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Lady Anne Blunt, Part 2

2018-09-12 | 🔗

As Anne matured and her marriage fell apart, she continued to travel between the Arabian desert and England, always working to improve her horse breeding program. Eventually, she and Wilfrid separated, and her final years were devoted entirely to her horses. 

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How are you feeling today right now? How are you feeling about the world you live in? You want to make the world better, so you know how I'm not sure I do, but you know who did Mr Rogers, I'm Carmelo Wallace posted finding Fred a podcast about Fred Rogers from Iheartmedia, father Here all ten episodes defining friend on the Iheart radio broadcasts more wherever you listen work until stuff human. in history class from Housetop works, dot, com, hello and welcome to the broadcast, I'm calling for an eye and I'm Tracy Wilson. Ok. So if you listen to the First episode of this to partner, you probably recall that the whole thing was downright soap, opera s in many ways, and it is going to continue in a similar vein. So if you
listening with younger history, but be aware that there is a lot of talk of marital infidelity and children out of wedlock and just a lot of drama in terms of relationships, and a lot of this really becomes the tale of Lady Ambulance husband, because that really puts into pretty focus the unhappy nature of her marriage in what she was enduring, while simultaneously showing MRS and running a successful horse breeding programme, and maybe a name for herself which he often took credit for sir, Do highly recommend listening to the first part of this before you jump into this one, because working of hopping in right, where we left off, but for a very quick recap, we ended the last episode at something of a turning point in Lady Anne life at the end of the eighteen seventies, so that
she was over forty and age. Her mother told her. She was never going to reach says she felt this weird sense of liberation about it. She had also converted to Catholicism something that her grandmother, Lady Byron, would never have approved of. So it also marks a break in her mentality in terms of doing what other out of her and she had found what she felt was her calling as she travelled the arabian desert seeking out horses to combine with polish thoroughbreds in her breathing programme and aunts, husband, Wilfred Blunt after a very brief period in which he attempted to stop his adulterous habits, had gone right back to floundering. But though the marriage had problems, an Wilfred partnership, breeding horses at cravat farm as part of their credit stud programme,
remained constant and later the couples daughter Judas wrote that an was really the one with all of the knowledge about this breeding programme and that she was basically succeeding. Despite her husband, Wilfred quote reckless disregard when it came to keeping inbreeding horses. Yet Wilfred is the one with the historical marker. Oh yes, he got. Credit for. anything, and he was much more famous than his wife in their time and really even now, but as historic. Have examined their lives, it becomes really clear that she was doing all the heavy lifting and he was kind of show voting so late and eighty the bloodstream It's a car row from there. They made their way first to the Red Sea coast and then back to Cairo and the following January. From there they went into Syria. They went back to England after this, with dozens of new horses. At one point, an considered abandoning this work all together, she was real.
Exhausted, both physically and mentally, from all the travel and from assessing and arranging the purchase of so many animals mention in the last episode that, like while she was taking care of these things and really keeping incredible records of all of the horses they had seen like Wilfred was doing some foolish things like I'm gonna go, hunt, pigs and causing all kinds, problems, but, as additional journeys into Egypt in Syria were scheduled, Anne felt more and more where she wanted to be for a while, at least was at the crab, it stood with their horses. She was in singly unhappy it being away from them and from the programme, but she went on these trips, although she noted in her diary that during this time she often felt ill while she was traveling in early one thousand. Eight hundred and eighty two, the blunts purchase a thirty seven acre property outside of Cairo to open a stable there, and up until this They found themselves increasingly entangled in politics that were leading up to the anglo Egyptian WAR Wilfred and an
often found themselves being just thrust into positions where they were seen as mediators among English, french and egyptian diplomats and leaders. The bluff men to whether all of this largely because they were wealthy and well connected, but they went back to England in March of that year, see as a situation became more heat yeah, as you will recall before he got married to an Wilfred, had worked for the foreign service. So it was not completely bizarre that they were turned to on occasion to help out in these discussions, but it something he was really necessarily super prepared for either, but once they got back to England, Wilfred continued to work on his diplomatic efforts, so much so that he decided that he needed to move out of the house and to an apartment in London so that he would not be interrupted by an or their daughter Judith and while he had been seen by dignitaries in Egypt as a man of influence and import in England back home, the staff at the foreign office kind of thought. He was just meddling in diplomatic efforts
