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Behind the Scenes Minis: Paré and Gardens

2021-05-21 | 🔗

Holly and Tracy talk about Paré's work in context on the timeline, and then a very cool modern gardening project using the book we mentioned this week, "The Feate of Gardening."

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happy Friday, everybody unholy fry and I'm crazy me wealth in Tracy. We talked about employs path aid this week we sardine level of french history always but also in have gotten just so fascinated by medical history, so he was a fun one to cover. We didn't get to deepen to any gross specifics. Regarding surgery thing, I did send you a very silly ping last night, where I had found a translation of one of his work, that trend a title to chapter that I won't say in its its actual translation as I found it, because it is a little blue, but basically it was a general treatment of hot, we'll, say: p yeah, there's theirs is the morgue,
free version of it. But what was funny? I was trying to explain this to my husband who use like why. Why would anybody worry about that and I think, because that's the translation that is about urinary tract in yeah it's addressing the burning sensation. That happens. If you have a duty, I music, which just sent us down a road of giggling like children, because we are yup I like you. I found myself marvelling at the time period in which he was working yeah, I dont think of Like all of the religious wars and the staff with the Mediterranean in the huge, no conflicts being a time when there was a lot of lake surgical invention going on yeah, but that is exactly when he was working. I really did just now. Go well when I briefly Google cover me, we ve talked about some whales
a year than that medical and also surgical. Figures like likes the shrewd from way before but still win win, I when I googled and saw the word surgeon I expected the year to start with more like an eighteen right, Scythia I So we ve mentioned that we have tried to like it get our from you're going a little bit more, at least at least feature our new episodes when they come out with which has meant finding artwork- and I was like I know this- I'm so long ago are, is they're gonna, be artwork that that we can find amused, and may
there are so many depictions of ham like so many engravings that are probably from additions of his books and then works of art and statues, and I was like this is so much for somebody that I really don't think I had heard of until I asked who you were working on for this week, and you told me yeah, I mean I his complete works. We mention that it, it was republished and multiple additions. I think it got to something like thirteen additions before it became considered leg outdated enough that they were necessary, ring for granting aid for medical texts, which is astounding. I also had a moment of lake, really they were using a thirteen hundred year old text by gay win as most medic medical colleges and that to me as very sobering, I mean we
in the modern era. You no medical knowledge shift so quickly gas, you known nothing is ever absolute. There can always be a new discovery that sheds light on anything. So the idea that something hundreds of years old I mean if we, if you went to a doctor, Virgilius surgeon who was being trained and things that were from two hundred years ago. You would be like I gotta go, but, like literally just in this same recording session that we recorded this episode. We also recorded the one about the Nelson Pill, hearings that I felt like I had a caveat, because the thing I was referencing may be in a totally different state in two entire weeks when the episode comes out yeah.
Which is is in some ways, really really cool. I love that we do live in an age where scientific knowledge is forever surprising us, but it is also, as that kind of situation, points out its tricky, because we will often do something and then publish it, and it's out dated almost instantly. This is just the trick of our lives, they think tat. His history is alive and it's happening every day. I do like that. The final book of and was pathways career was this synergy. Exchange rate tat ended in it ended in a real
we show of a french medicine at its. It seems so weird to me that someone's ego would be so great that they would go after a man who is so obviously beloved right by the military by the public by his fellow barber surgeons, before he became a master surgeon by the medical community, because they recognized his contributions in this guy would go. You know what I want to make a name for myself by pick a fight you in public come alone. Why were you think, indeed the humiliation that he guy? I don't know just from the brief synopsis of of that whole exchange, unlike may seems like you got what was coming to you right in that right. Yeah, I'm humans, humans, everybody's got their weird thing, but I am forever grateful by the about this idea of you know: hey, let's, remember that our patients are human
They are kind and that we should treat them with kindness and that we should treat everyone whether they are a wealthy person or a king, or you know the lowest ranking person in the Bible, like they should all get the same level of care and treatment, because all of them are worth saving that to me is such a unique perspective at this time. When everything was about hierarchy, I mean we talked about even in the medical community, from barber surgeon to surgeon to physician how all of those petty arguments were going on, and it's like this one dude he's like no everybody be cool Let's take care that the goal should be taken care of everybody match our egos, hey Ray whites. I love you, I'm sure he had his faults. They just start recorded for history. We talked about gardening, Missus Tracy we dead. I alluded to my problem as a guy.
This happens to me over and over I'm sure this is a soil problem. I have never gotten it to work out right, which is that I will, because I am a fall, loving person and I love pumpkin everything I try to grow pumpkins all the time in some I grow beautiful pumpkins, but every time I crack them open, not every time, but a lot of times and cracked them open. I discover that they ve had blossom wrought. So they aren't. You saw me outside blow me inside there just like slimy injustice, which is the heartbreak of my soul,
However, I should do make a lot of squash blossom case. It is stirring the their early bloom period because their gorgeous and usually year, your first big batches of blooms on those guys are not gonna produce any kind of vegetation like you're, not gonna, get anything usable in terms of an actual squash pull those things often put him in a young case. It wishes the other fun thing I wanted to mention now, which is truly one of these projects that just captures ones imagination. In its rate, at my own, relates to our episode on Bodiam Castle, because one of the volunteers at Bodiam, a woman named jam, black, has decided she is going to try to recreate some of the original kinds of landscaping in plants. There
