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Marie Laurencin: Avante-garde Painter of Paris

2019-06-26 | 🔗

Laurencin is a difficult painter to study. In addition to her work not quite falling in line with the artists who were her contemporaries, her personal papers are difficult to access, are censored, and have strict limitations put on their use. 

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we are just back from Paris. Indeed, I am Sir highlighted this too. Of course, I came back from Paris with a list of ideas for future episodes of the pot gassed earlier. Phyllis is long yeah. I plan to spread by now it. So it's not just like all Nineteenth century France all the time, even though that is This is more more twentieth century, the nineteenth. So when we had our trip to Paris, I went out just a little early for a little extra time. A little jet lag recovery before the trip officially started and one of the places I went during that time was the museum largely and I and my husband had been drawn their by Moody's, water, lilies, but later on. In our visit, I found myself just totally spellbound by five paintings by parisian artist Marie Lawrence. All these are in another part of the museum,
all five of them were of women and animals with very simple and willowy lines, and the muted color palette of pink and blue and green and gray, and they just seemed wistful and ethereal, and I just loved them The audio guide had a little bit about what I was looking at and who painted them, but I really wanted to know more about this woman who had created these works, and that proved to be a list, trickier than I expected. She produced a lot of work and she was real. a well known and internationally sought after in her time, but that is less true today. It is especially less true outside of France. Her personal papers are in a french library, but they have been censored like with words physically cut
out of them, either by her or by somebody connected to her estate, and then they can also only be accessed with the estates, authorization and one of the conditions that authorization is that unpublished. Material from her work cannot be directly quoted. So her biography has not gotten merely as much in that attention as some of her contemporaries and a lot of what there is in French, and she also haven't gotten as much attention from art historians, because some of the nature of her work, which will be talking about as well, that didn't make any of this impossible. It just meant that when my husband was at the fancy library helping me out with getting me a book and he sent me a photo like what would you like from this shelf. I said everything in English bring it all to me. He the little more challenging the normal, but not impossible so laughing at that. So DVD
Marie Melanie LAW. Song was born in Paris on October thirty, first eighteen, eighty three, I already love her as a hollowing baby, other Pauline may have had some creole ancestry and her father was a government official named Alfred to lay Pauline and Alfred we're not married Alfred was not particularly present. Memories. Young life- she didn't know he was her other until she was in her twenties and at that point he had died, although he didn't acknowledge Maria's. His daughter now offered to lay might Given the families them financial support. Pauline was able to establish yourself as a seamstress at an end. murderer and provide herself and her daughter with a pretty middle class lifestyle. They lived in an apartment at the foot of Montmartre, usually with at least one cat, which is another reason to love her with course, Pauline was very strict. Gertrude Stein described her and Marie as being like a pair of nuns living in a convent Pauline
also wanted Marie to be educated and cultured than their apartment was filled with books, something that Marie would carry into her adult life. She had a library of about five thousand volumes by the time that she died. Marie and her mother also took frequent trips to the Louvre and other museums, Pauline love to sing and Marie love. To listen to her should later say that without her mother singing, she probably never would have picked up a paintbrush but otherwise their life at home was very quiet and almost austere Pauline. really hoping that Marie would grow up to be a teacher, but Marie dashed that hope very thoroughly.
