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Daphne du Maurier

2021-06-16 | 🔗

Daphne du Maurier became famous thanks to her books and the adaptations they inspired, and her life story is just as intriguing as any of her writing. 

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of Iheart Radio allow and wealth and other podcast, I'm crazy. We will then I'm Holly fry a few weeks ago with some friends of mine, we're talking about the nineteen thirty eight novel Rebecca and how good it is. A conversation I over oversaw flash overheard on twitter. Somehow, even though this is totally my kind of book- and I remember my mom having a copy of it when I was in high school, I never actually read the thing, and even though I was really into Alfred Hitchcock growing up, I had also never seemed his film adaptation beyond clips of it that are in documentaries like the cellular closet and what I also missed the BBC many serious from ninety ninety seven and the Netflix adaptation that just came out last year, like somehow I had. This total void
of all Rebecca knowledge beyond the title of the book in the back, but it really seems like my kind of thing, so I checked Rebecca out from the library I read it. I agreed with my friends about it being very good, and I became immediately fascinated with its author, Daphne Du Maurier and I thought about maybe saving this episode for October, since Rebecca was not the only Alfred Hitchcock Movie to start out with her work and a lot of her books have a very like dark and suspenseful and foreboding tone, but I was too eager for this to wait until October. Everybody is going to get it now. Also, several heads up on this episode. There is going to be some
discussion of incest, also a relationship between a teacher and students and disordered eating. It's a trifecta we have not had before now, and I feel like this is more more warnings than we have needed to put on an episode in awhile yeah, so Daphne De Warrior became famous thanks to her books in the adaptations they inspired, but she was born into a only that was already full of really prominent people. Her father, sir, Gerald Du Maurier was an actor and a theater manager, and he was famous enough that when he ran into trouble with unpaid back taxes in nineteen twenty nine, he was able to make some extra money by licensing his name to a brand of grants her. Mother, Muriel, Beaumont Lady De Maria, had been an actress before she got married and from a young age. Daphne aspire to be like her grandfather their George do Maria, who was an artist for the magazine, punch and author of the extremely successful cereal.
the novel Trill B, which was adapted into a play and multiple films that we're also connected to various other famous and influential people, including Peter PAN, author J M Barrie. He and Daphne's father started working together in one thousand nine hundred and two with Gerald becoming the first person to play captain Hook and George Darling in Peter PAN in one thousand nine hundred and four Daphne and her sisters, Angela and Gene called Berry Uncle Jim and their cousins were the Llewelyn Davies boy you were a big part of the inspiration for Peter PAN. Daphne was the middle child of the three Damarea daughters born in London on May 13th, one thousand nine hundred and seven. In some ways. The girls up ring is a little reminiscent of the Bronte siblings, which previous hosted the show covered back and twenty twelve all three, We were highly imaginative, concocting, make believe worlds and scenarios for themselves. This would also care
over into all three sisters. Adult lives, Jean was an artist Angelo would also grow up to be a novelist, although her was always overshadowed by her sister. Daphne, the girls were mostly educated at home. Cared for by nannies than educated by governesses, the family had pat names virtually everyone in their lives like one of the biographies. I read for this had an index of all the pet names. At the end, they had an invented language. They shared among themselves that was almost like Who'd like Wayne meant embarrassing. A shilling was a disappointment and Cairo was code for sex as they reached puberty Daphne and her sisters called their periods Robert. He could make a french Uvira bear be raised by governesses.
