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Madame Lalaurie and the Haunting of Royal Street

2012-10-15 | 🔗

In 1834 a fire broke out at the Lalaurie house in New Orleans. Firefighters found mistreated slaves inside, and the family was banished. Wild rumors spread afterward, and now it's known as the most haunted house in America -- but are the rumors true?

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tradition of scaring the poop out of our thoughts and i'm its wimp personally when it comes to scary staff i don't know why but we all seem to a kind of enjoy that even i do once in a while even though i'm a really big went without scary stuff i mean i can't even watch those commercials scary movies i can't even they're on if i know that there are not only took their leave the room if you if you have a scary movie i mean if you hear the noise or something i mean your imagination just starts working i gaston and scared to death but even i have enjoyed a good hearted hauser ghost story or two about you it's been a while since i've been till one of those real haunted house those that fine you know everybody has dramatic memories everything changed by the guy with the chain i think it would you have a strategy a strategy for first you have to understand you when you go into these things there're move past those people quickly
i'll move onto the people online but yeah india the run straight through the definite strategy it is also the hold on tight whoever's around you might get manette all there's also the throw your friend the scary thing and then run fast as long as one of my favorites yeah ok noticed an effort of than that these haunted house but instead of to entertain people around halloween commercial hundred houses i gasser sometimes based around spooky legends or stories usually fake ones but the haunted house work in it today's podcast which is often called the most haunted house in america has a story behind it with characters and at least some events that were very very real and the woman at the centre of this tale is named marie dauphine le lorry and often she simply known as madame la lorry or even mad madame la lorry which is a little hard to say quickly that if you'd taken one of those haunted new orleans towards which i have not i've been to new orleans a few times but i have it having
go on one of these yet you ve probably her name i mean we ve heard we ve heard any suggestions from listeners who have taken towards like that and that these things some thing if you think about it because it is after all new orleans we're talking about there are so many famous people associated with that city reynard often considered one of the most haunted cities in america if not the most hunted city in america vet geography aside it's tough to ignore a story like delphin lala raised it involves the district torture old blooded murder botched medical experiments hauntings and even a curse lie the stories we tell though it's tough to tell fact from net than this one the story that generally circulated today in two thousand twelve isn't exactly one hundred percent verified and many details have changed since the years directly following the events which took place in the mid eighteen hundreds or so suggesting
tale has been exaggerated and embellished upon along the way but we're not gonna start by debunking everything i mean what kind of halloween podcast would this be if we didn't tried if we didn't try to at least at the beginning spooky hautala let us begin with a legend that of mad madame la laurie and for our purposes at least in the early eighteen thirties in new orleans a prominent and beautiful creole woman named marie delphinus lala free and her husband a french physician named lui lottery by a home levin forty whirl street and the french quarter and move in with her daughters previous marriage now the things you know about delphin she had grown up and a wealthy and influential creole family and louis recently emigrated to new orleans after earning has medical degree del
and had also actually been married twice before and her husband were said to have died or disappeared under unknown or mysterious circumstances this new couple her her third marriage they start decking out their home with the finest hour for an answer after all day and delphin especially are really the toast of high society in town they entertain constantly they throw these opulent parties at their home several times a week and all things being equal a couple like this my theme really irreproachable kind of an unstoppable social force everybody would want to attend these fabulous parties but in thirty two some pretty nasty mary started circling about them the slaves work in their household theme very thin maistly malnourished and it said that they also theme afraid
of dell fee in and she's been seen speaking quite harshly to them though people start talking went what italy is going on in this lovely home right will speak harshly to your slaves is one thing and this time but the rumours are even worse than that a neighbour for instance claims that the law rees have slaves chained in their attic people also supposedly link the lotteries tilney notorious rudy queen and former podcast subject marie laval who would have been a contempt marie or marie two if i remember exactly it's pretty can you never know others do but this was just the legend part after all still
the most part though people do seem to find reasons to dismiss all these rumours probably because they wanted to they wanted to socialize with it this couple in darfur was after all so beautiful so charming ass some people found it hard to believe that she could be so cruel but there were also some contradictory pieces of evidence that made everything theme ok on the surface for one thing at parties delphin when she would have just a little bit of wine left over in her glass she would off be seen offering that any thing a few kind words as well to a slave who was standing near her so giving the backslash of her that was seen as a nail and yonder occurring in that way it would have seemed nice to other attendees a party and i think the other the other point is a little stronger than that too that a with rumours about her malnourished slaves her black coachman always looked very healthy he looked sleek and
