, including the but late last year, transport. Over from the phone topic Ideas- and I was like oh yeah- this does sound really interesting. Let's do this right now one thing that we did not get into in the in the episode. We alluded with a little bit, we didn't really
and do it in a lot of detail was that cop was really focused on the needs of a black doctors and black patients and black people as a whole. That was something he was obviously Rothstein, and it really makes sense that you'd be focused on and if there was anything, but I could see as like us a shortcoming in his work. It was that he did not seem entirely conscious of the fact that
indigenous people were also still living in large numbers like I wouldn't occasionally find that he would be describing sort of the state of medical care, and some of his descriptions of of like the needs of indigenous patients would sound kind of dismissive. But the sound us reflect the mob, but they're. Not there aren't many anymore. That's like not really so much of a concern, but it definitely was and is still concerned. I think that was just in a sort of a trickle down effect of his own focus in his own life experience in his own image. and in the world that he was immersed in. I generally love the idea that during cadaver labs, maybe the anatomy professor would be playing the violin too. I keep everyone relaxed. I have now.
Donna Cadaver LAB, where I have watched like recorded video could of cadaver labs when I was taking an anatomy course of that level, and it wasn't that it was a stressful experience but I can just see it being nice to have some musical accompaniment to kind of occupy part of your mind during all that, feel like that is something that should be adopted for like an egg kind of lab, where you're not necessarily interacting with language, while you're doing it right like a geology lab also perfectly great when you did he analysis of of, for example, pictures of the Knights I am in astronomy lab. I would love to. so one leg violin for any of that in my classes, amazing, so yeah you dreams,
I've had a very larger than life personality in a lot of ways, including claim a violent, dissection lamps. So it's Friday, whatever is coming up here. We can. I hope it goes as well as possible if you'd like to drop us a note about anything. We're history, pardon that. I heard radio dot com and you can subscribe to the show, but my heart, radioactive and apple pie, gas than anywhere Else- replied gas, the you missed in history class, the production of Iheart radio for more part, for my heart, radio visit by her radio have added my cans or wherever you listen to your favorite, shows.
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