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Linda Hazzard and Starvation Heights

2015-10-14 | 🔗

Hazzard had no medical training but called herself a doctor. Her patients often signed over all their money to her, gave her their jewelry, and made her their legal guardian, even as she starved them to death in a "sanitarium" in rural Washington.

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uncanny ability to inspire a total devotion in her patience to the point that they would find over all their money to her and their jewelry. They would make her illegal guardian, they would will her all of their staff and they did this. And ass, she was literally starving them to death a sanitarium in rural Washington that that firms disturbing to you, that's your heads up. Her name was Doktor Linda here The doktor part being basically made up Emma Health facility that she ran was an allow which is across the Puget sound from Seattle, this property, originally called wilderness heights. But locals came to call it starvation heights, for this episode is a listener request from Sarah Sierra Anne and problem some other people and then Heather requested it. While our is about half way through the research yeah that was fortuitous timing on others.
Linda Hazard was born, Linda Birth, yielding Carver County Minnesota in eighteen, sixty seven, she got married it about the age of eighteen and she had two children ever in eighteen. Ninety eight, when she would have been thirty or thirty one. She left that family and she moved to Minneapolis to pursue a career in alternative medicine. The quote natural. Remedy that she advocated was fasting. The idea that you prove your health through fasting is not new culture. All where the world have promoted temporary fasting, for both health and religious purposes were basically most of human history. Then, of course, there are famous stories of mistakes and acidic some people on honey strikes, who fasted for a while longer than that today, there, Even some studies suggest that short term fasting might actually have some health benefits, and the same is true: like a longer term, lower calorie diet. A lot of this research is pretty much of it, glory of preliminary but worth studying further, but none
ass. They were talking about these studies that have happened. Are really related to what Linda Hazard was doing. Her patients would subsist on a couple of ounces of broth for extended periods of time they would undergo a progressive massage that some witnesses described as more akin to a beating and there were enemies. Took hours. They were meant to cleanse the colon of impacted matter and of vital that hazard, Clean was generated by the fasting process by nineteen. Oh two after she moved to set up shop and many when the hazard in her first. Been had divorced and that same year, a patient in her care bide of what the coroner determined to be starvation. The corner actually advocated charging hazard for this death, but because of legal loophole. The fact that she was actually a backdoor meant she could not be held accountable for what seemed like a clear result of her, so called medical treatments. She had withheld food from that patient and that patients have. I
Also in the early nineteen hundred, she met same your christian hazard, who she would go on to Mary. He was a graduate of West point who had been married, ice, although at least one of those marriages had not been legally dissolved at the time of humility India, so SAM Hazard, wound up on trial for bigger me in nineteen o four. It was sentenced to two years in prison. Although the rest of his pipe gases mostly focused on windows, there was her accomplice, especially when it came to getting control over patients money relevant to that piece of the story. He was also a graduate of West point who misappropriate military fines, which ended his career in the army in nineteen O. Six after same got out of prison. He Linda move to the Pacific Northwest Linda assemble. an office in Seattle and began treating patients the fasting. Because she had already established this practice when the state of Washington began to require doctors have licences to practice medicine. She was able
at one, she and other natural practitioners who were already working in the area where allow to just claim a licence and continue to practice soon. She started planning a sand. Miriam on affording acre property that was owned by state legislator. Louis e raider, who was a patient of hers? That was the property that was known as wilderness heights. in nineteen o eight. She self published a book called the fasting cure for disease. There are at least I've editions of this book and all the ones the Tracy found started with quote appetite is craving. Hunger is desire. Craving is satisfied desire, is relieved when want is supplied eating hunger or pandering to appetite at the expense of digestion makes disease inevitable at the start of the editions of the back. She also thanks thanks. Eight Dewey who was another proponent of fasting for medical purposes and she claims to have said
with them. Although it's not clear they're about really happened. here are some of the things she advocated all taken from the nineteen o eight edition of the book fur she claims fasting could not kill. You quote popular belief and we'll teaching led to the conclusion that abstinence from food for ten or twelve days result and starvation or death. This easily refuted on my lists are Sid horribly over one thousand instances of continuous fast, whose limits extend from ten to seventy five days. She goes on to write, Twelve years only eleven patients have died while under my care, each of these deaths has proved an occasion for peace. You shouldn't alignment prosecution, and injury from each and every case. Both I and the method have emerged triumphant. The autopsy sewing organic disease and death was inevitable so
