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Harriet Quimby

2021-06-23 | 🔗

Quimby is most well-known for aviation, but journalism was an even bigger part of her life. Before taking up flying, she had managed to carve out a life for herself by merging her love of adventure with her knack for writing. 

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hard podcast network or anywhere you listen or just head. Devotional mountains. Dotcom your true, Welcome to stuff you missed in history, glass abroad, of Iheart radio hello, unwelcome upon cast iron, Polly FRY and I'm Tracy View open and today's topic as one have been scribbling in various no books for years. I kind of keep a notebook, that's my to do list and actual error. Then I will move to the next one and I will scribble live in the next joining all revisit that went fit. They keep a section at the back for them, scribbles, and you have actually heard in abbreviated version of her story on the show before she appeared any twenty twelve episode by Sarah and into Billina tabled for flights of female aviators, but to me ollinger and aviator kind of ignores what you could argue is really the biggest part of her life, which is journalism that previous
so touches on her journalism a bit, but it really did seem the Queen Bee Exe, carved out a very nice life for herself, merging her love of adventure with quite a knack for writing, and she always said that her career was the most important men she did. Things did so to protect her career, which will talk about in the episode, and it can be a little bit tricky to get a sense of this person's life, which is the Queen Bee presently her early life, because she herself sometimes change the details in telling her life story in an effort to sort of craft. This public persona that was different than her private persona, we'll talk about kind of where that originates seems almost like a theme lately rates Emily. We run into that a lot and it was so way easier in the lady hundreds and early nineteen hundred to go. You know, I'm just gonna tweak this, so we might have happened. No one will know
even though she did remain very private about a lot of her her personal details in her personal life throughout her entire life, her public life was very well documented, and she was something of a celebrity journalist her day even before she became famous for her feats of flying. But of course, what truly made her famous on the world stage. Was aviation Wendy was born in cold water Michigan on May eleventh, eighteen. Seventy five cold water is an branch county which is roughly the mid point between Chicago. In Detroit, her parents were William Quinn, be an Ursula cook. Queen Bee William, was from an irish emigrant family.
Ursula, was from a comfortable and pretty progressive New York. Family William, had served in the union army in the: U Dot S civil war and met Ursula after he was discharged due to illness. After they met in New York, they moved to Michigan to get married and start a family harry. It was their tenth child, but one of them lie to the other, being a sister named Helen who survived till adult head and there's no birth certificate. That's ever been found for Harriet am her. Birth place has often been misreported because she frequently told people that she had been born in California. San Francisco specifically you didn't, spend some of her childhood in a royal grundy. California, that's about two hundred and fifty miles or a little more than four hundred kilometers south of San Francisco liquidity. Moved California when Harriet was little but the me they moved again it within cow. for new and eighteen, eighty four, so she was settled in San Francisco by the time she was about nine, but even before they go to college,
cornea. They had moved from Coldwater Michigan to the Township of Arcadia in Manchester County. You will soon. I'm sorry That listed also is her place of birth. All of these places guiltless as her place of birth, depending on what source you're looking at and they had made that move it from place to place in Michigan after their first farm failed, and that second effort at farming in Michigan didn't succeed either. Nor did Williams other job, which was running a general store and all that is why they moved west in search of better opportunities. they ended up farming once again, an array of brandy and struggling financially, just as they had back in Michigan, William eventually took work in a dairy to support the family, and then they moved once more. This time to San Francisco. Things were a little bit better with the family. There William worked as a salesman and Ursula sewed packing bags for fruit companies. Ursula also was
I am a family that involved some chemists when she was back east, and so she also started concocting various potions and what not and William would south of one of the things that Harry it was really good at throughout her life was sort of being the person that people wanted her to be so when she met with the public she was off characterized not having come from a poor farming family but having been from a wealthy family and she seemed pretty incur to go along with that, rather than divulging that she had actually grown up poor on a rural farm. and as a sort of middle ground between the truth and the falsehood she would mention. Instead that her parents were from the eastern part of the country
In a may, nineteen twelve article that appeared in the Baltimore Maryland Paper the evening sun. This bold storing of her parents backgrounds as part of her story, becomes really clear. It reads quote: although she is the Californian by birth and have many western ideas, she first saw them of day in San Francisco, her mother is a new Yorker and her father hails from New England. Her father by the way is more or less conservative and is not at all favourably impressed by his daughter is slightly tendencies. Her mother, however, is extremely sympathetic, and it has been suggested that she too may take flight one of these days, at least as a passenger and her daughters air aim. Yes, they were always came of refining this image of the family
This shifting of the facts of Harriet early years is also often attributed to her mother, really Ursa. Liquidity is believed to have been really quite disillusioned after the failed farms in the store, and she wanted her daughters to not depend husband for a living. All mention of Harriet sister actually vanishes from the family story. Shortly after they moved to California. She eloped and moved away
but Harry it remained, and it seems that are so well focused all of her energies on ensuring that her remaining daughter was prepared to make her own way in the world. Harriet graduated from high school in low scatters, California, in eighteen. Ninety seven, it's unclear exactly when, but at some point in her life as a young woman, her mother Ursula started telling people not only that Harriet we had been born in Boston, but also that she had gone to school in France and Switzerland. Ursula also fudged her daughters, age alive, saying that she was nine years younger than she really was whether this was intended to make people think they can be with some sort of wonder kin or for some other reason.
