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Isaac Merrit Singer

2016-07-27 | 🔗

While his name is most strongly associated with the sewing machine, Isaac Singer's life is a tale far beyond the story of mechanized stitching. A philanderer and cut throat businessman, Singer managed to accrue huge sums of wealth in his later life.

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welcome to you, MR from how support stuck her hello, unwelcome upon yes, I'm howling frightened, I'm Tracy. Well, so you probably know the name Isaac singer, because the singer name is still employees among sewing machine readable through all of us today. There is so much more story than that particular innovation. We meant when we did our episode several years ago on the patent wars around the sewing machine that his life story was sort of fascinating in and merited its own episode in here only getting it, but I will tell you have Fred, is not really a heroic figure though he has worked hard, scrambles start and you really want to root for him. He also was a big fan of kind of shady business dealings. He very violent temper
There are a whole lot of women and children in this story singer born on X, twenty seventh eighteen eleven in pits town New York Father Adam singer was a german immigrant from Saxony, but aims thing: is shortened from the family name. Rice, anger, the chains atta made after arriving in the United States, adamant wife, American born Ruth Benson have seven other children and, in addition to Isaac and not long after Isaac was born, the family moved to the township of Granby the relatively unpopular waited us. We go county Molly was not wealthy. Adam singer had worked as a mill right, which was a job that required both technological skill and some know how and ingenuity But it was really and underpaid field prior to unionization, but then when they moved away from pits town into Granby? That wasn't really
that was available. They were basically homesteaders by this point. Trying to teach me land, there really was largely still wilderness. As aside, as we go was in the midst of an area that was really considered a theatre in the war of eighteen twelve. Although the residents of that area seem to have pretty much been onlookers rather than active participants, they were not really strongly affected by the war, even though it was part of the war theatre yeah I was happening around them, but it did seem Blake it didn't. There were Sophie, them for one thing that it was a lake town was attacked, sure were really towns. It was very scattered so Isaac part had only a very basic education. At this point, the school where he learned was knew it had been built by collecting money from families in the air and there's some suggestion from his own recollections in interviews that he gave later in his wife than his father actually kept him away from school,
the family home was generally characterized as pretty tumultuous when Ruth did divorce in eighteen, twenty one and as part of culture laws of the time a woman lost all claim to any property of their husbands. If they petition for divorce and children fell under a similar provisions, they gave up rights to guardianship of their children, so Isaac never saw his mother again after this Adam remarried, two years after the divorce, but Isaac never really bonded with his stepmother. So just twelve years old he left home. He struck out for Rochester. It is possible that kind of unconfirmed first state with an older brother. Once it got there, he sought out of school returned and he spent most of the next seven years trying to make up for his previous lack of education that is a sort of a really interesting aspect of history- like he was not required to go to school. At this point, that was a volunteer
the school attendance on his part, because he really did feel like he would have. Rather than going to schools throughout his childhood, and when he was nineteen singer, gotta position. The machinist apprentice- and this seemed like you- on track for really stable career. This was actually considered sort of cutting edge technology at the time, but disappear ship only lasted for months. Singer would lead claim that in those four months he had learned all that a normal apprentice would have learned in the customary seven years of study with a master by an entirely different interests. Ted grab the young man's attention and that was acting is started, taking odd jobs with the Rochester Theatre, doing everything from taking taking tickets. to being a prop man, all the while waiting to finally be cast in a play. He did events we earn some small parts and then the lead role in Shakespeare's Richard the third. He would later tell reporters, but he was quote one of the best Richards of his day. He was
not very modest and also the reviewers did not agree with him. No, and around the same time, he met a young woman named Catherine, Maria Hayley and singer, who was nineteen? It still at this point married her in December of eighteen thirty, and they are the first of many children a few years later, but singer was often dawn. He would travel to other towns for theatre jobs, which he held in addition to a day job that he had it at a dry goods store in the town of port, gives where they lived, but he was pretty half hearted about his dedication to that regular job in eighteen, thirty, six Isaac, Catherine and the baby moved to New York City at the time, rumors were already swirling import Gibson that singer had come to no agreed. Many of the Ladys there quite intimately. This is the time
rumour that will crop up over and over. In today's episode in New York, Isaac took some odd jobs to make ends meet there. once again, almost immediately rumours of his proclivity to be unfaithful to his wife, but point. He was more concerned with pursuing his acting career than he was with his reputation. He joined a group called the Baltimore strolling players in eighteen, thirty, six once again, taking any job he could, until he could break into acting roles with them, was while performing with strolling players in Baltimore that Isaac about eighteen year, old, Mary, Ann Sponsor Is it long before singer proposed sponsor in autumn of eighteen? mistakes he moved to New York City. Imagine her surprise We discovered a wife and child in the mix ever singer was a very smooth talker. He was apparently very charming with the Ladys and he can his young love that his marriage was all but over and that they should live.
