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Godzilla: The Start of His Story

2019-05-13 | 🔗

When Godzilla first hit the big screen, there was no intention that it would launch a film franchise that would run for decades. Director Ishiro Honda intended to make a film warning of the dangers of nuclear testing and man's relationship with nature. 

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hello, unwelcome podcast. I'm calling for. I am crazy wealth, and this is where we have housekeeping before we get to the actual talk, you talk part just a little bit, not too much yet so. First, I want to mention that we have a life show coming up at mid. Western routes were actually part of the pre programming that kicks it off. That is happening on July. Seventeenth in Indianapolis Indiana you can get more info and a link to tickets by going to the life shows tab on our website which, as MR history dot com
it's right there at the top in the menu it's easy to find and soon there will hopefully be some more live shows listed. There were getting some logistics worked out here. We have some things that are definitely in the works that are planned for also in the summer and then in the more tentative stages in the fall yeah I'm second, this episode is sponsored by the upcoming film Godzilla king of the monsters. So the folks behind that film came to us and asked if we would be interested in doing an episode related the franchise. We said. Yes, I'll have Godzilla. So that was an easy one, and then we work with them and kicked around some ideas for show topics in that kind of land. They got so is history. first met Godzilla, on Saturday afternoon. Tv was, I think, a lot of people. My age did when I saw the nineteen fifty six movie, Godzilla king of the monsters very dear, film, starring Raymond Bird, but really, let's face it, the stars Godzilla,
am I love that movie, but I really did not realise until I was older than that ray at it of the film that had originally been released in Japan. I think that's a pretty common experience for most people like us at around my age, that we saw that version, and we didn't know until much later that it was really a different film that had been repackage for the U S, and so, as I started to research, this episode and I revision both that Raymond Perversion and the original irene- realized that the beginning of Gaza was history, is pretty rich on its own, so that becomes the primary focus of this episode. and that is also in part because the Godzilla franchise is massive. We could do a dozen episodes on just that, and never we're, not a material. The lights and also. We in full disclosure have got Missy.
we already so I would encourage everyone if you're into history in the Godzilla, it's worth going back to those early films, because you realize how much this new film is very much a love letter to them in its very rooted in the origins of of Gaza was story and it's very fine. We had a lovely talk as well with the director Michael Dirty, and he is very into the history Mozilla and into Godzilla place in a sort of alternate world history and an how that please out, which adds a nice Lear for our history, loving friends They are in the audience so today to let you know what you're in four we're gonna talk. First about the events that led up to that first film and then what it
to turn it from an idea into a reality and then how that film made its way across the Pacific to U S audiences and ultimately became the massive juggernaut franchise that is today. The phenomenon indeed, Godzilla is, of course, the most famous of all the hygiene. And the word I do is usually generally translated from Japanese into English along the lines of strange beast and we ve talked before about giant monster movies that aren't japanese than their origin. Most recently, when we need our stop motion animation episode, we talked about how Willis, O Brien brought the giant guerrilla to life on screen when he was affects supervisor on the nineteen. Thirty three king Kong- and we also mentioned how rate Harry has amused. Stop motion to create
monster in the nineteen. Fifty three picture, the beast from twenty thousand fathoms and the nineteen thirty three king Kong that we just referenced has had also been re released in Japan in nineteen fifty two to great popularity, and it really stirred up fresh interest in moviegoers. For big monsters on the big scream and then the following year that other men We just referenced from the. U S also featuring a big monster, really captured the attention of japanese audiences in the beast from twenty thousand fathoms, which was distributed by Warner Brothers, that nineteen fifty three a dinosaur is awakened from its slumber under the Arctic ICE and its awakened by nuclear testing and its dinosaur, known as the reader Soares moves south along the east coast of the north american continent and eventually wreaked havoc on Manhattan. This film colonies in a battle between the dinosaur and the? U S: military, at Coney Island. Where he's finally defeated the other,
Great footage of you know this dinosaur in the midst of roller coaster, some stuff, which is a pretty fabulous, visual and Harry Hounds beast, and the story of mayhem that unfolded around its awakening from the ice got the attention of japanese producer, Toma Yuki Tanaka, who had been working for the tell how studios company since nineteen forty, he did have a brief breakin his tenure with the company in the forties and went to knock a saw, the beast from twenty thousand fathoms, the occupation of Post war, a war to Japan. But U S military, which lasted from ninety, forty five to nineteen, fifty two had only just ended, so there was this new level of opportunity to tell stories that would really not have been possible or not cool, to tell just a year before during that occupation. In addition to Kong's renewed popularity, in Japan and the story of Warner Brothers redesign.