That's not really clear one, especially when someone is lake is still quite young, like a mere twenties, even say that their nine years younger is a big gap so like when, when Harry was, you know twenty four. She was still too people. Shoes. Only fifteen Ursula really wanted, above all else, for her daughter to be a modern career. Women again going back to that fear that requiring a man to support you would be let down and she specifically wanted her to be a journalist, because MRS Quinn be thought that that was a career. They would open doors, but at the time Harriet actually wanted to act, wanted to be an actor and she did
without any apparent training. She started acting and plays in the San Francisco area, and she also work is a retail clerk through those two jobs. She eventually with supporting herself an largely her parents, although they were also still bringing in a small amount of money through their own endeavours. Harriet stage name was Hazel Queen Bee and she really hustled to make this acting dream work. Along with friends. She convinced San Francisco Mayor to lend them the money to rent a theatre for the production of Romeo and Juliet Hazel Flash Harriet played Romeo and she'd Gottman entertainment journalist. She knew and was friends with to review the production that lead to Harriet, getting more roles and other shows throughout this time. came deeply entrenched in the cities. Art seen your pretty early on, she saw leg. Journalism has power, it can make or break people that becomes more more important to her
We was through those connections on the art scene and is a member of San Francisco's bohemian club. That Harriet actually started working herself as a journalist in one thousand nine hundred and one when it started to become apparent that acting was not going to bring in enough money. She wrote an article called the artist colony at Monterey for the call, and it was a Sunday feature, and in that article she wrote about the coastal town and its beauty Later she made stabs into writing short fiction, including an article called a night at a haunted house which was published on February. Second, nineteen o too in the San Francisco Chronicle, but news was really where Harriet Queen Bee Florists as a writer and while she primarily covered the arts and San Francisco for both the call and
Chronicle. She also wrote on a variety of topics, including everything, from sex trafficking to hospital reform. She wrote a great deal about San Francisco chinese community. She wrote about issues like voting rights for women, which is strongly supported, although she didn't identify as a feminist. She felt that label and some of the movements created with it actually cause more discord than solutions, as she was really starting to develop a pretty solid career. There rumours about her having various romantic partners, but there's no clear evidence of her ever having been seriously involved with anyone. She seemed to be focused almost entirely on her work, which was both gaining her notice and respect, and she decided, after having gotten a taste of all that at the next logical step for her career was to move to New York
and work as a journalist there. So in early nineteen o three, she did just that, despite the fact that she knew no one in New York and she didn't even know at the time. We're, any of the major newspapers offices were we'll talk about arrival in New York after we take a quick sponsor break you asleep, audio, presents the new series art bust, scandalous stories of the art world in this investigative podcast, UK, author and art, expert Ben Louis explores the shadowy and staggeringly lucrative global art market. Throwing compelling new light on an abiding art mystery. The art is a bizarre and dazzling space. There beauty and glamour marble, museums and White Walled galleries, but behind this sheen there is a grimy dark side filled with greed, disregard and scan in each episode, Ben Louis will explore some of the most shocking art crimes and biggest scandals discover
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and after her lodging with sorted, she took her portfolio of published pieces from her work on the West Coast and some new writing that she had done in the five day trip across the country and she started visiting publication offices looking for work. Her first stop was it levies illustrated Weekly, which has a publication that comes up in the show as having articles about topics that are dying out. She spoke with two assistant editors who seems to like her, but she had to return the next day to me, the editor in chief before any decisions can be made after going through one of her samples and verbal is helping her all of the added that he would make, which was just not a level of criticism that she was accustomed to the
John. Why foster offered her a job on a trial basis? He also asked if she shouldn't try a more conventional job for a woman, and she told him she was a better writer than she was a cook. Three weeks later, Foster published Harriet article curious chinese customs and which she described. The tradition of chinese paper offer that article was picked up by several other outlets. Yeah right away. Her work was super popular. She and foster actually ended up being great friends for years and years, it was kind of the way it's describes. Public, a tug of war and the beginning of yours breathing around with this article.