draft and shirley seemed a woman who abused her slave wouldn't have a coachman who looked so so fit and proper rumors were often dismissed as lies spread by americans just inside here this was not too too long after the louisiana purchase and there were tensions between the anglo americans who had arrived in the city since then and the creature who were now to the area americans were gaining power public arena but creole still dominated in terms of social clout so and yet associated with this legend here just to give you in idea of peoples visions and how they kind of played out lawyer in the neighborhood heard the rumours about the lotteries and sent his creole employ over the czech things out he thought that the cruel and would be a little better received maybe this information will be better taken from someone just the same background
and so he sent to employ over to remind delphin about the local laws regarding proper treatment of slaves another little side note here for you you couldn't just treat your slaves how're you wanted to at this time in new orleans there was something in effect in louisiana called the code new are so this meant that you just torture mutilate or sexually abused your slaves you couldn't do maybe like the worst things too then i think people sort of imagined slavery you're anywhere do anything goes you could kill your slaves if you wanted to and i guess in some places you probably could that here there there was a real with some sort of at least officially couldn't do these terrible thing yes and according to victoria love and lorelei shannon spoke mad madame loreen new orleans most famous murderous revealed you could do out quote ordinary comments like confinement chaining and whipping but that was about it
already sounds pretty terrible with just those but apparently there are limits their delphin apparently charmed the pants of this lawyers assistant who came by to talk touring he returned singing praises and expressing utter disbelief that she could even be capable of abusing anyone so it's almost like a h thing going on here i know we talked a lot during the eighty transport cast about he got away with or one alot of people over because he no charm threw off their suspicions language so either real man who sent you invest scare he things no way this lady could be breaking the though oh no i then in team thirty three though there was an incident that cast the beautiful delphin in a very different light so nobody's personal testimonies you're gonna cut in any more bill fumes in achieving a young slave girl around the house with a bulwark and apparent
the girl had hit a tangle while combing dolphins hair and the woman just because completely unhinged at this level girl ended up on the roof top during the chase and was finally seen plummeting into the courtyard landing with them phone shilling died and the fall which killed her seem to get no reaction outlived alfin which which was the added creepy touch story dauphine was said to have looked down at her coldly and then just went back inside though so some of the other servants after this supposedly quietly came out collected the body buried the little girl later that night next to the well in the courtyard but neighbors had witnessed and so the authorities were called in and delphin was punished for for breaking this code she's fine three
your dollars several slaves were taken away from her it seemed like a turning point in this story of wood or the rumour surrounding this woman that for who she is delphinus well connected her he is very well connected and he got a relative to secretly by the slaves back for her now that it remained much of a secret at all i mean she continued to entertain regularly so people knew that epps slaves in the house and rumours views continued to kind of world around her then on april tenth eighteen thirty four everything started to come to a head the lottery mansion cut on fire and the flame started to spread really quickly throughout the main house so friends he they quickly showed up to help at this time louis and alfin seemed especially worried about their valuables antiques are fine nature and they try to list all these people have come out to help them to get the stuff out of the house
you have a word after quickly spread among their helpers that the fire was started by this old woman who was chained to the still in the kitchen and in some sources see for the story the old woman is actually said to be the grandmother of the little girl who died in the far her motive in starting this fire perhaps would have been revenge of course or maybe desperation but people started to ask where are the other slaves in the household as we know that they are here delphin supposedly said things like never mind we think the valuables lui told everybody just essentially mind your own business favour staff in our house please please he the firemen who had shown up on the scene here a rumour that there are slaves in the attic and so they rush they are only to find the door sealed off at these giant padlocks and delphin and louis offering other key they have to break down the door and when
open those doors there hit by an odour that causes them to gag and wretch immediately but it gets much worse they can actually see what that stance is coming from several slaves chained in their some clothes the death others prob we wish in that they were because they ve been mutilated as if part of some sadistic experiment some examples of what the rescuers saw slaves covered in honey with ants and other bugs calling all over them a woman her skin peeled and a spiral around her body so that she looked kind of caterpillar almost also a man and a woman who had been part of some crude sex change duration basically there genitals had been removed and swapped there saw a man with a whole drilled in his head and a woman whose bones had been broken and reset all these are angle said that she was forced to move like a crab and
