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2020-04-24 | 🔗

In 2017 we talked about two children, green in color, who appeared in Suffolk, England in the 12th century,. The green children were written about in the 12th and 13th centuries as fact, but some people today classify as this tale as folklore.

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and an episode that I know a lot of people have requested, but the only person I wrote down was Betty. So thank you Betty and everyone forgot to write down. In addition to bury it is a topic that was written about in the twelfth and thirteenth century is as a factual thing that really happen, but some people today classify it more as folklore the green children of wool pit, who made a really area, appearance and Suffolk England. In the twelfth century we said Emily have a little theme of like odd happenings in England as follows: where kicking off with weird english stuff, apparently I'm buying These standards, the village of wool pit, is quite small, with a population of only about two thousand people. travelling by car. It's a couple of hours northeast of London, that's about thirty six miles or fifty kilometres east of Cambridge and in it
century the area was not exactly bustling, but it was more densely populated than much of Rural England and it was a thriving agricultural centre So according to the story one day and will pick two children, when a girl emerged from a series of pits that were used for trapping wolves. Lee was these wolf pits and not the fabric of wool our werewolf it gets. Its name is named after Wolf Pit There are two chronicles of this event and what happened after these two children appeared. One is by Ralph Abbot of Casual who his explanation of what happened as part of the chronic on angle, economy and the other. is by William of Newberg and the historic rerum angle, car him or the history of english affairs in both Wrote these accounts in Latin a transit,
Williams. Version by Joseph Stevenson is part of a truly colossal set. A volumes called the church historians of England, which was published in eighteen, fifty three. and is available online archive dot org. If you want to check it out, Stevenson translated well version too, but we couldn't find that part of the corona come anglican home in English on line. So, instead of subjecting when to rouse latin shove through Google translate, which is a hungarian activity. If you ever one. Oh, I didn't want to get some company in your life, but we're gonna need Stevenson's translation of Williams version. I did indeed serve Ralph Latin version through Google translate that was my amusement for a good chunk of afternoon before we yet to Williams version of the story, though, I want to have a brief digression about Joseph Stevenson, because he is a character. He was the son of a surgeon, but he also helped his uncle AL, in his job as a smuggler in his youth, he was not particularly a good student, either
while he was enrolled at a grammar school that was attached to Durham Cathedral. Some reason he was keeping a loaded pistol among his possessions, which went off while being handled by a servant and according to the Oxford an area of national biography. The bid had quote matic, although not grave consequences, I feel like a tea set, must have been destroyed. and other things as well, but no detail, but it makes it sound like. Fortunately, no one was harmed in this accidental discharge of a firearm, but there was some dramatic incident and, in spite of this checkered background, Stevenson wound up working at the British Museum Married any had two children and then he changed courses to join the clergy after he was traumatized by the death of his brother. He became a priest after that, of his wife so where we come around to these monumental volumes of translated works of history,
turned out to really have a knack for translating and editing historical documents He did a lot of work for the historical manuscripts commission. He put together a bunch of different gigantic collections of historical documents for various different clubs and historical societies. These range from four to eight volumes in links. Some of them were gargantuan editions of old, religious and secular histories- and this was this. His thing apparently He was also extremely personal and generous as well. So this is the guy that did the translation of the thing that we are about to read yet worthy of a little many biography there for sure and back to the story in Stevenson's translation, William begins his account by saying that it doesn't. right to skip over the story of the green children, but at the same time he some doubts about the matter, it seemed both ridiculous. and mysterious, but at the same time he had heard
from so many people, all of them very respectable incompetent that he was quote compelled to believe you like. This is the twelfth century version. the x files. I know it's also a great that couching that happens for spooky stories. I know This is ridiculous, but there are enough real. more people who believe that there must be truth in it. Yes, so We are going to read his whole account up, because I love it and I want to, there it with all of you and it's a bit So we are going to take turns, as we recently did when we talked about the devil's hoofprints we took turns on a rather lengthy passage for going to gonna do again today so he he got into the story thing in east. Glia. There is a village distant as it is said, four or five miles,
from the noble monastery of the blessed king and Martyr Edmund near this place are seen some very ancient, cavities called Wolf pits that in english pits for wolves and which give their names the adjacent village its during harvest, while the reapers were employed in gathering the produce of the fields to children, a boy and a girl completely green in their persons and clad in garments of a strange, color and unknown materials emerged from these excavation while wandering through the fields in astonishment they were seized by the reapers and conducted to the village and many persons coming to see. So novel aside, they were kept some days without food but when they were nearly exhausted with hunger and yet could relish no species of support which was offered to them. It happened that some b
