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Henry Hudson, Part 1

2014-12-01 | 🔗

Henry Hudson's voyages have all the makings of a juicy story: maritime exploration, horrible treatment of indigenous peoples, treacherous waters, treacherous shipmen, a mercenary switch in loyalties to countries, mutiny -- even a mermaid sighting.

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to prevent, including last bass, Nicky, Glaser, Debbie, Ryan and more listen to will you accept this rose on the icon, radio, app apple pie CAS or wherever you get your part casts, will continue to see. Mister Woodhouse looks TAT come alone when welcome Tracy Wilson, the topic, was actually one. They was suggested by our senior editor Allison after she stumbled across a little bit. Information about it. I've seen running my desk, and you know you should do and she was spot on about the interesting nature of this it's got everything, so those of you, of maritime exploration covered. Unfortunately, there's also horrible tree of indigenous peoples, their treacherous treacherous waters, treacherous Shipman, canary switch and loyalty to countries, there's a mutiny action and there's even
but a mermaid action going on. So it's a pretty full tail, so full in fact that we had to around it out in the two absurd because it ran super duper long. So we are going to be talking today about Henry Hudson, who was an explorer and commander of ocean vessels and the four voyages that he took while he was trying to sort out new trade routes for various different bosses and it is a wild ride. It is also a cold ride, so Peck package at her sweater and maybe bring application Beth So, as is often the case when we go this far back in history of a case where pretty much Henry HOT Hudson appeared on the world stage, fully formed as an adult human No, he was born sometime around fifteen sixty five, but we don't really know exactly when, and various account suggests that it could have been any time in the fifteen sixties or fifteen I believe we also know that he was born in England and that's a basic
all we know about the entirety of his youth and even his early adulthood, even portraits. There are usually identified of him as a young man or a child could really be someone else and there's not a lot of certainty better. got a whole lot of wobbly minutes about his whole life outside of the maritime adventures that wine making him historically famous here there. Some historians. It think that even the portraits and were payment of him as an adult repayment after the fact and taken just from random descriptions and they may or may not actually click him at all. We do know that he did Mary at some point and that he and his wife Katharine. We do not know her maiden name had three sons together named Richard John and All of her he's just not really much in the record until sixteen o seven. He was a ship's commander by that time and that marked his first major voyage and prior to that, he has to have had some kind of seafood
experience to have risen up to the role of commander foe, there's all kinds of speculation that he probably as expect started unaware. Ranking role of men worked his way up here, but that's literally just stabs in the dark we do not know all we know is that it would be really bizarre and freaky of when just said here. You want to be a commander, so it's assumed by most historians that he either
learn from local, see vessels or he travelled with other sailors and kind of picked up the trade thy way, or he did the usual. Like start as the you know, cabin boy and slowly came up through the ranks, but still a mystery. So, on sixteen o seven voyage that Tracy mentioned Hudson, was employed by an english firm called the Muscovites company and his family actually had oughta connections to this company and his directive was to find a northern passage to Asia and Hudson was chosen by the directors of the musketeer company because he had quote secret information that would help him navigate and new passage at this point, was a huge competition going on globally to try to secure better shipping routes to more lucrative trade locations. Both private companies and governments were ascending expeditions out, hoping to be the first to discover some previously unknown passage, particular It's a India or Asia
Those are very lucrative places to trade in you, Do a lot of wheeling and dealing to get sort of land based trade routes. Passable we'll talk about that a little bit in one of the upcoming voyages, so the secret information that Hudson was believed to have had was most likely a pamphlet was written eighty years earlier so decades earlier by an agent of the Bristol Trading Company name, Robert Thorn, that suggested a northern passage to CAFE commanding a vessel named. The hope well had been set out from London on April. Twenty third, the crew included. William Collins was the mate James, young John Coleman. He was the Boston John Cook, James Bayberry, James Scranton John Place, Thomas Baxter, Richard Day, James Night and Henry Son, John Hudson, as the ship's boy and the first of Hudson's for lifetime trips was actually plagued by