another event took place that impacted the mindset of the japanese public and Godzilla's creators on March. First, one thousand nine hundred and fifty four a nuclear weapons test was performed at the bikini Ass Hall in the South Pacific, so nuclear testing at the Bikini Ass Hall was not a new thing that spot had been used by the United States as a test site, since one thousand nine hundred and forty six in the history of that testing and how the island population was treated could and hopefully will be its own episode. Eventually, it's not a super. Story, but it's important, but on that morning, in nineteen, fifty four, a japanese fishing boat named, translates to lucky dragon number. Five was close enough to the test that the boat and its entire crew of twenty three men were contaminated by nuclear fallout. There are additional details around that, which also would be great in another episode about why they were close and some inaccurate
estimates of how powerful that test was going to be. But when the men were examined, it was determined that they all had acute radiation syndrome and their catch. They were fishermen, raw which had already been sent to market by the time the severity of the situation was realized was recalled, though it is believed that some of those fish were sold and presumably were eaten. Guy think we tax some about this incident an hour an hour episodes about the the thousand cranes for our thousandth episode Yes, the lucky dragon incident was a reminder that almost a decade after the war, nuclear weaponry was still a very real threat. Even in times of peace, that reminder Do you certainly Yuki Chan aka than he pitched too fell to his boss at Tokyo? Inspired by the incident and borrowing from Harry Husbands dinosaur feature, this proposed film would be called the beast from twenty thousand miles under the sea. The giant monster John Rob was still
Rob was still seen as really the domain of United States Cinema, but Tanaka was given the good to move ahead with the idea that was appear, a very tentative green light, like I don't know, but ok, and as an aside, we should mention before we get into toes giant and now famous lizard, that It was also a japanese silent film that had been made. There was inspired by King Kong and that came out in nineteen thirty. Eight titled King Kong appears in Edinburgh, so good you're out they were about to talk about was not the first time. Japanese filmmakers were inspired by American Monster Cinema to create their own version, but in the case of the japanese Kong, that film is lost and there are still some questions about. Film historians will sometimes point to this two part film. As the beginning of Japan's giant monster film genre, but there is on, going debate about exactly how giant this monster was and the size of the gorilla involved. There are some
boy. You believe he was actually a giant monster in terms of scale in the film, but other suggests that it was actually kind of just a of regular guerrilla that was largish in size. It would not really qualify as a kid you of any kind little early for a sponsor rate, but we're gonna stick when here, so that we can keep the next chunk of the story together at all goes into a lot of detail about how to those big monster film was made. You wanna keep all that stuff in the same segment. This episode is broad you by Malta and the Mossy Ex thirty, a truly remarkable suv, the six thirty size to be agile and this.
