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Julian Eltinge, Greatest of All Impersonators of Women

2018-06-11 | 🔗

Eltinge was one of the highest-paid and most famous actors of the early 20th century, and acted alongside Douglas Fairbanks, Mary Pickford and Rudolph Valentino. What made him famous was his skill at female impersonation.

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the all new mazda cx three what you need to know okay let's write off real quick class leading standard horsepower okay not in the horses or power how about this the exterior design that makes it look like it's emotion this thing was quite literally handcrafted hand molded to give it the shape and style that you see on the street and an interior that is crafted with an essentialist approach basically trying to give you fewer distractions so you know you can focus on the road are which is the driving so look if you want more information on mars to end the new first ever see ex thirty go to moscow complex i heart or better yet see the entire mazda vehicle line up at your local mazarin like today will continue stuff you missed in history class from housetop works tat come hello and welcome to the pond cast iron tracy lean will hardly fry today we're going to talk about one of the high
paid at most famous actors of the early twentieth century i know we ve been on kind of an entertainment kick lately there was only a dead so dear so this particular actor active alongside douglas fair banks mary pickford and red off balance he now it was france with charlie when he had a broadway theatre named after him and he was one of the first movie stars to build his own mansion and los angeles but his name not nearly as familiar today as all those other stars that i just mentioned because what made him famous was skill at female impersonation which fell in keeping way out of favor later on in his career he is julianne elting and in nineteen fifty almost a decade after his death he was still being described as the greatest of all impersonator women and one note that i would you want to make about how to say his name
there are numerous brent forces from when he lived that insist that it was pronounced l thing like with hard gi but there is a lot of old footage a floating around as well as more recent footage of people talking about him where people say it l tinge and apparently he picked the stage name on purpose because of the potential for miss pronouncing it thinking that it would quote served to fix it more firmly with the public so just where disk go with elting i mean i understand for example my name gets mispronounced all the time but to me it's fun my maiden name was very boring and no one has so alien afraid fry free any of those work fine learn i definite never saw any footage of everybody of anybody saying welcome julia
elton's embracing like that now you say that i mean i want to say l tombs just reading it because there's an e on the end right but no so for today it's o king and julian mounting was born william julian dalton numerous billy on may fourteen to eighteen eighty one some sources reported as he may be three though so doesn't know that if you go looking he was or to michael and julia baker dalton in newton ville massachusetts today newton bill is one of the villages that makes up the city of newton four days after his birth he was baptized
our lady help of christians catholic church from their and story about how we got into show business immediately gets fuzzy just for a moment one according to some sources the family moved west in pursuit of the gold rush not at not long after he was born they headed to california first and then they backtracked dubuque montana so eighteen eighty one would have been well after the peak of the gold rush in california but butte was in its mining heyday ride around then so that might make a little bit of sense when he failed to make it as a prospector though michael dalton started working as a barber in this version of the story julia dalton encouraged the young billy to dress up and entertain patrons at nearby saloons but when his father caught him sing in a dress he beat him as punishment and then sent him back to boston
live with them ants the other most common version of billy's early life is that at the age of ten he got apart and they could at the articles and these were all male performances that we're staged by the first core of cadets the first curve cadets was a volunteer militia connected to boston supper ass a lot of its members were harvard graduates with their own all male theatre experience in the form of harvard hasty pudding theatricals the cadet theatricals were staged for fund raising purposes in this case to pay for the construction of an armoury but still stands today as the castle at park plaza and both in boston i found numerous references to the fact that the reason they needed to an armoury is because they were afraid of an immigrant worker uprising and i will
looking for exactly what that was i mean other than just the tone of the time like was there are specific thing that prompted them too need to build a giant castle like armoury because of the threat of immigrant worker uprisings i did not go far enough down that rabbit hole to answer it while writing but this podcast but ass the story goes young billy stole the show so thoroughly that the group started writing part just for him so regardless of which of those stories of closer to the truth it does seem that by eighty ninety five at the age of fourteen billy dolphin
in boston working at a dry goods store and in one thousand nine hundred he definitely did have a role in the cadets theatrical production of milady in the musketeer which was a parody of the three musketeers he had been taking dance classes with lila veils wyman who ran a dance school above boston's tremont theater she had reckoned she had recommended to robert barnett who did everything from writing to producing what with a cadet theatricals question yet it any possibility that these variant stories of his background there may be seated by him the person who also chose a name that could be pronounced differently to set himself of people's minds that is likely