in its early stages, which ended up cutting things a little bit short. This is a theme it's gonna play out over and over throughout this whole story, though, the voyage had begun in spring to hedge bets for favourable, whether the winter persisted in really caused problems and the thinking it Ben that, because the northern pole received five months of continuous daylight and sunshine that he was going to be unfrozen and smooth sailing in the spring. But that theory was, of course not correct, had been in his cremated street Greenland. In early June, they spent two weeks mapping the coastline before turning northeast towards Spitzbergen Island, and therefore they discovered areas populated by pots of Wales. This was really lucrative information for the wailing industry. Hudson and his crew then spent the next several months, exe
wearing and mapping the island's around Greenland yet said that, once that news got back to London and then spread, there were just wailing ships kind of swarming, the area which is unfortunate but interesting and, as we said, unfortunately lucrative part of this voyage, but the ongoing frozen conditions really meant that no new passages of trade routes are gonna, be discovered. This time around, the voyage was finally called off when they just could go no further than the hope while returned to England on September fifteenth and in addition to the whale locations, the voyage was no worthy because it had travelled farther north than any other known expedition at the time and before we get to his second voyage, he began planing immediately. You gonna take a word from response
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Hudson spent the winter preparing to make another go at finding a northern passage to Asia. So he had gone back in September and then he basically just buckle down and in terms of research and map reading in an plodding of courses. At this time, the plan was going to be to travel north of Russia through the Arctic waters still trying to find that passage to Asia, the voyage once again set out in the spring, and this time it was unable twenty seconds. Sixteen o eight hudson once again took the hope. Well and his crew is quite tiny. It was only fourteen men plus his son, John, only three of those fourteen men had been with him on the first voyage to hear quite a bit of turn over the crew members included Robert. Do it. Who is the masters me? He recorded his own accounts of Hudson's travels and he will become a rather pivotal character later on in the story also travelling with him or Arnold level. John Cook, who was the bosun Philip Stacy who's, the carpenter, John Barnes John Branch, who was the cook John?
three James Strutton, Michael, Fierce Thomas Hills run Richard Thomson, Robert Rayner and Humphrey you'll, be the Muscovite company was pretty fearful at this point that if SAR Ivan the terrible died, England was gonna, lose its access to land passages for trade that Russia had controlled. So they re. We really wanted Hudson to figure out a new way to go. I see here they really wanted to have their bets so that they would have some options other than land travel for dream about. Once again, you know they're still going into the same latitudes at the same time, so icy conditions impeded progress. Several of the crew members, including the carpenter, who was on board to continue the reinforcement of the ship that have begun at port so that they can hopefully have a better go
Icy waters were taken quite ill. Very early on Hudson was able to get to the archipelago of no viands Emily, but it didn't go any farther. He tried to go south into the carriage see, but that was rose in, and at this point the Hudson was starting to have some problems with his crew After the blockage Novaya Assembly, which happened at the beginning of July, he had actually decided that what he was gonna do was headed North America, but he didn't tell the crew so as they turned away from the russian archipelago, the men aboard thought that they were calling it quits like the first we had in that they were headed home. It was August when the man finally realise that they were not going back to London and there was almost a mutiny. The decision finally was made to return to England and aboard the mission. Yet again, Hudson wrote that the crew had not force. In the matter is often speculated to have either
and under duress or as a means to placate the crew in the face of a potential coo It was clear based on the journals they were being kept by the People Board, that there were literate, that they were unhappy with him, and I think there is concern that you know they would somehow be in trouble that the voyage had ended, but in his Journal Hudson wrote. I used all diligence to arrive at London and therefore I now gave my crew a certificate under my hand of my free and willing return without persuasion or for by any one or more of them for when we work overs earlier on fixed of July void of hope of the northwest passage. I therefore resolved to use all means I could to sail to the northwest to me that would sound suspicious, like if you were a boss, it in a company and you gotta know. That said we have. The boy had short. No one made me do it yeah.
