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Ethan Allen, Part 1

2014-09-29 | 🔗

Ethan Allen was a huge personality, a founder of Vermont, and an important figure in the Revolutionary War. His story also includes some fascinating side-notes, and some missteps which may account for his hazy spot in historical lore. Read the show notes here.

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and sports. Twenty seventh love is a new park asked about famous musicians who died prematurely and sometimes mysteriously, these age. Twenty seven, this pod cast is hosted by me, Jake Brennan Creator and hosted a hit music, untrue, prime podcast disgracing season, one features twelve upstairs and a life and death of Jimi Hendrix. Twenty seven club contains adult content and explicit language. You can listen to this one: seven club on a higher radio at Apple Pie, Casper every ass watch out for years. Welcome to stuff you missed in history class from house up, works, tat, come and look into the pond cats unholy for tracing Wilson, and this is actually gonna be a two part.
And it is a listener request in a visible subject to it- has been requested by several people throughout the years and then recently when I, dragging com. I met a listener of ours named Terry and he asked for it to, and he was really really excited about it, and it got me thinking about its more again, even though its ban on the list, he doesn't get reminders. And then I was thinking about whether or not it was a good topic and, in addition to listener interest, I did some very non scientific polling, and I mention the name of this person around the office and with me
friends and family and boy was, I shocked, because none of them really knew much about the person that were don't give up today, even though his name is a household name that everyone knows and recognizes. If you have spent any time in Vermont, you probably know a good bit about Ethan Ellen because he's very central to four months story, but sadly, too many his name is only associated with the huge furniture company which is no disparity to the not to disparage the huge furniture company, but that sort of eclipsed any actual historical record for a lot of people and some people even think he was a carpenter as a consequence. He was not like the furniture guy like now
really the furniture name appropriation year. But he was a huge personality. He was a founder of Vermont and he was a very important figure in the revolutionary war in story also include some fascinating and sort of wacky side notes and some missteps, which may account for a sort of why he is not a more prominent figure in american historical lore. So we're gonna cover even Ellen in his really very fascinating life even was born on January twenty first, seventeen thirty eight in Litchfield Connecticut, he was the oldest of eight children, born sincerity, and Mary, Alan and shortly after Ethan was born. There family moved to Cornwall Connecticut, though even was the only one of the Alan children who have been born in Litchfield. His five brothers were Heaven ever leave.
I then re an IRA and his two sisters were Lydia and Lucy. All of the children lived to adulthood which, as we often comment on with surprise, is surprising yeah, but apparently the than Alan Blood was healthy. Ethan was very into philosophy and learning is a kid and he was eventually sent to study under Reverend Jonathan leaned Salisbury Connecticut, to prepare for studies at Yale. He was really by his father's plan on track to become an educated man. However, the world kind of put a spanner in the works. His father died shortly after this plan began, and that meant that even had to care for the family farm at the age of seventeen and his plans for higher education were pretty much cut short at that point in seventeen. Fifty seven, just two years after Ethan became the head of the household, he felt the pole of do
and enlisted to fight in the french and indian war. He wasn't called to combat, though, and he returned home unscathed. Ethan Mary Mary Brown said in seventeen sixty two and he was just twenty four and Mary was actually six years older than him, and he had met Mary He held a green for her father and this match does not sound like it was especially happy he so Ethan was fascinated by learning. He was also a bit impulsive, you no kind of, as he said, a big figure, a big personality and he liked to drink and party a little bit. Mary is usually characterizes being very prim and quite reserved and even stern, as so in terms of their personality. Sometimes those kinds of things will balance out, but it seems like it really made for some conflict there, but the couple settled in Salisbury, where Ethan had partial ownership in an iron works despite their differences. The two had five
learn together over the course of their twenty or marriage. Their daughter, Lorraine, was born the year after the wedding in seventeen sixty three. They had a son Joseph who was born in seventeen sixty. I've and then another daughter, Lucy, Caroline, who was born in seventeen. Sixty eight daughter number He was married and was born in seventeen. Seventy two, therefore its daughter PAMELA, was born in seventeen, seventy, nine and or jumping ahead in time a bit, but for years after PAMELA was born. So in seventeen, eighty three Mary actually die. consumption and then their eldest daughter, Lorraine, also died of consumption just a few months later, but that is, as he said, for jumping forward, but will circle back kind of that part of his life, while living in Salisbury Connecticut even became friends with Thomas Young
so young with educated and was really happy to discuss politics than philosophy with IE then, and the two of them had a lot of talk about the writing of Thomas Hobbes than John Locke. But with locks work, really the exposed Ethan Alien to the concepts of the three unalienable rights of life, liberty and property that were at the Centre of Revolutionary republican ideology. So locks writing and Hobbs being were really inspiring to many of the american revolutionaries. The two of them also talked about medicine in the course of their friendship. One of the things they discuss touches honour, Edward Jenner episode with smallpox. Vaccination the idea of introducing infected material into a healthy body as a way to ward off or cure disease, as we talked about in that episode, was basically viewed as heresy at the time,