educated at home was a fairly typical of bringing for wealthy british children in their early twentieth century. But in some ways the timorese upbringing really was not typical. Gerald De Maria seems to have wanted sons and in some ways he treated his daughters like boys, slaked teaching them to play cricket and Bach Gerald actually told Daphne that he wished. She were a boy and, at one point, wrote her a poem that included the line. If we she'd been a boy deaf,
He cut her ear short and she were masculine clothes and she and her sister, Jean both made male alter egos for themselves. Jean was David damp, yea and Daphne was Eric Avon, who was dashing and full of daring do and who excelled at sports Gerald relationship with his daughter struck a lot of people, s unusual and as the girls became teenagers who started over sharing the details of his affairs with them as Daphne and her sisters started dating men, their father seemed to become jealous of them. According to Helen Taylor, who edited the Daphne do Maria Companion in nineteen? Sixty four
Daphne do Marie. I told her that she and her father had, in her words, crossed the line. This is something Taylor reported after timorese death, and it is not something that do Maria herself seems to have put down in writing, but incest did become a running theme in her fiction and a subject that people who knew her said seem to fascinate. Her almost to the point of obsession in an interview she gave late in her life. She said quote: I dont mean bed incest. I mean this thing of sons looking for their mothers, daughters, looking for their fathers, another hurrying beam and her writing was female characters who wished that they were boys, whether it was their expressing that wish or describing themselves as being like boys or being described by other characters along the lines
She should have been a boy, and this is something that Denmark aid did write about a lot in the context of her own life. She described herself ass, feeling like a bull in a girl's body and locking this boy self away. In a box ass, she grew up to pursue a marriage and a family. Her writing also suggest that she saw this as a kind of a duality envisioning herself more as a boy when she found herself attracted to women, but more as a woman when she was attracted to a man, do Maurice first accounts of her attraction to women come from her time at an exclusive, finishing school in you, don't France, where her classmates included, heiresses and princesses. She started in January of nineteen twenty five and she soon met head mistress, Mademoiselle, Feldman, evil who Daphne called Ferdy. She was thirty and Daphne was eighteen. In a letter to a friend Daphne wrote quote:
I've quite fallen. For that woman, I told you about Mademoiselle Yvonne. She has a fatal attraction, she's absolute, kind of lured beyond and now, I'm coiled in the net for this relationship progressed from passing notes to Daphne accompanying her head, mistress on vacation to a spot during the summer to Fernand, supervising and nursing Daphne when she had to go to Paris in the winter. To me, treated for respiratory illnesses, Daphne never used the word lesbian to describe these attractions, though she described lesbianism, as quote a feeble substitute for married life and something to get over in you and in one letter called at quote that unattractive word that begins with L. Continuing that she'd tear out the guts of anyone who described her love that way. Instead, she referred to her quote venetian tendencies and framed her attraction to women as there
the emergence of the boyish soul that she'd tried to shut away. Mademoiselle Yvonne was fired without explanation or at least without explanation that she ever shared with Daphne enable of nineteen, twenty six and Maria worried that this was because of suspicions of over their relationship. They continued to travel through France together after this. There when they continued to write to one another. After Daphne went back to England, the demise started talking about buying a home on the Cornwall Coast. Daffy wondered if it was an attempt to sort of
helped her away from going back to France to be with Fernand. The timorese new home was called very side, and when she turned twenty, Daphne was allowed to stay there alone and soon Cornwall became her adopted home. Many of her works are set in Cornwall with descriptions that are so evocative. The corral has been described as a character on its own, while in Cornwall De Maria and an unoccupied home, called many Billy. It was originally built during the tutor era and it had been extensively remodelled in the seventeenth century. It was part of a state owned by the rashly family, but it was unoccupied, covered an ivy and falling into disrepair De Maria fell, absolutely in love with this home and visited it over and over. It would eventually inspire the settings of Multi bergs, including mannerly, and her novel Rebecca in
nineteen, twenty nine, a rift developed in Daphne's relationship with Fernand, for non the letter in which she described her experiences, kissing young men and for non response was angry and jealous sooner, de Maria started, a relationship with care o reed. He would go on to direct the nineteen. Forty nine filmed the third man, although she continued to two and visit Fernanda. After this, their relationship cooled dimare, published her first short story called and now to God, the Father on May 15th, one thousand nine hundred and twenty nine. The story appeared in the bystander which her uncle edited. He published another short story about a month later. Her first novel was the loving spirit written at the summer home in Cornwall and published in nineteen thirty one
