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Lydia Maria Child

2021-05-31 | 🔗

Lydia Maria Child was a writer of children’s literature, historical novels, abolitionist tracts, and poetry. She also wrote literature for children and penned a holiday poem that remains popular today.

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Meanwhile, Marisa in the firm, become entangled with how Wagner play by may be Potemkin Chicago Native, who runs his own court room in the back of a coffee shop. The new season of the good fight is now streaming exclusively on paramount, plus had to Paramount plus doc to try it free welcome to stuff. You missed in history glass approach of Iheart Radio hell. I would welcome it apart pastime, how we try and I'm Tracy be well then, oh tree, See today's topic was requested by Listener Amy a way back when on my list ever since, in fact We, after the literal years, shuffled up Lydia Mariah child was a writer of children's literature. Historical novels, abolitionist tracts am in poetry and her writing was prolific time, It was very divisive in its subject matter and she's kind of
meek and there she wrote so many different types of books right. She wrote prettily basic friendly advice, books on one end of the spectrum, and then like really hard nosed activism on the other side and a variety of things in between She also literature for children. She Penda holiday poem that listeners are definitely going to recognise when we get to it because she was so prolific and a very early age. There is a lot of ground to cover with her, so we're just going to jump right in she was born Lydia Francis on February 11th, one thousand eight hundred and two in Medford Massachusetts. Her parents were Converse Francis, a Baker and Susanna ran Francis Lydia had five siblings or of whom survived childhood, and she was the baby of the family her family was actually part of the abolition movement even before Lydia was borne. Her mother Susanna died when Lydia was twelve, and that was just the beginning of a series of tragedies for the family, Lydia
recalled being in a poor mood on the day that her mother died and she was consequently not attentive to Suzanne. She should have been there's a story that her mother asked her for a glass of water and four issues like I don't want to go downstairs and get it. This was a gilt that she carried with her throughout her life Her grandmother also died that same year, several months after Susanna the fall of that year, Lydia was enrolled in a Medford school called, Miss Swans Academy. She had been home schooled prior to her mothers death, but her time there at the academy wish
the following summer, she went to live with her sister Mary and marries new husband Warren pressed him. Her brother Converse, Frances Junior, he was a Unitarian minister, was hugely influential in her early years, Converse had gone the Harvard when Lydia was just nine Lydia, looked up to him just immensely and wrote him numerous letters while he was at school primarily about what she was reading. The two of them loves to talk about literature together when she was eighteen, but he has started teaching and gardener maim, but the following years Then, with converse and his wife and Watertown Massachusetts, and that's where conferences working, she was not fond of her first name and when she was baptized in her late t near she chose the name, Lydia Maria and cheaper,
at that point to be called Maria, so we're gonna respect her wishes and call her by that name as we go forward, but time she spent with Converse Junior ended up setting her on the path of writing. It was through a conversation with her older brother that Maria decided to write her first novel Hobbamock, which was a story about life in the early colonies. This book, which was published in eighteen, twenty four, there's a romance between a white woman and an indigenous man they marry and they have a child together. And then the book follows their story, as the woman and her son become pariahs of white society. This book, which Maria wrote in just a month and a half, really challenged other social norms. In addition to racist ideas about native Americans, it examined the roles of women and the expectations they lived under and told the story from a woman's perspective. Shelter makes the case that the rigidity of puritan life
was deeply problematic and a hindrance to the establishment of the colonies. The story, of course, give the mind early team hundreds did not sit well with a lot of people and it is now MRS Maria who had published the book under the author listing of an American as something of a firebrand willing to tackle problematic subjects and stir the social pot. In doing so, and even though her name was not on that initial printing of the novel. She was well known in some New England literary circles thanks to her brothers connections through Harvard, so we really, was not any kind of secret that it was her work. Additionally, the book was supported.