sounds you raised if eyebrow is protesting a little too much on that account also indicate that even at the start of the Journey Hudson and drew it had had some kind of conflict between the two of them Hudson described him, has quote a man of mean tempers and because Hudson had failed to find a sea passage to Asia? A second time the muscular company was we pretty uninterested in pursuing the idea further to their thinking two times out. They really didn't get very far. So it's probably not we're throwing more resources at this and they have also lost all faith in Hudson. So when he came back and requested to make a third attempt at finding a northern passage to Asia, he was flatly refused. The most thing footnote from sixteen O. Eight voyage was probably the log entry on when they spotted the mermaid on June, fifteenth crewman, Thomas Hills,
and Robert Rayner were the first to see it and yelled for the rest of the crew to come and see Hudson described the mermaid really matter of family and his entry is having long black hair pale skin a women's breasts and the tail of a purpose which was speckled like mackerel. His luck indicated that she looked quite earnestly armed men. They gathered on the side of the ship to look at her yeah. He pretty. We believe mermaids were a real thing. There's no, like speculation about was the some see animal welfare. There was a mermaid. We sometimes hear the details scan of interesting before we get to his third voyage. You gonna take a word from a sponsor. Let's do how bunnies this is our marine. You may know me from Chelsea lately, shameless or as Regina Sinclair on insatiable. I want to tell you about my pot gas. Will you accept this rose, which is new
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or wherever you get your podcast. So at this point, Hudson is back in England. He really wants to continue his exploration. He feels like he has some plans and ideas that will get him further than the previous two attempts, but he really could not find any backers in England. His reputation was pretty damaged at that point, so instead he joined up with one of England's rivals in this whole world trade race, which was the Dutch. India Company and he hooked up with them in sixteen o nine. His new employers made Hudson commander of a ship named the half moon and sent him on a mission that basically have orders as before. He was supposed to find a passage to Asia via the waters north of Russia and the half moon was apparently not a great vessel. It was a little bit o.
Needed some work. It sat high in the water. It was expected that it was gonna, be troublesome if they encountered any type of inclement, whether heavy wins Hudson actually tried to petition is new boss is to try to get a different shape for the voyage, but he received a reply from the Dutch EAST India Company. That said quote the half moon is the only ship at the disposal of the Dutch EAST India Company. We can give you no other ship. If you do not want the half moon, the company will be obliged to find another captain to carry out this assignment. His contract with the debt is in the accompany was really special, about the objectives. The Hudson was supposed to me and it was even stipulated that his wife and children had to live in HOLLAND under the care of the company while he was to be at sea. There is also a really clear stipulations. all journals and logs kept by Hudson, would be turned over to the company at the end of the voyage
once again on this voyage, confronted by impassable ice. Hudson made the exact same decision that he'd attempted to follow through on with his second voyage when he was working with a musket company he headed for North America. He thought there might be a passage to the Pacific Ocean through where's american continent and their speculation that he may have heard this first through famed explorer and his friend John Smith, maybe because they knew of his somewhat rash decision during the second voyage or maybe they knew he had been discussing North America with John Smith, the Dutch, if any Benny amended his mission contract before the half moon set sail, and this amendment included the word, the wording that Hudson was to think of discovering new other route or passage except the route around the north or northeast above Nova. Zembla yeah, hey, don't get anything
and he is like last time around. I hope you will be a breach of contract. Apparently he didn't feel so strongly about that agreement, but we'll get to that just a bit, so the crew that he took with him number between sixteen and twenty accounts differ, and most of them say that twenty would be very large crew. But some do say that there were twenty included, both english and dutch sailors, and there was a huge language gap between them because they did not speak each other's language. Nor did they speak any language that any of them having common. They also have different seafaring experience. Some of them were accustomed to cold water summer custom to warmer waters they are experiences, did not really overlap. Dismayed for a general distrust among them, like they all felt that the others work is experienced or we're gonna be as able to cope with changing situations is, as they were, Ino he's kind of a problem, so in his journal, do it who, despite having
sure with Hudson, was on board for this third voyage described, the dutch sailors. Ass quote an ugly lots because of the requirement that Hudson Hand over its journals to the company after the voyage jewess accounts are pretty much everything we know about it yet So it's there, some buyers. They are probably they're, pretty basic, goals- and you can read all of them online and will include a link to his journals from this voyage. But what we know is that in April the half moon set out from Amsterdam and by MID too late may it became parent apparent.
