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Fort Shaw Indian School: Basketball Champions (pt. 2)

2017-11-15 | 🔗

In 1904, the Fort Shaw Indian School women’s basketball team spent four months at the St. Louis World’s Fair. The team performed mandolin recitals, literary recitations, demonstrations of gymnastics and calisthenics, and became World Champions.

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I thought you were leasing occurred. Today is an absolutely cigar and one that lets you LISA car right from your phone. So when we look at our own world- and it was so easy- you figured why not catch football, YAP gotta go it's worth down and I'm debating between us the honour hats. Looking to the future car leasing on the road where you can choose from hundreds of cars right in your area. We did you crystal clear praising even drive your car off right, your house, it's easy! It's clear! Its roto will continue. You missed in history from support stock and welcomed them. I can't I'm crazy new Holly burning. We are including its burden today in part one of this, so we gave them background about the Fort Shaw in the school, which is part of the federally runs. The sum of
reservation boarding school that were meant to assimilate in sort of scarecrows native students into white culture or at least to get native students to conform with white culture. It didn't actually assimilate There is still a lot of racism and discrimination after people went through these programmes. We also talked about the history of Basque evolve and how girls, basketball at Fort Shaw quickly became the best basketball team in Montana. Today we are picking up with the Saint Louis Worlds, fair, where the team spent about four months in nineteen o for becoming the world champions there, as was the case the previous episode. We are still getting into some poor important racism here- and there is also a brief mention of animal cruelty in nineteen o three four
shot. Indian school was, as we mentioned at the end of the previous episode, invited to participate in the nineteen o for Saint Louis Worlds, Fair also known as the Louisiana purchase exposition, so aimed because it was meant to start a year earlier and mark the centennial of the Louisiana purchase. This was, of course, also the subject of the nineteen forty four film starring, Judy Garland, which is spectacular. Both are totally not surprising that forty years later, Metro Goldwyn mayor made a musical out of this. This fair was huge, the nineteen o forwards. ran from April thirtieth two December first, during which time more than twenty million people is handed it. The fair site, which was the largest ever for a world spare covered twelve hundred eight that was dotted with about nine hundred buildings, including fifteen, exhibit palaces the exhibitors included. Sixty two nations and forty
three of the then forty five United States States a mile long Avenue called the Pike, was full of vendors and amusements. It seems like every year what is american food from hot dogs to ice cream. Cones was supposedly introduced at the nineteen o four worlds, fair, but most of those stories, that's why I are apocryphal their work, of arrives. The massive ferris we'll burn reenactments award of babies in incubators. It just goes on and on and on. Running theme for this fair, as was often the case in these kinds of expositions, was progress. Some of this progress was related to science and industry. That incubators are actually For example, there were meteorological balloon experiments, there's a demonstration of the first ground, too wireless telegraph, new technologies from X rays to electric typewriters got there. First public display some
but we're still pretty novel to the world at the time got their time to shine too, including all kinds of other electrical appliances. Gasoline engine, and automobiles, but some of it was so about cultural progress. The general idea, was that the United States culture was superior and that the nation was having us Eliza influence on the rest of the world as well as within its own borders. This cultural progress was displayed through large pavilions of living exhibits of thousands of people from around the world world is living exhibits where a common element of the world's fares and exposition of the era they functioned almost like temporary human zoos. People actually lived in these were the duration of the fair and living That's were frequently arranged to suggest a progression from the least to the most civilised peoples.