Do you want me to love to walk through the countryside and on one of these walks she had found the wreck of the schooner called the James Slade. She became fascinated with the Slade family, researching your family history and reading through their letters and records in the lemmings. You're the slaves become a comes in a historical saga that one's through for generations of the family over all. This was a pretty conventional, but it was not like the more about guard and modernist writing that people, like Gertrude Stein, were writing that was coming out at around the same time. It was moderately successful. It was generally pretty well reviewed, but it also set the stage for the idea that do Maria was writing for a popular audience. Not writing serious literate It was only after her death that scholars really started to approach her work as being worthy of academic study to be clear,
It was important to her that she make money, but she described herself as writing, which she was drawn to, rather than focusing Whether an idea could be a commercial success, while her publisher heavily promoted. Her work throughout career. She was also reluctant to promote her books herself through things like signings appearances in interviews and in some ways this actually just made her see more intriguing to the public, not long after the loving spirit was published one of tomorrow,
sisters told her that there was a very attractive man in a white motorboat who was going up and down the harbor outside of their house later on. They would describe him as a menace, which was their secret language word for the sort of incredibly attractive man that you might just lose your head over. This was Frederick, Arthur, Montague, Browning known as boy or as Tommy to the people who are closest to him. He had read the loving spirit and had become determined to meet its author, so he just took his boat. Or to the harbour outside their house blew a little late stocking. Do Marie's relationship with Browning really started when he bit. did her ass. She was recovering from an appendectomy in April nineteen, thirty two and they made on July, of nineteen thirty two they went on to have three children Tessa flavour, and Christian who was known, ass, kids and we'll talk
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it's about anywhere with an internet connection. So let your fingers enjoy a stroll across the nearest keyboard and visit apartment. Stockholm to start your rental search today: apartments dot com, the most popular place, to find a place. That day, tomorrow S Father Gerald died on April, eleventh, nineteen, thirty four, and not long after that do Maria wrote a biography of HAM called Gerald a portrait. Its publisher was Victor Glance, who also published previous podcast subject: Isidora Duncan they started a decades long partnership between rider and publisher Timorese next novel was Jamaica in nineteen thirty six. It was set in Cornwall this time, inspired by Maria stay at the real. In of the same,
aim that it was built in seventeen fifty and had a long association with smuggling Jamaica. Anne was Timorese first commercially successful novel and Alfred Hitchcock, adapted it into a film in nineteen, thirty, nine Neither do Maria nor Hitchcock liked. This adaptation, though actor Charles Lawton, had bought the film rights with the intent of casting himself as the lead he had selected Hitchcock to direct, but he didn't give the director much creative freedom to return to nineteen thirty sex boy. Browning was an officer in the grenadier guards, eventually attaining the rank of lieutenant general. When his regiment was sense of Alexandria, Egypt do Maria went with him. She went back to England for a time when she learned she was pregnant with their second child. After their daughter,
was born. She left the children with their grandmothers and a nanny and then went back to Alexandria. She missed Cornwall desperately and found that she didn't enjoy all the overwhelming social obligations involved with being and officers wave. She would say of herself quote, I can't say I really like people, perhaps that's why I always preferred to create my own, She also said she wrote quote because I never liked myself and as a writer I could lose myself and my characters. Whilst he was pretty confident as a writer, she had some insecurity in terms of her personal life routing with eleven years older than she was and before they had married, he had been engaged to Jeanette Louis, the Ricardo, who was known as Jan two, Daphne Jan just see, far more alluring and glamorous than she was. She wondered why Jan and boy had never gotten married, she wondered whether she
had ever measure up to Jan that one point: she found a stack of genes old letters to boy tied up with a ribbon and she read through all of them noticing that she sighed Jan with a very large indistinct J D, Marie's homesickness, were Cornwall herself down her envy and fascination with her husband's former fiance and a derelict state of monopoly all fitted to her work on Rebecca. it, was a book there. She struggled to write for a long time, knowing only that it was. A widower second wife who felt We shall vote by the late first wife, Rebecca Victor Glance, marketed Rebecca as a romance and a lot of people read it that way and that really surprised Daffy De Mario. She described this book as a study in jealousy