husband and wife, while he worked out his divorce so that they could then be legally married in the in time. Isaac and his actual wife Catherine had another child. Although Isaac would continue its relationship with Marion's puzzler further next only four years, she was patient He was fairly very very charming in convincing the lantern children together over that twenty four years I like sponsor, though Catherine, did not stick around here there occurred two kids and moved and with her parents their divorce didn't actually friend for more than two decades, though, and though he to adore. Sponsor singer was not really around for her either even ass. She was bearing many many children. He was once again travelling to find work. Sometimes at this point is a day laborer in
in thirty nine. At the age of twenty eight, he invented a rock drilling machine. This ended up sort of designed for government use and he filed a patent on it and he sold the rights patent for two thousand dollars, which was a substantial amount of money at the time, seemed like a use that money to start a theatre, troop called the merit, airs and they went on a national tour. Marianne in there for Son joined him on the road and the family and the rest of the troops spent eighteen, thirty, nine eighteen, forty four, mostly in a wagon. While they went from town to town, Marianne, an eye had three more children during this period of constant travel. That sounds so miserable to me. But what do I know singer? who performed under the name. Isaac merits during this time finally ran out of money and he had a shut his theatre enterprise in eighteen, forty, four out of money and doubling
acting after trying and failing to earn a living at it for fourteen years at this point, singer instead picked up right where he left off career wise before his stint on the stage, and he once again turned to machine work. We will- about his return for working with machines in just a moment, but first what a pause for every word: Brown sponsored. Here's the thing saving money with Geico was almost better than playing pick up basketball, because there's always that guy who joins your game. He never passes the rock he constantly bricks theories and who completely you and then put his hands up and say no foul, no foul with Geico. It's easy to switch save on car insurance, no need to fake an ankle sprain because you're absolutely exhausted, so which in save with Geiger it's almost better than sports
sinner set up a shop in Pittsburgh in eighteen. Forty six, that made would type letters and raised sign letters in a few years later eighteen, forty nine he patented his second invention and that wood and metal carving machine to this basically could make printing type for in lettered blocks. And he decided to move to New York City once again, this time with the intention to set up shop as a manufacturer, and he established a factory there to mass produce these carving devices his police suffered. While you followed this dream at this point, there were six children, not enough money to cover expenses and anything, but the most bear way, and he persevered though he did manage to set up a machine that.
