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Fanny Brice, Part 2

2019-03-20 | 🔗

Comedian Fanny Brice's personal life was often a mess even though her onstage personas were all about laughter. Even as her beloved, Nick Arnstein, was in deep legal trouble, she supported him, started a family, and kept her career going. 

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I need a baby. I thought you were leasing occurred today, yeah he's in the motto actually cigar and one that lets you LISA correct from your phone. So when we look at our own roto, It was so why not catch yeah, I've gotta go it's worth down and I'm debating between Us Indiana Hats. Welcome to the future car leasing on the road where you can choose from hundreds of cars right in your area. We give you crystal clear pricing and even drop your car off right at your house. It's easy! It's clear! Its roto will continue stuff. You missed in history class from Housetop works, tat, come hello and went into the pond chance, I'm Holly fry and I'm trying to be open and before we get started. Talking about part two of fainting braces life, we should mention it. and that we are going to Paris. We are
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This is a legacy part two of our look at the life of comedian, Fanny, Brace whose personal life was often a mess, even though her onstage persona were all about laughter. If you have not listened to the first episode highly encourage you to do so, because we are basically jumping in with part two exactly where we stop the last time. So, if you are not up to speed on them, none of this is going to make any sense when we left off. At the end of part, one fanny had decided to join. Nick. Aren't seen on a trip to then, and the two of them had a great time living. Basically as a married couple, while Fanny worked Imo, London stages and Nick allegedly did some business, that's business with air currents, when Nick and Fanny returned to New York in the fall they moved into a new apartment and that man they were leaving. Fannys mother rose behind in the old one family and her mother had been living together for a long time. Fanny next
their new house on West fifty eight street and their apartment soon became service socializing nexus everyone from her mothers Poker Group, which was lake very small. Define too, level. Politicians would all common shared rings in a laugh with the entertainer and her charming, allegedly buzz man Paramour and the to travel GO to London and family was going to start an engagement there, but the start of world where one quickly ended that plan and she and Nick Return to New York naked used fannys money to start a number of business ventures. All of them started out with great gusto, and then they slowly fell apart as he lost interest in them. He'd go away on business trips with only a vague sense. Of information and then show up in whatever city Fanny was touring to try to take her dinner after the show. Yet he lived a little bit of it can dagger life? You just really go it's boring business and not really tell her any details of what he was doing a few years
into their relationship. While Fanny was working on a musical comedy called hands up mix illegal me of money, making got him into very serious trouble. He had been working with a group of criminals known as the gander fraying. Those were named for the brothers at the centre of it, and the gun endorse in this particular instance were involved in wiretapping. On June twenty eight nineteen fifteen Nick was sentenced the time in thing saying after a jury found him guilty and all this fanny paid not only for his bail, which was a mass of twenty five thousand dollars, but also for lawyers to mount appeals in case she worked. But she primarily stated New York rather than going on tour during this appeals process, because she wanted to be near neck once all the appeals had run out and Nick was incarcerated. She had used her influence in every way she could to try to make
this time in prison as easy as possible. She visited Hamleys once a week. She always brought him home, cooked meals and fond over him. While he was then there. Yes, she had really like her influence, as well as the influence of some. His other associates who had a lot of power, basically made this as close to like staying in a hotel as you could be while you are incarcerated, like he would hang out with the warden and have dinner with the warden in his apartment, and it was. It was not a case of what you would call hard time. It was also during this time the family started, collaborating with Blanche marrow songwriter to build on some of the character style, singing that she had done while she was appearing in the zig felt follies Blanche who was a collapse, reader with her for years after this put together, numbers that would become fame, his bread and butter over the next several years, including Becky's back in the ballet and the U bride, I see wrapped up these new song. She got another message from Florence:
Zig felled, offering her a return to the follies at a rate of two hundred dollars per week. If you recall from our previous episode, she had negotiated rates much higher than that after leaving the follies. Bryce at this point was ease, commanding a thousand dollars a week for her work. There. She replied with a snark telegram that Red Fanny Bryce found dead in her room in the hotel. Stop the only clear with a telegram signed by F Zig, veiled Junior, which was what's in her hand, there are a number of instances of smirky telegrams back and forth between them over the years. Sometimes that cause confusion and misunderstanding between them because, as you know, written word not always the best way to convey sarcasm. So sometimes one of them would take something seriously when the other was joking, in or sometimes one or the other would play the fact that there was a big you Eddie there and then maybe say something a little bit mean and then later
