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Lola Montez

2021-06-14 | 🔗

Aside from her relationship with King Ludwig I, Lola Montez is one of those figures whose life is hard to pin down. That’s not because of a lack of documentation, but because that documentation repeats the completely fictional backstory she made up for herself.

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That's why GM developed Altea a revolutionary new e platform built for power flexibility and range capable of taking you from here to there and back again over how GM new electric vehicles can take. You further at gm dot com nobody in welcome to stuff you, minister. Three glass. A production of I heart radio hello, unwelcome podcast, Tracy bewildered, I'm a highly fry listener, Rebecca sent us the note on Instagram recently suggesting an episode on Lola Montez
and I thought pay. I remember her big, whose way back in twenty ten previous hosts, Katy and Sarah did a pod cast on Ludovic the second of Bavaria. We ran matters the Saturday Classic and twenty nineteen, and in that episode, Katy and Sarah talk about living the seconds grandfather living the first and his scandalous relationship with this Lobo Montez. By even remembered that Katy described her as a trip and said they were gonna need to cover her on the show it point, but now it's been more than a decade since prior hosts of the show who do not even work here any more if it were probably going to do in episode on the subject with had other requests for a low Levant. As an addition to Rebecca, I found some contradictory advice about whether people said Montez, with the accent on the first syllable or the second. I dont know which is right
Just guess they Lobo matters there you go an Lamont, as is one of those figures whose life is quite hard to pin down. Not because of a lack documentation, but because that documentation repeats the completely fictional back, Read they made up for themselves. Words historian, Ralph Friedman, quote much of this confusion. can be traced to Lula herself. She changed her background. The occasion, and there were many occasions to suit. In her adult life. Lalemant has presented herself as a spanish dancer that was very exotic and enticing in the eyes of the audiences and a lot of appeal does she performed and her autobiography. She said she was descended from Count De Montalvo of Spain and had moorish ancestry, but had
born in Limerick as Marie Dolores Eliza, Rosanna Gilbert? She set her family had always called her Dolores or Lola for short, and she told would the first of Bavaria that she had been born on February, fourteen eighteen, twenty nine of that's true according to her baptismal certificate. She was born in green about one hundred fifty five miles: two hundred fifty kilometers north of Limerick, that was on February seventeen eighteen twenty one, that's me is like the big thing like what a weird shift of for one year, a few days off of the date Emma Year, where it just as a strange thing, she was named Elizabeth, Emma Gilbert after her mother who went by Eliza that make me
not Lola, is all over family in school records. So, although both these Elisabeth went by Eliza in this first part of the episode we're going to call her mother, Elizabeth and the future low Lamont has Eliza for the sake of clarity, Elizabeth was the daughter of Charles Silver Oliver. He was a member of Parliament Charles, had for children with Elizabeth mother before marrying an heiress, and although he did not legally acknowledge these children or marry their mother. He did provide them with some financial support, set them up with jobs as they got older. With trained as the assistant to a milliner, and then she married british Army officer, Edward Gilbert, about ten months later they had Eliza in eighteen. Twenty three Eliza was about to Gilbert, took the family too. British India with the hope of earning more money and climbing the military ranks, but not after they arrived, he contracted color
and died. Elizabeth was still in her late teens point had a young daughter to support, so she got married pretty quickly to Lieutenant Patrick Craggy. Eliza didn't really have a lot of structure or supervision in India and in eighteen, twenty six when she was about five Elizabeth and Patrick sent her to live with his parents in Scotland, with the hope that they can raise her into a proper young woman. Eventually Eliza was enrolled at Eldridge Academy in bath where she stayed for about five years. She developed a reputation for being spirited and stubborn and kind of different from her peers who were raised in Britain. She would later claim that the character of Becky, Sharp and William Factories, vanity, fair, was based on her hand
time in bath need lots of claims in eighteen, thirty, seven, when Eliza was sixteen Elizabeth returned from India Army officer, Thomas James, who was on convalescent, leave, had accompanied her during the sea voyage and Elizabeth Reunion with Eliza did not go particularly well. They haven't seen each other and more than a decade at that point, and one of Elizabeth objectives was to prepare Eliza to get married alive. He claimed that her mother was planning to marry her off to a widowed army officer who, within his sixties, there's not really any documentation on who this might have been, but the most likely candidate would be Patrick, Craig EAST commanding officer, although he also had unmarried sons who were way closer to a wise as age, so it's possible that she either misunderstood her mothers, intent or deliberately misconstrued all this to make the story more shocking. Their several