You, you seem plucky, though said Bell, try it and when he asked her, if she shouldn't try doing something that was a more natural fit for a woman, her perception was that it was a test and that if she was like well, maybe he would have only get out, but instead shoes. I know this is really do after the success of that first article. She took assignments for less Liese and she wrote a series on the lives of the occupants of tenements in New York. She also campaign to be given a regular theatre, review, column, sheep still loved the arts, and she was granted that and soon after that, she was just given the title of drama critic, because she did so well This was a role that she filled with enthusiasm. Often her coverage included interviews with actors in various shows, a number of which she had met or been friends with back in San Francisco
and if she didn't know someone, she was still usually able to win them over and get them to consent to a conversation about their work. On the record, one of her great successes as the papers drama critic was section at the end of her weekly column, that offered a list of which plays a man might safely take his wife or daughter too. I have thoughts. I do, you it's sort of charming and insulting all. At the same time, the tangle of queer me was doing well at this time she may not have been working exclusively for Leslie, that's possible. She was also riding for other publications under other pen names. Other there's no solid evidence there, but she was making enough that she was able to move out of the boarding house into a place of her own at hotel Victoria. when he summoned than Broadway that was convenient. It put her closer to work in addition to moving into a nicer place. Harriet also started travelling for work,
She went on assignment to Cuba to write a series of stories were less Liese and subsequently she became the papers, travel correspondent after that she travelled the world in search of stories and while she had been living in Samara, since go. She had become friends with german american photographer Arnold Agenda and he had taught her how to take photographs. This skill really served her well in her new role, be she was able to photograph her travels throughout Europe, Africa and South America herself, making her a photojournalist as well. The first years of the nineteen hundreds had really offered here can be exactly the life she wanted, one that was filled with success and adventure, and this is also the time when automobiles or being developed both for sing and for a wider consumer market Quimper had written in a race car on long Island while covering the topic for a paper, and after that she really wanted to learn to drive. She took lessons gutter licence and bought herself a model t and nineteen. Oh eight
the next several years. She tracked the growing popularity of automobiles and the United States with a particular I toward women drivers noting that driving eventually became a fashionable activity for a modern woman. She also used her platform as a writer to encourage women to learn how their cars worked for themselves, so they would not be taken advantage of by mechanics. As an aside, you might sometimes see Harriet Queen Bee touted as the first woman to receive a driver's license in the United States. That is an entirely accurate. An rains for French was given a licence to drive a quote: four wheeled vehicles powered by steam or gas in nineteen
so that was about eight years before Harry its fascination with cars blossomed into her getting a licence. Life magazine actually ran a profile of French who had married and taken the last name Bush in nineteen. Fifty two, and by that point she was seventy three, as Quincy's journalism, star, had continued to rise in New York. Her circle of friends back in San Francisco did not the same good fortune. Even those who had been doing well on the San Francisco Theatre seem found themselves without a safety net after the earthquake and fire of nineteen o six. But we have talked about on the pod cast before David work. Griffith was among those friends. He and his wife Linda, had been close, with Quinn B on the West Coast after struggling to find stage, Work Griffith found himself under contract for as an actor at Biograph studios and then is the director after which he was able to bring his wife odd as an actor as well.