basically she was saying it was never the fasting that killed. You is the underlying illnesses that you are treating with fasting and side, no in terms of saying that the otter he's revealed that an underlying disease caused the death. These were autopsy that's it herself handy in her description. You inter rest, your digestive system, just like you, need to rest your legs after you go for a long run also according food. Is poison at this point I would close Linda Hazard and been hurriedly Disease, according to her was a product of your body being out of balance and fasting restored. That balance without flew to deal with Your kidneys and your liver could go on doing their jobs, but this time they We purify your body in your blood, not just play catch up, based on what you ate figures on a lot of the same claims that come up in quackery cases today proclaims that drugs are poison and that traditional met
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Other sanitariums and health reform centres in the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. For the most part, these are people who were affluent they had lots of leisure time and they didn't feel quite well. However, at most of these places, including the past, pass podcast subject: battle Creek sanitarium, which was run by John Harvey Kellogg patients did not die from their treatments. That was not pace with limber hazard, Daisy Maud Haglund was Seattle area, patient originally from Norway and she died on February. Twenty sixth of nineteen o eight after a fifty day fan under Linda hazards, tear thirty eight and she left behind a young son Iver, who grew up to start this year. See food chain Iverson, which is mentioned in just about every article that you see about this whole events yeah. I can't I can't quite big whether people mentioned invariably, because that restaurant chain is really famous in Seattle or because
kind of ironic that is, mother, died of starvation and eager at the start of payments. Restaurant Jane, probably a combination of the two. In nineteen o nine decomposing body was found on the hazards property and it was later identified as belonging to Eugene Stanley Wigglin. He was twenty six. The cause of death was a bullet wounds to the head. He was another one of hate hazards, patience and his death was originally it, has a suicide. However, later on the british Vice Council theorize that one of the hesitant had actually said him after learning that, in spite of being the son of a british Lord, he did not So we have a lot of money for them to extort from him. These and other deaths did indeed attract attention. Seattle newspapers covered these incidents as they came up and local rest reported finding wandering severe Let me see that people on their property looking for help, but the state of war-
didn't yet have any kind of laws governing medical malpractice that wouldn't happen until nineteen thirteen so unfair. Were dying and hazards terror after under undergoing treatment that they had apparently willingly signed up for and in some cases, even supposedly sign, documents authorizing authorities didn't feel like there was really much that they could do that changed with british sisters, Clare and Dorothy, a William. Dorothea, who was known as DORA with thirty seven and Clare was thirty. Four both of their parents have died, but their father, who had been an army officer, had left them enough money for the two of them to be quite comfortable, and they were both very interested in their health. They were vegetarians and they had stopped wearing course. It's These decisions were motivated by a belief that the things that they were turning away from, where ban for them anymore,
I'm consider themselves to be in the best of health. Dorothea DORA, as we have mentioned, quote, suffered occasionally from rheumatism, an according to court documents. Clear, reportedly had a displaced, uterus and then taken a number of natural cure to try to feel better. Their family did not approve, so they just stop telling their aunts and uncles what they were up to. You I could not figure whether Clare legitimately had an actual physical like miss placement in her Europe's like. That is a thing that can happen but also weird non problems with women's uterus is where often what part of medical quack free movement, especially nineteenth century, and I could not bigger out which one of those do things that was in September of nineteen ten. The two sisters were visiting Korea, British Columbia, and they saw an ad for limber hazard, sanitarium, honestly I'll newspaper that their hotel had on hand clear wrote the hazard for me
information and haven't forwarded a copy of her. But when a brochure about the sanitarium the williamsons thought that hazard sanitarium sounded ideal for them envision this as an idyllic retreat, where they would be sustained by delicate broths made from locally farmed ingredients. So they kept up a correspondence with hazard that lasted through February of nineteen eleven, They had originally planned to leave the United States bound for Britain and Australia. They decided instead to stop first in Seattle, then undertake hazards cure when they arrive in Seattle on February, twenty sixth of nineteen eleven. They found that the institute was not ready to receive patients, yet hazard instead got them an apartment in Seattle, Capitol Hill than the each agreed to pay her sixty dollars per month for Monday to Friday, treatments that would include in the words of documents warm water each day. This diet also was not the farm fresh locally sourced fair that they had been hoping
