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Behind the Scenes Minis: Voynich and Scurvy

2021-01-01 | 🔗

Holly and Tracy talk about why Holly loved studying Wilfrid Voynich, when scurvy became a jokey disease, and the need for a good multivitamin and getting a little sunshine.

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Everyone, its Michel Williams and I love being able to share my story with you on my part, CAS checking with Michel Williams, where my guess and I ll give real as we share the ups and downs of mental health journeys and I'd love for you to join me pays. maybe your charge an your turn out so much the checking gay with Michel Williams every Tuesday, a part of the black effect on the eye, heart, radio, an apple pie, gas, or rather you get your pack ass, hey I'm Gabby, I'm Taylor Amnesia and where the hosts of anew, podcast called down gals we're just three fun in flirty gals, talking about all the fun in forty ways that people expire like held three people died because of a poodle. Basically, this podcast is kind of like sex in the city. If they only talked about that people join us as being laugh, but also crime in the face of death. So isn't it cadaver gauss new episodes out on wednesdays, listen to Cuba,
girls on the I radio, app apple podcast or wherever you get your podcast welcome to stuff. You missed in history class, a production of Iheart Radio, hello and happy FRY everybody, I'm Holly fry and I'm crazy be wealth. It crazy. One of the things we talked about this week was Wilfred voyage. Yes, I have an especial love of his story that is unrelated to anything about his story, except for the fact that he was an antiquarian book dealer, which is that for a long time, more than a decade I worked in a university, library, and I had originally been hired there to repair the book collection that was like circulating, which I did a little too quickly, and then my boss was like I can fire you are. I can teach you how to catalogue and as a cataloguing sounds great, so then it became a cataloguing assistant and then
Are acquisitions she's called the acquisitions? Librarian did not have a library, Greece. Oh that's a little weird thing right, not everyone who works in libraries, librarian. But sometimes if you work in a library, people keep calling you a librarian, you get tired of making a distinction, so we have all accepted right review would be here's how she's a librarian like I'm not on my librarian but I took over? acquisitions role, as well as doing cataloguing assist at the time, and I did
for eight years. I think, but I want my very favorite. Things was when our antiquarian booksellers would come and visit us, and we would take them to lunch or sit in chat, and they would talk about all these beautiful volumes they had found. Incirlik at those are some of my favorite people that I ever worked with, and sometimes I would end up calling similar people that we did not ever meet in person overseas Lake with the you know, university credit card trying to make a deal for something for the heck yeah, because, like many you, our cities, like you, have different focuses of what your acquiring some of it is obviously lake. You want to make sure that the the schools curriculum is supported and that you have those materials coming in. You also want to make sure that you have enough sort of. Am I Entertainment. Isn't the right word but, like you know, popular literature and fiction and stuff coming and that the community also has the bat aspect of just the libel.
Is an entertainment source and then most university libraries at least at this time. I don't know how things have changed in the intervening years would also have liked their special collections and so You know, I would sometimes be on the phone with some of these people and so being like hi, I'm in Georgia, Anna there's a book in your catalogue. We would like it here's a lot of money which is very cool and fun and kind of thrilling and so studying voyage and his work in this space to slake. It took me back to all of that so quickly because it was honest listening I really enjoyed, and I definitely dealt with book dealers that had a very similar description to him of just being very winsome, unlike able to chat at length very cultured, completely at home, talking to just about anybody, and that was part of what made them get at their jobs- is that they could talk about things. leg, Inky nebula with people that didn't really understood,
but they were but knew that they probably should be like looking at those as part of collection development. So it was a really wonderful, selfish trip down memory lane for me in summer and so good yeah. I had not realized his involvement, The revolutionary efforts in Russian occupied poland- I had definitely not know that his father in law help us the Father of bullying, mathematics but suppose were some fun little little things, and I really did get quite a kick out of reading the M his file, the government investigation, vile. Would you can literally find online? It's pretty simple to to find it all. It's some of the scans,
our like old school photo stats, so there a little fuzzy, even though they ve been scanned. It a really high resolution. It still just like degraded ink over time, but it's really really fun to read. In some cases, the sort of exasperated tone of various people in the Military- and in does he said the precursor to the FBI. Viewing now we really have questions he's he's fine, you, you dont, need be worried, wait he asked to travel back to England. Is this? Is it it's really not suspicious he's going to buy some books that reminds me of the Collins, Alberto episodes we did and how the opposite was happening, where the investigations Workin discontinuing on forever, even though there was no evidence of a person like a particular person being a threat, Not quite how a wet with coinage ya mean, there were definitely people who we had that thing.
I don't know this still seem suspicious and we really know he really. He is legitimately and antiquarian book the aware we checked him out. I love you. I love, although alike decipher is not. Has no military use you you gotta, let this go there. Americain says there are instances in several pieces of correspondence where the person writing the report is lake. I consider this case closed, but then somebody else kicks it up again later in their like. What did they say? Look at that argument, its brief one anyway, that is Wilfred Voyna too. I think he he gets a little bit lost as a figure in relation to the voyage manuscript, it's all about the book, but people derisory is just a dude who wanted it deciphered as much as anything at all
