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Introducing Service: Stories of Hunger and War

2019-12-22 | 🔗

How do our food stories change during wartime? Each episode follows a World War II veteran from their home in the United States through their overseas deployment and back again. We hear firsthand where they fought, who they fed, how they ate, and what tastes they missed most while away at war. "Service: Stories of Hunger and War" is an iHeartRadio production hosted by Jacqueline Raposo. Listen now everywhere podcasts are found: https://megaphone.link/service

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Everybody eat, but how does a food story change when a civilian becomes a soldier Johnny the strict private first class? Remember William Walker, and that was the first class already offer, and the United States Navy coming soon to I hurt radio, a new podcast welcomes difference to the table from world war. Two. My name is often easier on. Second american and japanese ancestry. Through today, My name is Jason Skinner operation Iraqi Freedom of anyone. Where they fought with a FED how they ate and what they missed Sagramour curriculum lorry, look and see why it's like a boy,
Good in the army I join in the military, had powdered eggs and I hated those powdered eggs. I miss my mother's token. I am to see where the marvelous filled the marvel of what was happening. My dog, my father, was still working pudding, harm not what your country can do: Renewables Jacqueline reposing when I welcome you to service stories. Of hunger and wore a new podcast from my heart, YO debuting Veterans Day November, eleventh on Apple podcast, the I hurt radio up and everywhere you find your favorite pie. asked nobody has their freedoms because of what everybody else has given in the past was not a fool based on this. We start as early as the first thing we did Duennas.