and there's i mean there's also of their stuff it as i was researching this there would be wines in in papers that were like you should take all of this media coverage with a grain of salt because a lot of this lake entertainment reporters would just make up quotes from people whole nice by point working with the cadet theatricals billy dalton had already started going by the name billy melting having borrowed the surname a childhood friend he wasn't a member of the first core of cadets or a harvard graduate even though later publicity would claim that he had gone to harvard nevertheless he was as is minuets and this beware the discrepancy in his birth here comes from he was about to turn team but the rest of the cast thought he was more like fifteen or sixteen
my lady in the musketeer raised twenty five thousand dollars to help pay off the mortgage on the first core of cadets giant castle like armoury and the show was generally praised outings performance in particular was very well reviewed with somebody and paper saying that he was a better answer than the man in the lead female role the next year barnett was staging a show for the bank officers association like the first core of cadets bank officers association staged all male reviews to raise money in this case for a fund to help its members if they ill or disabled the play was miss simplicity barnett wrote the role of clear doin ville for his rising star billy melting here is how the boston evening transcript reviewed this performance quote as in the cadet theatricals one had here fresh proof of how bewitchingly intoxicatingly beautiful
a young man can be in girls clothes anything more unsettling but mister elton cleared loin bill were hard to imagine even his veiled baritone voice had the perturbing velvety charm of a rich subdued contralto there was not an item and his whole appearance look manner an action that was not delusive lee feminine looking into a mere he might like her sisters fall in love with himself that reviewers seems almost angry and how could a feeling ever made her youth miss simplicity brody ten thousand dollars for the bank officers association in nineteen o three they put on baron humbug described as a hungarian musical play with elton asked in the role of counter sylvia although the show itself drew mixed reviews elton's performance was once again highly praised the sunday world called it a revelation and its reviewer wrote quote one
we wondered if the bank officers had not secured a remarkably attractive actress to play the role at this point milly building was well known in boston and to some extent outside of it because some of the shows that he was then would sometimes go on tour after the end of their boston run but after his performance and miss simplicity he got a chance to go on broadway and we'll talk more about that after a sponsor break when it comes to using data everyone is different which is why activity mobile created a different kind of wireless network one that's designed to save you money by letting you design your own data giving you more choice and control compared to other top wireless carriers now you can choose unlimited share data or mixed up regions which any line any time no one else let's do that or autumn we're connecting to millions of secure wifi hot spots and the best l de everywhere else so no matter where you are we got you covered all
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wick's of wickham and it opened at the bijou theater on september 19th one thousand nine hundred and four in his role of john smith elting dressed as a woman and saying a song called not like other girls the tammany times called the show quote catchy and refined and call delta's performance one of its to big hits but the new york times called it a porsche so poorly acted with no redeeming features it's just like movie reviews today in spite of those decidedly mixed reviews this was a great for helping to make his way to new york theatre in new york city goes way back before the nineteen hundreds but the theatre we now know is broadway was just getting started in nineteen o for the new amsterdam in the lyceum were too of the earliest broadway theatres and they were both built in nineteen o three in there
you know for long acre square was renamed times square after the new york times opened its office tower at the intersection of four the second broadway the times square sub waste and open that year as well and theatre started relocating from the union square and madison square garden areas to this new a booming district by nineteen ten to all the newly installed electric lighting this stretch of broadway would be called the great white way vaudeville was also thriving in new york at this time both vaudeville and american burlesque hat routes in the minstrel shares that had been popular in the united states from the early nineteenth century through the years after the end of the civil war in minstrel shows white actors and black face put on acts that lampooned and stereotyped black people some i'm lifting the work of black playwrights and fine writers to do it although women eventually became a bigger part of minstrel performance especial
in earlier years women's role through usually played by men minstrel vaudeville and burlesque shows all had some elements in common but with a very different theme in tone by the time that minstrel shows fell out of fate her female impersonation and male impersonation were both part a vaudeville and burlesque vaudeville personated were often very careful to frame their acts as wholesome family entertainment while burlesque in person peter sometimes took a more satirical or titillating approach l thing had made his vaudeville debut at bf keeps theatre in boston and he continued his vaudeville performances as he was becoming more well known new york female impersonators and general tended to be some a vaudeville highest paid performers and melting was one of the highest paid among them for his act he put on a corset dresses make up an wigs and he went to speak into data
