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Interview: Anne Byrn's 'American Cookie'

2018-09-03 | 🔗

We're delighted to have Anne Byrn back on the show to talk about her latest book, "American Cookie." Anne shares her vast knowledge of historical baking and how it fits into the cultural history of the U.S. in the form of small, portable treats. 

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Turn on rocker is a podcast coming of age story about finding a home in rock music and learning to flourish and your own weird way. It's also a series of letters and advice to my younger self. If she never gets the pressures of adolescence deals with social anxiety, body issues and relationships and discovers the transformative power of music rocker comes to you from double Elvis production is created and hosted by me. Chelsea, artisan and executive produced by Jake Brennan Disgraceland episode. One drops Wednesday January 15th, Dear young locker, on the I hurt radio, app apple pie casts or wherever you get your podcast welcome to stuff. You missed in history class from Housetop works, dotcom, hello, unwelcome and upon cast, I'm Holly fry and I'm Tracy Wilson, and today we have a returning guest and one that was really popular and show the first time she joined us, it is journalist and cook. Author and burn, who was on the pond casting in the fall of twenty sixteen to
about her book american cake, which traces, the historical roots of recipes that a bit baked here in the? U S since the colonies. She has a follow up book we're very excited. It is american cookie, and it takes a similar look at the cakes, more petite and casual cousins, and then this book and shares stories about how war, rationing, slavery and booming crops have all impacted the things people baked. There are also lots and lots of fantastic. snorkel recipes. Yet we talk about it. In the interview a little bit, we talked about a during our american cake. Talk that she has done all of the hard work of parsing. these historical recipes that did not always tell you leg what temperature to put Europe Matt how long to blend something for it cetera, and she has figured all of that out and made it way easier for you to make a historic or sb without having any guesswork. Nice yeah. It's amazing so I recommend that you grab your favorite cookie or other snack for this one, because all of the molasses and ginger talk certainly made me crazy
So if we were recording- and we will jump right into my conversation with an burned- So, first of all, it's been two years since we last had you on the show. Almost what have you been up tierces retard last, I've been researching the book american cookie couldn't stop with cakes Holly. they had a head on and because I understand their delicious. Mediately. When you told me you were doing this book. My first question in my own head was what, if, had to boil it down is the real distinction that makes cookies different from cakes, both like the baking part and the cultural part, well there's smaller for sure and their end. Here that their simple to reproduce the menu to throw them together, but technically,
there are different ratio. Hague had their deadly appropriate racism to rise of butter, sugar, flower egg and whatever lessening she want to throw in cookies, are a little higher ratio of a fat. Did they tend to be a little crystal clear and they are- and they don't do not heavy on lebanon- can then I can arise that much the sort of chemically that's how they work, but I think, on a different level. Cookies are very approachable, their humble their spontaneous and their very forgiving, which means that you can they welcome substitution, which is why cookie recipes the war years and rationing, because people substituted it out. The was because a used what they had and and then they more into new cookie right, the peace that kind of become a part of you know the way we beg today. I have not brought about that, would give you substitute on a cake. You can really messed up a cake, but
He will just be a different cookie. It well, and you know, most people are not a judgmental. Think about a cooking eat. It and where are they? Hey how if it's not gonna, look good How are you gonna get those layer is all you know that are not level have thought of level up with frothing and will it throughout the car trapped in how to get to your destination, we're cookies. Just can pilot the anything, a plastic bags. Ten about anything. You actually went into a question I asked, Can. I ask a bit, but I'll: do it now, so one other thing. That I loved about the last book was how you deconstructed recipe- as an examination of lake, their regional area, what source of resources were available and even cultural things that made certain cakes popular? Is that harder, with cookies,
since they are inherently more portable, like they can travel a little bit better. So I imagine recipes came as well. The other thoroughly get point it possibly could be. I think also have only more people baked cookies and Kay. and oh if a recipe was inferior. Ladys magazine- four years ago. It would be very do for any body in across the country, takes have always had a good as more regional and they stood for something they may be were named after something that with regional, a person or a play you had a date cake. I think I'm only one day maybe dwell had to go back to that. Have a state. Cookie though I I think the cookies are yet more transport portable on different levels, surges.
