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If you've only seen the Hessians referenced in movies or TV, you probably don't have a clear picture of who these very capable soldiers actually were. Hessian troops were skilled, disciplined armies for hire, and a huge economic boon for their homeland.

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Work into stuff? You missed in history class from how support slacken hello and welcomes the treaty. Do not I'm Polly. How do you know what I've been exceptionally enjoying on television? I do, but tell we have you sleepy hollow me to leave me hollow is have a historical same point, quite ridiculous, that of a math fit as in many other ways, quite ridiculous, it's kind of a good reminder to me. They sometimes just shut all of that analytical critical brain off and just enjoy the right here. I extremely extremely enjoy their. kill ride of sleepy hollow. I enjoy the fact We ve got a guy's, been walking round and multi hundred year old clothing that somehow is not falling apart or stinking enjoy the ride, Tracy Sobering. If you have ever watched the share, you know that they takes them just absurd liberties with actual
story, but the reason that we are talking about it right now is that they also keep talking about the head. Horsemen as a hessian yeah right what's this, I just made up out of whole clause in the legend of Sleepy Hollow Washington, Irving, describes sleepy hollow this way. That dominant spirit, however, that HANS this region and seems to be commander in chief of all the powers of air is apparition of a figure on horseback without a head, said by some to be the ghost of a hessian trooper, whose head had been carried away by a cannonball in name was battle during the revolutionary war and ever and Anon by seen by the country folk hurrying along in the gloom of night as on the wings of the wind.
So the tv shows Mama Cannonball nobody the sword here, because in in truth the headless horseman is not only a hessian soldier, but also one of the four horsemen of the apocalypse and What kind of immortal yeah they actually inlay so didn't they hidden Milly shot him first echoed by train, suits him and he doesn't die. So then he put his head off here and here. here's to die, but then comes back later, along with Ec Abad through. Of course, as as things do, when I'm watching tv made me think. How can we talk about this in the past and I really got curious about who these sessions were right under the same basic this option as many people who ve studied the American Revolution, which is sort of
mercenaries hired by Britain during the Revolutionary war, and that is not even an accurate description really when we were first, he rather nice, Christopher Walken was filed anti racist equally, the headless horseman in the timber written sleepy hollow here, which is the exposure that most people I think gets. They know your word hessian because of that story. a lot of them. I know even talking to my husband about it when he ass. We are recording this coming weakening the hatchet than he does. I don't know anything about that yeah. I pretty much know that one sentence that I just saying among about mercenaries hard by Britain during the Revolutionary war, not really trip going to talk about that were gonna talk about who these guys were where they came from. Why the who were participating in the revolutionary war in the place and were also want to talk about their most famous altercation, with the army of George Washington yeah. So there is
much other history that you can talk about with the Russians. But that's gonna keep to you today so that this podcast does not for hours and or eight parts long. So we start in Germany. So yes, kind of Germany, Germany, at the time of the American Revolutionary WAR, was that's a unified nation that we know it ass. The day was more like a collection of about three hundred little prove the parties, and they all share a common german language and culture there. If we little city states, They all have their own rulers, they all needed their own defensive and consequently, they tended to have pretty. Sizeable. Compare their size. Organ armed forces Britain, on the other hand, have a hard time recruiting soldiers at this point in history, and even if people were pressed into service, those men still needed training, and if this is not the same level of military organization basically, the british economy had. This point was robust enough that other
It was easy to come by. Some military recruitment was not very appealing for the average man, and it was very challenging for the government to reason yeah. Britain also had the advantage of being separated from the rest of Europe by the English channel, so it didn't need to have an enormous standing army to really defend itself constantly, This was not true on the continent, where a lot of times nations have long borders with one another that didn't necessarily have any kind of natural. The continent of Europe, on the continent of Europe people we're a lot more likely to have bigger armed forces than Britain had at the point. At that point, you make sense, But on top of that George, the third was the elector of the german principality of Hanover in this affair, heavily may George, the third, a german prince, in addition to being the king of Great Britain and Ireland,
he was automatically considered to be a german ally. So when George, the third needed troops to fight for him in the american revolution german print you're, pretty eager to help him. He was their ally and they kind of wanted to show off their military strength. in Britain only had about fifty five thousand troops to send to fight in the American Revolution about Branch fag has now on Start Beirut Valdez on how observed deck and on how observed to fight for George, the third twelve now of them, the overwhelming majority from any one place or from s castle. Yet so today, passion has come compass all of these troops but from here on out we're pretty much going to be talking, the troops specifically from his castle. For a couple of reasons wine. Is that has castle was the biggest participant in the industry of armies for higher that existed at that time.
