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Josephine Nivison Hopper

2021-08-23 | 🔗

Jo Nivison was an established artist before she married Edward Hopper. But her art career quickly became secondary to Ed's, and their life together, which is often described as a great collaboration, was really far darker than that.

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expect my husband and I went to Chicago to meet up with some friends list was kind of map magical calendar window where we were all vaccinated, the various him out had its big surge yet, and we return to celebrate some stuff that we didn't get to do during the more everybody. Stay in their house parts, the pandemic and one of the things we during that trip was visit, the ART Institute of Chicago and my love it had this, list of art pieces that you wanted to see. Which is unusual for em, like he likes art, but he doesn't have the lake. I gotta see this artist. I got Heaslip more like let's one around and see what we like em, I it We are a little while to realise what he was doing and how he had selected the pieces that he wanted to see and then I realized. honey. Are we doing Ferris Bueller right now and he was like? Yes, we are so
it made a list of all of the piece of art from that section of the movie where their upper ART Institute an even told my best friend cause. She lives outside cargo and knows where everything is an art museum in it. Just cracked me up, that's hilarious, thy love, it s that may be the lightest part of this episode because of those paintings was, of course, Edward Hoppers, night hawks, which is famous, and we went looked at it, and it reminded me that hopper has been on my list as a potential podcast topic for a very long time. Well ass. I started my research. I realise that the episode that I really wanted to do was actually about his wife, Josephine Nilsen. she was an artist as well, but her arc your kind. China gets pretty murky to the point of almost vanishing after the two became a couple and that story kind of a pandora's box situation.
Their relationship is often discussed in these really romantic terms is like this great artistic collaboration and made collaborate, but it was not a great situation, so apologies up front, because this is a bummer episode for a few reasons. One of those reasons is that we have to give a warning here that we are going to be talking about domestic violence. That is a hard topic Oh do whatever you need to do. Is listener jump over this one. If you need to it also, may change share feelings about Edward hoppers work if you love it, so fair warning just beam. Verse steel Nathan was born on March Eighteenth, eighteen, eighty three in New York City, their whole life was pretty, conventional. Sometimes it's described as even chaotic per month. Marianne didn't really believe in rules and her father El Dorado was struggling, musician and music teacher, but he was similarly inclines having this really unstructured parenting style, the nervous
Elsa moved a lot because their finances we're just pretty thin all the time. yeah one account. She also mention that her father had some anger issues as well, so it really was very chaotic and The theme was the second of three children. She had an older brother who died when they were still really just kids. and then a younger brother named Charles families only daughter was headstrong from infancy. It seemed and at one point when a family friend was visiting when she was like it just a year and a half old, and this family friend told Marianne that she really was going to need to curtail Josephine's temper Marian Splendid quote I'll. Do nothing of the sort she may meet it some time. Josephine in love books as a child, because she lived this sort of real and unstable home life, the world's that were in those books, became her reality in a lot of ways. This was so much so that she later said quote what,
shock for me to find out. Life is not like books. I who had done Shakespeare at ten and loved ideas for themselves, with no background for digestion. So ideas stay ideas and fastened themselves to my backbone. When, was a being who went by Joe with seventeen she enrolled in normal College of New York, that is now huh your college. It's part of the City University of New York system and this What kind of intended to put Joe on a career path as a teacher? That was what normal college with an all women student body specialised in She studied literature and drama as well as french and latin, but art was already an important part of her life. She had some her drawings, published in the schools, yearbook, the hysteria and the school paper, which was called the echo after she finished it. Most school with her bachelors degree Joe moved not into teaching, but to the New York School of art there.
