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Carry A. Nation, Part 2

2017-07-26 | 🔗

After her initial "smashings," Carry A. Nation became a full-time activist, traveling from town to town to destroy saloons and preach temperance. She turned her fame into a good income, and used much of that money to set up women’s shelters.

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Here's the thing: saving money with Geico was almost better than playing pick up basketball, because there's always that guy joint, your game. Ever passes the rock. He constantly Rex theories and who completely happy when put his hands up and say no foul, no foul with Geico it's easy to switch save on car insurance, no need Fagin Ankle, sprain because you're absolutely exhausted, so which in save with Geiger it's almost better than sports, hey listeners, just a quick heads up. We are going to do something a little bit new with our weekends. We know that we have some listeners who have been with us since the very beginning or are more recent arrivals to our show, but then have gone back from the very beginning, but we
now. We have a lot of folks who haven't really had as much chance to dive into the back catalogues. So on the weekend we are going to be releasing one of our classic episodes that we will have hand pigs to share with you. Also look forward to that. Coming up in please Why couldn't you stuff? You missed in history class from Housetop works, tat come on, we're gonna have run harming frying and I'm Tracy. We will say- and this is the second to partner about here is a nation and of our first episode. We talked about carrying in early life and some of the events that influenced her behaviour for the rest of her life and today we're gonna jump right into her ongoing work in what she called smashing and the many places that her temperance activism took her on December. Twenty seventh nineteen hundred more
six months after her smashing in Kiowa and two weeks after her slander, trial, concluded rollin part. One of your confused carry nation famously attacked the bar at the carry hotel in Wichita Kansas. She had learned from her previous smashing, that quote, I could use a rock, but one so I took became with me. She also brought a steel rod which he had bound to the came to give it extra strength. Settling on the carry hotel as her target cased fourteen different places and she was enraged to see police drinking in some of them. But what led her to select the carry and that has failed see a are you I know, there's a lot of the word carry, but there is a carry hotel as well as coordination. What led her to select the carry was a painting of naked woman that was kept there, also describes. This is an oil painting, but then says it was under glass, which is not normally how oils are displayed so is unclear
to me if she got the details wrong or of the slain didn't know what to do with an oil painting. In any case there, this painting encapsulated to her just how much could be taken from women by men who drink Quotas It is significant that the pictures of naked women are in saloons. Women are stripped of every thing by them. Her husband is torn from her. She has robbed of her sons, her home her feet and her virtue and then they strip her clothes off and hang her up bear in these gems of robbery and murder truly the saloon make a woman bear all things where she felt weighs about things. She felt really really strongly about how drink really was something that that ruined the lives of women a handsome man, a mission also thought that the bar at the carry hotel, was a really important target. For another reason,
It had a more upscale clientele than other drinking establishment, so she saw it as a true tragedy to serve people who were seen as respect alcohol, because she believed her heart that it would lead to their ultimate ruin. She described her pre bashing preparation, for the carrying hotel in her book quote, I went by the hotel and bound the rod and came together then wrapped paper around this half of it. I slept but little that night spending most the night in prayer and wore a large cape. I took the cane and walked down the back stairs the next morning and out into the alley I picked up as many rocks as I could carry under my cape. I walked into the carry barroom through two rocks, picture then turned and smashed the mirror that covered almost the entire side of the large room, some men drinking at the bar ran out. The bartender was wiping a glass and he seems transfixed
the spot and never moved. I took the cane and broke up the sideboard which had on it all kinds of intoxicating drinks. there is actually a funny article from a year. Later where it actually made news when they manage to reason of money to replace the mirror in the book, because it is barely very expensive to do so. and the property damage that she mean tallied up to several thousand dollars and nation was arrested, so keep in mind that it wasn't illegal forest learn to exist as a physical structure. It was asleep alcohol sales that were illegal, so that is why she was arrested there. She was, guilty of malicious mischief and while she was in jail, she believed that they, her jailers, tried to drive her insane by placing smokers in nearby cells. She gonna buy, be their pipe nor cigarette smoke and in many sub when a rest. She would similarly accused the local police of trying to drive her mad so that she can be declared insane and institutionalized. She also claimed that
A jail trusty named John One, her that in the county. Attorney's office meant to do hurt harm, so a trusty isn't imprison person who has exhibit good behaviour and has been given. Privileges are responsibilities in return, Carry had been hold the county attorneys. Sam Aden was going to take her out of the jail via the back entry, I'm sure agreed to that plan initially, but once received. This warning from the trusty that the attorney's office might have ill intent. She does did she was not going to go with them, and so she wired the door of herself shut with somewhere She got from John who was the trusty, and she was did in her cell all night armed with the leg of a caught in case anyone trying to steal her away. She was ready to beat their hands if they tried to even touch the bars and while there is no indication that anyone did try to kidnapper harm her in this way, she commented on the night by writing. Quote