came to be known, as so Dalton handle in seventeen twenty seven the other is the troops from has castle were the ones who were occupying Trenton in seventeen. Seventy six, that is a particular the famous revolutionary war about all that will talk about a little bit later in the episode, so the time of the American Revolution Military, become, has castles dominate industry, and this partly a necessity. It was middle sized collection of villages that otherwise survive through subsistence farming, Its position was also, unfortunately, between two parts of pressure, so has so was often in the line of fire or, more accurately, the line and marching troops on there. From one place to another, mid. Sixteen hundreds, the army there was the kind of flagging and recovery from attacks or just being kind of caught in the crossfire in the way of these travels of enemy of other armies. Really slow for the little principality by
sixteen eighty seven castle decided to leave the military forces to Venice, basically, Venice was paying, has castle money. castle was sending troops there way to fight for them This kind of a mixed success, almost eighty percent of the thousand men that they set were killed, but those men, well enough that they earned a reputation for being good, reliable soldiers and so the next year. Castles in thirty four hundred men to serve William of Orange under a similar agreement. Therefore, It was so highly valued that suddenly hessian troops were in demand from other governments and has castle realized. It could maybe make this into a big industry and turn a profit over training and leasing, an army for other governments to use the accuracy The appeal first subsist
farmers, should be really high. There was a lie he'll there and, as has castles, efforts, grew and were joined by other german principalities. They even crowded out the existing private army for higher industry that had been in place before that point now there were already people who are raising armies and basically selling them to other people, but there was pretty much of private enterprise In the period the haitian troops were quality than other option. The like, while unease these little principalities got so good at it. The fact that the private enterprise, couldn't complete and also people started to view private armies as being a pretty shady business to be, and so that faded away as all these various german principality started, making their own armies the focus on MID the military, also trickled down to the rest of his castle passions
generally used their own weapons and uniforms in battle, and so having this big army going on clay created more work for craftspeople. the income that came into the government allowed them to bring an experts to improve farming and husbandry methods these improvements, rural families got bigger. They provided a bigger pool of recruits for the military some of the revenue from operate and also went into things like hospitals and schools, and thanks to all of this income that came in from least armies out attacks, For the rest of the citizens were lower, so leasing. Armies to other nations was obviously a major economic boom that lifted has castle out of maybe not Actually you what you would categorizes poverty, but at least pretty austere circumstances they were getting by, but, as we said, subsistence farming, I started more prosperous,
and then they became you more much more prosperous. It wasn't always pretty, though, when your country basically becomes a factory for making soldiers. There are gonna, be some repercussions in both go badly or when battles come to your own doorstep, so it did taken immense tall and even even with theirs downsides S. Castle became the most militarized state in Europe of this industry, there was a soldier for every fifteen civilians and water of all families had at least one member who is in the military, boys were registered for service when they turned seven and men had to present themselves to an official every year to determine if they were going to be conducted into service. From that turn sixteen until they hit thirty, so called quote expendable people, which were the shiftless idle Lloyd, etc, can be pressed into service at any time,
hand. People who had more crucial rules, including rules like keeping the army dressed and FED, would be exempt from this practice and the modern side of Thanks to this sounds like a dreadful circumstance to be in a better way, we're good military you ve got tax benefits. The pay better than being a servant or a finally were, and wild discipline with strict with in the military. If you, A person to behave yourself with an army problem, so was at an attractive proposition and there is also some other attractive stuff right, booty and plunder. He asked have become a military side of things. Hessian had a reputation for being really sharpen skilled to civilians, they were viewed, oftenest, plunderers and looters, taking whatever they wanted from the lands where they fought