Little factory was really short, lived. A boiler explosion destroyed the entire business and sixty three people died when that happened, while singer himself survive because he was out at the time of the explosion, he was destitute. He eventually. minced George Beaver, who was a publisher and bookseller to invest in his carving machines. I get build another prototype, terrible the one they have been destroyed in the explosion and just in the chair Telly, I feel like. I should mention that those six children were the ones, had with Mary Ann Catherine still had the other two children elsewhere. She was living, I believe, with her family at the time, and it singer had to move his shop to Boston as part of his agreement was zipper which he did although his family stayed behind em. In point of fact, it was actually both family staying behind in New York City because by random happenstance, his wife Catherine
moved into the city and ended up just a few blocks away from his home with Mary Ann just to keep everything super awkward, Well, nobody in the publishing industry seemed really interested in singers. Carving machine singer partner were interested in something new that they saw in the shop they had rented and that was selling machines. Yet had rented a little space in this shop where they could kind of show off their peace and have people come and visit and see it. and also in this shop were lots of sowing machines. So since his business was non existent. It started examining the various sewing machines that came into the shop, which was owned by a man named Orson, see Phelps and, as you may recall, from our episode from several years ago about the invention of the sewing machine
They were still very very new at the time and there was not one basic approach to how they worked, but several so there were multiple different designs because numerous different entrepreneurs we're vying to establish themselves as the manufacturer of the sewing machine. There's some discrepancy in the accounts of singer and Phelps as to exactly how this situation sparks Europe work on a new version of the sewing machine. Phelps claims to have Alan singer to come up with a divine, since he was quick to point out what was faulty and all the models that he saw but singer mercifully not interested in pretty reluctant singer, of course, all that out when talking about his adventure later you're. He definitely describes that much more is being really inspired to fix these. The problems of but in the end singers ever am Phelps did enter into a partnership in which Phelps offered workspace. Zebra control
Financially, although he was really quite strapped at this point, having put a lot of money into. Carving machine that they were working on and singer handled the design and the building- and it was less than two it's only eleven days from when he had the idea then figured out has I'm too when he had a first model built and so for clarity. Sometimes, when you read this, it makes it sound like he just went off by himself and toiled like a mad, in a small room alone, but he was not this toiling so low. He had men from Phelps this machine shop at his disposal and he conducted the whole business with equal parts of foul temper and charm, as he got all of these men working on things. He apparently was a bit moody and sometimes he would yell at the workmen sometimes he would sing to her fingers machine made use of many of the technologies that other inventors had already come up with. It could still continue
we on our free arm and it could still curves he added a threat control mechanism and moved the needle into vertical positions. Singers machine included oppressor foot which offer greater control the fabric of that pass through the needle stitching making and I did so at a boy using nine hundred stitches. A minute Context of how amazing this is. You have to remember that The time when sewing was an essential skill for just about every woman who kept a house and sewing extremely time consuming. She had to do all of hand, stitching that maintained her families wardrobe and that took up a significant chunk of her life. Normally singer went back to New York to apply the patent on the machine as well as for the birth of yet another child with Marianne Isaac. We showed the midwife and the nurse who were on hand this exceptional machine he designed for sowing even while Marianne was labored to deliver their child,
Finally, the new baby only survived for a few days. He also kept from his partners that, that, while he was in New York filing the patent for this trip, he only put his name on the paperwork. What a jerk pretty much! singer and its partners immediately started advertising and marketing the sewing machine and singer called on his experience in the theatre. To do so, he would stage demonstrations at fares and in stores, and he would sing logic version of the poem, the song of the shirt by Thomas Head throughout these demonstrations to try to help drying crowds and its machine works. No we're really well. Previous versions of the sewing machine had been forsaken and parents are breaking down, but the singer machine was consistent as sturdy ye. I will give him That's for sure, education back into me since bow, I mean I am, I am body, sowing seed it all the time, but I know when I was learning on my mother's singer. That was still the reputation they had yet
they will think about it all the time they had a little dear Emma, like Eightys and Ninetys, but then they ve kind of bounced. Back again I mean: do you have to give him credit? He really did sort of smooth out the problems that most scenes had and that song of the shirt, if you ve, never heard it is kind of about a person toiling in, and you know needing to take time to work on thing so while we credit him with smoothing out a lot of problems there in terms of the engineering of the sewing machine. as you know, if you listen to our episode on the sewing machine in its invention, you know that many of those previously existing technologies that singer was using had been created or significantly modified by a man named Elias. How and when how wind of singers machine, which happened when he saw one of singers, older sons demonstrating it. He immediately claimed patent infringement. How first demanded a royal