I know what it is to expect murder in Mysel. She also came to view the Wichita Eagle as something of an enemy during this time, calling it the rumbaugh achieved that has made Wichita one of the most lawless place in Kansas, Bossy was jailed see, was brought copies of the paper to read, and the coverage of her smashing was decidedly unfriendly to her cause articles about carrying out routinely characterized her as just deranged yeah. We mention too, that the coalition had done a similar thing. She was in the press pretty much written up as lake a kooky old lady who just was a nut and not to be taken seriously, except for the fact that she was very damaging to prompt by her ordeal in Wichita. Jail did not deter her at all from what she saw her calling she began heaving letters. Both hate mail in letters of encouragement and some people even sent her money and nation quickly gave the following
before long when she showed up to smash the saloon not alone. Sometimes the group with her would sing prey or recite by verses while destroying the bars that they raided. Although she was pretty much the leader in all of the physical destruction and her accompanied smashing, began immediately after her jail time over the carry hotel incident ended when she left the jail in Wichita. She set out for enterprise, Kansas and Dickinson County because she had been sent a letter while she was in jail and the sender had to travel to enterprise and smash up the saloons there ass she had done in Kiowa and Wichita as she headed too in station. A massive crowd had formed, but she may way through the throne of people and boarded in her account, they did that a man she did not know assisted her and kept the crowd away. Telling her that he believed she was a good woman when she
the train winnowed to see the crowd. A barrage of eggs was let loose at her, but the windows slid closed before any could hit her a rock also flew through the window next, but she claimed to be completely these by it as she believed in her heart that God was protecting her after staying with. sympathiser on her first night and enterprise. She immediately whence he would dive to smash it. It was closed because of a baseball game in town, so she broke in by smashing the front window in climbing through when is she destroyed the alcohol with them. Several women waited outside truly a Marshall, arrived and removed her from the premises other. She was not arrested. The law man did prevent her from Spain. hang up another establishment across the street from that first, one though I really wish we had an account from the perspective of the law having to deal with all of this? There is a lot bar
you gotta, go get it. She was attacked labour that day, though, by the wife of the man who owned the silly that she had destroyed. Cremation ended up with a black eye, after that she continued that same day to organise a temperance group to break up the bars of enterprise and, as they went out together the following morning, to do so they were attacked once again by a group of four women paid by showing that was the bar owner, and things became really quite violent. Nation was beaten pretty brutally, and some of her hair was torn out. She feared for her life, but when she implored the women around her for help, they defended her and finally ended the skirmish. Next up we'll talk about how carry nations started her own paper. first we're going to pause for a word from a sponsor here's. The thing saving money with Geico was almost better than playing pick a basketball, because there's always that guy joint your game ever passes the rock he constantly
Rex theories and who completely happy when put his hands up and say no foul, no foul with Geico it's easy to switch. Save on car insurance. No need Fagin, ankle sprain, because you're absolutely exhausted. So which, in save with Geiger it's almost better than sport, after one of her later harass into Peter curious, bailed out of jail by a black man named Nick Chiles Chiles was a printer and a successful newspaper man he had been running. His own paper the plane dealer for two years and that paper actually went on to become the longest running black newspaper in the U S until it shut down in nineteen. Fifty eight thanks to her acquaintance with China In March, nineteen o one nation launch her own paper from jail. It was called the smashers mail and she started this venture in partnership with chiles, who, let me this was kind of controversial, because
His child was rumored to also own. A saloon himself in her opening remarks. In the first issue she wrote quote: I have no apologies to make in having Nick child for the publisher of the smashers male, our saviour, eight with publicans and sinners to do them good. The servant is not above his Lord. This paper shall be as his name the smashers may on. I shall put into the columns the letters I get from all over, even those I get from across the water, those wishing to say thing through the columns of smashers Mayo must put it in the form of a letter and use brevity, the soul, of wit, for I reserve the exclusive right as editor. But despite this positive and resolves tone of that first statement, the business relationship between nation and child soured almost immediately. She claimed that had seated her out of money and papers and that after three weeks it was
yeah. So she said that not only had he taken her writing and basically, we know run off with it, but basically he'd then publish the paper in and made money out of it. She never many of the smashers may, although was not carry nations only paper, she would or go on, to publish one called the hatchet in nineteen o five and another titled whom defender and in these periodical she not only warned of the dangers of drink and the importance of fighting for temperance. She took up other causes and used her publications to speak on those topics as well. She believed in women suffrage, saying that quote. The loving moral influence of mothers must be put. the ballot box, and she was vocally against a variety of vices and sins, including tobacco. We mentioned earlier that she hated it. Also spoke against foreign food and skirt, beyond two short ass. She was firmly against the course, its believing that they were banned for women's health.