and often this was not actively endorsed by the command, but it wasn't exactly discouraged either they kind of let the soldiers their plundering, much repercussions in terms of being punished or dissuaded right, so the pay and the plunder and endless stability becoming a hessian soldier was a pretty popular for real career, move, also it with Vinos an army of intense training and strict discipline, but at the same time wondered instilled alive pride in its forces, leaders were generally educated. Men who were promoted from within according to merit, see a lot of military history where the officers were basically coming from the aristocracy, and they were. They were officers because they were aristocrats yeah. The of the aristocracy in his castle was not big enough to be doing that for this whole army. So they had you instead per Man based on their scale and merit, which meant that most of the time people wearing
it's where they had a good boss. Having a goodbye is a good day. That goes a long way guys if you know, even when your job is maybe one that might be particularly hard and take you away from your family for a long time, men who had served also told their sons about what an honourable and rewarding service it was there there principality as a whole, was also a calvinist society with a really strong sense of duty, for there were a lot of social fact, is going into the popularity of being in the military. and while many nations, including Britain, often hired soldiers from Germany. This was not really viewed favourably by the founding fathers here. In the U S, in the declaration of independence among the lists of grievances against the king, one of them is quote, he is time transporting large armies of foreign mercenaries to complete the works of death, desolation and tyranny. Our
begun with circumstances of cruelty and perfidy, scarcely paralleled in them. The barbarous ages and totally unworthy the head of a civilised nation. popular Megan, scathing review of that press. Yes, and later on. The rest of the world would start to view it sort of the same way. But at this point the year that the colonies were extremely pleased about this idea, but He even though Today, a lot of people call Haitians, martian mercenaries, and they were referred to as mercenaries and the declaration of independence they weren't really mercenaries. What they were mommy's for pay mercenaries were individual people who served in foreign armies for pay. This episode of stuff, you missed in history, glances brought you by Sir opera, ten years a really good time to take stock and change your habits, because we all want to be our best selves and a lot of times. This is the time
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There were mercenaries in both the bridge and hashing armies people that, like had their own negotiated terms and way of working and like a length of time that they would serve. Auxiliaries, though, were armies that served on behalf of governments with subsidies being paid at a national level instead of the personal level, and this is a dick that was recognised by international law and at this point in here three, the hiring of auxiliaries was an extremely common and pretty well accepted practice, except for in the colony whether it was not favoured at all. These are really well trained soldiers who were paid to fight, so really that different from military service today, except that they had been kind of contracted on mass right through a government agency.
There was soon as Britain decided to use force against the american revolutionaries. It was pretty much a given that they wouldn't if you use a hired army as part of the package. Britain, as we said earlier, just did not have a big enough army on its own, in german principality started, offering troops to the British in August seventeen seventy five just a couple of after the battle of Bunker Hill and once an agreed. They set a date for troops from his castle to be right. Two march, and that date was February fifteen to seventeen seventy six. This was to put Haitians in Amerika in time for summer campaign. Time was so much of the essence in this whole plan that deadline was actually said earlier than the agreement between the two nations was going to be ratified, at once. It was actually sign Britain, then backdated the pay for their service by a month to January fifteenth.