It was initially a little scornfully above eddies agenda and I wanna do film. That's not real art Harriet helped to bolster this you Avenue for the Gryphus, though, by writing articles about their work and explaining to the public how this still new industry, a film turned out. Its pictures have a whole thing worked. She would take photos during set visits and publish those photos along with her right apps, giving your readers are behind the scenes, peak and kind of helping to elevate public opinion a moving pictures had been seen up to that point as kind of seedy, particularly by theatre. Goers Harriet also wrote several scripts for Biograph, while Deed Abbe was directing there and she
They made a cameo appearance and one of the short that she wrote titled Fisher folks, while working as a screenwriter might have been fun. Harriet was really dedicated to her journalism career. She had no intention of leaving it, but it was a desire to seek out the new and exciting so that she could write about it that led her to the thing she became most well known for historically was aviation. So, in October of nineteen ten Harriet attended a flying raise with her friend Matilda my son. This was just a year after Wilbur Right got paid a massive fifteen thousand dollars to perform several flying demonstrations in New York as part of the Hudson Fulton celebration again. Nineteen ten, that's a lot of money flow. This point was, of course, knew and enthralling, so naturally Harriet gravitated to it and in the EU,
Since Wilbur rights, demos, aviation racing had emerged as a dangerous but potentially lucrative endeavour. John moistened Matilda brother was one of the competitors on the day that Harriet attended the event to gather information for an article four Leslie S John. Why thought had studied flying with french aviation expert, Louie Blair, L and then used his money to set up his own aviation enterprise in the United States? He had been the first pilot to offer regular passenger flights from Paris to London, and once he had established his business, my thought, international, aviators and Missis. B he continued to offer passenger fares? He and his brother Alfred, also opened a flying school and menial in New York, hoping that spectators who saw the races in New York would be enticed to learn to fly themselves. That is exactly what happened to Harriet Quinn
now it had. She attempted to unroll in the school that the Wright Brothers had opened. She would have been turned away. Their rights thought that women only wanted to learn to fly as a sort of stunt will not take it seriously, and so they did not take on women students, not even there Mr. They also doubted that any women would even make enough money to afford their school, but Quinn me, along with material. My thought made her case to John and Alfred, as well as to their friend Alia. Stevens. He was a balloon is to also taught at the aviation school build also wanted to fly, and the men agreed after a bit of cajoling that if the women could wait until spring, they would teach them so Harriet busied herself, with work basically counting down the weeks until warm weather yeah. That was slick in October. So she in Sicily, five months, six, something like that, but on Fourchan
late, John Ways ought never became her teacher. He was killed a little over two months after they had met in New York, while he was flying in the Michelin COP race outside of New Orleans. Louisiana licence plain had caught a gust of air and he was thrown from the plane. Fell to his death and while that tragedy caused everyone involved in the voice on aviation school to reconsider their future and their agreement to teach Harriet and Matilda how to fly the school and that plan move forward, there was a minor bit of deception in the mix. Harriet and Matilda had to disguise themselves as men any time they were at the airfield that disguise plan was in part because it was inherently controversial for women to be enrolled. If you ve heard us talk about women's flying
Clubs and like flying as a really popular hobby for women. In the? U S that was later than this, because there are sort of the four runners in a lot of ways, but Harry was also protecting her professional reputation. She was always care for any time. She was in public to behave in a way that would in no way. Invite any criticism for her employer. Is she her job and did not ever want to jeopardize it into her back in that way was simply part of being a professional journalist. It is also one of the reasons that we, like we mentioned at the top of the show that so much of her personal life remains a little bit murky rate. She was known, for example, to smoke, but only behind closed doors. The only accounts of her doing so are from her close associates, and it was something she would never have been seen doing in public. Similarly, she did not want her attendance at aviation
school to put less ways in the hot seat before she was ready to write about it- and there was also another layer in play here because Quimper had not told her editor at Leslie is what she was up to. She wasn't telling anybody she was taking lying lesson, so she had a really vested interest in keeping this whole thing under wraps before she was allowed to try her and flying Queen Bee, like all the other students at the recent school had to learn about
