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Hone Heke's Rebellion

2011-01-24 | 🔗

Also known as the Northern War, Hone Heke's Rebellion took place between in New Zealand over the course of 1845 and 1846. In this podcast, Sarah and Deblina recount the events leading up to the war -- as well as the consequences of Heke's actions.

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each morning, we'll talk to experts and other importers. To recap the most important news from trumps impeachment in a way that won't leave you dead inside, find impeachment day. On the I heard, radio, apple podcast or wherever you get your pockets Welcome to stuff you missed in history class from Housetop works, dot com hello and look into the park unfair it out and I'm to blame. The truck boarding and often moors are kicked off by big events. Are complex, organised efforts, you know somebody is assassinated: a bomb is dropped on an area but other times, but the start of a could be more subtle. It can be kicked off by a simple gesture that gets things rolling yeah. That's definitely the case with our subject today on a hake is rebellion.
also known as the northern war or the flagstaff. Why we're gonna find out later? Why name is very appropriate but, like you said it was something any. It seemed that kicked off this series of skirmish absolutely and all these skirmishes as you call them, took place in northern New Zealand from eighteen, forty five to eighteen, forty six and they occurred between the indigenous p who are called the May ory and the boy saddlers there, and there were few Some things about this particular war. For one thing, they occur, disagreements over land that was kind of at the root of it, and they were also Christine because the battles they'd not only pitted may or against british but also may or against, may orient some instances, and they also include he's kind of random acts of kindness civility so to speak, the others a few heartwarming moments that we're gonna talk about any skirmishes, but the person whose credit With
darting all of their starting me, skirmishes with a guy named Honecker and he's a really interesting character. I'd say: yes, he's a went of rebellious scrappy, Havre, a warrior and on the hands he's also shrewd and almost at times, compassionate his actions decisions are at the heart of the story. So we'll start by taking a closer look at him. Ok, though, he was, I'm gonna have a guy in eighteen. Ten New Zealand North Island and his major tribal affiliation with with be Inga, poor, tribe, even though he had a few other connections. Tat other may already tried in August to give you guys a little background on the Maori. We have an article about them but just a little background information, their people, polynesian descent and their central migrated to New Zealand from other islands an Polynesia, but they also have a pretty need legend. They do
the legend says that they came to New Zealand on seven canoes from a place called Hawaii key in Hawaii He is an interesting place because some people some people, assume that it's a mythical place that than they already are said to have originated from, but there are some other people who think it might have been an actual island and Polynesia, or even part of New Zealand, but you think it's a real place or not. The may already have been in New Zealand since about eighty one thousand, so we go back they go way back and when Honey Hickey was young, he live within was educated by christian missionary. So this is where this is, where our story takes a turn a little bit. Attended the carry carry missionary school in eighteen, twenty four in eighteen, twenty five and even He was a really Rambo, anxious, mischievous young boy. He liked the missionary forgot along well with them and one in particular Ganem Reverend. Henry Williams became something
but father figure for him. Yes, captain contact, even after Honecker, was no longer living with them, but Hanukkah was definitely info. by this encounter. He ended up converting to Christianity. He was baptized tee. learned the scriptures through and through, and this become signify our story later. So just remember that aspect of it. Despite these christian influence, though Honecker still remained a warrior. He participated in intertribal wars and eighteen thirties and he really distinguished himself in battle so by the time. in forties rolled around Kay had really establishes skill and he's one of the leading chiefs of the incapacity tribe and its author around this time that the british government really started to move in, and that was the way it worked a lot of the time. The missionaries would come in first make the first contact and then the imperial advance would follow. Yes, I refer to I'm as them being the shock troopers of the cereal movement dear.