possible options there, all of which have a level of possibilities and also a level of problems, YAP alive turned to her. Mothers escort Thomas James for help. He was in his early thirties in her account. She saw him as something of a father figure on July, twenty third eighteen, thirty, seven, the two of them eloped with James his brother, who was a vicar of feed reading the wedding both was really not a happy. Marriage Thomas was about twice Eliza as age and she seemed to have believed that he had married her solely to protect her from being married off to somebody who was twice as old as that. But it quickly became clear that he was expecting her to fulfil all the duties of a wife, and he also may have been abusive too When Thomas returned to India. He took Eliza with him. He was so shouldn't at a remote garrison, where she didn't have much opportunity for a social life and where she
probably also contracted malaria. She had recurring illness for the rest of her life, her happiest man in India were probably when she and her mother visited a resort town at the foot of the Himalayas. Eventually Eliza left Thomas at first she tried to take refuge with her mother, but Elizabeth really gave her a choice of either going back to her husband are going back to Britain. Eliza chose the latter with the understanding that she would. We. again live with the crises. Eliza was about twenty when she left India and I'm a ship back to the UK. She struck up a relationship with Lieutenant Charles Lennox nephew of the Duke of Richmond. It would hard to keep a romance secret on board a ship, but they didn't really try. They were not discrete about this at all. At once, they got back to Britain. Eliza decided to stay in London rather than go live with the Craig Ease and war. What about her infidelity quickly made its way back to India Thomas sued alive.
for divorce on the grounds of adultery and he all pursued Charles Linux, for damages There was really no question about what had happened. There is their letters written by other passengers who described like walking past her state room with the door open and clearly for everyone to see what was happening between the two of them divorces at this point were here: old in ecclesiastical court, and while Thomas's divorce was ultimately granted. The judgment also specify that neither he nor a wiser could ever remarry while the other one was still alive, and at this point the only way a divorce person in Britain could get right to remarry whether former spouse was still living with through an act of parliament, so obviously that required a lot of political connections and a lot of money. So this was a
huge scandal for Eliza am a gigantic blot on her reputation. Marriage was the expected life rural women like but she was legally barred from re marrying that divorcement. Does it consider it appropriate for any respectable work that might have been opened to her, while the people around her probably would have referred. She find a sympathetic friend or a family member to stay with and live out her days in quiet, shame she refused to play, Those rules Eliza was pretty and privations and clever, and she used that is
workers health through the generosity of interested men. It's likely that one of these men funded a trip to Spain for her some sources, credit, the Earl of moms borri, but in his account he says he did not meet her until afterward. Some, regardless of who paid for this trip, while she was in Spain, she learned some spanish and some spanish style dance and a little bit about spanish culture and customs, and when she returned to England it was not as Eliza. It was ass, Maria Dolores deportees, a month s better known as labour and we're gonna talk more about that. After we pause for a break you ass, she Audio presents the new series art bust, scandalous story, of the art world in this investigative podcast, UK, author and art expert Ben Louis explores the shadowy and staggeringly lucrative global art market, throwing compelling new light on an abiding art mystery the
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Lola Montez made her stage debut in London on June. Third, one thousand eight hundred and forty three she performed advance. That was billed as lol. I know during the act break of a sold out performance of the barber of Seville and reviewers described her, as quote the perfection of spanish. beauty. She was then a brightly coloured dress, with a black bodice and doing a novel dance with casts Annette. That seemed like a pantomime of quote some saucy fancy, including quote stamping pettishly with her foot. However,. someone recognise Lula Montez as Eliza Gilbert Word started to spread and Montez and her mother heard about it and printed up death notices for her on June. To The London morning Post printed, an excerpt of a letter from Montez saying she
in born in Seville and had learn English from an irish nurse. She said she never been in England, except for a few months, spent living with a catholic woman in bath and had no seen London before she arrived for her performance. Now long after their low lemons has left England for the continent where she was less likely to be recognised. In Berlin, a critic described her performance. This way quote her beauty of where voluptuous fullness is beyond any criticism. Her dancing, however, was dancing at all, but a physical invitation. If it is said of Tangley ony that she writes world history with her feet, so it can be said of Donna Montez that she writes Casanova his memoirs. Her whole body in Berlin month has performed for King Frederick, William of Pressure and his guest Tsar Nicholas the first. She also had one of her first and most famous reynines with authority, while the monarch
