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Franz Liszt was a pianist, a composer and a conductor, and basically the first rock star who drove fans into fits of swooning and screaming. Some fans even stole the detritus of his life (unfinished coffee, broken piano strings) to carry with them. Read the show notes here.

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as commissioner, you mention. History has in many ways we will then I'm Holly brine, I have a confession: to make them along holding jealousy would be quite awhile. I have always been jealous of terror and Billina, having already covered the right of spring riots on our part, but the whole story is the weird they already covered it back and twenty eleven. So I've had my eye out for some other kind of weird musical story. They cover as like a bad constellation. This is not a sad consolation prize because actually awesome it is about a musical mass hysteria that is from the midnight in February, and not as list of media yeah,
It's the white, for I mean there's no way around it. I feel kind of for the guy. At the same time, it's pretty great so before we start as as that happens. I knew, will note so today. The mania definitely has psychological connotations right. It's used to describe excessively elevated mood or really hyperactive mental state, and that can also extended daylight physical hyperactivity, another behaviors and usually it's used sway in the context of bike bipolar disorder, other mental and emotional disorders, and there are definitely folksy would really prefer that the word mania not be used to describe more generally to being really excited or busy, but at the time When the word list, though mania was coined. The word mania was really a physical description. It was not a psychological one and so list, though mania was considered to be a friend and dangerous fizzy alive. our response to being around Franz Liszt and say what.
Use the word mania in today. So that is the context that we are talking about. All I can think of another shot The women in the crowd is the Beatles landed in America, sits very similar. Well and, to be honest, I saw the the Boston Symphony. The Boston pots specifically do a whole night of the Beatles, and it was amazing, I was really they had seen. John Hodgman do. What's it called there that introductions orchestra people. Oh yeah, that yet it with various and there there was narration through the whole thing that talked about, among other things, by Romania, and I had to memorize like what. If we did up I'd cast on Beatlemania, I can't figure out a way to make that he'll, legitimate foe, this field a lot more legitimate and also very fun.
So, to give you a little bit a background and set this up. Franz Liszt was born and debauchery on Hungary, which has now rating Austria, although it still referred to as divorce. If you speak again on October, twenty second eighteen eleven and the very opposite, I was rather small. It was basically a market town and most of the people who live there were both german speaking in ethnically hungarian or meagre list was the only filed of Adam list Anna Maria logger analysed worked as a clerk for prints, Nicholas Esterhazy, who was a musical patron and It lists. Father was also an amateur musician who could play several this different instruments, including the cello and the piano Franz Liszt Father, had also spent two years in the franciscan order, so France grew into a religiously pretty devoted Iled list already showed a really distinct love of music by the age of six and his father started to give him music lessons, France,
enormously talented and he really progressed in his musical study extremely quickly by the time, was nine. He was giving public performances as a concert pianist and after his first performance bigwigs actually donated money to fund the next several years of his musical education. Soon, his prodigious ability outstripped the reason. is that were available in the borri on so lists, Father asked for an extended leave of absence and from his employer and take France to Vienna, there. He studied piano with caught Carl sharing he himself had studied with Ludwig Van Beethoven with also studied competition with Antonio salutary, who was much more famous for his some sick with, and rivalry with Mozart. Both of these two teachers were so impressed with lists tell it that they refused to be paid for their work with him.