myself upon thinking about cookies, because their delicious one of the things that we talked about when I spoke to you last was the tricky part of backwards engineering. History, we're recipes because they're not laid out as could complete in terms of directions ass as they yet now is. Does that true for cookies, as much as cakes yet again and and I'll, learn from the cake book that you know you can read so much into those ingredients into sort of open yourself to that and be mindful of it as you start making that old recipe, so I was able to try to take those those tricks and to use them on the cookie book. For example, you know You see, Lord being used, you assume it's a rural recipe and if you see that will shortly being used, you know it's after the turn of the twentieth century, though this is key indicators that are learned and was able to pick up on. But I
thank you, no cookies are their funny and that their their ingredients are our adaptable can change and you can substitute, but you look an old recipe and towards the cut a scratch your head? There was. There was one recipe called an idle wine drops and I found it. Scribbled in handwriting in the back of an old book, which was the digitize copy at the West, Virginia Library, and I can't looking for the wine not one, and I would make them to serve with one, and that is it. Is it in with an old recipe. It's what happens. You're given the ingredients, and then you ve got a lot of thinking. You gotta think through an unfinished the story. I know you often do many men, many passes it a recipe before you feel like you have have, you did out and nailed it when you're trying to recreate historical ones,
was there one that was the hardest to replicate for you as probably those something similar to the wind wrapped, which are called the rock. Literally they are called rock and the period right they people. You know, people didn't as a good example, then go lot of trouble to name a cookie rather like they did a k crap to pay. It is called a rock I think it looked like a rocket was just had a lot of chop nuts and dried root in an appropriate way too much flower and it was blocked on and dropped onto the baking. and it looked like a rock and when it big, didn't really didn't, move a whole lot and picked up like a rock to think making. Those and I knew that they were important part of the story in America for the lot to different reasons, and so I wanted the rocks the case, though it took a lot of the rock
Those- and I knew that they were important part of the cookie story in Amerika for lots of different reasons, and so I wanted the rocks to taste cookie like peanut brittle is in danger and some coffee or is it later? How did you decide which ones you comfortable pudding under the umbrella of your book being named for cookies, verses, which which were too much of a candy for you to exclude or the full story is that initially this book started out to be named American bite and it would be all these weak hastened by of America and that was the working title and as I got into it, the majority of these were cookies, but then there, with that little ten percent that we're not cookie If they were the Dutch, only Coke, the donor of her than they were peanut rattle and intuitively they were
right things and they were candy, and I thought you know these are two important had like exclude, and so I thought, if not the man at the back of the book is a bonus chapter. and so it and in what I love about those combining those types of refugees than one chapter is that they both involve fear it with now, because I think to fry and two candy, you have to be somewhat fearless and you you have this thing, you up
and you have to make it and you need that in all the thumb homage to tell you, the whale is hot enough or, as the sugar mixture has got into the right point had taken off the stove and making candy. I just didn't want exploit on, though no you're right there not cookies, but they are there in the book at the bona now. Do you think or did your research indicates that those kinds of convictions that may be aren't cookies still had influence over? You know maybe cookie making or even keep making or other parts of american cuisine they had influence, but they definitely have an important part in american cuisine because they kept wayward made or income and they were made by people who needed to make rent
the thing about New Orleans. Think about the street and a woman who may be supporting a number of children and how did she make money? She made an eight hour collar your made out of rice and would rise up and put him in a bath and bring them warm to get through the cathedral when math what letting out and people were hungry after fasting and they bought her, where it was then come, and the same was true in New Orleans for making prattling oh yeah. It though, I think they were too important a street fitted for me to leave them out of the book and for that either there maybe they'll evolve into something else. I think it's really important, not only because of the methods that you need to make handing in France