she met Robert Henry, who became a teacher and mentor, and nineteen o five Henry painted a portrait of her, and this is a life sized portrait, its title b, art students and it shows twenty two year old medicine in full figure, she's standing with her body facing slightly to the left of the painting, but gaze is squarely on the viewer. she's wearing what looks like a red floral dress with a white lace, color we It's a little bit of it and most of her figure is covered by a black smock. Her left arm this dangling in front of her ends in a hand holding multiple artist brushes this painting was made around the same time. Josephine would have met her future husband, although the two of them didn't connect romantically. Until much later Henry I wrote about the moment that he was inspired to paint Jos Portrait saying quote she
standing in her old paint, spattered apron at the close of the lesson with her paintbrushes clutched firmly in her little fist. Listening a conversation she's seemed a little human question mark and everything about her. Even the line of the dress suggested. The idea I wanted to, pain her just ass. She was, and I asked her to pose for me the next day, I was afraid she couldn't assume the same, pose and the same look, but it happened that ass she entered my studio. She fell into the same, energetic questioning attitude. I had to paint very rapidly to get it after Davison graduated from art school. She managed to make living as an artist. She did. Ok, she sold drawings to various periodicals to make ends meet that included. The evening host and the New York Tribune. She also taught art in elementary rules and that the job that she held for years, yes should more than a decade of teaching experience in her life, but though she
teaching kids the basics by day and how to express themselves in her spare time. She was engaging with the avant garde, art scene of New York and specifically in Greenwich Village, and she was into the arts beyond her painting, though she also danced, and she eventually started appearing in place with the Washington Square players see also continued to be mentored as an artist by Robert Henry, and in one thousand nine hundred and seven, she went to HOLLAND's to take landscape and portrait painting classes that he was teaching there. She also went to Paris and ITALY on that trip our work. She thought in Europe really opened her eyes to the world of modern art just thirty Joe continued to live at home, but in one thousand nine hundred and nine when she was still in her late twenties, her father died and then her mother and brother moved to Rhode Island a few years later to live with her mother's sisters. Joe at this point chose to stay in New York. She left New York and would later say in her life like it was such a happy accident that she and artist got
be born in New York and didn't have to fight her way there and she lived with a non family roommate for the first time in her life. Just It was due been pretty happy during this time. Shoes, outgoing she had a circle of friends and the art community but though she was very progressive and really quite liberal. In her view, she was behaviorally quite conservative. She was not a party girl by any means she didn't drink, have any serious romantic relationships, and when she had friends over for party she serve tee instead of cocktails. She had her first group show at the age of thirty one that was in nineteen fourteen, and this was knows affair in terms of historical are placed meant along her work were pieces by man Ray and Williams, or act as well as others. She's meant. The thing half of the nineteen teens teaching appearing on stage and then in nineteen eighteen volunteering for the Red Cross. She was shipped off to France, where she was assigned to work in
occupational therapy in the hospital at boat as air. But she got severe bronchitis and was admitted to the hospital as a patient, not long after she arrived in late nineteen. Eighteen by end of January nineteen. Nineteen she was back in New York for recovery and after several weeks she was deemed unfit to return to work in France. She He had also during this time lost her teaching job. She had taken a leave of absence ass. She could do that Red Cross work, but the Board of Education did not hold her job for her, and so soon she was scrambling to make ends meet, have to wonder if some of this isn't a calendar logistics issue like they're. Like we didn't know, you were coming right back right with tears. She was expected to be gone for quite a while. So she ended up having to move into a very tiny, cold studio and managed to get some showings at a bookshop in the Yale Club Building called sunrise turn and then
