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Charles IX of France

2015-06-08 | 🔗

Much like many of the other mad royals that have been discussed on the podcast through the years, Charles IX of France was prone to fits of rage so intense that people at court feared for their lives.

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spend a little while since we ve done a matter oils episode we have passed a theme that kept propping up in previous those shoes and then carried over into our too more than anything else ours is more like a cranky temperamental probably doesn't have control of his emotions kind of royal but will sit in a mad there you could say he was mad and much like many of the other matter is that we have discussed on the pod cancer of the years charles the ninth of france as i just hinted was really proud to fits of rage and these could be so intense that people at his court feared for their lives and for a quick sort of fun background bit that's not really super important to his biography charles in life was allegedly nicknamed the snotty king and that was because of a birthmark that he had on his upper lip that apparently made it look like he had a perpetually runny knows it's seems like a terrible thing for a child to bear but
he eventually girl mustache to cover it up once he became an adult and was able to grow facial hair but that's only the tip of the iceberg on this and going by his famous portrait from when he was just a boy add that was painted by france walk away either this burg birthright wasn't even that noticeable or the artist downplayed it but this is kind of a fun little factoid as we go into this story about charles the ninth he was also the son of catherine domenici so his story brush up against the series of previous hosted on timidity family came sarah talk a lot about catherine in previous episodes and they bus myths about her reputation but we're gonna like story and this piece of history as it relates specifically to her son charles charles was born charles maximilian on june twenty seven fifteen fifty near paris and his parents as we already mentioned were catherine timidity and henry this
france and as he said catherine was covered at length back in the key in and the couple also had an older son francis the second as well they had other drain but this is just it can make it clear that at this point charles was not immediately next in line for the throne as a child charles was really coddled buys parents his mother ordered numerous portraits of her children and she'd often higher and troops of actors and other performers just to keep them entertained that's not unusual for royal families at the time but she is usually described as being really quite doting on her children some historians kind of suggests that that is what kind of foster some other bad behaviour is they grew up that they just four came a spoiled the castle was also filled with entertainments of its own they had a private zoo of exotic creatures and plenty of domestic animals available for the young children's and amusement and they also had companion children
the family would kind of hiring keep handy so that each of the royal children have another child there say made that they could play with as he would probably effect the royal siblings were very well educated as a child charles showed some natural the anything to really enjoy literature in writing but he wasn't that eager about being a scholar his schoolwork had more to do making his mother happy you then learning things for himself so in the summer of eighteen fifty nine catherine and king henry the seconds daughter elizabeth who was four years older than charles was marrying the king philip this of spain and a proxy ceremony this celebration king henry repeated in a joust and there was an accident unfortunately opponents lamps actually shattered and the kings face was penetrated by splinters from damaged weapon in multiple places over the course of the next eleven days henry became
possibly more and more ill due to infection and swelling in a lot of various problems going on and he eventually succumb to those and died on july tenth of fifty fifty nine when henry the second died his son francis the second became the king of france but frances who was married to me wayne of scots did not rain for very long just seventeen months during that time the teenage king was really influenced by marries family and while the protestant hugo's of france wanted religious freedom marries uncles were very very catholic and very against this yeah eventually for uncles and law engine the execution of fifty seven huguenot conspirators who were put to death for treason charles of course
being a young boy am and part of this royal family witness the entire spectacle of this execution along with the rest of his family francis the second man who had tuberculosis died of abscess behind his ear on the evening of december fifth fifteen sixty and at tat moment the crown went to his younger brother charles the night and before we get onto charles is a child king it's a little early but i want to go ahead and do it a sponsor break here because that way we can keep canada next trunk of a story altogether so as i call with you tracy it is let's do it so there is some folks know small business world you still think that inexpensive postage meter is pretty much their only option without calling all of their stuff to the post office all the time but there is another option which is stamps that come with stamps dot com you can easily print postage for any letter package using just your computer
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two charles's story he was only ten with his brother died there was mother catherine was named as region and in this role should have everything that a ruler would normally do and she stayed by her son side at almost all times for the rare occasions when she wasn't with charles the servants of course were expected to report back to her on even the most minute details in what he was up to and again that that's none things that people will talk about in his when their time out royal families but it really is not then unusual think most royal parents casually as you go further back the habit was kind of to keep constant tabs on their kids as they were doing i mean in the airports on their own they were never really on their own but from on turkey had shown some signs of mental illness and this really manifested initially as these fits that could be attributed to