thing, but because look at the people who need it to make them and who knew how to make. That's pretty amazing, interesting that you mention you know its people that needed to be able to get an income, because that to me would be what would bridge the gap of being brave enough to deal with hot molten sugar, which to me is one of those terrifying substances alive yet exactly right and that it really point? Not only they had to do it. I had to do it and they could do it and they other people did not know how to do it, and yet the infection for jewish, though there was a market for them. I feel like we answer, thirdly, we talked about it last time a little bit, but now I am differently. We have to talk about gingerbread, getting a vacant gingerbread yet well, because one it's delicious, but too we talked about. You know gingerbread and cake form
We did it in american cake and, of course, to ensure bread has to make an appearance in an american cookies book. I'm curious what were the factors that contributed to it? Taking those two separate forms like what might lead someone down the cookie path versus the cake bath as they develop something well, probably a which way they were the same form, and he looked back at the core in Greece have gingerbread it send for the flower and forty wiener, which originally would have been british trickle, which then became American Mallette American made Alaska, and then Have you you're a few years, widening it back in old recipes? It was very crude and very bitter paralysed. Ass, though, you had the mask that better flavor with vices and that's why Pearlash potash what the well and gingerbread recipe, because they could be mask
as I said, and then you would have some kind of react. You need some sort of hasidic ingredient in there to react with that that base that neutral, Pearlash Potter Fleming until that could have been molasses, witches, acidic and also by milk. So or clattered milk. From the farm bill. You had an aesthetic ingredient So you had leavening, you had rise, so I don't. I think, gingerbread and an end really in our report and that gingerbread witches gingerbread. The Dutch were the one who gave us the mindset of a cookie and the British brought over the jumble in the look. What we know is sugar cookies, so the crest of a cookie became subjected to distinguish itself from gingerbread gingerbread with maiden very hearty on,
bread like by you know in New Orleans stage planks there call they would sell those down at the door at the port people would put people would put rum and gingerbread and turn them into cookies called Joe Frog, and they would. And your bread recipes from all different kinds of regions and backgrounds, and you look at the basis for so many spice cookies than its control. He really it's a change that gingerbread cookie it does. It have white sugar verses. Molasses did it would become a depression cookie like a cry baby and use corn syrup, because sugar with Russia the most basic american keg and probably the most basic american cookie is the gentlemen. So Tracy one of my friends did me with a bottle of chocolate rum a while back I have not used much of it, because I'm not much of a rum drinker but
I one hundred percent want to use it in a batch of Joe fraudsters. That's like a great plan and is actually going to talk a little bit more about gingerbread in just a moment and should give the little Tipp on making gingerbread suitable for building houses. First, we're going to pause, though, for a quick sponsor break. Luke episode of stuff. You missed in history glasses, brought to you by Norton three sixty with lifelong, whether you're sure being online with your smartphone. Its super feels like ear. Personal information is just right there in your hand, but that's not always the case, because, as soon as you hit submit your personal information, could going other places. In fact, whenever you shop Bank or browse online, your personal invoking get out of your control, and that can we be vulnerable to cyber criminals. More threats demand more protection Why? Norton and lifelong are now part of one company Norton three sixty with life
is an all in one membership for your cyber safety that gives you device security, identity theft, protection and a VP end for online privacy? No one can prevent all cybercrime and identity theft, but nor increase do with lifelike as your ally in today's connected world, because your information is out there sign up for Norton three sixty with lifelike today and save twenty percent or more off your first year, go to Norton dot com, slash history, that's Norton; DOT, com, slash history for twenty five percent off. Why am I wanted to ask you? Were there any evolutions of the did your bread cookie since you mentioned that it took many different forms and inner space cookies are also very much of that same origin point: were there any of that? The illusionary developments in it that surprised you did you ever stumble across her as being good. That is interesting, an acronym
the Joe Frog or rather pay in that is that New England Recipe old. You know it has ramen, and it's got all these kind of folk stories on. Did it start at the tavern and did they put rum in it, because it was the time and they had room available which, yes, I think that that was. It was such a good story. Recipe people really hard in the kitchen to get it to work because it had so much romantic kept spreading out on them. And they do make really big cookies, but boy the next day they are so delicious that rom really keep the. cookie moist- and there are a lot of there- are a lot of fun. I think
