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Behind the Scenes Minis: Seneca Village and Unearthed!

2020-07-31 | 🔗

Holly and Tracy discuss the week's topics, including their own experiences with Central Park, and a segment of the summer edition of Unearthed! that Tracy cut.

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I haven't read hello up into the pond. Can somehow we fry band, I'm tracing me will welcome the cash Fridays are, we doing are behind the scenes. Many soon's this week we talked about Seneca Village, which is it was something I've had on my list for a long time gap. And then you know the list is like building a castle on sand. It's always shifted but I was really really glad too to be reminded of it and to take some time to dig into it. It's one of those things that I central Park, and I often go when I'm in New York, but now I have a vested interest in seeking out this area so that I can just go and see it for myself, even others. Nothing of the original village. They are on the site. You can just new union that space and I wanted
out the the various plaques that they put up to commemorate and explained the history and see how all of that is has managed. Yet we are having a thunderstorm at my house. So if any listeners hurl classic wide it's happening, you may hear thunder. In the background I have. I think I've only been to central park, maybe once because the first time that I went to New York City, I was I was in my bed like I did- was an eighth grade field trip seventh or eighth grade. I was in middle school. We took a bus overnight from North Carolina to New York City with the springs class is I was in, and at that point I don't know how much of this was influenced by the fact that we were North Carolina kids from a not very like a
school I think, was technically in the city but like we are mostly from a relatively rural area, and I know how much of it was influenced by that and how much of it was really real. We were told not to go anywhere near central park because it was dangerous well would have been more dangerous than yeah bye, bye, I'd, I dont know how much of that was real danger and how much of it was like big city, definitely went through a very dangerous period. Ok, so yeah we did not. We did not go there the first time you and I ever did alive- show of this podcast. I was really that's about it, which is funny to me in hindsight, but I just like I was very nervous and so Patrick We now have lunch somewhere and then we went on a walk and when I got into central park I was like this is huge,
I did not have a conception of how big bad park is at all. Yeah strike gigantic. This episode, So really reminded me of a briefing that we too start in an earlier episode, which is when we talked about the zoom suit riots. A similar process of Chavez Ravine being cleared out of all of its residents to build Dodger Stadium, which, like that I had had some similar traits in terms of people being suspicious of the residents there, because they were predominantly hispanic and then how outside or is viewed that neighbourhood versus how the people living there viewed the neighborhood. Very similar outcome of. Then there was a stadium there instead of homes yeah, I I love Central Park Brian and I have gotten in the habit of if we're in New York, particularly if we
staying near. The Iheart offices in Midtown, just south of where central park starts, will just walk the length of the park like both, decide some hours on a day or we'll book an extra day there and just walk the park and then end up at the met and wander around there for a little bit, and it's like one of her favorite things to do cuz. It's just a really beautiful space. It's like a great bay. It is agreed day we love. Is we love? What does walkin around me? I love was walking around a place in general yeah as things where the last one of the last trips that Brian and I hand there was in the fall- and I was so what it up with work commitments that he kind of at that moment of. Can I just walked apart by myself as it go ahead, and so he would he didn't do our full are full loop that we usually do, but he went in and hung out a bit cause. He loves it there to its such an interesting and unique space because it is
I mean it. Admittedly right we talked about in the episode the reasons for wanting that space were a little bit pretentious in some ways to emulate Europe's great garden traditions. But it is quite marvellous to have that big, beautiful space in the middle of a city that is so busy in their places. You can be in central park and you don't you lose all sense of it being like that, even though you can look around and see the buildings it still there is a very impressive capture of tranquillity and nature. That is surprising. It's hard to imagine what Europe would be without it, so yeah we're big fancy central park and egg. Hope to go there again, sometime.
one day when travel might exist ever yes, but in the meantime we will stay home and stay save, which I hope Oliver listeners are doing as well. There are almost at the end of July, but we do finally have unearthed in July this week. Indeed,
yeah. It was something that I was planning to do a little bit earlier than we did, but then co entail pro morphed into a two part thing yeah, which pushed stuff out a little bit, and then this one became a one part thing which, for a lot of the time that I was working on it, it was right on the line of his this gonna, be one part or to the fact that I always like to ask you if you have a favorite among the the topics of the unearthed of that, whatever period were working on man. I'd just I add that the dog poop story. Of course, just I mean it's not even just because it scat illogical, just those sort of us the surprise factor of how much Don group there is an archaeological record delighted me. I also had thing
I had one that I had originally been leading off with that I took completely out that was about poison control, yeah and how, when we talked about the poison control system and our pretty recent episode on the evolution of the poison control system in the? U S, we talked about how control or poisoned exposures were increasing because of there being a lot more focus on cleaning and sanitation and a lot more toxic cleaning and sanitation products and people's homes, and then, in the first three months of twenty twenty, a very similar uptake reported by the Centre for Disease control in them, or morbidity and mortality weekly report, as people were trying to likely keep their houses and what not more clean and sanitary. Because the pandemic, a big increase in calls to poison control, was like a twenty percent
Greece, key one. Twenty nineteen versus key one, twenty twenty and then a ninety percent increase, I think, just March twenty nineteen versus March twenty twenty, like a whole big thing, and that does not support the add, not surprising, and at most of the exposures it was like. More than half of them were exposure to bleach, and then the like portions were non. Alcohol cleansers enhance Anna Tyler's and a lot of that exposure was inhaling, said people trying to bleached their stuff and not be in a well ventilated space, and I wound up cutting it out, because I was like
we have Zaga about, how those like this trend as continue way and like I am talking about it now. You and I wasn't gonna talk about it in the episode out like we're. Gonna talk about the thing when the president said where he ask if you can inject disinfectants, because a lot of cities reported more points, troll calls after that, and I was like trying to work all of that ensue in episode that already felt a little bit long. It was just making it longer and I was like you know what I could cut out of this episode. This an apparently were can talk about it in the bud the scenes instead and there you go, and I regret that I dont use bleach ever now. I hate it. Lay I am a little afraid of it for of the installation reasons you mentioned, but moreover, I associate bleach, which childhood trauma because my mom loved it
while real and so many garments by bleed. Yet we do have a small thing of household bleach here in our house, but are our preferred? Disinfecting methods are, are not bad. We have other cleansers and what now used yeah you. Hence Vista gas. So anyway, like that was a whole. I was like this is that the amount of time it is taking to explain all that was like this is now two thirds of this update sexually rate rain. So maybe maybe we can just leave that out. Yeah yeah, I imagine we're gonna, be continuing to see the same trends and poison control calls, because this pandemic is still happening. Yeah, it seems, like some people have moved on.
I also said last time that it was the first time that I had worked on and unearthed episode where it felt like the same world circumstance kept coming up over and over, and that was the case with this one also because there is a lot more stuff about this work was supposed to happen, but it had to be delayed because of the pandemic or
reason we were going through this part of our archive was because lake we're trying to stay busy at work during a pandemic when we don't have visitors at our museum that kind of staff. So we'll see how things are in three more money than we do the next. The next on earth who hung is the pandemic, hasn't stopped. Everything in which case will do something else. Yeah I mean since, since I did not include stuff that happened in July. I know for sure I already have a few things that we can talk about next time because, where recorded as on July, Fourteenth very go yet you have questioned, Sir anything, send an email, history, pod gas, but I hurt radioed account otherwise, Happy Friday, we already have a good weekends, take care of yourselves yeah your work in this weekend. I hope the people
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