Oh no, you misunderstood. It was a joke, so they had a pretty respectful relationship of one another, but they play it little rough in mirror in their dealings, but family also did not shut zig filled out completely and they make she did to more amenable terms. She ended up region. The follies at the rate of five hundred fifty dollars a week that is a lot less than she was getting elsewhere. However, there is also a lot of prestige to being part of his show, and that was to her trade off the second time around with the follies was a triumph for fanny. The new material that she had developed with Blanche marrow was wildly successful. Fanny was always ambitious and her work, and this continues to be true here. She decided that she wanted to transcend her variety bill routes and make a run at a true play. Her first play with the show titled. Why worry that? She should have worried the play was a mess, despite several rewrites that followed,
is more preview. Reviews and fanny was not great in it yeah. I was just one of those cases where none of the magic came together in October, nineteen, eighteen, just month after. Why worry closed family Finally got married to Nick aren't Steen once he had finalized his divorce. At that point they had been together six years and Fanny had insisted that after she waited through his prison term. He had been pardoned in July of that year. He had to marry her or the whole thing was over. It was not an easy road. Mixed wife carry didn't want to grant him a divorce, but then she was caught with another man which gave Nick leeway.
To pursue a legal divorce. Whether carry wanted at our not carry went. The litigious route ensued, fanny for alienation of affections, claiming that Fanny had stolen her husband. There was a lot of back and forth in cajoling on next part, including getting carry drunken having signed a paper that ended the whole lawsuit only to have her withdraw her promise to drop the whole matter, but she did eventually agreed to a divorce and she left fannys name out of it. All of the legalities of divorces at this time are crazy to me, like there's a puzzling, They would even couples. There were splitting amicably would kind of do these strange pantomimic, where leg the man would check into a hotel with another woman who he was an actually involved within anyway, just so that someone could see, with another woman, to give grounds for divorce, because that was easy. here than them like claiming irreconcilable differences, which I think maybe didn't exist to the time or you know if the wife head may be high.
Some infidelity. It would be such a stain on her reputation that sometimes the husband would take the hit. In that way. It was a little banana reading her eye agora fees. They always mention all of this fancy footwork that people do just to get the divorce done. There had throughout all of this divorce. Madness bene ticking clock on the whole situation, because Fanny was pregnant and she was getting more pregnant and more obviously pregnant by the day for awhile She wore like a special undergarments that kind of concealed her pregnancy onstage, but eventually there was no waited even do that anymore. not long after the wedding she a neck welcome their first child, a daughter named France's and Fanny, had continued to perform well into her third trimester, and she went back to stage work as quickly as possible after the baby was born. but while Francis was still a baby at a time when it seemed like their lives might be settling down. Things turned very turbulent again when Fanny got home from performing at a late night
go in the very wee hours of February 12th, one thousand nine hundred and twenty her husband was packing a suitcase and asked if she had been followed. He also told her that he was innocent and then he left with no further explanation. She had idea where he had gone. Yet this was one of those times where Nick are seen, who always had that ability to remain cool is a cucumber in every situation actually appeared, visibly stressed, and it really alarmed her, and within days Fanny Brace was being interviewed by police. It turned out that Nick was being accused of bond robbery working with employees of Wall Street brokerage houses and their messengers to steal small increments over the course of six months, totalling to a massive sum of more than five million dollars. While Nick was accused of planning the whole thing in actuality, he was probably involved with about half of those thefts. Fanny was
followed by police and she was questioned repeatedly and the hope was that she would give them some information about where Nick had gone. She really had no idea, though she was really open with the authorities that she didn't hide anything, but she wasn't the least bit meek either she made it clear that she found the whole thing, works them and that she would not let them push her around Problems facing police eventually make did reach out to Fanny by sending a coded note to their friend double easy fields who she was working with the time and he then shared it with Bryce, and that no mention that Brazil, Russia,
my second avenue and after reading it Fanny knew that she needed to go to this browser factory to receive calls from Nick whence they communicated. He asserted to her that he was completely innocent and Fanny completely believed him over the course of the next several months, Fanny was just consumed with stress. She lost twenty pounds, she couldn't sleep. The police and press hounded her everywhere. She went eventually aren't seems attorney, convinced him to come back to New York. He met Fanny and his attorney on May fifty one thousand nine hundred and twenty and drove to the assistant district attorney's office to turn himself in this might be too much for some women to endure, but apparently not fanny, even though it was obviously taking a toll on her health. We're going to talk about how devoted she stayed this whole ordeal after we have a quick sponsor break the here is about us, which resolutions do you, plan to conquer and twenty twenty become more mindful or creed.