not everywhere, but particularly in their community. It was really frowned upon as some suspicious business to try to cure thing with a thing, but Alan believing the logic of engrafting, which is what this is called. This introduction to be sound, insisted that doctor Young publicly administer a controlled dose of smallpox virus to him through very elation they could prove once and for all that this process worked and Doctor Young was willing and the procedure was performed on the steps of the Salisbury Meeting House on a Sunday in one thousand, seven hundred and sixty four two men were both really known as free thinkers which just didn't set well at all with many members of the community. Additionally, the procedure that the two of them had publicly displayed was not considered to be the devil's work. It illegal because it had not been approved by the town selectman, and there was some pretty significant fall out for the two of them
Subtle demonstration of science and medicine yeah who, up to that point, have really had a very successful medical practice, and you know it was a very well respected. Doktor found that for. They did this little very elation display his patient lewd pretty quickly dwindled. He eventually had to move his practice to another town, although you may recognize his name, because he did make history later on, not as a doctor but as a revolutionary. He went on to become one of the but all participants in the Boston Tea Party, and he was significant event in that he was one of the few men who refuse to wear a disguise during that protest. Evens reputation really suffered while you successfully talked his way out of this blasphemy charge that he faced yet Billy cantankerous personality that had already alienated a lot of people in the community and the stunned with young in the very elation, did not help ye
here he knew he actually theirs. I read one account that suggested that he was actually charged with a lesser thing. He was charged blasphemy because then they came to get him on the steps he kind of cursed out the town leaders and lay arrested him for that, rather than for performing this medical procedure at without permission, but I was able to confirm that I am as though just to cement his identity as sort of town troublemaker. After this whole violation incident happened, the following year: Ethan was selling his part of the iron works to mainly George Caldwell, and the terms of sale became a little bit contentious, and this disagreement escalated at the point where there was a skirmish in public in which Ethan Alan stripped, naked and physically attacked com
well, and he ended up fined for this behaviour. I'm not sure why he stripped make it, but that is part of the story seems like it. Within a fight, a guy you might want to have the protection of clothing, you would think the only thing I can think of is if he just wanted to prove like he had nothing There is no, you know, sort of weaponry. He just wanted a fair knuckle, fair fight, its though a bit odd, but before we get a sort of where he goes after this, after he's really kind of become this town, troublemaker do want to have a word from a sponsor were key partners. Listeners. Have you ever wanted to share a love story with someone, but you may be wanted to do it in a really unique in interesting way, or you were struggling to get the exact rate words in place. Will you don't always have to worry about that? You can put it into a book, and that is where love book comes in love, books help customers exe, those sentiments that their working on to make their own unique thing, and each book
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only for our listeners, once again, that is love book online dot com, Slash Iheart, to receive a special twenty percent discount only for our listeners to return to even Ellen as seventeen seventy began even found himself with no real income, and he was reading the loss of his recently deceased sister, Lydia and caring for as ailing mother who had suffered a stroke right after Lydia's death here and keep in mind. He had also made himself possibly the most popular man in town and in search of new opportunities he decided to strike out for the mountains of the New Hampshire grants. This is the territory that is present day Vermont. many families were moving to the grants in an effort to secure land for their families and thus sort of, however, a secure future for them. But there was a little bit of appeal
bloom in this land that was tied up in a debate over who actually have rights to it. A governor of New Hampshire Bening went where had been selling land parcels for a low price. The speculators, although King George, had rolled in seventeen sixty for that York, had the rights to the land of the fighting went on. There were threats that land owners we're going to have to pay the Yorkers or the rights of land that they already thought they owned and tensions over this incredibly high year, we ve done other episodes on sort of land grabbing people, trainer place claims on land and how contentious
be in. This was really really like a hotbed of arguments, and so when Ethan Alan arrived on the scene, he was pretty passionate and open about his disdain for the Yorkers in his ideology that the prospect of others who had gone to the grants really deserve the opportunity to ensure their family security through land ownership. He was a natural leader, I cannot say those two words together without thinking about Hon Solo, because precisely a consummate having nothing to do with either now him, but so even on was the natural leader and he really accelerate convincing people to see his point of view is the correct one, so he was really gaining ground with people had been on the fence over sailing. No, these New Hampshire grants
need to be given to people that are striking out in starting their families and trend of secure a family legacy, and so not long after he had arrived. He was actually chosen as the agent for the settlers that were holding these Wentworth titles and this leadership role. Alan often found himself interest really all kinds of conflict, probably the most famous involve wireless Samuel atoms when atoms turned up ready for a fight telling the title holders that they would have to purchase. Official New York land needs from him. Even Alan disarmed him and hauled him to the Catamount Tavern Island and his fellow settlers held a trial for Adams, found him guilty tied him to a chair and set him on the taverns signpost for several hours. Mister Adams was apparently