Coming at last in every subject at least say: Lamartine VAT included art glass. Although Marie was interested in art from a young age by the turn of the century, she was particularly drawn to the impressionist, the post, impressionist and the forests, including says on Renoir money to lose the track and Matisse shall Sarah poems, some of which were later published under the pseudonym Louise LAN, without teaching as a possible way to support herself Marie turned to painting specifically painting and porcelain through the settlers porcelain factory, and this is a challenging path for her. She was extremely near sighted and eyeglasses work not fashionable in Paris in the early twentieth century. Lung cancer, used, a lorgnette yet or a pair of lenses on a handle to look at her work. She didn't let her vision
keep her from doing anything, though she enjoyed fencing, which she would do with glasses in one hand, and a final in the other. This delighted Paul parade previous Pike S subjects so much that he made her a special costume to do it in and let her fence in his apartment. While she was studying porcelain, painting Lars, I was also attending regular gatherings hosted by Natalie Barney, who had moved to Paris from the United States. Barney was a writer, a poet and an heiress, and she hosted a salon in Paris is latin quarter that was frequented by some of the city is most prominent. Artists, writers, musicians and patrons Barney was also unapologetically publicly lesbian a time when homosexuality was really heavily stigmatized. She was actually one of the inspiring for the character of Valerie, Seymour and Radcliffe halls. The well of loneliness, which was one of the first lesbian novels written in English Barney, had been nicknamed the Amazon after being seen riding a horse by sitting astride it instead of side saddle when she first started
alone, she called it. The salon of the Amazon and admitted only women, she held other women only events as well, including all women, pagan circles, and she later established a women's art academy. Since look at me, full says, admitted only men, but even Really Barney made the salon of the Amazon open to anyone, regardless of gender Lauren, followed regular at this alarm and at other gatherings at Barneys home. Pierre. We, who was the author of, shall sound abilities, attended this line as well. We talked about shall found abilities recently and our Sappho episode, but just in case he missed that when this was a supposedly unearthed set of erotic, poems that were purportedly by one.
Students they were really Pierre. Louise's own creation, though one of Lauren sounds first produced works of art, was an etching titled southbound abilities switch. She printed repeatedly in one thousand nine hundred and four and one thousand nine hundred and five the really experimenting with colors and techniques that she did it. This depicts two women kissing with an oil lamp that looks a little bit like a waterfowl of some sort in the corner by the time she was doing this Laura Sire, had decided to branch out from porcelain painting. She started studying at the academy, whom bear, which was one of the many art academies in the mountain district of Paris. She learned drawing in printmaking and started meeting members of the parisian avant garde, including George Black, with whom she developed a very close friendship along with Pablo Picasso. Braque was one of the founders of Cubism Brock introduced Lawrence on Picasso, and Picasso introduced her to Guillaume a plug in the air around one thousand nine hundred and seven,
telling him that she would make him a good fiance. Appalling air was eight years older than Lorenson born in Rome as Vill Helm, Apollon AIR, the Castro its key. He was raised in various parts of southern France before finally settling down in Paris, He and more Simon had a lot in common. They were both raised I'm married mothers both connected to Paris is absent community and both passionately creative on their own, they started an intense and sometimes volatile relationship, both of them seeming to creative inspiration from each other and from the relationship itself. Sometimes Lawrenson is described as a planarian muse, that's something that was possibly inspired and definitely reinforced by ARI Russo's, one thousand nine hundred and nine portrait of them, which is titled the music inspiring the poet. This is actually the picture that is used for the artwork on our website for copyright reasons, meaning it's the one we had access to because of copyrights.
If you come to our website. That is what you're seeing not some of her own work, and it is clear that apollinaris work was changed significantly, while they were together. His earlier things were explicit erotica, but in nineteen o nine, he publishes first volume of poetry. He s became a literary and art critic, helping to define the cubist movement and supporting the work of writers and painters all across the world of persuasion, modern art, appalling. said, Lorenson invented poetry for him, and he described her as his feminine counterparts. But this was not All a one way street, with larger than just sort of passively inspiring apollinaris greatness merely by existing, which a sort of how people imagine as work. They were both really drawing from and challenging each other, and she was developing as an artist
in her own right while they were together. These are really formative. Years from real are in some her work through the nineteen teams, with stylize, somewhat influenced by the cubist. She was often working in color pellets that were dominated by a lot of brown, and she was also exploring her technique through creating self portraits. She did at least thirty six self portraits during her lifetime, those just being the ones that we're titled as of portraits a third of those were before nineteen fourteen nor assign continued to live with her mother during her study of art and her relationship with appalling air and we'll get into how years unfolded after we first take a pause for little sponsor break from the new this time tomorrow, pod asked available now on the eye heart radio up or wherever you get your podcast join us as we explore a future full of possibilities in the age of five June.