So she refused to where when and she wrote about their perils in the paper and her writing also included advice about child rearing and homemaking as carries devotion to the cause, grew it really consumed her life and with all of her time, Psmith smashing, saloons and giving lectures He became completely disconnected from her family and nineteen o one David nation filed for divorce, claiming cruelty and desertion on the wife's part. He had warned her. But if you didn't come home he would be filing papers and she had responded with quote MR nation. God has given me a mission. I dare not turn back Salah hearken unto God or into man She really was quite devastated when David followed through on his threat. She felt that, even though they is a couple, rarely agreed, and they really didn't seem to have a particular delightful marriage that they had been together for twenty four years and she thought that they were never going to separate and she
the new that a divorce would undoubtedly make news and, as she put it quote, would hinder my work while the divorce trial did cause something of a scheme. in medicine. Lodge it really didn't, seem to slow down, carries activism, and when writing story she used this moment in her life is a sort of springboard to then go on for quite a while. and discuss all the ways that men betray women in her second rate on Wichita the adopted a hatchet as her favorite means of destruction for her saloon raids, and this became an iconic part of her story when a bartender approached her, she exclaimed, quote: dont come near my hatch, it it might fall on you and I will not be responsible for the results she was often photographed while holding both her bottle and her hat it. She was arrested once again in Wichita, but this time several of her friends from the temperance movement were arrested with her because again sheep at this point,
not by yourself and most of these raids, and she actually described their time in a holding cell there. As very happy saying quote, this was one of the glorious heavenly and refreshing times we saying hymns repeated scripture would off laugh and cry. By turns for joy to think we were worthy to suffer for his sake throughout her career of smashing switch. She sometimes called hesitations. She continued, the tour around two towns, usually after receiving a letter from someone requesting her help to eliminate the saloons and a given location and was arrested. Many many times was often found guilty of some destruction of property or mischief charge To pay for her many fines, nation turns to the lecture circuit into merchandise. Sales this. She actually turn down a number of offers to appear in public, which were usually proffered in exchange for assistance in getting her out of jail. She believed
a lot of people contacting her just saw her as a mere curiosity or a freak to exhibit. I think she said like I would be a white elephant to them Eventually she was struggling so completely for money that she did considerate and she prayed on it, and eventually she did indeed begin lecturing. She never planned in advance but she was going to say to a crowd, but she just relied on her own experience and passion for the cause and her faith in God to carry her through see brought in a good income, giving talks about temperance and eventually selling many hatchets made of pewter after she, We began filling the souvenir hatchets. She came to believe them to be a vitally important part of her cause. Writing quote the little hatchets have been my faithful little defenders, they have paid railroad, fares, hotel bill aided me in paying for the home for drunkards wives. Besides, they are my little messengers. They cause people to talk to think to act. Never
Was there a greater advertisement of a great cause? God has blessed the mission of the hatchet. I tell mothers to get these little hatchets put them on their boys and girls. Clues with these hatchets goes the facts. life which will be an inspiration to the heart of the young and she also sold souvenir photos of herself always posed with her hatchet and her bible and she reportedly brought in as much as three hundred dollars per week from all these ventures and in addition to paying her fines and bail, should use the money to print her periodicals, though almost each time she started when she would end up having to close up shop because she simply could not manage her life on the road. and all of these smashing and the job of editing a magazine at the same time of her various financial effort she wrote quote. I have made a lot of money tried to use it to further the cause of the people, but I have made some sad failures to get the results I paid for carry nation changed the spelling of
her name from the. I e ending to the. Why ending officially in nineteen o three and this was to create a play on. With her middle initial and last name, Sir, she became carry a nation as an carry a nation for prohibition and that according to her own logic. Yes, he would also use use her name in freezing of lake area nation out of darkness carrying nation. You know from slovenly drunkenness she she's to them a lot of different slogans in nineteen o, three, the eighteen, fifty four temperance novel titled, ten knights in a bar room, and when I saw there was adapted as a vaudeville play and this time it incorporated carry asian into it allowed her to tell her story. She started in the show, and she took the part to spread the message of prohibition more widely. As she once told a journalist quote, people go to the theatres more than they do the job is- and I want to go where there are plenty of people to hear me and where they need me next step we will tackle.
