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Crown Prince Sado of Korea

2014-01-29 | 🔗

Crown Prince Sado of Korea -- sometimes called Korea's "Coffin King" -- has been described as insane, depraved and sadistic, but when you examine his short life, it's more complicated than a list of acts of savagery (though there are plenty of those).

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you get your pockets. Welcome to stuff, you missed in history class from house up works. How can allow unwelcome of attack calf and how we try and I'm Tracy with today would be fulfilling their wishes and people who have been requested. More sad royal story. We got one of those just yesterday. The commission is comes from us from Korea and it's another episode of Royal Madness- and it's quite sad and instinctively is viewed through the modern Linz, but in the nineteen, hundreds for context, Korea was ruled at the time of the trees. He chose Yon Dynasty amendment, But during that I will do my very best. I do not be Korea, sprites yeah. I don't do that. We have consulted with native cream speakers but again
comes out of her mouth may not be properly pirated we're doing, no aroused I always can want to have this disclaimer about like fish Lee when you learn to pronounce phonemes as a child, your brain loses that ability to make your mouth make phone aims that are part of languages. You learn of the child, you, and so not just a matter of it being difficult like your mouth, doesn't move that way am I have the the thing of my secondary language, which I am not fluent in any more but was very close to you when I was younger, was friends, and so either going I'm tackling asian languages that kind of comes in it's very strange and I apologise so, in any case. That dynasty had been in power since the thirteen ninety, since thirteen any too. So it was a very long, lasting dynasty. but today's topic sets right in the MID seventeen hundreds and cover the story of a man who is often called Korea's coffin king and you will find out we go on its quite interesting, sweat,
horrifying Prince Udo of Korea has been described as insane, depraved, sadistic, but when you really examine his short life, it's me more complicated than a list of acts of savagery, even though there are plenty of really horrifying events, so stern in them very beginning. He was born on February through keep the seventeen thirty five. So his is coming up. was the second son of King Young, Joe and mother was the kings, favorite concubine lady, so Neue king, Yonder's, first time crown Yo Dang had done, seven years before sought. It was born at the age of nine, the king concerts have given birth to other children, but they were all girls. So when Saddam came into the world, he filled the empty air slot yeah that was They concern as you
is often understand what is going on here, there's a lot of panic and so Ben no air for a little bit of time, there was much rejoicing when sought. I was born. However, if said the king, had a little bit of a temper Sattler was quite afraid of him from the time that the prince was very, very tiny, It made him be behave in a sort of timid and awkward away when he was in his father's presence Unfortunately, that just made young Joe kind of resentful of his son and kind of especially short tempered with him and by all accounts, the relationship between the two really did not have any sort of nurturing element However, sorrow was completely devoted to young Joe and you know really revered his father. apparently didn't have much better relationship with his mother either. Ladys vanity was
focused on keeping his bringing in line with what the king wanted that. Even though she spent a lot of time with her son, he continued to be kind of fearful of her to hear he was also very devoted to his mother, but she really was rules first mothering. Second, with him is how you often hear her described. Then we're gonna jump it celtic or jumping, but we're not bring Otto. It's not very many years. Yes, so on April, twenty seventh of seventeen, forty four Interesting because, even though we have the dates of his marriage in his birth, the aids. He wasn't, he got married, is reported differently as eight nine or ten, but as we know it three. Sometimes dates are always either. So he was too very young. He was eight years old and he was betrothed and married to a girl. His same AIDS, Lady Hon,
the whole family, and she was the daughter of a scholar who had impress who had an impressive royal lineage, but no money to speak of what he had really impressed the king with his his knowledge and his ability to teach. And in her memoir Lady Hong describes being chosen as the princes wife as being a really anxiety, ridden experience and ponders, whether she hadn't had a premonition of the myriad trials and tribulations, I would go in the palace, her appearance hope that she would not be chose him and even though she describes the queen and the concerts and princesses as being extremely kind and welcoming to her she completely overwhelmed by the whole process. As you can imagine, a child would be when they suddenly become betrothed to a future king, yes, and while they were married at this point, the relationship was really more like that of being shouted playmates at first.