for reviewing the troops. Montez tried to write her horse into an area that was reserved for military personnel were not officer tried to stop her. She struck him with her horsewhip alot of the retailing. Of this whole incident really make Montez sound like a lackey little firebrand. In this moment, but she was charged with assault and then, when she tore up her summons, where that charge she was charged with contempt. It does not seem like either of these charges ever went to trial, though please don't hit people with a horsewhip, there's gonna be a lot more of that in this specific, please don't please don't from there Montez went to Dresden, where she met past podcast, subject frogs list autobiography, which is written in the third person describes it. This way quote through the management influential friends and opening was made for her at the Royal theatre at Dresden, in Saxony, where she first met the celebrated pianist Franz Liszt, who was then creating
if you're in Dresden, that when he dropped his pocket handkerchief, it was seized by the Ladys and torn into rags, which they divided among themselves, each being but too happy to gifts, much as a rag which had belonged to the great artist the furore aided by Lula Montez. His appearance at the theatre in Dresden was quite as rate. Among the gentlemen, as was lists among the Ladys, Asmund has travelled with lists. She met other prominent people, including regard vonder, who did not like her much at all, attracts yeah right, generally disliked all those sort of groupies who were always surrounding Franz Liszt. We talked about that all phenomena and the list Armenia episode, he called Montez a quote: heartless, demonic, being annulled
is rumoured to have gotten tired of her is well locking her in a hotel room and paying the hotel staff to keep her there just so he could escape there. Is it any substantiation for that story, though, and it seems a little far fetched, considering that they met up later in Paris. He also gave letters of introduction and arranged her debut at the Paris opera in eighteen, forty four, which was incredible
considering that her entire stage career had involve twenty or so performances total at that point over the course of roughly a year. Yet the Paris opera was like one of the most exclusive stages in Europe, and here comes Lamont, as he's been performing an act breaks. Others shares her. The course of, like twenty performances, audiences and Paris were sceptical of her reviewers noted that little amount has could not dance did not speak. Spanish very well, didn't look spanish and had a terrible reputation for violence. One french credit gave this back handed praised. Her quote: there is something lasciviously attractive, voluptuous Lee enticing in the poses she takes and then she's a pretty, very pretty extremely pretty person and she
rose, you kisses so complete. But you applaud at once only to ask yourself afterwards if it was right or wrong to applaud. Is that not the most french criticism? You can imagine what she's very love in the wellbred, but then you second guess you're set up in Paris. Montez met another past vodka, Sub that was Alexander Duma pair. But then she fell love with Alexander awfully do Jappy yea, who was part owner of the newspaper la place they plan to make but do Sharia was killed in a dual in March of eighteen, forty five, this do all we should point out. Nothing to do with Lola. It was over a gambling debt that he owed to journalist Jean Baptiste close moment though their young compounded by his perceived rudeness on the night that he wrapped up that dead
Mantelish had offered to teach degenerated, shoot a pistol when she learned that there might be a dual, but he had turned her down there. She was terrified over this whole prospect. She was like you, don't know how to use a gun, and this man is gonna duly you please. Let me help and he was like me. I got it, they didn't have it, though months has left Paris after desire is death. She had to return to testify at bovines murder trial, other witnesses at that trial included both Alexander Duma pair and fees. French courts didn't typically convict people of murder. If the killing had happened during a duel, as long as the rules of doing had been followed and bovine was acquitted in eighteen, forty six Montez move to Munich, where she met led vague king of Bavaria. She was twenty five at this point I am here,
sixty and deeply enamoured with all things, Spain and in what's probably in apocryphal story. Livings first words to her were too pointed her chest and say nature or art. She grab some scissors from his desk cut open the body of her dress and showed him. Although this story, probably is not true. Well. Lamont has had an incredibly dramatic and often extremely scandalous. Relationship with the king of Bavaria for about eighteen months had commissioned her portrait for his gallery of beauties, which, as its name suggests, was a gallery of portraits of the most beautiful women he had ever met. He called her lolita and set her up in a luxurious home, buying the property in her name so that she can be eligible for bavarian citizenship. He granted her an allowance of ten thousand florins a year at a time,
his cabinet ministers, were making more like six thousand florins, the king kept a lot of this secret, but there was really no way to disguise his total infatuation with her or her influence over him. She publicly boasted about how much sway she had, including bragging about convincing the king to raise teachers pay a week before he was going to announce it publicly. Here an with her feet and she gave him an alabaster model of one of them. When he wrote to thank her for it. He said he had quote covered it with fervent kisses. He later gave her an alabaster model of his hand rating a poem there was served by the same sculptor meanwhile month, as was wanting one scandal after another. Her behaviour was just not appropriate for somebody considered to be the kings favorite.