By Boston, Literati George Tickler, which Linda clout and gave it broader exposure. Air follow up was a totally different type of book entirely with evenings in New England intended for juvenile amusement and instruction was also release in eighteen. Twenty four: it's framed as an answer that ain't Mariah telling didactic stories to two children about issues of day, including topics like slavery, science and history, and this was a huge success. Yeah. She immediately like really hit on something with her. Her works for the juvenile market in eighteen, twenty five Maria novel, the rebels or Boston before the revolution was published in this work was a mill drama again centred on women but illegible, confusion which persisted for quite a long time there generation that she wrote for the book, which was historical fiction, but in the buggy was delivered by someone
was actually a real historical figure and political activists, James Otis Junior and oration she wrote, was taken as historically accurate by many readers. So much so that it actually ended up in some schoolbooks and children in the eighteen hundred learn to recite this fictional speech, as though it were a historically significant moment in this a hum. This reminds me of very first episode ever worked on for this show, which was the one about Chief Seattle's oration that he did not say at all. For a very brief, just through one thousand, eight hundred and twenty five to eighteen, twenty six winter Mariah attended a Boston boarding. School called, madam,
the caddy me when she returned to Watertown and the fall of eighteen. Twenty six. She found it. A children's magazine called juvenile Miscellany. She is, this is a platform to educate children about injustice and she also opened a school. Although it lasted just a year. She started writing short stories. In this time as well. Mariah meant and began a courtship with lawyer, editor and political hopeful, David Lee Child in eighteen. Twenty four. He was like her brother converse, a Harvard graduate and David was eight years older than Maria. He was well Travel, and was the editor of, the Massachusetts Journal as well as its publisher, and he was a very vocal political activist. Marie and David shared many interests, but they were a very different temperaments. Maria was frugal, romantic and drawn to mysticism he loved to spend money, and his idealism was dedicated to reform the cap or engage in eighteen.
Twenty seven, but the Francis family was really not in favour of the marriage David's irresponsible Letty with money was a concern, but as this tension with a family is playing out Maria started, making more money through her own work as a writer, so the issue of fighting it says became a lot less. An obstacle. She and David were finally married in eighteen. Twenty eight that money things gemmen come up a bunch after their marriage. The newlyweds collaborated on each other's projects. Maria became more active and David's political work, and she also in writing for the Massachusetts Journal, the journal offered a platform for both husband and wife, to speak out against President Andrew Jackson's position regarding the people of the Cherokee nation and its culmination in the trail of tears. That, of course played out over years throughout all of it. They were writing articles and essays for
the journal about it: multiple indigenous nations, in addition to the Cherokee. So even before that, though the child's were no strangers to controversy for their outspoken political writings, but things became a little bit more serious and one thousand eight hundred and twenty eight when they Vadh was charged with libel. In the case of the Commonwealth, vs David Lee Child for publishing in the Massachusetts Journal, a libel on the honorable, John Key's David and published several pieces and his periodical and in flyers saying that John Key's, while serving as committee of Accounts chairman for the county, had misused and manipulated county funds include participating in a bid rigging schemes of benefit himself, David Child was found guilty. He lost his appeal when he served six months of jail time. He was also named, and another will suit during this time as well and coming up we'll talk
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you can get into on Pinterest So this whole legal situation, which of course lead to a significant drop in subscriptions to the Massachusetts Journal. Made it clearer than ever that Maria's income was really crucial to the child's financial stability. Knowing about that, princes in how Maria and David handled money. It is to me a little, funny or perhaps just very telling that less than a year
into her life. As a married woman, MRS Child published an advice book titled the frugal housewife, dedicated to those who are not ashamed of economy. In the beginning of the book she included the proverb economy is a poor man's revenue extravagance, a rich man's ruin. The introduction of the bag opens with quote, but true economy of housekeeping is simply the art of gathering up all the fragments, so that be lost. I mean fragments of time as well as material. Nothing should be thrown away so long as it is possible to make any use of it. However, trifling that use may be, and whatever the size of the family every member should be employed either and earning or saving money. And this book is full of useful, no nonsense, tips lake keeping up with your vegetables to make sure they don't go bad Tracy and I have often talked about her brilliant term. Asp
National vegetables that go bad in the crisper I have them to Maria would be very disappointed in us. She also talks about doing your own mending, rather than sending it out to a seamstress am to prioritize baking your own bread and take, rather than paying for the convenience of the baker, to do it. But all sounds pretty obvious, but the writing here is important because, its aimed at a lower income. Women than most of the books for Ladys of the day were really doing. This is an astute approach. Childs writing appealed to a far larger reader base, with generally usable information than most books about being a housewife. Others were often directed at people who were more affluent, so this book out into the real data day, tasks that a wife and a mother without a staff might face at a time when her own income was really important.