payment of two thousand dollars, but singer who was not the least bit shy about being aggressive in business? Responded with physical threats is basically kicked off. A long and content This relationship for the two men and we walked rehash the entire things we talked about it in detail in the previous episode. But here are some highlights as how who had pursued legal action against several other inventors who he claimed were also using his sewing machine designs started success in those legal efforts Singer worried that it might work against. Him went on the offensive so he tried to discredit house position as invent of many of the items that he claimed patent rights too. We also started a smear campaign against how in the press with which, how fought with a libel suit, there was eventually a patent trial
I was ultimately the winner in that legal battle throughout all of this legal wrangling, singer was producing sewing machines and refining his design. He part and with another man, Edward Clark in the meantime, in eighteen, fifty five, You're sewing machine when I first place medallion at the Paris World Spare after Clark submitted it to the exposition and the IRA, and the legal wrangling around the sewing machine and who had invented what did eventually died down as part of that in eighteen, thirty. The Sewing Machine Trust, which was a combination pen held by how singer you additional inventors who all had skin in the sewing machine game was formed, and this right agreement allowed all of the various players to benefit from the manufacture of the machine that all of them had really contributed to developing the year. after the sewing machine dressed in eighteen, fifty seven singer in Clark formed
I am singer in company, and this is a really momentous step in the ship, the sewing machines from industrial tools to home goods, can singer very smartly started. Mass manufacturing sewing machine parts in New York and in doing so, they made it possible to produce machines at a significantly reduced cost in this meant that people could, by machines for home, used for just one hundred dollars and they did the singer. Sewing machine was so successful that the company open three New York manufacturing facilities. Just one year later, today, he's singer, who was guided by the astute business acumen of Edward Clark, set up ran to own payment plants where customers could pay a monthly rate for their new machine, eventually paying more than they would have if they have spotted outright but owning it the rental agreement and be able to use it in the meantime singer started hiring women to demonstrate the machines instead of the male members of his team, to prove that even the
Onest of Ladys couldn't handle the machinery that you bill. To really make sure his sewing machine became a standard and the homes of all respectable ladys. He offered machines, are discounted prices to the wives of pastor ministers of all denomination. So while how gets the credit, inventing the sewing machine most of the time through talked about in that old episode. It's a lot more complicated, singer is really the man who brought it into the home market in eighteen, six So just a few years after the partnership with Clark I am singer in company was the largest manufacture of sowing machines in, World and this. Ass if sales numbers that they were able to start making outside of the. U S actually position the company really well to weather. storm of the. U S, civil war intact. Part of that success, particularly the personal, well,
but Isaac Senor enjoyed, was the result of aggressive and often ruthless business practices on entrepreneurs. Part when you started. His company recall he had gained financial backing and shop access from George, be Seeber and urgency Phelps, but She had absolutely no sentimentality about that relationship in terms of Isaac singer. He really didn't care for those men, particularly apparently he he'd Phelps out of the company really early on, and then he pressures were to sell his interest to him. When Zebra was told, he was quite ill and believe that he was at the end of his wife, Only labour was not either of those things, but while he was pondering has seemingly eminent death senior told him. You should wrap up his business affairs are taken by out before he passed, so that would spare has gone.
giving family the fiscal troubles that they would need to wrap up once he was gone singer got his by out, but as it turned It had all been elaborated trick on his part, I feel like we're safe over and over, but what a jerk what a jerk We are now going to speak a little bit more about Isaacs, later life and how his philandering eventually caught up to him. We will say what a jerk several more times. I have. No doubt But first you hear him a pause and have a break in here. For one of our sponsors from the creator of the control group comes a new scripted gasped the seventh daughter. They say the seventh daughter kin name's conjure voices from the green cars. feelings to rise and rolling Linda all that it is the family
the seventh daughter out in episode available February. Third, is this really something he should be involving pandora? There's something you're not telling me what there is a man very powerful and doing his name is called the black eyes widened talks in the sudden, you have no right to put her in danger. The seventh daughter, listen on the Iheart radio, Apple pie, gas or wherever you get your by gas. We ve had some gas. We're about people who were really had a ruthless in their bid this world and then also hoarded that profits. That was not easy. Here at all, he was flamboyant in his spending.
