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Frida Kahlo: An Introspective Life, Part 1

2012-03-12 | 🔗

Frida Kahlo contracted polio at the age of 6. Undeterred, she went on to have an active childhood and adolescence. After a tragic accident left her bedridden for more than three months, she began to pursue painting and politics.

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a park has brought you by the reinvented two thousand twelve Camry. It's ready for. You welcome to stuff you missed in history class from has Stockholm, hello, look into the pot causes I'm going to check rewarding and I'm scared out thousand nine. A couple of antique dealers from Mexico, careless and Letizia, no Yola, stirred up a big controversy, our world is aid for some time had in their possession a huge. previously unknown trove of material that belong to renown, twentieth century artist, Frida Kahlo, now, who's, probably, of course considered one of the most famous painter have certainly one of the most iconic pater absolutely and strove that they had includes paintings letters diaries complete with sexually exploit. Doodles recipe, and other keepsakes? So this
sounds pretty interesting, but the way they came by it is admittedly a little bit sketchy. The couple say that they bought it for the interesting but the way they came by it is admittedly a little bit sketchy. The couple say that they bought have a letter to the woodcarver from Calo, offering stash to him as payment for some work they have done in this is kind of one of their one of the proof that they have of it. Ashley, nobody really paid much attention to the fact that they have this that just when Princeton Architectural Press was about to publish a book featuring the fines called finding Frida Kahlo Frida experts, all over stepped forward to protest yeah according to a twenty ten article, Newsweek by Jenny, yeah broth, twelve collar experts find this. The latter denouncing the new collection and the trust that can those colored copyright even filed a criminal complaint asking the mexican government to investigate the fines into ultimately try to block the book publication
we're gonna, be talking a little bit more about how this situation has turned out in the second part of this to part time cast, but for now we want to that are. Why are so many people convinced that the material is fake in the first place, officially sent fantastic testing has dated it to collars lifetime, and handwriting expert says that the writing in the letters does match so Yea broths article goes a little bit into the process of art authentication, which is really interesting, and she discusses how experts will often based their opinions regarding works, authenticity on whether it feels like something artists would deal or of letters whether it just sounds like something here she would stay so loud sounds pretty inexact, but at least in collars case there might be something to these sort of touchy, feely verdicts because works are so much about her. I mean of about two hundred and forty three of integrated paintings, fifty five of those or self portraits, though, of course,
All of this attention is also partly because Frida's work is just so highly acclaimed and she's even develop kind of a court following over the past couple of decades, need a maniac through Stephanie Amendment calls Calo Fan than an article four, the Washington Monthly seem to be, least, is interested in Palos Life story as they are in her are in all the details and interesting facts about her. In fact, many more suggest that this is why diehard feminists dont really celebrate collar. That much, which I find to be really interested in its because some of her feel some of them feel that her fain isn't really related. her work. So in this episode we want to take a look at that life story that so many people are drawn to its one that involves politics in touch of glamour, and She was a love story. After we did the brownings episode. Alot of people were requesting more love. Yes, so here it is, and probably the part that touches
for the most just Fredo's pain and suffering from major part of her personality. Though payments thing that Frida Kahlo learned about pretty early on, even though she started out in a fairly happy situation. She was born Magdalena Carmen Frida Kahlo a collar own on July, six, nineteen o seven and she was the third of four daughters, though she came from a mixed ancestry to which must have made her stand out a little bit growing up you're her father was gear imo, Carlo, a german Jew who emigrated to Mexico in eighteen. Ninety one and her mother was Matilda Calderon Mexican Catholic who's. Here It was a mixture of both indian in Spanish and according to an article by was to come in the Smithsonian Frida's father, really just toward her. She was his favorite of all his daughters, and he found her to be very smart and very much like him and she doubted on him in return and her relationship
Her mother, though, is a little bit more contentious, Frida steam to admire her mom. She thought tat. She was smart, but sometimes she thought that her mom could be Two fanatically religious and also cruel free to herself was a fairly obedient child, but she did have quite quick temper, so the collar called her own family lived in a house known as CASA, rule or blue House, which her father had built in Korea, con an area outside of Mexico City and its significant to notice, because it's a place that Frida would come back to threw out her life, though she had her first real experience with adversity at only age sex when she contracted polio, with, of course stand in episode on that. So you can you now get a better picture of what that would have them like for her and her family by listen to that old up. Thud Frida, of course survived that after her bout with polio, her right leg was thinner than her laugh
in her right foot was also stunted that she really didn't. Let that be heard and let it stop her in any way. No, she didn't she maybe to prove that her disabilities Keep her down. She became a total tomboy. She played sports structures, occur. She didn't boxing rustling swimming and she run around with the boys from her school instead of learning to clean and cook at home, like the other girls, might have been doing. Was also exposed to art. Pretty early on her father was a photographer and he taught her some of the tricks of his trade, including how to retouch photos. Frida, also to drawing lessons from one of her fathers pals when she was growing up there when she was ten years on, she started at the elite national preparatory School in Mexico City and at that time, is really one of only a few females studying there, and you might, of course, expect Frida Kahlo to have been studying art or something like that that she was taking science.