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the parisian avant garde community, the nineteen hundreds of nineteen teens was really highly interconnected. Many painters also wrote poetry and many poets also painted, or to some other visual or plastic art, artists and writers were gathering constantly in cafes and coffee shops and galleries, and people's homes Laura I was an active and visible part of the seed, and, although her mother had her doubts about Marie's future is an artist. She hosted groups of Cuba's at their mouth LE apartment. Lorenson was so frequently at the battle of why, where Picasso and other cubist had their studios- and she was a regular some of the most influential literary salons in the city. She wasn't universally beloved by this community, though, upon air praised her work. Really, if you simply to the point that people sometimes thought that his feelings for her were colouring his judgment about her work but Gertrude,
fine and Pablo Picasso Girlfriend Fernand Olivier we're both pretty dismissive and disparaging of her, both Stein. And Olivier wrote. Derisive accounts of an incident in which Lawrence I was drunk at a party Olivier, also called her affected and a bit silly and claimed that she was only successful because of her connection to appalling air Stein, implied that Laura's I didn't really fit in with the rest of the community either. Writing quote everybody called Gertrude Stein, Gertrude or at most Mademoiselle Gertrude. everybody called Picasso, Pablo and Fernand Fernand and everybody called Guiana, Pelenore Guillaume and MAX Jacob MAX, but everybody called Marie Lawrence Marie Lawrence. I take the opposite of the Madonna thing. She went fell the name, if you're wondering why Gertrude Stein refers to herself in third person. This is from the autobiography of Alice Betoken lists, which was written that way in nineteen o, seven with apollinaris encouragement law,
SAM exhibited at the salon days and then on? This is an annual exhibition of independent artists that was established in eighteen. Eighty four, after the official salon held by the academy, who repeatedly rejected the work of the impressionist the academy ray. I later became the echo of the bizarre- and this was the first of many exhibitions for Lawrence in nineteen o eight Lawrence and sold her first piece of art, which was a painting called group of artists, it depicts the artist herself with public so. I M Fernand Olivier Array, around yield appalling air. Also in the painting is Picassos dog Friga Lorens sounds buyer, for this was past podcast. Subject: Gertrude Stein And eventually Lawrence and would also paint a portrait of one of stones, dogs that dog being basket. The second in nineteen O. Nine Lorenson painted a larger version of a similar seem known as reunion in the
Entry or Apollon AIR and his friends. This larger peace featured Gertrude Stein. Fernand Olivier and an unidentified third woman. As the three graces on the left hand, side of the frame GM labelling. Air is roughly in the centre and to his right are Pablo Picasso, Marguerite, GEO Movies, clip it's an Marie Lauren saw herself. There is a dog in this thing is well facing away from the centre of the frame, but with its head turned back toward Apollinaris Lauren sign this one to Apollinaris as a gift, and it hung above his bed until his death, these two paintings or some of the most examined and more intense work, and they both through the influence of Cuba's women early painting, especially the earlier years of Cuba's them before it progressed to being just really abstract a lot of time. They are both very flat with primitive lines and lots of brown, gray and black, and both of them show Lawrence on its part of this group that also included Pablo Picasso. But why
he was fascinated by the cubist and was nicknamed our lady of Cuba's M Lorenson didn't really consider herself to be a cubist. She counted people like Picasso enmities as contemporaries and credited them with teaching her what she knew about art, but she also thought they would be embarrassed by her association with them. Another side note appalling air was his own potential source of affairs met on September seventh, nineteen eleven. He was arrested for stealing the Mona LISA from the loop which he had not done. However, he and Bokassa had gotten someone else to steal a couple of ancient iberian busts for them, which bokassa used as models for his painting. Late them was Elles damage your apollinaris, trying to enormous Lee returnees busts and that led to him being held for six days for the unrelated Mona LISA theft. He wasn't ultimately prosecuted for the theft of
bursts. But this did put quite a bit of strain on his and more and sounds relationship in nineteen. Twelve lorenson was the only woman to be part of lobbies, all Q beast or the Cubist House, which was an art installation for the nineteen twelve sun on the term like this alone days and depend on the cylinder Tom had been established in response to the conservatism of the academy. The cubist house was an architectural installation with a facade of angles and interior rooms adorned with cubist art. The response in the press was incredibly critical This combination of a structure meant to look like a family home filled with avant garde. Art really struck a nerve with the public, in the face of
This criticism, Lawrence and a couple of other women stood guard outside armed with umbrellas, learn, thought continued to make connections and show her work in the early nineties teens. She was part of a group of artists known as the sexual door, and she exhibit her work with them. She had several pieces at the international exhibition of modern art in New York, city and nineteen, thirteen, which to be known as the armory show. This was just a ground breaking an incredibly influential exhibition and it with many Americans. First experience with modern art Laura saw an appalling air ended their involvement in nineteen twelve nineteen thirteen after about six years together, although here the reputation as a philanderer. They stayed in touch an apparent apollinaris thought they would get back together until nineteen fourteen, that's when Lorenson Mary, german artist, Otto VON veteran Lorenson said Van vacuum.