She saw that mass appeal was more lucrative than writing for a more highbrow crowd. The frugal housewife was very popular and it was followed up with two other advice books with slightly different target audiences in the introduction to her one thousand eight hundred and thirty one book the mother's book. Child commented on the market success of her previous volume. Writing quote when I wrote the frugal housewife. Some booksellers declined, publishing it on account of the great variety of cookery books already in the market. I was perfectly aware of this circumstance, but among them all I did not know of one suited to the wants of the middling ass in our own country. I believe such a book was needed and the sale of more than six thousand copies in one year has proved that I was right in my conjecture She also acknowledges that the information that she shares, particularly in the mothers book, isn't knew, but that it comes from conversations with mothers in this book is interesting because it puts forward
The idea that the manner in which tiny babies are cared for has a great deal of influence on their quote future dispositions and characters it was not a commonly held idea. it was a way ahead of its time. Her other book, that's usually group with the frugal housewife and the mothers book, is titled the little girls own book and this book features games and advice for girls and foundational lessons very much in line with those two previous books. It includes the rather charming game called the french role in which one player is the purchaser one. Is the baker and all the other players form a line called the oven, with the last line being called the french role as a sort of complicated variation on doktor, goose and other games where one person has to outrun another and an effort
move into a different category and according to child quote this play as a very active and rather noisy when there are a lot of games in this book and and there's another contributor that she mentions helped her with the games but like they're all to me, hilarious, because their legs sort of needlessly complicated. But I guess that would keep children active and also engaged. But they. very, very funny, Maria's writing was prolific during this early time in her marriage, as she strove to truly make a living at making her one of the first woman to do so. In the: U S, She wrote another novel with similar themes to those in Hobbamock. In the new work, which was titled the first, settlers of New England or conquest of the P Quads, Narragansett and Poconos gets as related by mother to her children and designed for the instruction of youth. The story here. Centres around white protagonists, the children finding them
identify more with the indigenous people in the stories than the colonists, and this book was incredibly radical at the time, among other things, it again promoted the idea of interracial marriage, but it also was kind of up on the download. It did not have any published reviews, and perhaps because it was expected that it would court a lot of controversy it seemed to have a very minimal and limited release, while Maria had grown up in an abolitionist household. It was me William Lloyd, Garrison through her husband, David in eighteen, thirty, one that really cemented her commitment to the cause garrison who started his paper, the live. Later. The same year had already published some of childs writings, notably her essay comparative strength of male and female, intellect he gave her the nickname, the first woman in the Republic child turned her pen to the cause of abolition and she wrote an appeal in favour of that class of Americans called Africans in
one thousand eight hundred and thirty three. This book, which is considered you know fairly important in in the lexicon detailed, the history of enslavement in North America and it advocated for the end of slavery and four freed people who had been enslaved to become part of society in the US. She proposed a multi racial country of equality with educational opportunities for all. An appeal is often referred to as the first anti slavery book. There had certainly been essays and pamphlets before it, but this was a deeper and more expansive examination of the topic than previous writings had taken on and it made child a target and a lot of ways. She was no longer welcome among men, if her white peers and that mass appeal that she had cultivated through her books for women and girls really dried up pretty quickly after this
the year after an appeal was published. Juvenile miscellany, which had lost a huge portion of its subscribers due to childs, outspoken stance on abolition folded. She also lost her borrowing privileges at the Boston Athenaeum. This did not Finish Maria childs dedication to ending slavery. She made no effort to win back reader. She lost through her writing in an appeal, at least not initially, and instead she just wrote more on the subject, including the story collection, the oasis, which featured stories poems and essays about black enslaved people, but it
intended for a white audience. The idea that she had was at the stories within it would help people see enslaved people as people and it might help stoke the fires of abolitionist ideals in readers, who had perhaps been reluctant to join the cause. I missed all of this David's money. Problems continued to mount, his law office had folded and he was arrested for his unpaid debts. For six months. The child live with Joseph and Margaret Carpenter, who were quakers in New Rochelle New York, Mariah helped at the school there, including working on its desegregation, I am, she published another book, authentic anecdotes of american slavery in eighteen, thirty, five in that book collect stories and accounts of witnesses to enslavement, some of which are unsurprisingly, incredibly dark in their content.