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And I had directed dramas in war films for toehold already, including nineteen, thirty, three eagle of the Pacific, which was a box office success and that these are the first collaboration between Honda and special effects, director Agee so but I am who was also brought onto to knock a monster film by the time Honda joined the project. The story had already been written by a writer named sugar, ok, Yama Camus. Script was handed over to hunt them two screenwriter to K O Morocco to be financed into its actual shooting script. Honda, not only CO, wrote the film. He was also heavily involved in almost every aspect of it and he was also a trusting collaborator. At the same time, when it came to supervise affects the special, if extra actor was allowed to do his work without having to have hunted super Jane. You about would have been kind of unusual for an affects director to just kind of have his own free rein, but that was in part because But who was a decade older than Honda could be very wilful. He kind of had a reputation
for being a little bit harder work with. He didn't like one shots were edited when he had worked with other directors, and he had very, very strong and clear ideas about how he wanted things done. But between Emma Shouto Honda, a very balanced professional relationship, really blossomed. They trusted one another and, as a consequence, each man really did his best work. They would visit each other sats, but that was more to see how logistics were playing out so that when they each shot therein segments they would blend together as seamlessly as possible. It wasn't so much like I'm coming to supervise you, as I am coming to make sure our collaboration works is worth noting that making this film was considered very
three risky for a director like a Shiro Honda, he was on track to build a serious career as a director, so to take on a film in a new genre, one that has the potential to turn out very silly when it was meant to be serious, was really putting his reputation on a line. I think was still happens today. Sometimes, when somebody has a reputation as us very serious director than they take on a project that might look kind of goofy, they committed to it entirely though, and he expected everyone working on the film to have the same level of dedication and an interview with his wife Gimme. She described the first day of quote, he told them on the very first day read the script. If you were not convinced, please let me know immediately and leave the project. I remember him saying this very firmly. He only wanted those who had the absolute confidence to work with him on this film, both producer
the knock on effects director Super Beriah were of the same mind. All three Ben had agreed that this film would only work if they take it on as a serious project, an initial. to where I had some ideas that did not in fact make it reproduction He originally thought that the films Creature star should actually be a massive octopus, but producer Tanaka put his foot down. turn on the idea that it had to be more like a dinosaur and the effects director. Also, initially, pitched stop motion to bring that monster to life, but with only six months to make the film from pre production to completion that was not going to work. We talk to her Our motion episode that lake, even today with the most advanced technology and people who really really know what they're doing you only get a few seconds a day so for
people that were learning it was never going to happen in any kind of realistic timeline and that's how what came to be known as suit nation was born. Super I hired tease out till she meets EU and his team decree, a full body rubber sea based on designs by Akira, want Nobby was the films production, designer cloth, wire and latex were all part of this beast that borrowed design elements from an glided on a stag OSIRIS, a tyrannosaurus at an alligator end a form that a human man could wiggle into the brink, oh dear to life, and that human man was stunt actor, how to knock a Jima. Who would go on to play God Zella for almost two decades, and that was no small feet. This suit wait an estimated ninety one kilograms. It's too Good pounds and we could only walk limited distances in it at any given time because it was so taxing on his body. He passed out on several. Asians, while working in the suit he knew
drown, while filming one of the water seems. This was not an easy task and since the creature would make use of it, women in a suit. That also meant that many Creations of locations around Japan had to be created for the sets, since the monster was supposed to tower over them. While working on its film super, I was completely protective of the monsters image. Even CAS members warrant allowed to see the Goodyear costume the concern as the better. They saw the costume on its own. Without all the movie magic involved, they might think it was silly, and then that would sour the whole production and that could GMO is basically creating a whole new style of performance. No one knew what to tell him in terms of direction, because using a suit, like the one in film had really never been done before, he studied animal movements and prepared for the strength and endurance that being in this suit required, but ultimately the suit and its limitations governed the performance and how he moved,
He didn't have full range of motions, think you can prepare all you are, but when you get in the suit, maybe your arm only moved a little. When we spoke with the director of the new failed, he mentioned that he had gone to try on the top half of one of the newer suits that had been made by toe and even that in the more modern era, was excruciating so imagining this two hundred pounds suit and wearing it around seems lake and active ass. Let us ism that's hard to comprehend for us mere mortals one element of production that has remained something of a history. Mystery is exactly where the name good Judah came from, and there is one tail which has absolutely no substantiation. The name originated as a nickname for one of the tow HO studios employees, who was portly and that it was a portmanteau of the japanese words for guerrilla and whale. But again, there is no evidence that anyone is found to back them up. Even people who worked on the production or, like I do, that
no, which joint about so it remains an element of Filmore people like to tell the story, but there's there's no, no evidence for him. It is also possible that story, writer should get who I am. I came up with the name pretty early on. There have been some hints that he actually mentions that name in his diary, but that is also not entirely clear. The bottom line is we don't know the urgent action of the name. Really, a groundbreaking aspect of hunters film is the use of actors in seems where they couldn't see. What they were acting against today is commonplace for actors, have this challenge of working within digital effects and meeting to a moat and react as a character to things they just can't see, but for the japanese actors on hand to set this was a totally new concept, accurate, a cure attack or, at a later described the experience from the performers point of view as being like children needing to constantly asked what they were doing. Honda was always patient and kind and explained everything to them, especially the younger, more inexperience.