Reminded her of her mother who had died at about the same time that she broke up with appalling air is a difficult year or so in her life, and this marriage wasn't particularly happy world where one started, while the two of them are on their honeymoon and because VON Backin was german, they had to leave France. They went to Spain, which was neutral during the war lorenson soon made connections among Spain's modern artists, particularly the die guests. She also had lots of letters from France and visitors from time to time. One eagerly welcome visitor was fashion designer nickel glue, who was Paul pouring Sister law and glue had met in nineteen eleven and they were extremely close for the rest of their lives, including a welfare during at least some of that time. Nicole's daughter flaw I was one of Marie Laura- sounds first biographers and in twenty eighteen Marie and calls relationship with the subject of a novel
J until his ear or I have such a desire, while she wasn't totally cut off from her friends in France, Lorenson desperately missed Paris and felt isolated and depressed parts of that haven't. Guard community had also really heavily criticized her for her split with Apollinaris her marriage to a German. She eventually broke off from the cubits, but she continued to work and she started to really establish some of the visual style that she became more on four, with lots of pink and using greens, rather than the browns that had dominated a lot of her earlier work and topics of women and animals more often than her depictions of men. Many a wartime paintings, also show how unhappy she was during these years with elements that suggest being trapped or imprisoned. For example, the prisoner shows a woman in blue, looking out from behind flowing pink curtains with a black pattern that resembles a chain link fence. Well, Since I was away from France Guiana, appalling air died. He was injured
the war and then he died of Influenza Van vacuum also started abusing alcohol in Lorenson filed for divorce and nineteen nineteen, the split with currently amicable, though they stayed in touch until his death in nineteen. Forty two Lorenson was finally able to return to France in nineteen twenty A year later she underwent surgery to treat stomach cancer and she also had a hysterectomy back in France. Lorenson secured the representation of info, people, art dealer, Paul Rosenberg, you also represented people like Pablo Picasso and ARI Matisse. Rosenberg would continue to be her art dealer until one thousand nine hundred and forty when he had to flee France in the face of nazi occupation from her return to France. Until about one thousand nine hundred and thirty seven Laura Sound was at the height of her career. Her work was exhibited in London, Paris in New York, and she was financially successful through commissions and the sale of her work. She continued to work mainly in pinks blues graze in greens,
often depicting women and girls in dreamy slightly unreal settings. At one point she said quote: why should I paint dead fish, onions and beer glasses? Girls are so its prettier. In the words of an art critic quoted in her obituary in the New York Times quote, she can paint a girl with like a dough and a dough with eyes like a girl, Lorenson, also started working as a portrait artist, and she was successful enough to be selective about who she painted. Although her dealer, it repeatedly had to discourage her from just giving her paintings await a people that she liked she reportedly charged. and more than she charged women and because he found blonde women to be the most inspiring she charged brunettes more than once. She would also only paint children if she liked them. One of her, most famous paintings is a french fashioned. Minor cocoa, Chanel done early and Laura signs career as a portrait artists, this is one of the poor things in the museum. The longevity Chanel is draped in
blue and black, with a dog on her lap. She has her head resting in her hand, and she looks somewhere between wistful and pensive. Another dog is in the background, along with a great dove Morrison's portraits, followed. The same style is the rest of her art that she was doing around this time, so they were not really realistic, likenesses of her subjects and their clothing. So when she saw this, painting, Chanel refused to pay for it, because it didn't look like her, then Morgenthau refused to do it over and kept the original for herself. In spite of this email, specious, starred Lorenson became famous and sought. After for these, still simplified portraits people would arrive to be painted wearing couture on psalms only for Larsan to cover them up with scarves and drapes that she had around for that purpose. She also
Add romantic relationships with many of her subjects, regardless of their gender, and you get a lot besides paintings than portraits of the nineteen twenty and thirty some instead lotta those but other work as well. In nineteen, twenty four. She designed the costumes and sets for the ballet ruses Ladyish or the day it was by Sergei Viagra live when this ballet was staged in the United States. Dancing in the principal role was past podcast subject: Maria Tall Chief Larissa, also designed costumes and sets for the comedy Francais is which is one of France's State theatre where's Laura say was a book illustrator as well, just as a few examples in nineteen thirty, she drew a set of illustration. For an addition of Alice in Wonderland. She also illustrated the Garden party and other stories by Catherine Mansfield, and an american edition of Camille by Alexander, would do more fees that last week, through some criticism, because all twelve of the illustrations he created or of the books, main character, Marguerite, Gautier and nine.