seem twenty New York Telephone Directory Joe opted to list her profession as artist. She also fibbed about her age in the sense of that year, she shaved seven years. A half to claim that she was twenty nine see our third second teaching job. She helped keep sick children at Willard, Parker Hospital up to date on their schoolwork. Unfortunately, though, she could, diphtheria, a that continued to affect her health well into the summer moved into a new studio. This was a fourth floor plays with no bathroom in the vanguard. studios and immediately she started showing her work. They are kind of mounting her own. Many shows an she also adopted. A street tat means Arthur during this time In twenty also mark this really financially astute move. Omnibuses part she had thought made this case this. She had not been told about the potential health risks of her
teaching assignment at the hospitals, ward, school and she ended up negotiating for early retirement with light, time, disability pay and her existing salary of seventeen hunt. Fifty dollars a year because she did have ongoing effects from that illness, but this negotiation, she did meant that she could just focus on her, are and not worry constantly about money and that included getting to make summer visit to artists colonies in in twenty two. Never sons, water colours were included at a showing at new gallery with several other prominent artists. Again Williams or Ex work was alongside hers, as well as paintings by Marguerite, Picasso and Modigliani there again in the spring, with two water colours and her finding answers were pretty sick her art career was really starting to gain some so coming up
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really only remembered that on a previous meeting, she was kind of bummed that he didn't dance because she body had great dancing legs and she loved to dance She also had at least some social interaction with him in New York. Although it's a little unclear exactly how well the two knew each other before nineteen many three other they did both have in the same show in late nineteen. Twenty two at the Burmese on gallery of decorative arts, so their path, cross repeatedly and to look at them people. They were at this point in nineteen, twenty three, where they meet up in a more per sort of way. You would think the Joe Nevis in would become the famous one and Edward Hopper would be more light way to recede into the background of art history, Joe, had started visiting artist. Cod he's during the summer's. Usually in new england- and it was out of these colonies and Gloucester Massachusetts that she ran into Edward Hopper in the summer of nineteen twenty three at that point, Hopper was
begging his living doing etchings, he considered himself and illustrator rather than a painter. The first words that he said to her at the colony were apparently hey. I saw your cat yesterday because our There are always travelled with. Do she really really loved that cat, while the two of them had not particularly sparked earlier in their lives in any kind of way meeting in their forties? At this point there early forties for both of them, they became very close friends, started working on their art next to one another and Jos work in water color and some you no kind of product her part end encouragement led ed to also start working in the same medium They went on dates and they grew closer and closer making something of an odd couple, because it was quite tall and Joe is very petite and when they were turned to New York, the romance continued. They started, among other things, to visit a chinese restaurant that would later be featured in hoppers now famous painting, chop Suey, hopper roads.
notes in French, which is a language they would use together for the rest of their lives and item of nineteen twenty three, which followed the summer where the two artists had reconnected Josephine, had six of her watercolor paintings. accepted into a show at the Brooklyn Museum that show included painters, leg singer sergeant and Georgia O Keefe when she and became re acquainted. He had last sold a painting and nineteen thirteen, and so here it was a decade later nervous and decided to help him by putting a good word for him with the museum and they included six water colours, prettiest while working with her and Gloucester, and they bought one of his paintings critics. Really raved overheads pieces and bullied by this validation. Edward decided he was going to pursue painting in earnest and taper off of his work as an illustrate
In the summer of nineteen, twenty four Joe in Ed, went back to the Gloucester ART Colony, where they had reconnected, and this time they went as newlyweds there had been no engagement, the pair had a on July ninth over whether they would go to Gloucester, which was Ed's choice or to Cape cod. Where'd. You wanted to go, and this you ended with an agreement that they would go to Gloucester and get married that day They hastily grabbed a friend to be best man and they went in search of a minister who would perform the ceremony, look awhile while they got turned down by a few, because it was apparently kind of cagey. Whenever any of them asked about their denomination by the end of the day they were married, and so their trip to Gloucester that year to pain was their honeymoon in such a way. Resolution to this argument to me Ray Lake. It's one of those things where the person whose laid Bare really Primary biographer in terms of covering their relationship and not hopper, is lacking.