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As things continued. unravel and mix highly publicized trial played out family stood by him. She and Nick had their second child, William named after his father's attorney. During this time and family took care of all of mixed legal fees, does. She had the first time around, even though she was shouldering all of the financial burden and the situation arnstein steam was not regular we loyal to her during this time. While he was staying in a hotel in Washington DC with his attorney for months away from Fanny, it became known that the two men often entertained Ladys late into the night, and they served alcohol in their rooms despite prohibition, but even ass tales of nix infidelity reached her fanny was still
completely blinded by her love and she rode off all of his bad behaviour as just being the result of stress. Next. First trial resulted in a hung jury, but he was ultimately found guilty. He was sentenced the time in Leavenworth penitentiary. He was incarcerated for nineteen months, starting in nineteen. Twenty four fanny still stuck with them the whole time, although the two had started to fight and really fight for the first time in the months leading up to his prison sentence, the adultery was getting to be too much. She was starting to feel like she had always just been his pawn. Yes, she really finally started get a perspective on things. It was like wait. You ve been using me for, like years and through all of the legal wrangling with Nick and having their second child, and all of this stress Fanny still worked consistently. As with her daughter. She had worked through most of that pregnancy and she took
The bare minimum of time away after William was born. The years that Fanny was married to Einstein were really productive. Despite always constant distractions. She went back to those who felt follies for several years and appeared in a number of other shows that were produced by florins. Zig fell junior. She became known as the comedic genius and she was savvy enough to make use of her predicament in real life or try to optimize or stage time and nineteen twenty one. She started singing a song titled, my man, which was far more serious than her usual stage, bits she opened with the lines. It cost me a lot, but there's one thing: I've got it's my man, a song about a woman who loves a man
despite being treated completely deplorably by him, really connected with audiences, and they assumed that she was referencing Nick aren't steam fanny, despite being a very popular entertainer, as the nineteen twenty started was still longing to be taken a little more seriously even ass. She made a very nice life for herself as a comic act. She had gotten good. never views for some of her work that she started thinking about a more serious, acting career, but though she had the talent she felt it shouldn't really have the looks to be considered for leading lady parts in dramas or even just slightly more serious musical comedies, and to that end, she met with a plastic surgeon in nineteen twenty three. There were a couple of different factors and fannys desire to change her appearance. One was that she would
getting older. She was an early thirties, the not really seen as an engineer and see her husband's cheating was really taking us all on her self esteem and three. She worried that her quote jewish knows was going to keep her doing essentially site gag humour that played off of her looks to perpetuate racial stereotypes, while that kind of work had made her famous they were growing ethnic biases and racism in the United States. That made fanny worry about the longevity of her career and Agnes there is a really fantastic article in the Journal of the American Medical Association about the introduction of that term. Jewish nose into scientific literature in nineteen fourteen and health it has created an ongoing problem since then around ideas of ethnic identity and beauty and that art well examines how the medical community has contributed to that problem over the years in part, because some doctors would offer to fix people by stripping them of the traits that might- suggest anything other than a wasp appearance. It is a real
We could read, and I encourage anybody who is interested in that to check it out. We will link to it in the show notes. I will note that jewish communities are not the only people affected by this trend within world of cosmetic surgery at all, no, absolutely not, and that that article is it opens it uses that is kind of the country to discuss the wider She was a not everybody has to look like a white, anglo Saxon Protestant to be pretty yeah. We have been teaching people that, even within our own ranks for years and years and years yet, despite Nix opposition to this fanny moved forward with getting a nose, man. A surgery became a news item itself and for a while, the papers were really gossiping about that. Instead of about aren't steams legal trouble, but the surgery did not change her perception and eyes of the public are casting directors. Fanny still was not considered to be a beauty and theatre producers wanted her to be funny and not serious. This is also sometimes pointed out as like the first time that she,