One thousand and thirty one. She became a founder member of the french society of women, modern artists. She taught at Viabella cough from nineteen thirty, two to nineteen thirty five and she managed to stay financially afloat even during the great in in nineteen thirty seven, a retrospective of Laura sounds work, was held at the great exhibition of independent art masters at the petty ballet in Paris She also finally started wearing glasses that year and its around this time Her career started to slow more about bat after another, quick sponsor break from the new. This time too, oh podcast, available. Now, on the eye heart radio, up or wherever you get, your podcast join us as we explore a future full of possibilities in the age of five June, my pie in the sky, like I said, as a system that's able for my firefox to see what they're doing in a building vacancy. maybe what a drone footage over the billing looks like, so they can actually see where they are, so they can be exposed to exterior conditions it.
They won't be able to tell us that outside the structures to five g to me is the pipeline could capture all that information then stream it in to a fire fighters face peace This time tomorrow is presented by T Mobile for business. Today who is leading the five g charged with a billion dollars invested in an advanced network designed to deliver the breadth of mobility. We need business is changing, learn more at T Mobile, business dot com when world words you started in Europe, Marie Larva State in Paris, Z, published a semi, autobiographical collection of poetry and prose, and nineteen forty two that was called Le Cornet, been wheat, and although she continued to work and visual art, her output slowed down. As we said earlier, most critics consider her work at this.
point to be a repeat of the techniques. The themes that she was developing earlier in her career rather than experimenting, are breaking new ground to did start to use some darker brighter colors, rather than the pastels that had become her hallmark in the nineteen twenties than thirties, and this change in palette may have been connected to the ongoing deterioration of her vision. Although she was able to stay in Paris, Germans requisitioned her apartment during the occupation, and she stayed with friends for the duration of the war. Some of her art was branded, degenerate or looted by nazis. Her politics during this time seem to have been predict dream. She was part of an intellectual seen that had lots of connections to the vicious government and in some ways, Laura Science was complicit with them and with german authorities. At the same time she
I d personally intervene to save her friend MAX Jacob, who was a poet and a painter. Jacob was of jewish ancestry, but had converted to Catholicism. He was ultimately deported to a concentration camp and he died in nineteen. Forty four, when France was liberated at the end of world war, two Lawrence, I was a rested as part of the wave of arrests and purges known as the operation or a perfection. She was briefly and Carson, created a dancing internment camp but was ultimately exonerated and released after the war Lawrence. I was prone to cycles of depression in isolation. Her closest companion became Susan, ro who had originally been her made. It is not enough really clear if the two of them were romantically involved or if Lorenson was more like morose surrogate mother, but they were together for almost twenty years. Laura saddle finally adopted Moreau in nineteen fifty four when she was seventy and Moreau was
eighty nine and one thousand nine hundred and fifty Lawrence and produced a series of twenty three etchings for an illustrated collection of Sappho's poetry, which is been translated. Edith De Belmont and her earlier book illustrations her work intended to resemble her paintings with similarly flowing lines and passed out palates. These Sappho illustrations, though, are still flowing in style, but with a much simpler, black and white Design Marie Laurencin died of a heart attack at her home in Paris on June eighth, one thousand nine hundred and fifty six. She was seventy two. She was buried in Pere, Lachaise Cemetery and it's her request. She was dressed in white with a rose in her hand and her love letters from Guillaume Apollinaire close to her heart. I think one of my few regrets about our trip to Paris is that I didn't realize until after we were back all of these things about Marie Laurencin, including her burial at Pere Lachaise, because we were there, but hers is not one of the graves that we went to