years and to some he was even regarded with suspicion like they were like. Why are you coming here and and trying to push this agenda like? Are you a spy of some sort? Similarly, he came to be seen eventually as a political pot stir in Egypt, as things started to settle down so much so that he was eventually banned from the can free for three years and an who had also supported the cause of egyptian nationalists, went back to work with the horses. While that ongoing conflict and violence was playing out. Egypt. Lady Anne had continued to be boiled, Sir Wilfrid, in spite of his behavior, but he finally pushed things too far and was far enough that an said something about it. had been having an affair with Lady Augusta Gregory, but two of them had met in Egypt and they buy data over their shared dismay over the way that the british him I was handling things in Egypt for contacts. Lady Gregory, who would make a great show topic one day,
founded, the Irish Literary Theatre and the Abbe Theatre later in her life stood that with William Butler Yeats and Edward Martin. Your lady AM and Wilfred blunt. Their lives bump up against all kinds of famous figures in England at the time They knew Oscar Wilde. They were friends with Gertrude. like there are a lot of people that interact, but because he had an affair with Lady Gregory. I wanted to make sure we gave some clarification on who she was and am had been. Supportive and tolerant of Wilfred Work is essentially a volunteer statesmen. At this point, she had made space for him to do so and left him to his own devices, so he was paying no attention to her their daughter, but she was like it's ok, you're working, but in return for all of this kindness, Making these allowances Wilfred openly declared love for another woman, Lady Gregory and though Wilfred decided to dial back the relationship
but Lady Gregory, in order to concentrate on his work after he did. He behaved on does, though he had been jilted himself. His temper was short. He saw he basically was insufferable and am had turned a blind eye to his full wandering through out their marriage, but he claimed to love this women wish to her was a different matter and wounded her very deeply. Misses when lady and really reached the point that enough was enough and to make that clear. On August tenth, one thousand eight hundred and eighty three, she wrote a lengthy letter to her husband. She detailed how much pain that he had caused her and how she had realized that what she she had was all a why she wrote quote it is too late. I accept the truth, preferring to a false dream. she wrote our feelings out on two pages of Foolscap and that's a paper size that similar to a legal pad. She handed this letter over to Wilfred, but should it speak to him on the matter again and she changed her behaviour with him later
on as Wilfred continued his various affairs, including with Lady Gregory, an wrote quote. I don't agree to Lady G all the rose leaves while the thorns are kept for me, yeah interesting. She, she was not an emotionally super demonstrative person. She was very even he'll and we even talked about in the first part of this to partner when she died by her wedding day and wrote it down in her journal. It was pretty dispassionate, more like a catalogue of the days of its, so it was kind of a big deal that she had written this letter
oh passionately, even though she just handed it to her husband, do not engage in like a verbal sparring with him at that point. That was a pretty big statement for her. It is unclear when Wilfred Blunt wrote his reply to that letter, although it is not actually a direct reply to her it's more of a commentary on her letter and it seems to have happened some time between eighteen, eighty, three in eighteen, eighty six, but again because of the way it's mention in their diaries, it's not clear when it actually happened, but in that letter that he wrote he confessed his infidelity, but he also manage to take little to no responsibility for the problems in their marriage. Writing quote in the long story of my vagrant heart. I have said little of what was my conjugal life at home. This, in spite of my many lapses, had in reality been quite a happy one though I have loved other women I have not for that reason been less kind to my wife nor
She had cause to reproach me with the neglect of those duties for which matrimony was primarily ordained. No one truce ever had a stronger desire for the procreation of children, and yet we have no air now how the day of such hopes was fairly at an end. I was forty two and forty five and with the vanishing of what we have so long desired in common a certain estrangement had begun between us, for which I do not in my conscience, think I was seriously to blame. Nevertheless, the gradual separation was in secret, making her unhappy my infidelity, she had condoned as due to my poets nature, but my inconstancy for she so deemed it filled her with despair. It did not continue, thus to love her. It was proof that I had never loved her truly so in case you missed it. He blames her for not having a son and the