modern day baking. We just don't think many gingerbread cookies as we used to the very first recipe in the book is one of my favorite and it is a family Europe. The pay that was shared with me- and it is the recipe bid- is still vague. Today in its example, how a gentle bread cookie has has evolved through the years in three different generation and its grandma Hartman Molasses, cookies. It is again,
the bread and Grandma Hartman might have used was was some with Amish and they may have used Lord in it at one point special occasion they might, if you'd better, but they began to use vegetable shortening as the next generation came about, and then the young woman who showed the recipe with me doesn't want to make them with vegetable shortening anymore, and she makes them with butter, though, is a great example how a basic gingerbread cookie has, in a family story. It is interesting, I think you mention it into refugees are made as much anymore and I think there's this weird fear of them. Like people have the person in that their very hard to make and that don't turn out well very often, but there I've been a few times, I'm not a pro, but I can easily get a cookie to come out of it Are you talking about like a drop? Could talking like a molded like a cat cookie? I mean I've done bows
What usually ends up happening is that I try to deal moulded cookie and then I know those may break coming out of the mould. So I also just make some flat ones near by and let those baked just I also want to mention them all. I build the house. Well, ok, building now there. Yet Do you build a house that agenda rather gingerbread have to be pretty sturdy and to be sturdy? It happened a good bit of flour in it, which is how the the original gingerbread cookies that's how they were made. They had a lot of flour in them and the ring, and for that is that people there was no refrigeration, Fagin. Okay, who adding flower to a cookie, though, and to make it workable and without you couldn't who, though you couldn't let it rest in the fridge overnight, and you couldn't, you know, put it called on the counter and start for gradually working. It now where was just dickie anything about making us in the summer time or with no
air conditioning no refrigeration. So why did you do you keep adding flour till I can make it work I mean my grandmother may cookies. That's why and I remember- and I remember her cookies were delicious, but they were dry right and it was because she used more flower. Then we would use today we can get away with less flower because of refrigeration. Ah, want to go back a little bit. You mentioned the british culture bringing the sugar cookie over em to me, the like a sugar cookie is so ubiquitous. It seems like kind of your standard. If someone said I want, cookie and they gave you know specifics. You'd probably go if you don't want you to be safe here. Is that one that has multiple different starting points or is it pretty a pretty clear pass anything it they regional one, four were pretty pretty basic, yet flower and white sugar and butter
and if you had any flavouring at all and then maybe an egg- probably the sugar cookies, most all of them- early have an egg, but summary: is the dutch rusty do not have eggs in them, and so the egg will make it. Snap keeps a snap you're a lack of a better word in and the egg without an exit, snap, your with an egg. It makes it brown better and take a year, and then you would have had them flavoured with lemon lavender crushed, coriander caraway see those would have been the early flavouring for something like a sugar cookie, so I think away a basis, but then AEGIS, because, depending on again, where you lived what you? U? What with available at the time, and then did you
aren't you think, did you start adding leavening too? At eleven changed the texture of the original jumble, the english sugar into what we know today, as a picnic? So did you also mentioned that sugar Is there a coup origin point of where sugar cookie started since they are so basic? I think that I dont at TAT they being made. I don't have that particular answer, but my my educated guess is that they were being made. Long ago in those England and Germany as well
and also in the Netherlands any place where people were there was baking or there were those basic ingredients which, which is why our and shook her an egg and butter. You would have had what you needed to make a sugar cookie and ironically, sugar cookies have remained the american favour it because the ingredients are so basic, but at times through, our history were rationed or were unavailable and if a lot of what I read said that you know people may have they got through periods with a sugar cookie. You are they ate oatmeal cookies. You know, because you were supposed to save the weed for the troops and bake without, but when it comes down to it it if they have their pick their favorite cookie Because it's delicious again delicious, he added, and I got several really good recipes.