there are so many things to look at and perilous as you cannot fall yourself from guessing anything where you could be. There really are, I think at that point like, because that was one of the things that we sort of did. On one of our free day is wholly or in Paris, and at that point I think she was written in my list of ideas for podcast episodes for after the show, as something like that painter from the orangery like I didn't even have a name and clearly has to my mind yet so anyway,
although she had been well known and sought after during their lifetime, her reputation faded pretty quickly after her death, she left instructions tomorrow, not the seller paintings or to allow people to researchers. So it wasn't really until the nineteen Seventys, which I think was after morose death and when there was renewed interest in women's and algae BT history, that people started researching her life in seeking out more for work, especially outside of France. The nature of her work also may have acted as a deterrent for biographers and art historians. There was a decorative element to Laura Sons paintings she didn't put boundaries in the same way that many of her contemporaries did many of the cubist who are so important to Laura, says early development and artistic network were creating work that was increasingly abstract
Laura sat, on the other hand, ultimately broke away from the cubist and she painted in a way that was pretty and appealing. She wanted to make art that people would enjoy. Looking at added to that, Larsan in her work were explicitly intentionally feminine. Given the gender standards of the day, her pastel color palate and willowy fluid lie I'm impressed people s just intrinsically female and thus made it really easy to write or office just girl stuff, rather than as a serious work of art that was full of new ones and symbolism and subtlety, and sometimes humor she clearly had an affinity for women in her work and her life as well, and that was something that earlier art historian seemed really reluctant to explore because of all the stigma surrounding lesbianism bisexuality, because so of the interest into women's are in the nineteen Seventys was coming from the feminist movement, Laura size, own press senses and opinions complicated things as well. She really
favoured one type of model, one who was young white, fair and slender She also believed that women and men were fundamentally different and that women's art was fundamentally different from men's art. She said quote: if I feel so far removed from painters. It is because they are and in my view, men are difficult problems to solve, but if the gene of men intimidate me. I feel perfectly at ease with everything that is feminine, that made her less appealing, subject of study in the context of a movement for women's empowerment, autonomy, equality and independence. As a counterpoint to that idea, though, Marie Loretta, one. A very few women artists to hold her own in the male dominated world of french modernists. Although she was connected to the cuban lists in her early work, so some cubist influence she ultimately broke away from all that and developed her own distinct unapologetically. Feminine style- and that was true-
aggressive in its own way. There's been more interest in Marie Laura signs, life and work in Europe and North America over the past few decades, but she's been especially beloved in Japan, japanese collector Masahiro to come out Well it an interest in her work and acquired a huge amount of its founding the Marie Lorenson Museum in Nagano, Japan, which first opened in nineteen eighty three to mark from one hundredth birthday. At the time was the only museum in the world dedicated to the work of a woman artists. The museum closed in twenty eleven for financial reasons. In twenty thirty Pictures from the museum were part of a temporary exhibition at the museum mammal, Damn Monet in Paris. After the the Marine Tourism Museum reopened in Tokyo in July. Twenty seventeen unfortunately closed again.