Of this done to illustrate the inherent inhumanity of the practice of enslavement. In one passage, child rights quote a prominent feature in the system of slavery is the bluntness of moral feelings in the day this moral perception inevitably induced by it even conscious Just men and women often find it difficult and apparently impossible to apply to this subject: the most universal rules of justice and the most common maxims of humanity. this great evil originates in a fixed habit of not regarding the colored race as brethren and sisters of the human family in eighteen. Thirty five childs book anti slavery catechism was published. This is, as its name suggests, a series of questions regarding slavery and the treatment of enslaved persons answered an essay form by the writer debunking alot of the myths and watered down accounts.
of enslavement of note is the inclusion of the story of the lottery Mansion in New Orleans burning and the torture of enslaved people. There was revealed in the aftermath of the blaze and Mariah's riding. She gets the name wrong instead of love ARI. She writes it as salary that fire happened on April tenth, one thousand eight hundred and thirty four the year before anti slavery, catechism was released and the horrendous revelations of it we're undoubtedly on the minds of abolitionists there's, been some discussion about that particular discovery. The last time we talked about that on our social media. We had some folks became like Valerie defenders, saying that a lot of the descriptions were really overblown and it was still a place where people were being.
Bound and physically punished? Yeah, it's another one of those. It wasn't that bad narratives that are kind of horrifying. When you really stop and think about what we are talking about in eighteen, thirty, six child also published a storing romance called Philadelphia which was set in the fifth century BC e early twentieth century critic. Carl Van Doren once described this book. Ass quote A gentle ignorant romance of the Athens apparently is the fruit of a The desire to escape from the clang of current life a little bit of an escape from Morocco to write about something other than than social justice issues. At the time in the time that it was released. The reviews fulfil if they are really quite good.
Maria child did try to write one more book of advice for women in eighteen, thirty, seven that was the family nurse, but sales or poor due to her more controversial writings. While the reaction to her work had immediate and unfortunate impacts on her life, including her finances, she continued to champion abolition and while an appeal Other writings cost her. Personally, they really help the movement gain support. Yet there were a lot of of prominent people in her time who said I I read an appeal in it.
It really changed my mind about how I thought about this issue, so I mean there is documentation of it really having a strong influence in its own contemporary writings, just as her audience for her sort of popular culture, books was lagging though she did get a job offer in eighteen. Forty one child started working as the editor of the national Anti slavery standard. That was the weekly paper published by the American Anti Slavery society David also join the staff, but in eighteen forty four, they had reached a point where they had some conflict with William Lloyd Garrison, who is running. The amir
Antislavery Society over the editorial direction of the paper, the child's both resigned officially in eighteen, forty four there were strains on their marriage during this period, though David filed for bankruptcy in eighteen, forty two after his law career tanks, he had tried to farm beats for a while to provide an alternative to cane sugar because of its ties to slavery. He had not done well with this enterprise he had all create a number of other debts through poor management of his money and early one thousand, eight hundred and forty three Mariah to separate her finances from his completely. She also made the choice that she was going to stay in New York, whether he did the same or not. You'll sometimes see this disgusted. Biographies is like a break. That was really ultimately good for her, because she did some of her best rating in this gap, where they were kind of not officially separated, but they weren't together. All the time
letters from New York, with a two volume set that published in eighteen, forty, three and one thousand eight hundred and forty five, and it featured an assortment of essays, mostly that childhood written for the national Anti slavery standard, while living in New York. For that in the title, got his name from a column the Maria had written for the paper, and the book covers a wide range of topics such as abolition, women's rights, temperance, poverty, her first visit to a jewish synagogues and sperience of ringing in the new year in New York City. For the first time, her writing on women's rights, a sharp and, at times its biting, she wrote quote on no other theme. Probably has there been uttered so much false, mawkish sentiment, shallow philosophy and sport ring farthing candle wit when it came to the various ways in which men treat women in social setting. She cut right through it in this book rating quote this sort of politeness. Two women is what
men call gallantry an odious word to every sensible woman, because she sees that it is. Surely the flimsy veil, which foppery throws ever sensuality to conceal its grossness so far, or is it from indicating sincere esteem and affection for women that the profligacy of a nation may, in general, be fairly measured by its gallantry. This taking away rights and com Sending to grant privileges is an old trick of the physical force principle and with immense majority who only look on the surface of things. This mask effectually, disguises and ugliness, which would otherwise be a horde we're about to talk about a slightly surprising event in child's life, but first we will pause for a little break and a word from one of the sponsors that keep stuff. You missed in his ass going in a world full of smart devices. Isn't it about time your printer got smart too now print
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these printers, no one there running love, so you always get the ink. You need delivered right when you need it. Plus you save up to fifty per cent on ink. So you can print whatever you want as much as you want time you want that is pretty smart, get sick when's free of instant ink when you choose HP, plus conditions apply visit aid. He d come Flash smart for details, ass. Her s were being collected into letters from New York, Lydia Maria A child became involved in an attempted murder case also in New York, a woman of twenty five Named Amelia Norman had stabbed business man, Henry Ballard on the steps of the Astor House Hotel and tried to kill him Ballard survive.