Marianne and their children from their humble home, on the lower side to progressively nicer lodging as his success grew, Eventually they were on Fifth avenue, which was home to only the wealthiest families. His. neighbours there never really accepted Isaac and Marianne though they certainly partook in the huge parties that the dual hosted others years were nouveau reach and utterly Goshen their taste for it. But while he was in New York, The main means of transport was this black and bright, yellow carriage that he had designed and had custom built. Scared was large but needed at least six horses to pull it so as it was contributing to the manure problem we discussed recently, sometimes we had more than that on a team. He would have.
He would have alive musicians ride along with him, so he could always have music and as many as thirty one passengers could ride in this vehicle, which also had an onboard bathroom and sleeper beds. And they needed all. Those seats for his large and seemingly ever growing family as his fortune grew He made an effort to reconnect with his eldest son from his first marriage. and in the early eighteen fiftys when things were starting to really spark for him in the business world. He started to more long term affairs with women they marry mechanical and Mary Eastwood Walter's, both of whom lived in New York City. So this means that he still had his strange wife, Catherine, as we said before, was lab for their divorce came final as well as Marianne and these two new marries,
where there are also more children with mechanical and Walter's and in eighteen. Sixty finally did divorce, Catherine, although he made her confess to adultery before he would give her her settlement pay out of ten thousand dollars. yeah. She had taken of residence is my understanding with another man at that point, but she hadn't lived with him for a long time and he had been living with several other people, and so it would seem that now he could fulfil his promise that he would Miriam once his divorce was settled twenty four years after they first talked about it she had been patiently waiting for a quarter of a century but then He told her that he did not want her to have power over him, so he was not going to enter into a legal marriage. This is again a point where we say what a jerk
Not long after this Marianne spotted Isaac riding in a carriage with Mary Mechanical and should get ran, saying at the two of them singer later beat her for her outburst. There was not surprisingly, given his temper and business, not the first or less harm that he was violent with a woman. He was, however, arrested this time, because Marianne called the police, Single retired in eighteen sixty two though his company of course kept going strong in eighteen, sixty three, the company incorporated as the singer manufacturing company it. He gained twenty two more patents at that point and it was planning to launch in overseas factory which it did in Glasgow. Scotland, in eighteen, sixty seven when he retired he moved to Europe. Mrs often characterized as
from the York, because the big actually grown, complicated and fraud for this asked and tasteless and full ambering entrepreneur, he was often being hounded by the press because of allegations of allegations of take abuse and, additionally, all this press meant that always who had set up households with him. I knew but they were not unique in terms of being his partner. Yet he basically let each of them to believe that they were living in a monogamous households and that he just travel the lot, but really he had multiple households throughout the city. Marion Sponsor made a divorce case claim against singers estate. She claimed that they, basically how to in law, marriage and, while he was awarded a large alimony pay out of eight thousand dollars annually, singer renegotiated through his attorneys to a much lower rate of fifty dollars per week. Marianne ended up disgraced, however, and stripped of her alimony when it was
held that she had married another man shortly after this settlement was reached was the one who ended up scandalised as an adulterer, despite singers constant infidelities to multiple women at once, the common law marriage was dissolved. She was left with nothing. He had been the man of ass in three different houses at the same time, and he had eighteen children and an idea. We see, remove Merriwig articles, younger sister, Tate travelled to Europe with him ass, his companion when he fled. Although the two of them stay together long and where she went from there is not clear in eighteen. three, while he returned on a visit to New York to settle his divorce from sponsor an dissolve his partnership with Clark as part of the incorporation of the company you're married his second wife, who was already very very pregnant wife number to was a woman named Isabel Eugenie Boys Somerville. She was recently divorced herself and was just a young woman in her twenties