the small bit of butter therein about as large as the thumb nail a warm bath every day or practically every day and an Anima from four to six courts of warm water each day. This diet also was not the farm fresh, locally sourced fair that they had been hoping for. It was mostly made. hands tomatoes: the sisters went from their apartment to Hazard Seattle Office Monday to Friday, as agreed from February Twenty seventh. Until about the fifteenth of March, and at that point they became too weak to be able to leave their report so hazard, came to them, giving them their multi our animals in the bathtub, which was fitted with ten. This supports once their treatments made them too weak to stand as the two sisters got weaker hazard started to ask them about their families, their money, their job rather than a legal affairs. She took all of their jewelry and their personal papers with her when she left one day telling them that it was not saved, keeps its such things in their apartment. The William
Sisters. Treatment in Seattle went on until April twenty second nineteen eleven when they were transferred to alarm and it still as a sanitarium, so much as a space in the allow a home. Their health at this point was precarious enough that they each were carried to us what ambulance by stretcher and once they got to the sound they were taken across in a private boat before they left, hazards attorney arrived at the dark and got clear to sign a will that an annuity to the sanitarium as well as documents that signed all the money in her bank account over to hazard. At this point, the two sisters, reportedly each Wade only about seventy pounds, After their move to allow their health, of course, continue to deteriorate, they started to lose com. this during their massages and their enemy treatments, one of them somewhere childhood nurse, Margaret Conway and Telegram, on April thirtieth of that year, asking her to come in
Is it then allow she was alarmed by this terrible telegram and worried for their safety, so she left Australia and take a ship to Vancouver. They would take her until June to get the Seattle. Meanwhile, in mid, may hazard express doubt that Clear Williams recover not from the treatment from the ailments that the treatment was supposedly purging from her body and on may nineteenth of nineteen eleven clear did it die. Hazard awaited three days to inform their uncle John Herbert who lived in Portland and help who see all knew how to contact that his niece had died. At this point, she and her sister each wait about half of what they had before starting hazards treatments on May twenty seventh hazard filed a petition to me to be made Dorothy legal Guardian claiming that she was an invalid and mentally and competent to manage their own affairs. This petition was granted also in May Louis
writer, who was the person who had owned the property that this sanitarium was built on, also died. He, as we said, had been a patient of hazards here had been staying in a hotel, near Pike Place market in Seattle. But when the police tried to question him What was going on his old Wilderness Heights property hazard moved him some one else, somewhere else and secret, where he later died. When Margaret Conway arrived in Seattle on June First Hazards, husband, Samuel Hazard, broke the news that clearly Ed as they wrote a bus to Conway's hotel upon in her body, which had been embalmed and place on display. Featherwit Butterworth Mortuary in Seattle COM immediately suspicious that something was going on. This body did not look like
where to her, and it wasn't just because it was almost skeletal. There was because the bone structure of the body itself didn't look like layers to her. The bones in the hands of my face were shaped. All wrong in her hair was different. then Conway went to allow where she found the DORA, only wait about fifty pounds and was so amazing stated that she couldn't even so without serious pain, in spite of her obvious horrible physical, condition DORA refused to leave plus as we alluded to earlier, the Williamson Sisters had, at this point signed away everything they had to the hazards. In addition to being name Well, it's guardian, Linda Hazard, had been named the executor of players Estate and her husband had power of it. you over DORA Linda hazard had also started wearing the sisters Clothing Injurie, including when she met with their childhood nurse Conway. Conway immediately sent for John Herbert who came to see what was going on and only
he agreed to pay the hazards, a thousand dollars which was negotiated down from their initial demand of two thousand dollars They allow DORA to leave, if not clear, whether was a bill or some sort of ransom Conway. here's, the surviving Williamson sister back to health. At this point, a death by starvation under the care. When the hazard will really well known in Seattle area articles in the Seattle daily to we're running under headlines like woman, air quote, M D, airfoil hills, another patient But, as we said earlier, authorities did not feel like they had the jurisdiction to put a stop to it, which is why John her, took the matter to the british Council into Coma British government started to pressure kids, have county Washington to charge hazard with murder the county, small in rural and when it claimed it couldn't afford such an expensive legal proceeding. Dorothea Williamson offered to pay for it we're going to talk about the trial and what happened
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nurses and servants from the household testified about horrifying, can do and at the allow sanitarium. Witnesses also spoke about the way the hazards had gotten their patients to hand over all their assets. The prosecution framed. This ass quote food actual starvation there, There are numerous instances of fraud in which both hazards had forged documents and faked diary freeze to get money and possessions that their patients would not give them willingly. Some of these documents, We are saying that they want, but if he were willingly under hazards, care had in fact been forged. The butter mortuary, we're clear, Williamson's body had been displayed was accused of collusion as well was never proved accusations are made that the monetary had swapped clears body one that was not quite so skeletal