be they're using none other than the feet of gardening. No nice, which I think is just absolutely brilliant. I know she was working on this several years ago, so I'm not sure where this project is at this point they had started like their herb garden in twenty twelve and then did textile blandly plants. It could be used for dying and then they started doing ornamental plants in twenty four team, and so there their continuing they have been in should the library at Trinity College Cambridge to have some access to the information in the manuscript. And there are eighty nine main herbs that are in that book and so on and another twelve plants that are mentioned and said. They are. Are why,
cataloguing the plants that are still growing bodiam, because some of them are still there that are mentioned that have presumably been there for all this time. Just self propagating and then there there are forty five remaining, but they dont have in their trying to see, or they were, as of as of twenty fifteen see if they could start successfully propagating them. I this is the kind of profit that I love a good check list and, above all, sort of strange and marvelous effort to recreate something. I love it. I, but I love it up. It are you base gardening this year? No! So, ah, so when I was a kid from the time that like a lot- the earliest. I can remember until my mom eventually went back to work full time. We
re, literally every vegetable that we ate ray and so that there was no hall, the whole spring summer and fall was like planting and tending and harvesting and canning, and a big part of why we eventually stop doing. That was that, like my brother and I got to the point that we had other interests and we weren't necessarily we around I'm the summer to to work in the garden and then Blake met my mom wanted to to go back to work full time, and then that meant that, like mom, also was not around to do all this canning and staff. It just wasn't visa anywhere. We talked about starting a garden this year. We we do have a few potted herbs. I dont think
my men made it through the winter, which surprises me me to Mint is usually they tell, I be almost done killable, but you must not be living any more, which is weird, I'm just Keitel, leaving it there to be like maybe maybe I'll come back, but Patrick wanted to start a garden. We had several friends that were gardening. During pandemic and he seemed very interested in it, and I was like I already manage so much of our household. I cannot add
managing a garden to this. This is your thing and it didn't really happen, so we may still Canada pants at this point, I feel like it's kind of for the best, because our our backyard fence is literally about to fall out, so we need to have that repaired and it's probably best to not have people tramping all through the backyard. That's may be freshly planted with stuff, but depending on how that goes once our farmers market opens up a little later in the spring a lot of times they have things that have already been started in their greenhouses.
And so we might still get some seedling, get some feelings and start from there. Instead of trying to start things ourselves from seed, there often way better off, I mean I've started a lot of stuff from seed and I always end up with kinda weird leggy situations, whereas yeah. If I M gifted plants like I was recently by people who lake are seasoned, really skilled gardeners gather them much more beautiful and happier than anything I would have started. So I am happy to have it that the little trade of I'll do some sewing for you, sir, but I was just gonna. Do I wasn't expecting anything and then she showed up with like a little palette of beautiful beautiful plants. I d like to dig in the dirt and plant things in the dirt, but my success rate in then six successfully seeing those things I did keep all of my herbs alive through the whole spring summit. Fall of last year.
And then the meant I really am still like. How did this not survive the winter? I'm not share the ones that we brought endorse survived on the window. Sill met with outside and is seemingly no longer living yeah. We now have a bunch on our front porch in containers and we'll see how they do my roses. Continue to with no effort from me be very happy. I just clipped them back and try to shape them a little, but Roses are a very hearty anyway in a lot of cases, and ours are it's funny, because you know we have that It is not an ideal for most plants, there's a lot of Georgia Clay guy in the in the base very hard. But boy do our roses: Levitt, cyber making lots of rose syrup this year,
nine rose water fresh from those we have one species of rose, variety of rose, called the twilight zone, ruse ethnic group. It blooms a very dark purple, it looks almost blackened sunlight and damn it smells like cloves and it makes the best rose water. Ever created, which is pretty exciting yeah? Are our house came with some ruses that I have tried to take some care of particularly cutting back the ones that are right next, our front stairs that become increasingly aggressive? I feel, like you, have a similar problem. In your own yard, we do. These ones are not a climbing variety, but they do just send out these tendrils that are like. Let's grow right into the stair they they have survived my lack of discipline regarding the flowers pretty well,
I'm. I'm I'm in a little bit of a minor panic. I feel like I do this. Every year we have to hardy hibiscus. It gets a little too cold here for hibiscus, but there are hardy hibiscus that are meant to to be able to winter and they dieback completely every year they're supposed to, but it is terrifying cuz you're like is there and then every year I like this, is the year they never come back. This is the year This is the year and one of them has started a really come back very quickly, but the other is still silent too.
Now worries. I really want my pink hibiscus back so we'll see what happens. That is my ridiculous flower story. It is anyone out. There knows what I need to do in a container garden to make my squash actually be beautiful and help me please write me. I have done various like tests of of various components of my soil and I'm either doing it wrong, or I'm too heavy handed with something that my mind is very happy and we're having a lot ammo. He does it my elsewhere, We hope that you have a marvellous weekend. If you have some time off, we hope you use it to restore and regenerative that includes gardening fabulous if it doesn't also cool. If you don't
time off and you may be have to work. We hope that everything goes as smoothly as possible, that you stay safe and that you have the most wonderful possible days. We will see you tomorrow with a classic and next week with Russia food supplements the district class, the production of Iheart radio for more plug gaps I heard radio visit by her radio have added mankind's or wherever you listen to your favorite shows Ben Franklin here to talk to you about clogged rings. That's right! When your kitchen sink won't train, a clog might be lingering talk to the pros at Benjamin Franklin, plumbing about clearing your homes. Plumbing issues is if Benjamin Franklin Funding, dot com or call eight seven. Seven, then seventeen seventy six to request an appointment
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