Their reasons in their logic, for this whole thing was their own. They never explained it to anybody and I'm lake. I got me, very quickly this is a little red flag. Even me, yeah yeah, it's definitely a compromise to go from either Gloucester or Cape COD to Gloucester, and also we're getting married right. This minute, we yeah so anyway, there often described as having an artistic partnership with Joe as Ed's meares, but this relationship was by almost any standard, just very, very unhealthy. Joe and add Hopper seem devoted to each other in some ways and particularly very publicly, but they were also constantly locked in battle and battle often turns to physical violence from them very beginning of their marriage. It seemed going by Jos journals Edward was just dissatisfied with their roles, he
had married a woman who was finding some success in arch was very independent, and what he wanted was a house sway who had no interests outside of pleasing him, and Joe realise that she had married a man who would not ever want to have a social life with anyone else, and that was one of her great pleasures Joel also not particularly inclined towards domesticity, as your call even in her own family, the set up had been anything but traditional, so too suddenly be expected to just and care for a man who wanted a wife to be a domestic servants. That was completely unexpected for her. She kept house, but cooking was just not happen No, it appears in that argument resolution of let's get married. They never had the. What do you want out of marriage discussion Edward was also jealous of Arthur and that she loved this cat so much
he drew caricatures showing this jealousy Arthur is depicted as Jos, true love, while Ed weights on Floor for scraps, Joe actually maintained her own studio space away from Edward in the beginning of their marriage in part just so that she can keep Edward in Arthur apart and it was there that she would meet up with France. Never at Ed studio. in her journals, Joe wrote accounts about their sex life that are just heartbreaking. They depicted sexual mismatch that lead to what amounts to assault on her husband's part. According to her own account, she had no real sexual experience when the two of them got married and she found that quote. The whole thing was entirely for him for his benefit According to her journal, he forbade her from speaking with other women about sags, so she felt what she called Sub normal
she resigned herself to not enjoying their sex life. She wrote quote I declared, since that was the status quo. that let him have it all I withdrew. Who all my interests, there was my body. Let him take it, but I'm not consent to be hurt too much only a certain amount. Then he set forth to build as meet a little job of inferiority complex, for which I and my ignorance was eligible for Ed's parts. He drew tombs of himself as the unfortunate husband of a frigid wife vowing, deeply to Joe from the end of the bed. While she read the book, disinterested makes me sad. She writes about herself like in that whole he doesn't want to talk to other people. Her logic is it. He is too embarrassed for other people to know that he got a lemon she's such a sad way to proceed situation for her it breaks. My heart the year. The hoppers married Joe, was in
to show several of her pieces in Paris and Edward also had his first solo. Show that year, at the gallery of Frank Kay, em ran their worst steam pieces of Ed's paintings included and they all sold right represented Hopper for the rest of his life, Joe, identity shifted significantly with her marriage to hopper and in some ways that was slowly and other ways. The changes were very abrupt. A year after they got married, Arthur had disappeared, an exhaustive search for him, had proved fruitless. So she gave up. Studio. She moves everything into the same space that Edward was using because career was on the rise. He needed all the space that he had so her paintings went in a basement storage when she finished them along with most of the eye. That she had moved with really almost the perfect
four for her identity is her own person. During this time she seemed to put herself away to just live in Ed's world. When visitors can to the studio. She wasn't allowed to show them. What she had been working on things were not All gloom, the to travel to Santa FE and nineteen twenty five in lieu of a New England Summer trip Hopper Didn, we find much inspiration in the. U S southwest but he did have Joe posed for him for the painting interior, which was later old model. Reading. If you look for his paintings under the name interior, you will get a bunch of them, so nowadays kind of usually said interior with model reading in parenthesis after him. And this was the start of a dynamic of their relationship. They would become very important to both of them over the years they also socialize during this trip, which was a lot of fun for Joe and while he wasn't always smooth, does seem like overall, they both enjoyed it. They had, Several similar trips throughout their marriage, when they heard
home. Ed turned on his last illustration work and he was about point officially exclusively a painter and although he is really starting to do well selling his paintings. The hoppers did not live extravagantly in the least their Washington's. Their studio, was on the top floor of a building, and it was really rudimentary as a living space, it had a skylight that made it a good workspace for art, but in terms of staff. There was no refrigerator, no toilet. They had to haul coal up the stairs to the fourth floor, where they were to have heat the light but they lived. There was also not exactly filled with social activities. Most of their time was spent alone, just the two of them in this small space eating their meals out of cans and then just rowing increasingly irritated with one another. I feel like this living set up without the context