actors. He knew that the performance has had to be as serious and real as possible to carry this film. As with any film in the sound era, the music and sound design play a vital role in bringing good Judah to life for one studio, heads were concerned that the film and its monster still looked too silly despite all of the camera and affects work until they saw it with a Cuba. If you could be score, it's a score that he wrote without benefit of seeing the film initially, although he did at the very end, Gettest kind of taking it up in and make some adjustments to make it match, and if you, cool Bay, is also credited with creating some of the most important things that you here in the film and that you can probably conjure in your mind the monsters, unique screech and its footfalls. The vocal allegations of her the star creature, which are now iconic, were created by begging, a leather glove across the strings of a purposely de tuned Contra base and the footsteps
are almost a character on their own. Were the result of that. Hozier, something an amplifier. While the production had a timeline of six months, only two of them were spent actually shooting and a schedule that would seem unthinkable by today's film standards. The script was finished on June, tenth, one thousand nine hundred and fifty the design and other production started immediately after that photography started in August of nineteen fifty four that was finished in October, and then the film was released and theatres on November Third, the blows my mind every time I think, through and unlike wholly Moses, the location shoots that they had to de were incredibly challenging. They were filming in the summer heat and that meant that actors were often running from the monster in already gruelling temperatures.
Adding all that physical exertion caused a lot of heat exhaustion, onset and almost became an issue where late they had to manage potential he'd exhaustion as much as any other aspect of production coming up. We will talk about the films life once it was released into cinemas, but first we will pause and take a quick sponsor, break miles and Jack from work. We recorded a pike has together in the master. Ex thirty ass. You might remember how I've deadly remember. I want to take this opportunity just straight for in a straightforward way, talk to people about what the Mazda to thirty looks like. Ok, looks like it's constantly emotion. It has beautiful design like water built that really mean like it's got. Its making way
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Once the film was released, it was a huge hit with audiences. There were critics, however, who felt that using the very real tragedies in Japan's recent history to drive a monster movie was in poor taste. Even if the message is that movie was ultimately one of being careful about how we tamper with nature but despite those concerns raised in some reviews, the movie was an undeniable blockbuster. It was Japan's highest grossing film of nineteen. Fifty four tell who had been really smart about marketing for the film knowing that warming the audience up to what could be taken as an absurd premise, was going to be vital to its acceptance throughout the shoot precedent invited to visit the thats where Hunter was shooting. Though all the creature work that Syria was shooting at the same time, was not open to the journalists promotional photos where
these to the press that the public could see. What tell her was cooking up in his new found. There was, I led up radio play that unfolded and eleven episodes. It actually started running before principle, photography began and all of this made the idea of a serious film starring, a fifty foot tall creature, an event that was being greeted with a lot of anticipation. In some ways the audience was won over way before any projected image hit a screen and a public movie. Theater. Is similar to how movie marketing works today, yeah, that's how everyone does it matter to have their minds made up a lot of times before they get into the theatre, because they have seen all of these stills and heard stories leading up to it. Yeah, it's fascinating think about like how entertainment weekly lake they will have a big splash. Come article about like an upcoming film and talking about it, and I think this is a kind of rooted back in the things they were doing for Godzilla
So when we think of old school giant monster movies, today, probably a lot of people, think of them ass, sort of can't be or silly and their reputation does have a very real basis. In film history. There have been a lot of films me both in the USA and Japan and in other countries over time that featured monsters that looked funny or they behave really committee gleam, but the nineteen fifty for goods is a much more sober film. It is quite obviously rooted in the nuclear tragedies that Japan experienced in the years leading up to its product. and one scene early on testimony as being given about the unthinkable, possibility that a giant creature has suddenly emerged from the sea and poses a danger to human life. The character doktor Yemeni says, quotes. It was probably hidden away in a deep sea cave providing for its survival, and perhaps for others like it. However, repeated underwater h, bomb tests have completely destroyed its natural habitat. To put it simply, hydrogen bomb testing has drift,