she was not any of the other women we have already referenced now. He was a new when she was a new web. So after he married for the second time, Isaac and his bride lived in the Fifth Avenue home during my time as first wife. his first wife Katharine attempted to renegotiate the terms of their settlement. Again this week said in a rift between Isaac and the oldest son he had had with Catherine ass. He had asked the young man to testify in court against his mother, threatening quote: take your choice, your mother with poverty or me with riches has threatened to kill his son William when William refused to testify the court case was eventually dropped. Yet we don't really know like how that's played out and how the case went away, but William never had to testify one way, the other, but the relationship with pretty damn in eighteen, sixty four singer and Isabel built a new home called the castle in yunkers and there they
through a lavish housewarming party, but very few people attended. They still have the problem that people just thought they were nouveau region. They weren't really all that respectable. During the post civil war, reconstruction era and after only a short time living at the castle. The singers move to Paris in eighteen sixty six as the first oppression war broke out in eighteen. Seventy Isaac of a family moved to England where they settled permanently. He had a massive french renaissance style home. The built in South Devon called the wigwam and he included a private theatre along with every other, lavish room imaginable where human family would put on plays Then one of the interesting things about Isaac, singers, many romantic partners and all of those children. He ended up with twenty four documented. By the time it was all done because he and Isabel had several could not stay true to one woman, he really was pretty devoted to his kids, with the exception of
his eldest son, William after that failed bribery. Attempts for perjury that did not work out home in England was built in grand scale so that all of the rest of his known children could live there with him at the wigwam. It seemed like singer found a sort of peace that had eluded him throughout his life. Up to that point, he through three Spectre killer parties there. Every year, on the fourth of July Christmas Day in his birthday, even play Father Christmas and gave out toys in food, to less fortunate children in the area and several of his kids ended up connected to rather notable Europeans. His son, Paris, who was his son with Isabel, had a child with Isidora Duncan who is known as the mother mother of modern dance, and if that name is ringing sort of a grisly ballots, because, yes, she is the person you're. Thinking of that died in. their horrific car accident when her long, dramatic scarf, which was blowing in the wind, became intact
in the wheel and Ruth and then Rear Axel of her vehicle Isaac. Singer died from disease. On July. Twenty fourth, eighteen, seventy five- he was sixty three of the time and his wealth, which was estimated at eighteen million dollars when he died, invited Amelia squabbling from the many families he had started through the years, but he had carefully arranged his Wilson. The money was divided into sixty equal parts and destroyed among his family members, some of them receiving multiple portions, yeah. It was very, very clear that he had favorites like some kids would get. You know four or five portions and others would get only Apple and while William, with whom he had fallen, had that huge falling out received only relatively tiny, some five hundred dollars unwilling sister Lillian, who was also Catherine's. Child only got one thousand. An interesting thing happened here, which is the other illegitimate singer. Children who had fared much
better in the will. Each gave portion of their inheritance to supplement those amounts that William in Lillian, receive so then of his many wives and other paramour, Only Isabel was recognised in the will with any sort of monetary pay out and while this your company and its manufacture of sewing machine did go through some bumpy times over the years we alluded to earlier had stolen the recognised and pretty respectable name in the home sewing market. Yet you know more than two hundred years after he was born. His company keeps on track and I have a singer that is from nineteen eleven that has been in my husband Emily. Since it came off the manufacturing line, I need to replace one of the belt. Yeah built on their funding they'll go forever, but they do need some.