One example in Saint Louis was the Philippine village, which covered forty seven acres and housed more than a thousand people from at least ten different filipino ethnic groups. Often the cultural practices that were considered the most taboo from a white Christian American Perspective word the biggest draw in the case of the philippine village. This was the eager wrote, occasionally consumed dog for ceremonial purposes and during the fair organizers, gave them dog to eat every day, so that spectators could watch Fort Shaw's invitation was to participate in the mile indian school. This was they mark Boarding school, where students would demonstrate the academic, domestic and vocational skills that they were talking cool. The fort fast school was not the only in the school to participate but model indian school with
I was about a hundred and fifty students, selected from all across the nations network of indian boarding schools, specifically, schools that were located, in what had been Louisiana purchase territory. The school was part of a section of the fair that came to be known as in Vienna Hill, we're about five hundred fifty native Americans, mainly from tribes within Louisiana purchase territory or on display at this so called indian reservation. Fourteen different tribes had individual areas that demonstrated their traditional housing in living arrangements, clothing, food and cultural practices. This simultaneously illustrated the diversity among the nations indigenous peoples, while also sending a message that they were, at least in the organizers view primitive, bottle. Indian school was in the middle of Indian Hill of the three story, building that based on open plaza when it was surrounded by these fourteen miniature communities,
School was, in fashion from nine a m to five p m and visitors could observe a kindergarten classroom, payment, indian School in Arizona territory. A seventh grade class from Chile go Indian School and what's now Oklahoma, but was then indian territory and a war I'd array of domestic and vocational courses, these classes and workshops were arranged along, inside of a wide hallway and only side were open stalls where native Americans sold baskets pots and other indigenous art and handiwork. This contrast was part of the point of the model in the schools existence. It sent a message. Without these schools, the students would grow up to be selling so called primitive crafts from a blanket on the ground. The school also had a chapel, and that was where the students performances and recitations in the afternoons as the fair war on this actually became a really popular attraction. The crowds got a lot too big to fit inside the chapel
So whenever the weather allowed, these performances were moved outdoors. When S M Mcgowan contacted Fred Campbell to ask for Shaw Indian School to participate in the model indian School, it was up to cable to choose which students should attend, and for him this was an incredibly easy decision. The basketball team was famous all across the state of Montana. They were all exemplary students, as well as being very responsible and mature. Remember there all travelling together all the time and seemed to have no problems so upon receiving this invitation. Campbell told them that if they continue to do so well in their academic and vocational work and if they kept playing as well as they had.
Until it was time to travel to Saint Louis, they would be the ones to go strategic move on Campbells part. The team had become well known enough in Montana that they could easily arrange games as they travelled to the state to help raise money for the trip and, as the word spread, he thought crowd probably follow them if they have, they got farther and farther away from home, no That there was a chance they would pass through towns that didn't yet have a basketball team Campbell also expanded the size of the teams roster, so that if there was no local team or if the local team didn't think it could make a respectable, showing against Fort shot team that have enough players on hand for scrimmage games. This would also let them play five on five exhibitions at the World spare
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remained centre and many Burton and Emma Sands of urban still forwards marries older sister Lizzie. He was twenty three had recently graduated from Carlisle Indian School and she came on board as a chaperone and a subsidy. Player. Josephine Langley, who had been with the team from the beginning and had previously taken on a similar role, was at this point, engaged to be married and she left the team to take a full time. Job at the school, also remaining from nineteen o to team was Bell Johnson, who had been friends with Josie Langley when they were both living on the Blackfeet Reservation Bells mother sent her and her siblings to Fort Shaw, Josie, encouragement and Josie took them wing when they were orphaned after their mothers death in nineteen hundred rounding out, the nineteen o four team were Katy SNL Jenny, Butch Rosalie, arose flora, loose thorough, Sarah Mitchell and Genevieve Healy. He was known as Jen,
Katy, Jenny and Sarah we're all Assiniboine rose. The rose was Shoshone and Chippewa. her father's side and ban on her mothers, Jen Healy, was Grove on and Flora was Chippewa. Most of them had been substitute players in their previous sees in part of the agreement for their getting to go to Saint Louis was continuing to play as well as they have been, but they didn't exactly get that opportunity. The state had not developed a formal structure for appearing teams against one another. There was no state White Association or organization setting standards for games play off some championships. It was the responsibility of individual schools. To work out gave schedules in Fort Shaw did not get that done the reasons for not getting. That ban are not entirely clear and it could have been a product of several factors like the general difficulties of
the one games all across the state when there was not an organised way to do it. Reluctance by other teams to play against Fort Shaw, which, by this point, has proven itself to be a power house and just being more focused on preparing for a multi months trip to Saint Louis. According to the anaconda standard, it was because quote there isn't we're a team in the state that can give them anything like a tussle. They stand alone, an unrivalled whatever the reason for charges didn't get much competitive schedule together for the nineteen o three season, so instead of playing against other teams, Fort Shaw spent most of the season playing scrimmage games. This gave the new players more opportunities to play and practice performing in front of a crowd Meanwhile, the schools vocational classes made new uniforms still with long sleeved tops was sailor. Collars and bloomer, like pants with red and white trim, to distinguish between the two scrimmage teams and additions.