so to sell it for a lot of money. I want to be honest. I had been so long since we recorded the episodes on the management of scope, for I think I think there was the voyage manuscript episode. We did an actual update episode where, like we replace the old episode with new information attached to it, and then it's also come up in unearthed. I feel like many.
times, and I had forgotten that it was named after a books that lay I'd thou that not enough I've had any more yeah, and if he had had his brothers, they would have been the bacon manuscript, but there's a refresher incase. Anybody forgot it. It was eventually carbon dated and the paper the vellum is from, I think, the fourteen hundred. So it is too late to have been made by bacon, even though that was where voyage put it on the timeline and it's you know who created. It remains a question not there. There have been times over the years for people. Labelling did Wilfred coinage. Make this thing up. No, the scientific evidence. Does it doesn't hold up on Thou and either will we ever solve it? Probably not. I keep meaning to make a fabric print out of images from it, but I haven't you.
around to it yet so maybe over the holiday break. That's what I work on nice, so this week are last new episode of the year. Twenty twenty was scurvy scurvy here at all it's Oh, it's not at all in president had for like a serious thing to become something that thought of as more like a joke, but this is an example of that in terms of pirate jokes, especially yeah, I they would be fascinating the track when it started funny there and I'm putting funny in airports, but when I use it as a joke yeah, I don't. I still don't really know why. My brain at me, like scurvy least that on, have to worry about scurvy. Should I be taking a multivitamin. I did orders the multi vitamins, while I was there I gotta
Then he get in discussions of bio availability and which multivitamin is the best one m yeah it. It was less specifically because of the scurvy episode and more because I was like you know. I really are you know our food is doing. Ok at our house still, but like I'm, really not going outside and and the sun helps your body make vitamin d, and I was like you know. That might actually be a thing that I should be supplementing at this. also the seasons tends to affect me and I tend to be better when I have a little more vitamin d in the winter, so yeah. That was the whole saga that I had shrinks. Kirby research, I think about them. in these, because when I m not an outside kid,
I mean I have done things outside. You know I did a lot of running for a long time, so I was always outside for that most the time. I'd prefer outdoor running the running of the treadmill, but normally have just left to my own devices. I have to remind myself: hey you haven't even opens the door for six days like I and my last physical, my blood work did come back a little low and vitamin d which is well before the pandemic, but I need the reminder to leg. Just go stay in the driveway for Lord: go, take a drive with the the moon roof open on the car, like whatever just yeah, I'm back there. I am. There was one time it's been a couple years ago. At this point I had gone to a conference and I was staying at a hotel that was adjoining the conference and so for a period of I think three days. I did not leave the conference or the hotel
in any fashion and on day three I was like, I feel bad. Why do I feel very bad? And I was like I thought? Maybe I should go into the out of doors. Well, that also gets in the leg. The whole thing, lake, building, air circulation and lay conferences were the same. People are kind of shuffling from one thing to another that even without out of doors and if it has the support of yeah yeah sow ah sense. This is our last episode of twenty twenty, our last behind thieves of twenty twenty early happy new year entirely. Betty am, I guess this is actually now that I'm looking at the actual calendar, the scurvy episode is coming out. The thirtieth is this: when coming out on New year's day is
new year's day or Friday, you can sell how this pandemic situation has just worn down my brain parts. Yeah. Oh, yes, should having right eighth new year's day yeah. I love New year's day, as I've talked about before yeah. I'm a big believer. I like resolutions. I do them at this point kind of quarterly, but I just I like that sense of lake renewal of ok we're gonna start over, and I can't control what happens necessarily regarding pandemic and when I can go outside, but I can control how I react to it and when I do with my endorse, but they both of which there is a great deal of last year
I do want to know since we're all here. I think folks have come to be prepared for an unearthed episode to come out the first couple of episodes of the new year. The unearthed episodes are coming, but there's going to be a couple of other episodes first, because you and I are going to take some very much needed time off. I, the obvious by the Turkish, spoke to arrive at the ends and I'd because of the way that scheduling worked out. I did not want to lose essentially the entirety of December of honour its stuff, so we will be working on that first thing in the new year. Yes, so hopefully this
finds you well and safe, and may we all have a a brighter two thousand and twenty one than twenty slash twenty yeah. We hope that you are headed into a fun weekend if you follow a normal work week, if you don't, we still hope the next couple of days treat you well, and Being safe and that this strange time we're living in is, is one that is not to order is for you to get through. You can always right to us at history by cast an eye hurry, their dark calm. We hooked hear from you that we will see you next week. Stuffy must, in history class the production of a heart radio for more part gaps for my heart radio visit by her radio, app Abbot mankind's or wherever you listen to your favorite chance
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