But as the story of his relationship with Amelia Norman came to light, he started to look too many people less like a victim and more like a predator ballard, had really pursued Norman and sell. She started a relationship with him when she had a child as a result of this affair. He a ban. then her when she was able to see him again and ask him to support their child. Ballard was said to have suggested that she turned to sex work to support herself in the baby, Lydia Child heard about Amelia story, while the young woman was in jail awaiting trial, and she took up her cause in this was actually kind of a tricky space for her to navigate while China was adamant that the treatment of women, even in the most polite seeming societies, was always based on a power imbalance in part because of the physical power. Many and had over women. She was also staunchly anti violence. Norman had stabbed Ballard. That was not
question. She hid openly admitted to not only having done so, but having regrets that she had not actually manage to kill him. So that was not quite in line with childs nonviolent ideology. When Maria wrote an article about Emilius story for the Boston career, she was clear and that she was not excusing or condoning the stabbing, but made the case that it was an unsurprising reaction of a desperate woman who had been the victim of the inherent violence of a sexist society. Child support and similar writings of other journalists created a surge of more public support and, by the time of the trial, It seemed like the whole thing was more about Ballard as a seducer, then Norman as an attempted murderer. So, despite all of the evidence involved, Amelia Norman was acquitted from eighteen. Forty four
In eighteen. Forty, seven child publish three books in a serious that were titled flowers for children, and this project was, according to child, a response to many requests that she had had since the closing of juvenile miscellany to collect the works from that periodical. The most of this was new writing the second volume and flowers for children features the Thanksgiving Pelham, that's incredibly well known and has out lived most of her other work in terms of popularity. It was called the New England Boys song about Thanksgiving Day, but listeners will probably recognize it better by its first line, which is over the river and through the wood. While most modern versions invoke grandmothers house of the destination, the actual first stanza was, Britain is over the river and through the wood to grandfathers house we go. The horse knows the way to carry the sleigh through the white and drifted snow. Philly bets on comes up everywhere, all the time during the holidays as it it doesn't
actually snow, that often in November in Massachusetts there, maybe dead more back then, because we ve seen plenty of evidence of spring being earlier and winters being warmer over the last century and, however long range- or maybe she just like the idyllic imagery of snow, this was, of course, not her only writing project. During that time. Her book fact and fiction came out in eighteen, forty six in this group of stories, kind of hints at what might have been going on in the child's marriage, but that's generally speculation. by literary analysts, its fiction like me
me of her works that explore real world issue. So it's hard to know when she talks about marriage and in how women are treated in marriage. If she saw him at her own or just in general, this book did not do well with critics. She talked about sexuality more than I think most people were comfortable with at the time which did not help it in eighteen. Fifty three Lydia and David, who had bounced around through various rental property ease and the homes of friends, both together and separately, moves together to Wayland Massachusetts and some there's house Maria looked after her father for the remaining three years of his life and then after he died. Maria and David remained there in that home for the rest of their lives. There's a lot of speculation
about her relationship with her father. He was kind of a brusque man and she always felt she never lived up to what he wanted, and so some people thought it was kind of interesting that the second he wanted her help. She just ran to his side without question, but that's about all played out another book, the progress of religious ideas successive ages, came out in eighteen. Fifty five and this book is a history and analysis of various world religions through time and child hope with it was at the three volume work would help people tolerate one another's religious views, although it is really quite clearly very pro Christianity, in particular. In eighteen, fifty seven autumnal leaves tales and sketches in prose and rhyme was published and thus like other works by child is a collection of fictional shorts that address issues that she had written about, pretty often include
women's rights, abolition and religion among others. So we ve talked on a previous episode about John Brown, Radon Harper S, ferry in eighteen, fifty nine and that attempted slavery vote. Galvanised a lot of abolitionists into fresh action, and that included Maria who wrote a new pamphlet. Titled correspond thence between Liddy MRI, a child and governor wise and MRS Mason of Virginia, and this was published by the Anti slavery society. Prior to this point, child had kind of pulled away from her work with abolitionist groups. There was constant infighting still believed abolition, but she just didn't want to associate with any of the organisations around it. Bickering faction among William Lloyd, garrisons followers. During her time, editing the national anti slavery standard had really soured her opinions on the movement, although certainly not the ideal,