That's the reason of course, once we couldn't have kids anymore really, of course, I wanted to see other women, even though he was seeing them while they were trying to children and none of its his fault She said he could cheap, even though she never really had not Wilfred biggest fan I'll, be very frank of epic benefits, while adding case encase folks have forgotten from part wine. While they were having tried, have children, she had a series of complications and miscarriages end and premature birth and the whole thing was, and it was a big deal, yeah. So for that to be the thing that he's sort of putting the blame on is particularly frustrating yeah. It's definitely like the the writing of someone who is super self involved and cannot see how their actions have any
impact on other people, or that their actions could in any way be judged wrong. So once again, Now this and found solace in her work with horses Her ongoing lessons in arabic language. They travelled again in eighteen, eighty eventually made their way to India. That November, during the trip, ands journals really selected, her ongoing animosity toward her husband when Wilfred was thick in Bombay. She wrote Wilfred begins again to look much worn and tired, and yet he is two independent of any sympathy from me to care about having it so that
so no longer venture to make even the smallest advance. Yet they kind of got in this habit where they would travel end eastward during the winters and then go back to England during the spring and summer, and so the cycle continued over and over. But we're gonna pick up with Anna Wilfred Life once they travelled back home after this first trip after they had had that sort of quiet blow out about his affair with Lady Gregory. But first we are gonna pause and have a little sponsor break this episode of stuff. You missed in history classes, brought to you by Norton three sixty with lifelong, what they your shopping online with your smartphone. Its super feels like ear. Personal information is just right there in your hand, but that
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So later after the couple turned to England and continued to feel lonely. isolated and she rate about. Having to one day explain the enmity of their household to their daughter Judith, but even as the pair seemed emotionally completely separated, they did stay married and am supported Wilfred as he pursued various political positions and causes. In the eighteen seventies, he had a son out of wedlock. With a woman named MRS Georgie Sumner, an anti money, her inheritance paid for that schooling after the fall out from Wilfred Love of Lady Gregory and his ongoing efforts and politics. He turned his attention entirely to Ireland. Since he started lobbying for irish homer. All he decided to travel to Ireland alone. Any
Eighty six and wrote in his journal at the time that he had only enemies and that no one loved him. Despite his efforts to be a just and loving man himself, again it's the same thing right where he can see how his behaviors are causing problems. the family though including Judith, did all group back together and they travelled to Rome for Christmas in eighteen, eighty six and then they moved on to Egypt from there. They had gone special permission. The Wilfred could return, although that permission was granted with some trepidation and with things be me very clear that, like hey, we told you, you could not come back to this country behave yourself, so they got to spend time at their stables there and have what seem to actually be a pretty restful stay for several months and something close to an amicable peace between the spouses but blunts involved an irish politics broughton more strife into the family after they return home from Egypt and October eighteen
Seven Wilfred led a tenant protest outside of Galway. When word circulated that the owner the land was planning to evict everyone. He was arrested. He wound up big two months in jail, which was something that you took as a source of pride. He claimed to be the only english man to take up the cause of Ireland, similarly how things played out regarding his role in Asia. Tea came to be seen as one of our rabble rousing. Ireland are true leader and he let that feed his ego once he was released and dusted settled. He declared at the end of his political career and turned to poetry as its primary outlet. Yeah. He was definitely very prolific labour in his life. In terms of writing, once he decided that politics were not for how many more lady, Anne Wilfred and Judith, who had reached an age where she was easier to travel with continue to travel frequently. They continue that cycle that I spoke about where they would travel to the east in the winters and back in the the spring and summer
and Judith in her teenage years, started to see more and more clearly the very, very, poor marriages at your parents shared she actually won did by a husband the way that her father treated, I am, and that really terrified and upset an so much so that she wrote later in her journal that one must try to bury such thoughts or be mortally wounded by them, while see endured, Wilfred ongoing, womanizing and foolishness, which, even if we did the names of all the women he was involved with could fill an hour of audio. She wasn't bill an hour of audio. She wasn't idle. She was we mention just a few moments ago, continuing to study Arabic and she became fluent enough that she was able to start working on translation projects should with the first of her translated works, the ceiling of the mayor in eighteen. Ninety two. This is also sometimes seen as the celebrated romance of the ceiling of the mayor, and it was a original written in the eleventh century. In this project actually offered up another potential.