throughout all of those limber hazard maintain her innocence, regardless of how little a patient had eaten or how clearly their cause of death was started. Starvation and hazards assertion it was not the fasting that bit it. She also claimed that she was being unfairly persecuted, and this was the reason she was being accused of murder, not because of having starve patients death and continues to be true in quackery cases that that come up today that the people are railway will claim that they are being unjustly persecuted by the medical establishment, one really they are the ones who have the real answers she refused to take. The stand in her own defence thing, because the jury was all male and that if they had been women, she would have done it. Other per years of natural cures, agreed with hazard that she was not to blame Henry S Tanner, who was known for a public forty days
Ass in New York City, more than thirty days before all of this business offered to testify for the defence, but he was never called. Although hazard was found, guilty. It was ultimately of manslaughter matter, first degree murder. Her medical licence was revoked when she was sentenced to prison. Penitentiary, while awhile, for quote not more than twenty there's not less than two years. She serves two years of her sentence spending much of that time, basking in an attempt to prove that she was really She also try to appeal, citing twelve different purported instances of errors and misconduct and her previous trial and we're linked to all of this appeal, in our show notes, because it is a dizzying reed in your most clear, headed states too. Yes, it was who dizzying to try to like the still down to a podcast sentence,
yeah, you definitely want to have a cup of coffee or whatever else wakes you have before you tackle. That August felt nineteen thirteen, the state of Washington issued a ruling that her previous trial had in fact been fair. Strictly long story, short quote, considering the your record. In this case, it is clear that the defendant had a fair trial, her return we're alert to protect her interests. There is substantial evidence to support the verdict of the jury, the trial court in imposing sentence tempered justice with mercy. The judgment will therefore be affirmed. After she was paroled and the governor pardoned her in exchange for a promise that she leave Washington. She did. She moved soon you in for a while we're a sizeable group of people supported her and advocated or treatments. Then, after a while, Elsie move back to allow in nineteen twenty, with the intent of building a one hundred bed, school or health. She wound up in court again in the mid nineteen twenties. Having been
for practising medicine, without a license her arm, was that she had been pardoned by the governor and that the revocation of her licence was part of the punishment that for having been convicted of manslaughter. But since you pardon of that crime should have that licence back currently that, while some inalienable rights do revert to someone after a pardon, you have no intrinsic right to a licence to practice medicine if you are not qualified to do it. Her institute, burned down- and in thirty five, and at that point her popularity had really waned. There are only about a dozen patients being house there. Hazard began a fast three years later, after falling ill herself and she never recovered. She died in nineteen thirty, eight at the age of seventy one, fair. You can read mould. politicians have a book online for free because its public there may now Google books have a scale of one of them. That was, natives are harboured. When I
started reading it. I was like what is the name of the person you own, this black, sound so familiar to me, and then I was reading realized the no owner of the copy of the book that that was donated to Harvard that Google books has had with Horace Fletcher vigour. Master care, the guy who advocated chewing your food like us Gillian Times until you think globally. Sled slid down your throat and there a bunch of notes in the margin. I found a very disturbing because they're all about how Linda Hazard really has a point here- and I dont know if their Horace letters notes or the notes of whoever got the big from him, because he himself is not the person who made the donation to Harvard but yeah. That was the most disturbing thing that I read in this. Like they're all these accounts. It is horrible things happen in her sanitarium at that
That really creeped me out the most was whoever was riding in the margins. Saying that all of these things he was writing which are made up and wrong. We're in fact great yeah trembling for sure, although some of the owl buildings in the smaller structures from the institute still stand all this left in buildings or the foundation, and the concrete tower that may have housed in incinerator a cottage that it has. the patience was purchased by a private citizen about thirty years ago in its history. Is not disclosed the buyers, because some of the bodies were importantly burned, buried in the woods or dumped into the sound there is actually no official death toll numbers range a dozen to more than forty there's, also a whole book about it, written by somebody actually lives in that allow area which is aptly named starvation heights. Oh when the hazard. Obviously I have no patience,