These were brought in from the field which they immediately seized with avidity and examined the stock for the Poles, but not finding it in the hollow of the stock. They wept bitterly upon this one of the bystanders taking the beans from the pods offered them to the children who seized them directly and ate them with pleasure. This next sentence, as my the sentence and the entire thing by this food. They were supported for many months until they learned the use of bread at length by degrees he's they teams their original color through the natural effect of our food and became like ourselves and also learnt our language. It seemed fitting to certain discreet persons that they should receive the sacrament, a baptism which was administered accordingly. The boy who appeared to the younger surviving his baptism, but a little time died prematurely
His sister, however, continued in good health and differed not in the least for the women of our own country. Afterwards, as it is reported, She was married at lion and was living a few years since, at least so they say moreover, after they had acquired our language on being asked to and whence they were, they are said to her replied we're inhabitants of the land of Saint Martin, who was regarded with. Peculiar veneration in the country which gave us birth being further ass where that land was and how they came fence hither. They answered We are ignorant of both these circumstances and we only remember this that certain day when we were feeding our fathers flocks and the fields we heard a great sound, such as we are now accustomed to hear at Saint Edmunds when the bells are charming and whilst listening to the sound and admiration, we came on a sudden, as it were, entranced and founder
among you, in the fields where you were reaping being questioned, whether in that land they believed in Christ or whether the sun arose. They replied that the country was possess churches, but said they quote. The sun does not rise upon our countryman, our land, our land is little cheered by its beams. We are contented with that twilight. which, among you, precedes the sunrise or follows the sunset, moreover, a certain luminous country is seen not far distant from Mars and divided from it by a very considerable river. these and many other matters too numerous to particularize. They are said to have recounted to curious inquirers, let everyone say, as he pleases and reason on such matters. According to his abilities, I feel no regret at having recorded an event so prodigious and miraculously
So that's the story, I know. Obviously they were ass. A whole lot of other questions. Bear tickles me that the ones that he was compelled to write down here were, do you believe in Christ and also does the sun existing yeah? Maybe they thought there from another planet That's that's. Gonna come up Saturn. Clearly, obviously, we're gonna take a quick break before we get into some of the highest Or a goal elements that relate to this story, this episode of stuff, you documents, the mystery classes, brought to you by new leaf natural. and our most though suitable shopping, foresee the oil have had some questions about what is in the bottle. How no, whether it's pure how you or whether it actually contains what it says it does newly match is independently lab verified for consistency, safety and effectiveness,
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Oh Williams and rouse versions of what happened with these green children are consistent with each other, although Williams is a little bit longer and it has a few more details, both agree that the children were taken to the home of Lord Richard the count who lived in white, which is about six miles to the north. of a low pit Williams. Mention of this isn't a footnote which we didn't read, which is why probably not ring a bell they both talk about the children having green skin and only eating beans, and eventually assimilating with the rest of the community with the bridge. During some time after being baptized and in the version we read, though, Ralph makes it sound as though only the sister lived long enough to tell their story. He does it mention particular name for where they came from and there's no certain luminous country that they could see from their home. There is also a slight difference in the two accounts concerning how the children claims
They came to me and wool pit We read and Williams version that they had been tending the flax before hearing a loud noise quote such as we are now accustomed to hear at Saint Edmunds when the bells are timing, that in other I know how they had wound up and we hope it Ralph. On the other hand, said, the children reported They had become disoriented while him in cattle and they got lost, and then they followed the sound of chiming bells through a long freeze of underground passages before emerge. Emerging from a cave near will pits. bells are involved in both of them, and a different way, one is sort of like their hoping to get home theoretically right and the other is just that they, the bells, put them in some odd mental state that they went into a few state and travelled to help it. Yes, The two accounts do diverged in what happened to the surviving sister of the pair as well. So we read and Williams account that she married a man living in limb but Ralph
this she became a servant in Lord Richard accounts House and lived there for many years, not necessarily. Happily, though, he calls her quota very wanton and impudence, regardless William indicates that she was still living when he wrote his chronicle down and there's been some discussion about it. Lastly, when in the twelfth century this event might have happened William of Newburgh lives from roughly one thousand one hundred and thirty six to one thousand one hundred and ninety eight, his was probably written down toward the end of his life rafts furs and made it into print after Williams, death sometime around twelve, twenty, so a lot of times. We think. Ok, the later account is probably not quite as accurate, but even though spurs and was written down later. He actually lived a lot closer to wool pit than William dead. He said he had learned the story directly from Lord Richard account himself, whereas,