Frances First public performance in Vienna was in eighteen, twenty two, so he would have been about eleven years old at this time when he was dead. arrived, as quote a little Hercules fallen from the clouds He started writing his own compositions that same year, the next year, France met lid, Wigwam Beethoven for the first time and according to one possibly apocryphal account Beethoven, with, though charmed that he kissed on the forehead eighteen. Twenty three was also the year that list moved to Paris. This move another one that was made so that he could continue his studies with other musical masters and while the This conservatory declined to admit him on the grounds that he was not french czech composer end Russia and italian composer. Fernando prayer taught him privately in it to his studies? He put on extensive public performances, any really started to develop greater following
However, in eighteen, twenty six when he was fifteen years old, Francis Father died suddenly of typhoid father had really Venice primary source of support during all of this musical training in performing plus the boy with only fifteen years old, he had not always had good health up into this point, and this whole theories of touring of studying had been really fatiguing, after his father's death, France had to share a one bedroom apartment with his mother and grieving unexhausted. He turns to teaching piano to try to make a living. He actually fell in love with live, as students is going to set a friend for his later life when her father forced him to end their relationship, he became so ill that newspapers print bitter wearies for him afterward. He retreated from public performance for almost or years than he spent most of his time reading and teaching music
He started to compose music again in eighteen, thirty following the July Revolution in which King Charles, the tenth was overthrown and succeeded by Louis Philippe in his mother's words quote the cannons cured him. Afterward. He met several more famous names in the musical world, including Hector Berlioz, Niccolo, Paganini and Frederick Chopin List met the married Comtesse married the coup in eighteen, thirty, three, when he was twenty two years old and spy for being married. He fell in love with her and they were to be together for twelve years. They eventually had three children together to avoid this, of parisian society over this affair. With a married woman, they laughed and spent the next four years travelling through Europe, including for for ITALY and other non Paris, part of France. His travels and his love for her started to inspire him to compose, and he wrote a set of sweets were solo piano, which became
highly praised a need the pillar ignores over. a few years, lists represent, as a musician grew just dramatically. He gave tour and performances and really made a name for himself as a virtuoso composer in pianist and as well as extremely charismatic and very expressive. Performer may also became known for being quite generous with his music. In his time he often hot people and also accepted official posts for free food out of this without pay, and then he would donate the process from his concerts to charity, he also developed a different reputation thanks to his behaviour off stage. James The hunters, nineteen eleven biography in chapter two, which is called aspects of his art and character, begins lists and the Ladys like this is like the heading. So it's like one list and the lady,
the feminine friendships of Franz Liszt gained for him as much notoriety as his music making to the average public. He was a com of Casanova, Byron and Gerda, and to this mixture could have been the name of stand. How list affairs lists children, lists perilous, escape from daggers pistols and poisons where the subjects of converse in Europe. Three quarters of century ago as earlier Byron, those hero and black sheep in the current gossip of his time. Let us add to the subjects of conversation right now that he was also extremely attractive, like I'm. Having trouble picking out with extremely attractive picture of Franz Liszt should accompany our blog post, inertia notes and an episode itself, because there are many- and he looks like he looks like them
yet your high school, he was very sensitive and skilful and wrote terrible poetry and made all of the girls think that he was just so tragically attractive. Like that, that's what you are! yeah he looks like every guy in every movie, teenage forlornness as well that, like he, so beautiful, no one will ever understand him. Yet I'm not he is a pretty thing staring beautiful. So basically, this all men, Franz Liszt, was a nineteenth century, virtuoso piano rock star, and that's where the maniac. Then you're going to talk about after a brief word from a sponsor this episode of stuffy miss than history glasses, brought to you by
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of his personality, was derived from the appearance of strong passions and his wound face so that he seems to me a demon nailed fast, the instrument whence his tones streamed forth. They came from his blood his thoughts. He was a demon who would liberate his soul from the thralldom. He was on the rack, his blood flowed and his nerves trembled, but ass he continued to play so the demon vanished that pale face assume a nobler and brighter expression, the divine shown from his eyes from every feature he became as beauty is as only spirit and enthusiasm can make their worshippers really list had been breaking new ground in his concert performances. It was not at this point common for just a man and appear to have a whole stage to himself, but less did. Basically, this sort of recital as a performance, format and indefinitely
that common for someone to play the piano like a demon turned divine. The whole performance was. Enormously expensive and emotive and the audience. the really just get caught up in it. On top of that list played with the piano in profile so that people can see his face while he played and he would whip his. How long is here around arrows? He was playing, which was very striking. The also played all of music from memory which a lot of other musicians of the day thought was extremely rude, especially when you were playing work that someone else had written, which could make people think that you had actually written it yourself. one December, twenty seventh of eighteen, forty one Franz Liszt played the first concert in what would be a ten weak tour of Germany, and the audience was overcome women, shrieked and swooned, and general atmosphere of rapturous chaos and from the men jealousy
They don't weirder from their people, started wearing lockets in Bruges that had its face on them, which is not that we heard me it's not that much different from having a t shirt with your favorite boy ban, face on it. Women, however, started carrying vials with them. Encase Franz Liszt walked away from some night, not quite empty cup of coffee, so they could like spirit away the unconsumed dregs of his coffee. and carry it around with them in that bile people scavenge, old coffee grounds and cigar, but also there's even one story of a lady in waiting having one of his discarded cigar butts encased in a locker had his initials in June. On the front I love are we now? It makes perfect sense to me, you remember exactly and Billy Bob Thornton we're walking around with piles of one another's blood. Yes, it was like that.