Actually, that's definitely how it was with on a hiccup, so the governor, William Hobbs then showed up and brought with him a new treaty and the tree The treaty of White Hunky seemed like it wasn't, gonna be a terrible the off for the main worry. It was a pact between them and the British and claimed to protect minority rights, including their land interests and grant them the full rights, as british subjects, strange for their excepting british sovereignty, yes sounded like a Good deal landed fair enough, so on February, sixty ten, forty more than forty may or achieve sign the treaty and resources say that honey Hickey was actually the first one to put a signature on there, which is a pretty big statement, but it didn't take too, for him to change his mind about that on, a hickey became pretty and with this new neighbours, the British. Soon enough, there were a few things that you sad about, first and foremost, the way the land deal worked. Only the queen
meaning. The government, not actually the queen herself, had exclusive rights to buy and saw land in the area, and that was the way it was on paper, at least, but in actuality than demand for land continue to get greater as more white settlers moved in and some times, illegal deals were made, or the colonial just flat out occupied, may only land which caused a lot of trouble. As you might imagine so, another thing they were upset about here was that the merry land that the colonial government did manage to sell was often sold at a big profit. So obviously, no profit, went to the minority. People went to the government, so it's really work out there. Yes, its apparent this is a false treaty. They don't really have lan interests and they don't really have full rights. British subjects, so that was just land portion of things, but by eighteen. Forty, four in the town of Costa Rica, ok had yet another complaint. Before British showed up. He had been Venus toll on all the ship's coming into the bay of islands, but Governor Robert Fitzroy, once he was
picture. He introduced his own customs duties and regulations, and this had to effects it too. Donna he gave his income and it also increase the cost of living for his tribe, so bad news, all around them. Final straw, a form of slavery, he gazed who was at the time to a white shopkeeper was overheard calling honey. He gave a pig's head while she was even in the bay with some other women- and this was can I really like a bad curse to me by my or standards, our personal, so honey. He gets furious and he comes to the township with them up. warrior than July. Fourth, eighteen forty four lutes shopkeepers store. Harry, that's the way I want to know what he did with her. I just keep reading everywhere that he carried off the wine I want and how its clear you about that too. That meant exactly that. Frida thou. So I mean it at that point. Its justice, personal, pretty made, a friend to the shopkeeper and his wife, but after
in this symbolic act of resistance against the British, Wanna Hickey chops down the union flag flying over my Yuki Hill and some people, that it was really one of his followers who did this because on a key was so close you Williams, the missionary, who had been his father figure to him and Williams, had made him promise that he wouldn't do something as dastardly is chopping down the flag but were not really sure who did that a thing Henderson conflicting accounts of that we do Know- is that after this happened, Fitzroy heads with some reinforcements that he borrowed from New South Wales because he didn't have like a kind of help, some tensions there throughout this whole thing. So it's not surprising to see here of the merry Chiefs that around there, some of the chiefs happy with Hanukkah gaze actions either? They are really happy with the way that he went about things them in particular was too Marty. Walkin, nay, nay, he
he and hung like a kind of help. Some tensions throughout this whole thing. So it's not surprising to see here that he who disagrees with the way he went about this, but they do. Splain were Hanukkah was coming from and some concessions are made on both sides at this point Governor agrees to abolish customs duties and on a headache for his part, he offers to replace the flagstaff at this point acting reticent, but we have to wonder Is it really genuine? Yet really mean to replace that Flagstaff she does. He does end up doing that. It soon becomes apparent that unhappy spheres have not totally allayed. He still worried about a growing number of colonists any area and because of that he ends up chopping.
Flagstaff again laying down the new flags shopping on the huge flagstaff which he supposedly erected imply so January nineteenth eighteen, forty, five key chops that Flagstaff down and then again on January nineteenth. He chopped down again because they put it back up we're the anniversary, aren't we are just a few days ago. I think we're save the third job. We didn't do anything to celebrate. We didn't, I don't think we have a flag around here, so something on Twitter. Definitely so at this point, governor he realizes on occasion, gonna keep on taking the five down as many times as he puts it up, and it's a really bad statement to the to the British. Where's who are in the area, so he sends a few soul. yours and sailors to guard the Flagstaff and they have some serious weapons with them. So there I mean they're. Taking this pretty seriously and on a second Firstly, to though, in March he brings to warriors in the dead of night too,
ambush may Hell and same time? More of his tribes warriors are making this Visionary attack on the township, though, by March eleven Honey Hickey cut the flag down for the fourth and final time for me in this This is kind of unbelievable that the British have managed to let it be cut down for a time, then Wanna Hake is managed to make it through for time yeah I mean he, while he's got some serious power and help behind him in the fighting is going on full force. At this point in the mist, though there a couple things that happen as their going out each other heck a holds up a white flour to cease fighting at one point, so both sides can bury their dead as you'll see he does the Semi free, way throughout the the war in various battle, so he definitely is respectful of its cultures, burial rights, especially christian burial rights and the other thing
happens. A little more dramatic is that there is an accident and the townships Powder magazine which causes it to explode. You might think it's a little Kay. until this happens to happen? Well, you might think that it's a little coincidence well that this happens. While there is a battle going on, I definitely dead, but it turns out there Historians do actually think that it was an accident. So at this point the town to be evacuated. All the white settlers are put on a ship and depart that way, and after this the tribe Parts looting and burning in the town, however unhappy or that they leave the property of the anglican church and house, the Roman Catholic Bishops, and the roman Catholic missions alone. So again, these acts civility we mentioned earlier yeah. I read somewhere that he actually sort o drew a line on the south end of town and nothing beyond that was allowed to be touched. Don't cross that guy, who, at this point the Singapore tribe, on a gay and the British are at fault war, and then it