Carry aid nations travels to Scotland in England to share her feelings on temperance there, but first we will take one more quick sponsor break party. I cleared out my whole daintily cigar the whole day, yeah. First, We need to study. I have some flashcards here to go, releasing a vocabulary: policemen costs, money, factors, disposition faith. You do not need to know all this to Liza Car, but I gotta negotiate a good deal here. Look at this: it's the radio app you go through and take the car you want. Then they give you a tailor. Price is Crystal clear, They ve already applied discounts, negotiated a low rate and included all taxes and pleased. Then they deliver. Your house both, but what about the acquisition yes, Ryan them to do you even know what an acquisition VIII is no, but I think it's on the next card there
come to the future of car leasing with the road a lap you can choose from hundreds of cars writing your area. We give you crystal clear pricing goods discounts, taxes in fees and once you decide what cartilage will even drive it right to your house, it's easy. It's clear its road out. Curious Jim made waves across the pond, as well as in the United States touring. Great Britain is a lecturer and she met the organizing secretary of Dundee Scotland's Prohibition Party at a prohibition convention in Ohio in nineteen o eight, and that was when he invited her to come and speak in his home country than so. They worked out all the particulars of financing and she started her tour in Dundee, but eventually she went to several cities in Scotland before a second leg of the tour in England, a nation's writings.
She experienced this other culture are fairly amusing. She was horrified by the pubs of Great Britain and she found the women there. In her words nervous she wrote. I never saw such nervous women in my life as their in Britain, there conversation seems affected, their voices are high and they use the rising inflection. I believe reason of this is the tea drinking. Merely every man, woman and child is eighteen fiend in Britain it is now for them to drink three and four cup of tea at a meal they always use Blackie. I don't know why not just me up when I read it clearly She saw it is almost as they had his I'll go up in some ways. Anyway, nation
wrote her autobiography, which we ve quoted a lot here, which is tabled. The use in need of the life of carry a nation in nineteen o eight, and thus look actually made enough money that she was able to use the proceeds to purchase a home in Kansas City Kansas and that residence was a women's shelter. It was a haven for those who had fled from men with drinking problems and for this and her other work in the Temperance movement shoes eventually given amid all by the woman's Christian Temperance Union. Celebrated her as quoth the bravest woman in Kansas and nineteen Tansy purchased another house to become a home for drunkards wives and children. The Simon Eureka Springs Arkansas. She moved in there as well and her good willing scheduled the previous decade. At this point, I had taken a really serious toll on her health. In January nineteen, eleven cremation was speaking. Engagement in Eureka Springs when she collapsed
She never fully recovered and, five months later she died on Jude night. She was sixty four at the time and had not live long enough to see the eighteenth amendment which outlawed alcohol nationally or the Nineteenth amendment which granted women the right to vote past. She was buried next to her parents in built in Missouri, we of course prohibition failed. It was ended in nineteen. Thirty three had carry Amy been alive to see this repeals. She probably would have been livid and her eyes. Drinking was a sin and that condemned it thoroughly. Sheridan her a biography quote, there is not a lawful saloon in the world. Law is as eternal and unchangeable as God himself anything simple cannot be lawful and anything that is lawful cannot be simple. The saloon, if not lawful, because it is simple. Yet she had very clear and unwavering opinions so clearly
Every nation was a really complex woman and while her motivations in many cases may have been noble, we have to also addressed some really problematic aspects of her story, notably her interactions with black people so ass. She became well known and the temperance movement should it become quite popular with black temperance advocates of many of them sent her small amounts of money to help her cause or wrote testimony letters of how their lives or the lives of loved ones had been damaged by drink. In many cremation was very vocal about accepting and loving all people. I mean she really did say all the time Blake if she believed everyone to be equal, but she also some really troubling things about black people and slavery. She was raised largely by both black servants and enslaved people that her parents owned, and she called them her Anthea than uncles and was quite attached. Several of them. So her writing about slavery. Consequently is really problematic. She acknowledged that it was a bad thing, but then she
downplayed, all by writing quote. I would rather have my some sold to a slave driver, then to be a victim of a saloon and she wrote moron, It is equally troubling. She saw, of course, that this was a serious issue and she understood that the problem was that white people were afraid of black people seeking equality, but then she caution the black people shouldn't want that anyway, as quote, it would be of no real value to them. She advises the black people quote: shouldn't depart from your race lines and bearings: keep Trudy nature your simplicity and happy disposition and, above all, come back to the old time religion. You will never strand on that rock. Obviously our stance on the matter was informed by the time she was living in, but the links that she goes to in justifying her families, ownership of enslaved people and assured the reader that her father was one of the quite good slave owners indicate that she clearly understood that it was wrong.