four grammatical. Quite well in it's one of those things I lived in the Pacific Northwest when I was a kid and I do Legally remember one of my parents me sort of my cab joke. When I didn't want it something my play that one point saying like do you think this is a Linda hazard treatment, were you like it that about. I had no idea that later on, as I got older, it's one of those things that does come up if you live there, you'll eventually here story. Of it, and I was like everything is illuminated now. I understand that sort of creative there was made at the dinner table yeah. Well, I don't know if we ve ever talked on show before about how I spent years of my life as a licensed massage therapists and I worked with a lot of people who were great. Words is basically about feeling, better and and and having a good degree of wilderness and then
we're a few people who I worked with, who were not, and they would advocate these things that were dangerous and damaging, and I was like I can't That I know that's not ok, we telling people is true about their health, that is in fact harmful and one of the things I was most relieved about when I ceased to be a licence. Massage therapist was the people who were advocating things that are quackery and are either outright dangerous and damaging to people or give people false hope for something. That's not actually gonna help them with us serious illness yeah though fur troubling, and I I finally happen in the they stand out they're, not just in things like massage but like. If you go to Anne S, the Titian even Lincoln the beauty history, there are a lot of treatments that will be
purported as very natural and curative in some way of some. You know like askin condition or in new whatever, and there really just products being sold to make where's, my worst skin care. Experience of my entire life was an all natural thing that one of the places I worked with selling that I tried, because I've bought this whole idea that maybe my skin would not break out. If I only with his natural stone. And what really happened was my skin broke out worse than it ever had been in my entire life and representatives of that company told me it was my fault for clearly being a sensitive person, oh yeah, that's a finger. Remember not all natural remedies that does not always mean they're, gentle and soothing. Either there are lots of things for a world like her, you yeah so anyway, Linda
Third, I obviously murdered a whole bunch of people, and then I also am intolerant of her medical quackery. There you go. Do you also some listener me over US review? It is from Jason invasions as high Holly and tracing thanks so much for including a classical music episode and stuff you miss than history class. I was excited to finally here about a sudden area that I am particularly passionate about. As I'm classically train composer. Yes, we still exist. I wanted to address a point that you see February. Regarding the reasoning why classical musicians tend to make list out to be a better performer than composer? I think you test on an important point. When you mentioned jealousy, Lee. Haters of any era are gonna hate, but there is more or at least more openly cited Reason- Wireless smack white first rate status as a composer which is unique. The classical music value system in our music
it has shown. There is an accepted divide between the peace and the performance, a concept which today's musical traditions make little distinction over. When you think about classical music, it makes sense for former aid can be imply a piece by composer be, and we can judge merits of these elements independently. Mary June's did a great job playing Beethoven's third pianist Sonata Opus to number three: that peace is wonderful similar praise awarded to a popular music group. I love the beetle thing. I want to hold your hand, even if list, where perform his own compositions? He wouldn't be evaluated as the singer songwriter about separately as a composer, an performer. How does this attitude apply to the reception of lists compositions when classical musicians look at pieces I list they see a lot of what makes the late romantic pianos thou great, an expressive sense of drama. of all the ranges of the piano and texture,
resembling a brazilian notes, wiring by at breakneck pace, but when we are also too, to look through all the notes to an underlying musical structure beneath the surface of the music you're, not familiar with music theory or have no classical music. Training can be difficult concept to articulate an email me provides a link for eleven, a context which is that some folks take issue with the integrity of his work. What the haters hate about lists music is that there is a decidedly performative focus on his music. contrary to the customary preference for the architectural focus. To put it bluntly, the haters feel that lists music is all sizzle no stake. People dismisses music because of the obvious virtuosity demonstrated in performance, considering it gaudy I like to think of it as musical lasts versus the new Irish compared to a similar peace by Brahms, whose piano music is also virtue. Mystic in its own right, it doesn't feel as enriching, say the Haters luckily list
it has been getting a fair or shake in more recent years. He did a lot to advance the classical music harmony ass. He noted in the Pied cast, although I thought you were at the use of the term about guard- was inappropriate that refers to a very specific period of music decade later and sit on this piece by list and he has linked to it, puts exports not cast classical scales and bends harmony to just before it breaks, and then he says he hopes that we do some more pieces on classical music and offers some resources is that we do so. Thank you, Jason for sending back email. I actually did look up our guard and whether it was appropriate to use and before I said that in the past- and I think that I have found talked about VON Bognor. Being considered an avant garde musician and since we also talked about by bognor- and that said, I did not think that was incorrect. So apparently it was, but otherwise thank you for sending all of that context that I did not have when we did. That
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