Liam was hearing it all at least second hand and William notes that it was at harvest time during the reign of King Stephen, which is from one thousand one hundred and thirty five to one thousand one hundred and fifty four. on the other hand, says that it took place during the reign of his successor, Henry II, which was from one thousand one hundred and fifty four to one thousand one hundred and eighty nine author and are I just Brian hot and points out that there is no mention the children in the Anglo Saxon Chronicle which documents english history up until Stevens death and includes a number of other, odd and wondrous stories. It certainly possible that the green children art in the anglo Saxon Chronicle, because its authors didn't know about it or just didn't, think it needed to be included, but if it's not included because it hadn't happened yet that would put the timeframe into Henry the seconds rain than Stevens and, regarding Williams, notation of it being harvest time, the beans that they were eating would have been broad beans, which are more commonly known as fava beans. Lena states, those were
picked around July and August. So that's the approximate time of year, and there is a lot to suggest that something really did happen. The two accounts seem to have been written completely independently another, and, although William does a bit of protesting about how he knows that this story sounds unbelievable. Both men wrote as though they were document a real event that actually happened at the same time went by Men were writing purportedly mystical, supernatural and miraculous and were a lot more likely to be accepted at face value than they might be. Today it was pretty much normal turned. Something as odd as to green children crawling out of a wolf bid and just accept the idea that something supernatural was at work, without really having to examine it further the story green children of wool pit, definitely stuck around into the thirteenth century. and from there it became a little more obscure outside the immediate area until the late fifteen hundred when the first printed,
he's in a Williams, Historiae rhythm angle, Harlem came out a new Addition in that came out in sixteen ten, also included. Rouse versions of the story is a compliment to Williams, with that it started, making more appearances in written works by other authors, who sometimes got under way. doubly confused about which version was roofs and rich, which version was Williams. I in fact got few confused, about that repeatedly in working on this issue You do telling the story from the fifteenth century and Beyond also were not usually quite as credulous as Ralph and William had been willing Camden writing in his work Britannia in one thousand five hundred and eighty six is one example. Here is his description and I wish I could share all of the delightful spelling been his description with everyone. It's pretty great is pretty awesome. Woolpit is a market town. That merchant and sounded as much as the wheels pit and with
may believe, Newbridge Census, who have told as pretty and formal a tale of the place. As that both called the true narration of Lucien, namely how to little boys forsooth of green color and of satirist kind they had made a long journey by passages underground from out of another world from the antiquities and Saint Martin Land came up here, of whom would no more repair to the author himself, where you will find such a matter as will make you laugh your fill. If you have a laughing spleen, I feel like. I definitely have a laughing flame, I think very added the fact that we have made that prognosis There official, I will call my family doctor new regions, This was a name for William of Newberg. They quote true. Now mission of Lucien is a second century satire by Lucien of Semi Sata, which details
to the moon that would rival our Great Moon hoax episode. There's a whole bit about men with dogs, heads that fight from winged acorns and fleas as big as twelve hours Oh that's terrifying and warriors armed with radishes flung from slings. I love all of this. This work is obviously not meant to be taken. As fact, an Camden obviously does not take the green children seriously at all from there. The story of the green children started to influence other more fanciful works, Frances Godwin, six Thirty, eight, the man in the moon or a discourse of a voyage thither, which he called a quote. Essay of fancy talk about a novel disciplinary method employed by parents on the moon, where they would send their unruly children down to earth and brings them earthling children back in their place, in this whole story. He made reference to quote certain stories he had heard confirming
I believe it was true and those certain stories were Williams. Story. I regret and Google Chrome. I wanna know it. What is the Earthling kids that lived on the moon and they'll eventually get fed bees and turn green there. So many questions you might say I didn't read the whole thing: the green children. Continued to make appearances in fiction into the twentieth century and beyond. Herbert reads while the green child came out in nineteen thirty, four, the green children of a banjo set in Spain in eighteen. Eighty seven was part of John Mechlin nineteen sixty five book strange destinies. The spanish setting is echoed in the ninety ninety seven ten thousand maniacs on green children, which starts in This day in the hills of Spain, a pair of children emerged from a cave, course. There are lots of other stories and books and tv episodes in a like that all draw from this as well- and it's not totally