really defied Nick aren't steam because he very much did not want her to have this surgery and she was lake. I dont care, I'm doing it and when I got out of prison, he immediately connected with some of the guys that he had met while he was in Leavenworth intending to go into business together. Running a casino fanny was mortified by this whole plan. She wanted me to just work: is her manager, a job that she felt would keep him at? A trouble probably also keep him close to her, so she can keep an eye on his behavior, but he insisted on this casino in Chicago and Fanny ended up giving him money for the venture Nick also started, shooting with less and less regard for covering it up and seemed resentful. That Fanny was clearly the head of their family. Additionally, there were ongoing criminal charges against him for his various wrongdoings. All this was way you much stress on an already fragile relationship in the fall of nineteen, twenty, seven, the two of them divorced after fifteen,
together in nineteen twenty six leading up to the divorce, Fanny start in the play fanny, which was not in fact about her life, but it was written for her. The problem was while she was a great comedic ham. She wasn't really a good actress actress, even with extensive rewrites and coaching and extra rehearsals reviews were really abysmal and one reviewer wrote it was written by Millard MAC and Mr Bowe Lascaux, and they both ought to be ashamed of themselves and of each other, and the late nineteenth twenties rice decided. Try her look in film after the jazz singer came out a nineteen twenty seven. It gave Fanny a unique leg up. She might not be considered a Hollywood beautiful, but she could sing and after our goals and made history singing on, fell. People wanted more of that Warner Brothers, which had produced the jazz singer, put together a screen play for a film starring, Fanny, Bryce titled, my man,
and started touting Bryce in the press of the female Algae Olsen family was thirty seven. When my man came out in December of nineteen twenty eight and she made history as the first woman to star in a sound film but that movie didn't rocket heard a stardom on the national or global scale, the very skills that had made her a hit onstage like her exaggerated mannerisms and be able to pull off heavy accents. Just did not translate into film, and my man only got a socio reception. Despite being part of this exciting new medium of talkies, just a couple of months after my man opened on screen Van Fanny married for a third time this time through a man named Billy rose, Billy with was a songwriter and he started writing songs and putting together musical variety shows for failing to
although they both loved music and the theatre. Most of the people who knew Fanny and Billy thought they weren't, really a great mash for each other, but Billy thought Fanny was amazing and once described her singing as thunder in the mountains. The two of them had met after Fanny Sing, a song of Billy is called tonight. You belong to me and she loved it. So much that she asked to meet the songwriter. I want to tell you that's another happy, happy marriage, but it's I hope we will get to how it all falls apart and we'll talk about how fannys career played out in the nineteen thirty's, but first wearing a pause for a word from one of our sponsors. Ebay
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during the nineteen thirties, Bryce continue to struggle in the film industry. She made several more movies after my man, but success continued to elude her in that medium. She also continue to work in the theater, but she ventured into radio an overall. Even though film was problematic. This was a pretty successful time. Fanny story in the nineteen thirty is also touches on a previous podcast subject, which is of Angelus Amy, simple Macpherson and nineteen thirty four one of the bits Bryce did in her zig felled follies, show with ascend up of Macpherson singing I'm soul, saving safety from Avenue a preacher salvation and make it pay the follies appearances that Fanny Bryce made in nineteen thirty, four and nineteen thirty six or some of her most popular, seem to have really hit her
dried as the comedian. Yes, she was it that perfect nexus where both she was really on top of her game, and her name was big enough. That people already wanted to see her anyway, and it was a really really fabulous time and one of the characters that she created during this time called baby Snooks became her most famous, as Snooks Bryce would appear on stage dressed as a tiny child, which was inherently funny cause. She was a very tall woman. Speaking in a little Europe's voice and audiences found. This whole thing hilarious, but even without the visual baby Snug was a success faintly took that character to radio and her little girl voice, which is pretty convincing. I must say, and ceaseless childish questioning played perfect.