for american units. The Haitians include Yeager or Hunter companies. These are, foresters and huntsmen in their role was sort of like elite rangers. They had feel skills and were better marksmen than average recruits illegal, better pay and really spiffy uniforms that were green they could blend into the woods and also in the mix were for grenadier battalions and fifteen infantry battalions, which include Field am garrison regiments and those troops, Dark blue the agreement between Britain and has castle outlined the pay the removal of injured Haitians back to Germany, medical care, air and free passage for the troops mail. The medical care with similar to the care that was going to be provided for british troops, that it was going to be given by german doctors who would travel with the units and the russian troops that came with this agreement could only serve in Europe and America,
castle had to pay for replacement soldiers who were killed or injured too badly to return to the field on the other hand, if ill or a shipwreck or some other disaster wiped out a whole unit, That was in on Britain to pay, for that was their responsibility even oh Hessian Army, seems like a given from his point. Like we said, hiring a foreign army was pretty standard and how warfare went at this point. There were some really being worries within Britain about what the results of this action would be. One part of this was that a lot of people had the just the majestic I fear that if they started a full scale, military action with hired troops and everything going to irreparably damaged the relationship between the colonies in Britain no matter how the whirlwind it would ever be repaired from having started with ok, we're gonna have a big military action with you guys you
and there were also to consider a hundred and fifty thousand Germans that we're living in the colonies in british leadership worried that a german army was going to be convinced to deserve and resettle by these existing colonists and their work. Act desertion along the way. There was even some talk that maybe they should use troops from Russia instead, because there were fewer people in the colleagues who spoke russian, there would be less of a temptation to lower people away. From their units to this sort of aid, dick dream of of white, the founding fathers, shooting for with with the founding of the nation, These troops started to move about a little bit later than was originally planned, and a lot of it just has to do with the logistics of moving. So many people division started. Leaving their garrisons in Germany in February and March, continued to depart will the spring they mean
from their garrisons in cycles of marching, arresting with the so called rest. Today's really involving a lot of training and exercise blue color active rest day. Hashing troops embarked for America in April in June of seventeen seventy six several months after the initial plan and their first stop was port where they got more food and additional ships of the voyage would be more comfortable. Otherwise they really would not have been in any sort of condition to fight when they arrived. It was a very long trip. The first ships were cited it long island, almost three months after they had departed on August twelve yeah, but the idea was that they were supposed to arrive, ready to fight so well, still a long and difficult sea voyage. It was a long and difficult sea voyage with more comforts. Then you might ordinarily see better amenity. Everybody had a pillow and two blankets and a place to sleep and and pretty nice allotments rations, at least until later, in the voyage, when a lot of that was spoiled and groups.
even with those amenity, some a relatively spacious, an uncomfortable transport, about eight It happens in that first convoy or sick once they arrived. story, and diarrhoea were too of the big complaints. They also because they had not seen fresh fruit for months while they were on their way. A lot of them made themselves ill on unripe, apples after they landed. Also exhausted themselves in the manual effort of setting up camps once they got off the ships. Points on american soil. They had a number of compensation to make, so the Haitians had a reputation for being exceedingly competent, soldiers really discipline, but Training in Germany really didn't always translates to combat skills
erica- there have been a lot of focus on marching in very precise formations and that didn't work well when mixed in with british formations or in skirmishes with small bands of revolutionaries who were fighting in more of a gorilla, combat style. Yeah Can you imagine welltrained army, that's very focused on maneuvers. Precision in marching in formation and things like that meaning harried by little bands of scrapping guys with guns year taking part at them from the woods. The really comparative advantage worked I'll. Yet the colonists that also gotten word that happens were on their way. They had made their own recruitment and training efforts to try to compensate These though, as we Basques said, they were scrap, ear, raggedy Ann forces, then these professionally trained and dress troops from Britain and Germany so the american troops looked like they were it's going to be easily overwhelmed by the hand
the british they did not look like trained competent soldiers. They looked like right like I'm sort of imagining them has grown up street urchins with rocks like someone ship them from a date is not through time through the battlefields, absurd on their face yeah and for a while they, the american forces, faced a lot of defeat in the actions again and again, and they saw what seemed like distant endless string of defeat. This really cemented the eye and they saw what seemed like distant endless string of defeat really cemented the idea in Lima. You know minds a bit hessian troops that the Americans want soldiers, but they would be easily defeated, and this overcome
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desertion had become a huge problem and new recruits for getting more and more difficult to come by the mood of both the army and the leadership was ready, seriously demoralized and it was basically fraught with pessimism GAD does it started out as a very idealistic attempts to become independent and to start a new pretty braking system of government the fighting went on with dislike being kicked over and over not going well. You could see how that would break there spirits. He asked at this point wise thing to do from many people's perspective would have been for the collars suspend the winter regrouping for a spring, pain and that's really with the main portion of the british Army, had done, leaving the Haitians to hold some of the key ground.