I feel like anatomy and biology, because her ultimate goal is to become a doctor and of the thing she learned in these classes, you know, anatomy and biology- might have really informed our work later on and made her peace is more realistic when it came to human anatomy. That sort of thing- and she was- at school when she met Diego Rivera man who, as we mentioned, plays a major role later on in her life story now Rivera To give you a little bit of quick background on him. He was a mexican and also Mexican born, like Freida and about twenty years. Her senior he's drawing and studying art at an early age and by GINO seven he'd move to Europe to study. The great master is like again in the cheese, but he was still searching for something new and different style of painting. That would allow him to reach a wide audience and really acts. his take on what was going on in the world so
turn in Mexico and by nineteen twenty one. He was painting a series of public murals as part of a government programme, and these murals reflected his thoughts about MAX in its history and its people and that's what doing when he met Frida. For the first time he was Paynton painting girl in her schools auditorium an apparent Calo would play pranks on him while he was working things like stealing his luncheon. She would put soap on the step. Next to where he was worth ain't. You think of them, as this a dignified adult covering it's hard to imagine these childish prank if you know what she was supposedly known for having this a great sense of humour and for being quite the trickster. So, according to two comments, article in Rivers autobiography recalls, seen Frida for the first time when he was painting one night he said quote all of a sudden. The door flew open and a girl who seem to be no more than ten or twelve was propelled inside. She had an
usual dignity and self assurance, and there was a strange fire and her eyes fell. Apparently this all there, worldly mirror list actually noticed Frida, even though she was only sixteen at the time, but as far as we can tell nothing really happen between them. They didn't get to know each other. At this point, though, freedom, We seem to be caught up in her studies and her friends and she had a boyfriend tune into all hundred Gomes area and in nineteen twenty five one of the major events of her life happens and she's actually her boyfriend when it happened. She was eighteen years old and they were riding home from school one day when a trolley car crashed into their birth and in the A metal handrail broke off and stabbed Frida's body, basically going into her abdomen and exiting through her vagina way It was all said and done. Her spinal column was broken in three places. Her, collarbone, some red in her pelvis were all broken and then her
like the one that had already been affected by polio, was broken in eleven places. Her right foot was dislocated and crash, and a lot of people died in this crashing imagine if her injuries, where that bad and initially doctors thought that Frida, wouldn't survive she had an operation where, in the hospital for about a month, Frida wouldn't survive either that her recovery process after that was still a long long time and quite pain. Two was not at all comfortable lasted for months than she had to spend the whole time and key in plaster course. It's basically like a body cast. Firstly, she couldn't go back to school while she was in that state. So that is when she started painting the waste described it. She started, painting quote without giving at any particular It was a sort of something for her to do to pass the time and she basically taught herself
when she did as we mention we'd she'd have those drawing lessons and everything, but this was kind of her for into painting and she did it from her sick bed. Mom had especial easel rigged up for her. And had a mere attached to the underside of her beds, canopy, and so that's how herself portrait started Hey listeners. I wanted to tell you about a new podcast from my heart radio called the women hosted by read it is fascinating and deep dive interview show where rose talks, to change makers in disruptors and she finds out what really drives them. So she will ask each of them. What was your first stand, and how do you navigate success and failure, and really what's the cost of fighting for others these interviews are really personal and their candid em for those there a little bit crass, but they are always really enlightening. You can listen he's firebrands and take away lessons that will help you navigate your own life and for your own path, the debut season, pleads women like Valerie Plain the former CIA agents, who is now running for Congress and whistleblowers,
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It seems like it should be easy, but it's not just getting out of bed and getting your day started, trying to accomplish everything you need to do in your day that to do list as a lot easier when you're getting news stories and music to lift your mood and preparing for the day ahead, get connected to the things that make you laugh and make you think or make you want to reach out and share with a friend every morning with us. It's Elvis Joanne in the morning show listen to us on cue, one or two or anywhere in the world, on the iron radio, app and, of course, I haven't been to Europe to practice art and to study the masters as Rivera had, but she must have some knowledge of them because she would incorporate little. If they're styles, into her own paintings. Again, according to chickens article. She gave her boyfriend a painting of herself that showed her with a swan like neck and tapered fingers and she called it your body telly.
