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Interview: Mindy Johnson and the Women of Disney, Pt. 2

2018-09-26 | 🔗

In part two of this interview, Mindy busts some myths about women and their work in the Walt Disney Studio, and shares some stories of how new techniques were developed by color animators. The topic also turns to the  1941 labor strike at the Walt Disney Studios that forever changed the company. 

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Hey you're all remaining, and we are excited to announce that we are releasing our own podcast series. One fanned interview the band in partnership with, I hardly make sure to follow on each week as we choose one family come hang back stage and ask us quests check out one fan to interview the ban on the heart, radio, an apple pie, gas or wherever you get your panties. why couldn't you stuff you missed in history class from Housetop works, tat, come hello, unwelcome upon can't I'm holly frying and I'm Tracy bewildering, and today we are serving up part two of my interview with many Johnson, the author of ink and paint the women business animation, and she is so full of information that we very easily filled to episodes with it, and I think they're too episode both run a little longer than our normal average back part, one many busted the myths, and there is more
on the way today, and that includes the idea that women in the early days of animation, we're just tracers and not accomplished artists in their own right. So we will jump right in Will you talk a little bit about what the hiring process was like for the women that ended up in the income paint Department and then what their dated eight jobs were like yeah and is important to note that other More mature outer that state that that was the only place. Women could work, there's a crane A letter from the snow white days that circulate on the internet, and there are a couple things that need to be personal placed in contact about them. It was the nineteen thirty. That was the prevailing attitude, but me everything important to understand it. This was a form one That was actually created in the late twenties, because by that time than the guinea cartoons had become worldwide phenomenon,
and the little tiny studio, Hyperion Avenue in LOS Feliz California was getting then dated whip fan mail and people wanting to When I worked there, I've gotta do this because it was the depression, show its demonstrate. You know any kind of job anywhere was vital critical, but if you were working dizzy studios you were certainly they didn't feel the immediate effect of the impression, as other places in the tree. It was a boon town, and so they were getting in Indiana people of literally shop at the front door. I got a letter from you, you I'm a ready to work, but yet there was no job because they just said thing for sending add, but we're not hiring at the time. So they changed their generic form, letters to states it please it's a polite! Thank you, but please go away.
Paying cab, people come out and surely there were very talented people, but again it was in thirty than the men were doing. The animation boys club at that point and women's role to retain a secondary and as women we not talk about our work. It was a man's world at that time and so women really were either a poor secretary, some typed it out thing. Women didn't do any that creative work, but yet this was the secretarial had no understanding of what was going on over that Herman. Nor was it in the general line that speak about that. But it is also important to note that for not there was a myth going around that, though they picked women above off trade, my sister's cousin got in there. Anybody could train. you had to come in and the proposal to establish a Tuesday morning
You had to bring in your portfolio and they were always on Granville trying to find qualified, talented personnel Arden they sent out a very time. Postcards band did radio announcement we found script for a radio broadcasts said the borders and fifty taking all women artists. Please come down there once segregation in terms. Rob engender, but they were sick. If women are, to their back. Add that replace girl artist wanted Help for women in the nineteen thirty appeared studied are in any way shape. Form, and there were wonderful art, schools, an institution. This is a major player There were also in the newspaper you had. Women
columns for personnel and men call from shore person Alex Hell. That's again, why have to look at the troll architectural eyes manner, because are different, then, the Tuesday morning, if people came at any other point, show up Tuesday mornings and that's when Hazel and her team would review applicants and take a look at their portfolio and more often than not. If you had the talent, you were hired right on the spot and you had to begin by going through training and again hazel tool in her teams established training for the women in these roll. The misconception is: oh, they talk people how to hold a painful. Such was the training and they painted by number
Nothing could be further from the truth. They were brought in as Arta. They had proved they were artists and they were trained in this regard. A street and tools immaterial required for working with dialogue and the characterisation of what they were trying to accomplish to achieve a unified shall make experience Joe Baroness, the difference and how the training with laid out now is true for animators as well. Walter darted, animation, training and animators could come. They could be the most brilliant fine, Arta men are women and they still have to go through and animation training programme. Now it's in the that women were fumbled into the income Paypal, but by the late thirty we see change happening, reddest, Scott, measured Rossi,
Ethel Cold far, thereby Ella Anderson. There were a number of women who came in and the late thirty got took a success with no white again at the boom in town of that will do and it took mushrooming into production than building them. Personnel in the gas grew so large that Walt grumbled about not being able to say hello to everybody personally, because he couldn't take the time to get to know one? Could there was so much going on, and so many people working here when you look at what goods have put it? We have you women. The numbers of women were always higher. the national average for women in industry. Wherever those numbers landed. There was always anywhere from three to five or higher per cent.