was so frightened when the fireman did burst into the room that she's startled into a corner and just proceeded to shriek every time somebody try to get near her so aside from these horrors these living horrors in the room also buckets of random body parts everywhere and of course blood all over the place all over the floor is this horrible stench so slaves were removed from the premises and taken you a nearby slaveholding area to try to see if they if they could receive treatment and survive most of them did not meanwhile though the fire had been brought under control to some degree in about six p m dolphins coachman brought the carriage after the homesite door it was time a regular evening ride and edges pretending nothing out of the ordinary had happened that day but by this time of course the crowd had gathered to watch help out with a fire
heard about what's in the attic and they have become an angry mob once they realize what happened to the slave and delphin actually has the gall at this point two way that them ass she happened to your carriage for her evening ride as that carriage drive off start to chase her there they dont want to let her get away so the mob fall for all the way to buy a saint john but they weren't fast enough to catch her delphin hops on a boat that takes her they paunch train and according to legend she was never seen in the area again buys spice
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after this carriage flight out of town death in either went to mobile alabama or new york city from their went on to france where she lived out the rest of her days on the run some say she was even killed by a boar while hunting in france in eighteen forty two for others though who think that she never laughed louisiana at all and then other people still who think that she did return although after her death her body was secretly returned secretly buried in saint louis cemetery number one though lots of what ideas about what happier you hurry and act eighteen forty one article in the times the q and a black list they're in saint louis cemetery number one for five years before particular articles written so i guess the mid nineteen thirty or so by a man who used to work as its extent for the cemetery the black hat
fiends name and that in eighteen forty two death date on it though it wasn't attached to a tomb so it's not like anyone could exceed my body and make sure that it was her anything like that but peter did i assume that the theory was correct that her body had been sent back after she was killed so one left element to tell the story your likely here in new orleans too and that of course huh hang stories of hauntings at her former home royal street the can almost immediately after this incident and again according legend authorities who tried to secure the property directly after the fire reported hearing all these strange sound even for crying out in some unknown language but for two hundred years visitors and residents of the house have continued to hear strange of unearthly sounds and even seen figures operations including
of a little girl may be the one that fell off the roof perhaps a handsome gentlemen perhaps add monsieur lee and even a woman who is thought to be madame la laurie nineteen seventeen when the homeless being renovated and the floorboards were torn up here bones were supposedly found underneath some of the floors as this he goes this at last was the explanation for those strange sounds that the authorities heard after the fire delphin had apparently essentially married slaves alive under her floors steel industry dialect that was heard was supposed to be may be an african dialect of some sort so that these are as the storing spooky legend yes that version of events maybe with some freeing or additional details is pretty much what you're here on any tore up haunted new orleans finding a lot of written accounts
delphin lollo ree including in strange true stories of louisiana by george washington cable though some of the weirder mutilations victims aren't in this account he really tried to stick to documented sources i think and ghostly cries from dixie by pat fitzhugh is another one jean de levine's nineteen forty six ghost stories of old new orleans is another online and no without com has an account of this legend and also includes a newspaper articles from the time that corroborate some of the details included in that legend a very few thou historians victoria love whose buckley mentioned earlier in the show have really tried to separate fact from action in this story and love tried to pieces the story using only official documents archives though of course we had to look at her work and get to the bottom of what is definitely true about it we do so
being the main character in the story from what we can tell she seems to be in many respects veto as she is portrayed in the legend that she was to an elite family that certainly the case she was born and about seventeen seventy five into a prominent new orleans family her father was a luigi my party and she had relatives who were very info inshore and held high profile positions in the louisiana government and family was so well to do she polly would have been taught to read and write by a lot of her education we had more to do with adequate entertaining running a healthy we talk before about even the art of conversation which clearly would have been something that would contribute to her being so charming but wondering love points out as a little strange for four dolphins early life considering her standing in her reputed beauty if that is the year of her birth as we know it is ass she didn't get married for the first time until aged twenty four which still sounds pretty
but it was more common for women like hurting married by about sixteen or seventeen years old love though uncovered some some different information about those two previous husbands dead as you remember have two previous marriages prior to doktor laurie one was to the spanish dynamo and lopez who became intended louisiana and eighteen hundred the second to a frenchman jean pierre pull on block who with a shady character he was involved in new orleans politics but also mixed up in slave trading mixed up i received this reminds me a little bit of our our last episode boy you think he also had some genre feet connections there and this is where we find the first piggish disk the indonesians life story as you mentioned it said that her first to husband died serious circumstances which