Given their very young age, they didn't even live in the same house after seeing how seriously the new bride took her role and serving the royal family lady sound, we encourage lady. He egg young, with became her name when she joined the royal family to behave more like a child and less concerned with all these rules and palace propriety and that sort of thing and no from lady here. Jiang's memoirs is the relationship between her father and the crown plants so because He was it collar. There was fairly welcome in the court, although he didn't spend a lot of time. There see did, especially once he became the Father in law to the future King hence in time with sorrow, and they apparently were extremely fond of one another and in some ways, he again, Father seemed to fill the fatherly role that was missing. Photos relationship with his own father. The king
so they really patent pretty encourage lady, he egg young, which became her name when she joined the no. Yes to view your future king heat they really did on an emotional level. a year and a half after he got married Saudi got really seriously ill, and shortly after that, in January of seventeen, forty six and his wife were moved to a palace closer to his mother, Lady Sideways own, even f, his illness, which was never clearly identified even after I had passed. He had unusual and peculiar behaviour here there, Now, that's all knowledge about what this illness was, except that it is very serious and he began to very strangely ass, yet and then afterwards, but a precious teenage years. He really became very serious about his studies. He asked
came adapted swordsmanship and archery, any love to read so a party that is his connection with his father in law, so he got along well with his sisters. He was particularly close to this that was least favoured by the king, probably because they had kind of this mutual thing that they pondered over an She was very close to the queen, dowager still very devoted to his mother, even though their relationship with an exactly credibly about things Pierre to have them on a pretty good track. At this point, however, Santos. Continued awkwardness around the king led to the prince. His bride being moved from the place they were living today. further away from the family, because the king presumably was not tear profundis him all that, often in that in April of seventeen, forty seven and as a concept, they were kind of isolated, so he would cease faintly, but not nearly so often, and he was missing out on kind of some social interaction that he had been really kind of
warming up to and enjoying up to that point at the age of fourteen. After the princess coming of age ceremony, it was decided that the marriage of sorrow and lady here young should take on a more adult nature sobbing so childlike. it's really here that they started to live as husband and wife and their relationship took on a sexual context, following year, sorrow and lady. He again young had there child Louisa home. But the baby lived only to the age of two and the royal family grieved. Really, flew over the loss of this child his wife is a consequence felt a great of guilt over the matter. She felt she had failed the royal family spent a year after the baby's death prince Andrew was born in seventeen. Fifty two, and around this time and possibly triggered by a case of the measles, the behaviour that Sancho had exhibited since his illness is a young child took on a.
Much more serious and a much darker tone. He started terrible nightmares, he believed he could see apparitions, including the guy Thunder became fearful of the sky and of the weather at this point, and he thought that His father was going to blame him and be angry with him. Any time there was a fun storm or other inclement weather. During this time, the king, who was getting on and years all started to act pretty. Strangely, he would washes ears after he heard something unpleasant. his mouth and ears, and changes close after talking to his son and he became and of obsessed with what door he used when he was coming and going based on whether he thought the duties he was going to or coming from were pleasant or unpleasant, The plea to the detriment of matters, mental health,
King young Joe started, sending sorrow on in his place to the more unpleasant duties that he didn't want to do himself like watching the torture. Of criminals year. So presumably in part because he was getting older who, having these sort of strange behaviors but as a consequence Father who already had all manner of strange behaviors, was then getting exposed to a lot of unpleasant, very stressful events. Several events happened beginning around seventeen. Fifty three that further eroded the already really strange relationship between the father and son, first the men had affairs with court Ladys beginning in seventeen. Fifty three Annie Ferris resulted in pregnancies the one he sat. Oh father, children with had two sons, while they kings concubine had two daughters and Her sons were seen as more important than daughters
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slash history or enter the code history at check out that security S, a k, a are a dot com, slash history, to get twenty percent off your first order, one more time for wellness, Sakharov dot com, slash history,. When those mother, lady son, we fell ill and late. Seventeen fifty five, the prince, went to her bedside. Only be greeted by the king, who is following thought it was so frightened by his father's raids that he jumped out a window and ran back to his palace this time. Sought developed a stammer, the stress of his strain relationship with his father was the likely cause of it when King Young made a visit to the prince in the summer of seventeen, fifty six Stammering in his confused behaviour, lead father to think that he was drunk