yes, Irene took a cookie is terrific, as is the first girl scout. Cookie is a great one, I've got to know So we can my future since the United States is such a melting pot. Has it d up to its own sort of cookie identity as a whole. Apart from those of other countries, or does it remain kind of a globally influenced landscape for lack of a better word entry I would say that Americans are known throughout the world as being good. Cookie. Baker and cookies have definitely been a part of our food waste and our story,
throughout history, we do it well and we do a like because of the melting pot. We do an array of cookies from gingerbread to end its flavoured biscuit cheetahs from the next thing: how to chocolate, Chip Revere Chocolate chip to the sugar cookies like he mentioned humoring, cookies macro their cell variable, and because we are a melting pot in so many different cultured came here and brought their tradition and the avian pet. We have this their cookie jar and it's just a very exciting. It was born to research coming up. We actually still have a whole lot more from am including a recipe that travelled to the: U S through the slave trade and shelter, how the combination of an over abundant crop in World WAR one led to, innovations in baking with bananas? First we're gonna hear from another sponsor that keeps the show going support for it
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One of the things that I love, that you included was recipes and discussion of cookies, but travelled to the. U S from Africa vehicle slave trade. Will you talk a little bit about those yeah? While he had heard about the Benny, but then, if they do anyway fur. Yes, I think you're, looking at old recipes, you have you. The first step is to look at the ingredients, because you're not going to get that, and so it was very, very important for me to include recipes in here that were ingredient driven and if you looked at them, he said well that wrath pay came from a specific area, but those Benny into the Benny seeds are critical to making that cookie. You can make them with.
They say that it there much better if you ordered that any AIDS and now- and they originally did come from Africa with the slave trade. But you can find the benefits and local markets today in come on. You can mail order them. If you want to and I have actually have friends in Charleston who grew that any plan in their backyard, but they had their smaller than a sesame feed and they have, but they have that kind of nerdy flavour and their religious. I think it is lovely. And the whole idea of somebody putting fees in their pocket, Polly and traveling, and bringing those seeds here and planting that has seeds and the slaves did that and they planted those seeds, and you know to produce The plan that was originally cultivated for oil for valid one,
common is the origin of something like that obscured like was it Has it always been known that those basically those many seeds came over in the pockets of people who had been taken for slavery, or did it take a little while the figure out that that was really what started this? I can probably ethical advocate Europe. It I think it's now that they were always link to to do the cook and the flavour of the low countries? Those were the cook who were industrious and just like in researching american cake. I found that you know those recipes that take a little bit of care and take a little bit of time. And if they come from the Deep south, they were most often made by the other, helped by the enslaved people. A cookies are a little bit
more an easier to prepare. Let's say that much easier than say: making the seven minute frothing or creating a pancake actually eating a pancake hand without a kitchen, I'd cracking a coconut and shredding it in a baking cake in America was was a task with a physical path. Cookies, not as much as they thought. So one of my very favorite cookies is the oatmeal cookie. Would you mention has an interesting history of a town. We talk about that little bit yeah! I love your cookies here. You know me. I've been popular in baking for oh gosh, hydrogen pity the more, but it became more common.
radiant, when, when flower, with rationed for war wine, so that when cooks were were encouraged to add more out to their progress, peace and a cookie recipes Hannah harder with a keg on any became open, cookies became very patriotic, they became a wheat saving rather pay in America. So Quaker does of course, picked up on that. The oatmeal cookie that we associate with Quaker is the vanishing oatmeal cookie. I think it's been on the father canister, since about nine eighteen, thirty, nine they took a while the first recipe with oatmeal with an old cake, probably not a popular, the oatmeal cookie, it left a lot longer. You were not really see much owed, kick in vagaries. Didn't want me, never tags here, so I welcome
to you that, in my love of oatmeal cookies, what I hate isn't oatmeal reason cookie, because I dont like fruit added to my stuff but there's a good reason for it. Will you talk about that? A little bit? Yeah dried trade pops up in so many cookie recipes, and you wonder, did they did they? Give you more dried fruit in throughout history? And the answer is yes, they did it with available people you brute added to my stuff, but there's a good reason for it. Will you talk about that? A little bit? Yeah dried trade pops up in so many cookie recipes, and you wonder, did they did they use more dried fruit in throughout history? And the answer is yes, they did it with a veil, play sugar also, the end they found that the more dried fruits or dried nuts. So you lived in an area where black walnut trees are in your backyard and more black walnut that you added to the to the dough the further the dough with Gavin, the more cookies you can make.