Meyer than the national industry of other industries, where women were to their presence was always there from the very beginning and as these various films are expanding. While saying that, oh there's a big wider range of stories, we can and should be telling in a future length poem show. We re read if God is often accredited as the first female animator, but we do have other women in at the studio doing what was called color animation. An error rate example that in Fantasia and some elements and I'll keep it there more visibly present in Fantasia they caught him puke sequence. You have further pastel shapes and colors on forms. Moving on the screen, I thought done. By women, Mildred Rossi, Apple, core power and the winner of the paint lab developed, really amazing technique where they could have had here. Talk pastel, you sell your boy
equally. The women were animating collar directly on the time, so amazing him and then you get people like rabbits got wielding a pencil and that woman had power in her dried and someone. So they would put it. drawing than the rum and no one could tell, and finally, some of the theatre great who did the Rehder bread of Scotch whisky plucked from CAN ordered institute. They saw the talent and her broader, to do some story, conquer pieces, but then moved her into Adam shit, I'm doing my more powerful sequences. In Bambi, the dark white piglet assure on the tremendous expert on animals and ferocious dog Think she gasped the Meda cheated over thirty. Five thousand dog draw only condemn that sequence down here
a bit of a learning curve and there were a couple of other male animator. You stepped in that kind of help her with timing, but her drawings and her artistry definitely there on the screen, and she is also the first woman animator to get a credit at. Thirdly, we have other early women animators in other short, but in terms of future length. Animation should rest get a credit to the cloud and people of presumed she's, the one, and only but there were many other working at around that time and if we count color animation. Mildred Rocky is more than likely the first but it's a color animation process in different medium, but still the same thing.
And we could even go earlier to the women doing the blend technique on no white, because that again is early color, animation, they're. Moving that color across each cell show that the EU would a pencil drawn rain. You have so many great stories about all of these women that really did change things significantly and contributed in ways that are not always recognised, but I wonder at what point in your research was there alone? of revelation of just how massive invite all the role of women was to a lot of these films that had been famous forever in aren't really thought of necessarily as being the product of a work of a female workforce. Yeah thou is that my eight monk breakdown Whilst I panicked and called my editor and when all I can say that it was almost like an avalanche just hit me and I even
had some paradigms. I had to undo because this in there the long line- and I am here, is where it is another part of what term of when the avalanche head. I started going on I'm grateful for the boy and better out there. Many by dear colleagues, have done extraordinary work, but I am again can quickly go to the index and start short change it and got? Ok, let's see where the women are any would find the theme four or five women, Lillian and I've been to me, and it was always MR the message me that was always his wife Lillian no mention the story of Lillian naming Mickey Mickey Mouse is about it. No mention of the work that they did on us really short no mention at all boy in wooden cash or pay check if they were gonna run right would not cause your paycheck that we can meet payroll
working her free. Only do you know at the kitchen table till the way our trying to get they sell blackened and on the first, make it and many My way around were right, there quota cut from the very beginning, and yet they would always get reduced down or if they would be met. One of the other four five women that Beyond the index of a few books. Would most books would be Margaret Winkler. She was the first female producer in the producers guild. She added a fictitious data were named, so she could made her business gender neutral and no one would pick out that she was a woman and she single the only change anime. and turned it into a standard part of the theatre, going experience that audiences thought out. The animation portion, rather than official changed from novelties. She put Felix the cat on the map and made him a worldwide phenomenon, and she did the same one
Obviously, the aviation industry out itself to Margaret Winkler and yet she's always reduced to two percent. In virtue and most books out there she's one of the handful of women at the stated and then, of course, Mary Blair, wonderful, amazing, extraordinary Mary Blair, but people often thought the tree. They only female art it. Yes, when you get ready got in there, so you get the same four or five women, and that would be it aside from boys, talent. That would be an but wait a second. There are far more women out here. There have been more, they told us began the ivy, your honesty to get the book down, but the research still continue thought than seven years or more but then there are new discoveries. Everyday yeah, I'm We can really be digging into the earlier women
