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Behind the Scenes Minis: Vacuum Cleaners and Schomburg

2021-07-09 | 🔗

Holly and Tracy talk about the localization of copycat companies in the cleaning industry, and Holly shares how her robotic vacuum met its untimely end. The legacy of Arturo Alfonso Schomburg is also discussed in terms of his status as an outlier across various communities.

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both at Walmart Target Walgreens right aid, CBS and whole foods search, hashtag splat squad on Instagram Facebook, Twitter- Tik Tok welcome to stuff, missed in history, glass, a production of Iheart, radio, hello unhappy Friday, I'm probably frying pan- am Tracy. Well then crazy. We talked a vacuum, cleaners and weak we shared dead. I have really enjoying researching this way more than I would have anticipated because I confess a pretty mediocre housekeeper yeah same I'm like a c c minus to present up, but then every once in a while, I gotta be in my bonnet. My go crazy in just clean, like the dickens, and then I forget about it again for a while. one thing that I thought was really interesting was how and
time there was a move forward in a vacuum cleaner or any kind of cleaning technology it was that thing where everybody tries to run to wear the lightning just struck so they can get some of their own yeah and lake it. Some of that was localised in such a way that kind of cracked me up like we talked about the missiles and they were from Grand Rapids Michigan shut out to my relatives there, but grandma it's kind of for awhile became this really hyper competitive market after their success worsen, there were six new companies trying to make basically the same kind of product in that one place which to me is always kind of fascinating. I liked it is it just because they were local in it, spread to them really quickly and they wanted to replicated in thought. That was a good business model to try to compete with the person than him than did this new version or not of a business person, so
who'd bone of one of those things when where, when there are lots of different companies that are working on the product, that competition can, you know led to fine men, sir efficiencies or whatever, but like that's all thing, but then there are also cases where it's like. This is fifteen different, knock off of the same one thing: and they are all in one town. That's their high organic. I guess in terms like your labour force, if someone didn't like working for one company is pretty easy to find another job, so that's a benefit, but it does seem strange to me how quickly the exact same product started being made it very close. Proximity gear. One other thing I wanted to mention that I thought was really interesting and it didn't really. I mean just the episode with plenty long and I didn't want to go deeply into it, but that crystal power
cleaning was big news for a couple of reasons right we mentioned that there had been some spotted fever issues with the the Royal Navy training that was going on there and how that really helped it a lot about a fever being caused by ticks, of course, but This was like a huge boon to idea, vacuum cleaning in general, because people realised with me, you know print a pretty example right before them at a large scale of how much cleanliness improved. hygiene and health leg there, there. We were like beer health benefits to doing this. Of course, we should all start getting our homes vacuum cleaned, which was, of course again a huge boon to booths business, because then he was like no, I can help keep you healthier. In addition, it is keeping everything looking pretty
In that case it became a huge between that and royal endorsements vacuum cleaners, woof some kind of a tangle de because there's a part of like yes, there is actual hygiene staff involved, but then there's also likely the unrealistic standard of what a person's home should look like and who is in charge of doing that? Yes, yeah, I'm, like I said, I'm a mediocre housekeeper, my very best friend that is the polar opposite of me, I swear. Hospitals could go to her for training on how to keep something clean, because even when her son was very tiny, she just treat him to clean and so even our houses, mostly. Why there are no stories of lake and then we had to reply everything in the living like a re ever I don't know how she does it, but I don't when I'm on vacation with her in places she just points to places him it's like. I wish I could dust that like she just
Zat. It's her saying. I don't have that reaction to any that. I'm more like my house is haunted house theme we gotta Honnami engine thing, so I don't have to dust, that's obvious, but just a very different approach. To the whole. Am I promised I would tell you how Aruba died there is an early model. Remember any disaster of our a recently departed cap, Mr Burns- and it is such a funny story about him and is so exemplary of his general behaviour- that it it's fun to share. So Mr Burns is was one of those cats who was freakish Lee Smart and free Shelly stupid at the same time like he could figure out mechanical things, but in ways that were dangerous to him. Like I've told you before about how he learned had it and the burners on on the stove and lake, that's not smart Is it so
we had a remember that we had gotten. I think we got it as a refurbish. We didn't get it brain. Is we probably couldn't have afforded it at the time, and You know when you use to start the old schoolroom buzz. I haven't had a newer when I have a different brand of of little robotic cleaner now that we didn't use for a long time because Mr Burns, but when you first it would make this little many song of going doo, doo doo doo before the motor started up in it started moving and we woke up in the night one night to hearing that sound come another room and it was a boom boom, The button for the river was right on top and what had happened was Mr Burns had gotten on but the rumour I dont know to sit. I can't imagine he actually meant to turn it on you. Go for a ride ass. I sat up in bed. I literally watch what looks like a cat driving a vacuum down the hallway pass. Our doorway and I was like what is going on here.
The problem was, I believe that to have been an accident initially, but it gave him a taste for mobility, freedom because our that here always wanted to turn the room bone and write it around and Mr Burns illegally, as he aged, was a soft and tat. He was not skinny, he put on a lot of weight, and so he actually burned out the mode. So it could no longer or move. It would still go in reverse the ghastly Burnett. The gears is still do in reverse, which would be fine except it wouldn't do suction in reverse. So he just made himself a reverse car for a little while before we, got rid of our our beloved rumour. That was named count Floyd, and then it was a kid