Their scrimmage exhibitions. The young women had a lot of other skills to brought to brush up on before going to the world's fair. In addition, to doing their academic and vocational work in front of an audience that the model indian school they would be performing a mandolin recitals, doing literary recitations and giving demonstrations of gymnastics and Calisthenics Lizzie Worth acted as choreographer for their demonstrations for Shaw's music teacher Fern Evans set the program and train them for their musical recitals. Lily be Crawford train them in their literary recitations, which was the one aspect of their preparation of the girl. Struggled with most of the girls had been playing team games together since childhood, and they had been studying music since they entered fortune.
The schools. Music programme was also highly regarded with the band accompanying the basketball team and holding performances at half time and after the game, but almost none of them really had any experience. Speaking in front of a crowd or reciting a literary peace for a crowds enjoyment, I should make it clear that they likely all had experience with music from before they entered the school, but the school is really really where they are. formal education and music. The peace they prepared for their literary recitation was firm. Henry Wadsworth Longfellow, the song of high water in particular, was part twenty, the famine they also did in interpretive performance called song of the mystic, which was a dance that they performed in white robes, in this whole dance, the robot their wearing was described as just dazzlingly beautiful to watch further recitation. They were too where ceremonial buckskin dresses, which was a challenge a fortune
The girls were only allowed to wear uniforms and back home. Indian agents, which were government appointees served as liaison with native peoples had strongly discourage the wearing of traditional native garments, so finding enough buckskin, dresses and beaded breastplates for this recitation actually proved to be very difficult as they prepared to go to Saint Louis, the basketball team added these recitations dances and recitals to their schedules. They would follow up their exhibition games with concerts, afterward, Cost of admission went toward their funds for the trip through the early spring of nineteen o for the fourth Shaw team, the band and a few other students who had a particular knack for performance travelled to anaconda. cute and Mozilla playing what was billed as a farewell game and performance, the public's last chance to see them before they left for Saint Louis after the scrimmage game. They change out of their uniforms and into their traditional attire for an evening of music,
recitation and dance the model in the school at the Saint Louis Worlds. Fair was scheduled to open on June, first nineteen o four and the Fort Shaw team had to do. a little later because of their school commitments. They weren't actually able to leave until the start of June traveled by wagon, and then train doing something of a whistle stop tour through Montana North Dakota in Minnesota before turning south toward Missouri, they arrive. on the fares Montana Day, that was June, Fourteenth nineteen o four and they played a mandolin recital, not long after they got off the train because they that sounds exhausting to me, I can barely get off airplane incumbent. I go to the office and start working and they had been in transit on a train for a couple of weeks, got off the train and played a Madeleine recital. All of this has exhausted, go play, basketball game and then change clothes and you're gonna dance for a while you're gonna place of music and you're gonna do recitation. Yes, that's exhausting! It is
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We owe it and say before the break it had taken the workshop basketball team in their coach and chaperones about two weeks to travel from school to Saint Louis. Once they got there, they kept up a busy schedule in addition to their demons. She classes at the model, indian school. They had regularly scheduled performances of their hiawatha recitation song on the mystic and their mandolin concertos twice a week whether permitting they held basketball exe. since, in the courtyard outside of the model school, the players had downtime. They usually spent it down at the pike which became a favorite place to wander and watch and try out new foods most of their games. On the fair we're scrimmages, but they did actually leave the fair grounds to play against several local high school teams, even though
He never had a home court advantage and they did not have the welcoming crowd that they had grown used to back in Montana. They still one every single time. If you listen to our lives, show from Dallas on Pierre De Freddy. In them, an olympic games. We all know that in nineteen o for the Olympic Games were held in Saint Louis at the same time as well as the world spare, unsurprisingly, with lead to some problems, but it also meant There were a lot of athletic activities to take in and Saint Louis, including basketball games, but the Fort Shaw Basketball team was really the only opportunity to see women's sports. Women officially allowed to participate in the Olympic Games. Yet and women's basketball would not be an olympic sport for another seventy plus years. The team did how,
