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Introducing: Flashback - Isaac Newton’s ‘Year of Wonders’

2020-05-07 | 🔗

Each of us handles social distancing in our own way. Some are doing virtual yoga classes. Others are turning to art. And then there are those truly rare birds... like Sir Issac Newton. He once turned his time in quarantine into an opportunity to change the way we understand the world around us. Learn about history’s unintended consequences on Flashback, a new podcast from OZY and iHeart Radio Podcast Network. Find out how some of the best-laid plans can go horribly wrong or prove unexpectedly magnificent.  

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So with social distancing, the new normal? What is there to do to keep busy each was handle social distancing in our own way. So many community are determined to molly stay in shape, but socialize some doing virtual yoga classes? Others are turning to art, and I have found that colouring is very, very thing and some are even more creative and today, Saint Patrick, stay. Why not hunt for electric cars and then there are those truly rare birds. Like Sir Isaac Newton, he wants turned his time in quarantine into an opportunity to change the way we understand the world around US We are all living in the ripple effects of history, a butterfly flaps. Its in China in the nineteenth century and your Gruber, however, MRS to turn for the airport or twenty two world genius is forced to say, home from college and ends up becoming a father, the Father,
modern science welcomed a flashback. New podcast from OZ, the creators the thread, I'm Sean Bradwell, then I'll, be your visiting professor taking you wanted through history? That will change the way you look at the past and even some of it. Disastrous events in the great plague hit England in sixteen sixty five Isaac New wasn't sir or scientific legend, just a college student at the University of Cambridge and when the university closed its doors insane, students, home for the seventeenth century version of social distancing, moodily turn, this family estate to spend his time working on a few of his own pet projects. The youngster or thrived home. Calling me plus he spent away year of wonders, among other things, use this time to work out. Calculus and his theory of gravity aided by the apple tree right outside his window noon, returned
bridge the following year with some ground breaking theories under his belt ideas, making a college. Fellow then a professor in autumn only the founding father of a new scientific age History is littered with stories like Newton's year of wonders stories about unexpected turning points and hidden connections. You just have to know where to look that was the world we saw was the only world we saw, occasionally do a little dick. I heard about Hitler's personal physician, feared or moral, and I find it extraordinary that his case notes on out of Hitler's health, had been lying in the archives, for you know the right amount of sixty seventy years and they revealed the most extraordinary story in the first season. A flashback will connect the dots and some of the most incredible unintended consequences in history will here
a dangerous books? It assumes that you're interested in this conspiracy that explains everything, that's wrong with the world and their explosive like see a mass of car bomb exploded outside of a large federal building and downtown Oklahoma City about virtuous intentions. The wife's yea steps into the gap is is who will, aren't in the vices, they can produce stacks of cash, pile weapons in a mountain of cigarettes and about remarkable individuals who can reach entire industries. Michael Jordan, today comes back not just why what again aiming to be the best pool and about how some of the past greatest unintended outcomes continue to impact us today. But we have now is really almost frictionless environment for this kind of propaganda stay at home. In the world, where are we the way you look at it Florida histories, unintended consequences on flashback, new pod cast from Ozzy, and I hurt radio podcast network find out
from the best laid plans, can go horribly wrong or prove unexpectedly, magnificent? May sixth, listen to flash back on the I hurt radio, app apple podcast or wherever you get your podcast.