In the audio only format, while Bryce had been very popular on the stage for a number of years as radio expanded her audience, she felt like she was at last getting a taste of the success that she had been chasing since she was just a kid. She started having some health issues in nineteen. Thirty, six as well see developed ridicule lightest, which is a spinal inflammation that wasn't serious in her case, but it did cause her a lot of discomfort. She also had some Denzil issues, many of her teeth were already gone and she was having problems with the one she still had on the advice that removing the remaining decaying teeth might help her overall wellness. She had them all pulled and she wore densher as for the rest of her life, with special sets for stage eating and socializing. Yet there are stories about the insanely high prices. She was willing to pay for custom dentures into the thousands and thousands and thousands
dollars and though her career was on the rise thanks to radio, her personal life was once again headed in the opposite direction. Billy rose third husband fell in love with Elinor Home in Olympic Swimmer, turned entertainer when homework on an aquatic review that he had produced shoes. Also about half his age, Billy told the press that he wanted to divide
before he told Fanny, even though Bryce already knew things were headed. That way and his statement he said quote: it's no fun being married to an electric light, Miss Bryce as one of the brightest and cleverest stars, the sage or screen has ever had, but our careers clash. I have to travel a lot and I want my wife by my side. No one has been ousted in this case is just an instance of four bull headed careers clashing Miss Bryce once her career, Arthur jeer at once, his miss home is willing to give up hers. For me, I don't know why, but she is, and that's that Arthur Jarrett was Elinor HOMES, husband, He had also filed for divorce, and that is how he found out. She was getting divorced when the press then reached out to Fanny for comment on the situation. She said quote: I'm not used to that sort of thing. I guess it's what you call modern Billion fanny, after almost ten years of marriage divorce on October, twenty seventh nineteen, thirty eight- it was not
I'm a couple as Billy rose had suggested and Fanny routinely spoke ill of her ex husband to friends and associates. She also gave statements to the press that she would never marry again, which was in fact true for the record. Billy's marriage to Eleanor also ended because he cheated on her fanny by this point, had already moved to California and she made a new start. As her radio career became the focus of her work. Baby Snooks became a national star and Fanny had a regular weekly radio show with the character she found a completely new lifestyle on the West Coast and she found she dropped. Her older teen as a late rising night hawk and started to keep what she called farmer hours. She would go to bed at ten p m and get up at eight a m which, for everyone who has ever farmed? That is not farmer our. You know it is hidden, but basically she wasn't doing stage plays. It might says she wasn't doing that leg. Finish
show at ten or eleven go out for a late supper, hang out with friends until four or five a dot m then start going to bed at as the sun was coming up, but she described life in Hollywood. This way it's semi tropical. It's like a resort, it's like being on a vacation, but she also felt that she lost the mental sharpness. She had a New York as a result of this more relaxed culture, climate. She had been painting as a pastime for a while, but she got a lot more serious about it. While she was living in La Fannie's, health has never really been altogether robust after she started to become ill and one thousand nine hundred and thirty six and in July one thousand nine hundred and forty five. She had a heart attack after several months in recovery. She was right back at the MIKE performing baby Snooks each week for an audience that was really eager to hear it. Then she developed, sharp and recurring headaches,
you're. They did some fancy footwork to lake, make her absence from the show, because the show still ran about like this search for baby snooks. She spent the time after her heart attack still working, but filling her leisure time with activities like painting, as we mentioned, and also interior decorating. She got my the habit of lake redoing, her friends houses at no charge just because she liked picking out furniture in putting together rooms. Her work week at this point was really quite short and pretty luxurious. The baby snuck show ran on Fridays and the first read through of each week. Script was on Wednesday, so they would read through on Wednesday, rehearsal
Thursday due to show Friday. That's your work week, while Fanny often gave lukewarm reads in rehearsals, which concerns have people by the time the show went, live at five p m on Friday. She was on and she always delivered in an interview that she gave a nineteen forty six fanny, reflecting on how the entertainment industry had changed over the course of her forty year. Career quote the performers different. Today years ago we had a school, the school was vaudeville and burlesque you knocked around, so it seasoned. You made a mention of you, so I gave you an interesting background before you clicked today they go right into pictures from Nowheres. Somebody sees the girl, flipping, hamburgers and drive and joint so right away. She gets a screen test and the photographs and she photographs goods that they develop her and give her a face and clothes, but they can't give you a real personality or give you a natural technique of acting to hold an audience.
