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Behind the Scenes Minis: Kudzu and Quimby

2021-06-25 | 🔗

Tracy and Holly talk about their own experiences with and thoughts about kudzu. They also discuss Harriet Quimby's journalism career, her stance on feminism, and that fabulous purple satin jumpsuit.

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source for where and when you can experience all the excitement in the proponents. Don't miss the return to an eventful season in the Poconos Subscribe to personal mountains, podcast on the hard podcast network or anywhere you listen or just head. Devotional mountains, dotcom your true Welcome to stuff. You missed in history, glass of production I heart radio, having right. I am Tracy bewilderment and I'm Holly fry this week on the show. We talked about the fact that guy up our studies- and we talked about reverence of cuts in one of the things that I do on a regular basis, I have this giant collection of our assess beads from all of these places that publish art.
that are related to history and archaeology in some way, and I go through them regularly to bookmark staff that might make an appearance in a forthcoming unearthed episode and some of the places that publish these various articles, doped strictly publish about our key ology in history, and so there will be articles that are us not exactly in the same umbrella, and one of those recently was about the discovery of a fossil of a plant. The dinosaurs had eaten and the headline for this article had described it as dinosaur food and so my mind kind of went, hey self. Do you remember when you were a child, and you thought that country was dinosaur food because you could imagine a big old brontosaurus just like eating the codes you out of the town of an area and that pretty quickly went too? We should do a pod cast about Cuds you, because I really want to find out how much of
my in incredibly limited understanding of how we got so much Cuds. You is actually true see you grew up in the south. I moved to the south when I was nine from the Pacific Northwest an eye. Similarly, the way people described it was like it's coming, for you look like a Stephen King novel, yet a cut zoo. Will tell us all. If we don't monetary that at all times, you don't sleep with your windows open, because the Cubs vine might come in while you're sleeping and strangled Now, when I tell you in my experience, privet is way worse but again. I am had a fight with some asiatic bitter sweet over the weekend. That is growing around our house and Missis. three of things they get rid of the bitter sweet, as it's not great
a lot of the other invasive plans that we mentioned in the episode our plants that I've heard up before some of them. Specifically I've heard about how much damage their doing, in particular, ecosystems, where they have really taken, often thrived. I did not really realise how many of them are just such a much bigger problem than cuts zoo is covering just a lot more acreage and damaging a lot more other plants, because, like heads, you has become this short hand for the invasive thing that is taking everything over yeah. I will say- and I was glad you mentioned goats at the end, because in my head I just kept going like get the goats to get. The goats can do steep hills, though eat happily for a long time until you stopped
yeah goats. It seems like the easiest and who doesn't love a goat. I mean you can rent goats to come to your house and devour the things that you don't want to deal with yet and I go tender will come with them. You just get to stand there and watch goats. That's great I've solved codes, you you guys know what else thought of this before. How do I know you better yet so man that James Dickie poem, I feel, like eighty percent of the articles, that I read reference that poem either referencing it or quoting from it. There was one honestly pretty pro kazoo book that I read it included a lot of recipes for we know ways to cook
kids, you and crafts instructions for things to make with kids. You up. You know General Lee presenting Cuds you as a plant that has a lot of uses and that we should learn to live with and and learn from printed this entire poem at the beginning of it. You know, apparently, with permission of either James Dick Ear James. I guess James Dickie was still living when this book was printed. the poem is not pro cuds you in any way. The poem is very aunt. I cuds you could see was like a monstrous were boating kind of evil presence in this parliament. Also, I find the poem to be racist. It's got a lot of overtones about lake in invading japanese people and invading emigrants and like I did not love it. I got very tired of hearing it. I got to this point late in the day when I only had three or four articles left to go, and I was like please
Please no more James, Dickie James Dickie, also the author of deliverance, a book that I feel like reinforced a lot of incredibly negative stereotypes about south and about man, so had just a lot of James Dickie frustration. While working on this show safe to say, Tracy is not a James Dickie Fanchons yeah yeah, there are other southern writers Ya'Ll. So many I only recently discovered the use of arrowroot in cooking, so I didn't realize until Lucas had fairly recently in the last year and a half that codes, you had all of these fabulous cooking options that came now, I'm like looking around the backyard
where some kids, you committee, which is not wise. I had to get an app that takes pictures of you take a picture of your plan, because not only that, but you can also by like kids, you powder at a lot of Asian,
It's impossible is how I discovered it yeah, I thought about making a little field trip to an asian market, and I did not. I did not get around to that. While working on this, some of the things that I had seen people make with kids, you cause there's been kind of cuddly renaissance. In some ways people trying to lay sort of reclaim cuts, you ever a thing that can really be a delicacy, and I saw some shafts that were working in cuts with kids. You in ways that seem just really interesting and beautiful. Even I came away like us think I said an episode that when I was a kid, especially when it was green, actually thought could see was kind of pretty nights. I came away from the episode more sympathetic to kids you than I had been before. I dont think I ever went through a Cuds. You dislike
he it I'm just like many people. I think that actually live in the south. At this point, like that's cause, you got a good deal with it or just let it be an unheard, then let it when we we live in a cul de sac. That's kind of at the bottom of two hills and across the street from our cul de sac is a ravine coded in Cuds. You got seems like a good spot for some kids, you it's quite beautiful. We get a lot of rain and the rain runoff always goes towards that ravine in its also, where a lot of Pharaoh cats lives. Apparently, cats love, it is with them in my head. They have like me, Zaki Level CAT kingdom developed in the cuts