Holly, have you read this book? I have, though it has been a long time, but I have seen the movie much more recently. I think maybe we'll talk about it, the more and behind him. This Gerardo out of comparisons to Jane Eyre, with people describing de Maria sort of the spiritual successor to Charlotte Bronte Rebecca, was an immediate success. When it was published in nineteen, thirty, eight it sold forty thousand copies over the course of a month and was translated into multiple languages in nineteen. Forty do Marie wrote. Come wind come whether this was a brief collection of stories about ordinary people meant to inspire the people of Britain during the hardships of world war. Two also in nineteen, forty Alfred Hitchcock adapted Rebecca into these
Miss Film Do Marie was much happier with this adaptation than she had been with Jamaica in, although that really was not a particularly high bar. This film was a huge success, both commercially and critically it when Academy awards for best picture and best photography, and it was the only one of Hitchcock films to be named best picture, but it also caught the attention of other people whose work have some similarities to democracies, and nineteen forty one brazilian writer Carolina, Nabu CO, publicly accused Maria of played arising, Rebecca from her novel assist Ex aura Nobuo had translated her book into English herself and the english language manuscript had been passed around among publishers in the: U S and England, although do Maria
publisher, managed to head off a legal battle. The New York Times published a piece tracing the many parallels between these two novels, although not that peace does acknowledge that Rebecca s biggest surprises do not appear in extra at all. Do Maria denied any wrongdoing, noting that the stories about hasty marriages of young women to wealthy older men and widower, second wives, feeling intimidated by the woman who preceded them were really not at all unique. She was kind of like everybody like there are a ton of this is a rope? She acknowledged that back though, by this boy, Daphne and boy had three children, their son kits had been born. Also in nineteen forty,
Daphne doted on him, far more than she had with either of their daughters and one thousand nine hundred and forty three. She convinced a doctor John rashly to lease menabilly to her. The home was entailed to the rashly family, so Du Maurier can never actually owned it, but she was granted a twenty year lease under the condition that she maintained it. She called it my Menna Menabilly was in yes disrepair. It took several months of work before her family can move in and although a lot of improvements were made, it was still run down. There was no central heat and it was infested with rodents and fungus and plants parts of it workable. We off limits because of the risk of collapse, but do Maria adored it and she lived there with a staff of cooks, servants and nannies who cared for the children who not to disturb their mother. When they heard the sound of the old typewriter she used to write her books. She was highly focused on her work. Her husband
joke that when she was in the midst of working on a novel, she could walk into a lamp post and not even notice it. But she S. we made sure to make time to play with the children every day and she loved to walk with the dogs and sail and arrange, fly where's to adorn their home, did Maria and her husband were apart during most of World WAR Ii because of his military service, including becoming chief of staff to Louis Mountbatten, the first Earl of Mountbatten, and also working with Prince Philip later, the duke of Edinborough and one thousand nine hundred and forty six. He was knighted and that made yea, Lady Daphne Browning. Although she was generally known as Daphne do Maria you dont really see her called Daphne Browning unless it's like a formal legal document or something when Browning was appointed military secretary of the WAR Office in London in ten. Forty six. He was able to reunite with his wife after many years away a warm. They had some trouble, Rick doubling their relationship, though Browning had all
served in World WAR one and had recurring nightmares after returning home. His experiences a war to had compounded that trauma this episode isn't about him, so we're not gonna go into a whole lot of detail, but he had been part of operation market garden during the planning stages. He was the one who decide part of the operation as possibly being a bridge too far, the operation Billy failed, leading to more than fifteen thousand allied casualties and the loss of hundreds of aircraft browning spent the summer of nineteen. Forty sex with due Maria at monopoly. That relationship had previously been quite passionate with the two of them. Describing themselves is deeply in love with each other, but in letters to Fernand that she wrote toward the end of that summer De Maria confided, that it had become pretty much entirely platonic. Things got even harder when Browning went back to work and they only
saw each other on periodic weekends. With one of them visiting the other, either at monopoly or in London in nineteen, forty seven do Maria face another plagiarism allegation. This time Edwina, Mcdonald's, nineteen, twenty seven novel blind windows that case had seemed like it was settled years before: but Mcdonald had died and her son had resurrected the lawsuit and this time the case went to port and Maria, had to travel to New York City. To testify. At this point to Marie was famous enough american publisher, Nelson Doubleday Senior said his wife Ellen too. company do Maria and her children on the transatlantic voyage and Daphne fell absolutely in love with Alan at first, she really doesn't seem to have been sure how to deal Beth. She was married and, in her mind, her venetian tendencies and her boyish soul that had all been.