yeah there's some really her autobiographies available online in a number of places you can get it. You know in all kinds of formats. There is even a free Kindle version of it, and there is actually like a whole, really upsetting portion where she claimed that some of the enslaved people that they had actually asked her father to beat their children for them and, like she says, really upsetting things and its clear. She doesn't want to disparage her father, but the thing she told you about her just horrifying in eighteen. Seventy three, though, as she had gained stable footing financially nation, actually did attempt to seek out one of the women who had helped raise her, who was named aunt Judy and her intent was to take care of her in her old age. But when she travelled south to Texas at the time were Judy had moved, carry discovered that the woman had died,
months earlier and Judy's children actually told coronation that duty had hoped one day to live with her again so today, carnations name graces a restaurants, Flash bar noise. They there. I think they're online thing called themselves like a modern, speak, easy sure. It's called carry nations with an I E. I've only been there once it is. I would call it gleeful but it is literally a bar named after carry nation who would have smashed it up with her hatchet. Yet I have to go and excitement in Boston, we're going there well, and I would add that you picked this episode because I am a friend of mine had been going to take us there. One time and it turned out- we just happened to be there on it like they were closed, were like what we go somewhere else and then
I was in the same neighborhood a different time. We were looking for somebody when whole. Let's try this yeah. I remember you can actually thank my friend just infer that cause he suggested it cause. I was. I had been looking at another topic entirely and I was just run out of steam and not finding things nice idea of anything on your wish list could argue as any mention it. Then I started looking earn hours ago. We have today, yeah. She had got on my list at that point. After having you know, sat there bar named after her sounds very glad when you picked her up yeah. I'm a one thing throughout carnations life seemed to be the constant through her failed marriages. Her work in the hotel business, her smashing, you know her failed attempts at teaching school and teaching in churches and her jail time
her religious faith and her belief that she was above all an instrument of God, and she actually made a note in her autobiography to call out this fact. Rating quote note this reader that I did not think of smashing, God told me to do. It may seem she's she's really Fascinating am I loved reading about her in many ways with there is part of use like I'm so glad I never met the suit, we working with direct message me periodically with like the latest the lawyer, elbowing yeah, yeah, yeah, so cantankerous, but then there's this part of me. That feels, I feel very bad for her, because I really think late, because that first marriage was so tall, Part by alcohol. We'll get Korea led her down this path where she was never gonna find true happiness. You know like her life.