we'll get the honor of playing an exhibition game at the Olympics. You have your recall. These two events happening abutted right against each other, caused so much confusion. Some people didn't even though they did the Olympics were happening, some of them that were actually in the Olympics, thought they were playing at the World Fair aside from those couple of early games in their first season of competitive play. At this point, the fort shiny in school girls, basketball team was undefeated. News coverage of their game suggested that they were announced bubble, speedier and more annual than the other teams, an adept at faint and strategies that their opponents just could not match. So Philip scramble of Missouri decided. It was time for somebody to write.
to this challenge, he put together on all star team to play against Fort Shaw in a three game mad to determine who would be champion of the World spare he had selected past members of Saint Louis is central high school team, taking the best of the best from the years that central had been state champions. This alumni team train, together with the specific goal exclusively of defeating Fort Shaw. The games were to take place over three Saturday's. The first game was held on September, third, nineteen o four and Fort Shaw wine, twenty four to two still, not the colossal scores that happened today, but that's a big disparity and they did it. Even though Emma sands of her was only recently back on the court having sprain her ankle and one of their games against the local high school in the words of the Saint Louis Dispatch quote, two
Great surprise of several hundred spectators. The girls from Fort Shaw were more active, more accurate and cooler than their opponents at the next scheduled Saturday struggle. Saint Louis solemnity didn't even show up forfeiting. The entire series Apparently, though, the team was not actually content to lose the serious by forfeit. They asked for a second batch which took place on October eighth, this time in front of a model indian school. So people came to watch that security had to be called the clear the playing field and keep the crowd held back. Workshop, one again, seventeen the six, this time making them the undisputed champions of the nineteen o four Louisiana purchase exposition, and even though there was no official governing body for a world Basketball League, the public consensus was that they were world champions
well, even though the world spare was to run until December, the model indian School was really only built as some are building. It was just not equipped to withstand cold temperature. Is our wintry weather they're, not long after that October. Eighth championship, the Fort Shaw students, together with the rest of the model school student body, helped dismantle it and then they packed up and went home in their journal. There are letters. The players, unsurprisingly describe this as being both a sorrow, Anna relief like they had a legacy have a really good time and Saint Louis, but they were also eager to get back home to the rest of their classmates and eventually to their families and maybe to be working, and incredibly gurgling sports and performance scheduled, cruelly surprises. That they that they were able to spend too much time on the pike as they did like that was really their favorite. is to go any time. They did not have something on their schedule to do there. The forest
girls, basketball team, continued, its undefeated streak through nineteen o six as its members became adults and either left school or graduated though they were invited to the Lewis and Clark Exposition of nineteen o five by that point, their reputation as a team was so formidable that no one wanted to play against them. Only a couple world champion team members were still enrolled in the school by nineteen o seven, which is the year that Fred Campbell left his school superintendent to take a job at the Fort pack in the reservation as an allotting agent today there is a monument to the team at the former sight of Fort saw indian school. It shaped like an arch that reads: nineteen o four World Champions Fort Shot, indian school there's an inscribed stone,
with a picture of the team and the players names on it beneath the arch, it's not actually clear what happened to all of the nineteen o for Fort Shaw players after the end of the seas in most of them, went on to Finish school Mary and have families some later worked as seamstresses teachers nurse Aids and interpreters several died at sadly early ages, including many Burton who died in childbirth at thirty three and Emma sense of her who died of set to see me after the birth of her nice child. When she was thirty nine Jenny Butch died. Nineteen o nine of a lethal dose of salts with foul play actually suspected in her death, Flora loose, zero died of diabetes in nineteen, fifty eight JAM Healy out, live the rest of her team dying in nineteen eighty one at the age of ninety three, apart from their physical talent and skill on the court, the girls basket
seem at Fort Shies, an amazing example of resilience in the face of adversity then additions the general experience of growing up in a boarding school that was meant to erase their own culture and replace it with another one. Several of the girls experienced personal tragedies in their earlier life or while at school, many had lost, immediate family members before being enrolled or learned of the deaths of parents, said than other family members back a whole while they were studying or actually lived through those deaths when illnesses like typhoid and smallpox struck the school. This was not limited.