Avenue for an Wilfred to combine their efforts similar to the way that horse breeding kind of state, a thing that drew them together so she had translated all of the work and then he had worked her translation into verse, which sounds pretty cool it was not a great translation, her trembling. and was very, very literally kind. Word for word, so it lost a little bit of the new wants of the original writing and then be cuz of the way Wilfred was taking that kind of direct translation and making it into verse. The whole thing ended up a little bit stilted it didn't get sort of rave reviews as being a great English. Translation of this were of arabic culture. In the meantime, they were starting to have some serious issues with money. While an had researched whore, breeding extensively and managed that aspect of the cravat stud will
it had been in charge of the administrative side of the business and he had really made a mess of things he also overspent personally, and things became so concerning that an had to reassure her brother Ralph that her inheritance wasn't going to be used to cover their business costs. Young people started to realize that Wilfred was just be super irresponsible with money, and they were like hey. You know this. This is it is of yours is intended to to be your personal, like what keeps you personally afloat. Please don't let him siphon off everything from you to fix his problems in business and blunted. This point had also grown more forward with his womanizing. It was kind of like once that Lady Gregory situation was out in the open. He just stopped trying to be subtle at all and it eighty nine I've he invited Lady Mary Elcho to visit their property and Egypt. While he Amman Judith were there, the intent was that he was going to seduce her, and this was not just his usual full
during though his political rival in Ireland, Arthur Balfour, had also been interested in Mary and while Wilfred was legitimately interested in her. There was deafening We an element of revenge about this whole situation. Wilfred called marry his bedouin wife and during this time she became pregnant marries, husband, Hugo showed up in the desert and joined this party and Wilfred had a fit of jealousy? Hugo and Mary had what seems to be a kind of an open marriage, So there wasn't a lot of concern from their parts about the affair, but a child who had been fathered by Wilfred Blunt, which was the only possible father based on Timing was gonna, be really problematic for the families inheritance, and it was just gonna cause a huge scandal when the blend returned homes. When both Mary and her husband had written Wilfred letters chastising him for having ruined, marries life. Wilfred coped with all of this,
I telling his teenage daughter everything for reasons that do not make sense to me a man he kind of ran away for an extended trip. He traveled around Europe and a further complicate matters. He had also seduced one of Judas best friends so again, one of his daughters. Friends and then, when the young woman got married, he talked to Judas about have feeling is, though he had been abandoned, even though Judith was also sad because she realized she was gonna, get spend time with her best friend anymore, when Judith finally confronted him about his behave with her closest friend. He then threatened to marry his daughter off to whomever he chose. Fortunately, there she is name in the marriage throughout all of this and had realized that she could not trust or count on her husband. While she may felt unable to make a move against him for all of these infidelities when he put the breeding
programme in jeopardy. With his poor money management, she decided to take matters into her own hands. She started breeding some of her horses at locations that were away from cravat and she kept those locations so secret that she wouldn't even put them in her diary. Only she and Judith knew where she was doing this. She also started making business arrangements to acquire new stock with her own money without her husband's involvement. As the blunts. at the end of the nineteenth century. The various indiscretions which had caused scandals and drama seem to become less of an issue as time had passed, people just were less up in arms about any of it, and Wilfred actually began socializing. With this. People who had treated him as a pariah just a few years before ankle being Mary. Oh the woman. He had gotten pregnant and all of her friends and I am even more devoted to her horses and she was said to sleep and her riding habit so that she can jump out of bed and run out to be with them. First thing: she,