from its sanctuary and later in that same seen, there is a very heated debate about whether to go public with the information that the agenda is a threat and one of the issues that cited for withholding that information is the chaos that can be done politically, including damaging, very delicate for relations. There is a very clear parallel being drawn to Japan's actual relationship with its foreign colleagues. Outside the world of the film there was going on Post war, a war too I've seen immediately following as the news is breaking theirs young woman, whose writing a street car and she remarks to another passenger. I barely escaped the atomic bomb and Nagasaki, and now this, incidentally, all these quotes that we are reading our from the sub titles of the criterion collection edition of the film. Yet just in case anyone's wondering
it is in japanese good, you know, is grim, threw out. It does not put any punches regarding the danger of nuclear testing. So after the creature attacks a city and his atomic breath covers into your city blocks, children are shown being tested for radiation and coming up positive children, see their parents die. Even the site tis to invent the means by which humans can defeat. Their giant. Ancient foe is conflicted about introducing such a serious weapon into the world and the message of nuclear tests. Being a dangerous thing is reiterated right to the end, even after they have defeated the creature. A good zero was shipped the United States,
in very limited distribution and that's how producer Admin Goldman fight. He bought the distribution rights from toe how, after this and then flipped them to jewel, enterprises executives at Jewel, like Goldman, saw the potential of this film, but they felt that it needed some doctoring to truly capture american audiences, and it was at this stage that go to your kind of morphed. At the suggestion of the Tokyo marketing department into God Villa to make it easier for english speakers to approximate the name, and the film underwent a number of revisions to repackage it. For: U S, screens, for a much wider distribution about fifteen minutes of the film were cut to minimize concepts. That would be difficult for? U S, culture, to grasp lake and arranged marriage! That's part of the original film theirs
since they would have been uncomfortable like the villainy of nuclear weapons which the? U S had recently used against Japan and, of course the whole premise is based on nuclear testing as the catalyst for the movie central conflict. So it can be removed completely, but a lot of the very grim scenes which give Honda original version so much gravity were removed. There were also seems that were added to the film in the: U S: version which start Raymond Bur. As a journalist named Steve, Martin burs segments were used to give a different perspective to the film and tell the story, as seen through the eyes of birth character and the film bird was sensor report on incidents in Japan. This newly cut film was titled Godzilla king of the bond stirs and east in U S Cinemas. On April, twenty seventh, nineteen, fifty six and just as was the case in Japan, critics did not fall in love with the film, but that did not matter because audiences sure did Godzilla was again an instant hit and that Ray
version of the film ended up being distributed internationally gaining new audiences, wherever it opened by the time Godzilla king of the monsters had made it's. U S. Debut japanese audiences were already washing the sequel to the original, which was called Godzilla raids. Again, that was directed by Motor Yoshi Oda with eighty Subaru I once again serving as the effects director, and that was just the beginning. In the almost sixty five years since good Judah first appeared in japanese cinemas, almost three dozen films have been made featuring Godzilla and in twenty fourteen, the Guinness Book of World records named the longest continually running film franchise. The summit's about to come out is the thirty fifth they already slated to work on follow up to it. So it will hit three dozen very quickly and the films have taken on some wildly different tones over the years as tell her, which has continued to make all. But three of the movies in the franchises history has shifted in its tone,
for the series and made a number of reboots over time and through different areas of production, additional kind. You have been added to the Godzilla line up and a lot of them started out in their own films, including Martha and wrote. In there have been tv series, video games, toys, all kinds of merchandise picturing zella as well, in two thousand, for which was the fiftieth anniversary of the japanese version, good Judah. It was restored, digitally by real two pictures and released in theatres and on home video, and this was for a lot of fans the first time that they had ready access to the movie that started at all there. That was sort of revelatory in film circles, because I think people had not realized how much had been cut from the original to make it more comfortable and palatable for american audiences. So it kind of that moment is really quite pivotal in film history, where people realize, like oh
You really did do some serious change. He thinks of this rather tat well, and I like certainly knew that the preponderance of big monster movies in the fifty
These was in a lot of ways a response to the nuclear tax on Hiroshima and Nagasaki and the threat of nuclear warfare in this idea. Radiation causing giant creatures to existing, do terrible things, but I didn't really now and celebrating your outline how much the original Japanese go. Jura was really like an anti war movie, and it wasn't just about radiation made this thing. It kind of an abstract level. The air we talked about. You know how it kind of was inspired also by the American movie, the beast from twenty thousand fathoms. One thing that's really interesting is that, even though that beast was awakened by nuclear testing, Lake good Judah was in the first, when it stayed it just was awakened, it wasn't morphed, it did not take on any atomic powers. The way Godzilla does, and it really kind of shifts the gear to be a little
