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Catherine de' Medici, Italian Orphan

2010-04-21 | 🔗

Catherine de' Medici remains the most famous female member of the Medici clan. Orphaned at a young age, Catherine survived struggles with childhood illness and eventually became the Queen consort of France. Tune in and learn what happened next.

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hello and welcomes the path tat aunt kate lambert and unfair daddy and our marriage she super theories isn't all about italy and this episode or actually going to follow the most famous female member of the management plan on her journey to france where this well the bourgeois family finally attains let it haven't had which his royal standing but it's all happily ever after you have probably heard of catherine as a poisoner or an italian spy but were saving that stuff the catholic huguenot wars for later and i katharine's triple regency as well for this one we're going to go back to routes and that's cause apparently we really fascinated by stories about sad royal children i was thinking about all the episodes where we talked about them cleopatra brood harrods kids elizabeth
when she was old lady elizabeth what kind of an expendable head so we're gonna move onto florence and start with a really sad childhood michael angelo episode we talked about a marriage he pope polio the acts as our friend molly of him the stuff mom never told you called him and his very maneuvers in florence for power he assumed the drowned in and fifteen thirteen and replaced his brother as normal ruler of florence with his nephew a puppet lorenzo the second domenici and get him confused with lorenzo the magnificent because there's nothing yeah and leo arranges and advantageous match for this young man with model in de la towards developing a whose a sixteen year old orphan and also a bourbon heiress it's a deal struck up
tween the pope and the italian territory hungry french king francis the first which suits both of their schemes and as an eye so union of power and the marriage is a success the couple conceived the child within months and catarina domenici is born on april thirteenth fifteen nineteen but the sad thing is she's orphaned within weeks of her birth because lorenzo the second seems to have had a pretty bad case syphilis frances and we are of course disappointed that their plan hasn't come to fruition quite as they were hoping but once baby catherine gets for an early or she's healthy and actually turns out to be a very valuable pon to whoever possesses her pope leo intends to control her himself and refuses to send her to francis this court because basically she'd be hostage francis would be the one who could decide who to marry her too and so when leo receives baby catherine in rome he said somewhat ominously
she comes bearing the calamities of the greeks but he also says she's a fine and fat little baby felt maybe things are gonna come out ok leo puts his fault or behind catherine and makes her duchess of urbino he plans eventually marry her off to an illegitimate manage his son and set them up as the new puppet rulers of florence but unfortunately things aren't the simple and in fifteen twenty one leo dies and the new hope if adrian the fixed his reformists talked about him and the michelangelo upset you he has little tolerance for all things metallurgy and it's not a good i am for the family adrian at first takes catherine did she ever be now and gives it back to its original owners but even though the family flailing a bit at this time katharine's doing ok she's moved back to florence to live under her relative cardinal julio supervision and you might run
him from our posse conspiracy podcast he was the illegitimate son of the giuliano who was murdered in the duomo but adrian at last long anyways he dies possibly being poisoned just two years after he comes into power and so katharine's uncle no julio becomes pope clement the seventh with the mandatory back on top back in power catherine becomes good marriage it again she's valuable again and so climate outfits her instead the monetary policy now she's she's raise like a princess there but as we mentioned also in the michelangelo path florentine are not happy under this new form of military rule cardinal julio now pope climate isn't willing give up his day job of micromanaging floors and the people in the city are happy under this marriage he control and in fifteen twenty six
when catherine is just seven years old clement joins a sort of league with france england florence and venice against the eventual holy roman emperor charles the first but things do not go wealth the league of cognac and soon enough imperial troops are sacking roam the pope has to fit hide and melt down his people tiaras to pay his own ransom and as of course we learned in a previous podcast while rome is being sacked the florentines take the opportunity to try to restore the republic and with the help of the imperial army they overthrow the i'm with the mandatory and so this is obviously scary times for catherine domenici holed up in the medical palace and she's there her guardian and mother figure clarice strozzi who the two of them are left to face this angry and he might achieve florentine mob
eventually they escape to amenity country house but an armed of court comes to collect catherine and takes are off to the family cheer combat which is not a pro meditate convent but still probably a relatively safe place to be and this begins poor catherine three years of danger and shuffling about and from let's hear she's moved has sent a catarina of vienna which is also in florence in its way written consent so not the best place for a young girl to be living french ambassador insists that should be taken out of bed and the republic's council agreed for her to move to the invent a santa maria and enthusiastic telling marathi which as a covert operation they leave in the dead of night catherine is wearing several veils and this is in fifteen twenty seven just to give you an idea of
here we are in the tiny afterlife people sometimes ask for more date for giving you dave but this concern is shhh nicer than the other to its said educate young aristocratic women and they also taken retired noble women and since the coup it has been well supported by the mad achieve their very welcoming to catherine the others is even her godmother so it's comparatively eyes she learned a lot from these educated aristocratic nuns and picked up a lot of the things that make her eventually so success in court you know her nice manners her beautiful bearing her charm and one of the nuns notes that so gentle and pleasant the sisters did all they could to ease her sorrows and difficulty so this is a a calmer time in her in prison that essentially in the mean