edit women would literally attack list when this mania was going on, so they would tear off parts of his clothes. They would try to sniff pieces of his hair would fight one another for their spoils. Heathrow gloves and Hank if civil, the audience after performances and the scene would evolve into fisticuffs, sometimes with the articles, people were fighting over being torn to bits in the process, his manner of playing The piano was also very prone to breaking strings and women with scavenge there's broken spring. also and then make them into bracelets, which is one of the less weird preference of all I love that I love a little craft. He found them anyway case you're, wondering there are reports of women throwing their garments onto the stage, including their undergarments. Although this disputed as to whether or not its factor fancy. So, although Nonetheless, the mania behaviour is attributed the women. Men definitely did
on the action to some of them in their own excitement them of them in the form of fighting one another. In fifth of jealousy, it was wait, and journalists Heinrich Hyena, who coined the word lists Domine on April twenty fifth eighteen, forty four at which point list had actually moved on to Paris and at First China actually thought was a result: social and legal expectations in Germany. It was culturally more reserves, and parents were the more stringent law enforcement, so opposition was that people were taking this opportunity to legally blow off steam where they could then friendless came to pay where people were a lot freer, there was a landmark, we shall wiggle room. The exact same thing happened and he rode quite a lot about it. We're not gonna read all of it, but we are going to read kind of a lengthy bit of China's description, which goes strange thought I these per reasons you have seen the pole
and who had the win one battle after another to hold their attention. Now they are claiming our Franz Liszt and Mccoy climate was a veritable in singing. one unheard of in the annals of your What is the reason of this phenomenon? The solution of this question belongs to the domain of pathology, rather than that of aesthetics, a physician who specialities male diseases and whom I asked to explain the magic our list exerted upon his public smiled in the strangest manner and, at the same time said all sorts of things about magnetism. Calvinism electricity of the contagion of a close hall filled with countless wax light, and several hundred perfumed and perspiring human beings of historical epilepsy of
phenomenon of tickling of musical camp arrives and other gabarus things which I believe have reference to the mysteries of the bone idea. Perhaps the solution of the question is not buried in such adventurous depth, but floats on a very prosaic surface. It seems too, at times that all the sorcery may be explained by the fact that no one on earth knows knows so well how to organise his successes or raise their measles fair as our Franz Liszt in this art, he is a genius. As we said at the top of the show, the medical history judgment thought this was a contagious, dangerous visit syndrome that could actually pact be passed from overwrought, lady to another. They feared an epidemic so basically Peter have been pathology, rising young women being really excited about music for almost a hundred and seventy five years. That wasn't me:
the Beatles. No, new, with any boy ban since then know all the way back to France list. maybe even before it's possible that there were similar stories and other cultural. All of the resources I have at my disposal were about like the western musical tradition. Yet if it is so, actually this whole thing friend of plagued Franz Liszt, Heather. Some were absolutely appalling The audiences behaviour, including really famous names like Chopin and Schuman and members A lot of people in the musical world really started to dislike Franz Liszt, based on what they five. This vulgar. Needless hero, worship, that was under current seven dangerous enlists, own correspondent sounds vaguely baffled, at this pattern. I mean he was obviously doing some things to encourage it like on purpose, throwing gloves and handkerchiefs into audience, but he really is
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Twenty five percent or more of your first year go to Norton dot com, slash history, that's Norton; DOT, com, slash history for twenty five percent off so to get to the end of this domain here and the end of public life in eighteen. Forty seven list met Princess Caroline, your son and he met her in Kiev and they started a relationship his previous long term love affair with married. The princess wanted him to touring and settle down and focus on teaching and composing instead, and so well, he and the previous his previous live interest. The Comtesse have needed to escape Paris and scandal. Instead list was installed in the princesses estates, his laugh paying answer was in September of that year, and he was thirty five,
the age of thirty seven, he accepted the permanent posts of capital Meister, basically the person in charge of music for the grid. the Weimar disposition. came with a royal benefactor Carl Alexander, to be his patron, so the financial and social backing to just continue his own work list. Move to Weimar and the princess later joined him there anyway, and who is on going teaching and composition and lists started, trying to create new musical forms. The most famous of these with the symbolic poem which is a musical beast, it's meant to evoke or illustrate a story or peace It will art these competitions were really groundbreaking and they attracted more music students who wanted to learn from him. He dedicated Steve, his music around this time to the princess Caroline. while in Weimar List, robots considered to be his most accomplished, symphonic work and false me or fast symphony