of abolition. Inequality in it child denounced a myth that she had been trying to break for years, and that was the myth of the benevolent and slaver leading up to this point, Senator James them, Mason Virginia, had made a statement in a letter to child characterizing, the treatment of enslaved people, ass kind and caring, noting that White Ladys of southern households, often assisted and enslave since Birth Mason also went after child herself, suggesting that meddling in other communities instead of worrying about her own indicated that she was not a true woman and child responded bitingly and famously that almost all of the women she knew in the north cared for the people in their commute. these in various ways and that she had quote never an instance where the pangs of maternity did not meet with requisite assistance and here in the north
after we have helped the mothers we do not sell the babies more than three hundred thousand copies of this pamphlet were distributed. Child and her husband were advocating for an end to slavery right up to the civil war. She wrote a number of pamphlets and one thousand eight hundred and sixty using different rhetoric aimed at different audiences in eighteen, sixty one just as the tension in the country over the issue of slavery, was really boiling over Harriet Jacob, who had escaped enslavement and lived in terrifying conditions on the run, told her life story in a book. Titled incidents in the life of a slave girl, Lydia Mariah child Edit this back and it opened up the discussion about sexual abuse of enslave women in a way that had never really been done before yea. It was so frank in some ways that even some abolitionists really this is very uncomfortable, not sure we should be publishing this. But after the war, Maria continued, her advocacy she had
The time of rating her book and appeal trumpeted the need for education for the black community, as well as to the end such a nation laws as away truly enable full and equal integration and to help on the educational front, she published a book called the Friedman book in eighteen. Sixty five, the Friedman book opens with the following passage, quotes to the Friedman. I have prepared this book expire Lucky for you, with the hope that those of you who can read will read it aloud to others and that all of us will derive fresh strength and courage from this true record of what colored men have accomplished under great disadvantages, I have written all the biographies over again in order to give you as much information as possible. In the fewest words, I take nothing for my services and the book is sold to you at the cost of paper. Printing and binding whenever money you pay for any of the volumes will be immediately invested in other volumes to be sent to Friedman in various parts of the country on the same terms and whatever
He remains that my hands when the book ceases to sell will be given to the Friedman AID Association to be expended in schools for you and your children. this book contains ratings by child, including, as she said, biographies of notable black figures, including previous podcast subjects like Ignatius, Sancho and James Fortune, and then also includes a number of advice essay similar to her early books for women, so practical advice about everyday things like maintaining good health by drink. Water and getting fresh air and good nutrition or care for animals, but it also contains, eating by a lot of other people, the poem the last night of slavery. Play. James Montgomery is included as his Frederick Douglass's, a pertinent question and Phillis Wheatley's the works of Providence and one thousand. Eight hundred and sixty seven child published a new novel called a romance of the republic. This story about two sisters and then slave New Orleans household uses fiction to once again examine
ideas of racism and patriarchy, the idea of interracial marriage is held up as both a natural thing and ultimately good for society. While she works to show in a gala terry in society as the ultimate goal, we should mention that this definitely features black people in the story. Integrating into white society by assimilating to white ways Novel was not a success in any way. She also took up the cause of indigenous cultures in the United States once again, at this phase of her life publishing an appeal for Indians in eighteen. Sixty eight in this work mirror an appeal in favour of that class of Americans called Africans in that it calls out the many ways that indigenous people have been mistreated and offers ideas about how justice might be brought to those communities. David child died in eighteen, seventy four and though they had bumpy phases over the years because of its financial problems and their last year's together. The couple had actually grown, very close
if it had become her best friend and supporter, and so his loss was acute in eighteen. Seventy eight Mariah wrote aspirations of the world a chain of Opel's which she referred to as her eclectic bible. This was a collection of it just stories from various cultures and various time periods intended to show how similar humankind was around the world Lydia Mariah child died on October twentieth, eighteen, eighty at her home and whale in Massachusetts in two thousand seven She was inducted into the National Women's Hall of Fame. I am glad that you picked this when meat to she has never been like a tip top of my to do list, but sometimes what I've been looking for? A winter, a holiday themed episodes she his come up specifically because of over the river hurrying through the woods. But of course there was a whole lot more stock about them. Yeah, she's, she's interesting for them.