little shoes to carry off the illusion that he was a beautiful woman on a stage he also saying as a bare town upping opting not to use a false said a voice or to otherwise try to make his voice sounded higher than it really was sometimes he'd take his wig off at the end of his performances to show the audience that he was a man here's how he describe did quoted a man on the stage must make up differently than a woman his idea is to give strong lines to his face accent the masculine it's an toned down whatever softer feminine lines nature has endowed him with in my work it is just the opposite tone down the dominant masculine characteristics of my face and figure and seek to bring out those feminine lines that even the most masculine man has somewhere about him amandas have to worry much about the correct color of rouge or powder to go with his complexion but with a
make up that is where you find true art whether it was on more traditional broadway her or whether it was an vaudeville julian melting and his male impersonation became enormously popular especially among women in the words of comedian an actor debbie see fields quote women went into ecstasies over him man went into the smoke room and as a side note our recent podcast subject windsor mackay to him as part of an act that orpheum vaudeville theatre in chicago we did not mean all of these things to interlocutor in fact we had already i in my imagination episode had already even come out to listeners when i discovered that my that's not correct we had recorded it but it wasn't actually released as of when we are doing this right now
the studio so in new york melting became friends with playwright and composer george m cohen who wrote the song give my regards to way along with a lot of other big names in show business cohen was a freemason and a member of pacific large number two thirty three editing eventually join the freemasons as well and was able to make a lot of show business connections through through the lodge by nineteen o seven elton was so famous that he was able to go on a european tour to vienna berlin paris and london in london he gave a command performance for king edward the seventh at windsor castle the king was so delighted that he gave melting a white bulldog as a thank you gift in nineteen ten the fascinating widow debuted a new jersey with elton as the star audio harbour kid had written the play especially for him and it featured
sitting in male and female roles with a lot of costume changes back and forth between them the basic premise elton plays a man who gets into legal trouble after punching someone in the nose and disguises himself as the economist fascinating widow to make his escape because of a huge success of the fascinating widow is quick changes between masculine and feminine clothing became hallmark of buildings performance is i wish i had a good grasp of the logistics of that guy i tried to figure out exactly why i tried to get a better pay by play of how all this would go down i am imagining there were stagehands end and dressers and costumers helping with all of the quick changes but i didn't find a lot of discussion of that
like i mean i mean no done enough theatre that i'm i know how a quick change of clothing works but it's the make up that makes me go after we ass in his own words how differently you had to do make up for performing as a woman versus performing as a man jazz me curiosities there was make up and hair involved in and courses and also he was not a small person he why i saw one thing the city was six feet tall and another that said that he was five nine but the five nine was talking about what he was doing his teenage girls so like you he wasn't a petite person radio like he was wearing these custom made gowns that would would fit his rather large body and putting on course it's an honor its it seems exhausting to me
i would watch that partnership can i pay to sit backstage and watch that happen but this same year that were talking about before we went on our divergent quick changes one thousand nine hundred and ten elting became the hyatt aid male actor in the country with a contract that guaranteed him three thousand dollars a week producer h woods also offered him a contract plus ten thousand dollars capital to start the woods thing in bloom theatre company aim construction on the thing theatre on forty second street started in nineteen eleven ass in aiding widow opened on broadway that year is well running for fifty two performances before going on tour fifty two doesn't sound like a lot in terms of today's broadway schedule where shows will run for years and years and years and years but at the time that was more success
all run the blt theatre open in nineteen twelve after julian had returned from touring with the fascinating window widow but by the time the theater was finished he was drawing crowds that were just two beg for the melting theatres eight hundred and eighty nine seats to handle he now a wound up performing at the theatre that was named after him he also eventually sold his share of the theatre company back to aid would saying that he liked being on stage a lot more than he likes trying to run things elton was at the height of his theatrical career but the tone of his press coverage started to if in the nineteen teens in nineteen ten most reviewers wrote about his flawlessly pulling off the illusion of femininity the loveliness of his voice and his skill dancing but over the next you years more and more of his reviews where lace through with the idea that female impersonators or suspicious and then melting stood out in contrast to them