more of a film about not messing with nature, nor I, which I'm only laughing because it it's it's always so strongly Ben that, and I realise that it has its roots in some films from the. U S that didn't really take that part of it into account was kind of interesting. There was also an interesting comment that I read in one of the sources I was using for this one They made the point that the films, the creature films that came out of Japan, often have that that much more, ecologically minded ideology where they actually, even though they recognize they have to battle the creature to save humanity. There is a certain level of empathy for the creature and, like understanding that we did this, for is, if you look at most of the: U Dot S made films with creatures None of that is in there. It's just like there's a threat, we gotta kill it and they don't really
that save him, the same level of sensitivity to lay cause and effect in it, which is pretty interesting
I would want to do a bigger survey of of creature, films from the air at a really see how that please out by riot, it made me think for sure so, yeah and again thanks too to the new Godzilla king of the monsters in the Michael dirty fur. Talking to us about it, he so passionate about unlikely said he really knows a lot of Godzilla history on his own and can speak extemporaneous Lee at length about it. So it's cool that he is getting too to be a big part of this universe. Now and yet, hopefully, everyone will see and enjoy it had to say that the most beautiful mothah has ever looked. In my opinion, yeah she spectacularly beautiful. The film is absolutely beautiful in terms of just like cinematography and composition. It's really spectacular and in fact, as I mentioned at the top Harkin's back a lot to this original film, which is kind of a lovely homage in a way that still feels very new and fresh
completely unrelated listener rail area mega, because I came into the office today to find a very strange and delightful gift on my desk. It is tiny but delightful. It is from our listener shine and here it so well. Holly enclosed is a path tag for you path. Tanks are small coins created by GEO, cashiers to leave and caches as a sort of calling card. I had a bunch of these made up a few years ago, thanks to you and Tracy for all of the pond casts. But what makes this very very cool is he has this teeny tiny coin that is made with my? on a mansion boyfriend, the hat barks ghost on it. Oh yeah, I am clothes in the dark and there's a hidden Mickey when it goes in the dark. I have not been able to get it into a dark room because I just opened this morning and then we had to run into the studio but its adorable, and I love it. My kind of one I'm make a necklace charm out of it. So, thank you so much on what a cool thing and it's really beautifully designed and I
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beautiful mountains of southern california- and I will say, as some of you, we ve told you on the show before were not really car guys. We don't know a lot about cars, I'm sort of a automobile philistine, but from this auto Philistines hard, I will say this was a really wonderful card to drive. I truly enjoyed cruising around the mountains thing. He was very smooth. It was very stylish. I eat it sung to my non car heart in a way that cars- usually don't so what's actually in this thing details why so it has class leading standard horse power, and I active all we'll drive with G vector in control plus for ultimate control, and I will say there is a very special thing about this car. I am Ivan driven another car like this, where you, when you go around a corner in it something about it, feels almost like predictive like it. You know you don't need to do like Jerkin around trying to correct your turn like it. Everything in it is extremely.
Who then and continuous- and I think that's what's going on here, but it's also got a beautiful design on the outside yeah. I mean it: basically, you see at thirty his size to be agile and the city, while still having the interior space inutility to go anywhere at any time. You know encouraging an active lifestyle and to your point, is that the idea that did you not haven't a tool to wrestle the machine to get where you're going there is there is a meeting of the man in the machine is also a very nice driving experience in a visual way where I, like. The car doesn't have a touch screen and, in a word like you, can see, those touch screens come up and in kind of distracting, while you're trying to navigate through the features and stuffily driving instead its more traditional kind of command controls that you go with buttons and low
from the steering wheel, but it actually makes for a much nicer, less distracted drive. You got your eyes on the road you safer to ya, you not playing the video game that drives the car, you driving a car, but it's also got connected car features. They give you convenient safety peace of mind, this garden in car wifi, option, remote engine start stop and door, lock vehicle status, navigation, service vehicle finder automatic nine, when one dialing in the event of an accident so is really got it all, and I really truly enjoyed driving this car. So for more information on Mazda and the first ever see Ex Thirty go to Mazda, USA dot com, slash I heart or better yet to see the entire Mazda vehicle line up visit. Your local area, Mazda dealer today,