she entertained male visitors at all hours once when a man stood her up, she went to his apartment, building in the middle of the night to find him shouldn't know which unit that he lived in. So she rang the bell for every one, waking up the entire building and basically advertising that she was there for a late night rendezvous with a man. I want to say who, among us but most most of us have not, I would hope the Alamo men were a sort of fraternity at Ludwig, Maximilian University of Munich and they became her bodyguard one night during a drunken party her home the element and were parading around dressed in their shirts carrying Lola on their shoulders, when one of
ran her into a low hanging chandelier. She got a concussion see also repeatedly got into physical confrontations with people, and this was something that carried additional risks for her. Since she wasn't a bavarian citizen like go pick a bunch of life of people, maybe get to deflect criticism. She maintained that her enemies, especially Jesuits, were spreading, lies about her, even though her spanish persona included pretending to be catholic. She frequently maintain that she was a victim of just a massive Jesuit conspiracy against her. The kings advisers tried to persuade him to distant.
himself from her when that didn't work and lawless behaviour seem to just get even more over the top advisers and cabinet member started resigning in protest. Montez took particular delight when the people resigning were conservative Catholics when led vague, named Lula, countess of Lands field which came with citizenship and a permanent income. His entire cabinet resigned, although Lola was extremely good at convincing, led vig that these indiscretions were just rumours and that she loved only him, while also reminding him of how much he loved her. All of this made the king incredibly anxious he was under so much stress that he broke out in what sounds like hives, and all of this happened alongside social and political unrest in Bavaria, including intense disputes between conservative, catholic and more liberal republican factions university. This was compounded by Lula's scheme
the less association with alimony in in the hope of getting things under control. Ludwig tried to at the university down. This had worked to quell dissent in the past, but in this case it just made everything worse public opinion about Lola Mines has waxed and waned in Bavaria, but by early eighteen. Forty eight people were outraged that this notorious woman was not even from there and who got into five and had indiscreet affairs with multiple men had such a huge influence on the king
February of eighteen. Forty eight thousands of people took to the streets and low Lamont has was driven out of Munich by a mob the big considered sending in the army to restore order, but his Minister of WAR said that if he was ordered to do so, he would excuse himself go into the next room and take his own life on March, twenty eighth eighteen, forty eight, so not long after she was run out of town, led vig. The first advocated and was succeeded by his son, Maximilian. The second and sometimes Le Monde, has as described as being the one who convinced him to step down while she definitely encouraged him to abdicate. After her departure living really started to questioned his own judgment and what his entanglement with her said about his abilities as king. He was also just under a huge amount of pressure from conservative catholic elements of the nobility that concern
but in fact, at the university there was a lot going on. Besides just her telling him that she thought he should step down. Lola surrendered her bavarian Naturalisation certificate saying that she never wanted to return. Then she went to London and tried to plan a trip to Spain. This was couple by the fact that she was passing yourself off as spanish, but she had no spanish passport she refused to who she really was in order to get a british one and all those good big was sending her money, he refused to pull strings to get her a bavarian passport. Then something happened. It was all all of this. She married twenty one year old, Coronet George Trafford healed, which made her eligible for a british passport without disclosing her real identity. So she was pretending to be catholic. They had both cat,
in church of England ceremonies, let vague had granted Lula pension under the condition that she never marry. She wrote to tell him that she was considering marriage, but that her husband to be had such a modest income that she should be allowed to keep her pension. This was not, in fact, true. Healed was pretty comfortable and when lit big Realise Lola had already gotten marrying before he could even answer her letter. He was outraged. Another person who was outraged was Georgia's ants, who did not trust Lola at all and looked into her background, and it did not take long to figure out that she was really divorce, say Eliza Gilbert, who could not marry while her Ex husband was still living. So Lola was charged with big army and released on bail, and she and George went ahead with their trip to Spain. They came back to London just ahead of her trial.