one of you ran in the new york evening world that said quote there are a host of female impersonators and those who are now abominations are pests editing is the exception this media coverage reflected shift social views gender roles were starting to shift in the wake of world or one and is as so often happens when social norms are starting to change people who live outside of those norms in one way or another were seen as at best suspect so female impersonation was being seem less as a suitable form of entertainment especially for women and more as some kind of hence but a performer might be deviant in some way works continually to combat this suspicion on stage he refused to take hours when they were offered to him from the footlights because that would be too feminine he also only took part
where there was some mean for his character to cross dress the reasons for cross dressing necessarily wholesome sometimes it was to escape after having committed a crime but it's not portrayed as just for fun or cause he enjoys it his ninety fifteen role in cousin lucy is a good example written by charles klein with is it by jerome kern cousin lucy's a three act musical farmers about a man who fakes his own death and assumes the identity of his air that being cousin lucy this play required melting to make dozens of costume changes with the costumes themselves being one of the most highly praised things about the show but the reviews highlight what we ve just been too can about we october nineteen fifteen edition of the american theatre reads quote a considerable number of persons resents the appearance on the stage of female
person eaters than and the more capable they are in presentation of female charms vagaries and foibles the more deep rooted becomes the prejudice on the other hand there would seem to be a still greater number who fairly bat non such anomalous fair julian altogether leader in this curious form of art has made a fortune imitating the fair sex off stage melting presented himself as abundantly masculine he smoked cigars and boxed including staging boxing matches for public display when he was on tour there also rumours that he started fights with anyone who dared to call him assisi this masculinity played a part in his marketing to his publicity photos always included
fears of him and masculine attire as his quote real self in addition to the pictures of him and feminine costume sometimes posters and programmes for the shows included both pictures together in one frame and interviews he also talked about how this was just an act that he didn't enjoy wearing dresses and that if he could make his living with doing female impersonation he certainly would even though female impersonation was starting to be viewed with increasing distrust l things his career move was still to come and we're gonna talk about thing in hollywood after a sponsor break have you ever wondered how did the smartest marketers cut through the noise i'm different chairman and see if i hard media and woven the mad the magic stories from the frontiers of marketing we went from fourchan thirteen or fourteen seventy two years you have no idea how
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brilliant l thing had become famous onstage and new york city his name was so synonymous with female impersonation that it became short hand for stage roles that about cross dressing sort of like timmy was cast in the julian melting role in the play this made the research interesting as i was reading archival newspaper article there are all these results were julian melting that we're really about other people being described as being in the julian melting role this work though was really taking its whole on him most of his performances required numerous high speed changes in and out of costumes and his feminine costumes tended to involve courses and layers and heavy gowns and just doing that work under hot stage lights in theatres that didn't have air conditioning was exhausting his most successful plays also went on tour after they closed their runs making stops and cities the law
urgent small and the travel itself was almost as physically demanding as the time on stage so his film started to grow and popularity the idea starring in them wasn't just about potentially becoming even wealthier and more famous it was about working on a schedule that didn't require thirty five costume changes a night under hot lights he wouldn't have to keep it higher shows worth of lines committed to memory or taken work on the road he could limit his work to studios and sets and actually have time to rest between pictures he was working in film he'd also have more time to devote some of his other pursuits there was a julian elton cosmetic line which included a particularly popular cold cream keeping up that masculine appearance there was also julian melting cigars he published magazines including julian elton's magazine of beauty hints and tips one of these steps was that women should take up boxing to help
improve their confidence building was also a supporter of the movement for women suffrage in a proponent of the idea that you should just lay off what other women are wearing in nineteen twelve interview with the boston globe he said quote let women be happy in her own way if she thinks looks well with a barrel of false hair on her head letter where it if she wants to powder to paint or too crowded number two shoe on six and a half foot let her do it if she can when a report rebutted that this hypothetical person might be making a caricature of herself melting answered quote possibly bitch doesn't know it on the contrary she believed she has added to her personal adornment i repeat let her go on thinking so since it makes her happy spending more time in front of a camera instead of onstage stage gave elton more time and more energy for all of this stuff that we ve been talking about he made his film baby