suggest that she had something to do their death strongly suggest is strongly suggest that and adds to this myth that has grown up around her and makes her into a scarier character i guess but according to loves a book and the timescale article that we mentioned earlier it seems that history and generally believe that lopez died of heart failure either in havana cuba or on route to louisiana from spain and left points out that makes sense that belongs death was undocumented because of the as you mentioned shading us with his lifestyle kind of a pirate right he just disappeared but there is really no proof that delphin had anything to do with it or that you even had motive to do so i mean sure she stood to gain some wealth from her husband's death spent as left points out she was already very wealthy another discrepancy here is the number of children dauphine had from these previous marriages though jan usually has her with two daughters from one of these previous marriage
in reality she had a daughter with lopez and for kids with blonde rather than just the two daughters so catching up though with this third marriage delphin married louis nickel outlawry on january twenty eighth eighteen twenty eight and he had he was a pretty recent arrival to new orleans from france he had only gardener about three years before that loves book described him a pretty mediocre medical student who ended up gradual from dental school and emigrating immediately after that when he arrived in new orleans though e he tried to establish a medical practice for himself and advertised himself as someone who could cure a specific deformity in this case hunches this might be where the whole story line of him doing medical experiments came from if he was really advertising himself as this experimental doctor they'll fiend had one son together who was named jean louis and
him soon after they were married and eighteen there to you they bought that mansion at eleven forty royal street and they started through those lavish parties that we talked about an louis we worked from home although it didn't seem as though his practice exactly flourish found i think le found receipt that mentioned him creating a potion or to four this person or that person but nothing that really proved a consistent medical practice so catching up there with the router of this story what really happened in that house to those slaves and according to prevention and terrible crimes did occur in the house but they weren't quite as mc cobb as legend might say there were rumours of slave abuse circulating about the couple in eighteen thirty two but there were also some facts that seem to account certain aspects of the rumours or at least seem alone out of sync with the character of these laws jerry mad madame for
thing in eighteen thirty two the allow lorries apparently petition the court to free one of their slaves the slave was ultimately freed in eighteen thirty three which was a few months before they were run out of town for their treatment of slaves and according to love this was the second time delphin a petition to free a slave she done the same thing back in eighteen nineteen though it seemed a little unusual for somebody who hated plays who richard and mutilated them to do their duty but still the fact that she gave this woman alone in the first place again doesnt really fit with bad reputation of pure cruelty i mean we don't know the circle and says that it just seems a little off doesnt really fit with bad reputation of pure cruelty i mean we don't know circumstances that it just seems a little off one thing
legend that couldn't be confirmed by love which makes the build up to the fire a tiny bit less dramatic is the story about the little girl who fell or jumped perhaps from the roof of the house says that there's no documentation of this nothing to confirm that complaints were action filed against stealthy afterward and nothing that is that a trial actually took place or that any legal action was taken against the lotteries there also any mention of the incident in any of the newspaper articles after the fire which is strange because it's not like these newspapers were pulling any punches when it came to coverage of delphin in her mistreatment of slaves you think they would jump off for another detail like that also when authorities dug up and search the courtyard no human bodies were found there ok that there are some legal documents hanging around that due to some new things about the lorries though one arson document
that showed alfin louis for legal separation saying that he beat her the beating was supposedly the same day they petition to free the foe not sure what the connection there would have been near maybe they thought about the slave about four hanno knows ultimately fiend did not go forward with the domestic abuse gave another very true thing when it's very important to the legend is that a fire did break out at the home on april tenth eighteen thirty four and slaves were found locked away in the upper galleries at the mansion but the more greece them descriptions of how the slaves looked when they were found you know covered in honey bones that like a crab there aren't really any official records of this and loved suggest that these descriptions for the most part did appear until de levine's book that we mention that came out in nineteen forty six though
a long stretch of time there before these very freak show sort of detailed appear right so conclusion that we can draw here is that the details were introduced into the record later and a fish payment by judge in eighteen thirty four suggest that only and slaves are rescued from the fire they were change they were beaten starved and we're going to be left to do in a fire after also all of this is horrible enough but there is nothing to say in the record there's nothing in the record i should say to suggest that these the atrocious medical experiments that are mentioned in the legend actually took place love admits that please records in new orleans don't go back that far so there is that but she points out that newspaper illustrations probably would have attempted to depict these atrocities they probably would have tried to draw a picture of the crap woman had there actually been one pretty easy to imagine