authorities have confirmed the James was still living as of June thirteenth, but that wedding had happened on July. Nineteen, so Montez hope to argue that it was possible, all that he had died within that few weeks. But while she was in Spain and had been confirmed that Thomas James was alive on her wedding day, A condition for big me seemed inevitable, so she forfeited her bail and she and George fled to France. This whole scandal just added to Lula's infamy Without that wasn't really what George had signed up for by marrying. Someone is notorious include elements as he laughed Lola at a couple of different points and then in eighteen fifty when he left her for a good. He took a lot of her possessions along with his own, and this included her alabaster model of livings hand and her bavarian certificate of nobility and living letter,
to her logos correspondence with lead, vague ended about a year later, which was also the last year that he sent her money at one point. either low, low or George or maybe both tried to extort, from him by threatening to publish his very explicit letters to her in the end those letters were returned to the former monarch. All I needed money, though, and in eighteen, fifty one she published and autobiography. She also met a promoter here, suggested she take a. U S. Tour. She signed a contract with a manager for a series of appearances in Europe, the Americas and Africa. Although she dumped that manager and those plans before in finishing the european leg of what they had arranged, but she did plan to go to the. U S and she set sail for the? U S in November of eighteen, fifty one and we'll talk about that after we have a sponsor break apartments. Doc knows that we ve been doing everything from home. Lately work
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owned and operated licensed in their respective state or come at a time when the bad, as was preparing for her? U s tour. She was internationally emptiness, while reporting on rumours that Peaty Barnum had hired her. The Brooklyn Daily Eagle described her, as quote quite a celebrity among the profligates of Europe on September. Twenty sixth eighteen, fifty one the New York Times had this to say quote. We shall be sadly disappointed. If this creature has any degree of success in the United States, she has no special reputation as a dancer. She is known to the world only as a shameless and abandoned woman. If such a reputation
we shall prove attractive in this country. We have greatly mistaken its character, o whoever wrote that I hope they never time travel. I had a friend most of Lula's performances in Europe had been dances, during the act of other works, but her you asked to built on much longer appearances. She commissioned a play called
Le Monde has in Bavaria, in which she, of course played herself. The text of this play has been lost, but it presented. Montez is introducing all kinds of liberal advances to Bavaria before fleeing in the wake of a counter revolution out a lot of the accounts of how much how much liberalizing influence she had over the king seems to have come from people interpreting descriptions of this play as being definitely grounded in reality, maybe from what better? Yes, she. This was both a touring peace for her and self promotion. Matters had reworked her spanish inspired dance at several points over the years than she had picked up new styles, a suggestive pantomime involving stopping on a spy
there seems to have been there from the very beginning. I mean that first review doesn't give a play by play of what she was doing, but there's a whole like sauciness and stamping pettishly in the description. It was really in the United States today that her most famous dance became known as the spider dance and also gained a reputation for being absolutely scandalous. So this pantomime, used on the idea that a spider was crawling into Lula's, dress audiences would see flashes of her skin ass. She tried to get rid of the spider, although exactly how much skin and how much she was wearing under her skirts kind of depends on which account read newspapers in the. U S started describing this as indecent, which prompted Montez to write angry letters to their editors, while also making the dance even more risque,
Lamont. Heaven in Bavaria ran on Broadway and then she toward around the eastern part of North Amerika. Her last stop was in New Orleans and while she was there, she got into a dispute with her Ladys made her Ladys it had decided she wanted to stay in New Orleans and leave Lola Service Lois struck her and when the police are arrived to arrest Lola for battery, she drew her dagger and tried to fight them before drinking the contents of a vile that was labelled as poison, so something that she said she always carried on her person in case she needed to escape a truly impossible situation, but she miraculously recovered. There are many ways to interpret this and the one I'm sticking with this. She had a fake poison, vile to be dramatic, a hum polish full of sugar water,