was always a struggle after that, and I think part of it was tat. She was always struggling with with what had happened. I'm just me being armchair psychiatrist, but well. And I ve, I feel bad that she clearly had her very sort of cantankerous. Demeanor was clearly like her at the world one I think. Sometimes the temperance movement is painted as A bunch of busybody, women who needed to mind their own business when in reality there were a lot of women in the temperance movement who were involved with it because they were being abused by their husbands, and later has events would come home, drunk and abuse them or their husbands had lost all of the family savings began. They were untreated. Our colleagues like that's like there were so many women who for them it was this. This desperately personal thing meeting to try to save their family. Basically, so
not really accurate to disappear like these women couldn't keep their nose out of other periodic social habits like that was re, yeah yeah, it's what you said is tricky she's. She seen in a very different lights by different people with different perspective, so the others cremation she's she's one of those food for thought. People like I know I will be thinking about her for a long time but you know what I'm thinking about now. Is it listener mail? This was it a real account transfer listener Shelly, I hope and pronouncing that correctly she's happy Summer Ladys. I discovered your podcast two years ago, as I was getting ready to sell our old house during the law
the horrible process of painting and staging the house just to turn around and sell it to someone else. I gave myself engaged with your podcast and I have been a fan ever since a tender was near episodes in batches as I travel for work, and I must admit that I am a bit behind, but I've had a couple of trips recently, so I'm almost caught up. You continue to simultaneously entertain and educate a difficult balance, but you nail it as an aside by me: no one feel like they have to keep up. I don't keep up with all my pipe cas if they are when you're, real meaning as she's as next. My husband and I are taking a trip to Europe in August to celebrate our ten year anniversary, happy anniversary, let me say that my husband s never been outside the country before so I'm excited to introduce into so many awesome things that the world has to offer for his first trip. I pick pretty reliable cities from a tourist perspective. Cities that have a little
thing for everyone we're headed to Nuremberg, because beer and though we have a stop or do in northern France ending in Paris and Paris, as you know, is filled with such interesting history in architecture, and I feel, like you, really can't go wrong there with a first time international traveller. I would concur. Ah, she says I know from previous visits that Paris, museums are often closed one or more days during the week. So I was doing a little planning ahead to find out when a few places would be open. including the palace it Versailles. While I was on the website, I notice that they have an online exhibit called fashion at their side. I know how much how he likes historical fashion, so I thought I would let you know it's there. I have no idea how long it's been up any likely know about it already. But I wanted to let you know in the off chance that you did not and she gives the link. We will
In addition, as I did not know about this, it is amazing I'll talk, but it's more in a second says. Well, I dont harbour in intense lover fashion. The online exhibit is stunning: they provide commentary around fashion shown in many paintings, and you can click each painting and zoom in to see the detail for a novice who knows nothing about fashion in history Very interesting in the fashion is stunning, although I have to say the first picture in the her sections of this site is laid out with a him and her. So you see both lakes or to the the traditional mail in traditional female moods of dress issues. The first picture in her section of the exhibit made me chuckle. It starts out by talking about the simplicity of the clothing for everyday life, and then the picture that illustrate this concept shows Marie Antoinette in a silk road, with a really full skirt and least tram, which, through the modern Linz,
early. My lends is extremely orderly and definitely not simple. I literally laughed out loud, and I saw TAT it was great. Just goes to show that perspective is everything, and then she mentions that she is also sharing the pie cast with her daughter, who is about turn eight, so happy birthday to her that she's in the first since and in others are younger ear, since some of our material may be too much, but she is already noticing that her daughter has a very strong interest in history and that there are the pike. S is something that they can do together so is awesome Shelly. I had no idea about their website and now I'm in love with it. So it's really really beautiful. Also it circles back to another progress topic that we have done because it uses some of the visual abloom portraits of re entering it to illustrate the clothing, and it really does break down like the elements of of the clothing, what it means. You know why different things were favoured at different times. It is a really amazing resources like is that we will have
Lincoln the show notes and it is gorgeous, and I can get lost in sight for a long time. If you would like her to us and send us things that will send us down rambles of delight for long time, you could do so at history, pie cast and house of works dot com. You can also find us across the spectrum of social media as MR history. That means, on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, tumblr and self interest is missed in history, and if you would like to visit our parents, I can do that. That is how it works. Dot com to encourage you to type in some element of interest into search bar you're, gonna, get so much content to read and enjoy and learn from, and you can also visit us at missed in history dot com, where every episode of the show ever exist together in one archive, as well as any show notes for the absence of Tracy, and I have worked on
So please come to visit us at missed in history, dot, com and house topics, dot, com for more honest and thousands of other topics, as it has to be more exact, carrying rockers upon gas coming age story about finding a home and rock music and learning to flourish in your own. Weird way. It's also, of letters of nice to my younger self ass. She navigates ashes, adolescence seals or socially Heidi body issues and relationships and discovers a transformative power sharing sue from Dublin has productions is created and hosted by Need Chelsea, arson and executive produced by Jake Brennan of disgrace, land, listen dear young locker. On the I hurt radio, app apple pod costs or wherever you get your podcast.