it is clear that something terrible did happen maybe as a result of dolphins direct actions but the appropriate leaves knew what was going on even if she wasn't super directly involve the fact that louis an accused of violence before also indicates that he might have played a pretty prominent role maybe a more prominent role than he does in the legend even though dauphine get close to the credit banning this is our marine you may know me from chelsea lately shameless or as regina sinclair on insatiable i want to tell you about my ipod gas will you accept this rose which is new to the eye heart radio podcast network on this shall we recap every the bachelor franchise yes that includes the bachelor the bachelor rat and most them certainly bachelor in paradise each person we bring an amazing celebrity guest who are bachelor super fast to discuss the show with us including last bass
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so as the legend goes nobody has any idea what happened to the lotteries after that fire but loves research shows us that actually it's pretty clear what happened to them seen in went to france and lived there for several years there a bunch family letters at the archives of the missouri historical society that help to prove this delphin in her members weren't shy about correspondence and she was exact trying to lay low while she was over there according to love she she really didn't half do because she couldn't be putting over there for her new orleans crimes and she kept a hand in new orleans to her she gave a relative power of attorney over her louisiana properties that she didn't is everything she corresponded with regularly shasta corresponded children of even though some of them did live with her for a while in france some of them were back in louisiana
and this really she and louis lived together for a little while at his family's estate back in france that they separated at some point and louis loss recorded correspondence is from cuba in eighteen forty two as for elsie in she did not get killed in france by a wild boar according to love she did return to new orleans in eighteen forty two not dead settled in the forward many and probably live there until her down some time between eighteen fifty five and eighteen fifty eight years we should point but the majority is very it's like right next to the french quarter so she was probably there all night around here let us show that she was set on returning when she was in france though relatives try to discourage them from doing so there was the others a letter and loves book from one of her son to another relative saying i dont think she should come that she wants to please try to discourage or from doing this i mean they realized after what had happened what it would mean for her
come back for her in the rest of the family but she almost realize or didn't care receipt show that she was having a home in many renovated in the early eighteen fortys and paying bills on it so there is some evidence there to support this law also cite the documented story that tells of someone called an l lala free and two of her daughters living in new orleans until the mid too late eighteen fifty's so certain aspects of dolphins estate want settled until eighteen fifty eight and well i guess it's possible that are really took that long to settle her estate it's maybe unlikely but what about the plaque there lack that was discovered in forty one well though love still thinks it's one or number two she thinks that the black is probably a hoax because of this other evidence that she's founds outpace as something that tied in to the legend more than what had happened in real life right array ass for the house we did mention in the beginning this is considered one of them
houses in new orleans its change hands many times over the year and its then used for all sorts of things are a residence change has many times over the year and its than used for all sorts of things are a residence private residence apartments school a home for wayward boys business his ranging from a bar to a furniture store but there is a curse the first aid with it personally bad luck comes to anyone who owns it in any business that's in it fail the most recent owner was nicholas cage the actor until he lost he delinquent taxes though seemingly confirming this curse as we mentioned tales of hunting started almost immediately after the fire and eighteen hundred police and fire and whose secured the building after the fire heard strange noises but after the search they couldn't find anything that support when those haunted rumours began we told you about that when we were renouncing the legend
some weird stuff that's happened there over the years in team seventys the home the gambling house and people report seems still lights and shadows and different departments in the night in twenty years it becomes a tenement home and many other residents their report goes sightings tenant saw a man walking carrying his head on his arm their a black man wrapped in chains and still another a young mother who lived there she saw basically the ghost of a wealthy white woman bending over her sleeping baby in some stories from sources where you see this recounted the ghost is actually trying to suffocate the navy so that this support to be mean and then with the most recent i'm the nineteen fifty thea the home became a furniture store and the owner was respecting vandalism because every morning he found his mirth