in eighteen. Fifty three Montez left New Orleans bound for San Francisco by sea, with a land crossing in Panama along the way she met. Newspaper editor, Patrick Purty, hull, and they married about six weeks after arriving in California. This marriage was stormy and brief. At one point, lonely through all of his possessions out a hotel window, and not long after bad. She threw him out of the hole she had bought in Grass Valley. There are also reports that a germ
doctor who was named in the divorce. Suit was mysteriously shot. All of that is a little bit murky. Citys unclear whether divorce papers were ever actually filed month, as it become tired of quote splendor and fast living, and she spent about the next two years living in Grass Valley before this she'd, always how lap dog, but now she indulged her love of animals with a personal menagerie that included a parrot. Two dogs and a Grizzly Bear CUB, really Grizzly Bear Cubs, do not make good pets, and after this one mauled her, she put it up for sale. I'm sure that bear is long gone, but I worry for it. Just the same me too, I could not figure out the ultimate fate of the bear. Go, I know, have up. Stuff goes in grass valley.
Montez doated on her neighbours, children, including Lotta Crabtree, who Lula encouraged in her acting and dancing. She also did studying, spiritualism and reading the Bible. This It was not all harmonious, though, when the Grass Valley Telegraph criticized a dancer who she knew. Lola whip is Senator Henry Shipley in the street, and one thousand eight hundred and fifty five Montez decided to tour Australia. She hired knoll fallen, who used the stage name, no fall end with a d as a manager. He was estranged from his wife and children in New York, but he was funny supporting them. Mount has performed to full houses and Sydney, Melbourne and Adelaide, and she appeared on stage around Australia's gold fields where she encouraged her audiences to Tipp her by tossing gold nuggets at her
Tour was just as full of drama and strife is all of her earlier tours had bam. Various parties tried to shut down her shows for their indecency in Melbourne. She had a running feud with the Reverend John Lawrence Milton after the bower at times written unflattering letter about her. She got into a fight with editor Henry see camp with the two of them whipping each other until onlookers, physically separated them did everyone carry a whip. Well see did like to ride and was Thirdly, a very good writer and apparently Henry see Camp also equipped with the whip yeah. I think a lot of people who rode horses had horsewhip with them month has experienced recurring illnesses throughout her life. Like we said earlier, she probably got malaria while she was in India and she was sick alot, while in Australia she starts
describing her spider dance as involving being bitten by the spider, to explain away any swooning or fatigue that she showed onstage. Eventually, she cut the tour short and she disbanded the company that had travelled with her from California. Their contracts had included passage back to the United States, so the actors tried to take her to courts. When the authorities tried to arrest her, she argued that their warrant was not in her real name and because she was married. Legal action also had to go through her husband The word argument that she made more than once when somebody when you now offer give her a summons. That said, la la Mancha should be like uh. That's not. My aim now said: that's not valid than she left town, basically leaving her performers with no recourse, Montez and fallen left for the. U S in May of eighteen. Fifty five, their ship back to San Francisco stopped in Hawaii.
and shortly after setting sail again no fallen, fell overboard and drowned. It's not clear exactly what happened, but Montez blamed herself for his death, She personally notified his family and tried to support them financially, including selling her jewelry pretty she owned in San Francisco to send them the proceeds, with the note that she wanted his children to be educated in spiritual ism around the same time. Month has also learned that George healed had died. She became more focused on spiritualism and she joined the episcopal church after making one ass to visit to Graff Valley. She sold her property there and then did another brief tour of the EAST Coast perform le monde have in Bavaria again and also visiting nor fallen stepmother in eighteen. Fifty seven at the age of thirty six Lola Montez change directions and became a leg.