so allegedly started calling the veterinarian for her own illnesses, as well as those of her animals. Wilfred was ill had been for a number of years, starting with digestive issues than progressing to a point where he was taking morphine as a pain reliever. Yet they were both getting up an age at this point, keep in mind, so we know many. Various things are happening. It is a little weird and eccentric that she's stopped calling human doctors and wanted to see veterans. doctors for herself, but we're gonna talk more about their daughter, Judith and her life as an adult in just a moment, but for First, we are to have a little moment, I'm here from one of the sponsors that keeps his show going. I dont, think America has ever gone back to the way that it was before nine eleven and the anthrax attacks. The fear was really that there would be a second wave of attacks
and then along comes the DC steeper and all of the countries. Worst fears are realised. The gunman most likely a skilled marksmen fired six times in the course of sixteen hours and then, as the DC sniper case, unfolded that terror boldly group she found out about this time, hard in this message to police the police say they have never had a crime. Quite like this. Quite a mystery. By do believe, he was Brainwash the lack of a better terms. It was scary to go to the grocery store, fill up your car with gas, it was actually brilliant, say mother would need to leave the house. This was the most intense man Hunt in american law enforcement. History, listen to monster decent her on the eye. Radio app apple podcast into marriage. She had had many young men interested in her over the years, but she had been proposed to
so Wilfred sort of pushed their twenty six year old, daughter, Judith into marriage, She had had many young men interested in her over the years, but she had been proposed to buy family friend had never Lytton six years, her junior and while she was considering the proposal Fraid Kind of jump, the gun and he went ahead and posted in engagement announcement in the papers. Judith did not dislike level, but she also didn't feel ready for marriage, and she was really terrified at the thought of conceiving and bearing children, but just the same, she accepted the fate that had spool thou before her.
You to her fathers, rash behaviour and the wedding with the agreement of both families was in Cairo, but Wilfred opted out of attending citing his poor health as the reason and an wrote him a very detailed account of the entire day. Despite this, an increasing list of medical issues, Wilfred managed to continue to stir up trouble both politically and at home when an God home from a stay in Egypt. After looking after the stables there and dealing with some of the business decisions that he had made, she found out that he had an entirely new mass. In England, he had sold off some of their land and horses and had away other lands to become marshy. Ye are here this weird idea that he was gonna, let the land to go back to nature, and so he cancelled this carefully laid out drainage program that they have been Wilfred. The blunts finally separated in nineteen o six, so
had stayed with him for years. Knowing he had never been faithful and that he had had during with other women and that he had costs on business problems, but in nineteen o six, the final straw came when Wilfred just openly moved his mistress at the time. Dorothy Carlton into the home that they shared and additionally stirred up by this idea that may be they were gonna separate. The couple began to argue over the future of the stud that they had built together and how they might proceed in separating it. The main biography that I read actually kind of hinted that less so than Dorothy Carlton. The way he wanted to handle the stud going forward was what really just kind of made Lady Anne say like I am so damn with you see it
We had to agree to Wilfred desire to split their assets, although he also believed that in doing so, she would owe him money and that made her really furious. She had pitch the idea of just turning over the crab instead to Judith, but Wilfred was not open to that. Eventually she got everything legally settled. She made sure all the servants were paid. She stopped the pantry and she left to move in with Judith and her family do eventually left her mother in their cottage to move to cravat and tends to the breeding business herself full time and for what it's worth Wilfred continued to be broiled in drama because he cheated on Dorothy Carlton, with many of the same paramour as he had kept throughout. His life was clearly not a matter of him and being poorly managed. It was just who he was
Lady Anne got in the habit of wintering in Egypt at the breeding farm there and then travelling back to cravat park in the summer's to visit, Judith, novel and her grandchildren. She and Wilfred eventually reached a point that big visit with one another in about one thousand, nine hundred and fifteen, but the family seems doomed to always have conflict. Various other issues rose up between sooner than Wilfred and then shoot than an Wilfred became addicted to morphine and after he, and she just had a massive human in front of you, the children. He was no longer allowed to see his grandchildren in the fall of night in fifteen Lady Anne decided to move to Egypt full time. The cravat park facility continue to operate under the stewardship of Judith, although it still had financial struggles for her part, an described