aerodynamics, an airplane design, as well as basic lessons and engine mechanics than there was cockpit time in a simulator. That was a plain that was out fitted with all the necessary machinery, but was speaks to the floor of the hangar. Then it was basic flight in a plane designed to fly only a few feet off the ground as she went through all these different lessons. Harriet queen Bee was taking notes for the articles. She would later right describing this whole process. After five weeks of lessons and tests, which included a final week of piloting with an altitude limiter, students at the noise aunt school moved on to actually flying a monoplane built in the french style of Blair YO. This aircraft was made of wood, a piano wire and rubber coated silk and though she coded and cast royal spray from the Indian Harriet O loved the experience of flying. Despite our efforts to stay
anonymous through this male presenting disguise Harriet was found out by our rapporteur from the New York Times as rapporteur. Corner her at the school one morning and foolishly asked her if she liked flying she replied, Oh I'm out here at four a m each day. That ought to be answer enough. While she was quickly that moment this outing forced her to confess to her bosses. Leslie is that she had been secretly attending flight school with the intention of writing about it, and then she had gotten scooped in the process. I think I'm gonna write this amazing thing, someone else's coming up with the article first sorry this might also discredit the paper, but those discussions where she confessed
What's going on to her bosses actually went really quite well, probably because they were a little accustomed to having this writer who kind of did ass. She pleased and then wrote about it. There was no big surprise in the less these offices, and this venture was kind of seen as a pretty potential paper seller. Consider that this was a woman in flight school, which was controversial enough. That other papers wanted to write about their rapporteur doing it, and while the times was planning to go to press with the story before Leslie, could it would I have been able to include any of Harry its first hand account of the experience the times mayor story in early may and on May twenty? Fifth, less These ran the article. How
A woman learns to fly. It was the first in a series of that series was very popular. Leslie weekly was so happy with the series that Queen Bee was actually reimbursed for her expensive flying. Lessons in a moment will talk about how can be gained new levels of fame from the pilot see, but first we will hear from some of the sponsor They keep stuffy must in history class going good afternoon. Would you like to try? For example, of our double fudge: brownie of pure womb match for good I'll just take one more to be sure. Yet still very good. Some things never change like, never being able to take just one free sample and Geico. Having folks lots of money on their car insurance. It is that make a deal I'm not! I taste you take one more sir. I thats fifteen minutes could see
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even one another testing Quinn, be they thought this whole thing was a stunt and that it was going to be a waste of their time. The flight school had the schedule her test in the same session as a male pilot candidate, just to get those officials to agree to travel to the airfield and the first day of her tests. Should it pretty well on the first you segments, which involve various flight maneuvers, like figure AIDS, but then she misjudged the third test, which was landing and she put the plane down too far from the target she had the chance to read
Ass to the next day, so she resolved to do it. Matilda was agreed to also test but wanted to. Let Harriet go first so that she could be the first woman to be issued a pilots licence the day initially looked like it was a bust because of heavy fog conditions, but things cleared up by MID day, despite some gusty wind Harriet managed to complete the first two parts of the test again and then in the third section, XI executed a precise landing when she emerged from her plain she got it a dig to the ongoing inability of women to vote in the. U S by equipping believe me flying is much easier than
That might be my favorite thing. She ever said. Harriet was already a celebrity in New York by this point, all the way back to her theater article. She had been really popular but becoming a licensed pilot, expanded her fame considerably and she gained a devoted following when she made public appearances. Huge crowds gather to see her because of the novelty and because she was very charming. Her first paid gig as a pilot was in Staten Island in October of nineteen eleven. So just a couple of months after she got her license and more than twenty thousand people filled the field and they actually, the key the field for safety and even ass. She tried to land after her flight, there were spectators running onto the field that caused her to have to make a bouncy slightly dangerous landing. Just beyond the target area of ass, she did so successfully. She got paid fifteen hundred dollars for them.