This is essentially a series of interconnected symphonic poems based on Johann Wolfgang VON those tragic play Faust Bertha and Schiller had both lived in Weimar and. drew musical inspiration from their literary work. His hostess Cappel also meant that this was responsible for conducting the Weimar, Castro, and in doing so he really revolutionized what it meant sickened, backed up until that point, the conductor was basically a human met. Renew He made sure that all of the orchestra played in time with one another and that nobody, MR cues, but list added gesture. Expressions and an emotive physical presence. A guide what the orchestra should sound like in the shape of the playing itself- and this is very much taken for granted in the field of conducting an orchestra today- that's how it works. At the end of the eighteen, fifty s life became more difficult for list,
resigned is posted Weimar in eighteen, fifty nine and at that point two of his children also died one in that same year that he resigned and then another a few years later in eighteen, sixty two, the alpha caught up in a musical feud known as the war of the romantic and this period. The more romance We incline musicians list and Richard Bognor against the more conservative classically inclined traditionalist faction of Robert Schuman, Felix Mendelson in your Highness Brahms. This was basically dispute between the more avant garde musical seen and the composer issued. Their influence from past masters, like Bach Mozart and Beethoven, this association with Varner also meant that less developed a for having anti semitic views. But there are significant dispute about whether quotations there were a treaty
It's him in this area of thought were accurate or they were not there. At this point, Varner is kind of notaries. Lee anti Semitic in his views that I had a hard time confirming exactly what lists views were So, as a whole, musical schism was going on list moves to Rome where the princess Caroline had gone to try to get her previous marriage annulled by the Pope. She enlist hoops to get married, but her a moment did not your through, so they did not. And at this point list turned away from a lot of the world in eighteen, sixty three, he moved to an meant at a monastery outside of Rome years later in eighteen, sixty five, he caught his hair and a torture. So that's the shaping of the middle part of the scalp that leaves a ring of hair around it. At this point he took holy orders that see me. and he pursued in extensive study of theology with the hope of joining the clergy
and although he was never ordained, he did become an abbot and he produced a number of religiously themed musical works in eighteen. Seventy list returns Hungary to visit, and while he was away from Rome, Victor Emmanuel, a second attempted to you by all the italian state and essentially laid siege to Rome, since he couldn't returned list remained in Hungary and accepted a the royal National Hungarian Academy of Music in Budapest, and today this is the Franz Liszt, cadmium, music. For the last fifty years of his life list divided his time among Budapest, Weimar and Rome. He continued to teach sensibly and cultivated the idea of a master class and that's an idea that continue to be of musical and other artistic education. Today he taught these demonstration base classes, he being the master of course for free. He struggled with depression and
killing health toward the end of his life and he died in Germany on July thirty, first eighteen, eighty six by then he hid composed about fourteen hundred works although these pretty universally recognised as a virtuoso piano player, as well as for his contribution to the art of conducting in the idea of symphonic poems. There are, people that argue that his skill is a composer was all hype tat. I found several articles that were like black list with he really any good. I don't think so, if it is not always the case with avant garde. Folks, though rate even also the case with excessively pretty thoughtful. Looking people you acquire an overly excited base of bans that, like the scream alive right I mean you can see that if any in the arts or anything really where like, if they have really rapid fans, theirs It's gonna, be a kick back of lake.
they're, not worth all of that, even though they are super talented, an amazing right people say that about the Beatles whom there is like, there's plenty of arguments he can make about the Beatles and what their influences are, whether those employed should have gotten more attention and whether all of their work is really great, but really seriously specifically to dismiss the entirety of the Beatles because Ladys were swimming about them, yeah, so fair. Also, this whole, on spawned a weird rock opera but from a list in the nineteen seventeen that was called wisdom mania- and there is also a song- an album by the way in Phoenix. That became very popular more much more recently em. If you want to read all kinds of primary sources about prompt, Franz Liszt, the Library of Congress has a whole bunch of up a bunch of em, are on the web pretty off. Who all do? You also have listener mail for us This is a listener. Male were reading want of it that we have gotten
overall method is along the same theme, some not trying to pick on one person. We ve gotten. Several of these. I think one of them to read I, MRS Frahm, loss in Russia's hello. I love the show. I've been listening since two thousand, eight or so, and surrender Billina days and led the way that you percent most of the topics. I look forward to each episode. I listened to your episode about James, a day in which he complained about the man who gave you a one star review, because he said he had too many episodes about women. I have two comments about your discussion of this one. You said you only had five episodes that women in the last twenty and that, therefore, you are not doing enough episodes about women, while the five number is true is also unrepresentative, because those twenty. You had a number of episodes that we're about neither men nor women like peanut butter hippos account exactly five episodes about men. More importantly, I would have guessed that you had so many episodes about women to the reason for this is that when you guys there's about women. You lose all objectivity for men. You present bags for women