frustration of a child like we have all seen a toddler kind of hit the wall where they can they'll have the language skills to lake explain themselves so they just kind of have these rage fits but the problem is it continued for charles long past the age where that behaviour is considered normal and part of the growing cycle is also physically pretty weak although joint being physically active at the same time we also the only one in his family who was prone to developing infections and displaying these kind of rage tantrums his brothers had the same characteristics here this is pretty consistent throughout the we turn was also obsessive really interested in hunting hunting very popular but he was really upset for that and the sight of blood during these excursions really excited and he seemed to start to crave that excitement almost like an addiction he got lots of excitement outside of her
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and when his when he became king even though he wasn't really ruling at that point said this a lot to deal with three years after frances had died so charles on the on the throne but with his mother ruling is regent charles turned thirteen and shortly after this he was proclaimed king without his mother's regency and you may think that this would have been a problem for but you would be wrong because she still held the power terms was very young and indecisive and as we said kenneth physically weak any already showed these signs of mental illness and now catherine was in his position we really she was still making the decisions should that much influence but cha was the one that was ultimately held responsible for them charles had been named king in august of fifteen sixty three and starting in fifteen sixty four he started to your tour of france at the insistence of his mother
in part this is intended to show off the strength of the royal house and really try to unite the french under the king but the catholics and the huge knows continued their bitter conflict enjoying this sort of tour of france and these travels one of the first real acts of violence on charles is part took place it's the first time that we have actual documentation of him being violent outside sort of normal scenario like hunting while he and his mother and his entourage were travelling from their starting point a fund of look to their necks destination charles came across a piglet had recently given birth and he wanted to try to pick up one of the piglets and when he tried to handle the south attacked him and his action was incredibly brutal and he killed the pig and orphaned the liver and kind of left it at that
was again outside sort of the you know it wasn't like going on a hunting killing this mother animal in orphanages oliver piglets and it's really this time we see him just being brutal in kind of a senseless way throughout the rest of the royal tour he performed various acts of diplomacy and he made public appearances some of the meetings he and his mother check with the catholic royals of spain really stirred the pot with the french wars which because the huguenots saw these meetings as likely being alliance meetings with their enemies with this point we should point out that choice did not remain physically week for the integrity of his life mentioned as a child he was kind of frail of anything through adolescence he grew a great deal although he did always stay very thin but he became quite tall any
hasn't seen us so much frail although i dont think anyone would ever describe them is like a hulking specimen of strength and fitness but ass his physical stature grew his mental state really kind of took the opposite track and started to deteriorate he was very close to his younger sister marguerite you also see with that is margaret and sometimes even margaux and his behaviour was passed more and more with these angry rages it started to seem like a sister was only one he was safe from essen who could help common down even as mothers started to gradually fear him yeah me new heap was i was sort of like a hair trigger potential violence person to be around which i can imagine is no fun whatsoever throws also contracted tuberculosis just as his brother france's had when he came quite
you're too dying from a in fifteen sixty eight but he did recover from that although after that point his health was fair inconsistent eventually he developed and am says one of his arms from being bled routinely in an effort to fight this tuberculosis but even so he managed to recover am continue his reign as he recovered from the aligned illness charlestown love he met marie to show and although she was from a bourgeois family catherine approved of her son taking her the mistress she seemed to truly care for charles and she helped com his unsettled temper you're much like his sisterly basically anybody that could be around that would help keep him a little more relaxed and a little less likely to be violent catherine was game for that plan but soon after in fifteen seventy the twentieth charles also got married so he kept to show as is mr he married elizabeth of austria and charles said to have actually loved both of us
amory to stay in the three of them to get along fine you know to shape stood her position as mistress and she was very respectful of his wife and the wife didn't seem to have you know any real issues of animosity or jealousy over the mistress like the kind of all worked it out trials elizabeth daughter named maria elizabeth and this was two years after they got married but unfortunately the child died at the age of six turtles also had a son charles de louvois with his mistress marie the year you're elizabeth was born and that sign live to adulthood and he eventually became look of hunger lamb and before we hopped use