They're like like their their relationship issues that were already having like that small of a space with two people in it and those meagre circuit like that, would have probably bread some forestry. Hence, in the best of circumstances, it's one of those things to where they had both been living on their own for so long, but they were both in their forties when they got married, soda, suddenly leg. I share everything with you. What happened, the adjustment, like you said, is everything about their relationship was perfect, other the mad and in this light to be pack them a little tiny space together, not good in nineteen. Twenty six Joe had her first showing under the name Josephine Hopper at the Whitney Museum she had another showing at the Whitney studio Club the next year and one of the water colours that she No, there was called movie theater that same year, end painted he's called two on the aisle that was the first of his movie theater paintings a theme,
which he would become famous kind of seems like he got the idea from her. While she continued to paints, it fell off. Frequency at one point, zero in her diary quote. Why don't I paints why Indeed, on what from out of what inner Gladness Ed's career was prioritized, ways he drew a literal line in their studio that she was not allowed to cross, and, unlike in that nineteen twenty three summer, where they had worked side by side. She was not there to come near him while he worked his supplies were, for him him alone. There was very obvious, jealousy and competitiveness and whose behaviour if she started to paint when he I've, been feeling like it. He had to jump up and paint as first career began to really skyrocket in his mid forties Josephine, who had made
introductions around me our world, but made that rise possible star to manage all of the administrative duties of his work. She can to to reach out to art dealers on his behalf kind of working as his agent for anything he was making outside of that gallery arrangement. He had an she also managed. His schedule he had an exhibit. It was her job to make sure the lighting in the placement of the hour was correct, and it was also her job to address and deflect negative criticism. She seemed recognize Ed's, future importance and the place of U S, art history and she documented his work, both as a matter of bookkeeping and just to have a really thorough record. As he completed paintings, she third, each one into a detailed log. She kept an account book that described the work. who did all the relevant data about it, the date that it was started and income
Did the arrangements of any loan out that may have sometimes hopper would write the paintings titles in the book, but Joe would always annotate it with a description of the image to make it clear what the painting actually was She was also pretty aware that at her husband had found his footing as an artist and made a name for himself in his career that shit had gone in the opposite direction. She wrote quote: the female of the species. It's a fatal thing for an artist to marry her conscious. this is too much disturbed We can no longer lives sufficiently within herself to produce, but it's hard to accept this. If you looked at any of Edward Hoppers paintings from after he. Josephine became romantically involved. You have seen Joe, although she didn't always look like herself. She really become his only model, so whether you're seeing an usher in a movie theater in New York Movie or
the woman drinking late night, coffee with a gentleman and the diner and night hawks. That's all Joe. There is speculation that just as was jealous of her in so many ways. This might have been something that Joe insisted on due to her own jealousies about her husband. It also seems that to some degree, the way for Joe to be part of her husband success that she wasn't being allowed success of her own, Yes, she also seem to just enjoy the like. In those moments she became the focus of his which he paid attention to her in a way that was not unkind. She about being very, very proud of posing for him and of being part of his work in that way, and she really did seem to love this aspect of their lives. She and Ed collaborated on the back stories of the characters that she inhabited for his work, even giving them character names that only they knew we're going to get into some. the darker aspects of Joe and adds marriage
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we were the halo, it looks. A cartoon version of a painting of a saint you might see, while Joe is made to look like an irate, tiny, pixie, haranguing him there, Ship was stream even more when Joe, who was frustrated started too casually sheer details of their life with some of our colleagues and patron since she was handling a lot of his business. She noted when he was lethargic and not productive, or even just that he wasn't feeling well, they had started visiting south, through on Cape COD in the summers and they decided to build house there in the nineteen thirty. Then, of course, this came with its own stresses, particularly during the construction and as Theirs dreams. Often abrasive dynamic had developed over the years it has also, as we mentioned earlier, grown physically violent and her journals. Joe describes the two of them getting into altercations, really regularly when they closed up there.