i'm clement and charles are hammering out a piece but new extremists and florence fear that the marriage he will come back into power of course of clementine charles are heather on this so they consider eliminating the main marriage pawn who of course is little catherine precious to the people and the mandatory and in ten twenty nine with imperial troops arriving in florence these new extremists meet them with a fierce defence this is when michelangelo setting up that the fortification designing fortifications and all that and these extremists are very anti eleven year old catherine and they have some terrible ideas about what to do with her one plan is to lower her naked in a basket over the city walls where her employer allies might accidently kill her another to determine a military brothel so that she is not a very desirable marriage upon anymore they dont
accomplish any of these but regardless the plan is to take her out of the murat take convent and the poor nuns have to give her up catherine things that the troops are to kill her so she shades her head and puts on habit and yells holy mother i am yours let us now see what excommunicated rach will dare to drag spouse of christ from her monastery and she will not take habit off here i mean it's remarkable though that she's not harmed when she's taken from the combat she's kept faith by her escort who behave quite honourably but she has to ride through the city of florence in her habit on a donkey and it's scary terrible ride she can hear that anti matter cheat people hang out here on the street but harm she's dropped off suddenly cheer content and the place where she she started this philosophy and soon enough climate has florence again and catherine is safe
so catherine is shipped off to rome to live with her great aunt the craziest salver yadda who is lorenzetti magnificence daughter and with the method cheap on top it is time to make a marriage match perhaps one with france so now we're gonna take you over to another tree and another third childhood so caverns intended henry is born two weeks before her his mother died when he finally resolved that the worst childhood trauma a year later understand that we're gonna have to go a little bit back into his father's life so his father francis was obsessed with italian conquests as a man and this earned him the hostility of charles the first of spain who later became our old friend the holy roman emperor charles the fifth and in fifteen twenty five frances had a stupendous laws against the imperial
troops and poppea italy he was overly brave on the field his nobles were cut down around him and he manages to get himself captured and taken to barcelona friends is treated well by charles but he gets depressing are not being able to do the things is used to doing ass king of france he stopped eating he get sick and charles is terrified that this price his captive he has this bargaining chip is gonna die on him and france is fortunately starts to get a little better the two minor start to work out the treaty in madrid in fifteen twenty six in this results in a huge sacrifices of territory from france deal is a very valuable but of course he's not in a position to bargain here he's held prisoner also its result in a royal marriage the widower frances it's gonna marry charles's witted sister but to be sure that france's goes out and actually
fill these territory hand over them and keeps up his end the deal charles was gonna need a little collateral and so they how to deal with in france assisted charles will hold the dough far and henry eight and six year old boy cancer collateral that's very nice the boys are brought by their grandmother to the border lands and the exchange takes place on a raft in a river which is very strange to rafts coming from those ironing out the raft in and then there's the switch and as a note we come up a bit later one woman and the boys departing group is twenty five year old down to plot yea who gives henry a kiss and later she becomes his mistress for the rest of his life and cut of the bane of catherine domenici's existence
sir francis is really upset the hand off his sad to be giving a sandpipers prisoners approach since then that ill try to bring them home soon but really has no intention of filling the terms of this treaty so the likelihood that the boys are gonna come home anytime soon is flim to non their initial captivity it's fine there saying with their future stepmother eleanor and they have this large french household but as frances comes more rebellious you now starting leagues cognac for instance the kids are basically put on the lock down and moved deeper and deeper into spain and just to compare this and two katharine's childhood since it is interesting that this future couples in captivity at the same time this is around the same time that imperial forces are sacking rome and catherine's hiding in the combat but by fifteen
nine things i've gotten worse for the prisoners and a french spies found near whether being kept so their moved either deeper into spain to withdraw and the only member of their once a normal suite of tutors in then valleys and friends that's laughed is a single french dwarf whose there to entertain them ultimately there move to a cell with ten foot thick walls bars and straw mattresses they have no penguins no education and no exercise but meantime the years of war have made france and spain very ready for peace even if their actual rulers
nods and the ladys have to be brought in to work it out since frances and charles can't seem to do it so la packs day down with francis his mom and charles is ass secures the boys release for quite a bit of money instead of territory and francis sets to raising it and getting his back i'm surprisingly the boys are in pretty good shape considering the severity of their final time in prison henry the eleven now the diverse twelve but their different kids they're not these happy go lucky french princes that laughter gloomy spanish kids who have grown up in play and to make matters worse their father doesn't it like them very much anymore and he definitely favours his younger son who's got into still have his happy french prince childhood he says that the mark of a frenchman was to be always gay and lively any office