Many of Washington's men had not re enlisted. He was going to lose them as soldiers at the end of the year. There is no guarantee of getting them to change their minds or be able to replace them with fresh troops. So he decided to make a really extraordinarily risky combat move in the hope that it would be successful and reinvigorate the effort for independence. He basically he had to do something or he was not, and how much of an army anymore so Christmas night of seventeen, seventy six Washington let his army across the Delaware River from Pennsylvania, two New Jersey, mentally treacherous the river close to flood stage and because it was winter it had frozen over in many places. This was a river that would make it would freeze and big sheets, and then the sheep, would break up in these giant pieces of ice would float down the river solely giant ice floes were constantly threatening the boats that we're trying to cross the river. That was already flooding
on top of that, while they were crossing a storm, started out and pelted them with rain and fully and blinding snow, so this was already does bearing and dramatic, and it immortalized from the famous, although in many ways not representative of what actually happened. Painting by a manual lutes, which was made in eighteen fifty one. it is the famous Washington Crossing the Delaware Painting yeah, which makes the boys icebergs it also seems to be happening in the daytime, like there's a things that are not right. Everybody looks beautiful because you ve Leonard Peltier, misery, Washington and his twenty four hundred troops did make it across the river two other units they were supposed to be supporting him, could not the weather and the river were simply treacherous and Here's the river crossing had taken so long. Washington had really given up the element of surprise that he had been counting on, since they no longer be able to reach Trenton before dawn,
Things were not looking very good for them at this point and their attack plan which started out kind of like this far by wild card plan, with a heel, Mary, even more of a launch. This is the heel. Mary path of George wash so even though they had just had his treacherous river crossing that was exhausting and blinding and put them way behind schedule. Washington attacks Trenton anyway, with a two pronged attack and boiler a word and under an hour they had taken the city along with nine hundred nineteen hashing prisoners. Pretty impressive It is customary work, and that may be one of the reasons why the legend goes, that all of this went so amazingly well for George Washington, because the Russians were drunk because they partied too late into the night for Christmas. The night before. That's not true
Maybe it's one of those things. Were it strange credulity, so much the people have to come up with a reason that the hazards could be taken down. Surely they must all have been very were hammered. That's the only way this could have work. One of them was kind of Hamburg bet. but the greater proportion of the man we're going to talk about now lie. It is not that they were drunk. Although in my head there's a very funny version of this now playing out where Washington's troops basically walk in Like I heard of you know jolly stumbling us who were just flushed but they're not allow real that didn't happen, but my head, it's very funny and I wish I could share it yeah, so These were trained and discipline. Man, They have been for warned that Washington might attack them and there have been a number of skirmishes and the surrounding area leading up to this attack.
