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Behind the Scenes Minis: Isadora

2021-02-26 | 🔗

Holly and Tracy talk about Holly's childhood perceptions of Isadora Duncan and how the famous dancer broke convention. They also talk about the peccadillos of Duncan's autobiography, and her relationship with sexuality.

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I have a particular affinity for Isidore either because, as you know, I studied dance as a kid all. The way up your college- and I remember like I went to a ballet school when I was a kid that was a little bit serious right lake, while my friends were having recitals that involved, frilly, costumes and stuff mine was pink tights blankly at cards. It's about technique. There was no like proof in our recitals. We eventually got to where flowers in our here- and that was like big news, simple to flowers. I remember as a kid who was, I truly loved away and I still do, but I also had that part of me that was lake. Wouldn't it be cool if we could we're not a black leotard and tight every single time, and I remember having a history of dance book and seen pictures of Isidore Duncan in those chiffon robes that just draped,
like her yeah, her little leotard that match the color of her skin underneath and nothing else, and thinking like that with amazing and she doesn't have shoes on what is this. So I have like a weird my childhood romance with her definitely informs my ongoing interest in her story got even though our website does not have a place to have pictures anymore. I still get pictures for episodes as much as possible, and I was looking through all these issues. We're a Duncan pictures and in a lot of em I was like this to revealing, should look at it anywhere, but so you can
Imagine what was going on in one thousand nine hundred and six when she was dressing like that yeah. She also is interesting. It's it's hard right. This is a two part episode, and even so I had to cut out some stuff that I really found exciting and enthralling right, like she had clothes made for her by Paul Poiret, because you could see where there is esthetics completely over. oh sir, and he also made a little dress for her daughter Deirdre at one point that lake she talks about the embroidery on these little frills and how Deirdre just felt like the fanciest kid in the world when she wore them She also met Alister Crowley. A one point: Crowley wrote about her when she was kind of getting into her mysticism phase dissolve pretty interesting. Like has said, I really really a door. I blew, I love her memoir itself fascinating in thunder. Read some of it gets a little confusing is like a said, she never calls parasite.
By his name, shows Gaza blown grim and so initially the first time I read it chooses the in a lot of places. She just EL period, and I like, who is this l person backtracking through enemies is that the Sabre my cross referencing, the anything is she includes no date. She is free. We women that that thing, so you have to leg
look at another biography or other like newspaper accountability, our aid in this year. She was amiss city. Now I see what's going on here. The timeline is a little bit tricky. I have another quote from her from the book that didn't really fit anywhere at the heats up at CERN, but it is about her relationships with her lovers and how she viewed them and I just loved it. She wrote as a parenthesis. You may notice in his autobiography that I have always been faithful to my loves and in fact, would probably never have left any of them if they had been faithful to me for just as I once loved them. I love them still and forever. If I have parted from so many, I can only blame the fickleness of men and the cruelty of fate, which
love. I also feel like this is her on a subconscious level rebelling against her mother, who, you know hated her father after they broke up and said TAT the horrible things, and she said no, I I love all of my axes. We stay close forever. I don't live like my mom, I'm different kind of interesting seems like an interesting family, dynamic there that we didn't explorer it's hot, Oven episode, but with her relationship with her mother and her relationships with her siblings? And yeah yeah. They really were like they kind of love their own little insular worlds door.
I will say I have only ever seen one photograph of her and she was rough. Taking leave you to fall, you can see where is adored Duncan got. Her looks for my money, at least in that picture. Dora is even even more striking than her daughter. It is interesting that her mom kind of raised her to be this freewheeling spirit, but then lake still those those limitations in her own cultural mores that using their now, not not that free spirited back it up to raise merited. raise merited idea right. It is really interesting to me that I mean her mother clearly had around baggage. Everyone does that
and a guest in met. A young woman and got married and essentially broke up their magical family circle. Her mom was really angry about the whole thing. Tat big. She describes her as being very betrayed and feeling, like you know, Augusta had turned his back on them, even though he was still very much in their lives. It is just, as you said, there's a lot of family dynamic to unplug
as they are now some Farrabee might find a better our instead for every Y. All of them could I mean you know we were not in a time when that would have been readily available for everyone or even viewed in an appropriate manner. It is, but there are moments reading her her, but she says on occasion some very strange racist things about dance and dance from Africa. J do not get any how because that is like a whole. Other weird raft, I feel like her entire life is of dictated by the fact that she was incredibly confident but clearly, to my mind anyway, was also driven by this constant need for validation.
Issues like I don't care about anyone else's rules like she clearly wanted people to like her and like her art am I I am forever fascinated by the psychology of that and how it drives people to behave yeah. Her writing about her kids is very moving pictures of her with her children. I mean she obviously was a very devoted, dedicated mother. You know she was at that point in a position where singer was poor inferred have things like nannies, but she was still very hands on with her kids. She talked about how you know she did what anybody who loses someone tragically does. Were you backtrack and go if I had made this decision differently? If I had made this design differently like one of her, I don't know if it was the same name ear or someone else that worked in their household had said early in the day, o, like the weather, isn't great deepening the kids should go out.
The goal, of course they should go, have lunch with Patrick's father in and she blamed herself for ever for that she talks about it over and over in her book after that tragedy that she thinks about that conversation again, which is, I can imagine, carrying that around. She never really recovered from that. I dont know how anyone would be expected to buy. Now that is the sad, beautiful, enthralling stream story of his very Dunkin, who I love this child. Did I never got into modern nance until I was in college is kind of interests, and then I loved it, but you I was a bun head up until that point, and so it was very freedom, lovely an ideal, encourage you go
Look it videos of that have been recorded of of the people who have passed down her choreography and danced it today and then think about how that would have looked to people in the early nineties. Hundreds who were really pretty much like exposed to ballet as a form of professional there we like, because even by today's standards there are people who are like ADA out, don't get this. This is it for me and then to consider how completely dramatically different it was from everything that had gone before realise how she changed the entire landscape of profession, emanate this by just thinking about all of the fun stories of her as a kid being very, very precocious and lighting a nurse now I'm your ram, your baby, it's in my damn through re yelling to other kid
But the thing is, they believe: didn't we're not real and lying to people that she was a teenager when she was not so that she can charge them more. Money is a professional teacher of all of this, so that that is our little discourse on Isidora Duncan, and I hope that people now understand that she's a lot more than that one horrible day in September nineteen, forty seven, I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend if you get some time off, I hope you enjoy it and get some rest and take care of your staff and stay safe. We will be right back here next week to talk about more staff and we hope you are too if you'd like to subscribe in the meantime. Do that on the I heard you an apple pie, gas or whatever it is, you listen stuffy must, in history class, in the production of Iheart rating
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