much trouble to the settlers after that either. One also there's a story that he took to Albany sheriffs into custody at one point when they had come to try to a certain New York's ownership of this land, any help these two sheriffs in separate cells, away from one another they couldn't see or in with each other at all and then during the night, Ethan Ellen went outside any hung in effigy outside the jail, but at a distance. So it was a close up where you could clear, see it in the morning at EU told each of these men that the other one had been here. in the night and he convinced both of them using this little room, It was really far too dangerous to seek out payment to New York among the went grant holders and then once were good and convinced that this is a scary place and we should not try to pursue any legal or fiscal action here. He let them go at different times, so they did not he one another, and apparently there was some time before
either of the men realised that they had been completely duped and that no one had been killed so too to cut over to another frequently requested podcast checked in the summer of seventeen. Seventy one Ethan Allen was instrumental in the organization of the Green Mountain boys at the Catamount tavern. This is a militia that was focused on keeping Yorkers out of New Hampshire. Ethan was elected. Colonel commandant of the group and also during seventeen seventy one. There were two conventions that Alan was instrumental in arranging and he set out public safety committees in one of them. In almost a dozen grant, ships and he was also a major player in one of the convention's in drafting a decree that outlawed New York Liam titles on the New Hampshire grants. Alan all oversaw the production of political pamphlets, explaining the settlers position and currying favour by making the case the settlers were both.
aid and pushed around in their dealings with the Yorkers you're here laid on thickly give was. He invoke the images of late crying widows, and you know children that were frightened for their future and he painted a picture of of real. It was a sort of the colonial version of those ads. You see on television late at night. They tell you about. Damage to animals or starving children, who isn't that great of sort of almost propagandists writing and the Green mountain boys for their part We made sure that Yorkers knew they were not welcome. In the new Hampshire grants, their resistance was so effective. They were such a strong force that New York, actually begged british forces in Canada to help them enforce the law and assert their ownership over this land and the response that they got was not at all what they wanted
and I went along the lines of like hey. If you're forces can be run off by of this ragtag group of quote militiamen, then maybe you should be empowered, as you clearly can't handle it, since it did not go as New York had hoped and before we get to sort of a transition that happens with agreement. Boys go from being militia protecting their lands to you, bring forward the colonies. Do you have a quick word from a sponsor when you have a passion for sports? You cried at a precision game. I was just about to say, and the love of your life does tell the boy a passion is now turning on me when you haven't insanity for sports and your husband as to you find yourselves constantly debating the goats. So we decided to start of podcast all about this topic is called the greatest grid
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easy now and in the green route voice. While all of this discord there going on around land ownership that was sort of at this constant bubbling brew for several years. the American Revolution was also building and as this is all happening, grant settlers and their green mountain boys had come to believe. For the most part. Not everyone was in agreement that most of them that, if they really wanted to protect this property, that they were laying claim to, they were gonna, have to become an independent province and sort of outside anyone's governance except their own. Even Alan and many of the other settlers thought that if they could just prove themselves and battle against the British, surely their claim to statehood would be seen favourably by the Continental Congress telegraphing is almost any time we say. Surely this will happen is almost always does it, so on May tenth of seventeen. Seventy five, the Green mountain boys, were instrumental in the capture of the British. For it I conjure Rogan, New York
although the fort was not especially well fortified and was also in a bit of disrepair. It was important because it sat on the southern edge of lakes and which was strategically pretty beneficial for geographical reference. The lakes threat if the state line between New York on the West and Burma on the east- and it picks up into cut back on the North this is a really major waterway and it was used for travel between the saint River Valley and the Hudson River Valley. The British had held this position than seventeen sixty three and the greens boys led by youth and Alan mobilize, to hit the four as a target after a request from Connecticut Governor Jonathan Trumbull, but in trouble were not the only ones who recognise that tie. Conjurer was important. Benedict was also making a move to attack Ticonderoga and he had a mill,
very commission from the revolutionary councils of Massachusetts, ain't Connecticut, so Benedict Arnold in his forces showed up kind of alongside Ethan Ellen in the Green Mountain boys, and then they were going to proceed upon the fort at that point, you ve been Alan's. Crew was really adamant that they were not going to take orders from anyone other than him. As a consequence, I went to command of all the forces and you can I didn't how that really delighted Benedict Arnold, who, like Alan, had all kinds of confidence of his own two men are said to have bickered over who is in charge without ever link things definitively, but their mission VIC continue in spite of there, Fusion over the leadership you haven't, then it Arnold is showing up like an organised force and even Allen had his militia, and then he just wanted to take over everything like I did see where there will be some fight.