Day and it was the first of many bookings that she would get in the months that followed, sometimes on her own and sometimes with Matilda noise Aunt, who had also successfully tested for her licence
soon Harriet, Queen Bee and the other pilots who flew exhibitions for them. I thought organization were on their way to Mexico City for a festival booking she was devoted still to her journalism career and can be met her deadlines and sent her articles from on board the ship that was carrying her south. She was to be in Mexico for two months and she promised to write travel accounts for her editors that Leslie S, but the Revolution and Mexico quickly put an end to this booking. The whole team had to flee the country soon, Matilda had given up flying after being burned in an accident when her gas tank, exploded and now left to Harriet is the only one in pilot on them. Eyesight team Harriet had rocketed to fame, but she still had the feeling that there were people that saw her not as a skilled pilot but as a publicity stunt. She did not like that and shoe.
To prove them wrong. So she plotted away to prove her metal and for her, that was gonna, be flying across the english channel. Now this was something that had been done before, but not by a woman and really not very often even by male pilots. Alien Stevens from the noise on team joined her on her journey across the Atlantic and by this point he was managing her bookings and there were rumours that the two of them were a couple, although that remains unverified. They sailed to London on the Ss Amerika and once in London, Harriet secured sponsorship of five thousand dollars from the London Daily Mirror. In return, the paper got exclusive european rights to the story of her attire
This is something of a race to be the first. The plane that Harriet wanted to use was a Blair Rio that she would be acquiring in France and it wasn't ready. Yet when she got there, Louie Blair Rio had become the first pilots fly across the channel, and nineteen o nine and Queen Bee wanted to be the first woman to do so. So she convinced Bleriot alone, her a plane for the stunts and completed her purchase for the more powerful playin what she intended to fly back to the United States, but while all of that was being worked out, pilot Gustavo Male flew a woman passenger Eleanor Tree HAWK Davies across the english channel. She was not the pilot, but MRS Davies became the first woman to cross the channel Anna
lane. That was a huge blow took wing, be sure she was super mad about accepting. Then, when it came time for Harriet to prep for her own fly, there was Gustavo Mal again he insisted that Harriet, let him teach her how to use a compass something she had not done before and he was kind of like look. If you get off track Going over the channel. Things get really bad. Please let me teach you, but then he also offered to make the flight for her disguised as a woman, it seems like the compass thing might not have been so much kindness as you poor, Ding Dong. Let me help a little condescending. She did his compass, but she turned him down on the other offer. Then, when the perfect day a flying, whether came Harriet to everyone's surprise opted to stay grounded. She said she wouldn't fly that day because it was a Sunday and she had promised her mother that she would never ever fly on Sundays. So there's some discipline,
but everybody cleared, and then the weather was clear again on Tuesday April 16th, one thousand nine hundred and twelve and Harriet took off at five hundred and thirty. In the hang remarking later how, once the trip was under way quote, it seemed so easy, but soon the fog role. Then she lost all visibility. She kept an eye on her watch and after twenty two minutes in the air, she decided to start her. Descents barriers ends in full. And when she tipped the nose down and she considered landing on the water. When the gasoline finished burning off in the engine stopped backfiring ass, she descended out of a fog. She saw the french coast and put the laying down at Harlow, which was not her intended destination of Calais. She was about fifty three kilometers away from her intended landing spot, but she had crossed the english channel. She did not really speak French
terribly well said the locals came of communicated to her in in their halting effort, Laden that you do as someone who doesn't speak, your language that she had move her plain to avoid being swept to see when the tide came in There was also a local woman who served her breakfast, including tea in a cup that Harriet described as six times larger than any. She has ever seen. The woman insisted she keep the cup as a memento, which Harriet did and later said that she priced it more than any trophy. She could have imagined and Harry, and at this point was absolutely elated to have achieved her all, but what she did not know and which no one else on the beach with her new, including the reporters who arrived, was that the Titanic had gone down the night of April, Fourteenth Harriet expected to be the headline in papers around the globe. But the story of that tragedy overtook her accomplishments in
astrariums everywhere, unsurprisingly, really even in the mirror, which had paid so dearly for this exclusive. The mirror put her story back in the section of the paper that was reserved for advertisements aimed at women which again, but you can where it would be downgraded, maybe a little bit insulting on the placement, but we should say there was press coverage of queries accomplishment. If you go looking and papers in April of nineteen, twelve you'll see that people wrote it up. It just was not merely the level of coverage that or her editors. It Leslie had anticipated, and those articles that came out did talk about her achievement, but they were also justice focused on Harry at the person, because He was seen as being so unusual even outside of being the first woman across English Channel one element of her there was often mentioned in the news coverage of her flying was actually her clothing. It was