clear whether the green children are the inspiration for the basic idea of Martians as little green men, but they were definitely described. Green and people were also speculating that maybe they were aliens early this as the sixteenth century and outside of the world, fiction, the green children also started being written about as folklore in the nineteenth century in eighteen, fifty Thomas tightly included, of both Williams and roofs accounts in his work fairy mythology. This was first time the story was available to people who did not read Latin and since it was in a book by a full glorious, all very mythology. A lot of people from this point assumed that story was inherently full chloric. Sometimes there are specifically fairies, such as in Catherine Briggs Dictionary of Ferries, which in eighteen. Seventy six and there are also people who interpret them as forest spirits or personifications of nature. I feel it the whole lake
You're, a right up through Tinker Bell is very informed by all of the house The same time is greatly was documenting the story as folk lore. The green children were also becoming more widely known to the general public in eighteen. Seventy five, a guide book to EAST Anglia, reference, the green children and then other mentions and other travel guides followed. As you know, interesting points of interests and interesting tidbits about the place that your visiting a sign it will pit honouring the story was erected in nineteen, seventy seven as part of Queen Elizabeth Silver Jubilee, and today the stories like there the village of mobile web page as there are also a lot of a rational or not so. Rational explanations for
was really going on here and we're gonna dive into those possibilities. After we first pause for a little sponsor break you looking for a new path cast, who isn't they sties? Well, if you want real stories about love, commitment, marriage and hope stories that will help getting through the strangest of times, look no further than season for the committed podcast, its storytelling adventure about what really happened after I do hosted by me, Joe Piazza. While we are still stuck in the house, there are three whole seasons of committed for you to binge ray available on the Iheart radio, app apple podcast or wherever you liked listen near podcast. Well, I'm surprisingly, there are lots of hypocrisy about who the green children were and where they came from one.
and connects them to the babes in the wood, which was first written down as a ballad in one thousand five hundred and ninety five and the basic story of the babes in the wood. A very greedy uncle, was guardian to two young children, and he was hoping to steal their fortunes, though he hired some man to take them into the woods and murder them. As so often happens in these of stories. The men he hired didn't have the heart to do it in abandoned them. Instead, so in the story, they eventually starved. This vote. Hale is typically set and Wieland Wood, which is thirty miles or forty eight kilometers away from wool pit, so people suggesting The green children were really the babes in the wood just moved the location. closer by and also about four hundred years earlier than the ballads first written appearance kinds of stories. mean the ballad didn't exist earlier, but like Forty two years is a long time the Arabella to go without being written down or story to go without.
being written down, at least by this point in history, so compounding the kind of far fetched Agnes of this explanation. They go to rationale for why they were green, which is closest otherwise known as green sickness. Now, while there are rare, forms of anemia that can cause a person to have a kind of greenish pallor. along with the idea that people who are really nauseated are described as looking Sometimes, green sickness is not that green Agnes was described in medical literature from the sixteenth, too late nineteenth century was diagnosed almost exclusively in young women, and then it was also called the virgins disease. The sum included things like restlessness, irritability fatigue too little appetite too much appetite, indigestion, headache and an absence of menstrual
periods. Treatments include, hid, bloodletting, marriage always on Prescription Bab. and medicines to bring on menstrual flow to be clear manner. it's really meant sex in this case, and there are some extremely suggestive, ballads dating back to the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries, about treatments using the airports there for green sickness, is actually a saw bones episode about green sickness. If you want to hear a whole lot more about this, and also does not really take a lot of Google effort to find these airlines suggestive ballots, ballads about how to treat Greens Agnes. So obviously they probably didn't have green sickness, because that's not a real thing, and also those in in the sort of Carmen Asian story of the green children and the babes in the wood. The folks who don't suggest that maybe they had closest, often suggests
maybe the hired men did actually tried to kill them using arsenic they had survived with the arsenal turn their skin green. This is a weird conflation of sort of two different Horta struggle, while arsenic has definitely been used to make green dies, they was typically exposure to those eyes that made a person skin turn green, not surviving an attempt to be poisoned with it Ray aren't like in itself, does not carry that pigment right to a person's person. I guess, if you tried to murder, someone with green, I wish you would have died. You could have done, then you might have green skin you'll be so fashionable and deceased. There will be a weird waiter, murder people, a great story for any of our writers out there. You just take that whatever the idea that the green children might have been aliens- which I love goes all the way back to William Camden, who suggests,
they were either saviours maiming, wild men or anti proteins, meaning aliens rubber burden also made passing reference to the idea that they may have come from another planet. In anatomy, Melancholy, which was published in sixteen twenty one. So the aliens hypothesis has been around for a really long time and it has persisted to the present and a ninety. Ninety seven article in an which is a science fiction magazine dung and leaning asserted that they were from a human colony on an alien planet, said here through a malfunctioning transporter, and this explanation also involves the Knights Templar in some way. with a few things I didn't actually get to read for myself all the way through some relying on someone else's synopsis maps of it, but, interestingly enough more down to earth portion of this article. He also pieced together a family tree for Richard to count and claims that the surviving sister was baptized as Agnes