own school, but they had put me in front of a camera. Thirty, five years ago, when I was starting out, I have such a kiss her. The camera would have stood up and walked away in discussed in nineteen. Forty eight Bryce in her show sponsor General foods, we're embroiled in an argument over her contract, as television began, its influence vision of the home entertainment market. Radio prefer others were often renegotiated at much lower rates than they had commanded before tv, but fate. He was unwilling to take a pay cuts just to keep her show and she did not want to try to launch a tv career
She knew that her character, a baby snooks only works as an audio gag at that point and adult woman and she engaged in the the decade since you've been doing it. Trying to do those jokes in a kids costume on tv would just not have played she left radio for the nineteen, forty eight one thousand nine hundred and forty nine season and decided to compile her memoirs, but a nineteen, forty nine. She was back on the radio with a two season contract for more baby snooks. She planned it would be Final career move, then, once that two years are up, she was going to retire. Yes, she basically like- I guess I'll- do it I'll just bank this money and have a little bit more cushion for retirement as all This was going on her Ex husband, Nick aren't steam. So that's her second husband reached out to her his wife tat. He had remarried after they had separated, had died and he wanted to get back together with family
but she was no longer under his spell and despite many advances, she pretty quickly shut him down two years after baby sticks, return and weekly. Radio with thick show is left to finish. The season. Fanny Bryce had a stroke on May twenty. Fourth, nineteen fifty one she never regained consciousness and died on May twenty. Ninth, her funeral was attended by thirteen hundred people and while Fanny, did not finish that autobiography because she went back to work and didn't have time she had left it out The ending of her original rough draft is as good a quote to some of her life if anybody could ask for she wrote I made most things happen for me and if they were good, I work to get them if they were bad. I worked just as hard for that, but I am. I'm sorry, I will tell anybody that, and it is the truth. I ll the way I wanted to live and never did what people said. I should do or advise me to do an one thousand, nine hundred and sixty three. Broadway musical funny girl was written about fannys life and focusing on her relationship with neck aren't steam
it debuted and nineteen sixty four with barbarous dry sand appearing as Fanny and nineteen sixty eight. It was adapted into a film also starring barbarous rise lamp, and while it plays really fast and loose with the facts and with the design of its historical costumes, it is still a fun show have seem funding girl. No, I love that movie, and you know I don't like musical. So it's really like it's a good movie and it's one of those things where, like barbarous Tracy, So charming in it and looks doubly luminous, unjust, lovely and she's spectacular to begin with, but like I She and Omar Sri for fantastic together. It is real really kind to Nick Aren t it basically kind of sets up his character as like this man, who is kind of beleaguered by living in the shadow of his famous wife, and he turns to crime, because you To make his own money amount depend on her. All the time
yeah, it's a little its Israel nice. It is still a very film, but if you watch it particularly after you know the real story, there are a lot of head scratching moments and there, like I said it, plays a very fast and loose with with the facts. There are some things that have seeds in reality and the real story that our kind of like shifted around to make things work lake instead of her being born with the last name, a boar ash. That is one of her neighbors. They never really. Claim that she wasn't born Bryce. She took them a neighbor than she would choose VON of things like that. Come up in the again. The costumes are not normally accurate, but the first costume she walks on screen in is absolutely spectacular. It's beautiful leopard print coats and I want it ha. I will stop waxing around Zadig about funding, which is very funny by the way,
have a lovely bit of listener: mail from our listeners Heather. She sent us a beautiful card and a bunch of postcards from her new digs. She writes Holly and Tracy. Thank you again for your work on stuff. You missed in history class here I was finally able to move back home to eat a hoe after twenty plus years. In a bit of an adventurous twist, my husband and I settled in Idaho City. This area is full of history, good, bad and hilarious. I ran into a problem deciding which postcard descend, so I went with all of them. Please enjoy this little glimpse of my home.