the old away. She tried to avoid Ellen aboard the ship and gave her Kurt cold responses whenever Ellen would try to talk to Eventually, the two women did become close friends. Daphne confessed her Links to Elam, along with her sense that they were a re emergence of the boy that she'd shut away Ellen explained that she could not reciprocate this apart from not sharing the same feelings, her husband was dying of cancer. Ultimately there's was just no proof that do Maria had ever read blind windows or the short story. By the same author that it had been based on a judge ruled that, while there were some parallels between the two, they were two different books just with similar settings. That case was appealed, but it was ultimately dismissed, do Maria returned to England and had what was described as a break down from the stress of the accusations and the court proceedings, the difficulties of the transatlantic voyage and her unrequited feelings for
and double day, then nineteen, forty eight Frederick Browning, became comptroller and treasure to Princess Elizabeth, the Future Queen Elizabeth, the second and pray Fill up that same year. Do Maria wrote the play September Tide, which became kind of a vehicle for her feelings for Ellen Doubleday. This story involves a widow names Stella, who develops feelings for her son in law. You in Stella was something of a stand in for Ellen when this play with staged in London in nineteen forty eight fifty year old, Gertrude Lawrence, who had previously had an affair with timorese Father, was cast in the role of Stella at first. Do Maria really hated this casting, but over time,
describe her feelings for Ellen transferring to Gertrude Gertrude. Part of this relationship isn't entirely clear, but Daphne was absolutely devastated when she suddenly died of cancer and hepatitis. On September. Sixth, one thousand nine hundred and fifty two at the age of fifty four, the lights on Broadway, were dims to mark her passing she's been no the first person to be honoured. This way on Broadway. This marked a shift in do marine life, which we are gonna get into after we first pause for a sponsor break good afternoon. Would you like to try out free sample of our double fudge? Brownie of pure room? That's very good. I'll just take one more to be sure. Yet still very good. Some things never change like, never being able to take just one free sample and Geico having folks lots of money on their car insurance. It is that make a deal
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because they help save people. Money get to you, but I took it from Shakespeare. Darker fifteen minutes could save you, fifteen percent or more, after the death of Gertrude Bahram, Daffy De Maria experienced a really deep depression with her family describing her as almost catatonic at an addition to her grief. She just felt like she was getting old, her book, my cousin Rachel, what had come out and nineteen fifty one had been as enormously successful as Rebecca was, but then the apple tree, which was her short story, collection that followed it had been very badly reviewed. The apple tree was the collection that included her story, the birds and critics just
but to be too violent and sordid after all. This to Moray was having a lot more trouble writing and was feeling less creative and her relationship with her husband, who was still working, Buckingham Palace and making periodic weaken visits, was becoming even more strained in nineteen fifty seven rate. Rather twenty fifth wedding anniversary, he was hospitalized for nervous exhaustion, compounded by the acts of alcohol abuse? Do I learned that he had been having affairs when one of the way and he was involved with called her to tell her. It was all her fault,
though De Maria is best known for her novels. She also wrote biographies and one of these, which was the infernal world of Branwell Bronte, came out in nineteen sixty and nineteen sixty three Alfred Hitchcock finished his third Denmark, a film adaptation that was the birds to Maria was not really a fan of this film Hitchcock moved the setting of the book from England to California and wildly Marius story focused on a farmer and his family. She described Hitch Cox, characters ass, quote irritating people in San Francisco. She was frustrated by the changes that were made to the plot and the fact that he didn't often credit her work in interviews that he gave about the movie
this film led to another allegation of plagiarism, this time involving Frank Baker's, one thousand nine hundred and thirty six novel the Birds Du Maurier denied. This is well and it's again not clear whether she ever read his novel. She said that her initial inspiration for the birds started with watching flocks of birds following farmers as they our fields in Cornwall and wondering what if they get tired of worms on March Fourteenth nineteen sixty five Frederick boy Browning died after a long period of declining physical and mental health, including the amputation of his lower left leg and nineteen sixty four because of circulatory problems, the moray was really grief stricken and remorseful. She blamed herself. She felt like she had. Can