of the other may raise those who are friendly to the british they're called coppers among them is walking, nay, nay, who mentioned earlier. They join up with that and the war continued. So it, May I worry against me worry as well as british, the we're continues throughout the next year in it basically consisted of a handful of isolated battles that took place around pause and a part is interesting d- save me worry for it like a stockade earth work that was really quite effective for how it was constructed example at o hare. Why, with an oblong shaped pon really high ground the key a maze of these skilfully done trenches and policies that were all covered by big sheets of flax to absorb the shop for that sort of the interesting part, pray that makes it sent out. and when the british Father May ory here in the summer of eighteen, forty five, they weren't able
to make any headway with her heavy arsenal any damage they dead. The may already would just repair at night because it was so far light way, but it could deflect pretty easily and it was easy to repair, and so when the British tried TAT, just attack head on The entrenchment worries which caught them down with their muskets and their shot gun of very effective defence building yeah. I guess they had the the advantage you know being turned and were able to have the courage to your efforts and coverage. Definitely in this particular although on a hacker was actually out of commission, he was injured. But the main worry still managed to follow his example of allowing the British a chance to collect and bury their dead, and this was a significant defeat for the british. Sure afterward. After the defeat, they replaced Fitz Roy for an hour, George Gray and since I couldn't fighting, letters to gray, demanding that minority rights be respected and hears us
part of one letter. That's pretty well known, and I quote this country for us it cannot be sliced or a whale it might be sliced. Do you return to your own country, which was made by God for you, God made this land for us. It is for any stranger or for a nation to meddle with the sacred country so grave. He put four some armistice terms, but both hacking and his ally Kuwaiti rejected, finally, Everything came to a head on January, Eleventh eighteen, forty six once again that you say than fighting, but the british side had had trouble penetrating. as far as usual all the parties So I mean that's how the series of battles kind of white throughout this whole wars in travelling from one part of another and attacking, and they just had trouble getting through, that they had a stroke of luck on this particular day because it was Sunday and as we know, ok was christian, and many of them may or who are fighting for him were also question. So the story
that's generally accepted here is that heck, gay or perhaps kuwaiti were not sure which one different accounts have different ones, as the instigator here one of them. Let a bunch of warriors out for a church service and a nearby valley, and they left the PA virtually. dead when they did this. So when grace Cooper allies, heard them singing hymns out in this valley. He sees the moment to attack killed off several May ory and drove the rest of them off with a pretty bleak picture of Britain. Here, fair attacking. While the worries are off, they weren't and assurance where they now It does seem. You mentioned earlier that people have different accounts of that too. Whether there was some other reason for them too to be late, APOLLO, maybe to get food but yet historians. I think that they might have left for another reason and that it might have been unlikely that they would have just left for a church, but I think it makes a good story to think that it doesn't.
It's really does seem it does seem. In the character of a heck ate to do that to think about that in services in the middle of that all. Essentially it does so after this grey makes. He's with Hanukkah and other rebel chiefs through an intermediaries, nay, nay and Gray- pardons the chiefs. At this point he doesn't it. first on confiscating their land. So really things going to work out a kind of neatly there they dont, got any harsh punishment that we know of yet another technically defeated and, interestingly, hackers status didn't We diminish match either he kept on writing letters, hoping that Britain would continue to honour the treaty or rather finally start honouring the treaty eventually died of tuberculosis on August six, eighteen fifty, which is their surprise. Miss podcast here, expecting this leader of a rebellion too,
Diane worn, die in war or be executed or be imprisoned or something but tuberculosis, pension stormily, stop there; no, they don't. Hanukkah's rebellion is really just the beginning. I just said age for another longer war that begins in eighteen sixty and this war is no, the New Zealand wars are sometimes it's called the land wars or the military wars that it just started. Chapter, so I think we're probably gonna end of air distinct. There are some other stories that we want to tell from there in the future. There's another interesting characters involved that you guys want one here about, so we'll save that. Definitely about wraps that for now, for the main worry and it brings us to listen email. This letter is from Jana in Newfoundland and she says or into billina- you mentioned a moment in your Oliver Cromwell podcast. Well, Newfoundland and Labrador in Canada, where we have many small towns with old traditions that we still do today. We still every
Let's go out coming, we dress up We clothing on often with rubber boots underwear on over our clothing and pillar case. of our heads. Can we go door to door and have people? Guess you, the dressed up. People are Mama moreover, legal age get to drink liquor and under age, get to drink a click, sweet drink of raspberry syrup and water also usually have a dance or a jig with the people in the house. It's a wonderful fund, something I love every year. There is also a sign written by new, similar about the tradition that I will pass on your facebook, while so hadn't noticed that yes, but will have to check for that's. Definitely in it's interesting. We got though many email about Mummy. We did our life from the Philadelphia Airy. I think you're right the alive. The tradition is still alive and kicking. Definitely well. I guess that about wrapped up
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