However, the group made their move on the morning of the tenth, but they really with like no resistance there. we ban about fifty men defending the four of Britain's behalf and they were super easily taken. They weren't expecting de they just there are actually engravings that you will see of Ethan Alan just kind of standing up a real living like come out. We have you surcharges, demanding the the surrender which he got building another success Ticonderoga, the Green Mountain boys and the troops that had travelled with Arnold moved North Sea? Take crown point, if they later on May eleventh similar to the first sport crown point offered resistance, and the colonial army now have now held two vital forts. Holding these positions on behalf of the colonies serves to prevent a british attack from the north
yeah and apply those things that when you read about these, and sometimes in Ethan Alan Biographies, the kind of like quick ones little be like he. You know masterfully handle these two pivotal fort, take overs in ITALY where he was leading forces, but it wasn't like these relate really big battles that required a lot of thinking on your feet, every they can adjust wailing knock on the door and said we have you got this is ours now, thanks guys yet are some modern historians who are like hey, wait, let's back up a little bit. This is not like a big skirmish. It was deserted in some way. The lucky turn, however, despite this great success, having taken these two four in July of seventeen. Seventy five even was actually voted out of his leadership role with the Green mountain boys and replaced with a man named Warner who had really emerge as a leader during the taking of the crown point Fort probably sounds a little weird.
For a military unit, three electing its own officers, and it was so at this point. The green mountain boys were acting under the auspices of the state of New York. but they were authorized by the Continental Congress. An addition, Really. They were really into the whole structure of military power as it existed beyond them, as is probably clear from their refusal to take orders were Benedict Arnold, yes, I remember it
weird, that they were serving under the auspices of the state of New York, that legally at this point on paper, New York was recognised as the owner of the New Hampshire grants, even though that was a disputed area and they were kind of throwing in their lot with this revolutionary war effort in the hope. Soon, all the dust had settled, they could say: hey, we really helped you can't. We have our state now and, of course, having been ousted from his position. Ethan Alan with a little bit chagrined, but he did still want to contribute to the war effort, so he volunteered to move into Canada as a next step, but before we get there, we're gonna break in this way, the end of the first part, because he kind of one in a triumphant. No, even though he has lost his
you're sure position. He still had to you no great for take overs, even if they were pretty easy. So I also have some listener meal. Please read it. While I have a couple and this one is good, since her ending is, we can shift into Canada, which is from Canada. It is about our biggest land podcast and it is from our listener Sophie and she says, you're begins lamp on cast had all my favorite thanks the Yukon, mounties and oatmeal. I have a constable with the royal Canadian mounted police and I was listening to your show during a slow night shift. When the episode came on. I haven't closed the book. The cremation of SAM Magee, which, as the stick or on the front indicates, is considered a children's book. I've also,
found this funny as the book is about creating an american prospector after he freezes to death. Despite the grim talk topic, the poetry and illustrations are stunning. I agree the color work on this is really really beautiful. I recommend anybody who has the opportunity to see this, but to do so and that I had this book as a child, and I could still recited from memory further. She also sentenced to shoulder flashes from old uniforms.
switch is so cool. She said, although its commonly believed that the earth, the empty slogan, is, we always get our man on the crest of his men tell a dwarf, which translates as maintain the right. So thank you. So much so he does a such an offer. Little partial to receive this book is seriously beautiful and I super appreciate it and I love the Likud, aren't all the time so her re, thank you Sophie and it's cool the heavier patches. I feel so honoured. If you would like to write to us, you can also do so. You do not have to send this thinks, but if you want you that is cool, you can write to us. The email at history pon cast at Helstone works are com. You can connect on Facebook outcomes, lash missed in history,
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