really easy to imagine her in bad, staring at the smear all day, every day from above and trying to heal in itself easy to imagine that that would lead to a lot of introspection and it seemed that during this time, Frida really started to see herself differently or at least noticed some fundamental changes about herself. She wrote a letter quote. I was it child who went about in a world of colors, my friends, my companions became women. Slowly I became old in instance. Maybe it was partially a result of seeing this change in herself ass. She recovered Frida. Who had always had sort of a left. A streak began to get more interested in mexican politics. She struck up a friendship with tee number duty, an attack in photographer, who was a member of the Communist Party and she ended up joining the Communist Party herself according to PBS to actually started telling people that her birthday was July. Six. Nineteen, ten,
rather than nineteen o seven. So, that's why you might see some discrepancies in her birthday if your researching on your own and she problem shows that year, because it coincided with the outbreak of the mexican revolution. So you can see how much she, how and she was about her political beliefs and how much she kind of internalize those, though, of course, freed as entrance into the political world, also reforms them old connection, so an acquaintance from freedom past also happen to be communist, and that with, of course, the mirror list. and fell short of what his working with murals was all about. In first place, it was our rejection of elite, easel art and fancy galleries and museums and the paintings that rich people have in their homes that weren't as accessible for every day people. You know you have a mural in public
than anybody can fear and Rivera also became a leading proponent of Oppose revolutionary Movement called the Mahicanni Dad, which rejected western european influences. Seen among the aristocracy for all things considered, authentically Mexicans oconnor like air clothes. There running in the same political circles. Perhaps it was only inevitable that Rivera Frida would of course crossed paths again, especially if she had made such an impression on him. The first go around this a meeting or re meeting, probably happened at a party given by Frida's friend majority, who we mentioned, and nineteen twenty eight this though, when Rivera and freedom at the two did start up, a romantic relationship I all accounts. They were truly the odd couple, at least as far as their appearances were concerned, he was six. tall and three hundred pounds and really kind of awkward looking and she was ninety.
pounds and five foot three, so very small and also considered quite pretty and we ve. Mention the twenty one year. Each difference between them playing out was rigged thing to you even more. If you go for Frida's vapor, yet it's true, the her fake age would have put them further apart, but when river started courting Frida. She was still living at her parents. House cost us all, and so here fi under the rules of critiquing her paintings. After Oh, he was by this time the most celebrated artist in Mexico and she was still unknown. So it would make sense that she would want his opinion and tips may be on her art therefrom. family were sceptical of their relationship that it wouldn't take long before Frida would roll pretty TED on into which she described as the second accident of her life, which was her marriage to Rivera. That is, for this part of the Pied cast on Frida Kahlo. But next time we're gonna
give you a little bit more honest accident number two that we just mentioned: Diego Frida's travels into America. There are two more with love and of course, Frida's art regret it a little bit more about those portrait. Sweden, mentioning those browse. I'm sure you all that got entire another eyebrow yes and wants to talk more about the controversy of the recent Frida Kahlo fines so with fat, think we will go ahead and move on to listen, airmail and too much will sir may I, while so, I think we're going to read emails this time to make up for it. The first one is from her jail and she says hello these, I just made a trip to Mammoth Cave National Park in Kentucky on the historic visitors, get to sleep, it's amphitheatre, which has a large platform close to the top of the cave. That looks out over a huge, open part of the tunnel, the range
The count had held an actor Edwin Booth once performed hamlet from the platform to large crowds below. He also, told the story of how one booth killed the Lincoln and another saved Lincoln. Coincidentally, I listen to the booth conspiracy episode on the way home from the trap, which is cool. I idea of getting to see booth at mammoth key if performing. signature role of hamlet. Imagine when he picks up the scholars something from a cave yeah urban there, but I haven't either, but it sounds like a cool place to see you play. Actually, so we got a lot of mail about the booth conspiracy episode, actually account I figured we did. We would get a lot of male because there are so many Lincoln stands out. But I wanted to share one interesting point that, Patrick wrote in to share with us? He said: Booth wanted to kill general grant, as you may know, but as everyone knows, you did not attend the play or booth did not come up with
