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Behind the Scenes Minis: Unearthed! Spring 2020

2020-04-24 | 🔗

Tracy and Holly discuss their favorite parts of this week's Unearthed! episodes, as well as the way that our current situation causes the unearthing of new information every day.

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You should make some time for yourself once in a while. I know I have a particular space in my sewing room that I like to just take a few minutes. Every day I sit there. I think about things it's kind of like meditation and munching at the same time, yummy beautiful cookie flavour. It makes it luxurious and delightful and I always feel recharge, mulatto cookie, are truly a treat worthy of your me time, their delicate and crispy, with luxuriously rich chocolate in the middle. You really want to keep these just for you, so remember to save something for yourself with peppered farm Olano, Welcome to stuff you missed in history class, a production of Iheartradio, hi and happy Friday. Everyone thanks for turning us, some Tracy B Wilson and I'm Holly Frey. So this week was unearthed
Yes. Indeed, there was a double which is not normal for our our spring. I mean what I actually don't worry. I dont think we ve done a spring time, one before the sun. We started doing them four times a year. I think it fair all such that we had like an autumn one that was just a one shot. I looked back through the old ones that I don't think we ve had like first quarter one before I definitely didn't expect it to be two parts when I got into it like I was a hundred percent, not thinking that it was gonna, be anything other than a one party and even at sea parts there still like. I still have
This document called unearthed March, twenty twenty, maybe, which is where, when I'm going through. All of those things that I have pinned, I just put stuff that I'm like I'm, not quite sure how to work in or sounds really similar to stuff. We have talked about before, or in some cases like, I can't quite figure out what they are getting at with their research or how to frame it felt like I still wound up with just a full page of stuff, at least on the maybe list yeah I want to hear So here s what I do I just opened a word document. I type in a couple of words or our member what it's about, and then I paced the url and in that way, if I find a reason to circle back to something it's easier to find some sense unearthed March, twenty twenty, maybe starchy plants, tomatoes tree rings, question mark more tree rings: copper stuff, my favorite entry in this maybe list rooms,
I can't figure out how to approach, and that was about a Viking rune stone that had been the rooms on. It had been reinterpreted to be a series of riddles that were related to climate change fears, and I just I couldn't rat my head around how they got to that conclusion, and that was how it wound up on the maybe list, some thing terrorists. May we come back to you if I found that I needed stuff. I also found a thing that was about a stolen, Christopher Columbus letter being returned, and I was like that's ironic. Somebody stole something from Christopher Columbus and it made it sounds like it hid. The same letter had been stolen repeatedly, which I was like bats even more ironic, but really it's just there's multiple copies of the letter and each of them have been stolen, not each of them, but multiples of them have been stolen at different.
times so yeah, there's a lot of stuff glass bowl in a weird place. That's an interesting note that I left for myself. I mean I feel, like that's my kitchen re that have thus far have those get ear. That's bathed! That's definitely my kitchen during the the isolation that's currently happening, because my spouses, the person who unpacked the whole kitchen and found places for things when we moved into where reliving now. I am not criticising him in this at all, but somehow, just as we have been in this house together for many weeks, he started putting stuff random places and, unlike what, why is the bull here? I don't understand why the
lives here now, anyway, our lives have become very strange and the last we have set up they have. I am, I have been more kind of absent minded, particularly in the kitchen like the other day, I had put together while I was writing a little like small ram, I of like mix nuts and it's like a lot. Will it all. You know porcelain, room again and when I finished, I threw that right in the trash, and I literally heard it clogged with them. That's not a garbage data. What surrounded me there's lots of that kind of activity going on over here in the kitchen, so this glass bowl and we are placing a perfectly reasonable. I'm just gonna keep this March twenty twenty, maybe list I am, and I always keep it was because I never throw anything away and I keep multiple backups everything at all times.
but like we do want to do this again in July. That's our normal pattern of doing so is to have some more. In July we ve also told people that we work with who work on various things related to the show that will probably be doing us again in July, and so it would be good to do it, and so, if it turns out that there really is just a dearth of findings to report, I may be circling back around to have like stuff that actually came out in the first half of the year, which is fine all the rules surrounding this shower things that I made up for unearthed episodes legacy. Ray of there's, no actual good historical on earth we can do and if We are then allowed at that point to Rome free. We could do in unearthed in our home First of all, we have put it weird places all we were already so pick you up that remain
me of an episode that Roman Mars did of ninety nine percent. Invisible like right, after people started like being ordered to stay in their homes as much as possible? And if you have not listen to ninety nine percent, invisible it is applied cast about design and Roman Myers. Dislike talked about the design history of various things around his house, and it was really lovely, and I you know I find it a very comforting, listen in than those first two days after being like all we gotta stay inside for awhile for an unknown amount of time. I am. I will tell you that in this grouping. Some of my big favorites were ancient pack rat maidens. No, I love that one I mean I it made me laugh a little bit because both my husband and I are from families of pack rap so I was like who's been in our houses, Who went to my grandmother's s, and I, of course, love
