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Behind the Scenes Minis: Joan Curran and Murasaki Shikibu

2020-01-10 | 🔗

On today's casual Friday talk, Tracy and Holly talk about the surprising level of recognition Joan Curran got from male contemporaries, war debris, and the skeevier aspects of the "Tale of Genji."

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about Joan Current, who is a scientist that is just not gotten her due in the public sphere. In my opinion, I dont know how stumbled across her. This is, I do not remember. I like early, have Multiple lists that I keep in various states of disarray. I have one on my phone that are potential episodes, but then I also have lay kind of mine adaptation of like a bullet journal style notebook that I keep with me, keep on my stuff in literally scrawled on one pages like two months ago is the name Joan Current and I don't remember how I got to it, but then I went back to it recently. Music. We. Why didn't I jump right on this and I dont know I may, because I became meant a lot of science lately, but I it was one of those things where the refreshing and beautiful part of it.
he is how, over and over the men who were her. Colleagues and friends were always very quick to correct people who did not recognise that she was a heavy hitting brilliant scientists in her own right. Mrs awesome yeah, that's not something that you always here like. There was one instance, I'm gonna get some of the details Roxana. Have the the notes right in front of me, but where one of her friends recounted when he was like first meeting their family and they were at some like academia, events and she was sitting at this table with other physicists and It was, I believe, when her her husband, Samuel was was head of the the University of Strap. Clyde's AM science department and some one said something about. You know what a good sport she was to sit there, Listen to them and, like two of the men at the table were like she smarter than the rest of us put together so like that
there really lovely think that she and her colleagues were never. She seemed to not suffer that situation. That happens a lot of women scientists or it's like that's cute, that you did research. The men are talking that never seem to happen, particularly considering that she was working in the nineteen, thirteen and nineteen forties when it was a lot less common for a woman to have a seat at table in terms of the level of research she was doing and clearly like the Royal Airforce and british leader. I recognise that this was a smart person who needed to be utilised for her intellect to make contributions to the war effort, which I was kind of to me. The best take away from the whole thing we are talking about. War is very difficult in general, as I get older, it gets harder and harder to read. These accounts because the more you learn about the world, the more you recognize like the the depth of impact of, even sometimes seemingly small gestures or small moments. But we like
I'd, never really learned the degree of devastation of Hamburg during the raids during operation. Gomorrah I remember getting a very, very brief version of it like in high school of lake. These are very big bombing raids. There were civilians killed, but I litter had not ever until I dug into her story and that particular result of her work like how horrifying it was, and everyone who lives through it and later spoke about. It talked about being really like a hell on earth, and what's really interesting in that as well, is even the men who were involved in that raid on,
the allied side talking about how, at the time they were like cheering as they thought it had gone so well and when they realized what had really happened and how completely destroyed Homburg was like they all felt, a weird sort of conflict and guilt about it that I think a lot of them were dealing with for the rest of their lives, yeah, yeah and, as I said in the share, but I feel like there- the bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Yet allow more attention, at least here in the U S than all of the other destruction leading up to that point when it like that, wasn't something that was unique to the end of the war. No in it and be now, it's Ets is one of those things that makes you think about the things that humans will do to one another there in the names of strange, strange efforts here
on a potentially lighter note, as your researching this did. You find anything about like the clean up effort of all of this material that was dropped around because it just seems like a lot You know what I didn't, but it is a good question. I mean I kind of suspects, That what happened in a lot of cases, although Don't know for the the D day prep, where they using it really more as a sort of wartime theatre effort. This would not have been the case, but when they using it during bombing raids. I suspect that there was so much destruction in general that kind of that material got lumped into the general clean up without really separating out what that was verses. You know, collapse, buildings, verses, you know the loss of human life at all kind of got lumped together as well.