think of all the work that they did an animation, and yet no, no acknowledgement nothin yet then the king, Many incidentally, said that we could cut that last sentence because she didn't want to come off as to brigadier in her own words, but I really wanted to leave it in because as we're going to see in just a little while her book project, which grew from just a we colonels information to become something huge, really is changing how people look at Disney animation history, but right now We are going to pause for a quick sponsor, break this episode of stuff, you missed in history glasses, brought to you by Norton three. Sixty with life. Luck with your shot, being online with your smartphone. Its super feels like ear. Personal information is just right there in your hand, but that's not always the case, because, as soon as you hit submit, your personal information could,
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We're gonna jump right back in with men, be here, because she made a really good point. While we were talking about why she wanted to include first hand accounts in her book, it was important than working on the book. She put. It includes many first hand accounts as possible. Their story, not my story could be killing, but their story that was vital, but because I knew there would be a lot of people coming to challenge what I put across in the book and unlike look these are the voices of the women who were there. I do When I talk about sort of a controversial time during Walt Disney studios, which was the strike that took place in nineteen forty one, and I hope that you would talk a little bit about the role of the women in the income paint department during that period and how that strike affected them going.
forward. Sure well in nineteen. Forty one strike with the towns in time to the studio and all all overall impact it lingered for decades, and many of the women either through their oral histories or the families or to those who are still with us could tell what I would ask about it. It was a tender still a very tender time caused a major paramour the industry. I know you think what could have happened. Had things continued in the fracture that that cause. You know, I think it's something back. I the decades more even technologically putting back, but it can't drive long red. I wrote about what I had in what I could find and what people could speak about, and I was pleased to see when we
went for final reviews on the book that everything was retained, this book called problem with them, but there are other articles and other book about the arab episcopal. The large amount of first hand from the women's perspective account, and it was personal time, for a lot of them in ink and paint department, and we had to keep in mind that women were in virtually every area. This is also the time were. Wall announces pities on record. He began the animation training programme for women war had already broken out in Europe, and he was seeing men leaving and what sort of read the signs of what was going on overseas and me and to prepare recognising that men are gonna, be leaving? We need to keep them system moving cohesion.
and training from others topping Kirsten me in Japan. The carbon keep in mind that, these women. They incursion. Where the animators Harry racers anchors went How is everything the animators are doing in working in aid Howdy razors. There's the great thing about Ginger Rogers that everything Fred Astaire did back within an high heels These women did everything the dead on sell. Your boy would like skating on I, with the ink pants No, we re. Third and in high heels fell. These women were remarkable with what they were doing and what was exploring transitioning them into animated. Until we, have a training programme that begins, and that was part of some of the early riff that our bad at and others were short of shouting about that
You know they're trying to train women to do our jobs and they're going to undercut them with pay, so it'll be cheaper and isn't that terrible and Walt delivers a speech in February, one thousand nine hundred and forty one. if a woman can do the job she get a pay. Now, where is that stand today? Even where women are paid, eighty cents to a man, dollar right, yeah, that's very progressive very groundbreaking and to the women continue to train and then, as world war, we ve become involved in world war. Two, as that break out. Women then literally put down their pens and brushes and trained and picked a pencil and moved it animation before the war the you were, in the twinning directly that mail trainers with tenfold. Annie raiders were not able
yet the legs on the dearer than Bambi very clean, they labile too much the lines would wobble, because the girls would have to be matching what they were doing, so they decided in a letter to it. So they were in the twinning directly. So when watch basically again keep an eye on those there like they don't move and that the women's work directly out there. That's amazing those kinds of things in the ether. That's what was happening. There was a lot of confusion in the communication, angry voices. came become organised by many of the women. In fact, one of the corridor heads of ink and paint and the special back team there was a woman who is it.