he yelled, it's got out and left him so upset that the prince became violent, inserted chasing the servants during his bed. the palace caught fire and the princess wife who, with this point, was very pregnant verily managed to escape with their young son, virtually when start getting lady son, violent and scary and late seventeen, seventeen fifty five, the prince, went to her bedside only to be greeted by the king, who is following with any negative emotion. He turned to beating the servants as an outlet. And meanwhile his wife was struggling with her own depression after them. The birth, of two daughters, her last isolation period, that was no offer her to have after a pregnancy really never came out of that? Quite the same. She really had it many severe. What some would say at this point is probably post part of depression, When the queen and the queen dowager died one right after the other,
units of the palace were just beaten mercilessly by Prince ATO and after He attended these women's funerals, his appeal madness just escalated. so we're gonna. Do you a brief list of some of his horrible act? We could really go on for hours, but we're gonna hit the points do not really high points now, part of our line. Where I I am highly and said, I feel like keys the inspiration for Jaffrey brassiere theirs. I dont know if there's merit to that in terms of him actually being inspiration, but there are certainly merit to that connection near the so early on in his descent into madness. He murmured a palace unique in him peel the head on a stick carried this horrible monstrosity around the palace and showed it off to Ladys of the court
suitably because he enjoyed there were on their dont know. He also murdered maids kind of on a whim and did so often He became increasingly sexually aggressive with court ladys and if they denied his advances, he would force himself upon them and became Leah cereal rapist. He took a new mistress. He was a seamstress Annie, for her to live and lavishly appointed apartments which infuriated his father, the seams, bore him a fine, but he happily entered her during an episode of it. of madness, and she wound up dying from her wounds. He would also leave the palace in the skies and walk among the commoners, and we really don't know what happened during these walk about, because we only know it from the side of his his memoirs, where she doesn't found out there was leaving the palace, but she what he was following him or taking of what he was doing well. He was out.
Any time there was a death in the family or some kind of stressful event became expected it would be. A trail of bodies afterward and he's really quoted by his wife is saying it released. My pent up anger to kill. People were animals when I'm feeling depressed or on edge. I mean King kid were clear and admission of doing them raise another manifestation of his. His mental illness was the spoke on obsession with Claire's he would demand to see dozens of new sets of clothing and ordered to choose just one outfit. That's the mild end of it. Yeah! he would sometimes burn outfits as a spirit offering again he was still having these visions that various speck version. Spirits were coming to him and if his attended made any error, while he was dressing, him saga become deeply upset and have to remove every piece of clothing. He was wearing and start over
he came to believe that his clothes would please or displeased with spirits cause good or bad weather accordingly, so he still had this weird connection of the weather and he thought he was somehow causing it based on whether he pleased the spirits with his choices. As his obsession with clothing got stronger and stronger, so did other aspects of his mental illness. He was saying but you weren't there. His manners, which used to be impeccable, fell away completely and he started swearing in his mother and in public and becoming verbally abusive to children He also make him began. Drinking heavily and alcohol was forbidden in korean court. So this is really a serious break from acceptable behaviour sexually. He became increasingly voracious and he was organizing orgies. He even started pursuing one of his sisters, although she continually rebuked his advances and cursed him.
beginning in seventeen. Sixty two things got really really bad. Basically, every servant or non royal in the palace was in constant danger it said that several bodies had to be carried away every single day. physicians, translators, maids, workmen, Next, there is no clear of how many people were killed, but he killed or maimed in some cases, basically Anyone he wanted to you during this time. He also was apparently not lucid here to be almost unconscious of the violent behaviour that was going on and unaware of this if in children Have moments of clarity, though, where he seemed genuinely devoted to them yeah, and he was aware that he had done these things, but in those fits of insanity it was like that all fell away and all he could focus on was the violence there. Accusations of innumerable inappropriate, behaviors, of course,
singly really seem to put his behaviour passed, the point of tolerable eighty four, the king and the queen, with his ceaseless stocking of his younger sister. continue to try to seduce her even tried to break into her apartments to get to her when she was trying to stay away from him and combined with the ever growing pile of bodies in more and more accusations in word of his behaviour getting out among the people. finally meant that the royal family had had enough and before we get to the next we're gonna, Pa Booth and have a word from our sponsor. this episode of stuff you, Mr History Class, is brought to you by earnest. If you have student loans, Financing them with Ernest could save you money or lower your monthly payments, and it only takes two minutes to check rate online. That financial relief can really go a long way when you are trying to pay down those loans, if you are still pay