They get back to the rock they cookies earlier and just like in fruit cake centre that same genre, the more dried fruit you put in a cookie them warmly and keep her without without refrigeration or even the having a freezer people could door cookies that had a meal raising cookies would keep longer and take more noise And retain moisture than just plain oatmeal. Another is a of fruit based recipe in your book. The Tamils really fascinating because it has a connection to Hawaii and we talked about how that came about? Yes, it's a banana drop cookie and I was uncovered this story, I'm wherewith researching war.
or wine recipes that now about nineteen seventeen in Hawaii there was a huge banana crop a boom, but as the Euro had entered, war were won. The transport ship were not available to take these big harvest of bananas to the mainland, so the banana for setting Everything, and so there is a great story about how the agricultural experimentation their got on board. The wife of actually the director got in the kitchen and started trying to creep everything she could with bananas. They even ask Hawaiians to eat opening a day instead of a slice of bread that back to the patriotic that it was more pain regarding the Eu Banana regime within the bread for the groups, that
shit. You know, refrigerated transport ship were really had had turned. the banana industry around over all over the world and actually helped the meat industry as well because it they came about in eighteen. Ninety three refrigerated transport was available these steamship, but when we went into a war war one the ships were needed for the war, a new kind of lead into another question, which is that you talk a lot about the distinction of a war cookie.
Verses other cookies? Is there like a shorthand way that somebody who's may be looking at old recipes? Would instantly know what a work cookie was based on the ingredients half an hour? I like it ingredient and if it had day after the dreadful date prince I'd hate to bring anything of the brain keg that present day cocoanut sweetener like corn, Europe would have been used. Vegetable shortening margarine used instead of butter, yet those are like tip off, oh, that, that the cookie came out of the war and a lot of the no bake cookies, better still popular in some families and actually found that some of the no bag of or have Ruth and Appalachian that they are also came out of the war effort. But they were war cookies that were handed down generate
and they might be, they might have o later peanut butter or dates in them, and it was a sort of a thick batter that with a role together in and they don't go in, the oven entered? U turn of sparked by brain regarding another question that I was not thinking about, but now I am ever pointed peanut butter get introduced into cookies here, better with really introduced in the night came thirty finger cookies hard at the school lunch Padre? Oh no. I think it's really fascinating era of our his three American his tree, because the thirtyth alot of people were out of work. Women particular needed to work and on and family for her on her time. So the federal government got involved and created these at school lunch programme doing that they also started employing women in school. Cafeteria hoop came. I won't wait,
and what happens when you bring women into the kitchen. They get creative and they started using ingredients. Tat were available. Maybe they were subsidize ingredient. They had a whole lot of it. what are you gonna, do it at your to make them and when, in the case of peanut butter, they turn those into some of the first peanut butter. Cookie rapid plus those cookies were made with special shortening. It was sort of the fat of the time and it was perfect Bristol lunch because it was shop, so they could take those they were, shall stable, the children, love them and I've been that photo is on the cover of the book.
Because to me that really says it all about American Cookie Emmy. We cookies are made by everybody there for everybody. They came out of creativity and hard time and are just so unapologetic I mean we're. Just love burst its: Because I associate peanut butter cookies with school lunches, but I just got it. I was because that was whereby schools always served not realizing. That was in fact where they urge every day, we take it, and it's so interesting. Now that you know Peter Butter cannot be served in many Scotland trim because of a large react with like Hitler allergic till we ve come kind of what you know, we're not seeing it as much as I asked a similar question. We talked about cake, so I will ask it again. In relation to cookies,
what would you suggest as a good cookie to start with for people who made want to try a little historical baking but they're not super, experienced or not feeling terribly confident about it yet You go down different avenues. We talk about the ginger bathed cookies, you don't have to start with the first recipe in a book which is grandma, Hartman's, molasses, cookies, and see how
multigenerational family recipe can be adapted in so many ways and then, with that recipe in your head continue reading the book and you're gonna see all kinds of different gender cookies thing could be done for sure. You're gonna see some differences. I've got an old Dutch t take recipe, and here they have a lot of flour in it and it makes a lot of cookies embedded delicious and who would have you know such basic ingredients? It's just delicious and so simple and pristine then make something like the Jackson Jumble, which one then, an eighteen, thirty recipe which was the jumble recipe from the British, where the leavening at it and see How- and that was the wrong the road to the tea came here and that would have been around the time on early. I think hundred that with name for Andrew Jackson, because he was
a man, a president who cannot did his own thing in these cookies are our work evolutionary at the time that is big. They were different. Who would have thought bad, adding baking powder to do a jumble rested and yet there really lovely. So I think, I think picking a sugar cookie type cookie, an old Dutch or an english recipe, the old jumble, the Jackson Jumble and then making something like the the tea keg and I've got therapy keg of God. I am off Hasn t cake. The toy engines or take egg and I'm an old Eden hand the Eden ten T party cake, which is an old recipes. It's been made New York. I have to ask you this office to his question.