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these went on from april fifteen sixty two to may of fifteen ninety eight but they were kind of in pockets it wasn't always continuous there would be moments of peace and then it would break into another you know fight again and then they would reach an accord and that wouldn't you but during the reign of charles the ninth when catherine timidity was still incredibly powerful the politics of french court were actually a huge factor and influence in these wars trousers brother alexandra edward the duke anjou defeated the here as in battle and fifteen sixty nine dismayed nineteen year old king charles the second incredibly jealous and shifted his sympathies over to the huge knows why did he not possess the military or physical prowess that his brother did his brother was also clearly as mothers favorite so charles was doubly irritated by his success yeah so what kind of had more to do with a broad this switch in kind of sympathy towards the huguenot had more than
with this brotherly rivalry than it really had to do with the actual religious and political stuff that was going on but in fifteen seventy one charles meant nobleman and huge no military leader gas fired the colony and calling he had this plan to go up against the netherlands and spain and he wanted to to form an alliance and unite the country's warring religious groups to do so and trust actually game for this and he was extremely fond of calling me and is said to have actually sometimes called him father but trousers other wasn't really enthusiastic about her sons political friends while she had a taken a stance in favour a reconciliation with human as particularly after marries catholic uncle had kidnapped her and charles catherine felt threatened by the influence that gas barred the colony had over her son others some debate over who exactly
what are the moon had believed by a lot of historians that catherine conspired to have colony assassinated that effort ultimately failed and he was only wounded the huge a protestant for of course angered at this attack and king charles the second promised to investigate and irritated by the failure of her move against colony catherine kind of the situation as it was and took a new tactic she advice your sign that the safest course of action was to have all of the huge no leaders killed and the strike decisively and quickly charles agreed to this plan sore her haranguing had sent him into a fit of rage eventually finally yelled kill the admiral if you wish but you must kill all the hugo's so that not one is left her alive to reproach me till the lot till the lot killed the lot
conveniently during all this scheming the kings sister marguerite devout wall was marrying armoury of navarre who was the leader of the huge knows so that meant all of the other no leaders were in town to celebrate their wedding but before we to the massacre i want to talk a little bit about this wedding and not in a romantic let's discuss the dress going away but if you say charles a sister marguerite was missed at being married off to array of navarre you would be correct two siblings charles and margo had been closed when they were younger in fifty seventy margo had been caught alone with a lover in the in a bed of the royal home and was so enraged by this event that he brutally beat his sister in front of their mother until she lost consciousness her lover
the geese was soon married off to a wealthy noble woman and kind of gotten out of the picture the rift between the brother and sister state around for the next years but then it widened into a gulf when it was announced that marguerite would be married to you on re of navarre the bride and groom nobody tells us that they were children and there was absolutely no affection between them marguerite was fastidious and obsessed with cloning and unreal with not he had a reputation for odor began she had the opposite reputation she is alive then one of those rare people who bathed every single day during this time which is not necessarily common and during the marriage ceremony margo is said to stood silent rather than uttered the words of consent to the union when the cardinal asked it of her and this became an trouble silence and eventually charles who had just grown furious at her savior stepped up behind her
pushed her head forward and down in a knot of consent so the massacre in the pan on hours of august twenty fourth fifteen seventy two colony was thrown from bedroom window he had already been said we beaten and stabbed and he was beheaded in the street this along with them there's of additional key figures of he's gonna leadership many of whom were slain in the royal palace where they were wedding guests set off a chain reaction of events now known as the saint bartholomew stay massacre as news of the huge no leaderships demise spread catholic mobs became attacking and killing huguenots throughout the city the slaughter was this brutal and it went on and on august twenty charles is attempting to put an end to it by means of oil order but no one paid any attention as the weeks went on the carnage spread out from paris into the country
it went on for almost two months a rough estimate of the death toll is about seventy thousand huguenot protestants several of those were in paris alone and i wish to take a sign up here this is actually the first use of the word massacre english and a lot of the people who were killed were just like working at their shops are going about their normal daily lives when people burst in an and cut them down the reason i know that is because back when we did our episode about the boston massacre which had an extremely small number of people who were killed a lot of people they got angry that we didn't approach that with the proper gravitas like massacres weren't that big at the time no this is the first time