I celebrate your wife. Get excited, offer commentary about how much you love her with makes those episodes much more noticeable, and for that reason I sometimes skip your episodes that are likely to be like that. In other words, episodes about in our history. While episodes about women become a story in all events, I would agree with the commentator that you discussed, although certainly not the one star review and suggest either observes about men should be more exciting to you or you should become more objective when you discuss women and you certainly, Do you even more episodes about women when the ratio of men, women and the twenty six of that that you chose was one to one. The Eurostat so to clarify, since several people have questions where we counted, that twenty episode was the twenty most recent episodes. Since that person left, that review
which I remembered after having recorded that it was actually, I think, a three star review and not a one star review was one of those who would have been five but you're talking about so many women, so at the where we actually recorded the one about calamity Jane. We had already seen that review laughed at it and started doing more women yeah. So if you were counting back calamity vain episode or from any other subject like that is not the same twenty oppositely accounting. I would also argue that the hippo to partner is really about man, because a huge part of Yad so absurd Like the biography of the Men- and yes, I mean it's really- I was the life story of two men and sort of how their lives in line there, so that the other thing is that I would respectfully disagree that that we only talk of women in an excited and hyping up their lives way, I
reading it after we have this whole delight about funds list in his horrible. Always I feel kind about like he's super, just as you remind me of of guy that you realise that, because it is obvious that you loved when you were in middle or high school, so We think whether we found excited about somebody's life and are hiding them up really depends on the context. So are like our episode on Frankie, meaning we talk about about loving brink yeah. We talk, especially you talk about about about loving bellowing of am I can help one of the unfortunate where's. The realities of our so, though, is that, like we do, have a lot of episodes that are about upsetting events in his We just heard that one about Mary and cotton with Syria and I think it any point like she was sassy and great like she was horrible Have been in control of these horrible things that happen, we're primarily run by man and light
we don't want to talk up their lives, because that thing was terrible like we also, and we will definitely have a visitor about women who did horrific things. We just heard that one about very and cotton see I don't think at any point. Only like she was sassy and great like she was horrible as the number one to clarify for the many many people you have you have written to me like I counted, and I didn't get that same number like we're, probably unless you throw back through all of our terrible reviews to find that one and then counted from there, that's a different set of plenty than our set of flooding the thing that I actually do, you think is responsible for people feeling like there are too many. Women is a scientifically documented phenomenon in which, we'll generally over, represent in their minds how many women there actually are like one of the studies that both around all about this. farmers from the Vienna Davis Institute on gender and media, and that one
that when you are looking at a crowd. Seen in film people interpret like thirty percent women as half women and themes and if there are actually half women and half men in the crowd seen people interpret that as I'd be way too many women, but that Same pattern has played out in more real life studies of actual behaviour around the world, not just in media representation, so I think people member, a lot more women than actually are, and so, except for lately, when we definitely done a whole bunch of women on purpose I'm still stuck and how I usually feel like I'm terribly gushing even over the man that we choose, like we delay,
diabetes like there was no end to it there. So anyway, I have found. The pattern seems to be three consecutive episodes on like women or people of color or elderly people seems to be the tipping point. When people get really angry and and yell at us for only talking about that now, which I'm sort of like few bad we're gonna keep talking about women and people of Color and L Dvd people, because the show is called stuffy misspent history classic were most attacking about stuff, the EMS, last, I'm I'm debating over whether we spent another Ross was generally very young. Really I do I feel like I'm picking on rough. I dont want to feel like I'm picking on Ross. I'm, like Russia, has the the misfortune of being the one percent of the several several emails and tweets and Facebook comments that we got about this that we chose to read. Thank you for all of the kind things you say raw seriously. I'm really not trying to embarrass
you bet like it did come up. A bunch that we wanted to be part of it is is articulate as well. So it's a good example some of them were like it's not massage me for me to know a lot like things about women. In my lab we never said that pay Reva Roston asking Who's asking questions is very conversationally goes like us inarticulate versus over the alternatives, though, obey Thank you again Ross. You I'm glad you like myself, so I am glad that you, like our Joe I specially designed, with idea that we are only excited about women out like the right to us about this or any other cat handwork history Tiger has therefore also a facebook and basic accomplishments than is and on twitter at Lisbon. History are tumblr is most in history that tumbled on your were also Pinterest attend to Stockholm. Slackness in history.
spreadsheet store, it must demonstrate on record that we have an instagram on internet. We're all set must in history. So if you would like more about tat what we talked about. So I'm hearing companies website how stuck we're stuck hopped inward. These a new kind of various articles, music words- you can also comes. site where we have shown it can have an archive area than ever. Have multiple pictures of Brown was because somebody We need to do all that and a whole lot more at how this works. Dot, com or MR thousands of other topics for the future is closer than you think.
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