in its studio in May of nineteen. Thirty four. For the summer she references the tents preach. Apples situation between the two of them in her journal. Writing, quote e feel watch all his symptoms to the fore, negotiation and prohibition I driven to scratch and bite. He hinders one so his assistant driving in of the spurs. Every time I glanced at my list when their tenth anniversary arrived, there wasn't really a celebration, and two days later, Ed suggested that he could drive to pick up his mother and sister to visit their newly finished house in South Truro. She had hoping the house would be done in time for them to have a party and that did not work gown. She So frustrated at the idea that, in the midst of still moving in getting the house settled, he thought it would be fine for her to also have to cook, for and look after guests that Joe
wrote to a friend about all of this is also tied up in how angry Ed seem to get when she found a bull of inspiration to paint so as I'm reading. This excerpt from this letter know that she's kind of like merging these two issues there, having into one sure it's cool. It is the very centre of my universe. If I'm on the point of being very happy, he sees to it that I'm not. If I happy ever and not to exhausted. I might want to pain he's fed, more Bligh somebody fed during the infrequent periods. When I do paint but it riles him She also wrote to his family and said that it was just a really bad time for visitors, which caused more strife between them Joe rights as things to send you a darker place between them, where violence is a lot more common. That quote, if he cuffs I'll scratch, what else is there to do in protest?
Edward, as we mentioned earlier, was a lot larger than Joe was about twice her size in weight. In addition to being much taller, she wrote that she quote always found Tolman exe hiding not when they use that extra span of arm linked to watch me, though Edward additionally was constantly critical of Jos painting and when he experienced a creative block, that criticism became more cruel and this wounded her deeply. She wrote that being hit by him was quote not as bad as meaning. There is also, quite a sad metaphor that evolved between wife and husband regarding their work. You have kids and they started calling your paintings their children, which sounds kind of cute on the surface, and if you don't have context, but as Slovene starts to use this metaphor to describe her own work. The disparity of equality in their marriage becomes clear
start, calling her own paintings little bastards and still born infants and talks about how she's, not in a mental space where she could produce a healthy anything and she describe them to galleries is not being very good, but adds that she loves them. Just like a mother would ed painting. She refers to as airs Jos Journal, entries at sea and add reach twenty years of marriage together, urges deeply heartbreaking. She wrecking of the loss of her life to a marriage that seem to bring neither herself nor her husband, much joy in a letter to a friend. She wrote that she had kept her nose out of the art world and that she quote has come through with absolutely nothing She also wrote about how she saw Ed, had always controlled her had come out at this point in their marriage. There he had wish that she would have just stopped painting when they married and she felt completely betrayed by this.
she wrote quote: he certainly knew all the subtle ways of killing the art instinct in me, the shah, of learning that he had any such wish way back when we were first married. Nearly the thing so incredible, so unspeakably low down, and so in direct TK, prediction of all his attitude before we married the guy, asked limits of this one can't quite ever out live Joe Then our early sixties, at that time and seeing her husband struggle to find inspiration. She grew even sadder that she had given up so much of herself in his interest. She wrote quote: I probably changed. I used to have so many friends but then I've been seeing only his friends of late years and people annoyed at him returning them down on juries to take it out on me, naturally, She knew the pain of not being selected by her husband on a jury. He had all
so turned down her work in a similar situation when the couple marked twenty five years of marriage together, Joe said that they should get a quote quota guerre, a medal for distinguished combat ed in response created a coat of arms for them featuring a rolling pin and illegal reference to household items that they had used to strike one another in her job. at the time she notes, sadly all, but she felt she had lost in their quarter century. Together. Writing quote two: I'm passing passing drop by drop of one's life, blood your green fashions. Changing tireless new slant on art, rampant and twenty five years of my life gone windows, Seventy five. She got a spring Libya at a gallery run by Herman Gulag, ten of her paintings included and she was elated to see all of her pieces together on what she called quote. Such abuse.