time for Shaw. A five year old died of unknown causes during an outbreak of fever that coincided with a heat wave at the model in the school in July of nineteen o for leading the p, my indian school kindergarten to go back to Arizona territory early tat, the unknown causes was the officially recorded cause of death bed. It was pretty apparent that the child was sick and the school was vastly overheated. Some of these tragedies took place. The playing season, Emma stance, mother, struggled with alcoholism, and she had become involved with an abusive man Emma learn from a newspaper report, but her mother had disappeared and was suspected to have been murdered just before a game in nineteen o three during the teams to
in the early spring of nineteen o four Katy smells little brother George and their cousin Fred Koona hand both ran away from school, and they were caught in a blizzard George survived by had severe frost by and Fred died. The two boys who were both just seven had apparently been inspired by the successful escape a for older boys who had sneaked away before the storm and success. hopped a train back home before the storm hit. That last tragedy really highlights one of the disparities of this story. We spent a lot of time in part one talking about the system of indian boarding schools in the United States and how they can do There were often miserable and even abusive for the students. The girls basketball team had a lot of privileges. They wrote about their time on a team and a fair as a joy when they made a remarkable name for themselves and for the school, but this doesn't erase the experience of their classmates, who were not so comparatively fortunate.
Although their enrollment started to decline in the nineteen teens federal off reservation boarding. Schools have continued to operate in the decade since then Fort Shaw, closed in nineteen ten Carlyle Indian Industrial School, closed in nineteen eighteen until the nineteen sixty the boarding schools that continue operate, still had a goal of western icing, an american rising their students and a racing native cultures by nineteen. Seventy three about sixty thousand native students were enrolled in boarding schools on and off reservations. The focus of these schools started to change in the nineteen having these largely through native activism, and today there are still a handful of federal boarding. Schools in operation run by the Bureau of Indian education at the Bureau of Indian Affairs, which is part of the United States Department of the Interior.
Now these schools are generally focused on students who were at risk for drug abuse, suicide and other serious issues right. other than teaching only in English and discouraging native practices. The schools today actively teats native languages and cultural practices in it, since you other academic subjects, but these boarding school continue to be the subject of controversy. Everything from government budget, It's too low, graduation raids and achievement scores and the general question of whether the federal government should be running boarding school for native students at all. There is an ongoing movement for tribes and nations to assume control over those schools themselves, the circle back to basket As we close out. It is a hugely popular sport today and many native american communities with a really fast pace style of play. That's come to be known, as rests ball
Even so, it was only in twenty eleven that Tawny Robinson became the first native american woman drafted into the w and be a basketball. We did a sports up her dress, and now I believe you did research, transport, saying Senate who I did have a two part podcast on sports ball, which is still kind of Aceh begged me. I felt in part one that I would be really hard pressed to accept all the way through a football game, which is a thing that I did in high school as part of the color guard in the marching ban. Me. I could not tell you what was going on on the field. I yelled when people yelled at that went out onto the field during half time and did my flag routine. Now I know we got into football hockey am baseball. I have both watched
with some fervour, but football has never been my my sport. Neither has basketball for that matter, but let's people, love of men, get great enjoyment from my best friend. Is a football fans so I hear a lot about it during the season when I have we made that reference in part one to the Carlyle Indian Schools, football team, and I was listing, I was doing some research that, because I felt like we should acknowledge it, it would be weird not to say something about it, since no, it has parallels too to these two episodes in so many different ways, but I was listening to this. The about how the football rules at the time differed from the football rules now and it got into this whole About the first down line- and I was like em out- I dont up up up up up up yeah. You know where your Wallace idea, it's one of those things