self is quite happy in the desert. Although she was anxious about a variety of things, including things like finances and her family, she seemed to think she was in a much poorer state than she actually was. She didn't have a full sense of what her financial value actually was in November of nineteen seventeen alike You're from Egypt made its way to an relatives and related the news that an was very ill with dysentery and had also had a skin condition that had been to figuring, and she didn't want her family to make the journey to see her. She died in a Cairo hospital on December 15th, one thousand nine hundred and seventeen Wilfred designed the headstone for her grave and Egypt, which read here lies in the egyptian desert, which you loved lady, Anne Blunt Lady and left Wilfred. Her notes
looks on horse breeding, but nothing else. Judith received a manuscript that an had been working on an ant left her little else, because she felt that she was pretty properly squared away financially. The like the family. Money was passing her and she was married and she left all of her major assets, including the land in Egypt, to trustees to hold for her grandchildren, specifically her granddaughters, because they were inheriting the titles that her grandson words, Wilfred Ensued, has ended up mired in a legal battle over the assets that the trustees had taken. Possession of the horses which were widely recognised for their value, had been seized by blunt but Judith and her children took them from his property. They moved him back rabbit simultaneously. Other breeders were trying to make offers on all the stock, but the question of ownership made the whole situation. A big mess after
legal battle. Wilfred Blunt lost the horses to his daughter. There was something of a shock to him. I think he really thought lake. I helped put this whole thing together. They were my way sources, so they should be my horses. He was a little surprised, but he actually died. Not that long. After all of this, on September, tenth, one thousand nine hundred and twenty two Judith Blunt Litton divorced from Neville in nineteen twenty, but she devoted her life to continuing her mother's work. She maintained the credit bloodlines for years. She finished her mother's book, titled, the authentic arabian horse in nineteen, forty five that have been greatest project and it was the manuscript that had been left to Judith in the will, and today an estimated ninety percent of arabian horses in the world can trace at least one of their bloodlines back to the crab stock, and that is all thanks to the work of Lady Anne Blunt and her daughter. Judith do have some listener mail for US ideal, and it's not
so dramatic link. I the whole time I was reading her biography, and a biography, unwell. Fred. I just kept marvelling at how dramatic all of it was particularly the fact that so many of these marriages, I mean I understood all for a long time that a lot of marriages at that level of society are kind of arranged for financial benefit and for positioning, but they really were just so casually lake. Oh, you should go stay with your mistress, while she sick and we'll hook, backup later and huge, I'm gonna go see this in it, but the nature of it is so very soap opera, three that it was just startling to me that it was not necessarily lake one or two here in their pretty common, booster male, however, is delightful. It is brief, because episode ran a little long. It is about the Georgia gold rush and it is sent from our listener page page rights, Holly and Tracy. Thank you for the episode of the Georgia gold rush. My mother's family has lived in Hall, County Georgia since one thousand eight hundred and thirty two
in an ancestor one, a parcel in the land lottery. Unfortunately, my ancestors also played a part in the removal of the Cherokee. I have taken a field trip to go mine and obviously cannot recommend going out of your way to visit the long ago. No shaded, Solana, guy, I'm sure it's lovely. I know. What's friends, I think it's darling, but I hearing dimension of our little town gains Ville, originally called Mule camp Springs, Lovey Ladys, keep spreading knowledge very cool. That idea, I mean it's not cool what happened to the dirty, but it's the of cool that you can so readily trace your family's history back to an event: the first gold rush in the United States, I've you'd like to write to us. You can do so at history, podcast, a house of works dot com. We are also all over social media missed in history. You can find us have missed in history dot com where there are all the episodes of the show that have ever existed, including show notes on the ones the Tracy and I have worked on, and we hope that you come and visit us at missed in history, dot, com
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