a unique outfit which she had designed herself and she had collaborated with a prominent New York Taylor to have this jumpsuit created this. He felt was feminine yet functional for flight, and it was made of
SAM with a war backing in an included a hood, and there were gloves and custom boots and according to a right up in the New York Times. This outfit, which was purple quote, is made in one piece, including the hood which, by an ingenious device, can be converted into a conventional walking skirt because of our high profile, and maybe also because of that purple Flying outfit Wendy was asked to be the new spokesperson for the armor company. Promoting their great soda called VIN fizz was made. The first women's had become a brand spokesperson. There's someone grisly aspects to all this, though the priors spokesperson had been Carl Rogers, who made the first transcontinental flight across the? U S and nineteen eleven riders died during an exhibition flight in California,
two weeks before Harriet Quinn be made. Her english channel crossing his death is why this position was even open. Yeah, a little unsettling in July of nineteen twelve Harry was contracted to fly at the Boston AIR Mean in scorn to Massachusetts. She was the big draw of the event and was rumored to have entered into a very profitable contract for him. She was going to fly the plain that she had purchased in France, and that was a too Cedar and in her practice runs. She had experienced an unexplained stall and plummeted toward the ground before she left we'll play out to land she and her Mackay had examined everything and they chalked up to basically a bad wind gust. The events per
odor. William Willard was very taken with Queen Bee and may have had a bit of a crush on her. His interviews about the event all sound sort of wow about how pretty she was and when the day came in a coin was tossed to see who her lucky passenger would be Willard one it. He excitedly joint Harriet in her Blair Rio as she prepare fourthly Twilight Flight, so she and her team started the engine and they ran the plane through its checklist. That was something she did before every single flight and the first half of that flight, when absolutely perfectly, but as the spectators could see against the Orange Sunset sky, just after it had made its turn at the half way point to come back, the planes tail whipped upward into the air. It was basically pointed down
Willard had been ejected from his seat. Harriet, seemingly unaware of her loss, passenger, initially struggled to try to write the plane. She did make some initial progress, but then she lost control entirely. She was also thrown. the craft and she and Willard, as well as the Blair YO plummeted into Dorchester Bay, was low tide. The plane surprisingly managed to Bob upright in the water and glide to stop, but the bodies of the pilot and passenger. Retrieved and taken De Quincey Hospital, although they were both already dead on the scene. A particularly heartless right up of this tragedy appeared in the spokesmen review of spoken Washington under the headline Little Miss Dresden, China, broken at last. The sub had read quote how Harriet Quinn be most daring of air women. Apparently nothing, but frivolous femininity full of odd superstitions was whipped out of her flying machine
by the hand from the clouds which she had always beard that nickname in the headlines, the Dresden, China aviators, had come from the fact that she was always really quite dainty and lady Lake in her public persona. She also hated that nickname and her superstitious nature was well known. She had always carried good luck, charms and she wore which she believed to be lucky jewelry. But of course it seems incredibly cruel to sum up her death in this sensationalist manner, which reads like the nineteen twelve equivalent of click bade and it also robs her of her reputation with Jimmy asian community for being fearless, yes, but also being very skilled and really very careful.
Article includes a lot of speculation about how she must have panicked and done something wrong to cause the crash. The actual cause was never conclusively determined, but there were several possibilities. There were evident right away. Examination of the just freakish early, undamaged Bleriot showed that the left rudder wire was caught on the lever that operated the wings, but there was some debate whether whether that had been the cause or whether it was something that had happened on the way down or possibly on impact. One
He was the Queen Bee had briefly lost consciousness and by the time she came to the plane was two out of control to regain it. Another theory was that William Willard, who was the large man and had been leaning, far forward to speak to her and flight, might have unwittingly caused the Bleriot to become unbalanced. An article appeared and aircraft magazine suggesting that the design of the Blair House,
was fundamentally unstable and that the tale wing was the cause. Obviously, safety belts were not in use. They were not standard safety equipment. Yet there were witnesses who claimed that they did see. Queen Bee quote buckle abroad strap across space in front of her. If she did that she had unbuckled at some point afterward for several months after Harriet Quinn, bees, death articles that she had filed before that final flayed continued to be published and one in particular reads a sort of bitter sweet. It was about. The potential for careers in flight for women. She wrote quote: there is no sport that affords the same amount of excitement and joy or exact same return. So little muscular strength is flying. It is easier than walking or driving simpler than golf or tennis.