Three hessian regiments staying in Trenton and every night. One of them would sleep in their uniforms with their weapons, just in case they were attacked in the night they're coming officer. Colonel Johann role here definitely over indulged himself on Christmas. Hidden set a really awesome example fighting men were Armhole Silber sleep with them. anyone outlier since it sounds like that's not really the way most of them would have come. themselves now The problem was that while they may not have been drunk if they were, however, They were exhausted, they were short on men. In the days before the battle, Colonel Raw had written to hatch and Colonel Karl VON done up to say that they were under manned and that they were exhausted vandam. had passed this up, two General James Grant a british general who is convening a number of scattered garrisons and Grant had simply not taken this information seriously. He wrote
the idea that Washington would ever dared across the Delaware at this time of year anyway of the rebels is having quote neither she nor stockings are in fact almost naked starving for cold without blankets and very ill supplied with provisions. So he thought there was no way they would even if they were gonna, try it they were gonna, make it yeah, but but even though he had pretty much like us and not an actual problem, he did right Roll on Christmas Eve, with this kind of blithe new debts, Washington has been informed that our true I've been marched into winter quarters and has been told that we are weak at Trenton and Princeton and law. sterling expressed a wish to make an attack upon these two places I believe he will attempt it, but be assured that my information is undoubtedly true. So I need not advise you to be on your guard against an unexpected attack at Trenton, so
and though he had pretty much like you guys, don't need more men. That's fine, don't worry about it. Then literally Christmas Eve worry about it. I would always I worry about it. You need actually worry about this, but I really yeah and its unclear whether wall ever read. This note possible that he mystic a skirmish the night before, as the sneak attack that he'd been for want of heat, cancel the dawn patrol outside, threaten the day after Christmas, due to miserable whether in the aforementioned sickness and exhaustion, the troops yeah, that's it. we might not have helped them much. They had done this dawn patrol and gotten a little bit more advance warning that the George Washington troops were in coming at it. their overconfidence and their german military training there we are doing here. Patients formed up in ranks outside of town. They were ready to me Washington's army, as they ve been taught
and it was snowing and their muskets got wet and they could not fire yeah. Meanwhile Americans came in behind them, took the town that immediately gave them shelter and a place where they could easily dry out their own weapons and the bridge under ass and pink creek, and then cut off the Haitians easiest way to escape so when the Haitians did try to escape their soldiers were pretty quickly bogged down in ice and mine so who base The russian army had followed their military training to go meet out in the field with their weapons became waterlogged and they couldn't really defend themselves. While Washington was like now, we have we are in your city during our stuffy he's gonna go the welfare ass nice formation, champ yeah, and this all meant that, in addition to being out numbered by more than a thousand in the hands, were at this point hugely outgunned and they have no way to retreat and they were
in a fight with weapons, they were to it to fire, where his Washington's army had a warm dry city that they were working from fell like we said it. under an hour and there were nine hundred and nineteen hessian prisoners taken. When Washington standard, we being quite pleased with himself paraded his prisoner through Philadelphia, so that everyone can see these sessions that he had conquered Dennis attack on here. So the big, I mean, in addition to the fact that there were split with led off by this dramatic, crossing This bow really reinvigorated the american pies and renewed the war effort. Obviously, eventually the colonists one This whole dramatic thing not happened and kind of restoring people's hope in the effort. I don't Who would have thought that way everywhere?