you're. While she still went by the name Lula Montez. She mostly drop the pretence that she was spanish and Catholic. Her lecture, titled gallantry, was about the gallantry of men, including king, Ludwig, the first wits and women of Paris was a tour of notable people, she had met in Paris, including Alexandra Duma Pair Azure. Sound Roman ISM was a vehement condemnation of the catholic church. Sometimes people describe Montez is an early feminists, but her lecture, heroines and strong minded women of history makes it clear that she did not have a high opinion of feminism, at least feminism, in terms of how she saw it in the nineteenth century world. She does
I'd suffragists and activists for women's rights as scolds and convention women before walking through historical examples of women warriors and monarchs who she saw as real examples of women's strength, not those complainers who were having conventions to say how victimized they were. Montez his first book was a cop action of these lectures along with an autobiography, and this autobiography is kind of weird we mentioned before. It's written in the third person, sometimes credited to Charles Chauncey Bur and often Actually, my flattering of her at all. At times she is depicted almost as a child throwing tantrums to get her way among wealthy and powerful men, and when I read it, I was like who who wrote this, and why did they hate you? I mean I can see
any reasons why somebody would have a negative impression of Le Monde says because, like like you, this is your autobiography in your book and it is making you sound like a patch allowance lake, immature terror, Montes published two other books. After that lecture collection, they were the arts of beauty or secrets of ladys toilet with hints two gentlemen on the art of fascinating and anecdotes of love, being a true account of the most remarkable events connected with the history of love in all ages and among all nations, like other beauty, books that we have talked about on the show before Montez notes. The beauty is totally subjective m. That standards of beauty have varied around the world and throughout history, and then she,
into twenty eight chapters on how to be beautiful, including how to obtain a handsome form habits which destroy the complexion, a beautiful bosom and beauty of dress This book drops a lot of names of notable people that she's met and places that she has travelled. It also includes a lot of recipes with Montez advising readers to make their own cosmetic since commercially available products are often full of poisons may often were full of plans for the fact that Barbariously make them the arts of beauty ends, as we said, with fifty rules for the art of fascinating, and this is a tongue in cheek satire written as tips from men, but for the amusement of the women reading the book
So, for example, rule the tenth is quote. If you are invited to dine, go at least an hour or an hour and a half before the time for then the lady will be sure, never to forget you as the attentive and polite gentlemen who allowed her neither time to dress nor to superintend her dinner. Like its name, suggests anecdotes of love is the collection of famous historical love stories, including past podcast subjects, Aspasia Empirical Ease and Abble Ard and Louise and eighteen fifty cents and my aunt has briefly considered marrying again this time to Prince Lewd, Vig, Johan Sikorski of Austria. He was one of the many royals she had met while she was in Europe. We did not name all of these royals before he had fled Austria in the wake of the revolutions of eighteen. Forty eight month has sailed to Paris, believing that he was going to
her there, but it turned out. He was already married and this whole thing was a giant hoax, I'm debating over whether I feel like this is a taste of her medicine or not, but I had the same. I had the same response honestly in eighteen. Fifty eight Montez turned to the UK, she gave another lecture tour and in London she gave a speech on the institution of slavery in the. U S. Her argument here was kind of a tangle. She, scribe slavery as an enormous national sin and Lynch LAW as a terror. We can all agree with, but she also claimed that enslaved people on southern plantations were content and that the institution would somehow just superior on its own british abolitionists criticized this like
heavily and Montez counter that this reaction was hypocritical. Considering the British Empire's treatment of the native peoples of the places it was colonizing, including India, Montes returns to New York in the fall of eighteen. Fifty nine and continued to lecture around the US on June 30th, one thousand eight hundred and sixty she had a stroke. Her mother came to the United States to see her. In some cases this was care of her and in others that was more to try to get money from her either way. Their reunion doesn't seem to have gone very well and her mother didn't stay long. Low Lamont has seemed to be recovering well, but