In the airbrush department shit over twenty men and women working under her barber? What Baldwin she took all of her teams out, they all went out on strike and again that with their prerogative and destroy it was a real bitter sweet time. Many people felt tremendous loyalty to Walden and he was trying to put the money back in to the studio he had built a beautiful state of the art studious that they would have comfortable environment should be working in, and many were a little frustrated with that they like, on top of each other hotchpotch of the Hyperion duty, but it just wasn't going to work has. Sadly how streamline thing became the studio, created problem and distance and confusion and labour
and keep in mind also that the other studios in town other animation studios had gone to similar rife nearest prior. To give me this is one of the last to hold out an operator of the highest profile oh, it's important to know that there were other studio had gone. True that and there were some pretty strong armed bugs that were going some things, but it did change things. I tried to be as balance with what I could get to show the fact that it was a difficult devices. You hadn't came to date too often in trying to work on it. Without a time where men had to pick up Ambrosch is to help get the stout completed It was a real blurring of the wind it mandated the simplicity of DUMBO.
It lies became now at the war happening in Europe applies, became their her and colors. The pallid is very simple, and basically, if it couldn't go pregnant brush. They were importing table brushes from overseas german pigment. They couldn't get had a pretty profound impact than they had the term game, valuable and figure out how we're gonna work with what we can get come, what we can do and so often time it's rare to find and an actual production fell from DUMBO because they were washed off with a bail out there women's artistry went down the drain. The you have weird condensed time of just intense things happening all at once, yeah, and you know you had I been greatly Thompson. Talk about. You had roommate were her one when dry
the other one end and drop. She was on track and the other one was told to cross the line. There should drop her off. We could go pick it and she crossed the line and go into gotta work energy and pick her up a good omen. You know that was a very strange time at tat time. It was. It was difficult for those who went out on strike lasted ten among young people, lost their homes and very difficult. We may have already touched on on ones that you would select, but I to ask you what you would say are perhaps the key three to four moments in the evolution of roles for women at Disney animation. Over the years I would surprisingly, the merry began. I would do well to one had to turn of we think about it and triple jacket that the very first and play what
the woman and that women had always been therein. What was accomplished in that? First, ten year tabled two, I think it's probably one of the most than some women and their nation. She took from basic blackening crude took blackening and in the span of under ten years, Tran warmed visually transformed the visual experience of animation from black and white, lacheneur to the Rembrandt Jack quality of snow white. Seven door and walked gets the credit, and yes, understandably so because he would pushing for that. But what he's one her change accomplished? I was done when you look at that and begin to wrap your head around all, but the complex
mine blowing and look at that animation in that time period. Where progressing from to show that the key time period, I would also say the advent of geography World war. Two is very. with rosy derivatives web browser, the revenue, rosy, good temple, the advent of bureaucracy, inking was a very costly, and far more than while men were accomplishing with pencil, because the Temple petty racers and you had other artists coming in and cleaning eraser than you had other artists coming in in cleaning up your line, show the fine artistry of thinking which thrilled zenith of bad is sleeping beauty and again, if you're, watching that film looking for the wine artistry and there it again tat mine blowing, but how pivotal that pointed when, in order to save enemy
and truly the advent of drug of feed did in fact say that. But women moved into those front line. It changes the artist tree, but when the world so there and working on the thoroughly Gerard gripping king, and then I would say probably the third and these are over King changes for animation in general. That digital add that it is important to note that women were right there at that moment and part of the team that animation transformed into a digital or form Oh just a pivotal point: renovation important. You remember. Women have always been there specifically for women. I would say those early earliest years from about twenty, seven to thirty seven Paypal tool and her teams and this also occurring at other studios, but can shoulder above all, we will hear the tool and her accomplishments were remarkable. You also have other independent
women, animators working at that time, women are moving Inter animation in the thirty four critical, the war had a very big impact in moving women into position. Sadly, at the war. Again it was decided that said, ok back to the kitchen, in fact, there were campaign. The government issued campaign about being half life again so that they would free up the jobs but the men to come back and we could get back to making baby That's their nineteen. Forty is which is crazy, strange, crazy, strange anomaly of a time and then I would say for women's specifically the suddenly the women's movement and getting men to wake up to who they are
