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Behind the Scenes Minis: Q&A and the Myth of Irish Slaves

2020-07-03 | 🔗

Holly and Tracy share stories about touring, and the long period of time Tracy has been planning to work on the falsehood of Irish slavery.

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doing, that, live and managing that's your bet, white intuitive lie. We, I also have a moment where it's like ok we're going to answer the questions of everyone who still in line, but please no one else join the line because, like we're, gonna run out of time rave and a lot of times, that's not like. That's not really our personal preference like we. We have agreements with the venue about what time we're gonna be done right and normally, if we can like, sometimes they will say you know you to be cleared up. The stage and auditorium area by this time, but you can hang in the lobby for longer and so will do meeting eat for as long as people are there like we do want to turn anybody away, and people can always like ask us questions in the course of that we get a kind of keep moving is Tracy's head. They hurt
venues. I always feel bad when, like the venue, staff is kind of standing there with their keys in their hand, being leg, yeah, hey it's cool it. It's cool that you like to talk to people by the chopped up, they have all been incredibly gracious in kind. They don't want to make it seem that way, but I I am always very cognizant of when the staff is ready to go home right right, yeah. We weigh earlier in the year, even at the end of last year we had sort of talks. Ok, are we gonna, try to tour again wintering in a start trying to talk about touring, and we had initially planned to start talking about touring like in the spring and then when the pandemic really
became international. Like immediate news like it, it became clear that we were not going to have a conversation about touring right then now and then, as that has progressed, I mean we're. Recording this iron June sixteenth and at it just seems incredibly unlikely that we will all be booking live, shows both because, like that, the travel involved in getting to them and then also if we did one like you- and I have had a conversation about some of the stuff- we had on the calendar that has since been like, been cancelled and we were like we're. Gonna have to not do a q and aid for this, like we can imagine each of us getting. There may be relatively safely like one of re we had been planning was an outdoor show in that is like less risky there being an enclosed spaces people, but. It would not have been able to
have a meeting greet line of a hundred plus listeners to individually talk to face to face like that. You would not have been feasible, yeah yeah, it is. I do that's one of the things I actually have Miss Miller like I like the chance to it feller enemy people in and get a chat with listeners its. I was really really fun and incredibly fulfilling so I mean I'm bombed that we don't get it do it. I'm glad you know you came up with this idea for sort of a way to do it, but yeah my favorite parts of touring are definitely the actual wives show I enjoy doing as I was like a theatre kid as a kid and like having some kind of of stage experience in my life still like that's, been really cool to commend to you as an adult, and I really enjoy talking
listeners and answering questions. Doing me great, I don't love the or her hair. Usually we get back to our hotel room well into like like night time hours like you know it often, unlike the eleven to midnight kind arranged and then a lot of times, but we need to be up and at the airport the next day really early and select that kind of turn around. I had no really miss that but I will kind amiss airports. Oh I love airport eyes now that doesn't that that part dozens pray You know I love and airport, and I love and airport bar I love and airport restaurant. The I mentioned in the episode that I had been traveling so much leading up to this. The airports felt almost like home to me at that point rightly affected
but here I don't I don't mind the turnover of getting in late in leaving early, there's only been one time where that was really dicey, and it was when we did our tour in the fall and we did Denver one night in Chicago the next night guy turns out. Those are we're gonna to get him between right and I had exactly an hour in ten minutes of sleep, and I knew that if I, like God into bed and actually went to bed. I was not going to wake up fast enough, so I slept sitting up in a chair, like I was punchy and groggy. Had a connection we're leg. I literally had eight minutes to get from gate to gate in. I think it was the man, apple as airport. It was this a crazy day, yeah and then I took a quick nap when I got to the hotel. My best friend had met up with me and cheek and a made, but honestly about that.
Tiger show with Super fun, and I had a great time and didn't feel depleted, so I guess I can do that once in awhile. My day was not nearly as pressed as yours wasn't terms of time, but I did have to get up really pretty early to get to the airport in Denver, and I remember having this moment as I was on the airplane. I think why I was like I'm going to check into the hotel and I'm going to take a nap and it's going to be so good, and then my brain was like you're going to get to that hotel at least three hours before check in time. Your room might not be ready and I almost cried not even the person who has the worst travel schedule. This is definitely not the worst thing that can ever happened to a person, but man did. I just want to go and lie down and it turned out. My room was ready. I got to have a lovely lunch with you and then have a nap escape. You can always take a lobby doze.
you are behind the themes of our key. What episode have been more about like touring when life is like when you tour, which I am it's hilarious and fun it is I'd like I definitely enjoy it, even though I just said some things that I don't enjoy about it as much its overall like a very fine but can also being terribly chaotic and disorienting experience yeah you lose track of time for sure. Like I don't know what day it is by the time were done with a tour I remember I dont remember if it was you, I was texting or my best friend when I was like I just landed, and Europe. where are you and I think I don't know, anyways again where we had flown into the sea an idea what airport I had gotten to until I had baggage claim, and then I will go. This is Reagan because I recognise that