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Ok, now we're gonna go I, too, grim territory. How all of this and a v p m for online private No one can per so on July. Fourth, seventeen sixty two King young Jos, summoned to the prince when the prince arrived before his father, the king stripped him of his title on his crown and brought out a heavy, and Rice Storage Box Sata was in the box in the lid was shut, and that is the last One saw him alive. He stayed there. And on July twelve, which was eight days after he was pretty and sought or died at the age of twenty seven, his servants in his attendants were also put to death. Phillip. We should briefly mention that, depending on the translation you read of his wife's memoirs, some say that he was buried. Some that's a little less clear. Some suggest that he sat in a courtyard either way it
the horrifying its he did many horrible things, but there also very horrible thing- and this is remarked was: according to the princes widow, idea of the king's wife Ass, a sort mother She is quoted as saying the following: the king young Joe since the princess illness has become quite critical and his cases hopeless. It is only plan, but you should protect yourself and the royal dance on in order to keep the kingdom at peace, I request that you eliminate the prince, even though such a suggestion is outrageous and a sin against humanity. It would be too for a father to do this in view of the bond of affection between father and son, but it his illness, which is to be blamed for this disaster and not the prince himself. though you eliminate him. Please exert your benevolence to save the Rio Grande Sun and allow him and his mother to live in peace. And ass for saw those wife, while she wished to die
not commit suicide entirely uncommon. At this point, there were other members of their family where a man put to death and the wife would starve herself to death because it was, considered in some ways to be the completion of her duties is a wife but he again young chose instead to hang on and support of her son and she'd been put in a terrible position because he killed herself. It could be perceived as some sort of admittance that her husband was guilty of something, rather than this mental illness issue, or it could also be perceived that she was protesting. The kings handling of the matter, so of those assessing of her suicide. A few committed suicide could have deeply deep. The aim is her sons, reputation and this whole thing was really an attempt to kind of sheep. Her son.
Safe in terms of the royal lineage, this event, as you can imagine, was quite controversial under court custom, Criminal execution of sorrow would have meant that the whole family would be punished King Yonder, with hands off execution was intended is kind of a loophole so that, even though the king had put his the box, it wasn't the king who killed him with starvation. starvation, some urgency it listed as suffocation, they see their car. cause of death. It seems like application would have happened much sooner. There wasn't rice in the bar. It was just him to. It appears to the best of my knowledge but yeah you're, still my you're not getting. What you need is a human at that point thrice and furthermore, there was actually some turmoil about sought, her son being the heir to the throne, His father had never ruled, and in fact had behaved so, shamefully and
combat this problem: King Young Joe, Trusting sort of legal maneuver he made saw those air Chong Joe, a posthumously adopted son of the long deceased brother that sought. Oh, it had prince huge ANG that had died before Sata was even born. this movement that there were no legal ties technically between Prince Chong Joe and his biological father, saw and while this Lou things out on paper politically, it caused a great deal of strife in it, because how many problems that are actually became taboo to even discuss challenges paternity, so his Logical father discussion was completely off limits, When the king died in seventeen, seventy six challenges Why not? Taking his grandfathers, throne and the major source that we have her sorrows, tragic and horrifying story in the Van the events surrounding it, are the memoirs. As I said earlier, outsiders, wife.
and these Nemours were written many years after the fact. The first of the four memoirs that she wrote was written in seventeen. Ninety five sorority three decades out and she, even though it was many decades. Our she really recorded his descent into man is in great detail and this was a very unusual move for a woman at the time, www korean culture, but really worldwide to write memoirs, and it was absolutely unheard of at this point Some one of the korean court to openly discussed royal misconduct. What's really interesting is that she writes about both her husband and her father in law, with a lot of compassion, clear that she wants the people who were reading to have a clear picture of this complex web of events that was playing out though she doesn't. a pure villain out of either of them, even though she describes all of the horrific things that were going on,
She seems to recognise that he was mentally ill and not in control of his impulses socially paints. This picture of a sensitive, thoughtful boy grew up in an environment that didn't handle him with care, and you know had I have had thinks I'm differently. He would have been able to flourish about both her husband and her father in law. With a lot of compassion, red and allegedly she wrote some of these memoirs. Or her sons benefits there had at one point Bene. a rumor. Photo had in fact not been mentally ill, but had been framed in a bigger political plot. strangely clear in her narrative and her description of how he crazy that these actions are those of a very damaged man and it's the injured I have had things on differently. He would,
you him in a way that no one else would have known him, not just from being his wife, but she became his wife when they were both still time kid right, and so she release, and especially once they were isolated and kind of sent away, his father didn't want to be around him. She saw him more than anyone else in the royal family. Would have and really you know, to witness this person that she care for a great deal. Go from being that kind of you know I'm relieved in learning, I'm you know a thoughtful. She he blew her father, because he was a scholar and he was really into learning and kindness we becoming a stir really big what she perceives is on his mistreatment. Whether it was intentional or not just pull places made in terms of the upbringing of that person Ray and her for memoirs, don't centre exclusively on Saudi when his father, although their conflict, is of course present throughout all