On January, fourteenth of twenty nineteen. When I was looking at the website for it- because sometimes I am calendar challenged somehow I thought January fourteenth twenty nineteen, Not happened yet, and I was like I gotta go to Japan right now, and then I realized that six months you already too late but yeah it. The wording suggests that there may be like a future exhibition at some point in the in the future and its also clear that the people who have all this art of hers really love it and are caring for it. So maybe it will be on public view somewhere at some point. In the future, anyway, I I love her yeah she's great. I her art is very pretty it's not my jam, but I appreciate it and think it's beautiful yeah, it's I definitely. I kind of came around the corner where all five of the paintings that we're on display all work-
and I was immediately like I am here for this yeah there's the beautiful thing Bout art is when you have that, like visceral, just unexplained emotional reaction to it, that is why lover so, my dear and there's also we'll have a link in the show notes the episode, because we couldn't personally put some of her artwork onto our website. We will have a link to the museums page on her that has off all five. I think of the pay things that you can get there. I think they're really beautiful. Do you have a little bit a listener mail? I do first. I want to thank everyone who has updated me on where to find crispy cream in New England, some of these crispy cream locations have opened up since the day that I looked and when a man the closest does in New York City and then some of them either
either. The store locator was lying to me about where they were, or I was thinking, I'm never in that part of Connecticut I'll have to wait till I'm in New York. But anyway, we ve gotten a number of letters from folks telling me about various places in Connecticut and made to get Chris became doughnuts. Thank you and then I have this email from care carries is good morning Tracy and Holly. I just finished listening to your red summer episode and I am appalled and embarrassed. This will probably end up being longer letter that I intended to the short version is thank you. Lived engineer, Washington DC until I was in my thirties, I loved my history classes. Growing up I'd now ever heard anything about what happened in the summer of nineteen nineteen. When I was trying to figure out, why I nailed it and highlights why podcast like yours are so important. I remember
clearly learning about Colonial America, the Revolutionary WAR, the civil war reconstruction and then there's a gap. I learned a bit about the great depression. A little bit about world were won a fair bit about World war two and keep presidencies like Nixon in Kennedy. I learned about the civil rights movement in the sixtys, but it honestly came across as a somewhat isolated set of events that gap, while as a kid with seemingly insignificant at the time, is really telling. I went to a mostly white, suburban high school and Virginia. My history classes taught me that the civil war wasn't really about slavery, but about trade in Maryland, I learned that Marilyn's lawmakers we're trying to be peacekeepers and that's why they didn't secede from the union. I knew my history classes were whitewash, and untrue, but I'm really disheartened and saddened that I wasn't taught any of the material in his podcast. I didn't know that it happened. It put things into perspective for me when I'm embarrassed to say that I didn't put these pieces together before now. It's sort of this guy
but my head between Historical America and Modern Day America. That gap is exactly this post reconstruction pre world, where one gap that so so important to understanding a lot of today's politics and the struggle of black another minority Americans. It's a whole generation of people who were quite actively and horribly oppressed, but I didn't realize existed
we thank you. I feel like. I owe the world an apology for my lack of understanding and then carry sent some pictures of cats always happy to get cap pictures. Thank you so much carry. I wanted to read this email because I really feel like it is the same experience that a whole lot of people have had in history class. I know it's my experience in history class. I honestly don't recall whether my history classes in North Carolina taught that the civil war wasn't really about slavery, but it was obvious to me as a child, but it was so it's hug. I dont know that I was just reading between the lines of the textbook or, if the textbook actually said that, but otherwise like this is a hundred percent. What my american history class was like, and I talked to so many other people who that's exactly what they're there. Their american history classes World
So don't don't, feel appalled and embarrassed. It's like so common, especially among folks that are maybe a little older on the spectrum of when we were in middle in high school. I think a lot of classes are doing a better job of this now, but I feel like whenever we are doing live, shows, and somebody asks us Lake with one of the most important things that we ve learned by working on the show. One of my answers is usually that, like I learned slavery and the civil rights movement as like these to total
he disconnected events, oh yeah, without the progression of everything that happened in between them as like one long continuum? So thank you so much. I really appreciated this letter and I have a feeling that we have lots of other folks in the audience you a hundred percent identify with it, which is huge disservice to all of our collective understanding. If you would like to write to us about this the other part gas or history podcast, but how stuff works dot com and then we are all over social media at missed in history. That is where you will find our Facebook Pinterest, Instagram and winter. You can come to our website, which MR history to com, or you ll, find shown owed swell the episodes the Holly and I haven't worked on together with today's, including the links of paintings by Marie Lawrence. Aren't you will also find a suitable archival. Every episode
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