I have an almost visceral inability to understand it so many times in my life I have, I have read what the first down line is. It is, it won't stay in my brain falls directly out there side. Look anyway, you got other sunburn. Your brain do have lists the real in your brain and it is really great. It is from law, Laura Rude Email, titled Aaron, blur and a mummified head. Of course, I had to read that of everything about in re, the gate Lara says Tracing Holly, I just wanted to say thanks for our great podcast recently I enjoyed your feature on vetoes Arbour Alston and throw to the episode about her father Erin, having grown up
Australia. I wasn't familiar with their stories about their lives extremely interesting, so much so I went on to do some extra reading and found a small connection to my own life. I learned that, after his failed Mexico, venture Ehrenberg Escape to Europe and eventually London. Here he was befriended by they noted social reformer, Jeremy Bentham. In fact, the pair became so close that Bert wrote to Theodosius of his new confidant quote. He isn t the most perfect model that I have seen or imagined of moral and intellectual excellence. He is the most intimate friend I have in this country and my constant associate. I live in his house and compose a part of his family, the real
This is very interesting to me of that. I am very familiar with old Jeremy Bentham. In fact, I see him pretty much every day, despite the fact that he died in eighteen. Thirty, two Laura begins talking about the university College of one then and goes on to say one of my favorite parts of the old campus as the auto icon of its spiritual founder. You guessed it. Bentham. Essentially, this auto icon is his mama. Five remains sitting up out of a chair, clothed in his actual black suit and hat complete with glasses and came to fit with his dying wishes. Has he left his body to science and it was dissected and a public lecture by a friend after which the skeleton was preserved. Bentham originally wanted his head preserved
also using techniques traditional to the merry people of New Zealand. But the process went heretical e wrong. Please silly attached article four, a picture: a wax likeness was placed on the Ottawa Con instead and disfigured head was displayed separately until a series of pranks by arrival, university site stolen and held for ransom according to lead, and that was also hidden in a luggage locker in a scottish stream train station and used for football practice. Not surprisingly, it was locked safely away in the nineteen seventy five until just recently, when a new exhibition at the university place, the head back on public display to explore life, death and preservation and then there's a link To article about this bizarre severed head situation, there was they're lying around four people look at yet it was a meal
using to me that a piece of history that I passed by every day was so connected to big events happening around the world. Seventy years ago. Events that I learned about from your podcast keep up the excellent work Laura. Thank you Laura, really great. When so, when, when we get a male, we have a little thing or we can start the email that captures our attention in some way, and this is one where I started when we got it, which was on hallowing and then
as is the case with what the first outline means. My brain just flushed it completely out another this morning when I was getting list or male together, and I looked at my starred messages, I was like the one with the love it level. Yes, thank you so much Laura. Do you like to write to us we're at history pot gas that house that works, but we are also on Facebook and place, but that counts lashless than history are twitter is missed in history are tumblr at our Pinterest, and our instagram are all also missed in history. If you come to our website, which is missed in history, dot com, you will find a surgical archive above episodes. We ve ever done show notes for the episodes Holly, and I have been that includes links to
flash notations of Oliver Research that we have used for these podcast. So you can do that if you can visit us, Mr History, for more on them and thousands of other topics as it has to be more exact com. I'm pretty sure, I'm America's number one gossip column is, I tell you about my new celebrity podcast naughty, but nice with Rob shooter. every Monday three thursday I'll be joined by some of my fellow gossip reporters and maybe even a celebrity or two to serve up the fresh. T listen subscribe on the eye heart, radio, up apple podcast or where ever you get your favorite show.