but he has no time for dreamy sullen sleepy children i just want to be like for having to leave them in prison for four and a half years given away and timely but it's time start looking for a bride for henry regardless of his dreamy sullenness a match with mary tudor false through sir francis goes to his friend clement the pope and enter catherine and henry's life in this to be a triumphant marriage for four clement and for france's who have both been pretty disgraced recently this is their chance to show world that their back on top and you're making this great alive and marriage between these two prison raise kids it's gonna be pretty impressive to isabella
stay helps prepare catherine just to get an idea of her trousseau isabella requires three pounds of gold two pounds a silver two pounds of silk all of that is just for gowns she also gets per rules and these pearls turn out to be pretty notable because catherine gives them to her your daughter in law mary stuart who wins the headed elizabeth first ends up with them intently that's that's how you get pearls she also has a crystal ass get enormous diamonds emeralds rubies catherine is set as far as true so go
and she starts her journey to marseilles and one thousand five hundred and thirty three there of course very elaborate marriage festivities that go on for days and days but they're finally married by contract october 27th one thousand five hundred and thirty three and they have their religious ceremony the next day and gold brocade with a velvet corsage covered in gems and edge dinnerman she has jewels in her hair and a crown on her head though let bride in the pope in france is really want to make sure that these two fourteen year old consummate their marriage and consequently there really be about it they might even stand room to make sure that everything happens is that shed but after that everybody's free to go home and they exchange them parting and one of the special guessed the pope gives the king is a unicorn
which katy was really bad at about because it is of course actually a normal task and anyone it how stuff works and the editorial department i think knows how obsessed with them i am i wrote an article if you want to go look for it on our home page so cap the duchess now she's gone from this sort of thing the tory term emergence daughter she's clearly no merchants daughter but you know the mad achieve there have their reputation but regardless he's a duchess now and it seems like things are gonna be pretty great for her except that the first major blow to her to her married life comes less than a year after the wedding when climate die and he hasn't fully paid her dowry and he has fulfilled all his promises to king francis and so consequently frances feels like he's gotten a pretty bum deal with meringue assented to catherine and he says that the girl has come to me
naked another big problem is that catherine can't seem to conceive and this is a major issue and henry's brother the dough found eyes apparently after an exhaustive aim of tennis and embarrassing when it really is a seventeen year old henry has a daughter by an italian woman so it seems that the problem is an him and he's urged to repudiate katharine but frances likes her a lot he's smart she sporting she may have brought side saddle to france in fact and can handle his body jokes she's a good match for him and so he becomes her ally her father in law so catherine steps up her attempts to conceive a notch and she gets these weird medicines tries also strange potions out and arms watches henry in his mistress dionne through a whole drilled and the floor to see what they are doing maybe find out if she's doing something wrong although apparently she so
watching this that the tears blur her vision eventually the couple gets medical examination which shows that both of them are so lee abnormal which we have to have one we now have in detail me i'm not sure but their regardless there given some instruction it seems to work because she soon pregnant and she has a boy frances followed by nine more children so whenever they learn certainly works for them an important note for our next episode catherine is he to partner the survivors for one hour sickly children they ve got weak lungs the boys have sores and fits of dementia that may have been from congenital syphilis so file that went away but while marriage isn t easy neither is it jousting staying and twenty eight henry and catherine become king and queen of france one frances dies catherine
similarly mourned the old king he taught her a lot about regal style and helped inspire her love of architecture and art and for next decade or so she absorbed herself and her family law although she had to contend with a very pushy third party in her marriage yonder plantier but the king grows to respect his wife when more to pay more attention to you're probably because he is grateful she's born how many children and he starts to trust you gives further regency several times when he's away on campaigns but still all is mostly being a mother and being a lady of the court by the time she's forty life seems to be fairly well after all these years of extensive wars with france and spain over italy there's gonna be peace
we and it's gonna be marked by two royal marriages and to celebrate henry is gonna host festivities here son and his court will joust despite catherine spheres and her foreboding fence of doom and she thinks she has a second so this is a big deal for astrologers have warned her that there's going to be trouble and mr dimas has predicted disaster she's dreamt of blood in gore there is no good that will come out of this particular jousting tournament and so on friday june thirtieth eighteen fifty nine after several successful runs henry the second is struck down with a and through the eye and brain it takes him an agonising days to die and he leaves us fifteen year old son francis who is week in mind and body as king of france and grieving widow catherine turns out to be willing to do
anything to protect her children's birthright but that's gonna be the subject for our next episode which will also are exciting conclusion of the marriage is pursuing leaving you with that we will now go to lessen our veil which is about the medication appropriate enough this message is from jeremy and juno beach florida he wrote to us listening to these podcast and found it all very familiar mrs in regard to the party conspiracy and await the game assassins creed too takes place in renaissance italy and a portion of the story includes the majority and patsy take over the game you some of the history for the story and it's pretty accurate with your podcast there is also a downloadable addition to the guinean named bonfire of humanity i haven't played it yet but it
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