like the event that turn the tide, her others no telling not, even as though Trenton was like the world's biggest stir Jake Point, it was more. The strategy was more about making Everyone more confident that the war could go in favour. Here. I was a huge morale boost and we have like the understatement of the year Interestingly enough after the war somewhere between three thousand five thousand passions actually stayed in the. U s They found the growing german community and the promises of freedom in liberty to really be quite an attractive incentive to stick around, and during the war at least five thousand of them had deserted to fight for the american side there. So this concern, but maybe with dessert once they discovered how many other german people were in the colonies found. Actually it had a little substance. Do it pretty valid
not long after the end of the american revolution. The prevailing thinking in Europe started to turn against the idea of hired armies at all. So, while the idea of privately organize our for higher had already started to followed a favor the idea of of nations doing that started the followed a favour, as well as move towards eighteen. Hundreds castle was less and less of a military industry and then in eighteen o six it was merged into the confederation of the Rhine, meaning that the state didn't exist on its own anymore. There is no more army for high factory operate? out of Europe. putting an end to that whole system. It didn't didn't end immediately, just then, but it was on its way out here. Probably them final nail in the coffin. So to speak
The commission's Emma, you know it's a good one, because I e there. I think there is a lot of misconception or just a mystery. pull down here about this one very much share. The idea that they were drunk is repeated often in books and in articles, and Things like that, but modern historians of bloom? I said no can this may have been a factor in, one one person decision. They were definitely tired and and sickness was approved. but it was not as there were, the american Army showed up and everybody was completely plastered and they were just like here. This is our snow yeah. Not not quite that simple. Yet
if you were a military history, but you probably know eight million more things about the hash, yeah and all of their movements in the American Revolution, and many many many other wars and probably watching sleepy hollow, makes you crave. Oh yeah, I love sleepy hollow. I want to watch it all time leak in there is. I think, one of the reasons that I love it is that it's so off the mark, like it so obviously not taking itself seriously in its presentation of history much more accepting of it. Layering Lee yeah, not following history. For real, yet kind of like it makes you the deal at the beginning like bridge over the here, yes, heads up yet Does it makes it easier to accept sort of the fantastical factor of it? not review caught up in the detail. Incorrectness, I just wish there were more Clancy Brown thought. I which they were more episode. There will be
I mean every day like if there were a daily right on that will start a campaign. Ok have the listener mail, I would be delighted if you share it with a postcard, unnatural postcard. We spoke at these in the mail yet this here. I am curious as Tracy and Holly. I know you too, you must have quite a postcard collection by now, but in case you haven't it all. Seven continents here is one from an auditor. Finishing up my second season working to support science that Macmurdo Station my last struck down was during the summer, but this year I was part of the skeleton crew that state through the winter. I say that with that weird tone, because that would- me crazy. I hate the cold and I hate the dark until I can't imagine this at all
with twenty four hours of darkness for months and a harsh cold environment. It is easy to fall prey to a condition county, three or winter brain while for waste. Keep myself intellectually stimulated. I stumbled across podcast. There were plenty of days that I spent a solid and ours turning to old episodes. While I work, I just want to say thanks for helping to be seen through the long article winter night from Kara postcard that Cuba has sent it says, article. An old photo Navy photographers on observation, ill from nineteen sixty one, so it's an old fellow and it's got these guys Miranda stress what bill there. They brought in the foreground and what this picture says to me. The sort of come to you will die
true. It is not for you. I had a friend that's the time within article also doing science referred back, it's cool. I terrifying prospect. because I am a little bit like I'll. Tell you that think brave relatives thing, I'm his pretty city wife, just because I like the abilities of living in the city and all things you can get and certainly not be able to wake, have my whims met would make me a little and I like the amenities of daylight in what I dont need the daylight. I do like the warp me. I want to be able to go to restaurant, where I want them here. What you know before I was born. My mother and father lived in Alaska for a little while I do not have their. My dad was in the army, and my mom is talked about how she alaskan, winters, horrible and method for dealing with this was to make chocolate chip cookies. Every week house always smelled like clicking, which a great
Unifil, coping recommend it, I'm so happy that we are able to provide entertainment where people that are in the middle of a cold dark winter, because that just that is a thing, is thinking about kind of precious, my soul little bed imagine living in a place where there is not a sunrise. Worry sunset. Long training at all is really my thing for him like what do you do when you have to have what I mean? I know it's ridiculous. Thirty. I raised my theory spoiled major. Thank you so much for writing software and presenting its prosperity. get a lot of request is about where people concerned and since our address has changed, we're at thirty three. Fifty peach tree road northeast sweet, eleven. Fifty that party parts to Atlantic Georgia three or three to six. So that is where he was and is a postcard. You, like. I love this card there
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