we need it to his death by staying in Cornwall. While he was in London for a year, she dressed only in black and white and took comfort and I'd be that he was waiting for her. Although her books don't really include a lot of straight up ghosts, they do sometimes have some other worldly happenings and after her husband's death, she had a group Interest in the paranormal four years later, Daphne do Maria lost her lease on her beloved Men'Ll, Billy Doktor rashly had died and she'd spent several years negotiating with his air, who wanted to move and so she least another home on the rashly property known as king Mark this time, working out a lifetime lease and she live bear for the rest of her life. While Kilmer had a lovely view of the ocean, she missed Men'Ll, Billy deeply and this move also prompted another layer of grief over her husband's death. Grouting had really loved kill more than he had encouraged
creates a to move there before his death when she learned that the foundations that kill mirth dated back to the fourteenth century, she turned that idea into a book called the house in the strand. After moving to kill marked, she also got a driver's license after going without one for twenty five years, so she could be more independent and her children and grandchildren and grandchildren more easily do last novel rule, Britannia was published in nineteen. Seventy two it's been described as almost predicting Briggs it. It said in the not too distant future and describes the UK leaving the European Economic Community and joining the Eu S to form a new country. U S, UK pronounced you suck. It was
not subtle, and it's satire or its politics, and it was very badly received. After that she published a couple of works of nonfiction, including an autobiography called growing pains which came out in nineteen. Seventy seven that looks stopped with her marriage because she found she just could not continue. After that point, she was also deeply upset by the portrayal of her late husband in the nineteen seventy seven film, a bridge too far, which depicted him not only of being almost solely responsible for the failure of operation market garden. Also insensitive to the loss of so many men feeling like she was at a total creed of loss. Due Maria had an emotional breakdown in nineteen eighty one. She died on April 19th, one thousand nine hundred and eighty nine at the age of eighty one after a long period of decline, compounded by secretly refusing to eat,
She was cremated and her ashes were scattered Kilmer during her lifetime. She had earned multiple honours and awards. These included. The national book award for echo in nineteen thirty, eight and being named a fellow of the royal society of literature and nineteen. Fifty two. She was named Dame Commander order of the british Empire for her services to literature and nineteen sixty nine. And she earned the mystery writers of America Grandmaster Award in nineteen. Seventy seven, its clear Daphne me to experienced a lot amateur turmoil about her sexuality. Her job I am the expectations placed on her as a woman and is an officers wife, but others describe. tourists, outwardly extremely com and courteous just about unflappable Sheila hot is: who was her editor for almost forty years described? Her is not wanting to be a bother during editing and accepting changes without complain. Writing quote, no one could have been more co
predictive or less prima donna like than she was on those occasions there. Really only one book that Hodges described Maria as really pushing back on, which was the golden lad. Sir Francis Bacon, Anthony Bacon and their friends. Basically do Marie had become really fascinated by the idea of a potential connection between Francis Bacon and William Shakespeare, and, since you didn't have hard evidence We had included. This idea is like little illusions scattered throughout the Burke Hodges cut, all these out and Maria wrote to say that she wanted them all back in. She noted that most people probably were not even going to notice them end quote if it a noise, others, I just don't care. I love that is only learned much later, that there were times when do Marie. I did not like her edits, but also didn't say anything about it do Maria is best known for her fiction? The golden lads was one of five by
graffiti. She wrote during her lifetime. She also wrote books on Cornwall history of the timorese family short stories and plays in addition to the three Alfred Hitchcock adaptation. So we discuss there have been at least ten film adaptations of her work and at least forty tv dramatization. Their work with usually well suited to these kinds of adaptations, some more slowly thing and psychologically, tents which made for good dramas in thrillers, or they were more melodramatic and featured things like smugglers and pirates, or they were more romantic. She was also a really vis we'll writer, which made it easy for filmmakers to see characters and settings in their minds. I one of the home marks of timorese books is striking first line, so we thought we would end with a few of them. The most famous, of course, is the first. Rebecca last night, I d they went to manually again. The birds begins with on December Third, the wind changed overnight and it was winter and then an