big problem to rebuild from would be my guest, but I dont know, and that's a good question other than knowing that a cow ate some. I don't have a lot of info about what the gap was on all that aluminum. There are still some places that have those strips of aluminum that have been recovered as like museum pieces right, I saw some others when I was browsing around the internet was one of the things that just curious about, and there are also things that are surely much more damaging than window that is left behind during wartime. I'm really. We have unexplored
ordnance that we react hot on unearthed, pretty ray. I was just curious. It is fast aiming at was painted black because I didn't want the reflective nature of aluminum to give away anything either. So in some cases I suspect people didn't recognize that it was a luminous stripping. Verses part of it, a damaged building or other bomb damage occurring cause. It didn't look like a shiny metal thing, thou be my guest sin, so the second thing that we talked about this week was mere psychiatric. He ruined the tale of Genji. My introduction to this. as was the case with say, shouting on was a class that I took in college called mediaeval women writers, which has actually inspired a number of episodes of the show it that this point, because other people that we read included Marjorie Camp the book of the city.
Ladys, we read in the classic. There is a lot of things that, over the past several years have eventually made their way into episodes, but this was a class. Unsurprisingly, a clue about medieval women writers, which was an elective taught in the literature Department of a university that had more women than men at it was taught by a woman and had a majority people in the class, mostly women and boy did we think Genji was gross. The translation that we read was one of was by Edward Shine Sticker in the 70s and we did not read the whole entire book because that's just not reasonable. In the course of a college class, we have like ten different works, that you can read one thousand pages but we have this abridgment, where all of the chapters that we were reading were from the earlier parts of the book. So all of the chapter, but we were reading were about Genji and his affairs and just the very ski part of abducted.
ten year old and grooming, her to be his wife and we were all like we don't like this guy. He seems like a player, he's Reno, breaking all these women's hearts and causing all this emotional wreckage, and our professor were like this was like this. With the addition of the book we had available to us, it's unfortunate that it only includes material from the early chapters in the back, because you only see like player again gee. You don't see old fat gambling for later on when it's like all of his youthful pursuit of olive. These women has like caught up with ham and he is sad and wistful and wants to just become a man,
can leave the world and we were all like we have. We don't really care, though we still think is good. I love that you have such an academic introduction to that and the pillow book, because my introduction of the pillow book is from the nineteen. Ninety six Peter Greenaway, film of the same name, Nokia, which I dont know if you ve seen it I don't think so. It is say shown alone is listed as one other writers, along with Peter Greenaway, but it is not part of it it starts Vivian we do and even Macgregor, and it's a really beautiful film. If you love Peter Greenaway, which I do he is not for everyone, so either after seeing it was like wait. This is it listed like a writer from hundreds years ago as one of the writers, I looked it up from there and that's how I got a to that, similarly, not entirely similarly, but hail of Genji. I got introduce to you because I was working as and acquisition specialist in college library,
free and we got a sea wrong version of the tale of Genji. That was a really beautifully designed thing that was intended to like, a new way that you could take English speaking students through that whole thing, but it became very apparent to me, even with my limited knowledge of the original text, that this particular piece of education seem to focus a lot more on explaining like the hierarchy and the court culture part of it and they really skipped over alike like the sexual interludes and the the romantic part of it, because I dont know how you would do that on a cd rom in the early two, thousands it being a really really the hoodie yeah, but so I came at both of these from a very pop culture, place and then just because I was curious and did my own reading learned about them, but not from a literature class
It seems like when I was researching the one about the pillow book that came out about those years ago. At this point, I kept finding you too, videos from an from an enemy, and I was like to check that out at some point, but I never. I never did so. Maybe I'll manage to do that at some point anyway, I'm glad I finally got to move for up to the top of the list, because she's been on listen literally said stay wine and at various points people have been like hey good. You do an absurd honour and every time unlike ever to similar to the thing that I was like it's been so long doesn't matter. This point might have been we're. We have done the back to back, but not not a big deal. There is a strange, odd satisfaction with finally getting a topic off your list. That's been there for years, yet you have never share. Ok, Taylor Genji check, yet
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