she contracted pneumonia. She died on January, seventeenth, eighteen sixty one at the age of thirty nine gathers been various speculation about what could have caused her to have a stroke at such a relatively young age, with explanations anywhere from the the malaria that she pretty clearly had for her whole life to syphilis. But again, that's like very speculative based on the fact that somebody had a stroke at a pretty young age than one would typically think of someone having a stroke when logo amount has died. Leaving
the first of Bavaria with seventy four. He had not seen her in thirteen years and he learned of her death through news reports later on. He got a letter from her friend Maria EMU Cannon, which was sent it lowers request, and this letter expressed Lula's, sincere regard for him and said that she had died as a true penitent, lewd big seemed to appreciate this he wrote back and it was a nice little note and then Maria later wrote to him again suggesting that he might pay to have a fence put around her grave at brooklands. Greenwood cemetery, but vague did not answer that wine. Louis first husband, Thomas James, also outlived her He died in eighteen, seventy one, so he could have gotten remarried What are the biographies that I read of her was called low amount, has a life by Bruce Seymour, and I think he traced what happens to Thomas James afterward and- and I don't
remember opt out my head low. Has his notoriety continued for decades. After her death with fictional character is based on her and plays and movies fictional rising, her exploits more recently, Spired, the song, whatever Lola, wants Lula, gets from the nineteen fifty five Broadway musical, Damn Yankees. I could sing that by heart, and there is a running bit about her in season two of Dickinson on Apple plus. But as a show I was watching before I started working on this episode and when I learned there was a low Lamont as running bid. I was like gotta stop what else I'm watching and catch up and see the yet in Damn Yankees. Do you know the story of their monkeys? She's, basically, no with the devil and an becomes involved with the lead character when he makes a similar packed and it's sort of their story
she's, not so violent. In that isn't much more of a win, some character. She is not physically present onscreen anywhere on Dickinson, but it's it's! It's running joke that spans over multiple absence today Mount Lola and the seer and about his name for her as our two lakes in Tahoe National Forest, her home and grasp alley. California is estate historic landmark. That is well amount, as I dont now having read referenced all this I would actually call her a trip, however, most of the things that would make me maybe not call her that are things that aren't usually covered in quick right. Ups of her, like, like striking her Ladys made when her Ladys may try to deliver
less and leaving her touring company stranded in Australia, like I can't get behind any of that I can. You know I often takes them glee and people who push against societal norms and then that way, she's kind of a trip, but in other ways, unlike more of a mess to me see now I like what is a trip mean to you because to me, those all olfactory, ok, but I think there's just one of those lake colloquial vernacular things that probably has no clear definition anyway, right sure, yeah yeah, I think in my head. I would describe somebody who was a trip as a little less with the criminal level romance. Everyone is Davy, to me, part of it, is the juxtaposition of oh. She was a super like fun, loving party gal, but also violet what a trip
I thought you liked the journey from one to the other person so interesting to me. Do you have interesting Snow Mayo. I do and
when, in terms of when I was preparing this episode, I was like I feel like this would along. So I just have a super quick listener: mail from Sarah and Sarah wrote to say, hi, Holly and Tracy. I really enjoy listening to your podcast. I teach fourth grade Isla and Social studies. Your content has made me appreciate history even more while this isn't truly important at all. I feel it's important to add my experience when listening to the operation, paperclip episode, in addition to enjoying the history content, I also remember the cartoon paperclip clipping from old Microsoft office. As I listened, I found myself picturing different, theatrical versions of clipping acting out the espionage filled story. I thought you would enjoy that image. Thanks for the work you do SARA, I did in fact enjoy
That image, partly because at least in terms of my experience with quickie creepy, was pretty much universally hated among everyone. I knew who encounter could be in their Microsoft office lives. So thank you. Sarah brothers. I did quite enjoy that mental image. If you would like to write to us, worry history, podcast that I heard radioed outcome and you can find us all over social media had missed and history. That's where you ll, find our facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram, and you can subscribe to our show on thy heart, radio, app and really anywhere else. You get your body cast stuff. You miss the district class, the production of Iheart radio for more broadcasts, I heard radio visit by her radio app added mankind's or wherever you listen to your favorite, shows.
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