full serene wall. Also myself and the pictures feel they ve gone to. Heaven Hopper did not go to the opening. He said that his back was bothering him, but in turn about of some of his earlier assessments of Jos Paintings, Edward said that hers was the only good work in the showing he sent several catalogues. from the show to friends and press with notes about Jos work. Joe was described as ecstatic Annie. I am visited the gallery and she would twirl around and delight her work was featured in the in science monitor and the villager and reviews noted her paintings is transforming and elevating the scenes of domestic interiors. We have did a whole lot from Jos journals and it is often really unpleasant and, to be honest, I left out some of the more upsetting parts, because you get the
yeah, but, as is often the case in unhealthy relationships, when there is abuse, there is often co dependency and people, become convinced that their work is more important than any of the other stuff. Even when that other stuff is just awful and this is also reflected in Jos, ratings Shiro things, like quote It is the very centre of my universe. It such blessedness. that Edward and I have each other, surely I'll, be allowed to go when he does it is that from the very beginning, Joan Everson and Edward Hopper were so terribly mismatched and they brought out the absolute worst in each other, but they also never entertain me thought of just not being together and that conflict of love and hate was also something the jail was deafening. grappling with she also wrote quote I scarcely stand e age, but how possibly live without him. She did live with. out him, but only briefly at
Hopper died on, may fifteenth nineteen sixty seven and their apartment at three one Captain Square North he was eighty five ten. Later. On March, six nineteen sixty eight Josephine some hopper also died. She was buried with her husband and his home town of Niagara New York, and when she died, she left the entire body of her work and adds to the Whitney Museum of American ART This was a massive bequeath meant, including three thousand pieces, but this kind of out to be a tragedy of its own because for long time a lot of Jos work was lost. Because the museum didn't see her as the important artist, there was a list of her work, but a lot of the paintings themselves, no one could find Some of Jos work was attributed actually to ed and so her pieces about a dozen were kind of given away as gifts to various places like office, buildings and hospitals. However, while researching for a book and two thousand writer Elizabeth Thomson clearing
found two hundred of her paintings. Still in the basement of the Whitney Even now, though, it's hard to find Jos work online. I know when I was looking for our work to share and our for media, for this did not find a lot. The whip me has to website one is a watercolor portrait of Bertram Hartman, the other an undated oil painting of wilted flowers, titled obituary, both of them pitcher care as secondary elements to the composition, maybe as a nod to the long lost Arthur The paintings have surfaced, including in law You give to the province, town, ART Association, a museum in twenty, sixteen which included are by both Joe and Ed, and the museum has since mounted and exhibit of their work in tandem. That gift came from a private collector.
in recent years, as Jos story has become more well known. There have been a few additional exhibitions of her work, including one at the Edward Hopper House, ART centre in Niagara in twenty fourteen interested in reading more of Jos journals their quoted extensively by art historian, an author Gale Levin in her book, Edward Hopper, an intimate biography, those journals or not publicly available. She got access to them in the archives where they are It's interesting because, ostensibly a biography of Edward Hopper, but it really is very much about the two of them in is kind of the first instance we're. Jos story really plays out through her own words very frustrate episode Yasser work on which looks back about some more behind the scenes. I'm sure do you have some
nor mail. I do- and I wanted to do a funny one, because this was such a bummer episode- is firmer, Listener Jessica. hi Tracy and I recently listen to the honour of July addition and your related behind the scenes episode. I was tickled by your passionate discussion of library, fines and can definitely relate by the way, but it also reminded me of a library story of my own many, years ago I was living with a boyfriend from Washington State when he had in school and spoken. He had gone with a friend to get a library card at the local public library and for some reason I think, having to do with proper. I D. They refuse to give him a library card this a big joke amongst his friends. He, the most mild mannered guy, was too dangerous and suspicious to be issued a library card many moons later. He accompanied me to the Library of Congress where I was getting a readers card to do some research for a paper. I was waiting for law school since was there and I think they wouldn't let him come with me unless he had one he applied
for our readers card as well, and got one as soon as we laughed, he took a picture and sent it to his friends quote: I can get a library card for the Library of Congress, but not the Spokeo Public Library, thanks, as always for the work you put into entertaining history? Leverage like me, it's nice to know, I'm not alone in my my nursery Jessica. Thank you for this is so charming and was a perfect waited, mitigate cemetery downturns of this episode I would like to write to us, you can do so at history, pike, ass, tat, I hurt radio dot com. You can also find us on social media as missed in history. Much everywhere if you haven't subscribe yet, but you think that's a good idea we do to you- can do that on the Iheart radioactive or wherever you listen to your favorite shows stuff. You must in history,
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