she also writes about, and similarly contextual, ices and defends other relatives as well. Yes, she so I want to say even handed, because she clearly has some bias and she's pretty open about saying like this was my favorite brother. This is you know She really does want people to have all of them formation and understand the base began. things of how this No, these events that you can see from the outside the there is a lot more going on in a simple list of horrible was that somebody did the horrible thing. It was done to him it's really hard, not to wonder how someone like him would have at a time when mental illness could have been diagnosed and treated and handled much differently than it was at the time Prince Father was originally buried and Mount baby song in young do, but his son. Toronto took the throne after his grandfathers death. He actually
this biological father exude and moved him out clauses in Swan Young, use a temple was built near by and the seat of government was also shifted. The swan and fortress was built around the area, and this which is now known as sways on fortress? became a UNESCO heritage site and ninety ninety seven with some history on, and I think people kind of do acknowledge that this is the person that didn't necessarily to be terrible. He was right, someone that just killed because he thought it was fun, so he did say have brought him great relief yeah. He eventually seemed to think it was fun, but that he didn't that way it will, and I dont even nobody ever thought it was fine, but he it was the only way he knew to relieve stress, which is really scary. To think about gallic, where your brain gets to Rio the only way I want to get to this day have to kill two people
strange place if you think about that moment, where somebody's having it yet I also think that people say, and they don't mean it yeah Don whatever means it's, the I have some listener male ideal airmail that made me smile was worth I'm glad we're ending this episode with something that will make this more so sad in its I was texting was my best friend yesterday when I was going over these notes in and as I mentioned in our every few episode, I sometimes late kind of data dumped on people and see where I haven't added information that that would be interesting because I see what they ask about, but we retire you about it, and I was saying I feel so. Bad Man- is that weird he was a serial killer. Basically, there, people on the internet won't get Superman's people who express empathy for just buddy involved. I think no one
they probably all had the best of intentions and just fell apart. Seek kind of especially someone who is clearly mentally ill right. I mean that I'm no clinician, so I would not people to diagnose what particular illicit Nino was too is struggling with, but clearly mental illness, there is no way to treat it heartbreaking. So onto happy email. This comes from our listener. Joshua good morning. I hope you're both doing well he's thing for years to various stuff podcast, because I just finished watching a nervous special that made me think of you to say, spies and world war two about the use of spit fires, s biplanes, to take recon photos and how they use the stereoscope to these three, the images using the photos and how they used what was called a wild machine to get
proclamations of distances in the photos, accurate enough to create scale models of target bomb sites and how this all came together to stop a Nazi rocket programme, as if all of this technology and brilliance isn't enough, and it's really cool, That's my interjection. By the way, There was one they mention that really ring a bell. Disney imagined ear, exceed your attempts, you, if I remember correctly, he was a major player in the creation of Disney's on emergent. You do you remember correctly Joshua. They said that the Brits needed not only academic types, that creative types as well to pour over the photos and make sense of them and due to this one of the play, is that they tap for their photo. Interpreters was Hollywood and again Britain's YO was one of the photo inter produce that was used during World WAR two, and was one of the people interviewed for this Nova episode. I found this video and it's time to one of your episodes rather interesting, and I thought I would share that. Is joining in really cool.
Enough. I think it was between forty one and forty five. He was doing this work, but should mean that he got pulled out of his work on the occasion to go. Do that we are, and I have never know that about accidents here. We neither that was super cool. I'm going to go watch at Nova Special on my lunch like you write to us and share your thoughts, you can do so at history. Podcast discovery, dot com. You can connect to this on Facebook, Facebook, dot, com, Slash missed in history, on twitter, at missed in history or on Tumblr. It missed in history that tumblr dot com and you can find a lot of interesting visuals on Pinterest pinterest dot com flash. in history, I'd like to learn a little bit more about what we talked about today. You can get our website and taken the words that mental illness and you'll get a bunch of the, including one problem Don't we know about mental illness,
probably would have done a lot of good in the korean court. One puts out, I was dealing with this problem Few bucks learn about mental illness or almost any other thing that your mind conjure. You can do that at our website. Housetop work, Stockholm, the moral, miss and thousands of other topics that have worked out of stock. You missed them. S. Request was brought to you by Katy, keen I'll everybody else.
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