So if you have a cat, I know of other people whose cats have turned on their their floor vacuums, their robotic vacuums and just to let you know as long as they don't get. Quite so pudgy is Mr Burns, you're, probably fine, but he exceeded that that vehicles weight limits destroyed it. yeah, that's my funny story of how a robot was destroyed. No, that is no Nino shade to remember or there. Manufacture at all. It is not made to carry a cat around no one was like. I would like an eighteen pounds cat to be able to drive this around the house for fun and leisure. No one says the happy birthday perfecting a floor vacuum, but that's that's. It happened. So if you have funny story similar pleasure them cause, I love them.
That is true. If I catch the eye art radio, dark gum, one of our episodes this week was on our turn off on social bag who, as I said in the absolute someone, I'm embarrassed that I only became curious about in this very recent moment having just found a random mention of his name and another artists
I find him fascinating. I'm enormously grateful for all of the work he did to put this collection together. He was not at all the only person he was collecting books specifically books by and about black people, but he made an enormous collection that continues to make an enormous contribution to the world. The one thing that we didn't get into into the podcast, that is kind of you know an oversight on his part, but something I don't really feel like. I can criticize him a ton for is that his focus was mostly on men. Most of the work he collected was by man most of the people. He is so so
it with in his life and work where man it's one of those things where it's like I'm. I wish he had had some more gender equity and what he was doing, but also given the period that he was in the society that he was associating with its unsurprising. Right. He would have been even more of an outlier had that been the case for sure that yeah yeah, I'm also I'm it's one of those things where this is a hundred percent speculation. But I I wonder One of the reasons that he fell from view in a lot of ways after his death was because the community is that he was part here in the: U S didn't quite embrace him like he was, but he was seen
some suspicion within the black community because of his poor to weaken heritage in him. He was also seen with some suspicion and the porter weaken and cuban communities, because his black heritage, and so as theirs communities, were intentionally documenting and resurfacing figures from your own pasts. Neither quite claims him in that way right yeah I mean that makes all of the logical sense in the world right I can easily see someone going. I dont know if this person fits in with what we're doing and moving on and then not revisiting his his work or his legacy yeah. It's it's hard to say, having not me no personally grown up in Puerto Rico and having only been there once a whether he is more well known, ass, like a more household name there. He does have streets and squares, and things named after him in the Caribbean,
more so than in the United States, and some were recently when more things have have been named for him and his become slightly more recognised more recently outside of the context of the Schomburgh Centre, which again is an enormous and important resource It does, and it always fascinates me when people are very, very willing to embrace the beneficial way of some one whilst simultaneously criticising beer, very identity, It led them to do that. Work, yeah, so little alike, and a lot of the people that have written about Schomburgh have talked about how you know he like many many people who grew up in the Caribbean when he dead
and people in the United States when there is not much widely available education. Unless you were white, like a lot of people, were self tight, but also a lot of the people. There were in the academy that he was then all had degrees and he was really able to dislike, hold him only in that community in a lot of ways, while also sometimes being criticised and and dismissed.
Four for not having that academic background. People have noted that, like he was, he was really good at collecting. He didn't have the academic background. That would lead to like analysis of the things that he collected, which in my mind it was it's like ok, find somebody else's work. Do you think he was doing all this work of finding all of these? These published works in some cases by first tracking down the name of the person whose worked he could go find cause. You know that a lot of a lot of people that he was trying to find
publications by we're, not people whose names have become widely circulated. In any way. We also touched on it, but did not go into a lot of detail that, like the reason he was able to build this huge collection on the salary of the job that he had was that the people were not charging a lot of money for most of this work, so I found noted in a couple of places like he bought. He bought two volumes of Phillis Wheatley, poems for something like twenty or zero dollars and thirty cents, and like that, the fact that that that was the amount of value that the book dealers were putting on this work is why he was able to get it all and preserve it all and sell it all. near at public library, yeah? That's. How is an interesting thing I am. I know I've set on the show before I used to work for a university librarian and worked in acquisition, so I I did always marvel at things and there value in what determine their value, and I can only imagine I mean that was
and there lay nine bees and early two thousand I can only imagine in the early part of the twentieth century, how much more cockamamie some of it seemed an especially when informed by racism, kind of driving them of devaluation, first so yeah. I am tremendously glad the Schomburgh Centre exists today, I'm glad he did so much foundational work that allowed it to exist, maybe win win when I more into travelling, because, you know we're both fully vaccinated. I still haven't got anywhere aside for in my own community, yet maybe at some point I can make a trip to New York and actually go there in person pending its also being open to the public, which I have not checked on at this point yet, but yeah very grateful that I got you
the work on this episode. We hope, if you are heading in the year weekend, that it is a marvellous time and then, if you have time off that, you in toy it completely new, find ways to recharge and just take time for yourself. If you have to work this weekend and it's not your weekend in that sense, we hope that whatever you have to do is as smooth as possible and that everyone is nice to you and then you come out of it unscathed. We will be here to me out with a classic a man next week with new episodes stuff, you must, in history class the production of Iheart radio for more part gaps I heard radio visit by her radio have added my cans or wherever you listen
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