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Behind the Scenes Minis: Transfusions

2021-01-08 | 🔗

Holly and Tracy talk about how small details that get changed in the retelling of history change the context of the larger story, as well as some of the ways that histories like this week's offer new ways to think about topics that hadn't been previously considered.

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proudly made in California and right now you can visit splat, hair, color dot com and use the code bold fifteen. To get in additional. Fifteen percent off splat products, that's code, bold, B L B, fifteen splat rebellious here our be bold, be expressive, be you welcome to stuff you missed in history, glass, a production of Iheart radio, hello and Friday, and I say it again because we are still in a happy new year. We fry I'm Tracy. Well then, this week we talked about blood transfusions, a whole bunch shirt did not happen. One of the reasons that I wanted to cover this topic. and really revisit this narrative in a deeper sort of way is because I read, I read Holly Tucker's book a while back
Am I really love it at the time? And now I was looking for a way to talk about job, empties Dini, but the other thing that came up that really propelled this up. My list was that I, you know what occasionally stumble across mentions of him and there was so much wrong stuff, as we mention things that are sensationalize get retold, often in ways that may be are as rigorously researched is. One might normally love and so there are aspects of his case that would come up that were just completely wrong, like a lot of article say that he was the king Louis, the fourteenth doktor, which was not the case leg, the people they were working for, concluding the fourteenth
Thought he was a heretic thick wegg that he was this upstart, so all of that becomes an impulse for that helps, drive my impulse to cover those subjects, because I know no one is intending to do anything wrong with that. But it's like those kinds of little details that get shifted in the retailing. Things can often change the meanings of things that tends to then erase all of the things all of the ideologies that were play and in debate at the time between that older guard of physicians and scientists in Paris and people like Dundee who were right or wrong in their methodology trying to propel science forward as well as you know it that other bigger story, if he widen out the circle of focus to France and England and their conflicts at the time I d logically, and how this was part of that
That one little detail changes that all around here. As I said, I was also really much as its uncomfortable to talk about some of these experiments and their em they're ethics. It does open the door to talk about how people viewed animals in science In a way that is always important to me as much as I don't. I don't love imagining things but blinkered, as I mentioned during the episodes. I had never really thought about that idea. Fed animals. lived purer lives and were not as tainted by the behaviors if that humans indulging that that cracked me apple, that cause yes, sir, animals are not going out and, having like a drunken party at, is seedy tavern, but they are Likud, their own behind the rush through a right which then gets.
It opens the door again to discussing what was really considered problematic, great Lake cool junior Mysterious filth was not as problematic as moral film, which is just an interesting wait, a kind of frame any of the things that we look at from those periods of time. One thing that I didn't talk about debt is also religious. Nature related to the word, Dundee was doing. That is kind of follows on that idea of animals having a purity about them was it he was in some ways with some of his choices, trying to gain the trust of the bridges community. That choice of using a lamb in that first transfusion with the teenage boy was not accidental because he recognized The symbolism of the Lamb as related to
This cry like it is life, giving. I am just using science as a way to manifest something that we talk about. All the time is important in religion, which was kind of an interesting way to frame that now that you said that at that makes perfect sense. So much so much blood talk which I I am lucky enough to not be permitted
Billy squeamish about medical. So I dont like I can ever do it. I could never be a doctor, but the idea of it are pretty fascinating, like I will watch surgeries, find them fascinating about yeah I'll have to watch the tv show grades and adding an end must pass, does not watched the show, but is sometimes in the room with me when I have it on and has this uncanny of ability to look at the screen. Exactly when somebody is like arm deep into an app demand, and it is so horrified every time yeah. I also cannot be a doctor, because I cannot. I cannot deal with the vomit right yeah I mean I, we didn't go into the descriptions, but I will say some of the descriptions of like the scenes
these things are taking place by the time they are over as much as I dont think of myself, ass squeamish. our blood. At all, those were a little like. I don't know how you would stand there and not just like yeah, oh, have a beer, with reality lose your mind or lunch sleep. There are, you know, certainly some yeah, whatever I'm getting a physical, and you know I'm I'm at the phlebotomy station. Getting my blood drawn. I'm always watching chasm fascinated me do sometimes a kind of freaks out of her suddenly used to hearing it like our yoga. Yes M telephone, but that's also away more controlled west. attic situation than the ones that we described in the episode? Oh, it's starlike like by comparison ray. I mean the thing to think about two, and I didn't mention it here, but we have talked about
The development of it on the show before is the anesthesia was not in the mix. So no one was getting any assistance in that regard. Unless you count the dog that was given wine after the procedure which stillness man, why? What's it. That's another thing, though, to right: we talked about these instances where people were crowding round and watching these things being done, which also seems a bit ghoulish and culturally, there was a comfort with that kind of Gore for lack of a better word. Then we have to
but the more overriding thing was. I think that they thought, like I might be witnessing leg a turning point in history. I might be part of something huge in this moment or something might go terribly wrong and I will get to watch that two rights. I dont think those are necessarily two different sans share: people, can feel both of those facts. I will either get to be part of medical history or I will be entertained by something kind of gross which has its own appeal for a lot of people get there also knowing the dust, a minimum of facts about blood transfusion that we know now the first time I read through this outline, especially in part one. Every time I got to another dog transpose- and I was like this- is the one where it's gonna go wrong. You I mean that's all
worth noting re dna mostly was pretty successful, which is why he really thought, like you guys, are me camp, the development of important science with these rulings, I'm showing you that this can be done and that it can work now there lots of other questions about that rightly questions I was gonna, be ok, but exactly how much blood were they actually transfer using it? May Often been less than they thought right, we didn't have anti coagulated at the time. Servings would give very slow almost instantly. So those numbers of ounces that are transferred are kind of guesswork. On the one hand, he clearly had
a bit of a show voter in him like he completely welcome to even the detractors, because he definitely came from the school of any publicity is good publicity, but he also did seem pretty driven to actually like make progress, sir, which, as you know, those are also sometimes hard to hold those two idea: is in one's mind about a person because we tend to want to make them good. Geyser bad gap, which we learn every week is not realistic because that's not how he wins work anyway, here at the beginning of twenty twenty one and help no one means a transfusion. But if you do, I am glad we have figured it out. I'm not happy note
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