apple tree it opens with. They told me afterwards, they had found nothing note piece of anyone living or dead, salsa, really get it chapter. Ending yeah fizzy geared to the end of it. chapter near like well. I can't stop their brain Mozart harder to read as one sentence and upon guessed, but I am so glad that you did this one, because I love her story, its complex in its difficult, but it is also one of those things that really illustrative of the ways that people can create an image of someone who is in the public eye when really there is a whole other life going on, particularly their internal life and what their struggling with are just trying to figure out, and I I always like this story, so thank you MA am I'm glad. I just saw two friends having a random
rotation on Twitter about Rebecca, took me down a whole a whole journey, see now I want you to do that. Dramatic reading of the twitter, but really, I know you have listener may here, but I do have listener mail. It is from Amber amorous, as this is In in reference to our episode about the Nelson Pill, hearings and Amber said hello, Holly and Tracy. I'm a few weeks behind our podcast had a big catching up while unpacking for my recent move. Today I listened to your podcast from the beginning of May on the Nelson pill. Hearings, which has come at an unusually meaningful time. A couple of years ago, I became aware of birth control side effects. After a nurse practitioner shout out the hard working and well educated nurses notified me that the birth control I had been prescribed for the last decade may put me at a higher risk of strokes and size suffer from migraines with aura fast forward two years and my cousin, who also suffers
I'm very severe and frequent migraines with aura began IVF. She was also completely unaware of the possibility that this may increase her stroke risk due to her additional risk factors. Her fertility doktor did not require her to get an exam for her neurologist, and this weekend my cousin suffered a stroke. Luckily, due to the conversation she and I had ass, she was nearing the end of her ivy a cycle. She went to the hospital in time in the stroke did not cause any major damage. My cousin is thirty. Three am sharing this experience, with the hope that people will advocate for themselves with their doktor asked them if you should get additional consults from your other specialists, if your doktor doesn't walk through risk factors of medications asked them to do so. You're, not a burden, and your health is so much more meaningful than the five extra minutes that you need to give up
Holly and tracing. Thank you for continuing to break down meaningful historical topics. They can also affect our daily lives. All the best amber. Thank you. So much for this email amber, I wrote back to Amber, I'm so glad that your cousin is ok. I'm so glad that you gave us permission to read this. I always want to check what people when I feel like they ve shared something particularly personal. So thank you for allowing us to share this email and to know that the warnings and encouragement as Hochstet said to doctors about concerns, because I feel it does so incredibly important. So thank you again amber if you would like to write to us this or any other podcast, where history podcast, that I hurt radio dot com and were all over social media admits that history three or find our facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram, and you can subscribed our show on Iheart, radio, app and apple podcast and anywhere else. You get
hey what about gas stuff? You missed in history class, the production of a radio for more part, I heard radio visit by her radio app added mankind's or wherever you listen to your favorite shows. olango me about the ramen. I am excited to share money podcast with you each week on essential voices I'll be in conversation with an essential worker truck drivers, teachers, mental health professionals, grocery store workers. The fog has kept its society going to rain covid and we'll keep it going long after. How can we continue supporting this folds in their society? Sustaining professionals as the nature of Damn it continues. Shifting will listen to essential voices with me Wilma about the Roma on the AHA radio up apple park. As aware, would you get your pockets? you may remember seeing something about the death of Daniel Jones. on your social media feed around the end of twenty eighteen.
What the fuck is, he misery activists found her son hanging from the tree and police are willing at a suicide, but the mother believe it was a lynching. He was not suicidal. I'm reign over Shell ski starting. Only six weeks after Daniel was found hanged by a bed. She, my colleague John Duffy, and I spent two and a half years working with Daniel his mother Melissa, to follow the trail and find out what exactly happened to him: the legal texts in the case he was lacking from double asterisk. Now this- and I heard radio comes an unforgettable new investigative outcasts series after the uprisings, all episodes are available now, listen today on the irate you up apple pie, guests or wherever you find your pockets
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