Do you have a favorite, oh you're, gonna? It really depends on a chocolate girl. I think I think I looked out by James? I should talk like cake. Was your answer when we talked about cake so yeah yeah, I'm a catholic girl cell I really, I love a good chocolate chip cookie, and I tell you I am the original chocolate chip Turkey rapidly, and this is her that, would have been the the one that was made at the tall. How, then in women mask? Is it and in the nineteen? Thirty and so it were alive that Ruth Wakefield Chocolate Crunch Cookie, because that was
story where she ran out of baking cocoa and had the sub for her chocolate cookies and had the substitute chop bar chocolate and the rest of history? I like that recipe, because it's delicious and also you can turn the whole thing into. Like a Catherine. Will it and make the pickle warm chocolate chip, cookies or out of it became recipe for that really good, and also that the limit, lemon bar recipe, and here and I call it ass ever- it really is. That is the best one. I left Catherine Hepburn's brownie recipe in here. I like Emily Dickinson's rice cake there, like short, oil early night, and I think, that in the macaroon recipes and tomorrow and the forgotten cookie, heavier begged forgotten. I have now but they're on my list now
they are a marine chocolate, rang cookies, which actually leave in the oven and win Leave them in the oven they get real, chewy and God, I'm so, grateful for this conversation and probably your curious about ants book. So american cookie is available now, wherever books are sold, and it is a dangerous delight. I have already bookmark like thirty recipe. They're gonna have to wait me until it the little cooler. It is too hot turn of an odd right now, but you can keep up with an work at her website at an burn dot com. That's a in an e b! Why are in dot com and on social media as at an burn again? n n e b. Why are in many thanks to an for chatting with me and cheering her insights and knowledge. I absolutely love every time I get to talk to her. She is just a delightful person even if she had nothing historical to talk about, I would still does want to hang out and talk with her again. I have a long list of recipes I wanna make from that book.
listener. May I thought we would also include something that was about food is a short one. Since this interviews, the longer it is from our listener Taylor and tailor rights. I love listening to the pod. this email is a little late. It only hit me recently that you might like to hear the story I recently visited. Scotland was friends, and on our visit. We went to the town of poetry on the Isle of Sky. I may be mispronouncing that my apologies via lets me, I ordered, fish dish for dinner that night and when it came, we were all perplexed by the sauce for lack of a better word that was on top. It was nothing I've ever tasted and it was absolutely delicious. I asked the waitress what it wasn't she said: Rarebit she lifted off what was in it and said it was a cheese sauce quote like in macaroni and cheese. This, of course, Fused us Americans, because, as one of my friends put, it quote, my chief sauce comes dry and a packet from a box. Yes for international listeners. That is the sad truth for many american. but lots of people make their own cheese with real cheese. Does Taylor rights apart
committing the named a memory. We thought nothing more about it. Could you imagine vice- eyes when the very first podcast I listen to you when I was back in the states, was Windsor Mackay Part one. I immediately to my friends, the info you had in the pod cast on rare bit. They were very disappointed that I did not get the listen to it before the trip, and in case you were wondering I did not have any strange dreams that night, so that is, of course, referring to the winds, are Mackay Comic Strip, dreams of a real It fiend, which were these fantastical stories, all told on the presumption, The main character was having crazy dreams because he couldn't stop eating rarebit at late at night before bed. So thank you, Taylor, that I was amazing, did you get a recipe for their Arabic as I'll? Try it I'll just added to my list after the cookies. I love it. If anybody else's tried rarebit, true rarebit, I would love to hear a story about it when it tastes. I have had it, but it's been awhile and I always love a good cheese story. So few would like to send as your cook,
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