and for the event, the interesting reason why the grants did not attend. Is that Julia and wanted to see her child and leave Washington as soon as possible that afternoon and that's what grant Hold Lincoln but more info Finally, many believe Julia did not care for Mary Todd Lincoln and did not want to attend the play with her. I kind of had wondered about that. They went through a few at her guest invitations before they finally settled on their poor engaged couple, and it seems like you know, people would be happen to get all play with Lincoln. I would jump the chance to go to play with the president and his life. He I mean it found liquor conflict. It would be an opportunity of a lifetime, although clearly things didn't go as planned, allowing we have some exciting news yeah I am while we excited,
and people will have another opportunity to watch. We cry at art, yeah you set out its so called at the not a calm situation at all. Our trip to Paris last year was really successful, so we're doing another similar trip this year, but this time to Rome and Florence its May fourteenth through twenty first twenty twenty and like last time it is with a company called defined destinations. Who is playing out this ultra for us yeah and during the week long trip. We are gonna, see some of the great art that we have talked about on the show many times, including Miguel angel is David. We are going to go to Tuscany, we're gonna visit, Saint Peters Basilica. We are going to the Sistine Chapel, so it's going to be a fantastic trip, even get the whole list of places that we are going and information about. Looking at defined destinations, doc,
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will learn more from the restless ones themselves and dived deep into how the five g revolution could enable their teams to thrive there. This one's is now available on. I heard you were you listen to pod guests? Now again gear is just a little bit and get in our way, machine, because we have a listener mail here, a very recent one from last week that it is about it that we did a year ago on Paul, morphine touch champion and from Sarah in New Orleans and she says I'm time listener. First time, writer, inner and a local tv producer here in New Orleans. When you all did you Paul morphine podcast back in June. I was completely surprised and delighted to hear that arguably, the greatest chess player in the whole world hailed him you're a new Orleans. Anyway. All inspired me to give you a short package for our five pm news about Paul morphine. I think
that a lot of New Orleans, like myself, had no idea who he was, and I wanted to spread the word in doing the research. I discovered lots of cool things about Paul Murphy and things that may be get to mention the way I see it. What kind of the forests camp of the Nineteenth Century New Orleans being that he managed to cross paths with more than a few major historical people in icons, for example, was born in the house that p e g t Beauregard a major general of the civil war confederacy later lived in it now and he defeated Wingfield Scottish just three times in a row and lay he lived in and died in the house that is now Brennan's restaurant, arguably the most famous and iconic restaurant New Orleans and she
It is a link, maybe we'll posted on Facebook or something to eat. I can check it out her package that she put together it's two minutes long and thanks for writing. Unfair. It's really cool to know that are telling the story inspired. Other people to tell the story the I liked her segment to it featured a chess teacher in New Orleans than a couple boys who were who are learned The art of chess dislike, plum worthy. What many many years ago She said she might learn to play chess from that, just teacher that she interviewed name aspiration after we did the make up of those it didn't quite play out yet You're playing vermin is like knitting, it's one of those things that I learned do you have learned to do more four times over the course of my life and I were knocking Tietmeyer, yes, exactly phase that I get into for a couple of weeks and then I fall out of it, so maybe I'll take it up
and we have some day. So, thank you all for writing. In sharing still much stuff about the Lincoln assessed Asian and now you can Email asked about really old episodes till he liked to hear things like you have produced a new segment. They applied cat, that's pretty cool, so we are at history podcast at discovery. Dot com were also in twitter, innocent story- and we are in Facebook, if you get fired in the meantime before part two of the Frida Kahlo so comes along to learn a little bit more about famous artists. We have a whole slew of articles about famous artist on our website. I mean Picasso, Jackson Pollock it already even Freida, and you can look them by visiting our homepage. W W w dot pastor for Stockholm be sure to check out only video packet stuff from the future. Joint have therefore extend
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