reason. Obviously, but I I had this moment where I was a goose- should we have saved this for the holidays, but as I look at her story, but such a tiny piece of it that it I felt really weird yeah tiny, tiny bit and she is really interesting. We'll talk a little bit more in our behind the scenes about going to my perceptions of of her writing in and where it falls on the spectrum of viewing all of these things through the lens of a white woman of the time in how it's a little bit different than some other writings in that regard, but also means some similarities. So, but I I did find her really really charming and fascinating, and I I love that she was not afraid she's, so smart about calibrating who she thought the reader of any given
it might be to make it as impact full as possible for them and like appeal to their sensibilities. But I love that once she got into that that last pamphlet, she just was not afraid to throw the where many blame at all and mistress. Like now, your horrible oh yeah, let me tell you all the ways your horse prior to She had really seemed to to try to foster this idea. Surely we can find some kind of compromise between the northern states in the southern states and by that point she was like there's no compromise possible like this is wrong and we have to, right now, which is why she is so. I don't have tart is the right word in her her. hiding in it, but she is she's not holding back at all. I encourage people to read her writing. It is because cross. So many genres, sunrises, very charming in Sweden, their times it is very biting indirect, and in its I saw one
that mention that she was not what anyone would call a phenomena writer in terms of being a word Smith share but she was very smart about how she put together, narrative and, like I said, who who might be reading it, so I really enjoyed during the research on this one. I have fun listener meal about an illusion that I had really enjoy doing the research on, which is that a common areas bridge episode and they destroy listener. Jeff, who writes I wholly in Tracy, my husband and I always in your show we were fortunately able to see you live on stage before the pandemic. At your buried alive show at the Neptune Theatre in Seattle it was such a great crowd and so fun to see all the different people who enjoy the show. I could not agree more. I miss touring, so much MA am, he goes on say we recently. Listen to your episode Comin, arrows bridge. I had no idea. Gurdy opened the same week as the first floating brow over Lake Washington that bridge
originally the Lake Washington Floating Bridge, eventually renamed lay CV. Moreau memorial bridge was the world's longest permanent, floating pontoon bridge when it opened at over sixty six hundred feet long. It connected Seattle with its eastern suburbs over what eventually became. I ninety, however, it like the first common areas bridge all oh suffered an unfortunate fate in nineteen. Ninety. It sank after workers accidentally left the pontoon doors open during a windstorm over the long thanksgiving weekend, while the bridge was being resurfaced. Local tv news, footage of that shows floating cars and accounts of people narrowly escaping the collapse, part of the sunken bridge, lies in shallow water, underneath its replacement now the home of many crawdads. I have attached some photos, the bridge from when we scuba dived at several years ago, and he linked up to his his Flickr account
one. Thank you so much for writing. I actually didn't know that much about the bridge over a thick Washington Lincoln said, even though I live there, and I was a kid for some reason that one was never really on my radar, but I have to say this Jeff's pictures of crawdads manage to make them look like the cutest things I enjoy ocean creatures, but these are lake, animated, film level acuteness in some cases, Some of them are really really adorable. So, thank you so much wine for sharing that info about the other ridge me area that didn't go so well about because of a moment of forgetfulness rather than on structural error and also for sharing he's adorable pictures. Thank you. Thank you. So much. If you would like to write to us, you can do so, and history pie cast an eye heart radio dot com. You can also find us on social media as missed in history. If you would like to subscribe, that is easiest pie. You can do it on the radio
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