We were going from New York, which has multiple airports to DC, which has multiple airports and, like neither of us, were departing from the same airport in New York, and we had made this whole plan about. We were gonna meet up when we, Where did, and then we were in the air when we realised are we landing at the same airport, because we definitely cannot get a car together? We're not. Where are you? I don't know yet that's anyway, if you see a centre and we seem a little scattered that's why one of our episodes this week was called. Why no one talks about the irish slaves, which is something I have been talking about doing on a show for seven years ii, because every time it comes up on the facebook page or every time, I see it as being circulated round. Unlike that's, that's not how it works, and I understood, and how
our people who can and want to be like, even if you were only temporarily enslaved, you were still enslaved. So it's the same thing but like that, just erases so much other context, and so many other things that happened in the hundreds of years since then that definitely affected, specifically african people and their descendants in a way that does not affect white irish people, like us system is not it's not the same arc of history at all. The thing that made me finally do it was, as the protests started.
They had already started, as the purse has to continue going after Memorial day like at all of these widespread protests. Are there beyond talking about one person at this point there are so many examples of people who have been unjustly killed by police. This whole movement against police brutality. I saw several threads that were about suddenly seeing a lot more of people sharing this, like a Google trends chart of the interest the term irish slaves like it, was like a hockey stick yeah. I was like, maybe maybe now it's time to finally do this episode that have attacking by doing for seven years. Did I ever tell you about the near, de the just barely averted incident in Ireland last you know,
Oh my husband, I went to Ireland last year. It was kind of lake two trips planned with two groups of people that we we juggled between and at one point we were on this beautiful carriage ride at this really beautiful place and their driver was very sweet and lovely and then out of nowhere he said people want to talk about black slaves, all the time, but at least they got to live in the house with the master. Oh, no Lange, as he felt my right arm tense up my husband, leaned over and said. Please don't start of his fight in a foreign country. I would only like my instinct was I'm going to clock this person, which is a terrible instinct by the way, am I feel like. I should absolutely one hundred percent say lake. I had an absolutely delightful time in Ireland and found
amazing people that I had very very fabulous conversations with, and that was not a prevailing kind of sentiment that I encountered. It was just this one instance, but it was just so odd and awkward and blunt and also where in a carriage being, given by this person in I dont know where at that point, so it was. If I start this fight, I dont know what happens next, when, like I'm being in a different country, has definitely cause me to respond to things differently than then like, like I have some phrases practised if a stranger says something racist in my presence right like saying
when I put some things that I am prepared to say, but like for example, when we were in Paris there was an incident were a target that we were on said something that that was not okay and I think we all kind of froze for a moment like we had conversations about after the fact that in a moment it was like all the things that I had prepared. I was like: does this even translate to re the tour guide whose first languages, not English, like it, was a whole thing sounds like I'd anytime. I want to travel internationally now I feel like I need to rehearse responses before I go. for sure, and it is one of those just weird things that took me so, like I said so off guard and I I mean it was literally lake in the middle of it was so jarring was like being in the middle of like the most delicious piece of cake you ve ever eaten and some one going that cake is ninety percent arsenic, like
was so shocking. There's a good what happened at yeah I I did not know the proper way to respond, and again I did not want to get arrested. foreign country, but we mentioned
We mention Liam Huggins weren't a couple of times and in the episode- and I mean again like like since so much work be out on this subject and also tracing where this idea comes up, because for a long time it was largely like within the United States, but in more recent years like there have also been articles from newspapers in Ireland, some of which have since been retracted that that, when two thousand eight article that we mentioned at one point was picked up by a couple of like really major publications and claims within it getting just reprinted on those publications, as fact and in some cases those have been retracted are corrected, and so, in addition to like the need for people who don't already know this history to learn about it and to be able to talk about it and count,
this information, there is also a threat to me that is about just media literacy, damned spotting. Who is in charge of this piece of content? What is their goal? Why are they writing it? Is it a website that has a lot of conspiracy theories lake, the there's there was a lot of that. That was part of it, also as a general rule, a lot of means that are shared even if they have a core of truth. That seems really exciting and in line with what people are wanting to behave like a lot of them have a lot of misinformation. Also, yeah. Also just for anybody who is gonna. Do we a Google search, for example, for Liam Hogan? You may want to delete Hogan Librarian or you will end up with a footballer dark.
therefore, I yeah he's really he's been do this for years and years and years, yeah yeah he's amazing. So hippocratic again, if you want to write history podcast about radio dogma can also follows on social media, where it missed in history and most of the social media sites and can subscribe. Our show- and I heard radio apple pie cast and wherever else get broadcasts stop pms than history class, the production of Iheart radio for more broadcasts for my heart radio visit by her radio apt added my cans or wherever you listen to your favorite shows.
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