and their own discovery. What they're doing you see a tremendous rise in interestingly enough in the nineteen parties in the boardroom, laws were very different. You had to prove infidelity, but by the nineteen seventeen than the changes to that you could divorce for a key payable differences rather than proving infidelity or other issues that had a tremendous impact and bring up women your birth control. Where women are changing and their lives or transitional young? Suddenly they can stay evolve Their families and we see a tremendous rise and women getting their college degree within seven, need them these were the number of women eroding colleges evened out two men and some places surpasses the number of men. Daddy cool, show
again why we had to put everything in the contract you can understand where women are in terms of an ancient and that industry and the advances that occur and the opportunities occur for women Society still have their home. It's hold on where women were what they could do in Many ways we solve a lot of that shake out today coming up We are going to talk about some of the more recent and very exciting developments for women in animation, but first will pause for a sponsor break. Who is my pants? Who is Nancy Policy there? Two of the most powerful people in government today, but how they get their minds, shall Mauro and on who is the first package from now this- and I heard you I'll tell you the story of the most important politicians in America and beyond through interviews with the reporters and experts who know them best. There is no Illuminati, there's no deep state but the roar,
these people on, who is a cover. Everything from sent a majority leader Mitch, Mcdonald, answering machine to Senator Elizabeth warns, favorite junk food to wear secretary education, Betsy Divorce and her husband went on their first date want to know more tune in to who is on Tuesdays and the Iheart radio up apple pie, guests or wherever you get your guests. Now this me, Walt Disney. Innovation studios has its first woman chief, creative officer, which is pretty exciting to me ass very exciting that was higher than that announcement. Really like was emotional. When I heard it, it was surprising to me how deeply moved me. I ain't emotional, talking about these women people coming up at a ball able men and
when an emotional about how can we don't know that right and then pointing out that still today, an event about a year ago, at the motion, picture academy and audible gas from the industry, the rum going. We had no idea and, in the course of change that that shocked to hear the turning of the page help the sort of flap that page over big time for that getting people to turn wake up from this unconscious bias. He realized there is no need for change and we are so unconscious and how No that's what about it and realizing that we still have to do today where we have tremendous feelings we have to break through. We have to change that unconscious precept of defaulting to them, I am not thinking about where the women and why don't we get one
what can we do to get women in here because we ve been missing out on half the sky, bringing John Lennon into the we have, then we will never half of our human experience by not letting women come to the table. we're not recognising what women have already brought to the table. That is one of the Since I love your back, thank here I mean I like seriously to me. I think it is so important. I think it should be part of college courses. I think it is a vital important piece of education for anyone who interested and animation, but for anyone who is interested in looking at the sort of how culture has been impacted and yet yeah not acknowledged by women, which is fascinating is why I'm really excited about the next project that you too you're working on, because it during the next generation. Will you talk about that a little bit shore? Absolutely while a couple
in terms of education, the weight that the now I'm teaching. I play baseball at coward awesome, the history of women and men in the commission, the first of its kind and my book is attacked. Yeah. Maybe I do I get a most over two and it's gonna go you don't beyond the dear old I'm doing paper dived into the biography of these women as much as I can at this point for going to the ever changing. Is the research is ongoing I'm prepping for that right now and it will opening it up to faculty and all students. They don't have to be innovation, thin bigger priority, but they asked if it would be ok to open that up and that absolutely still, it shall be speaking to the hit your women and other under represented.
within animation, primarily women and their add them who they are a people taking and paper dive and to their accomplishments, because some of the earlier women it so much. and beyond a nation that my boy and that leads me to I am currently working on a young readers book called handfuls pens and brushes great girl, but Disney animation this little treasured volume is wonderful, advocate ready to go a little further into some of these remarkable women, many of which now away accomplished a remarkable advancement within animation and their roles within animation art, though vital? But when you look at their lives beyond animation, those of poor coming to get their duty as an beyond the right of all the calibre of these women, a couple of examples
one woman hunting with great Huntington. She was the second woman to work in story at this period in the late nineteenth thirty, and while she was work their sharp amazing young girl who worked hard at coming with new and fresh ideas and preparing her pictures, and she learned she had to step right in and put pressure on them. A man would get very get up and act out the antics, some things she couldn't be a wall power. She had to get out there and do it. Her brother was also a pilot and shoes the native with this idea of light. Now this has been the have to remember things move lightning fast as they do today and impede the allure of Charles Limburg. Transatlantic quite was ill of major thing, and so a vacation.