with the cameo and how molly balloon made good in nineteen fifteen and one thousand nine hundred and seventeen he signed a three picture contract with lasky paramount company and all that touring that he had done with the stage performances really paid off the huge audience that he had already established followed him directly to me we theatres and for a time he was a bigger box office abroad and charlie chaplin his films include silent adaptations of some of his stage work including the fascinating widow and in may he had the starring role he was clifford towns in who disguised himself the title adventuring woman in the adventurous in made to order he disguised himself as a woman to infiltrate a gang of diamond smugglers in madame behave he was jack mitchell who disguised himself as the aforementioned madame when an important witness disappears during a court case pay also appeared in an all star production of patriotic episodes for the second liberty wound with mary pickford after which
she'd like named him lady bill combined with his stage work elton's work phil made him incredibly wealthy after his death the associated press reported that at his wealthiest he'd been worth about three million dollars it was also during his i'm in hollywood that he built his los angeles mansion a spanish colleagues revival full of antiques called villa cap astronomer this was one of several homes he owed on both coasts and he lived there with his mother even at the height of his film popularity he did do some work on state and he continued to be well received especially when he went back to the city where he got his start one or a few from boston one thousand eight hundred and eighteen redcoat although it is a corking good bill all the way through the program at keith's this week is deprived of all but the headline act would fill the house for the headliner is julian elting native bostonian sometime member of the boston cadets and
in female impersonator in the world who after winning law girls on many stages at on the screen is back for the brief space of a weak on the stage where he made his professional debut you wouldn't know it from that review but the widespread suspicion of cross dressing female impersonation was really growing in the late nineteenth teens the pub the media and law enforcement began to inflate the idea of cross dressing the idea of homosexuality which at the time was viewed as deviance homosexuality and cross pressing became more and more entwined in people's minds and more and more cities and states power laws to ban both homosexual behaviour and cross dressing
in california where elton was living so called crimes against nature had been outlawed since one thousand eight hundred and fifty two law was updated to name specific sex acts in nineteen fifteen and at the same time police and california started rating and breaking up drag parties balls and other events where people especially men crossdress charging those arrested with quotes social vagrancy belting manage to keep his stage and film career going in spite of all this social change through them team twenties his movies were huge box office draw and he was still perform to sum up crowds theatres all over the country but then a night thirty he dropped from public view the motion picture action code a key the haze code was released that year it was formally quote a code to maintain social and community values in the production of silence synchronize in talking motion pictures under the heading of sex
number four was sex perversion or any inference too it is forbidden and then looted female impersonation pelting had spent his entire life trying to completely separate himself from anything that might make anyone think he was in the language of the time i'm an inward if he had ever done anything to make anyone think he was having a relationship with another man his career would have been over immediately we just that episode on james whale who was like totally contradictory to this idea he was an old only gay man at the same time as this but james whales career was not dependent on him doing something that was already seen as suspicious in terms of gender he was also not performing for the public click as a director he was removed from the public eye so julian helping never had a public relationship with anyone he didn't even have close close
friendships with other men and his industry when he died hundreds of people came to his funeral but everyone whose broke out it could only really talk about his career no one could talk about him as a person because no one really knew him and it's not completely clear what elton sexual orientation was harry hey co founder of the magazine society which was one of the first gay rights organizations in the united states back when the gay rights movement was known as the home a file movement he taught historian and author daniel hurwitz that elting was involved with other men in a phone interview that he gave in nineteen ninety seven but the creator
of a documentary called lady bill the julian melting story give a totally different read of his life in their projects description at the new york foundation for the arts they say quote it has taken years to uncover the threads of elton's private life but we have finally located family and relatives friends many of whom retained both his possessions and letters every bit of evidence points to the fact that julian melting was not a homosexual in fact fear of public condemnation transformed julian melting into a man with a distinctly a sexual personality who poured his soul into the perfection of his art which in the end in spite of all his efforts to maintain its legitimate the became the object of ridicule and hate this makes his tragedy perhaps even greater regardless of the question of identity same sex relationships were suspicion at best when julian melting lived
