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Behind the Scenes Minis: Rum Rebellion and Jewish History

2021-04-09 | 🔗

Tracy and Holly discuss how the Rum Rebellion is less harrowing than other similar incidents that have been covered on the show. They then discuss the Images of America book series and how Jeremy Katz's book about Atlanta's Jewish history connects the past to the present.

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Really it was somewhat new episodes drop every Thursday. You owe me a present Vienna, listen to go ass, galley on the eye heart radio at Apple pie cast or wherever you get your pod cast. Welcome to stuff you missed in history, glass of production. I heart radio having right. I am treaties, baby well FED and I'm Holly fry. We talked about the Roma labelling, it yeah. I don't. I don't know why. I had it in my head, though, solidly that we have talked about this before and I even works through, like I did a search for the words rum rebellion in my giant folder of old scripts for the show trying to be elected. We just mention it in passing in one of our. Related to Australia. Episodes like maybe the Qatar mutiny, or maybe the lady Juliana like either of them now seems
Nor is there any chance. Your brain is something it in for whisky rebellion since its spirit, they said. No definitely not at evidently not so yeah. This is definitely one of the more ridiculous coups we ve talked about, maybe the most ridiculous q, because most of the case that we have talked about on the show have been just horrifying and violent, and this has you know: horrifying contacts were talking about a prison colony in Australia, the up, but the actual circumstances of the rebellion really seem to be. Why did not go to Australia to make friends, and there were people there who had a really strong personality is already in the the actual coup itself was
animal Lee violence. There was only one person got hurt, and then you know, although Bligh and his daughter were kept on house arrest, they were also on house arrest in what was effectively the governors mansion rates. So on a spectrum of coups. It's like on the glue, fear less violent, reaches of the committee's less heroin in many that we ve talked about yeah. It also is, I think, because so much of it boils down to kind of petty bickering that gets out of control. Because of egos. Just lends itself to be more jocular tone, yeah yeah He really liked rules. I mean it's kind of a sick com re like he really liked rules, but had a temper he's like us. That wants to fit so very jumbled and messed up situation, but does it know how to do it in terms of energy? no communications so
just yeah like erase all that has gone before to institute new things which never for works now. No, I also I was kind of fascinated by the descriptions of his his sort of harangues that he would assault people with the with the torrent of insults, and I wish I had written down or or bookmarks one of the things that it with the sort of described with these were like in it. They just in some ways. Just seemed like random,
almost nonsensical torrents of insults that were really demoralising to the people who were hearing them emperor because they just didn't, they didn't make sense and they didn't fit with the way people thought that officers should be disciplining anybody rate humans in their peccadilloes yeah. If you look at pictures of of William Bligh, he also does it look like you might imagine if your familiarity with with him is like fictional depictions of the mutiny on the bounty work is kind of this red faced screaming tirade looks like a very pale person who somehow has managed to stay in the shade his whole life, in spite of being the captain of the ship and then.
living in Australia. Maybe he always had a really lovely umbrella were parasol are giving up yeah Vila about still says of lake, as I have been, you know, studying how various spirits get made in theirs. Pardon me just wants to go lake, you guys it's not that hard. You could have made more I was part of the thing- was still had been outlawed, and so they weren't supposed to have still at all right. Let's you that there's a whole long tradition of the same classes of people who were transported to Australia, also knowing how to keep their still secret so yeah. They probably had something
that would have worked as a base green to start the whole process- and I dont know or no sugar cane grocer, but you don't need you can you can with lots of other? spirits with other grains, yea of which would have been known to anybody that came from England, so rang around surprise, and we know that they are we. We had previously talked about people having ire use that use tweet as currency right. So you can man, I'm just imagining a whole, now very complicated monetary system for the colony of New South Wales overlapping between but wheat and alcohol, Yes, so anyway, now you know what's kind of weird connections. My brain will go down his claims about it,
so Tracy this week we had as a guest the wonderful, very charming Jeremy cats yet has just so delightful to get to spend time with him and talk I was so excited because it was kind of happening. At the same time, we were getting that episode, ready that he got to talk about having picked up the Hebrew Bible, the John US off had been sworn in their own right, and he mentioned that that that Bible head belong to rub. I Rothschild I dont remember if we connect the dots really that, like he was a civil rights leader, he was the rabbi at the Temple right when it was bombed and ninety fifty eight, so is a really interesting piece of history for a number of reasons and that they now get to have it in their collection and sharing people as this, this monument, all you known, Prop, sounds D.
Into it, but there's an item. That's that's part of the problem of the world stage of lake. These very vital moments- injurious history in ITALY, in a manner as to very cool history, is still alive yeah we're making it all the time. So I went to that museum once when I lived in Atlanta out when there with my friend Aaron and we may have exhibit that is like a history of the jewish community in Atlanta, through a set of, I think eighteen artifacts there's a number of art
that's hamper airy exhibit was on Maurice, send back, you loved it. So much the other thing I got really excited about. When you told me you were doing this interview his. I am so fascinated by the these images of Amerika books that this I look in part as like any time I walk into some random in the middle of nowhere place, that has a gift shop and the gift shop hasn't images of America book that is about that specific places. History, I'm just deeply fascinated by I have I have one of whom on my desk right now, which is about a place called break heart reservation, which today is like a park with lots of walking trails and a playground in an hiking in that kind.
Thing, I'm having the whole history of it and as soon as utopian those like this, I'm incredibly just like I I want to note number one were like I have this imagines world of like how how it becomes how these books come into existence in so many places, and then any time I see one I just wanna through it and take it home. I would have a whole library of just images of America Bourgeois random places. There really really good, and I was glad that Jeremy share to this kind of the process of how that came to be a thing in, and you know he of course kind of had a similar approach. In mind already, so he was a little ahead of the game by TAT I mean it's one of those things to right. Eye lived in Atlanta for a long time now, like thirty years and just flipping through it, you know is, is an interesting one.
Not quite down memory lane, because many of these things certainly predated my time here, but you see the things that that continue to persist as part of it lay in a culture one of the things that really kind of struck me. It does not look exist. Any longer it been absorbed by a larger conglomerate but which is department store, for the very long is too vague. Yeah. I com of Atlanta cots yeah, and I wish I were dinner riches. For years I worked in the salons, their yeah, so to see pictures of the original riches yeah. I just did something to my heart it's I don't know for one of the other. Like previous temporary, exhibit at the museum like. Was it a history of riches which that was really like? I did precisely that limit at that issue. Illegal. It's very, very yeah you do sort of realise how much how much Atlanta has been shaped by his jewish community in ways that we
I would appreciate, so I was really happy to have him honor. Thus, we also made a deal after we finish, recording that once we are both vaccinated, I'm gonna go visit the agreement, He's gonna give me a tour which I was lonely little by little or of a museum, exciting mind my dream, my dream scenario: so we are going to do that and hopefully uphill. Let me take you to lunch or something, but I I help people I mean like you, I love these books. I just think vision, They offer such an easy entry point to history and in ways that their own also always so well written, even others. Limited text space, its leg, whoever edits them to be concise, but also really clear and very good Conveying you know really the importance and the significance of what you're saying doing any plus job, whoever the editors are of a series kudos. You have said so
wherever you are run into these, I highly recommend them again. I'm just super grateful. I had that conversation, the head We hope that whatever the weekend has in store for you that it is delightful and enjoyable and that you have as good a time as possible- and we will see right back year, starting tomorrow with a classic and then next week, with new episodes stuff. You missed in history class, the production of a heart radio for more planned cats. For my heart radio visit by her radio app added my cans or wherever you listen to your favorite shows
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