We took our no pun, intended it literally just wasn, and women were very excited about this new form of transportation to grace was fascinated with hidden brother was getting his pilot lightly, but she thought why could do that, while working as a studio, she got her and had always been fascinated as a young girl with job burns. The the moon another in science fiction thing even and this late thirties had there been a space programme, this woman would have been part of an impact she sent. to the military in Washington enquiring about high altitude. She actually went on and train times she left the train or time and broke record in high altitude flights for smaller
crack and wanted to continue doing. That and humane query fear. The military thing. Look I just brought this record. There has been paper and documentation, and we got my plight reported back everything in a would you like, answer me I'm I'm here. Let's do more of the known Thank you you're, a woman mindedness. They wouldn't you couldn't get work as a pilot because she was a woman. Georgiana training should be allowed to become a fight in structure and the aviation out that that helped her train said. Ok, we'll keep you on who hears about this record until couldn't get work because you, the woman, but she was part of
the earliest inkling of the base rate. And yet I didn't do anything but an began working at such a great story. I wonder where others, since Greece to review are there so much more in could continue aviation. We had the first woman to get her eyelids licence in Canada. cap with a woman by the name of Mary Goodrich and she went on and became the first person to fly Solo Cuba and was the first Linda Habits, indicated aviation column through the bird woman. Reporter at your local newspaper and then got indicated. Eighty Call him because they set out, we need someone to write that if you get your pilots life- and maybe you could do that, though she did and sadly then, when her eyesight
went bad. She ended up moving making your way out to California and got a job to establish the first very research department at the destiny of the nineteen, thirty eight and my lectures on pay. Well, that was the internet of the nineteen hurry. What does she and her team did? They would these really amazing things called black Sunday with research and fine. Now either will Watson dares habit. Tat, look like an aura Pinocchio, What what would it look like inside of a whale? And how would you know answering this question so that the art it could create these world characters that we know and more? Is she pre remark in her own right and and the advent of white shelf of Blue on human Burg. Only general made one of the true one of the Trans Atlantic passages on the Junta Burke. I think it will be before it like one or two of the passages before it.
Oh, my goodness tat you re wearing these women were right there at the Mary costs that are wonderful voice, Where I went on and had she was one of the leading metal sopranos bill, for the groundwater the opera and performed on every opera in the world, And yet no one knows that unless you're, not profound yeah and the Upper SAM don't know about her work in ITALY, that I was cracks. We currently know that about her and it does always was me a sort of hilarious when you watch somebody who knows one part of her career and someone knows the other meet each other relic notion the definitive answer, let an and is it a different anxious, as that? No is because I Nothing had been put down, were there was no place to go you to get to the heart of the definitive answer,
and an realise too big an anxious as that book here than it had to be. It still lived, crouching, bitch, incredible cameras and who these women were what they accomplished. The epic of a hundred years of our animated, collective animated path and women have always been. There is at least a go to places the reference to a guy with a light magazine. Read it if a textbook shall be using that my boy can start on the pact, for the coward clause. Will be teaching internal, I'm cool working on more material, a little more involved on women. Not only at
but beyond good me, but the records are heard combined because again, histories preserver about recorded an archive from a male perspective. So it one paragraph here in two sentences. There yeah, you know contacting someone's relish and their account digging under bad than into clause and bankers boxes to piece together, and I really was on the cost of not kept thinking oh had started a year, humor humming, more women. I could have gotten to show it is it's a puzzle that still has many pieces missing, but they're coming together and finally, we have a framework. We have a platform, we have a place to go to to begin to understand the and the research continues I'm I'm out at the end
funding or resources are a little hard to come by. But if I may make a then call out, if anybody know has a relative or can think of, then please find me I'm my website. It Lyndon Johnson creator, dot com you can find me there. I'm on Facebook, and that has worked, have actually had just the book. The first printing were now in a second printing and reaching towards the third printing. Since first printing came out come families reached out with the bath, my mother, whose unidentified on the page and they are now identified in the subsequent printing arrested new discoveries. I want we'll make sure we include your website address in the show notes, as well so bank and easily click through and get it. I feel like it so wonderful that this book, which could easily be for someone the culmination of their work, is in fact, for you just a jumping off point. I love it.