and he made a lifelong effort to give the world absolutely no cause for suspicion but that couldn't protect him a rising tide of homophobia or from the perception that homosexuality and cross dressing were absolutely connected it also couldn't protect him from laws that were past because of this perception in other words behaves code meant that elton could not work and film the increasing existence of laws against cross dressing meant that he could not work on stage either all of this happened not long after the onset of the great depression during which melting lost most of his fortune so he mostly disappeared for about a day aid during which time he struggled with alcohol abuse in nineteen forty melting tried to make a comeback he was supposed to appear at hollywood kathy rendezvous in january of that year but the police wouldn't let him in
when they finally did lead him perform it wasn't as a female impersonator instead he wore a tuxedo with one of his rest next to him on a mannequin he the songs that he was scheduled to sing and in between them he described the dress is he would have had on if he had been allowed to do so back in new york lyricist and producer billy rose had opened a nightclub called the diamond horseshoe and the paramount hotel in times square one thousand nine hundred and thirty eight and in nineteen forty one he invited elting to perform their helsing did go on but he became ill during a performance and he was found dead in his apartment on march seventh one thousand nine hundred and forty one at the age of fifty nine the cause of his death is not clear and although he continued to be known as the greatest of all impersonators of women for at least a decade after his death aim mostly faded from public memory so to end on a slightly happier note the
thing theatre still exist today it became a burlesque house during the great depression and when obscenity laws put an end to burlesque performance it was made into a movie theater it closed for a time and then a march get ninety ninety eight it was moved little more than a hundred and fifty feet down forty second street from the seventh avenue ended the block toward the avenue end a mayor it became the lobby of amc empire twenty five during this move and restoration conservators peace together a miracle that had been part of the original elton theatre it portrayed the three muses and conservatives work and reassembling the pieces of the mural repairing some cuts in holes in removing all paint as they worked they came to the conclusion that all
three of the muses our julian melting based on similarities to his appearance and demeanor and clothing and as publicity photos so if you go to the amc empire twenty five near times square and look up the ceiling as probably leon elton looking back at you that's so cool now i know what i'm gonna do next time in new york i kept locked out like that's the thing you're right by where we're always stay where you in the earth so also giant thanks to my friend amy for loading me the book bohemian los angeles in the making of modern politics by daniel hurwitz which inspired this episode like maybe a year ago amy i promise i'm going to bring this book back to you the next time i see you i have now had it for an embarrassingly long time no one ever lend me anything i think we all fall victim
that especially you know in a job like ours for renewing lots of reading it's easy for books to get shuffled around on the priority list of things don't make it back up free it how i even i had read the book i had thought i should do a podcast some time on this julian melting pot then and then i brought the book with me to return it to her and then left behind by accident when we went to dinner yeah i'm snobbery responsible with other peoples belongings apparently that's the story of julian melting now do you have listener meal for i do this firm erika erika is thank you for your wonderful podcast
found it several months ago and it has made my commute and busy work portions of my job so much more enjoyable i very much enjoyed your recent episode on lotta reiner especially the portion about her film prince of men i was immediately reminded of the prince my character in a latin which touches on the same stories i wonder if that was a deliberate inclusion by disney perhaps as an homage to her pioneering work it seems there are several references to her film and disney's aladdin apart from the name itself including the battle with jafar as a giant snake i am also reminded that i had meant email you you after i listened to the last carolina parakeet episode in march just one month after episode aired the last mailed northern white rhino died after months of failing health he was named sudan and living in a in kenya which had been trying to save the species through attempts which failed the sleeves only two female northern white rhinos left in the world both were there at the same conservancy
and the only hope for the species is advances and sell biology or cloning and rhino ivf listening to the fate of lonesome george broke my heart but i thank you for paying more attention to the destruction of these sub species thanks to human activity thanks again for all the fascinating topics i always look forward to the next releases best erika i dont know if holly has answers to the latin questions that episode was her recent i don't have a definitive answer i will tell you this particularly after having worked on drawn the more people you talk to you innovation industry the more you realize almost all of them really love animation history so i would be shocked if that were not a purposeful direct reference value cool if you have not listened to drawn that is the path cast the holly has been working on with cartoon network that is lovely
why thank you and i don't wanna talk about cartoons which is like heaven but i also wanted to leave us email because of the part about the last northern white rhino that did seem to have an almost immediately after that episode came out which is but doesn't happen that often but periodically we will put an episode in and right after that something will happen that seems directly connected to what we just talked about and so when that happened we had a lot of people that were like oh did you hear about the right now yes we it's a very sad story so
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