and that's the man she married with a royal official named Richard BAR. So that's a fascinating, possibly totally legit historical fact. In the context of this overall aliens article with the Knights Templar involved, I wonder if that means that someone could trace their alien heritage all the way back to act. And you could know that your part from another planet which he really all our because we're all made a start us to some degree. You story we're all aliens, the most complete practical, pollination for what might have happened, came from Paul Harris in ninety ninety eight, and that was published in forty and studies, which has an offshoot of forty. In times I actually used a lot of rating from one of the editors, therefore, are devils footprints episode and that's a magazine, that's devoted to strange phenomenon- and he suggests
All of this really happened in eleven. Seventy three in the reign of Henry the seconds in brief Paris suggests that these were the children of flemish emigrants and that their pay. France were killed at the battle of forum in one thousand one hundred and seventy three, the Saint Martin's land that the sister referred to was for him. St Martin Wesley ten miles are sixteen km, so, not that far away, and also not far from the river lark, there had been a river. nearby. According to this theory, they scaped the battle in the two children fled into that for forest and took refuge in Flint mines there before five when the bells from very thing Edmunds to find their way out and make their way to wool pit so there and and hung and clothing, we're just flemish and their skin was greenish due to malnutrition. Due to this, extended I'm of being abandoned and wandering in Flint mines that holds up at all
sounds like it fits so very well. But of course there are a few problems, one the flemish people killed. If for no more mercenaries hired to fight with english rebels against Henry the seconds forces mercy is generally, as a rule did not bring their children with them in the battle to It seems unlikely that no one around will spoke flemish or some other version of Dutch, at least enough to see It is a known language rather than some unrecognizable tongue. Three, the river lark isn't really that big and even to a child's. I, it's probably not quote a very considerable river, so that descriptor does not really hold up and for this forum to set fire to bury say Edmunds to war. Pit track really goes way out of the way it's actually a total of about thirty miles or fifty two kilometers, the first leg of it going in nearly the direct opposite direction from mopeds
That word is also way too far away from very Saint Edmunds, to hear the bells from there on a lot more just immediate. non synchronization in the descriptions that battle happened in October. So, unless there's two key wandered for months and months and months before, arriving and woe pit like there would not have been any fresh beans, harvest right back, as you will remember that was what June July I think July August, yes, was literally harvested, that's nine! This most nine landmine, including winter rates with two tiny children. Yes so malnourished, tiny children. So it's a mystery. They made devil footprints. Maybe ethical sides playbook. Frankly time travelled is seven hundred years, maybe or some other number of years pending, which account you read.
so our pretty much all of the historical accounts and then through a lot of the his leg farther back in the past works of fiction, we talked about today are all on the internet for free and they will be linked from our shoulders to this episode, if you just really wanna go Reed they're a colossal, a long history of the church in England, as translated in the nineteenth century, or if you just want to read some weird science fiction, ask stories about the moon written in the distant past, like that's all there who doesn't want to read the Do the whole thing about the flying acorns and the dark face people in the re, the specifically Malta, a number of elephants that the fleas were as big as, but people are pretty much on there, if they want to go looking for the dirty ballads, is that where we decided that it already ballads are not letting didn't, one
It is definitely not safe for work yeah, but I so, as I was trying to put together, I've thought about dreams. Agnes I found a larger than I would expect number of just very credulous papers published in journals that were like. Do you think green signal could have been caused by malnutrition? No, I think green sickness, probably with biomass agony, but but but one of them like this, it started out seemingly they were genuinely asking whether there was some kind of organic mechanism at work and then inclusion was like. No really like people just got really and see hypocrisy, ease and started, making these hippocratic diagnoses and that's why it suddenly enters the historical record at this time and leaves and this time, but
through that one article, but I found this particularly risque ballad, which I am with fear and adult person, with kind of his skin sense of humour. It is always funny to me and in a little bit of a silly and almost borderline, charming way to wreathed sort of dirty right hang about again, I'm using the air quotes from really olden times, because their choice of words is just very funny to today's ear That is true in that's what makes it hilarious yeah. So I don't know if you try to search for this yourself and you come up with with no response an email, history, pike, output, health networks, com. I will tell you where to find it exceeds going to peddle the dirt
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