had been ruined it was covered in some strange stinky and identifiable liquid though one night he decides to camp out with a shotgun see who the perpetrators who is speaking in his store and and ruining every an all night he waits and he doesn't feeling but in the morning his furniture is still ruin just like always and soon after that he closes the store for good so all kinds of things ranging from go sightings to just plain bad luck to be associated with this home just to bring it forward call from those first suspicions of a haunting that story about he's been found another floorboards during the renovation and the seventies love the story is at all true she couldn't find any documentation of it and points out that had a bunch of remit of this nature been found in such a way it probably would have been big news at that time but nobody seems to
operated at all enemies especially because this is such a huge story still i mean you might think it first i will it happened a long long time ago it's just kind of an archaeological footnote or something but because this is if this huge tourists legend sort of thing in new orleans get some craft right but the haunted house isn't the only aspect of this story that's creepy legend has kind of grown and kind of infected other its other area is putting it another way there is a hunted painting associated with this legend it was painted by new orleans artist ricardo christiana original in nineteen ninety seven for a man who used to live in an apartment in the lottery house he want as a connection to the buildings past and its a painting of death in that somewhere to a portrait of her that ran in the times vicuna nineteen thirty four
painting is the image that comes up a lot of her if you google delphin lorry this is what you'll see the owner seem to be into the homes haunted past obviously he wanted this painting came to commemorate and i mean to even live there knowing that it was a haunted house you mean i would never be voting to you it proper to him but so you would think that this wouldn't lee scare him but the painting eventually really did it would lee rock on the wall during seances don't even have i am to see you i mean it into this kind of yet will i think he started having seances maybe had them before but i think he had them specifically because of this painting cause he thought it was little fishy something weird is going on with their so doing finances it would rock on the wall sometimes fall down he said objects in his apartment would then moved around by some unseen for so he's sufficiently creep and he gives the painting to another tenant in the mansion
she soon started having trouble with it too she would hear footsteps weird sounds and she said that the portraits eyes follow her across the room and i mean this is what really just like gives me the child she started hearing whispered to her at the eyes gets to me more than the classic lake cheesy horror movie or something the painting i am though she eventually needed to get rid of it too creeping her out too much so can owner eventually returned it to the painter he seems to have been pretty pleased to have gotten it back though he said call its great publicity to paint a haunted portrait deed yeah i think this particular artist has other haunted paintings but this is not the only one here so
unaware immediately give the painting to someone sarah back to the artists if the good business right well i don't know if i listened are kept out that i really am so i think good business yeah right well i don't know if i listeners or crept out that i really am so i think today we have two more postcards from world travellers we always love those these unfair if you were have to do with people who visited a museum after listening to one of our podcast related museum the first one from adjusted in and she says dear sir into billina one of my favorite ass ever was your to partner on for ya nothin and from so when i had the chance to visit the frog museum in oslo i seized it it's real cool see the ship in person and a museum shows items from nonsense and amazon's famous polar voyages on the ship plus
can go on board cuts really call the kentucky museum and viking shit museum are both nearby to round up an awesome ship deemed day that don't sound like a pretty cold day i want to go sometimes i will talk about these me the answer or placed into visit on the show by its when i hear back from you guys that actually want to go further than the thing that often about that it is actually being able to go on the ship i mean you think about museums and you're using the touch anything or if you are it's very limited but to be able to go on board when you're thinking and learning about these voyages is pretty cool up very core writing there are other postcard is from listener torture she sat a beautiful portrait of empress right you as high as they and i bought this post give me a mention in your podcast on the empress of austria i was on the train from munich to be having just visited one of these reminder
of love with the second when i about a museum i had you down it was really interesting and adopt a tour of the royal apartment thanks for bringing history to life all the best so another one where you really get to kenneth eating the entire story for tourist visa partners and friends pretty cool thank you guys don't match for for sending us postcard highly making us add to the list of places lighted the long list it is a long way but the choice better if you want to share any of your travels with us or help us come up with ideas for our future travels working new orleans and done the hundred house tour that includes mason about the lawlor reason you haven't been yet that we mention that you want to share or maybe you have some other haunted house did you like the sheriffs there s not apparently she is very unprepared and have any of her own please
write to us we're at history podcast at discovery dot com or you can decide on twitter and must in history and we are also and we do have an article on haunted house gently we do i think it's called
in real life hundred houses i wouldn't be surprised at this point we also have how hundred houses work i think ok what's so that's what i need to start with but i dont know our strategies in there maybe i should add a page or something i know now is not to go to clean up their even check that out it's called how founded houses work and can find it by thirteen our home page at w w w dot house networks for more on this and thousands of other topics as a house i foresaw com
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