There is no reason why the aeroplanes should not open a fruitful occupation for women. She was so young when she died. Yeah I've listened to that flights of four. I think it's for female av set at the beginning of the episode in I've forgotten what the exact title of an odour episode was. I listen to it once I'm way in the past when I was trying to figure out like which which people were discussed in it, and I have forgotten a lot of details in the intervening years, and so I did not realise when I started out reading through this episode for the first time that that she did die. That's a very young age and so early in her career as a pilot, when that became a thing that she was really known for yeah I mean she was a pilot for a licensed pilot for less than a year of her life were ass. She had been a journalist for quite some time at that point and had really Blake is set at the top of the episode. Imo is a little like when people leg
aviator Harry my name isn't she was but like. I don't think she would have necessarily identified thy way. I think she would say she was a journalist first and their quotes from, where people asked her you giving up your journalism career to fly full time and like no way who is always still claiming to keep writing. She actually had been tie you out leaving journalism and possibly leaving piloting for a while after that flight, where she died, so that she can write a novel kazoo, something she had always wanted to try and had never done, and of course I did not happen, which is terribly sad, but also she's, quite a creature. She can be a little bit inflicting and that in some ways she is the perfect role of lake Feminism, and you know a woman really being in charge of her life and not defining herself by the men in her life. But then she would do things like here a place. You can safely take your wife's,
ray it's legal, Harriet, no, but also very savvy, because people love that part of the thing that part of her her articles. Since this is a little bit of a downer place, I thought we would do a fun listener. Male everyone's, a good idea. the topic I keep talking about, which is that darn rue guru, but I like this cancer or listen Amanda, who writes Holly and Tracy hello. My name is Amanda, I'm a huge history nerd and have been an avid listener from almost the beginning. I'd like to thank you, Ladys for keeping me money for years now, during my hour, long commute to and from work, you guys get me cracking up first thing in the morning, which is no small feet and it starts my day out, I'm a good now. This is my first. I writing, because I just had to let how we know what I found in my home state of Alabama. I found her the perfect.
Trip worthy restaurant. Get this. It has a real going theme it's in Birmingham and, of course, serves caging cuisine. I haven't been yet been complaining to very soon I included picks. I found online at the restaurant and of the stuff to regroup. I will let you both know if it's any good thanks again for all the hard work you do. I know all your listeners, including myself, adore you both She also included pictures of her dark pepper, who is cute MA. Am so here's a weird thing that came up and why wanted to read this when it feels like? I am destined to go visit this restaurant in here is why some ones me a photo completely unrelated to any work stuff and it had we'll go through with this spelling, which has an Ex Omby Amby Lake a route- and I was lake- is that what is that? What is it place. In the background, it was again the background of a picture and there's a good it. So I started looking online and I found this restaurant and then this email came like
two hours later in areas like that's weird, so it feels like I need to get in the car and go to rougarou at some point in Alabama, maybe on routes to homer, where I can go visit, the actual rougarou and teach him had account higher than twelve it. Just seemed like. If I didn't read it something bad might happen. The river is coming. A single guy wants to be your friend Holly great. As long as it's nice to my cat's, he can live here. Like I said I'll make him. Some flash cards will work on the map If you do get to go Amanda, please tell us what the food is Lake sample everything tell us all the details, thinking about cage food now? If you would like to write to us about your experiences at rigour received restaurants or otherwise, you can do that. A history podcast I hurt radio dot com. You can find us all over social media is missed in history, and the EU can subscribe to the plaid cast on me. I hurt radio app around
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