the word massacre appeared in english and it was horrible ia and i will say there are debates over the of the accuracy of those counts that some people will say the seventy thousand estimate is way too high and that the several thousand that were in paris may or may not be accurate as well but we know that it was tens of thousands so even if it was half that you're still talking about a great deal of people armoury of navarre however despite being a huge no leader actually survive the massacre because he converted to catholicism he was kind of swept away by royal guards and kind of given this option it sounds like he would eventually rule france with marguerite is clear but that wouldn't be forbids learning new was also intended to quell the human no uprising but when it really did was to kick off the fourth of the eight french religious wars
i mentioned earlier this those wars kind of evidence flowed and went on and would erupt in india you're sort of what they call wars but they went on through the long period of time and they're all linked all eight of them as the french religious wars we mentioned earlier that charles had developed this serious passion for hunting which is kind of a very gentle way to put it and it seems that his obsession with it intensified as he grew became angrier and angrier and he can develop this blood lust for the hunts his preference was to kill with a knife because he wanted to be close to the blood this seemed to help him sometimes vent off his violent impulses but it did not work long term he also developed a taste quartering animals and he
like to lash servants rather violently the stress of his position this ongoing physical problems and the the tumult of the saint bartholomew stay massacre already took a toll on charles his temper became increasingly here figured and he would just fly into violent rages without any warning winter came on at the end of fifteen seventy three he was at this point really quite incredibly frail in constant pain as tuberculosis really took it all on his body and his spring a fifty seventy four came on he said to have been letting blood almost continuously anything he died on may thirtieth of fifteen seventy four just a month shy of his twenty fourth birthday its believe that charles remain
very melancholy about his involvement in the saint bartholomew stay massacre for the rest of his short life although it was not really mentioned when he gave his confession on his death bed and he was after he passed succeeded by his brother henry the third so that is are mad royal do sure and as i said beginning i was a little you know in the map royal zone he seems so much to be an angry royal and i would be reluctant to diagnose him as insane but it certainly seems like someone that is that blood lest he must be dealing with some severe mental illness but that is the scope but in pepe or things i have listener male ray i have to one is our forces from and marie and she says good morning as i'm catching up with all besides i heard a bit of listener meal about seeing lots of stray dogs in egypt in you to mention people seeing them in other countries
while i was in police last year i asked our tour driver about the number of doghouse as we saw and mentioned how funny it was to me to see a house with identical little many doghouse in the yard and he was eyes that we didn't have dog houses all over the u s i said that since boyfriend and i live in an urban area people keep their dogs indoors overnight and he found that very funny and said that it was quite standard in his area to just let your dog room around town so because you see a dog out on its own doesn't mean it isn't being fed and loved people may does have an entirely different approach to pet ownership in different cultures as a good point marie i'm glad you brought it up because i know i tend to look at it from the point of view of being a little bit of a crazy tat vienna crazy animal lady where i'm very into the pampered pet thing i also have another fine piece of listener male listen just makes me delighted because on one of my pet subjects and this comes from our listener lisa and she says hearkening back
you're too partner on the beloved hunted mansion disneyland i remember you talking about the hat box ghost which existed only briefly when the mansion first open but has been absent from the happy haunts since nineteen sixty nine thereby becoming a disney fan favorite you have although we already heard the good news but just in case you haven't i wanted to tell you disneyland sixty of celebration which began on friday may twenty second of twenty fifteen even though the actual anniversary isn't until july seventeenth the wonderful people disney imaginary have restored the hat box goes to the junta mentioned attraction is located on the right just exit the attic and start down into the graveyard scene i saw today for the first time and i so excited i tried to get a decent photo of it too but my camera was not up to the task i did find his official youtube video about it however which you can watch here and she gives the link i lucky enough we ve done several letters about the hat box goose and people letting us know that he is back and i was so fortunate because
this worked out schedule wise i was already planning to be there on may nights so to see him on his first day back several times it is very hard to get a good photograph of him at one point when i was writing the following day priggish spirits even stopped our doom buggies and i was almost in front of him but i still couldn't get a good picture even in stillness so he's tricky to photograph absolutely beautiful like it is such a gorgeous job with reintegrating him back into the mansion so i do know about it i'm super excited about it i was so delighted when i saw him i was almost near two years because i'm a big dark but thank you for everyone that's been raining as in sharing and i love hearing about everybody's experiences seeing him for the first time because it really is sort of listed a delight and the tree and he's put in a really beautiful position where you cannot miss him a new kind of get it several seconds of seeing him and his his wonderful about innovation than what happened to him
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