there are some similarly old singers and my family and then the one that I learned to sell on was my mothers and that one what's prob FR, like the efforts at the latest early seventies. Could she would about it before I was born, and then I use that, as my sewing machine for a while, and then we sort of traded sewing machines after last night I'm pretty sure that one is still in their home and still working. Probably that was when they normally the homes sewing market They were the modernized machines, not the old. You know, cast iron base, Treadles They still had metal gear. Numerous there was a shift later to plastic year, so they did not. Last quite as long and if you soda hole, Over the course of several days. I discovered the hard way you could fuse those gears works, but yeah me
legacy still remains at its. It always kind of cracks me up. When you see Lake him listed as like a great american entrepreneur and, unlike while he did so cool stuff, we gotta take a look at what is really going on in his life conceived, but maybe not the best dude yeah highs and lows with that. When we have a number of other like inventors of things, really check and passed in our our guy on the new year also one. You know, I should give him some extra guilt on that manoeuvre crisis thing, because while we talked about the one huge carriage he many many carriages and he liked to raise them up and down Fifth avenue to show off. So he was contributing more than just that. Sixty nine horse team that carried the big crazy size, one always EC singer
You're a mess do I have a couple visas, I'm trying to be quick. As I know this episode rain really long. The verses from Listener Abbey and she says dear Tracy and Holly, I'm a long time listener and was so excited to hear you did a broadcast on the occasion empire because I first started listening to stuff. You miss in history class
in two thousand nine, while living in the lands of the ancient acumen, its I was blessed to serve as a peace course volunteer and Turkmenistan from two thousand eight to twenty two, two thousand ten and I squeal with excitement. When I heard you all mention Turkmenistan on the pond cast much like I do whenever I hear that name, your part cancelled the truly special place in my heart, because my time and Turkmenistan, which was equally one of the most affiliate and lonely periods of my life and it provided me with solace. I served teaching English as a foreign language as a volunteer in a village about twenty miles outside of the capital city. My village, which I am not going to try to pronounce with, but it was named after a famous turkmen poets, and she worked at the local school teaching. English
fourth to east greed, students and she was the first american volunteer to live in the village and was therefore the first native english speaker that many of those villagers had ever seen. So she needed to rely on her knowledge of the Turkmen language to get by every day she says. Well, I love teaching and I truly appreciated my experiences in Turkmenistan. Life could become very lonely when your communication is limited. I was never very good at languages. I literally crave for conversation and media in English. Another peace corps volunteer turn me under podcast in it
great joy in my life when english media was difficult to combine when I was lonely you're having a tough time- and I have we watched all my episodes of the office or Gilmore girls. You're podcast really help me get by because there is so much content that I could listen to and it actually felt like my brain with stimulated while they realize it was your shows predecessors who got me through some tough points. In my personal peace corps experience, I am confident that you, ladies, are providing soulless for peace corps volunteers around the world, and for that I thank you and she sent us a beautiful pictures from Turkmenistan and I just want to say thank you to her as well. I will do my best friends growing up and her husband both served in the peace corps. I so appreciate the work of those people do so. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you, Abbe. I also wanted to say well, congratulations to Bethany and her husband, Patrick, who sent us a birth announcement of their baby Lucy, and they Bethany mentions that she listened to the pond cast a lot when she was on bed rest during her pregnancy and that's
she started the podcast at one point when Lucy was having, some issues, stay calm and she started the podcast for herself, but it actually stuff the baby crying immediately. I am shocked that I would have this effect on babies, since I'm scared of them and they can smell but I am glad it helped in this case. So congratulations, Bethany, Patrick on your your new little. Why am I hope you guys are all doing great. If you would like to write to us, you can do so at history. Contents to house of works dot com. You can also connect with this at Facebook, dot com, Slash missed in history, on twitter admission, history at Pinterest, dot, com, Slash missed in history at Mister history that tumblr come in on Instagram atmosphere. History Fiona learn a little bit more about a subject related to today's episode. You can go to house works, dot com taken. The word sewing machine in the search bar and you will get an article called how sewing machine works. If you wanna really see how Isaac singers work culminated in one pretty
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