There was a whole little lovely set of creepy things this time around yeah, rigour. Little halloween events bring this for me that banana finding wasn't that creepy really, but something about the headline of lake ancient teeth. Solving banana mystery ass, like this creepy freaks man a little bit I also said this episode. I really dont remember ever doing any unearthed episodes that have felt as influenced by something happening right that It like yeah, we frequently had said, That was a related like would have a thing that was related to some big newsworthy effort like a massive fire that destroyed museum like its there's always been stuff. That's been relish. but I just I dont- require there ever being multiple entry is that were like, and this may be delayed because of the pandemic, so that was kind of a new experience for yeah. We re training, respectable
we talked about in our are episode where we talked about living through this period in history and it being different. knowing that its historically significant in it being different than other events, because it is this ongoing thing, that's does not have a finite end date to it. So it is impacting everything in a lot of ways, and particularly things like an archaeological, big tits. Up in the air. At that point, yeah unrelated to the unearthed episodes. Have you been doing the thing where you'll see something happen and you'll be like if there is pod casts in a hundred years and podcast or saying, and then they reversed course on the direction regarding masks. Every thing that's going on, I mean I I literally this is- an ad, although they had of advertised on the show before, like I use taxpayers for might there be because I love having a therapist that I can text. Is things come up to me throughout the week
I d like save it up for an appointment and I'm com. Billy texting her and being leg. I I sort of wish I could time travel to a hundred years from now and see how this moment is written about like when any various things happen. Yeah yeah, some of it like with the mask direction, some others like we're, having a figure it out as we go a new strain of corona virus than we did not have quite the clear sense of how easily it can spread from people who aren't symptomatic jack those likes some of its new knowledge. That's like we are witnessing it being uncovered, which can be really frustrating process to watch.
Oh for sure. Right, I mean you think you have a handle on rings and when I all changes- and even I know you and I have discussed like what level of what a cleaning we're doing- DE groceries and lake those guidelines are changing almost daily, depending on who you talk to or who are so it is a it's such a. It feels like were kind of like trying to run forward through a river that is running in the opposite direction and because we never really have sure footing. Rare em, in terms of Ok, this is our knowledge set, and we can work from this because the next day it's often dick completely different, which I I mean that just like us, as average people living through it. I can't imagine the level of just lake exhaustion and frustration is creates in the medical community who are on the front lines of this trying to deal with every single day
yeah to find out the protocols you were using were, in fact not appropriate. Would be beyond frustrating annals, raptly, scary, so again, hats off to them is not and is not even an appropriate depth, of wording. I really hope all of our medical professionals are being extra safe. That is not to feel like can never be an personally have immense respect for it, but especially in this moment, right right and another thing, that's becoming unclear as like how how many things have elements that art immediately obvious. like there has been a lot of discussion about airlines and airlines really struggling and a lot of people who are really frustrated by the idea of Bailey
airlines, because they feel like that that the airlines have been nickel and dime in their customers and so like. Maybe they don't deserve. Like that's been a thread of conversation that I have seen a lot, I also know people who live in Alaska and parts of Alaska at this time of year are served only by air you gonna get there without a plane and when the airline goes out of business, people are just stuck. They can't get out medical help can't get in supplies, kick it in a slick it just a huge huge deal anyway that that has all digressed our unearthed episodes this week, while one day people will unearth all of the records findings. Disease ends about all of this. That was one of the things we ve never really clearly articulated on the show that, like that, we have a window of time that we generally talk about. On the show,
that roughly sixty or seventy ease- and some of that is because we get a very different response to things when we talk about subjects that people lived through and have personal unresolved than we do in that it is likely to be the case, but there is also the idea of like historical remove. You have to be as a amount of time away from something before you can really look back on it and get a more thorough sense of the whole scope of what was her meaning, and so, while we're in the middle of this pandemic, we can look around us and see doll the chaos and everything. But it's gonna be some time after the pandemic is over. That historians can really look back and get the hope
sure of it. Yeah there's one like you have to get the level of experience bias out of the picture for objectivity, which is very difficult to do. Yeah it's it's like I said it. I wish I could time travel a little bit so that I could see how this is perceived. for years tat. So thanks everyone for joining us for this casual Friday. I hope, to the extent possible that everyone's taking care of themselves, the people around them and thanks again, to lose for listening to our show. I might have just said that, as we set up a hard hearted concentrate primakov, you can write to us if you would like or history pod gas that I read it You can subscriber show apple pie, ghastly Aurelio wherever else you get about gas stuff, you must, in history class the production I heard radio for more broadcasts from
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You should make some time for yourself once in a while. I know I have a particular space in my sewing room that I like to just take a few minutes. Every day I sit there. I think about things, it's kind of like meditation and munching at the same time, yummy beautiful, cookie flavour, it makes it luxurious and delightful and I always feel recharge. Mulatto cookie are truly a treat worthy of your me time, their delicate and crispy, with luxuriously rich chocolate in the middle. You really want to keep these just for you, so remember to save something for yourself with peppered farm Olano.