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Behind the Scenes Minis: Ibn al-Haytham and Waffles

2020-12-11 | 🔗

Tracy and Holly talk about the animated version of Ibn Al-Haytham's story, Omar Sharif, waffle cones, and what to do with holiday leftovers.

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acted on hard non. Poorer services kill Sars Cov to covet nineteen virus, welcome to stuff you, minister, three glass, a production of Iheart radio, happy Friday and Tracy V Wilson and I'm Holly Frey this week we talked about it, but not hate them. Yes has been on my list for just so long. I think with the notations of something like. If I don't hate them, father of the scientific method, I did not know anything about this UNESCO International Year of Light that happened at this point five years ago, yeah I did watch these short film that is available online. I have two things share about it, one I shared with you Holly
I was working on it, which is the more animated sequence. Is that show you? The story of of urban algorithms discoveries he's wearing this bracer that has an abacus on the inside of it and wow. Did I get distracted by figuring out whether this was a real garment, slash tool that people war eight or whether it was something that was the if so, incredibly, delightful invention of like the person, that was that was stillness and am in my limited time that I have available? I did not find the answer. That put its, I think him that, with all its about us fifteen minute, I think, fell minutes in that film in two different places like what is this, who I don't even know how to use it advocates see I in a white man. Omar Sharif was so handsome right up to
And my second point is the Jew watch all the way through, or did you just watch that bit of it I, whilst all of it but I will say I watched all of it, while also monitoring a cat that had recently come home from a vat visit and just needed to keep an eye on. So I would not ever clay that I had all encyclopaedic memory of what happened in that that entire short, so we set an inhabitant of this- was a marsh reefs. Last film, rural and in the credits are clips, I am talking about doing it, but I didn't know you guys know about aid, which is probably good, because I would have fallen apart. Yeah, basically, he talks about how
He had not been active as an actor for a few years because in the process of aging he didn't feel like he could do as good of a job at it anymore, but he felt like this role was really important and I was like just stopping. I got very emotional about it. I don't like, I don't feel like app for tickets and it's not like. I walked into that, that's sort film being like I am Omar Sheriffs biggest fan or whatever like. I did not have a particular emotional residents going into, but by the end of hearing him talk about it. I was like falling apart so anyway,
that whole thing again was called the international year of Light and that so that that film is still there, it is it's pretty fun and a lot of things about this episode were really finally led descriptions of how people that vision worked. Those are really fun. I love those these story of like the accidental formation of a camera obscure through the window shade. May or may not be. You know apocryphal, so many things that are like the really memorable story about the how the scientific discovery came to be like a lot of them turn out to be a pact role in so long ago. At this point the who knows, but I still love the idea of walkin in so like the the darkened room in your house and kind of like. What's that spot of light on the law
Why can I see outside in it upside down? Yeah would not be burdened with both observant embarrassed to admit we're so anyway, what I was able to find. Finally, we have the sub sewed up to the top of the list. Me too We talked about waffles, we did I'm still hungry. I mean I say we just talking about a month ago, yeah. I will say this- I mentioned it on twitter. Doing research on food history makes she went to eat a lot about food. I dont know how many pulls I made while researching this. I was reading about it over the course of like a week and I could go on Mabel for dinner again one thing I did not get into in this episode in case. Anyone is wondering why I touch on. It is waffle. Cones yeah. There's Reason. Is it because it so?
We debated, who gets the credit for developing waffle counts yes, but the stories are all over. The map like there's a one particular expo is at nineteen O. Four should of me note that is often credited with where the waffle comb invented. It is nineteen o forward the world's fear, the good story. Fun story in there there are a lot of iterations of the story. The player in waffle, co development is that It was made in an instant when there were no cops available. for I am a rallying vendor and he ran next door to a place. That sounds like they were making something more like Delay B. And rolled it into a conical shape and put the ice cream, and it is a great story, but there
pictures of children holding like actually fully formed cones at that child's fair. So it doesn't really add up. I feel like we might have talked about this in our prior episode on a history ice cream. Maybe we may have, it really gets a lot of discussion and some very strong opinion and so it's really impossible to untangle. So I just didn't want to introduce it because it comes a whole thing. We're like, if you explain, every possible story in its viability or not on the timeline that becomes a whole other episode of its own anyway. Waffle comes, I will say this here is the guy. I give the world's provided this- is not a war oh, a savory waffle made with better, but it is a savory one which I make, and I love, and it's one of my favorite foods on the planet after
holiday meals. Lake Thanksgiving your Christmas. If you do like a turkey spread with stuffing addressing whatever you call, it takes some of that left over dressing mix it with a raw put it in a waffle iron you get dressing, brow I think I ve told me this one time and I was like you're a genius. Its I'm not a genius, but I do like to mess around with food in the kitchen, and this is one of my greatest experiments because then you can like put- cheese on it. I like them, put lake mashed, avocado smear it on there and then put like parmesan or something on it. I also as layer owed, prosciutto and cream cheese is super decorative, but reflect the wishes and I just highly recommend that all found there will again affects everybody experiment with things in waffle.
You can also use o off wired to cook eggs liked to make scrambled eggs if you wanna make a fun shape to make a sandwich works. Like a charm, I love it. I am a big fan of messing around with with what of it, because I am a big fan of waffles. I am I like a very buttery laden. Waffle is the best I'll do like a chicken. Only king and put it on a savory waffle that doesn't have sugar added, delicious wishes have very now that we all want to have waffles put will bid you you're mad subject. We hope this Friday episode finds everyone well and that you have a good weekend, and we will see you again for classics tomorrow. If you would like us,
I will show you can do that, I'm in a hurry, NEO up at Apple pie, cancer. Wherever it is, you listen, stuffy AMOS than history class, the production of Iheart radio for more broadcasts from high radio busy by her radio have added mankind's or wherever you listen to your favorite shows. This episode is brought. You buy clorox, so one of them, said I ve been doing, and pandemic is one of my best friends and I we occasionally needed to borrow things back and forth or loan things, and so one of us occasionally go stand outside the other ones house, while the other stamps inside and we drop the thing in the driveway, and sometimes we have a little chat, but going out into the world means that I know that I'm tracking germs into the house when I come home- and I wanna worry about. What's on the bottom, my shoes- I just wanna- enjoy my time in the house, so I disinfect with Clorox disinfecting MA
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