Much that became very. That was part of that apple. Never gonna wait his great I'm not jealous of other students at cowards, a little because I think that course sounds amazing, Lindy. Thank you so much, I'm just I feel so lucky to get to spend this time learning from you thank you. Well, it's a joy and a big part of this has been getting the message out and helping to change this narrative about women and their roles and the present that they had and their contribution to our animated and collective entertainment path. it changes things to the point we think today, where we are at today is vital and important, but what's important to understand is that we have this rich amazing path to shout incredible, showed
the band on, and we don't have to get out there and reinvent the wheel. We don't have to blaze as many trail that we thought we had two large private lifting has been done. We failed in recognising that collectively men and women we failed at that, and we can change that now show that what is important here is that as we move forward as we changed, the mindset of Judea and executive and audiences to look for the stories that women can bring to our world is also on to keep moving forward. Keep this document it keep it recorded.
Balance so that we don't lose her story that we keep moving forward and as we move into a digital age, we don't have those pieces of paper to random way find that matter tucked under bad. It was important to keep the documentation fresh restored in place within about content. I remain so delighted and I think it is so incredibly cool that men these work has now to a new class at counterparts. I think it's fabulous people are gonna, learn this part of the story It has not always been common. Knowledge at all even among people who love animation and studied its history. My sincerest thing: too many for taking almost two hours to share her vast, credible knowledge and passion with me. I know she has some new stuff on the horizon. We will keep you posted as those things get announced there, you can find many online at midday, Johnson, creative dot com. That's many am I Andy. Why will be starting
leave that link in the show notes as well to have some listener male takes out. I do our last listener meal? Was a continuation of the discussion of rarebit were kind of a similar thing on this one when it is a continuation of the discussion of the Georgia gold rush. This is from a listener, Terry, who? hi Tracy and Holly. I greatly enjoyed a show and I've been listening for several years. My group and Cobb County Georgia and we hand Georgia history in the sixth grade than we did talk about the dilemma. Gold rush, as well as the trail of tears, two things I wanted to add about the episode one. The Georgia capital building in Atlanta is covered in gold leaf from the long ago and lumping county Anita, impotent included in the episode presented, got into a whole other story. Dome was first gilded in the nineteen fifties and was regulated in the nineteen seventies. For that reason, the capital building is referred to as the gold dome report. Have long referred to legislation and politics in Georgia as happening under the gold dome yeah. That's just like an inch
part of lake local Cultural three and goings on that people may not know if they have never been to Atlanta. Viewed through it lay use who had building with the big old dome? That is, in fact the capital build it. Terry says I currently live and Bill Erika Georgia and there was a modest gold russian bill. Erika price. two dilemma and White County, the other rival for the title. The Erika, its own gold rush, museum and festival, and there are still people who pay for gold in the area, but they do not turn up as much as in the de Wanna get area. Terry gave us some show suggestion. So thank you so much Terry. I wanted to make, It is because I didn't mention the capital really amount is fascinating landmark. And also I did not know about the Erika. Having had a minor gold rush, so they were happening everywhere, we didn't, even though it today, we ve also got in a couple of like tweets about whether that gold find we talked about in North Carolina should be framed, is like an earlier gold rush. Dont know who's that
for what the Russian, what isn't yeah, I don't either. I presume it's a volume thing and it also becomes a matter of lake. Is there based on the amount of gold or the amount of people that freak out about it, because that's a whole other thing usually the dilemma. One is kind of listed as the first one in the country, the first true gold rush, whatever that means, minor vines were considered a rush, perhaps the local to that area would consider themselves but yeah Usually the wanna go. One is kind of listed as the first one in the country, the first real gold rush, whatever that means again, we know and slippery not always clearly defined territory May I got overshadowed by California anyway, I am, but if you Like the right do, as you can do so in history, by aghast at Helstone works dot com, you can also find it. Everywhere- and social media under the handle missed in history and missed in history. Dot com is
So, where are you will find the show em all of its archives and show notes If you would like to subscribe to us, we highly encourage you to do so. You can do that on Apple podcast, Google play Spotify pretty much anywhere you get on gas, so will hope to see you there for more on this and thousands of other topics. Visit Housetop works, dot, com. It seems like it should be easy, but it's not just getting out of bed and getting your day started. Trying to accomplish everything. You need to do in your day that to do list as a lot easier when you're getting news stories and music to lift your mood and preparing for the day ahead connected to the things that make you laugh and make you think or make you want to reach out and share with a friend every morning with us, it's Elvis Doran in the morning show listen to us on cue, one or two or anywhere in the world. On the I hurt radio app.