if you're ever am Idaho I'll. Take you to treaties, entreat you to the second best piece of huckleberry Cheesecake in the world. My stepmom Helga makes the best can't lose. I am always up for cheesecake of any flavour, but yes, Sir other centres, all of these fantastic coastguards from Idaho and some of them are really fantastic historical photographs from mining towns, which are great there's a lenticular mountain. While I am on that, I'm kind of super into its really sweet, and I appreciate that she she took time to put together a parcel of postcards rest. So thank you so much Heather, I
I will say it, but I bears repeating it love hearing from our listeners and when they send us treats like that, it warms my dark little heart. If you would like to write to us, you can do so in history. Podcast, a house of works dot com. You can also find us everywhere in social media as missed in history and missed in history. Dot com is our website where every episode of the shoe exists, as well as some show notes on the Wednesday Tracy, and I have been working on for the last several years. You can also subscribe to this show. That sounds like a great idea to me. If you haven't done it already, you can do that on the Iheart Radio, up the apple podcast apple or pretty much anywhere, you get pancakes,
for more on this and thousands of other topics, as it has done for Stockholm, everybody. So this episode of stuff to blow your mind is sponsored by the all New Mazda, see Ex thirty, which actually just got to test, DR recently in the beautiful mountains of southern California.
And I will say, as some of you, we ve told you on the show before we're not really car guys. We don't know a lot about cars, I'm sort of a automobile philistine, but from this auto Philistines hard, I will say this was a really wonderful card to drive. I truly enjoyed cruising around the mountains thing. He was very smooth. It was very stylish. It sung to my non car heart in a way that cars- usually don't so what's actually in this thing details why so it has class leading standard horse power, and I active all we'll drive with G vector in control plus for ultimate control, and I will say there is a very special thing about this car. I am I'm driven another car like this, where you, when you go around a corner in it something about it, feels almost like predictive like it. You know you don't need to do like Jerkin around trying to correct your turn like it. Everything in it is extremely
who then and continuous- and I think that's what's going on here, but it's also got a beautiful design on the outside yeah. I mean it. Basically, you see at thirty his size to be agile and the city while still having the interior space inutility to go anywhere at any time. You know encouraging an active lifestyle and to your point, is that the idea that did you not haven't a tool to wrestle the machine to get where you're going there is there is a meeting of the man in the machine is also a very nice driving experience in a visual way where I, like. The car doesn't have a touch screen and in a word like you, can see, those touch screens come up and in kind of distracting, while you're trying to navigate through the features and stuffily driving instead its more traditional kind of command controls that you go with buttons and low,
from the steering wheel, but it actually makes for a much nicer, less distracted drive. You got your eyes on the road you safer to ya, you not playing the video game that drives the car, you driving a car, but it's also got connected car features. They give you convenient safety peace of mind this garden in car wifi, option, remote engine start stop and door, lock vehicle status, navigation, service vehicle, finder automatic nine, when one dialing in the event of an accident so is really got it all, and I really truly enjoyed driving this car so for more information on Mazda and the first ever see Ex Thirty go to Mazda, USA dot com, slash I heart or better yet to see the entire Mazda vehicle line up visit your local area, Mazda dealer today,