over there, but that I, I have always been curious and I've never asked any of the people that live on that side of the thoroughfare. If they are fighting with the kids. You were just sort of you know it's it's kind of naturally being beaten back by just them living and using that land in whatever way they use it, but happy in the ravine forever gal. I remember there being this one patch of color zoo right by my elementary school when I was a child and it was like the elementary school, the school athletic fields where we all play.
Kick bawler whatever recess and in this kind of oddly shaped patch of woods that was adjacent like between the road and the school property that had been taken over by catch you and I have not driven through their in some years. At this point, so I looked on Google Street view and it doesn't appear that its there anymore, or so. I wonder if someone made the effort to to get rid of it or if I miss remembering where that stand of cuts. Anyway, is that I am were driving pass all the time, my childhood. Well, the Good NEWS is, if someone got rid of it. Probably its babies live on somewhere in the airline where one of the things we talked about this week was Harry a Queen Bee who, as we mentioned, appeared in the in the show before, but just one part of four in an episode in my mistake, all there's so much good stuff about her life. She needs her own yeah there
few. A few prior Hearst's episodes that incorporate multiple people to look at some specific facet of something. It's not exactly like the six impossible episodes series that we ve done, but you know like that. One is about four specific flights that were done I female aviators than I think is the second time that one of those aviators has been made another appearance on the show, because one of them is also Jackie Cochrane, but I resisted doing a full episode, Jackie Cochrane, for a really time because she had already been in that earlier thing, but that earlier thing really is like five minutes on her. Both Jackie conquered AIM Harriet, certainly worthy of more discussion on that we talked about it, summoned the episode, but I really like I said I really did want to make sure we highlighted how much like she gets called him aviator
the time, but really journalism was drive in the bus imperiously. That was that was the whole reason. She even went to watch a plain flight demonstration for the vote. I was going to write about bad right. You know if she had been a journalist, she would not have have ended up there being captivated by all things new and exciting, as she'd tended to be. I will say this if you like, hit her articles, she was not a brief writer like she would write very lengthy really well written articles, but like they were, they were not short. She tended to write long form articles, one of which eight I stumbled across. I didn't really you. is a source because it wasn't really germane to the the story but, like she read this article at one point about the importance of starting art. Schools in the United States
and how we needed our own art tradition. That was supported by a really strong and well thought out curriculum for people that were coming up and wanted to be artists and to celebrate the culture that we already had as a melting pot. Quite quite fund a red. Yes, she also read a great article that I stumbled across about where she kind of turns the table on gender roles in acting where there were already so many articles about starlets who were just now lured by by the man of potentially being famous and of being on screaming she wrote when it's all about Lake Young, an upward many actors and she kind of talks about them in the same language, pretty funny and even says at the top of the article. I know what You're about to read, you would normally think was about women, but it's about guys yet, and so very you see how she was able to
really ride that line of being a little bit. She he and challenging her readers, but also being so charming in winsome, in the way that she wrote that people are like. Of course, we should talk about this ass. She didn't seem to ever have a lot a backlash, even when she did rates and pretty challenging articles, which is day interesting and not something that gets talked about much at all. I will say this: I'm completely captivated by that purple saddened, jumpsuit, yeah, hello, future hollowing outfits, their measures, bits its darling, yeah. It's one of those things where there are some description shall read of her. You no kind of getting today airfield, particularly if they were local to New York and driving up in her car in getting out and just kind of looking like. This sort of unusual, completely original fashion plate in and being a remind
me a little bit of when we talked about teeny sand Weena. Who is this woman? Who is the opposite of diminutive? You know she was a tall woman in very strong, but also always leg dressed to the ninth and your nails were always done, and it's kind of like that. Like here's, a woman who is challenging everything, you say, about what a woman's role is, but she also knows how to stay with in people's perceptions of what a woman should be just enough But she didn't make anybody angry about it and there was a level of acceptance there, which seemed to be her entire ethos like and saying. Oh, no, I'm I'm not a feminist. I don't believe in that course. Women should vote and have equal rights, but I'm not a feminist, don't want you get mad about. It
it's just an interesting thing to unblock. When I think about it. You will hear similar things today, like I feel like the idea of people saying: oh, I'm not a feminist but and then having all of the same perspectives as lake Mainstream Feminism like that still happened. Yes, yes hundred percent. I a hundred percent for sure said that when I was in college, I retain time same same same same. We did not get into John Ways, but he's another one that could be an episode on his own cause. There's some there's a lot to unpack layer, happily, where his money came from and his life, which was it solved with revolutions in all kinds of things before his untimely death. I feel like all of the people. It seems in early aviation also have a whole other back story,
being sort of remarkable, which is probably what led them to embrace this sort of dangerous and completely new and untested area. There's like a personality typing that you could probably do if you wanted to make a big grid about it. But, yes, again, a great great hollowing costume idea that purple satin wool lined jumpsuit here, some worm bird coup, whether Halloween too oh yeah, that's another they went comes up. That's funny is the the ways that people tried to help her make sure she was warm enough on her flights produce English channel flight, where their leg she's wearing the jumpsuit. Bitches too, on top of it and some of us stuff some newspapers in around her, and also we put a what
Babo in her lap, a hot water bottle. Has we dont know if she's gonna be able to handle the cold weather up there because again imagine open, cockpit, Gaia Lake, no one could probably without a little bit of help, handle that kind of temperature change. So but again, I hope my fingers are crossed my fingers toes here, follicles, etc that we will see someone dressed as area equipment for all we. That is my wish this year so again, Happy Friday, everybody hope we got good things on your play for the weekend. Whatever is on your plate for the weekend, I hope it's off them well being.
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