once again getting beyond no via Emily. I was going to be impossible yet again that thing where you people keep saying. If you keep trying the same thing over and over, expecting a different result, you kind of an idiot of a kind of was doing that the crew was once again unhappy. They were cold. They were distrustful of Hudson's leadership, because the few that were repeats from the last words relating we just do this and some level of revolt did take place or not a full mutiny and Hudson did indeed turned towards the North America, unlike in the second voyage, there had been told the crew about the plan and he actually offered them a choice,
use the information he had, which included maps the notes from John Smith, the head for warmer waters, or they could keep on trying to force their way through the icy waters of Davis's straight at the north end of the Labrador see to try to find a passage to Asia, since a North EAST passage really seemed impossible. So not very surprisingly, the crew opted to head for warmer waters yeah just for clarity, so he offered them a choice, but they were. He was still like we're going through North America. We can either go nor through the really cool part or go a little south through the warmer part, so they had a choice, but it still was his plan to completely reverse their their initial orders and despite travelling through some incredibly ref storms and be slightly delayed at one point, by trying to chase another ship down for a period of time and speculated that they were after them for plundered, steal their booty or their supply
The half moon did indeed reach North America. They landed in what is now Nova Scotia in July of sixteen o nine, the half moon travel. down the american case exploring and making contact with native Americans, and while do it, describes the natives, Friendly and welcoming in his journal is also very clear that he didn't trust them to its journals detail, crimes of ill behaviour on the part of the half moon screw toward the native Americans they encountered. There are lots of tales of after looting and even kidnapping in his daily entries, they kept on encountering interacting with natives along their journey. Despite their very obvious xenophobia. Here I feel compelled to point out. It was not uncommon for explorers who
landed in North America or any foreign lands to kidnap the natives of those lands of the indigenous peoples and brick try to bring them back to Europe as a sort of novelties, as it's not unusual that they did that still reprehensible, but pretty common in the day, and you know the kind of just thought they were exploiting people that were not equal to them. So they were just they just felt like they were entitled to go in, other things in the horrible things quite awful, but we're gonna cliff, hang you there. So we are MID Voyager. We know that, but things are about to take a pretty significant turn and sovereign debt, Linda that now, which we do not really have time to get deep into. You were going to say that for the next time, and instead we're gonna shift gears and go to listener meal, and I now the Pisa mail from our listener, Miss Jade. It is about our
worse podcast data, slow, Ladys, I'm an avid listener and was so extremely excited to listen to the recent episode on the house worth I'm a professional seamstress in costume designer listening to the park. Ass is certainly got me through some very long days in the shop I shall always love of not only historical clothing, but also of undergarments than foundation garments. I'm still trying to sift through the archives to find your protest on undergarments. They recently mentioned on the shoe it was a while back. I want to see that was followed. Twenty Twond to help narrow that for her it was lovely to learn about the life of worth himself as well as the bran. There is one thing that stuck out to me. However. There was a bit off. It was the use of the word stitches in regard to the people that so couture garments. The creditworthiness seamstress as sticker implies a machine operator and not one with exacting skills and garment construction sticker is someone who say so. The left patch pocket on a pair of genes, an addendum factory for twenty years, many people in the business of making the spoke garments get her panties and a wrinkle about language here
seamstress is gender specific and we haven't quite figured out a way around that yet, as there anyone out there that are quite skilled and garment construction as well Taylor. Traditionally a tree. Fatal held by men is actually a specific skills that separate from being seamstress, though you can of course be both like myself. There are different camps about the interchangeable used, the word stature and seamstress, but especially when speaking to people who are in the business of constructing tour garments, These people are masters of the art, so maybe I clear that up or just muddy the water I follow a long time ago. This is one of my personal peccadilloes I just kind of adopted states or for everything, because the very reasons she points out seamstress doesn't apply to everyone, and it seems weird to use data with Taylor, even though I feel while Taylor is usually associated with men, just as a word on it,
found. It feels less male specific to me, so I will use at interchangeably with men and women, but I do to use teacher and I'd certainly don't mean to offend anyone who is an accomplished couture sower, it's just for me. I seamstress really bothers me because I feel like its exclusionary, but I do understand that, like she pointed out, there are many camps and in schools of thought on this, and not everyone feels the same about it. So but it's a great thing to point out and think about it's one of the things I probably should mention the pockets of my apologies that I didn't, because those are those words that are they become very specific and emblematic of certain sort of levels of of skill and degrees of knowledge and actively cow. When I worked in the library for a long time, people
but the commune library in, but I was not, I do not have a master of library, science and I would try to correct them, but eventually I got tired of just said, whatever works, which meant no disrespect to the actual librarians in my life, but sometimes it do you get into a very awkward discussion that becomes about esoteric nomenclature to the average person, so that is the scoop and the many things to do than winning at TAT little gap. In my formation that I hear, if you would like to write that you can do so history pine camp to house that works dot com you can connect with us on Twitter, have missed in history. At Facebook, the palms lash missed in history has demonstrated Tumblr Dakar pictures dark comes less misunderstood. You can also get the life omens. Industry merchandise moved in history that spreads you're done. If you would
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more or less thousands of other topic. Howstuffworks. Hey listeners, I wanted to tell you about a new podcast from my heart radio called the women hosted by rose red. It is fascinating and deep dive interview show where rose talks, to change makers in disruptors and she finds out what really drives them. So she will each of them. What was your first stand and how do you navigate success and failure, and really
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